Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 4, 1916 · Page 15
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 15

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1916
Page 15
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^ WWCMT, fJiCEMBEft 4,191B Waiting For Santa Claus J -s- % > ' *. i "H5;«-*s»-* ( * f^ia^v- ^ _ * 4 «^w> ,*>*.*« Sterling Daily Gazette Auction Sale Department CLOSING OUT SALE. t ~ '.•"'.] %*.' i U *-* r i' -' * . Mi ; 1 1- •• i i, tv i t £; - - : 11 -• t-.'.•• n t*T v -H»-'n> V<,uiifc firm. •)'7 : -;'.!.\M--.r *,f !;•.>.!':<! !lj-v<-. "'. mile • Tt'i i.f if.i- H:inij.)i! >-\ ~i ho,,) non«'\ U'l;,'iNr,Sl>AY, !'i>'. f -- 1 !'!•;. I i'i .,'« !.»-k .-n.'ir|> !'(.'• !!ir:.-!i ;i1 f,i«.B. Actors on Christmas:; ...Jot* ojf^tiork, Ami thi're ain't IID play, So what't the u(« Of a Chriatma* Jay? T HAT little verse, from one familiar to just about «*ura« up the real ClulstniiiN scntlmetit existiiiK 1 amons proplu conuet,-l«Hl wltli the theatrical bustnes*. No, that »ioi«-ni't mean that tla- actor, th& tnannitvr and the advance* agent do not appreciate the giving and rvct'ivirij? of presents from their friends. But It does mean •tbat people connected with the since bay« eome to look upon the Christmas time na ,a seasuu of short pay and hard work. It_|gn't_jjc-nccally_. itnoifn, -but li^.ls , none the les» true, that most actors ,have a clause in their contracts which «alls for 'half pay tho week before Chrlstmns. Tuts eJnune was Insertwl tho days when the wwk boforo rlatmati rvally >va» a "tousli" one in the theatrical Tiuntue^. llui nowadnyx there pro many productions whlrh- pack tue tliratoni t'd tjhe doors tho wwfe -before Christmas JJH well as any othef "WWfk In tho year. Nevertheless somu 'of th» managers Hv« up to that con* tract and deduct the half week's pay. That Is one rea«on why actor* aren't jartlcnlarly merry at..cjiristmus. " Thero nro other. manajierH whu make a pra'ctleo of laying off tbi'ir eompanieH tho wwk before Christmas and soine of them ten days or two WtH?kH before. In that case there* Li DO salary at all forthcoming. That, probably, Is another reason why the average actor cannot- understand' why Chrititmaa ia an tx-cu,slon to bo aitululy joyful" nt'i niiinfi"" sM piTtng it On trie There were other managers, however, who not only pave the Christ inrtu mutlnee, but neted on tln> sutfircM- tlon of their moro charitab1»« couipetl- torn nnd «ave the matinee the day after too. However, tills omlfclon of thij Christmas matinee was connned almost exclusively to a few of .the ilrst clasn theaters In New York city. . On the road it is different. The nc- ••• jijif H "TinVKIo" WoTlf "Just HTr^rfarrl'nB-thrt 1 ever diuT nnd opi*os!tion from Iwal manascrs will probably prevent the elimination of the Christmas matlnct outside of New York. With some companies Christmas is not tho disagreeable occasion that it Is with otnerH. One or two owners make It a practice to instruct the man- n»;er with -tho company to have a Christmas dinner prepared at the expense of the show*. Sometimes a caterer is called in, and the dinner is served on the stage between the matinee and the evening iHTformance, In that event the dinner usually proves prolific' of 'material for the house press nuont. and the affair Is duly recorded in the dally stage -nfter "1,bu" .evening perfortnaiic* Other times arrangements &o made at some hotel. . * . It was ono of these after the .performance affairs that came pretty near puttinc n traveling stock company out of business in a town out in Iowa lact Christmas. This theater, by the way, boasts of the only dog critic in existence. This cornea from tho fact! that tf the dog doesn't like a show he will start to .howl, and ho has to be removed from the theater before the per- EJOi 1'KlirOBM*' " 1 concert singer was.,appearing at tho tiiouter. She hnd about ilni&hed ono of her best sekK-Meris -whcu. the dog jxtkcd his noso over tho railing,of au tipper IK>X and began to howl his disapproval. That led to the temporary banishment of the dog critic from tho i'\'i<- rriih ' CLOSING OUT SALE. 1 n I., 11, i i f 11; f < > i j u i t f: i r W i 111 •. ! '.'.ill *" -•I <,i' ( L t!!"l l,,n. I'-.-iT- mil v,.-i ,.f )->..|.h..-r-t-.wri .!;:..! <-ithl Tf'r-;si>AV. Ui:r. !::. lf-i»V rtf-ine ,-•» !i« >• i-li..-*< • h:trp. «!'!• h :\'. 7j("'-ii. T?!-" -follow'it!i; i)i v - in!!. "•?; I Imy M ft -•f**-*** 1 **--*4--y—^*l *r- V 1 ' Kt-Mif'};. •! .\«-ars, ..ii*^*.. .. 4 fir" old. *• fit:111 tn rrht.- rrt-jshf iy 3, \«,"ij:ht '.'<>«; . \v«-H',ht t""'; C'll cults. KIT'!", nun-'- tp-k f tnar*'. I' last . -HIOAD C'F TATTLE 12 good ec.\v-M; 2 In if- I* roinlrtK 2; (i heifer ^l* 1 *'! v. i-oiniliu 1.'; *» last enlvfs. * -«t srufXf.j pnOATS 12 fail pics: 1 MI\V wiUi l'» pittK by h»'r nido; 1 stuck !'"tr. I'AHM MAriHNKItV •-Deerlni(-t>lnd- Mlllf-r . rnnnure Rpicadit; Tboma« h;»y loader: Htnntlard inoW'-r, 7-foot cut; hnv nik'-: "i i-orn plows, 2 romtdnatlon and 3 walking: Plmk«>r potato diRK'T; I four-fteriion, 1 2-»eclion: 11-font <ic <•<)»!• with gruws seed Att.'i<-hm»nt; J t;inj; man nhtl 1 Dr-»-ri'; 1 Dutch- .*u!ky plow; lt;-lri''h .lulin Deere walking plow; .1 himl.»-r wawn*; 1 with % wftj* ; Hock NUitul disc; c<}rn planter; hug. rark; corn «talk hay rake; Iron 3-hor»e wason ev- -r; one .1-lior*" plow «v<"tinr; one 4- hnris«' drau «>v«-n«r; 1 «prii s )t:<i; top 2-ton wHRiiti, y; Democrat IHIKK.V; . .board H; .1 hoi: trounhfi; 1 IB- fool ft-t'd rack; net dump, plankx; buy rack; bund corn tiheller; 'i bund H''«-d ter«; 1 pile wtovi* workn. 1 pile body works; tank' heat Mr; cream separator; milk tank; I hiiullnK milk ITUIH; milk pail hnd can*; 3 chicken coop*; 240- :.»<t nl,l. wi-icht I.!'"). i. black Z iTI'II.-.old. wr-tP.ihT i,•_•""•; .t n.t*i it; i y<,';ii« old. w-itrlit 1,4'ni, ! |i; 11 y-'fus old, black' K<')iiiji« 13 v»-,-ii« olil, «-i 1. S'it>; n t?ii<xl f.'itnlly driver; 1 bay tnnri yeur.-s old, 1.3-ri'f; 1 buy rurm 6 ywirj«rold. weHtlit 1.4 ( >0. •!i2 HKAD OK t'ATTLK — 22 milch cows frpsh. and htnvy «primc£££>^* j-f « 1 Durh:ith luill . 2 ji'iirs old; jutii hull ,«1 itiontliM old; 4. r > ni!ij;!!!tf frx>ni 1 !<> ? years old; IS f-;ilv«-«. •i\ MICA I) oK JKKSHV Hi S brood 7 it"od mate pU;H;" (i I'm! hf-ri.«. 1<i.fon of Timothy hay: 2,5(11) liuslii In of Rood corn; 10 bn l{«'ifl'f! Yi-llow Dent Kfi'd corn. FAHM .MACHINKUV--2 lumber on,«; 1 tHent \V»-.«tt-rn inunure spread• •T: 2 tliree-wctlon <h.u,'«: I new Haye'B corn planter with lou rods wire; -I rid- Ing cum plowK; 2 HIIHK. plow«; 1 Deer• inow»-r, 1 hay '4)lndfr; 1 rake; 1 <llw burrow; t f«-ed triuiKh»; 1 fi-'-d rack; 1 cum «di»'lb i r; 1 milk tnnk; 1 rr»>!ini ' nepartitor; 10«» rodn woven wire t .««M>dt'r; 4 nt- douh|i"\v<irk hnin«'«iN; 1^5 fcft hay ropes 1 bay "fi'ii k. and olht-r artielfs too lous to rni'titltiti. TKKMH- All >r $10 nnd umb-r. eaj>h. Over ihiM amount •* 1~ month*- liriif will IIP ^ivi'ii on approvfil not» iK-.-trlriK r. p»>|- cent.,l.nt«'re»l from date If paid when due; i»th»TwlHe 7 per Huccens Incubator; corn «talks Injeent. from <t«te of nalc. Xo property field; 1.000 bunhelx corn In crib; ntxtut j Amoved until Hfttlr-il for. . 25 tons "Timothy and Clover hay In barn; 4 s*>tn work harnwui: net double drlvlnir" harness; hanifxn; hay rope. 140 ft, lorii?: corn cobn in crib; »«ome household good(«; Iftrd press; ct,ok (ttov*«; ItentltiK stove; forkit and ' to mention. Home rluckens. TKHMM OF SALK— All sums of 110 and umb-r. cash. Over this amount 12 months will be tilveii on approved note, bearing C^ interent from date If paid when due. Otherwise 7% from date of mile. Xo property removed until Mettled, for. B. J. YOUNO. Art Fletcher, Auctioneer; Claua Uevikea. Clerk. , Nov. 25. 27. 28. D««c.. 1. 2, 4. CLOSING OUT SALE. Intending to move to Mori toon I well soil at public wile, without reserve, on my -farm 9 mllen northeaHt of Morrison, 2 miles northeast .of Malvefo, 6 rnilcH HouthweKt of Coleto. on th« old Horning farm, THURSDAY, DEC. 7TH, 1916. Tho following property: ll'Hor- CXUUHTHA3 TUKC FOflfRTACIK CIttLI>nES», na» tonesomest -t'nrl.stmas of tlii'rn an ia thu |K)or advanco on the iiroirnun an advance representative/ or manager in formanetf can be continued, , «dvan«,. i'nl,^ tho advnm-e ne ont Is _OiUy-a._niotttlH»«f«w-a-w«» *»«™T i.i^r^oiV K tr;iiniT«-liouie"T^v U : ^ "jump" for Christmas, he usually guts a genuine attack of the ximon. pure blues, 'I'rue, tlie advance man' who has been on the road for any ; length. of time can usually IH« depended upon to meet people, he It"<»\rs, btit tlu«y are when the tiiue come* for him .to eat hls» "Christmas dinner. ttu*ater. Hut When the stock company » w>< »' 1 !j' W J|° " Vi ; , jl1 ^ l ! >1wi "- nn< | b( ' catno along the manager heard about !!*,!!!!!*,. ?*?* M "? cltf ^* .^™* tlio dog, and, wiillng to tako a chance that the dog'fl judgment of his show would be favorable, hei suggested that tho dog bo allowed to alt by a big well, which was a part of tbo scenic effect in one of tho acts, just for tho aake of realiam. * Now, this same manager had con- D1XNCU OS ST4UK it was oniy i«st year that gome, \ tbs managers CURIO to toe conclusion ' |t»sit stag* pi"»i'I«?. Uk« I'tlicr humnu be i its, might like t*> speuU *o«no p»rt of; iirUtin.'i* tool id .i> •• with tlu'Sr uud rt'li»tiv». l"p l<» (h:it year | l»>en tb« cu-itoiu in ail man-; r to give « special ta'ithic« on, Chrl),tui«» day.- Thai uie.tu.l, i.f ,-<»uis«'. Ji»at about all' th«« .'M'tor b:t«i ii» d-s on tlilij ft^tlVf <«"4'K.f~U*!l \VP-!« t>>. !"U"U t> tilt! liuHitiT oUuos't sin *>,'•' ,{!••_'!»•' l»h reurtilur «m«».n:V « f »!**cp ttu isftcrntion }>erf«i«u uco- (tu<l tljfii. If ('"itMnMf eu.'ii^U |i tt.ii! to h-irry tbroii-'h lib- Cisri-ttu i* Oinm-i •r t*. a.i !•„"', t-. II..- tU«->««-» !>• \'.:\\ '••n a -.'<, •'• of U-r t- •> • >» > > *> -i V ' ^ , t m.t its'ii \,\ '", • 'id..' •'-• . U.-.I cludwl to glv« hLs company a dinner on tho stage after the performance. In the course of tho play the dog was brought out and tied to tho well. Rrerythlng went all right until thoj dog sniffed tho turkey and tbo other) good things at the Hldo of the stage, | and without waiting for-tho finish. of| tho act ho tnndo for tho food, dragging the "heavy rock wailed well" behind htm. This action on the part of the dog critic-actor disturbed things generally, | for, tho villain hail Just la*en arranging with ono of bin confederates to rid himself of tho hero of tho play by tows- ing him down tho aforesaid, well, Tho vilintn, after tho laughter subsided; arranged ids part of th« plot ..Uy canceling tho order to have tho hero tossed duwn tho well and Instead tn havo him ti«xl to a railroad track. j|Jo\vt\ver, the audienco refused W talci* tho play seriously after thw well disappeared, Thuro Is probably more- real Christ- 1 mas sentiment in plays that have to cany chiWren as a part of the production than in any of the other*. With those shows tberti Is usually a Christ- was troo between tho nmtinco and th«' 'ux-ftiing pt*rfi»nnaneo In whu'h every oiu< loins in anil muUw* merry. * A hard lot is that of the actor wh<» happens to be playing what is known an "the Miinl! time" around the, boll days. "Small time" contracts cull foi thjec. tthon'M a day, und on Clij*i.--tn),ih d»y an extra onw 1« usually adticd. A \andevlllo fli'tof on "bi^ time" pr»»b ably has more tlniu to appreciate ChrNlmas-if Ciiria..ln.uis really can be appreciated away froifP* houu. % --tltfin uuy other because he Is usually 'Jn tho theater but an hour in the afternoon as u.l an hour hi Ibe eveiiin». a (id th>» rc>t of the tlnuy is bK own unless the hoiiM- mauacer bns promised t<» *'jisil».'.' him lo pi over to Hume club uud eu it-ftnin iffy ^uwstri at their Chil-lmai reception, t >f course tlu« actor d»e>u't l.iiv<- to d>< tiii-, I'llt If th« tl) itia'u^f '^ of .1;, > :.t all in the \audc\iili \..-:i.l Hu> :;'"l.i! '.i-HnUv !itnt\ U «•%)".' .'•« ' t t.. \ r.u.! H»," !t-\n<- i •• J I'.'-,! |l,i- H.-tll -lil"!i.«ltU \\ijo -t, -:,t\ i Qlass Making an Old Art. Among the Romans the art of guis* making iliM-H not d .Vglmilng of tl> buck us 58 B. C ters had been decorated., with ...niors und. glue* plates. earlier than th« ''-i». but as far Getlhe Habit of Drinking Hot Water Before Breakfast! 8ay»"we cant look or feel right > wlth the iy»tem full of pol»on«. ^ | _^ Millions of f,.lkH bathe internally now IhMead i'f loading their nyuteni with dnms. "What'tt uu lg»Ui« bath?" youjury. Well, 1t IH guaranteed to per- fi»rin minu-U-s if you could . believe, these hot water i nlhiiniuHi*. There ai«* Vi|«t ntimberii of nu-n and woniun w.ho. imnu'distti-ly upon arising in thti moiniuK, drink of real hot water with a ten,wi<oonful of lime- htone phub-pliatc in it. TUi.H in a very excelK-nl health meannre. It is In tftub-d l»> flush the Motnacb. liver, khl - ney*i and the thirty f«.«-t uf intcsjtlnc. 1 of thi' previous il.'ij'ti waste, wiir bt'v .-usij linii>;i-.-<Ml'lo inalerinl left over t.». the body 'ivitU'U if not eliminated eve: v ,!;- v y. heroine food for the million)* t i hactei'M Wlilch illfevl ()u- liiiwelH. t'l'^ j|UH-|i CeMlit Irt pi.lMoliM anil t(t)i I ' wbii b ale then alffolbed into the bloii i cau.-%ini; iu-(i>l.rt'be. lilllonw iittiic|v«, foul hiejth. li.ul tai.ii 1 . culdii, Ktuinucli tiuu- lile, KltllleV li\l»T.v,'ejtlo«hII«',-»H, ilU- plUe'lilooil :l!>d ;ill boH.s. lit' uilmctliK, IVople \Uio-fr.-l ^oml oiu*-day* and 1.,-njU the u. M. lint who >'imply can iti.l «» t (ft bnj; iU:ht ;ire iu»;eil to j.fiov[,h.,!,' .U the ilir,4 fiorc. • Thlb wjil »,-s.t \'-\f iiT*t''. * nit " l > IM in ike :i!.\ i'!).\, > li.t! Cl'a'ilk I Mil,j,. I ,,i iii.u s n (I ' imt.itiiit.. • Jo-I 41 •• -".:(' «iul !i<>t «%il> »-. act lu"l '-«i.e- • Uii,. i )• i:.-iii. .,".* i 11> niii ; und 1 >inr» u !}. ll\«.'l'- j! i \ i^!!y nioi v H , in ,,; t. U*.tn 1 I ' ! ! ,h J>H|>'B , ', > !!,!.- the r .'M o I-...K i 1,-)00 Urn,; black mnre 6 yeuip old, weight 1.400 Ins.: bay moro coming 5 years old, weight l,050~Tbirr; bay~nrar*f coming & year« old, weight 1,060 IbH.; bay initri.- coming 6 years old, weight 1,050 lb».; black Kebitng coming 6 yearn old, weight 1,200 Ibn.j brown mare 1'.' years old, weight 1,000 lb».; 3 coltircom- IIIK 3 yenrn old, draft stock; i colt com- IIIK \>'«arH old, draft stock, 67 Head Cattle)—17 choico milch.. cowa. some fresh now and uomw heavy «prlnRcr«; 4 Hteern 3 years old; 1 Mtet-ra 2 y«ar» old; 5 helferH 2 years old; 16 yearlinga; 4 -Kunim'er calv«*H; C Huckling calvea, f*0 head uprlnK HhoatH. Farm Machinery —T w e n t i e t h Century manure Hpreader; I>et»rini? binder, 8 foot cut; Standard mow«r, 7 foot cut; Champion hay tedder; hay rakw; Ueer« corn planter, with 80 rodn Wire; gang plow; Kiilky pluw; 14-Inch wttlklng plow; 16- Ineh walking plow; 3 walkinK corn plowH: Deere ridlnK corn plow; 2 S- sectIon, harrows; 3 «(HCH: force feed seeder; 2 fanning mlllu; 2 wajfona; 1 truck wagon; 1 n««w W>ber wagon box; 1 democrat bugKy; HUrrey; hay rack; •nlckle and tool Krindt>r; hob-Hied; new hand-cider pric««; Khovellnj; boardii; g- holti corn Khellor; fewl Krimtar; 4-hor»o powor Kiuiollne eiiKino; D« Laval crimm xeparator, large site, need "only a f«w weekBj S-horwe wagon «vener;'«et 3,000 Hi, wiiKon uprjnBt*; griitdatone; 6 setu of worjc. harness; doubl« driving bar- iienH with collars; ulnt-lo drlvlnjr hur- ne«ii, and other art Idea too numerf» to mention; Hay and grain. 15 tons of mixed hoy in barn; 700 uUHhchi oatH in bin; l.WiO hUBheht of corn In crib. Some hoimehold go<xi«. Hurlesa feedn everybody (it noon. Small artlcleti uoJd l**fore dinner, Termn—All ium« of $|0 and under, cash. Over thin amount 12 months tltttd •will b«. jtlvi«n on approved not« bwirliiK 6 iwr cent Interewt. from date if paid when due; otherwise 7 P«r cent from dato of sale.- No property to be remowd until nettled for. Art Pletcber, Auctlon"ei>r. Clans HenkoK, Clerk, JOHN WOLBER. NQV, 28-29; Dec. 1-2-4-5. KIJ. .1. M ICY KHS. Auctioneer*, Art (•"letfiir-r, Merlr Cady; Clerk, Claim' Henkea. Dec. 1. 2. (i. fi. 8. 9. PUBLIC 8ALIL farm i .will m-ll at public auction on the Tylwr Mart In fnrm; 4V4 tulles cn*t of HterllnK, linlle nouth-of rralrleville on THiritHDAY,. DICCKMHI;H 7th,, the following: property: 7 HEAD OF COLTS—1 bay'rnnro three yearn, 2 black mures 2 year« old. I bhwik- tnare 1 year, 1 black K r 'ldlng 1 year old, two miekltiK colts. 110 HKAD OK CATThK—45 bead of cows and he I fora., freuli and heavy KprinK^rq. 20. twii-year-old xteern, 3 hulls, IJNO two years old nnd'one one year ol*. Halance are Hte»-r« and helf- *>rn-of different ageM. There aro Home extrif 1 Rood <N>WS In thU lot. ' CO HKAD OP 1IIJOH—24 whontK. 30 fall plK», 6 old Ni»wn. 1 bottr, 1 dozen black I^inKNhniiK roosters, 1,000 IJUH- hi'lH corn in crib, FAHM MACHIXKUY— sterling dbi<- CLOSING OUT SALE. Having decided to quit farmine I will offer at public Hale, four mlrtu imrthwest of Hound 'drove, one and one-balf milea BoutheuHt of MiUvern, six miles Bouthwetitl of Coleta. eight inlleH northeatit of Morrison, twelve miles northwest of Sterling, on what i» knowiraa the old Klngubury place, beginning at 1 o'clock- p. rn., on WEDNESDAY, DKCKMBKH 6, 1916, the. following described property: 3 HOUSES—1 mart* Doming four years, weight about 1,300; bay inarw 14 yearn old, weight about 1,100; grey mare 1G years old, .weight about l.ioo, 10 CATTLE—InolHdlng four nuicb <>owfi, all heavy i»nirlager»i and good milker*. Two. 2*|'ettr»old heiferiu, fmir one-year-old heifers. ^^t • , 4 KXTHA UOQD BROOD 8OW8*»1 pet goat^broke Mingle' auUable for cUU- dren to play with, • FA KM MACHINBRIT—? lumber Wftg- ons,-two jtet of wheel* with each W^ion, wide and narrow rim. 'onu Mltt-il with ihrvo ton boluter eprlngft one bob- xkul, bay ruck, twq milk luiullruj r*cktt, Ureat \Vi";U-ru intinur« Bprcuder, n»w. McCormick bindor, Peering nwifrw-j- riding corn plow, walking iSorn plow, 14-inch Mtubble plow, 16-Inch etubule »iow, 16-inch riding ph»w. 8-»Actlon , ili.-ic. jw-eiler, corn planter, uofitto ', Imy.-ruko, hand corn «helh»r, stone, 3 si-t double hurnt>a«, jy.i s for third hortte, 3-horse wagon t(uaH;;er, forjk« and ollu-r articles, hay; fork. tujtU'y* and* I CO feet new rope,, milk c:in«, _, wugon jacks,- log ,cb'u,ln. MLSCKIXANICQUS —-S o ni«. Early i)i» seed pMtdioeH, iiu:unitv- of-bay in >uri), 6'Hi'or 7u'j tiuf-hvls ciini, lu Imyht-l.s Ueiil'a Yeit/ivv Dent act-d t-oru. churn. TKltMS i»K Alf »uni» of |Kt uiii under.' ca!-h. (>v*-r this amount 1^ months uu;e will lie i;tvc'n on approved no(e«- i.euiuiK t< pei fvut. intt'j*«?*it-from hile if !).iitl_ when illte,-othvl \S Ise 7 pet 'i t'.t, »te uf '(v'ilo. ^ J (' 1*1-.HI'A Siiii.-NAiK'ilom'HN, 11 C KM >\ <'!( ik Sterling broadcast needer. Grand De- touj^ two-row cultivator. 14-Inch walk- Ing plow," wide? fire wiigon Trlpli) box. truck wagoiMvith rack. HtiTilng portable groin elovfttor,. Kconomy cream »eparator. liny carrier, fork, rope, bob- Hied, double work barnesH, ami numerous other artlclon.- Free lunch at 11 o'clock; na-ie will begin immediately after. TERMS OF HALE—AH sum* of $10 ana tinder, oaHh, Over thla. amount 12 rnonthx will be given on approved note bearing €% Interest from date If paid when due. Otherwlm) 7% from date of .»ale. No property removed until nettled for. N. A. SCinVRNK. _».- eern; W. E. Wilger, Clerk. Nov. 24. 2D, Dec; 1, 2. 4. 6. CLOSING OUT PARTNERSHIP SALE. • Intending to quit 'farming-,' wn will Melt at public Kale, wltliout reserve, on th» 'Colunol HiiHlunun farm on the county linn 2 inllen wouth of MllledgtM vlllw, 3VJ tnlloH northeaat of Coleta and about 12 mile» lioiihweMt of Sterling ' TUEKDAY, DEC, 12. 1D1C, tho following property, to-wit: 67 HEAD OP LIVE HTOCK, 30 HEAD CATTLE—10 good milch COWH, upme are heavy HpringcTx; 8 helferti cominkJLy^a'nt old, 4 steern coming 2 years old. 11 Mocker* coming one year old, 3 younmealves. 37,HEAD Ol^liUaSr-19 good brood sown; balance harroWH. FARM MACinNERY—Lumber wagon, truck wagon, netirly new, 14-Inch Kmerhon gang plow, nearly new; John Det-re corn planter with 100 rodn wire, run two KeaHonM; combination Jlohn Deeru corn plow', with one, hundred rodn wire, tbree.«ect)on uteel drag, hay rack. I'ortlnnd «lelgh, 6-hornw wjuulUer, Clean Hweep hay loader,' 2 »et«.good work barneMs, unu IH a hand mudo, brn»* trimmed Concord, This machinery in nil practically new. as it IIUM only been uned two reason*. Barrel vinegar, liarreln. hog tnniglw. fly nets, and many other arltcU-H too nunuirouM to mentlun, A ({tiantity of choice mixed hay In barn. HurlrHw; feedH everybody at noon (wile immediately after. T8RM8-~AH »miw »f 110 and under, ca«h. Over thin amount ia months time will be given on,approved.note.bearing 0 per cTent. interest from data If uaid wb«sn dH<e; wtlmrwlHe 7 per cent from uat« of wale. No property removed until aettled for. • JlOMEli m'KH.MAN. COJ,«)NEL IH'KliMAN. J. C. Crom. Ward Crom, Auctioneers; II. C. Knox, Clerk, Dec." 4. 6, 6. 7. 8. !>. JOINT PUHLIC WALE. SATURDAY, Dec. 8, on Aaron Hrant'a farm, 4 mile* northeaut of Houpule, 3 mllet< Houtiiweat of Yorktown. C, C, 1'lum- ley, auctionctT. Aarun Hraht and John Shetfre. Nov. a I. 25. Dec. j«. &« Con! Dust »nd Phthl«i«. Though con I tiust (Iocs not kill gernisi IB fotuul for Jhlnklii.t, 1 that It pli(hl.-,lH. Dr. J. S. Jlatdunc, UUrewM (u Hrlll.-li inluliiK ell tttnttHl that the phthlHlH death IK lower even than that among farm laborer**, wlu»M« oc- cujnttlou i^ Kit c.vcc|i!loiuilly hi-nlthy. It Is wugK<'sted thut the smoke particles tnlmlcd lt> T jowl) thvi.-lli'i-s am! smokers HiaT have tho,7lr\'ct. In uuHlcrutlou. of trululng th@ lunjjs nguiiiKt reully harm fu'. foreign matter. Word tn Season; " ***! iii'Mfd Atr. Kulsbuh* .spcutilttg ino>l bcuutifuHy of Ids wife lo uuythcr ludy on tin* U'aiii "-i iinw. lluilicJ- umihU til lu a in.JU ,U. i:i>»," "N«'t uiulci tin* clri-uiu--i!-Hii i s hui v.uf. 41 _uvw ; in tin 'lift HifCe FOR SALE-MIgOMAAHEOVa liy nflito ™~^~;~~:.~~™.~~^~~ -> . -u <vf,i: SM-M.l. HotiSi;. '(iLD ONE CENT A WORD . ; ^ri"' Van" "''tn^ VulV^"* rii, <-c|! I• f-nif-rii will "• ji![, (|A r I'.i'ifir! **\'h;*iii:c. lS'i-!? f i* •». -i '<-•;,fr->l nvt-r v. »-••" -ir:ij <-Js?irt: fci-'-p' fri'itn I lit: i;l ir Tii'irith' i • .i: <A1 K Sili-.'ll.!" i'-l' ; <j, \-,.;;< h Hi. HELP WANTED- i . >u XA!.K sri'KKH si »l. M: MAUD *'J .-„..,.,, -, J ,,-,..,..~,,...,.,,...,_^ ..-.-.. ,.,',! !.ii!j--i liirt-rir-i! Mvo winter. 1 *. iNTKD--- .MAHHIP.D M.VN T' > ; (;.,,'„! :,.. n.-w. Will <>!! < M. ;tp ^ i :< •rk <*n fnrm ju«t V"-=? i-f town.- \v*-"t Ki.t:t:h H' , . c l':ti;ur. \ •'!"- ! 31 * ''.M! ! w, i rk" I 'r"'''r"roHh<T '^','.7''-"ill '! J.AVK MY .AFTU:s AT ,i:.MMfTTR ..,.!,. W jrh utork ^Vau-« M*» P'-ri '""'1 ">""'- r '" n '"'"" ;lt " ! ! "" t! "? 1 ; ^,. .,. ,..-,. ' !! T.;>!!Cfcrit. Hoth pliom >t. IJitf rham'i- of ,,,lvjin,-.-ni"nl t.. ( - or!< ,.;,,,. ; j, s ',.-,,it HA I,K ^TjuFK i-ntjili VVltite F,<-i:>:<.tn c.x k«-r<-l* f".' ;;tle. f-'r-.-m rnv .'-ti.'iitt «.f trip n<«st«-il, !.i-i-.| to -Iny hlfi«1. Will "ff'-r ;hr-«rt» MMN fur t'l "<) «-*<-h for «h»rt time, ".- ".." .)' •'.""-"•'''••r^*""':"'"'.:""^. '-.:.:'".. ".'";.:::"...i. .|4.i, H i, w<4y«u, 'ivunfjuo. lit.. >'ar- \\ANTKIJ-- LADIKS "TO- LK.AKXj ,,,,'r'"'phone. 127-lSt .','JU*' 1 * ?•" I'*'' t:.-u -v' I!.i' man,- Woodlavui l-';irm. I:.'«-! 31 HE 5 P WANTED—FEMALE V ; . ..*• .,,~^', . . *>*«*.^^~;.* ^.-..^ .- . ... -^ iANTKU-.- LADIKS "TO- I.KAlir fi:ti!ilrf« c TiTS!', fti'.'sitly ftittnr". rtiiro- ("'jsiriloirne frr-fi. Write, -Molar <"o]1« ),'<•, l-'ifth and Monroe, »'h!r-:itro. U>!t-l3l* W A N T K 1» — FAIJCFUjADIEH AT F. \V, Woolwortb i-<>.. Apply at i ceT AT 'Jff«''>•"rnnlo J In u miry, LOST i.ost — HOI.D IM: K. IT. ft. CI.AH.M rini:: Inscription "M, B.",. on inside. K<'w;ml fur return to Oarette. U'3tf rntf r.r . Hoth j'ou SALE-HAY <;i:i.i»ixo, it y«,-nrs old. lirofce "Hu:!* 1 and iitiKfty and lutf m-wo. If not noli i-r will !>*• «old nt .f.'x'ot. V:HH «,<il* \Vedrifsdaj'. D«-c. nth. llcnry • Interstate phonl) 129-131* I' LOST- MK.Kfl HAO BETWRfON ftirnlttiro stur* 1 and rju-wl'-r's Hrit- tinlay nlKht, Flndfr U-nvo at »!nx*'tt«' WANTED •v»*****u**t *u*>>i-*>*S \\ANTKD-TO BUY WALNUT LOOH, Will InHpPct nt Innillng jwlnt und pny man, Write H. W. Durham. 431 Ro. I>»«nrborn St.. chX-ngo. 112-187 WANTRD — SECOND-HAND AUTO- moMlos, will pny th« hlphi>nt price. Aim* st>H nil kinds of repair*. Uluh- I'fit prices paid for nil klmls of fur fuul hides. Mike, the 115 Tailor. Hoth plioiii'f. 36tf WANT TO «tJY ALL KINDS OF Junk. nl«w IIPCT hottlfH. Will call for It. H. I^nngford. Both phonps. WANTED —OLD FALSE TEETH. Don't- matter If broken. I pny $1.00 $5,00 per Bet, Mail to Mazer, 2007 Fifth St., Philadelphia, Pa, Will MISCELLANEOUS CAMH T<» MY I'LACK TWO .»-k l-'alN, <»wn«T m.-iy li:iv<- Hiiirt"- f«ir piiyliiK f«»r utl mid ki-»-p. Si hwonk. 1.1<t-132* M i;xi- <>l' j'l ! Lf •' '.STHATKI > < 'ATA - f.xplalrtM Itow \vf li-.'ieti th»- linf- f i« f. M"l«*r KK\V nUILDINO IS ALL COMI'LBT« and wo ar« Iti poHltlon to rmndln nil kinds of hld"» hnd fur. Will pay tn« market price. Atw» want nil kinds of Junk." Don't R!V«' nwuy your Junk for nothlriB. Oil I D. Muntl«ld on Ix>piiBt Htr*'ft. HterllriK. ti<»f<>rt» you «fll. You net full value for your KI>»<!«- Ii»ln phones. _ ' __ 110-135 A rTo~TTi7ir ~AN"I > TIIKFT INHHU- uncf. Lif" |tii'tiiln'i-H)ilp »«. Y.-arly iluen $1. Ainu Auto l.ial.lllty, Mie mid A-cclileitt InHUnujf.-. Wilt pay vc»U to H"e nie. JonnH II. B:UT. Law- fenee nidg. U'7-Ui3 ^POTATOES \VANTKI>—YOUR FRIENDS WANT your photograph. They can buy anything you can give them except your portrait. Spec Lai Chrlntmn» offer at the Weaver Studio, formerly th(» Hayne'a Studio. 122-147 HIOMEST-.CA8H PRICES PAID FpR hideti and furn. Mangan'f* Harnc«H Shop. 312 First Avc. 124tf FOR HATJO—J750 STARK I'LAYRR (ilnno, u«ed one year, In perfeot condition. Trice »3l!5. Bell phono 312- Wl, 124tf FOR BENT KO'll RENT — STERLING DEl'AHT- ment Store grocery department. Three floor*, up-to-date front, cement 130-131 FOR-RKNT—MODERN FURNM.SHKD roonj nt 2()d Plft.h Ave. 129-131 TYPEWBITEEI3 ALL MARKS TYPEWRITERS FOR rent or wile'at apecial price*, Terms' to null. Write, call or .phone Bell 71- W, If you have office furniture or typewriters to sell neo UM. Kreider'n Typewriter Exchange, D02 Lawrence Uldg. 121-146 HENT—MODERN 8- room 'houii«.___COJ j^aMt Second Street, Btefilng". lnnulre~of"Harry Laldlg. 120tt WARNING ^^^U-i*iM«s-*^rt-<%^«J 1 N-*X^W' I'OSITIVKUY NO HtTNTtNO ON OUR furmn. D. A, Slick. ,Wm. Rondo, Ira Kendall , Voll 'Prownnt, Karl Hnnnii. ClutH, Henuler, Ward Hannn, Sam Hhlllinif. John Rlchartlaon. Jan. Hiuma. . ' ; • 125-133* J5S5SH515! F. O. RUMLBY, I4VK STOCK AN'D real HHtnto auctioneer. Huve Hold more Hales than any auctioneer in sterllns and Jlock Pall« Hlnc« beginning 'b'tiplnelffC*- My long lint of natl8- lled patrnh'H u'ro tnilTi<'icnt referentw, lio anywhere. Make dated early. Bell phone. Residence 1000 Went Sixth St..- Sterling. A. I.. COR. AUCTIONEER. ROCK Falls, Have, had experience In all kliulH of nuk'M. Hold mileH anywhere and everywhere. UuuriuUeo ubHolut* ii:itlrifaciion, fun refer you to n lontf : lUt of Kiulslk-d cuHionnTw. ' S«o rn'- for date«. Both phunt'H. • . , JC CROM AND SON. AlICTIO^^ e«r», Coletn or MllUulgjwIlle. We mak» a Hpocialty of auction Hales. Conduo many sales every year nnd can refe i-you to many nuUslled cuHtum«r«. W* HiiarunjHi' uhHoluta HatlHfnction, Wrilo or phone UN for datoa. CJ. FRU1N. ,LIVE STOCK auctioneer. Dixon. 111. Huve sold purf bred stock in Hcvcral stateH the pattl NC!i«on.. Sutisllwd nuntoinvr*!) tny best reference. AH <a&\\» promptly wl. Phone or write 'for dates. EDWAHD It. MEHT, AIJCTJONEEH Chadwiek. Ill, Sale* ntudv anywliorc- 1'arin and Htock walew my wpeciulty ^Experience huw been tny teacher "Speak both Engllnh and Clorman Hoth phoni'H. Call, wrUo or wire ui my D. JM, FAHUNEY, AUOTIONBEH Dixon, 111. With year** of exjiurlenci in the auction bunine»H wll guuruu* . tee MiUlMfaction. For reference «»' pcopUt for whom i buvn held Dixon Homu phone, rcuidetice, i»0. !, F. DEVENNNY, AUCTIO/NKEH l'i'oph«r»town, III. Will cry «ales'uny- where. Conduct -loo to UO n ly.. HeferenceB—Hunk «if I'rop town, ritly.ynK bank. Fm'iuer'M lioiml bank. Farmei'a phone, i office. II. L. HAHI«IJ<n'«N. lOiutit years »ucot>»» Inaction guanmtet.L- Office with M E. Wilder, llulh pl» ncM, Kli-iliiiK 111. D. VV. AHHOTT. Atfc'l'lONI'IKlt, I'o ly, III. Slock «»f.d fuOn ^iilcrf a Hpi c lujty. All culla prulnijlh h''t. ••••j Make your duteu <-ml>,. l*!ion.' .,".' . Mutual, IUVKH CIIOU'K HT«'CK HKD Olilofl. Hound Whiten nnd — WtwrortKln --- Hurnl ----- N«*w --- I'rlcew rlKht. HUKII B, 1'latt. 2«1 FJrst Av«. ' _ '^.-131 LEGAL NOTICE State, of LEGAL IllinolM. NOTICE. lo the January T.-rm! A, D. W7. • • , In Chancery. Keller. Clarence K. BRn«y, Complainant. Henry D. Lefever. HUKJIII . {^{'l^f- affla^^rri.rry - i j - ;« i*lHII*l'-»"* »*^. • * • i l*.f<*\. f *»t* Klilft M. Lefever. AtnoH L. L,-f v r. Ellwibetb Lefever. John fever. Martin H. Lefevt fever. Emma I«efeviT. Martha U-fever, Ha rah Lefe\ K Lefm-t-r, Mary d Ut'itiVtr, »^.-- i Buckwalter. Henry «uckwalter, Jol Eefever. Luetta Lt-feVer, Henry ' ecker. Hiram Lonneck^r. Barbara ard Abraham L. Krelder. Aiinlo Krl'lder. Amon U. .Krelder. nianche Krelder. Henry U. Fry. John K. I-ry. Harab Fry. Henry Fry. Ida try, Jacon B Frv, bis unknown w '"\, Ain '{*, m v* Frv Fannlo Fry. Abraham Fry. Tlllta Fry Martin K, I-'ry, Minn Fry. Noah j Pry, penri Fry. DayUtl Fry. Mm* I"*ry, i^*^t>«iv **».»- - - - T ^"^.j:"" . H/ttle EborHolp, Mary Kber«ole, Kber»ol*s Jobrf- M. L<*fe\er, Anna, fever. Elizabeth J^fnvftr. 1'aul I^-f«> Nora t*»f«ver. John Lef«ver. Maud fever. ChrlHtlan Ix-fover, haniilw 1^fever Jacob Lfifover. Idi4 I-*-fever, Mttnno IIe»H. Anna Menu. Henry HI-BS. Kmma H«?HN. Jacob He««. Minnie Hew, Fannie M. Greenwood, I**' Oreenwood, KllssabethKHne, Abntm Kl«n«, U*«* l^fev«r,- Mabel Lefever, Alum M. he- fever Mabel Manuel, her unknown bun- band.' Anna Harni«b. Com MarnlHh, Frank HarnlNh, KHa H'M.Uuli, John HarnlHh, 8u»nu Harnlsh. .unma liar- niHh,Uenjamln M. l^-fever, LA&1* l#* fever. Azurlah T. tlait and Juxeph U, Bullock u« expcutors arid tru»tu«-K un- • der the, hiHl will and te«tament of Ne}« Mon MiiHon. <lece»HPd, Carl C, Hullock. Alice K. Uullock, U*r«ia Wullo<-k K>1- Hom, William R, Fol*»ni, Miuwn Hrotw, Isabel A.'.HriiHM, Arthur T. Oalt. Ida Cook Gait,"I'aul T. Oalt. Mary N. Unit,* D I* Quirk, bin unknown lielrn and devlseen If be be dead, bin unknown wife. Ann Jane Itadclirfe. her unknown and devisee* If she be dtud. her unknown huaband, charlea Henry Hadcllffe. bl« unknown helm and d«« vl»eeH If hu be dead, bin unknown wlfo and John Tbomaa lladfllffe, hl» unknown h«lr» and tV*vln>en If he bt< dead, bin unknown wife, .Defendant*., Affidavit of mm-re«iditnc,e of tno above* named defendantH having b<«««n tiled in tlu« offlco of the clerk of I ha circuit court of wild Whlloiildo County in»tlc«« 4» her«by given l > all of the above numwl defendant* that the. above named complainant heretofore Hied Id* bill of complaint in Maid court on the chancery aide tln»re»if and that u «um- thercupon !»HUed out of «aid court ,, K .»M.!»I 'all of th« above niurieil de- fendantH returnable at the eouit bousft In MoriiHon In mild calmly uf \Vbltf- Hlde on the, llr«t Monday in January, A. D. 1917. a« by law rwjuirod which wild cause i« now pending and undetermined In naid court. Dated at Morrison, Illinois, ^Novem- b«?r 27. laifi. C, W. MeCall, Clerk, Nov. S7, Dt-c. 4. 11. IS. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Iv'Htute of Hannah Kroln , defamed. Tim und»-rnlKn«'d havuu: been ai!i» poihti-d udintnistiutcji' tJ the i-nial" of Nannuh KiMhn. late of the County of WhltvHlde (Mill 8t!U»' uf U!JIUI(K, de- CfUM< d, betfhy itppenr Ix-foi »ll«'» in MoniMon. at notice tlmi he will the Cmnity Coiiil of (' the C-mi t Hoii.»«t thi* '•'' I'tu-u y ti un, ui) the flr»l .MoiulHJ' in I'Vl/ru ry n.'Kt, »t wblcb time nil peij-wiH liuvms; ci.uiiH ilKui>>4t «(>lil cwljite arc noillM-d lilld ft'- i| urn led to utU-nd for the purpo«»« of h.n'iit!;-'the w.»me ad)UHt*-d. • All pcr«nn«i (luU-liU'il to* Mild e*laU» iro reiiuec-ti d to niiibc litinit dl.tle pu}- iiieitl to the undd>l»fii«d, D.iti-d Ihi-^ SHU •!;«>, of N'dvi-iuhcr, A, l>. I'.'tt;. ' J'hllip Tl. Waul. II. r. Ward, Nov 27. !>.>r 4 1 JOHN' N. <!KS»"TKY, AC y llr" Farm ami li »• il< ii;\"u,v i; lK'tff<l l!t,i U I* ills 01, DS. ci: vr:i: M. .S,l(i-I';tl'll«'li I Uii'U.' 1 I'll OK ('•. USE THE CLASSIFILD Af)S. .W. K. UUNM» I 0-1. t t H t I W f . tf t. >lt * f 1 * • .v

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