Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 4, 1916 · Page 14
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 14

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1916
Page 14
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. ILLINOIS. MONDAY. DECEMBER 4. tsie HUULHEWS Stirling f! ,* it and prflf lift.] i i-1»ft< s i r* Hi-'- jn FiutU i;F M.>- i\ IfiBp nmi •-..!!• :.!!•! I Hif nf It. il. <>;«<•, i>••"'•*. '•!" 1 >'••! 1'IJlH W I" !ll! -I M. ••<'• •! f«> 1 tthf p-UM 1 * anil •<!! «'tls' ! .-iJilii. nf HOC. .It nil <!• :l.trt '- l>" for n Vjibti-v rfiri'ily.- ; Kidnrv I'lIK- tli" v.irw Oiat >J'*-r I'.nt !•>" .I'l'.v hiijlit MU f J;i< k " ' ' ; I-nt ! -A;;H( "" '• ill- :tf A tut -.-rlrjj un iiuE t>"vt "I' 1 - kl!»u Whlit Thitf ivn*; three v«-!irs flico -At first JJttHi h:td liit'f (.X[HHtc(l lii*! return. liti! bo Hi'\ er < :utif». A i M.I he never wont III'T n word. Ituth •SMIS tlrwl of tnt; the now. Ami her proud lli- IHRISTMAS MESSAGE AT NIGHT By ALICE E. ALLEN. tht, 1913, by American I'reea Af«a feeetned to Huth no *be flcw-foi tlnie to her telephone nftentoon of the day ^before Christmas thnt B!IO had I In the grim old city of wbleb Id never known until then-true If they were bumble and to do more than telophonfr wishes. /• 'SHfiKo was from proprietor, t'ould he cull that lluth'u "Of course not, Mr. ih in. Could .he t»lu> her i— a Jui»t this once, for CJirlst- ififtlHS? Itutb'a refUHftlM IIH traim- 'i)f tho telephone were all flnu DtlesN. Hut us sbe came away t!i- In rid t.>!d IKT enp.»r little Isentt that It v.Ji-s n-!t fnlr to f-nlt Jm-k bark just tnM-:i»«n» 1 1 TH wns hfin! nut! lonely mid lihiii.iNt 1 tiiilicnritlilc R'lrwtltmf!. So sbft fi/iird nwn.r iiiifl! ttifl ln-cntno work— \-orl; (lint she oojn.vcfl Blip bnd htf llttU- fnntim by herself. h«>r h<K»k«5. b*r I !« lure?!. Minncb to rnt nnti rroar. \Vh»t tnoro newl nny one nnU? Ncrth- !rr- -.nx»f|it "t ChrUtmns. At CftHst- n»H!». to a woman. Icne la n neccwltj*. That ntf-'lit, In the tnldillc of the dnrkfMl hfnir. Huth snt uiM5trnlKht In l)ort. Hlit 1 wns nbsolutpl)' Ruro that -tho tolfphoni; tu'll OVCT her d<"«k had Just- runs. All was still, so, Hftor n iufn- uti! of wiiltliiK, slip lay itlowtt to liifTfii'if. . Tlio tol hnd bii'n m> lumv nil day brtnclnjf'her lurpMUKr:* tlirtt «he hnd heard It In her dri'itm.H. It could not really hare rung. After n little Kin; drowsed off, only to lionr il<4 Kbi-ill j.lncln nijnlii and n«;iln. It no Jonirer wakened her. Hut In her drctim nlic went t<> the telephone. t'Htk down (bo reviver "nnd Us- t»'ii'il. Out of the- dark lies* Find ills- tnn-'i',!! voli'd Kpoke--.liu'k'H voice. '"Merry Christinas" was Us only uie»- *>\M Hut HO strong nFid clear were tin hwoko to a litinny lni.% .«lu' still tltu,'U-d to their 'memory. IVrhnps, when one first awnkos, the heart IWM more control over one than the head. Anyhow, when Ituth sat tip Here is the place and now is the time to save money, when the prices on everything we have to buy are <war ing so high that we are compelled to find some place where prices are reasonable and merchandise dependable. It is at this store where these important features are obtained, where we can find "CHRISTMAS PRFWNTX for each one of our friends that will be both practical and pleasing. IVI^IMX i» • ?"• !*-• f tluit when Huth nnalljr n 111 her chair by tho win- j and looked out of her window at tin 1 ill ready busy street. 1 * furbelow her, bur heart was (join;; tho talking. •Mack, is - waiting for you— some- IBd goofi wtll—n'cro thronging '*ml cnrth below; t>orlinim only Uuth was tlrtnl and if he Jsi'not rich? Can't two w«rk together lM?tter than apart? Why -not Kivo Jtirk a ChrlHtinaH gift? The only one he wants?" — irtrttrrtht was " were wistful. rill never do for the proprietor Upon bid sti-noKrnpher," she Hti a sorry little smile. "To b«-j when-," It said, "And ho belongs to t»»ro was n time"-—when ho wvtt y«>u. 'Why not claim your own?" itber'a clerk—"but times have After n minute Huth'!* la-art spoke ,. ... ., it train. "What if you are poor? What because it- \\'nn Christina* S*n memories, no matter how tiavcd at other times and sea- with her heart. A a soon a's'vho reused 'she 'w«« at the telephone Klvlng-.liK'k'ti busings number. After nhe liail waited what ncwnied n long, long tlmo her head did remind her, - "\Vby, of course," she wild, elqwly, "he will bo tip country .today." She was just about to hanu up the receiver. "Walt a minute," erled her' heart Heart* do know ibintpi, especially at .ChristiiiaH'. And then— "Hello.",' said a big, hearty voice-out "Ob, .liu-l;,"' cried Itutb. "Is'It you. really yrtu'.'"__ „',. '^iy.fcwj- Itut'i," said tile voice. "Who else? Vou wanted"— '"To—wlrth you'a nuM-ry Christmas, Jack." Uiiih faltered. •iThaiiks. That all?" "Ye*." s.nld Huth. listening 1 to her heml. Then: ".No— not quite. I—-I wanted ti' hfiir your vol«x«; that's all." "l.H it';" asked the voleu Huth wanted to liesir, "Vou Hee. Jnek," Ruth hurried en. "I dreamed about you last night. I—1 thought you called me up, and—and it WHS only, a dreaui." "I came so near It," said tb*» rolce, ','that I-stood hefc by my phono'for an hour, Hut It was lute, ami—well. Itutb, I wanted you to call 106 up this time." "Viiji'i't! iu>t in the country?" "Not j ut. We «o tonight. 11 "We'." , "Mother and I. She's apehdlng part of ChrisliuiiM |ii (ho elty. Hut we mlfis .the-t,.iow and the wlelxlibfllsi and tho -homu Second Floor READY-TO-WEAR DEPARTMENT !?«'»•«' wi» iitid a lino selection of Conts. nil new inmlels. jiimle of fine nil word veloiuf plnsh, lmiji(|cli»lli iiml fjiiiey niixliin*. j»rire.i| at "$10, T S12, $15, $20, $22, and $25. ' On another rack we lincl the junior mils nil excellent quality junl styles, priced from .. $5to.$lQ CHILDREN'S COATS Thr' next^raek is loailed with pretty little" Coats for Hie small girl or hoy from L' to (i years, priced frwni $3.50 to Second Floor LADIES' DRESSES , ^ We feel very nitidi j>leaded over our 3 ".lies' |)resises. We have been verv stieees a- with them; -the styli' i> > quality very tine all wool poplin. Prices sl»ro;<» to (late, id wool $10, $11, to $12.50 CHILDREN'S DRESSES / <me of these pretty l>re>-fes wfluhl make a nice Christmas present for your little #irl. Silk pf.plrns prieed at $5.00; worsted and percale priced from 59cto$2.50 S$«'»'»«^'£V$^ TOYLAND IS ALSO OlsK THIS FLOOR •IS'wheirfc'^anta'ClausV : WKHH FJ«H AMD lifitttt. — wlintuver the rc«»>n'- In her Httlo window, [.<lowu u[ion tho Htnvt. with its If 8 tt .*'» 8<*>A iiitturt'il shoppers. »ha lio«J Mteriily forbid- alt to tlo— «ho wtsiit back over ,^ On ac.-ount of our early huyin- we were fortunate in secnrin- a -ood stock of toys-lar-e animal saving hanks, doll carts, ehina and^? /^pretty tin tea sets, tahles, elmirs, pianos, trunks, tool chests, - iUn( , S( | )t)ok - Sf Clirislnms-trco ornainents, 'animals, and a la.-e varietv of dolls *J * I hero are the iarge Imby.dolls, Character doljs, kid hod y ditlls, and Flossie Fisher's own dull. ' "& ®V®^V®^&^®m®®®K^^ FirstFloar First Floor — Here is another fine assemblage of almost everything you will need for your own comfort or to make your friends happy on this greatest of all holidays, Christmas. Permit us to make a few suggesitons. i Avhleh i? »uch 'J'bi'ro won IUT futlH'r'H tbe loss of ovory- by bis dentil. Th«« §r OWU-bt'SliuiUiK III biiKlucHs, Bf beruolf, Itutb sinllt-il lo tbiuk Sior old frleiulM would way- JKoow wbtit a cnpublo little uecp^slty bad uindo of onn of tliuin nil knew [10 wu«. Not into bud tnicod .great .<-lt,v tbat l». except uniuo Into tu»r .tbouifbta, il THAN CALOMEL "4t sounda lovely," cried Huth, "and ,>,.» rhrl«tmais.v. CUvo your mother my love, .lark, and wish her the merriest CUrlsttuHS." "She"H b6 glnd to hear from you, LADIES' WAISTS A pretty waist is always an aeeepia- ••blo present and .anticipating your need, we have provided i\ good supply of _ ....'-.. . - . ti . : ... dainty >repe d,o chine, priced al"$3,00 and $5.00. Pretty tub silk at $2,50. Other pn'tty waists^priced at $1.25 and $1.50. or at $12, $13 and $15. , , FURS SWEATER COATS \\e have an exeollent lino of Furs Those' uico ( wann ^nrmonts are for ladies, misses or children, and almost, indesponsihle for ladies or our prices are very moderate. children. Ours are heavy all wool, rsray fox sets are prieed ''"'I 1 ^'^L Kn . M / iiao^MK . ' ' . Ladies', $3.50 to $6. Children's,,$l, $1.50, $1.75, $2, T. *S «!"ttw!" 1 " Pl - "" -DRESS.GOODS . .--..-. A heautif-wl assortniMit in silk Mink, marmot,fox, leopard coney taffetas,,pneed from $1.35 to $7.50, or plain eonoy, flat or melon shaped, > n/\m'i<MB priced from $3,50 to $10. r SILK POPLINS Very line quality, protty colors, A largo variety of Neck Pieces -40 inehos \vide, priced fit $1.25. from the small collar to the large French .serges, popular shades, shawl collar, priced from $2 to $10, 40 inches wide, priced $1,00, ^ve JQ)so)ver«d Dr. Olive Tablets are • | Harrnless Bubstituto wards' Olive Tablets— the sub- fpr calomel -~:itc a miltl hut sura and ( th,cir I'dc-c* \»\ the liver is They .are the rc- r, lulwanlf.' dt-tt-i ininatiuir not ivcr and bowel c>uni4,ui»s with tu bauf-h ii li li'.ilc tahli-is ilo the calomel decs, hut lutve no had ci*.Vt Tliey O.nVt injuri' the -4trong iHjnuis ur calomel. e nottl, al the truuMu and it. Why curt* the Uvvr «{ the tci-ih? plays havoc with the TABLE LINJEN J^ook at ourLinens. They are the kind the. housekeejier rejoices in the posnession of. Vou can not find prettier patterns, •hotter quality or lower prices any place '"' else, •'•-•.-. . • •' . FANCY HANDKERCHIEFS Are always acceptable holiday gifts, either singly or in boxes for Christmas trade. We have selecte'd a beautiful line priced from 5c to 50c. Pretty Hair Kibhdns, Hand Bags, Strap Purses, .. ., ,, . . . Neckwear, fancy Towels, Knit C^s and Hots, and ^"' °' tlim ' ^mihl .uake a present many other attractive goods will bo found in onr store. BLANKETS .Wo have just received our third large : • . . V • shipment of those nice warm Blankets. A for a V-old night. They are largo size and priced at $1, $1.25, $1.50, $2, $2,50 and $4. rang liquid*. U is tuvt u..i u> >mt|. but t« Kl Ur. _ 1-dwards' take it'i iilaiT. fkdadtvs. 'ilulliuss" nn! .that ilg conn 1 iH'm ('i'n^li!>!i') -'i and red Hvt-r, '!'.(!.<• J)r 1 'ilu,mK likts \vlifii VJii. tul "I <v\" ;uiJ liovv ihs v "c* i!. si.-' 'i 1>V.\. Au il.ii t sifiixu is IIKU i,m'i,K 1 ~wi,Ni»y\v, h; \vj»'vu Itwu t^lUlug of you; Any-. "Sure. d^'iu'V" lit.ith's «',V(>-s were «o full of 'tear* tfeat. a-. -.-I.'! Nuid'-iiftvrward, .shi-^uuidii't He** fu tulU . ' 'S. .!•. di-ur?" finked the vuii-j; a,t,'5.ihi. '"Li (I'M a, 1 !," ,«,he bruvofy, "only .1.. >i.ii «»•!!:" . • • U»e Uell wJien you didu't re«rtiy ring up 'rf«t night. Jack?" "No." said Jack firmly. ''Your hwtrt baurd mine, little girl.« If ouly you would listen to It oftenitr." ' "I cnu't^ahvays ht««r It," luugb«td Ruth. "My"^»<Ua sueb a good talker." 'Time's op," said » straugB^ volo» foino where- • "Ooodby, Jack, dear!" crleil J{utb. Hut tiii>m WUH no una\v»»r. Thu tiitxt uituutu ub« iiK"l'< t(H>k doWff tlio i'e<'<«iv«r. "(Jot ,'iSUO again; quick!" ebo eald. ' ."UHlol" tmlil Jack's voicu. - • "I» tlitit you, Jftfk'/" ? "(M c'uu.iw. MMMt«tlil.Hg y»M JotiSflti dwtr''" ' • k . . ",N'w; I didn't forget J wouldn't' »«7 It. but I uttmt Huu't look ut uu-, Jack. pUC HHH!il. i'llj ii^iifIllH|£ to Mty |iuUi p L jiovv'.'-^TbMi'o la ttuiuotlUUig i wasit, Jttt-k." . rtV.^i IIKC ri^iiony .,uii uvn oofqro slio ruii'to put' ciotlii's* iu bfi' suit cumvtdL_da_bt'r"hair fiiu! to put oil ber ouo^gwod gnwn, fcutu nU>vc bur baokcu*>t» sbi» touk u-Hprlg j of s.-urltrt bolly.^ Wltb H rwd rlbboa f*li« titnl H ov^r tbu tiilupbono. j "If ever n.itytbniff dc>s«rve«i a merry ! Cbristums," aba cried.' "you do}" ,are udai>te4 to (no Mexican coueepuoft of the characters aud are novel in the extreme. All of o tho costumes are got "up tastefully, uud, while u strict cow- formttiico with the requlrenumta of the eiuf*'tUo prujsca ot tno itedecmier wao is born unto tbew, otbera chutit in a baruioulpua atrolu tho good ness uud mercy of CJod. Tbla fc«ature, accomp*-' by muBlc on tho barp and vlollu. CKR1STMAS IN MEXICO , A RC I irinno CCOTIWAI I "'-tblebem, wbere .tbe Hbepberds are! HtUIUIUUJ) rtJMIVAk tending tboir flocks, by a bost of «ngt-b i • •«•• >*.•*« »«•». v (i*»f^p.»*«u * <U>^[M4 ( V***V»* *** M* liifW f J r • — . Ur»t cfutury uilgbt rob Jowpb pf bla ! ** *ei't U J» Wttl » late hour Bojubrero, still it la doubtful if t ut »! until tbe boltdays are over. Itwttoti wbk'b It la (leBiwl to instill iu I On ° V im * uoderstand the the luludd of tbtt pwplo would bo ua P 00 ?' 6 and th«lr devoutw.'aa and la- c-ffmlvo if all tbo uiloor dutulls of tbc i tplMje reH*tou» feeling to fully nppre* «4irly Jewlsb fasbloiis \ver«'followed.' 1 clato ll ^ w "^Mfi'y '*"> presoatntioii of .of the pluy opeua near j * be »btfpU«nUi affects their tuiuds. Good ixsmplo, iujfttud telling ibeui of tbe blrtb-j Aunt 1'olly wu» inUklug la tho cowl C 'HUlSTMAS'eelebratioiii* in SU-sJco of Ulti ^ v ' 01 "'«"d Jnvitlutf.tbtMii toxfol. ! lot, «nd bur iHilltlcully excited soil differ Kn-utly from ours uiai usual- ! ^ w to wUc " > ' be IU>8 - '• i ' Mt ^ ^ ll()W th « f '«»unrt iwr tlwro. "Maw, you're « Dem* ly last for st-swai dsivs Hrlabt fi . tur w U ^ ihem lo U)tf l>tul ' k ''»« | wrus, uiu't youV" be asked. Sbe ti'uspeuditl li» the uir ' , . the manger of which the lufunt rests ,, 0 . uuswer, ' but ' 1»« persisted; i "Ilfllol". eaiuu Jm-k's voice, big, -. j, um kjt. j etroag, vibruiut witb bappiut'Sb, '"3,'but ' ' .—j-v0u, Itutbr'"* — ,.^»*.v»..^ *»M«I^*i:«»UV*» II* IMl' «IH I'll'Vltlilll .. it, _. . * .» • . » . _... . t :-,---. -tw. *-w t .>.* v . tbo glad tiding of t jiu-lu.llday«, au.l il » t^aruis of Mury uud Jcwph Wbllo j (li uw, ulu't you ft «oud ••' • fff * IT '••-» S' \ •**'*•* »i**I*tl* I ***** ***!•* <!••»»».V.I *«.! * 1 t jl ...... I ...• ._ .. ._ - . " every Mt-xieua Jacul/tio luniler b«5i\v j put Its ilj;hi th*> Bword«,. don't guoa,s. Widt- It'* you." -Rutli f. "\**'" Ijutig. ut< tbo ruceiver »ud i*an to tbo f J" "' ' ' by tlio wlaUovv -aultu tbo otlier ! f, , , , ofti, u room. V iV**"*- 0 " 1 *.^ 1 * |J1 Lucifer, arwed witb two j ^nuiiy .she »uid, empbatU-ully: _.».-„, ,.„„ MM4 „, .„,»,.,„„. ..„„. ...» , , .. '^ff 8 */ 1 " 1 #Heiujitit t.o de- j hain't noibiu', I'm a womuo nillktu' tt *teC*..«if. Itu?: «uvio M r .*WiM..£iv.i!i*45 t ^ JliK liOMStt SJUjJL, 1 * " * ! blm. Not to bo outdone, I.mtifer s li •It not . t*H u tuluutoi wheu Ibe , M ..always. J«u-U, wllh us • . .-ii r* ud) of tlio IttHli'wduT iii'unuunlly |i in all Mi'ij/an. towns, uud i» bollf lltllgUligi,; Wlilt'Sj liu-.'llH raut I'uiiijva^jly tUHJi'(>:i;uni tbre« archdemoos, »-bo Hyiit w ' tbe ungi'is for ttu>, course of bulf «u j b,o.ur, riiultintf Ju tbe tiuul ovcrtl/row j of-tbe evil ou« u«a bla emissaries uud ! Jlw |>liu-)ng of tbo fvct.. 9f J (.'a! "it ill or'a vokx-.' Vcu liiut !"ity Mii'i,"; 1 !!!,;, IJH;.'!I -Vf-isv, Sarv il-U liial !ii..ii»'a i JUIil l!a- 1 I.U.-ifiT •««.» 'i'ti*»u the s!uu)lU'nJ» btoaS. put into stiolfjtsi;, tui4 wbfi« a-yortlon of

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