Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 25, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 25. 1944 O'Connor Feted By 130 At Hop Brook Former Director Of Valley Players Receives Tribute From Friends A most enjoyable party was held last night In honor of Sgt. Francis J. O'Connor ami sponsored by thy Vnllsy Plnyi'i-s. local dramatic club, S>;t. O'Connor was one of thu club's organizers and directed the of Wnterluiry, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Ward, teeter" Klnlk, Mac I^oloy, Mnr;u McCuire, Mrs. Stephen Sweeney, Mr. and Mrs, Gordon Hutch and Mr, and Mrs. Al KH/.C- mokas. Writer Thinks Germany Can Be Defeated Soon SOT. FKANCIS O'C'ON.NOIJ plnycr." for sfwrnl years with con- MidonihU' s u c c t- s s. \\c is at prusont on furlough after two yo:ira of service in the South P.ncidc. About 1»0 utlendfd the affair which was held at the Hop .Brook club. The cormnittoc in ehar^-v included Herbert Seullin, Miss Jane Bontcmpo and Miss !•' r a n c e s Gniazdouski. Kofi'oshmonts werr- served, and dancing was a feature of the evening's activities. A gift was presented to Sgt. O'Connor by ;hu XAthuiin;;. After expressing his gratitude for everything, ho gave fi very interesting account of his experiences since hi; entered tho Arrny, Among the nldfM' mi-mhcrs of the clul> attending were: Mr. and Mrs. John J. Daly of WatLTbury. Harry BenhEim. Ficv. William llcary of Hai'tCord, Hev. Edward L. -Morrison ^oncon, Ju'.y 2r>—CUP)— United Pro«s War Correspondent JIdward \V. Boattio says it's probable that Germany can be smashed by Christmas. And iiossib'.y by September. Tho veteran newsman points out that thu Americans and British in France would have to orjual the power and t!e'"rminatlon of .Russia* forces to brine about such an early victory. Beattlo snys that so far the Americans and British haven't been willing to pay the hUf,-e. I'ost in human lives tluit Russia's sticcesses have cost. If tho Na/.i do go clown to quick <'-.>:>a: this ."iimmtir. Boattio says the chief credit, will' belonw to the .Koci army. Cooperation of coni- niand and the RtKsiiin readiness to accept whatever losses thay must arc ,','iViMi iu« the secrets of .Russian victories. Asidf from the aforementioned Allied economy in human lives, the problem of supply is it serious drawback. Weather and stubborn- np-<s of Rommel's 25 divisions ul^o arc us up. But Seattle .'•ays many j-ources think the main stopgap Is Montgomery's extreme caution. Some observers cl.-iim the British Koneral's jiolicy causes high casualties in ths lontr run. Tho United Press writer concludes hi 4 report with a description of the buzz bombing blitz of I-7nL r latu!. He believe- London is taking this attack less well than it difl the •.•rout blitz of 1P40. He says tho people are definitely more nervous and annoyed. But he is quick to assure that nonj of Hitler'.^ secret weapons will break London- clown. Hi> says the tot.'jl military effect of tho robot bombing 1 is small. And he says the flying bombs should take good care of any tendency in England to adopt a soft post-war attitude toward Germany. 8. irmy On mi Inspection lour 'of-Suipriiv. Island; ..recently tukun /h'y >:T7 forces, l..t. Gi-n. Kohi:rt RlulmrilHon, .Jr., (riirlit). coininumlor of-in...., troop* In the Ontml I'liclflc uri-u, stops to (jiii.'Htlon u' ,]up nutlvi; in the Internment camp. With him Is Muj. GIMI. Siimlerford Jurnmn, iMimiimndi.T of Hie linlU'd Sfciti.-s forces on tile Mmiaiiils bilxe. (In- ternatluniil) National WCTU Is Planning To Hold Convention Evanston. 111., July 2fith— (UP) — Ohio, tho state that gave it birth, will b,? tho sceno of the 70th anniversary mooting of one of tho oldest woman's organizations in Ani- erica when the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union will hold its annuarconvontion at Columbus, Ohio, Sept.. l-l to lit. The National W. C. T. U. was organized in Cleveland in 187-1. Tho gathering promises HKSIGNS POSITION Storrs, Conn.. July 25— (U P) — Director of personnel at University of Connecticut— Dr. William j. Haggerty — has resigned to accept tho presidency of the New York State Teachers' college at .New Pall/., New York. Dr. Haggerty has been at University of Connocticut since 10-10, Chicago. and came, here from several surprising "dry" developments, according to Mrs. Ida B. Wise Smith, national president. In 193-1, on its COth anniversary, the W, C. T. U. held its regular. yearly meeting in Cleveland, Last year's convention was cancelled and nn executive committee meeting substituted, Sixteen Conn. Men Are Reported Missing In Action Washington, July 2!)~(UP)— The nfinifis of sixteen Connecticut men reported mis's/nf,' in action are announced hy the War and Navy de- pnrttnfnts. In the War department casualty list, three men unaccounted for in the European area iiru: Private John A. Feduzi of 82 Coen street, Nnupatuck. S t.i ft' Sergeant Marshall H. Porter of 103 Cayu avenue, West Hartford. And Staff Sergeant JoJin Szablin- ski of route nine, Norwjchtown. And eleven men missing in the Medilerrancan area are: Private Benny F. Babula of 23 Irociuoise'roud, Stamford. Private Chester. J\I, Baron of 51 Salisbury avenue, 'Mossup. I Private Anthony Stephen Bcd- | n.-ircxyk of 840 Congress avenue. — - j New Haven.. July 2!i— (UP)— Burns! Private First Class Eugene 'R. t!io Hartford circus Brown, of 2-1 Cross street, Norwaik. Private Robert W. Condon of AXOTMKU FIBK V1CTIW Hartford sufferod i fire 'July Gtli havr> caused the death nf Mrs. Nvllie Hart of Plnjnville, Shr: is the ]ti5th victim of the fire. BUY WAK BONDS AND STAMPS Turry Piain, Simsbtiry. Private Robert F. Ewcn of S7E Main street. Ansonia, Staf;' Sergeant .Gabriel Filiak of 1-1 Fail-Hold court. Stamford.- Staff Sergeant 'Ralph C. Finch of U Irvine road, Old Greenwich. 1 Private First Class Edward Glucksman of 310 Hancock-avenue, Bridgeport. v Private Louis J. Polverari of 8 Lines street. New Haven. And Lieutenant Colonel James F. Skells of 3 Farnham road, West Hartford. ' Additionally, tho Navy reports that Ensign Vincent Francis Diana OL i.'iO Birch street, Manchester. And Water-lender Third Class Frank Folencl-.ak of U7 Hubbcll avenue. Ansonia, are missing. Americans Are Strongly Opposed (Conlinuod from Page 1) A BRIDE, HER HOME, AND HER WEDDING SILVER . . . mm flioti.'ig heavy losses on the- Jap.- anosc. While American troops battle the Japanese on tha krour.d,'Amer- ican piano- have pounded 1 Japanese bases from the air. C.-irriej'-hasud planes have hit Rota island, midway between Tin- .ian.and Guam, Gun positions and installations or.' Ponapo island, and an aii-1'icld on Shumushu island in flie Kuriles. were hit in two other raids. Ir. tho Southwest Pui'ific, General MacArUiur has announced that thousands of casualties have been inflictocl on Japanese trying to break out of a trap on northern Now Guinea.' The attack by the starving Japs was crushed by American artillery. In China, tlic Mth United States air force has destroyed 30 Japanese, piancs in a ni'id on am enemy airdrome in Hunan province. The attack probably destroyed seven other planes and damaged eight more. Sweets Hosts At Wiener Roast Divided Payments Jf -You , Prefer, At '..No Additional Cost. Make sure the wedding silver you choose has permanent enduring beauty. There is something about really fine Sterling that gives your home a kind of dignity arid character, and International Sterling is unmistakably fine Sterling silver. It is made today by iS'cw England craftsmen whose predecessors made spoons of coin silver over one hundred years ago. Come in soon and let us show you some of the modern beautiful patterns. Six-piece place settings cost in the neighborhood of twenty-five dollars including 20% federal tax. Michael*. JEWELERS . . . SILVERSMITHS SINCE 1900 68 BANK STREET AT CENTER STREET Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Sweet played hosts to a gathering at a hot clog roast at their home on Beacon Valley road Saturday | night. A good 'time was had by all | with singing and refreshments fea- | turin'g the occasion. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. A. Peck and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ma!hew Kiely, Ruch Sargeant, Mildred Galvin, Sonhie IVIarclszo- nek, Ann Daly, Clara Ratynski, Mrs. Margaret Nezzo and daughter, "Beverly, Mr. and Mi's. Emerson Douty, and son, Tommy, Autry Cabbie, Billy Slasinger, Helmut Peck and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Swoet and family. EXPJSRT ON NAVY KNOTS Clcjirfield, Utnh — (VP) — Pay Clork Horbert Sajin of the Clearfield naval supply' depot can tie— .expertly—-10 knots used l>y' the Navy, past and present. Although a naval veteran of Tunisia, Sicily •rind Salerno, Sain loomed to tie naval knots long before he joined the service—in fact, it was at the age of .six, from his father, who was a marine engineer. Admiral King Says Japs Will Continue To Fight Washington, July 25—CU P>— Admiral Ernest ,J. King, commander, in chief of the United 1 States fleet, said today that "no aid or composition o.f the New Japanese .comfort" could be guinea from the cabinet. King said "The Japs will continue to wage with all the power they possess," However, he added, 'wc"'cari r '' expect some change in their method of waging war, but whether they will 'go more near ly on the defenslvq'or bccome'morc aggrsujiye remains to be seen. Admiral ; WilIlam P. HdTsey, who now commands 'the third 'fleet in the Pacific,.also was present at the conference, and was aslicd for a prediction on the end of the war. Halscy replied' ' that'' he had stopped' "gazing into the crystal ball", on'Jan. 1, MM3| a reference to previous' victory prediction he lad made'.' '. ' BOROUGH . DAILY DIARY JULY 1944 t M T w T 2 S f3 S 6 J t 9 10 11 II U 14 IS 16 17 U 19 JO 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Patriots Credited With Two < :** : '• '• •. oits New York, British radio exploits- by Jiily 2. r >—(UP)—The reports two daring 1 Italian patriots in northern Italy last week. The broadcast heard by C-B-S said the patriots ambushed an en- tiro German air division cnroutii to the front: As a'result, says "BB-C, the Nazi air group' reached the battle' area too late to 'carry out Its mission: The patriots also are said to have raided 1 two Milan' industrial ] districts— Rapturing 1 much booty and 'many prisoners. Coming Eveiite v' v TonAY • Paper SulvuKO Collection^ SATURDAY Clambake; TennlN c'pt., Collbn Hollow Grove. Weather Report Massachusetts, Tthodc Island and Connecticut— Pair and cooler to night. Tomorrow fair with no important temperature changes. EasLport• to Block. Inland— No small craft or storm warnings are being displayed. . The temperature. in New Eng- and during the rmxt four days to morrow through Saturday will average near normal, whicft for Eos- ton' is '72 degrees. Quite warm weather tomorrow and Thursday will'be'followed by cooler Friday und Saturday. Rainfall will total between one- half and .lhre.;-f|Uarlers of an inch und will occur as showers and scattered thunder-showers day or Friday. late Thurs- Highcst lighthouse maintained by the U.- S. is located on Lxjhua island, Hawaii. Jt rises to a height 1 of 707 feet above sea level. Bank Books Found In The Home Of Boston Recluse BoVlo'ni' July 25—(UP)—Police blume .starvation for the denth of an 82-year-old South 'End recluse. The body of Elizabeth Joyce, was found in her gloomy J-'-room home last nlghl. Under .1 worn carpel non.T-by wnrr* discovered throe bank boojts with doposits totaling $0,000. . Officials s,iid the woman apparently died two months ago— and the absence of .food or cash led them to bc-licvc it wr.s the result of hunger. They entered the vast house at the request of a cousin, who was fearful when he received no answer after knocking a', the door. The aged woman had lived in the M-room house for the past 70 years, taking in 'boarders until 2.0 years ago when she retired •Jone into the prison-like quarters, hildren who did her errands were or only touch with the outside world. Pro-Civil war furniture filled the dark rooms. And a box wii.h bills dating back to 3854 was found in a closet. Sons Of The _.., Meet Wednesday The Sons of the Union \vili v .1 meeting at the VFW ro ^ Rubber avenue Wednesday c »'i* at 8 p. m. with Theodora ilS 1 * commander, presiding. .-^ All members are urged to 'rut 'important business will cussed. Funerals PIERPONT'g llcKl»l<Tc,| Jr\\rlttf. Am<Tlc:tn Grm loclcir -; ISO II.MVK NTIIKKT" I mi:n Funcrnl Of Tttorniut JMarnonl The funeral of Thomas Di.imont, 0-1, of 33 Cliff street, who died Sunday in the Waiurbury hospital, will he held this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the Alderson funeral home, 70 Contra! avenue. Waterbury, to the Creek Orthodox church, 32 Maf-lc street, Waior- bury. Burial will be in Grove cemetery, Naugatuck. BRISTOL—Kditar II., Falmoiilh, Mass. A S e 73. Bethany Conventional church Fo.xboro, -\T:xss., Wednesday .,' 2:30 o'clock. Burial private. There are more Lhan ] ,GOO .mo-'it jacking establishments injlhe Unil- id States. Buckmiller* Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 THE SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE COMPANY

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