The Monroe Journal from Monroe, North Carolina on May 19, 1903 · Page 4
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The Monroe Journal from Monroe, North Carolina · Page 4

Monroe, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1903
Page 4
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Notice of Administration. Having this day duly qualified before the Clerk of the Superior Court ot Union county, N. C, u administrator of Jesse D. Rushing, deceased, all persons holding claims against said estate are hereby netified to present the same to the undersigned administrator on or before the jth day of Kay, 1904, or this notice will be pleaded in bar ot their rght ot recor ery. All persons indebted to said estate are notified to make prompt payment : and save cost. E. D. WORLEY, Admr. of Jesse D. Rushing, Deceased. This the 5th day of May, 1903. Administrator's Notice. Having this day, after duequalifica lion, been granted letters ot adminis tratioo upon Hie estate of W. R. Hasty, deceased, by E. A. Arm field, Clerk of the Superior Court of Union county N. C, this s notify all persons in debted to said estate that immediate payment of such indebtedness is here by required; and all persons having claims against the estate ot said mtes tate are hereby notified to present the same to the undersigned on or before April 21, 1904, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. This April 17, 190 3. THE SAVINGS, LOAM AND TRUST CO., Administrator ofVV. K. Hasty, deceased. By Adams, Jerome & Armfield and E. C. Williams, Attys. Notice of Administration. Havmg this day qualified before E A. Armfield, Clerk Superior Court of Union county, N. C, as administrator of Welsh Dunlap, deceased, all persons holding claims against said estate are notified to present the same to the undersigned administrator on or be fore the 15th day of April, 1904, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of thtir right of recovery. Persons in debted to said estate are notified to make immediate paymeut and save cost. 1 his the 24th day ot April, 1903. THE SAVINGS, LOAN AND TRUST CO., Administrator of Welsh Duulap, deceased. Redwiue & Stack, Attys. Valuable Timber Land for Sale By virtm' nf tin i.nt.-r i.f tin- StiiMTktr Court f I nloii I'tiuuty. m;ui' tu tin- i.ri.,-t..hnvr f"r a wis t'litillt'it J. V l.mirv. tulnintiM nitor nf Mnrv I.. Krvin. ittvPH-i'il. v-. r i. Kmuri h! . 1 Will if! I lit ! M II- ;4 III" 1 1' Ml , ; I t1!.' iMlir! ll U rini.r In Muiiri.i'. 1 ll I. n ,'uinil . V,rUi I 'arnlin .1111 M'llliiay. tin' 8th day of June, 1005, tt t rat'l nf i:U'l i vint; in r.iln i- 11-h 1 i.J nit KiimitTl-urk. K. tt . A K..r- .1 or hi"--.. 11 tlu WiitiT-of liliinl'tj; 'Tfrk. hi'urt.ii-'i ;t- fn.low- Hi'ili 11 ti 1 ii hi it -Ul n tin1 w -I m If of t hr Moiirot- mult.-nui s. T:l V .;,-tii,ni- a siakr tlV ;t ll. r-i. Ill- IMT VJ tt Jl rl:,H!, i ,(,tkf )..v Sli. jV rh"..T 17 tt ,.!! u-. ;:. :nikto H -itrtkf !v .i I. ilu'iiff 7l I '-' K ,7 cfmm-lortstMk.'-, Mu-in-f S '-'v W :JI i-Imi 1 -n li 1, It. 1i a !int-, llii'tii't' M. a K (ti it ni!. nn, :n link-to 11 -ttrht' liy J ii. j' . l!n'U'f v v tt . ;"frii;ii 11-aml .' links n 11 I'm.'. 'J li 1'- rliriift' ;!7 K lr chains f" h -iiikt' ly U. j - t Im nc- N S.Hi vliains 1 1 mi -laki' h 1' u T- . Hi.-ucf up t In- mail in chain to tin U'L'i mi 1 luf ' n m : n hil' lm ;n ?-(" rnoiT.irI.".-.roiiv,-.-.i in :,r, I. Kmi, i. M Lant'v aii'i wifr. l.v I r. ci-tci-.-.i mi K..k HI. HW iM'. of I lie r.-,oiti- of It.- K.-m-hTof JtM't,r5 of I III. .11 foil It! Term- onc-iliinl r.-rn.tiu i.'r mi u ere. hi of fitrlil itionl li-;, with 1 nt i' iv-t f ' .ta 'f -.tlf. fM'ClirT.I Uv U.ihI it ih I iiii'-oi-.t nn 'ir. ami ll I J' rvtniMf.l niliil piuvlwi- prvr i-fn!. pill.) Tins ..Hi Mat. irtw .1 tt I..WM . . . t .1 ..t r I K .h--..l Ailiini-. .It-mnn- A V rmlii'iil Itll.t K. tt iihani-. Aliu. Election Notice. Notice is hereby given to the justices of the peace ami the county commissioners of Union county, and the aldermen of Monroe, the commission-era of Waxhaw and Marshville, to meet in the court house in joint session on the first Monday in June, it being June ist, 1903, for the purpose of electing cotton weiyhrs for the towns of Monroe, Waxhawand Marsh-ville. A. J. BROOKS, Ch'm. Hoard Co. Com. SEABOARD m Air Line Railway Double Daily Service Between New Tbrk, Tampa, Atlanta, Xew Orleans and Points South and West I lT EFFECT APRIL 12TH, 1903. SOUTHWARD. Daily No HI. - 1-2 -Vi p m s -Ai i m Uatlj So r, 'i m a ni 7 ilia ni : a ni 1114ft a m 2 Ki p m !ilpm f 15 p 111 imp ra i)n D m p m 1(1 411 p ni 12 ;5 a ni 5 116 a in 0 15 a m I 56 ?m ftoii p ni No41 Kafi n m I.v Ni-w York. ! R R. " llilladeliiliiu. PKK " KHlliiniire " lishintrttm. W w Kv " Kichnmnit, S A 1. Ky " l'iternlurK " " Norlinit " HetKUTmul - " " Kulcluli ' " Simtht'i-u Fillfi " . " Hamli't " rnluiiiMa ( A r Ma VHiiuah " Ar Jmksiuivilti " Ar St AuKUalitie ' Ar Tan'ipA ' si Ht Jl l!l 7 tm p m 1" p in 11 17 p in 1 Illy a ni H 'n in 4 ii a in ti ml m 7 'ifi a m loiNia ni 2 ai p m ft -Ml p ni i 46 111 NuW Iv !f w Vork, RYPAHtTUam 1.T Pliiladlphia - " liilflam 11 21 p m I.t Ni-w York. (I D S S Cot ilii p m Lr Balllnuire, B 8 F t'o J".". l.v Wanh kin. N '""..'." fl3np m ft :i p m I'liia 1156 a m 14upm 2 1pm 4 on p m fl 16 p m i" ' P ? Jp pjn 46 p m 136 a m ! Sift a m 60 m 1.T i'ortumouth, $ A L By irnfi p " Vlelilon " , 11 46 p m m ' Norllna :i.')(aui Hemipwon : " ' Kalplirh " ' aouthfrn Pines " ' Hamlet ? 2 22 a m 4ittlam 0 no a ill 7 m ' Wilmington ArCbarfottc 10 (M am 10 26 a m 12 Hi p m 8 5npm 4 5opm " Orwnwood ' " Athrint Ar Atlanta t Ar Anynu, C A W V. " Macon, C of n 2li p m 7 an p m 11 am 6 25pm ' MontiromirT. A A W P n 'il n mr 1 Mohll., . li 2 56 am New Orlrana, LAN 1 15 a m ' NanhTlilf, N c A 8t L 4ii m " C55 p m 8 46 a m ' Memphig 46pm NORTHWARD. 111? No U. Daily No m Lv Mf mpfila. nr jgt L 12 46 noon 8 on p m NaahTiilf lpm iwili Nfiw Orleans, L. k N. B 15 p m ... Mobile, I.. A N. , H 4ii a m ; Miwinonierr, A.AW.P. 46 a m 1 on p m Macon, C. of Oa. Ham 4 91 p m ' Auirut. c. 4 w. P. lo in a m " Atlant. J B.A.L. Ry. .12 Ml noun 81l)pm Ar. Athena. f " J67pra 1126pm " (irennwood, ft 16 p m tlnam "Cheater. j ... fripm - LrTcharlotte, " 7 26pm Koia'm " Wilmington, Hamlet, 8 nop m 10 80 pm " Bouthern Plnea, " " KalelKti. " u Hemlersoa, " Norllna, " Weldon. 11 IB p m 126am 168a m 46am 6il6 am 45am 1116 am 12 50 pm 1 46 p m I AO p m H5pin At. PortMmonth, w 8(K)a m " Wanlilngton.K.AW.S.B. -.- 8 56 a in i m " Baltimore, B.8.P. Co. ' New York, O.P.8.9. Co. 1 8 IIP p m ' l'hlla(teliihla,NYPAN 46 48pm 6 in am ' New York . 8 16 p m 8 no a m Mo 84 No8 850a m I,T Tampa. 8 A 1, Ry ft on p m ' 8t AinruMine 6 40 a m 8 20 p m " JarkMonvlllo " HHTammh " CiluniliuiJ " Hum let " " M,,ntliern Pfnea." " Rniiih 8 46a m 116pm 8 86 p m 7 50 D Ulna 6 an am 56am 46 a m 11 so a 110pm 156pm 4 'lop m 4 56 p m fine p m 1126 pm 956am 9 a ni lu p m TT IP p m 1 26a m If am 8 40am 84Va m 8 a m 10 in a m 11 36 a m 1 :ni p m 4 b p m inn. 8 Ry '. PRE iiia, " , H'ntial Time ; r f r i Iron. J. COTIPENSATION. PrMbyterUuk StaJKUrd. The truest word we evex speak Are words of cheer. Life ha it sha.1e. It ralleys deep: But mund our feet the shaoows-reB, To prove be mtnlixht near. Between the hllU th,we valleys steepw The sua-crtwael hills. And down thetrsuleswlll thoeewhoerek v ith hopeful npirli. hrnve though meek. Find frentlj llowlng rills. To every elond a silvery light; iiod wills it so. F(r every Tale a shining hebrht; A glorious morn for every night.; Aud btrth for labor's throe. For snow's white wing, a verdant Held ; . A gain for loe. , For buried seei. the harvest yield: For pain, a strength, a Joy revealed, A croVn for eery erxiaa. Cow Cured. With Burned Shoe ,7" Soles. . ' ' Wahaw tntervrise. It is a fact that almost eveiy- body has a pet remedy for almost every disease ot ailment of man or beast. Let a man get some thing the matter with him, and about every (ellow he meets is ready to further afflict him with some old forgy remedy. If all these old lofty remedies were printed, they would fill the aver' age Carnegie library chock full But when a man is bad sick or is suffering from severe pain, he is usually ready to jump at any old remedy that is offered him with the promise of relief. Not only so with reference to himself, but if he has atsick cow or horse, he will do as much in behalf of the sick animal. Mr. M. M. Tillman, of this place, who farms in Van Wyck section, would doubtless bear out the above statements. A few days ago he had a very sick cow on his farm and was naturally very anxious to do something for it, so much so that he was perfec-ly willing to try any prescription that might be offered. First he was advised to lead the sick cow into a horse stable, turn it around and lead it out again. This did the cow no good. Next he was told to give it a bundle of stolen fodder. He at once dispatched a negro to steal the fodder and give it to the cow, but no improvement wjs noticeable. He was then inductd to go down on the creek and pather an armload of green leaves from a certain tree and give them to the poor, suffering animal. It minced at a I few of them and grew worse. This was all very disheartening, but a Tillman never gave up. Our friends continued to inquire of every passer-by what was good for a sick cow. Some advised bleeding, others cunjuring. Salt was good, other things were better. Anything, everything was done to relieve, the cew's great suffering ere death should claim it as a victim. Nothing did any good, ! and hope began to die a direful, J sickening death. ' At the last moment, just as the j cow was about to totter and fall! dead, some one arriving on the' scene jusst in time to save the' day and the cow, too, suggested 1 that if the cow could be induced to eat some schorched leather all ; would be well. Like a drowning! man grabbing at straws, Mr. Tillman hastily raked up some old' worn-out shoes, kindled a fire and roasted them to a crisp. The cow, ' like an intelligent and obedient patient, ate one or two of the old shoe-soles. In a few minutes it walked out upon a green lawn and began to eat grass with a ravenous appetite. All was over and well. And this storv is vouched for bv a Presbyterian elder. At least he vouches for the fact that Mr. Tillman told it to him. She Couldn't Lend Either. Philadelphia I.eilirer. Hetty Green of New York had a way of taking care of her own, even in her youth. A Vermont neighbor tells that while she was living on her. New England farm she had for a neighbor a particularly unneighborly old bachelor One day while the threshers were at work on her wheat crop, the winnowing-fan broke and she sent over in great baste to borrow ber neighbor's machine. . "Certainly, was the reply, "Mrs. Green may use the fan, but I make it a rule never to allow my implements to be taken from my farm. The machine is in the barn, and she may bring her grain there to be winnowed," an offer it was manifestly impossible to accept. Mrs. Green had not forgotten the implied refusal when the old bachelor sent his hired man over one morning to borrow her side saddle for the use of a visiting re lative. "I shall only too glad to favor him , was the word sent back by the astute Mr. Green, "but I never allow anything I own to be carried off the farm. My saddle is banging across a beam in the barn loft Tell Mr. Bromne to send his aunt over. She may ride there as long as she likes." Believed in Mm Home Treatment, In Ohio as in several other States, persons condemned to death are taken to the State can. ital' for execution. Recently in the Greene county court, a jury was being chosen -to try a murder case. One member of the panel had been asked the nsnal questions, and had given satisfactory answers, until the lawyer for the defense inquired: "Do von believe in canital nnn- ishment?" "No sir," was the prompt reply. "I believe in hanging them r 1 1 here et home." WHY PROHIBITION HA5 FAILED The Battle )nly Begun W hen a Prohibitory Law is passed. Biblical Recorder. The sooner we realize that in dealing with the liquor traffic we we are not dealing with an ordinary evil the better. If we thought that the present effort in North Carolina was going ta be abandoned as soon as elections have been carried, we would repudiate it now. Impassioned as they are, the people are not aware of the real character of the task they have undertaken. Prohbition is by no means sufficient. Prohibition is only'the begining of the battle. Those who are shouting over prohibition are proclaiming nothing so much as their own ignorance and incompetence to deal with the drink evil; an evil deeply entrenched in modern civilization. Tennessee's danger in this hour lies in the ease with which her elections are begin carried. If this leads her good people to think that they have no battle on their hands, there will come a revulsion that will establish the saloons in Tennessee for half a century to come. Look at the record. Prohibition has been carried to twenty-seven States, and twenty-four of them have abandoned it! It has been carried in thousands of towns, and likewise abandoned. Why? Because it was not properly followed up. It was not enforced. It was not defended. The people (ell back and "whiskey rings'comes to the front in politics. Moreover, nothing was done to reach the drunkard, nothing to cure him, nothing to relieve him, nothing to supply his social need. It is not that prohibition itself has (ailed, but that the prohibitionists have (ailed. Now is this history to be repeated in North Carolina' If so, let us not waste time and money and blood. Let us give our energies to other things. The Petrified Man in Trouble. Ashi' villi' IN.iTesitodem-t'or rliarlolti' o!.Ti-r. The Pristine Petrified Phenomenon Company is in a quandary. Neither the railroad authorities nor the express company care to assume the responisbility for handling "the mysterious body of stone," with the result that the corporation has been in executive session almost contiuously during the past twenty-four hours. It was the purpose ol the managers to make a tour of the object of petrifaction, but this decision of the express and railway companies interferes with the programme. It seems that since the incorporation of this impressive concrn a valuation of more, than $10,000 has been placed on the petrified man, and it is this valuation that has caused the common carriers of the country to hesitate. If you desire pure Ice, combined with honest weights and prompt delivery, phone 36. Cadiku & Wallace. Try some of those nice cucumber pickles at S. R. Doster's. Bring me scrap iron. all your cast and J. D. Parker To Cure a Cold in one Day Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet?. All druggists refund tbe money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on each boi. 25 cents. All the Groceries that a family of five or six could use in a day can be purchased here for a very moderate sum of money. But low price is not the sole point npon which we make a bid (or business. High quality comes first. Then low price. Good family flour $175 sack; gallon of molasses i 5c. ; granulated sugar 18 pounds for $1.00; and other things in proportion. - Country ptodoce bought at highest prices; call on ns before selling. M.C. BROOM. Old Dispensary Stand, Phone 63. fl Few Bargains In Our Line: Irish Potatoes at 75c a bushel. Sugar at 5c a pound. A good Straight Flour at $1.90. Coffee, ta pounds for $1.00. Good Cheese, 20c a pound. Try some of our Blend Coffee. It is the best. Yours for business, W. A. STEWART. H0.iE. Ethelwrn VtherM In Youth's f ompat.loa Wh?iT-pr ! far distant farm Th un-hrj tnw lifi tHHinttHHtx am. Th Ian? tf k'nain- U-avvtni. .4i.tntJ oVm, The ehii'tmunk lp th tiin- rVftcw, Ttw hor-e (mm llitf plow' last rwund Drink with a Vv.. aiwtft, rttnlitts amiad, AihI uh thr ofl yttuntt mitwa aflt ('iRira l the fnaifV rxn -facing at And trw-hmd" ntdttw Mttly. th. that i h,aie 1 rc'lful liiu It tt. WNtntFwr on dUtant siwt Two eharuuiK fyf 1 c-muk fc Bffl, The UmiIv imr whit know th urm Of vtry rhauitt n nature's far, htr ttpa-ltkr tout U opra wide h.tsr yoiv and movea.fiu wf hi to give The fcrntwl?.)' of ho txt to Uv And bow to liv 0101 hapiiUy, Oh, (hat is hot,., l.lwd hum to we. Voung Wife Kills Her Baby and Almost Kills Herself. rviiPTshunt. Va., Mimtch, lath. Mrs. ; Jasper F. Gwaltney. a 17-year-old wife and mother, crazed by jealousy, to-day killed her nine-months-old infant with morphine and then attempted suicide by the same means. The attempt failed, and to night she arrested by the police and is in jail awaiting the result of the coroner's inquest. The tragedy-is the work of gossips who told Mrs. Gwaltney that her husband had been seen walking with a former sweetheart. A desperate street duel took place at YaiJoCity, Miss , Saturday between T. A. and E. M Kelley, on one side, and R. F. Birdsall, editor of the Yazoo Sentinel, and his two brothers-in law, Gibbs and Doyle Dorsey, on the otht-r. T. A. Kelley was instantly killed by a bullet through his heart, and his brother was dan gerously wounded. Doyle Dorsey was also fatally shot and died later. The editor was the only-one in the crowd who didn't get shot and tie is now in jail. "Stnngth and vigor come ol good food, duly digested. 'Force,' a ready-to-serve wheat and barley food, adds no burden, but sustains, nourishes, invigorates." List Your Property -Give in Your Poll! v.-let- 1 hvrtlij L'iv'H liial ihf l.Ut T.Un. anil V--r-"of f t f till 'll it'Ultly, N. C.. : -It it 1 iiif fi l K'W i'lif til mi til .hj timt'i 11' -d, v. fuMi ;unl wln'ivitl! ti ijMrt o-mr- aiiitinv M i '- in -aM l. v, iih ii Htv ri'ijulred lo n u rn tu HiO I i-t TkiT ;itti, -v(rtorn for (axii'ioti for tli-f yi-itr Ivhu. nil ilitr,a! .!,, tr-.-imi jH-.'jH'rty.a'ir., hh'h i-iUfl. oiH' iliftll ow u on i!n-lir-i tin i if .I inn', ir -h.-tM In' t:i tilled t.t ki v t in Mini .All iitrtU- )r-iiii- ln'tween tllv ne- .f 11 i'r ii iv t 1 11 lln'ir pull (hifiii: ilir -htic itiiu-. Reltirii of pi'.. in'i-ty ainl irivi'iK Mi nf 11 re rv.iiUh-il, umit t' tilt utin mid Kiln's i uiimi,',! I. ln : . M1 V HI t'ii To it S II I P. A! A M H 11 the -tti dav of Jniu-t Iti.'.- Mill -hi (lit I'll) d.v of .hill.- Al W.-lf-MHr mi tl.r lt il '.ln of .hill.-. At nrdiaw 011 thr 11th diiy of Juiuv At Mnrv 111 011 tlir IJi'i dnv of June At Burn-" Mill ..11 tin- Uih dav of .Intti- t.. l TTUN. .w Tak- r M Ksl ti 1 F. ToH Nlllr. At M:i'-h illr 'ii thr .''rd. I til. Mil ati-lHth s of .luilf Al J. T. la .lo-k' rr-i.U iHV on tw th d of .1 11 nr. At .1 K in!tiri' rv-ldrm-r on tin- 'ith dny of June. V. W. AKm'K.UT. I.i-t Taker. m k tow nimi- At I), h it.'t.iiwir- on tiir i;.th liiv .if .lune- At 1'. r, Sti'1-.oit'H on thr Wth tUv of June. At rSlout on tht 17i!i liny of Juiii'. At Iii'linfi Trail on tlir Hth tiuv f .hi'tir. Al J. J K'l.'iwl-ii'- on tin- lutti dav of Jmif . J. K. BKtMiM. Taker. I NT- t It K V. K Tott'XSHIl'. At W I). Mi'-iran'- on tin l(tti day of June. At i hrtrhn- ILirrpn'- 'n tU -J'th dny of Jim. At .htikin tt-vtd" on the timi dav of June At H. K. 1'rtrkrr'. on Hie itrd dav of'jiniH. B K. I'AKKKK. I'.jt Taker. r.l FoRH ToWSolUP. At . V. I'lvlrr's Hiore, June Hth. At H. K kirhardon's, hinr utti. At i K. ti rt-rn'-. Junr l'lth. . At Alfi-td Imtdi rlmrkV June lllli. At M. A UalttTs' June I'ilh-. At J. C. Unu- 'n .Inn.' LHtti. JkHKK- LANKY, l.ilTakpr. (ioosl ( KKftK TtiMXtflltP. At John ('. Htdnin'ii'1 tlit 'Jnd day nf June, At CoNui'ii'i- stoi-p on the ilrd day of June. At Brief tdiod holiw on ihfdttli day of Juiif At ,ontr'! tore on the 2Tith dnjr irf June. At John i'.ti rutin's hi the td dav of June. . At I nionville on the "JTth dav of june. i W.ii. l.dNvi, Taker. MoSHOI TOW NSHIp. At .iraoe cliiin-h tn the 2nd day of June. At Mt. I'arniel on the 3rd Iay of June. At ttiiunile mi the fih day of June. At Monroe (al Ko V torv i n the Mh tojBrd days of June. M. L. FLOW, Taker. JACKSON TOWHSHIP. Mrs. f. H. W alkuttN on the tTth day of June. K. T," Mf'aiti' on the lth day jf June. H. nry MrWhorter't on the lift 1 day oi June. Vuliaw on the iMtid day of June. -Wttihaw tin Uif aSfrd day of June. H. J. SLSTARK, Uni Taker NRW HAI.BM TUWNSllir. . (iltve Branch on the 22nd day of June. Holly neniM. htiutw on the S3rd day f June. Mtewart M'huol houie on the i4th dav of Jun J KIUk SiniDMon'if on the i&th day of Jun. 1'teatuint Hill ehurt-h oh the Sth day of June. tuvu uu 1 lie tiin iuy 01 June. H. T. BAlCOM.Liat Taker. You Know What You are Taking When you take Grove'B Tasteless Chill Tonic because the formula ii plaioly printed on every bottle showing that it is simply Iron and Quinine in a taste-Us form. No Cure, No Pay. joe. sieDt 20 years. .. Rip Van Winkle slept 20 years, and when he awoke everything had materially changed. - While be slept tbe rest of the world was wide awake wrought changes. We bave not been in business 20 years only two but in this short time we have wrought some changes worthy of notice, the most important of which is the fact. that we have made it possible, easy and convenient for yon to get better goods for the same money, or the same goods for less money than you could a few yean ago. We have constantly had the best quality of goods in stock and systematically held the price at the very lowest possible figure. By so doing we have forced down the price of many articles. Our constant aim is to keep a fresh lot of the best goods in our line, and sell to our customers at tbe very lowest figure. In this way we have gained the confidence of many people who do all their buying from as and our list of customers is increasing in numbers every day. Come on and let us count you among our customers and you shall have at all times our closest attention and the benefit of our special low prices on all groceries. Yours for business, 11 r - Wireless Telegraphy in Charlotte. Charlttt News, Hla. Charlotte, first in pretty much everything else, is the first city in this section of the South to witness practical demonstrations of the utility of wireless telegraphy and that under the direction of former well known Charlotte citizen, CapL K. 8. Fincb, who is now eoo-necied with the American De Forest Wireloss Telegraph Company. Capt. Finch is accompanied by Mr. H. E. Athearn and Mr. H. J. Uugliea, electricians and operators, who come from the headquarters of tbe company at 100 Broadway, Xew York. These gentlemen rigged up their apparatus today at K. H. Jordau & t'o.'s drug store and the Davidson building next door and have been sending and receiving ''aerograms'' throughout the day, while all sorts and conditions of people hare been crowding around to witness the demonstrations. The outfit used is portable and very simple, considering the great advance of this system in the electrical world and its superiority over the Murcoui system. Sim plicity is, iu fact, one of its strong points. Mr. Hughes, who was stationed in the drug store, touched the key with the hand of a swift and skilled Morse oiwintor aud sparks began to leap betweeu two copper wires connecting with the electrie coil. Next door in the Davidson building, with thick walls between, Mr. Athearn receive! the messages with eift trumpets over bis head like those '"central" wears. Women as Well as Men Are Made Miserable by Kidney Trouble. Kidney trouble preys upon th mind, discourages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor ana cneeriumess tooa disappear when the kidneys are oul of order or diseased. Kidney trouble has Become so prevalent that It is not uncommon for a child to be born afflicted with weak kid neys. If the child urinates too often. II the urine scalds the flesh or If. when the child reaches an age when it should be able to control the passage, it Is yet afflicted with bed-wetting, depend upon It, the cause o' the difficulty Is kidney trouble, and the first step should be towards the treatment of these Important organs. This unpleasant trouble is due to a diseased condition of the kidneys and bladder and lot to habit as most people suppose. Women as well as men are made mis erable with kidney and bladder trouble. ana DOin need the vsame rreat remedy, The mild and the immediate effect of Swamp-Root is soon realised. It la sold by druggists, in fifty-cent and one dollar sizes. You may have a sample bottle by mail free, also pamphlet tell. ing all about it. Including many of the thousands of testimonial letters received from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Yl, be sure and mention this paper. Don't make any mistake, but remember the name, Swamp Root, Dr. Kilmer's SwampRoot and the address, Binghamton, N. Y., on every bottle. Threa Times trie Yalne of in; Other! EASIER faster; Agenti wanted in all unoccupied territory. I heeler 4 Wilson Manufacturing Co., ATLANTA, GA. For sale in Monroe by TheI.j.rudgeCq Cows With Long Horns are seen by some people only away off in some other man's pas ture, and never near home. Look, fellow-man, for something good at home, and if you can hnd it, dig around, the little vine and encourage it to grow- especially i it promises to yield any fruit. r . Between the two extremes lies the cream. fBetween the man who wouldn't buy gold dollars for 50 cents, because they were offer ed ty a horny handed son of tou, and the fellow who would'nt buy because he didn't have srnp enough to know its good invest ment.) Have lived on peas and corn bread to sell lower than others and the labor is sweet.' And we expect to continue to undersell all. See me first, last and all the time. Yours to serve, II. W. PUSSEI!, aim Haawaf ualtoot 1 1 AVfietable Preperalionror Assimilating the Food andRcgula-hng Hk SbiaaciB and Howls of Promotes DigeslionCbxerfur-ness and Best Contains neither Orjsunt.Morptuite norMineraL 'ot Narcotic. A perfect Remedy forf onstlpfl-Iton.Sour Stomach, Uiarrhooa and Loss or Sleep. Facsimile Signature of XEW YORK. j CXACT COPY OF WRAPKR. Plenty of v faWw-'' 1 Make your improvements by using Heatb & Miligan Paints. C.N. Simpson, Jr. Successor to C. E. HOUSTON. " ' svaiMivafnaMWvaaTaiaaSaMsWaaM '' GOOD BREAD COMES OnlyProm Many a well-meant, .well-planned attempt at bread-making Is wrecked on the shoals of poor flour. Cheap flour Is bid flour--its low price Is the maker's excuse for the Inferiority of his product-Oood bread Is not hard to make- Halt the voyage Is over when you get good flour. Whiter, stronger, sharper, purer flour than ours cannot be made. Therefore we caution you to ask for the "OOLDEN ROD" and "INVINCIBLE" brands. These brands are sold at the low est price for which really first-class flour can be sold and its price is the!hiirhest you need to pay in order to set the best. Beware of bad flour and short weights. Our quality and weights are guaranteed Henderson Roller Mils company. . X E. HENDERSON, Manager. Carolina-Marble and Granite GofflDanij. Our business has been more than satisfactory since opening in Monroe, and we now bave on hand as nice a stock as can be found at any yard in the State. We bave just received some new and specially handsome designs, and we invite the inspection of all persons needing anything in our line, No grave, however bumble, should be allowed to go unmarked. We can make a job to suit the price you are able to pay. Call for designs and prices. Carolina Marble J. E. EFIRD, Manager. Yards at Statesville, Salisbury, it il simple in construction; and has stood the test for many years, T proving its durability. The alignment is always perfect, and the price I ta 17.. oa to all. For aala bv tha M nnm iarHwara Cn . nr in. nf T tbe offices of Southern Branch ai6 r1 f i VastkaW U - aaatfea at For Infants and Children. Tb Kind You Have Always Bought n At . Signature J IT' In Use For Over Thirty Years GASTQR1A Difference! WiilcH Do You Choose ? Yon want paint which will protect; the material it covers and give beauty to the place. The boat paint is that which gives the liest color and stands 1 the LONGEST 8EKVICE. Here's a low price paint that will save cash and look well, Ko mistake in using it. Stauds the wear of years. GOOD FLOUR. Established 1873 Incorporated 1901 and Granite Co, MONROE, N. C. North' Wilkesboro, and Monroe. Tne Franklin s; TuDewriterJ; The beat Typewriter on tbe market. You can pay more ' ' but yon cannot get a better one. Ita work it always in ( ( full view of the operator; m sVaT - CUTTER-TOWER CO., Boston, Mass. Jenifer Building, Washington, D. C. - v a a aa a HENRY B. ADAM a. THOkUe . JEaOUI, FKAMl ARUHELD. Adams, Jerome 4 ArmSs ti ITT0RNEY8-RT LW. H0NR0E. N O. Practice in all the Courts, State aud Federal Tbe management of eatatea or eieccV)r8,adunuis!raton a apecial. tjr. Careful and diligent attention given to the foreclosure of mortgage! and collection of claims. Montr oaned without expense to lender. All .ligation given prompt and careful attention. Office east of courthouse. - E. C. WILU1MS, Attorney and Ccunselor tt Uw, MONROE, N. C. Practice in all the State and United States Courts, Prompt attention given to collections arid geueral law practice;. ear-Persons interested in the settle jieot of eatates, adrniuistratora, executors, and gpardiana are especially invited to call on them. Continued and painstaking attention will be given, at a reasonable price, to all legal business. Office in courthouse opposite Clerk s office. . MI.NEAL.M.D., MONROE, N. C, " Solicits the ptronage of the people of Monroe and aurrouuding community. Calls answered in day from English Drug Store; at uight from residence on Church street. Pbone No. 48. R..T7.. LEMMOND, Attorney-at'Law, will practice in all the State and Unit, ed States Courts. Special! attention given to the settlement of estates for Guardians, Eaecntors and Adminis trators, and the collection of claims. Reasonable charges. Also agenLaud local attorney fur tbe Panther City Home Company, from which loans may be obtained on real estate. Office one door east of M. L. Flow Co's store. Phone No. 103. ' R0BT. L. STEVENS, attorney and Counsellor-at-Law, Momioe, N. C, Prompt attention given to all matters placed in our bands. : Management ol estates for guardians, aduiiuistratura and executors a specialty, Charges reasonable, Office east of Courthouse, (formerly occupied by the late D. A. Covington.) People's Bans OF MONROE, N. C. Solicits your account and hanking business. We guarantee ABSOLUTE SECURITY, promptness and all the accommodations that SOUND banking will admit of. Interest paid, according to agieement, on deposits left for our stated period. Always ready for loans on approved paper. O. P. HEATH, President. S. A. STEVENS, H. D. - ' " MONRCE, N.'C. . " Calls answered in day from English Diug Store; at night from room over English Drug Store, phone 98. Office over post office; phone 8. H, D. Stewart, M. D., UONBOK, H. C Calls promptly answered in day from Houston's Drug Store; at night from residence on College Street. Office in FiUgerald Building. -Office hour 11 to la, A. M. Pbone 141, JOHN P. MONROE, M. D.; MONROE. N. 0. Day calls answered from Houston's drug stcre and office, 'phone 229. Night from Commercial Hotel, 'plioue 130, W. B, HOUSTON, SURGEON DENTIST,, Office up stairs, Fitigerald Building, : , Northwest of Courthouse, Monroe, N. C. R.B. Red wine. , A. M. Stack BEDWINE ft STACK. Allorneyt-al-Law, MQNROB.N.O. Practice in all the State and Feder al Courts, Will manage estates for Executors, Administrators and Guardians for reasonable pay; and will foreclose mortgagee and negotiate loans, without expense to Mortgagees and Money Lenders, when practicable. Offices Northwestern rooms, first floor. Courthouse, . 4DR.B.C. REDFEARN,t DENTIST. marges reasonable Satisfao uon guaranteed. Office over English Drug Cos. MONROE. M.O. Will be at Marenville, N. C, on first and third Mondays of each month, and at Matthews on second and fourth Mondays. : Phone 131 . M. L. FLOW, Commissioner of Deeds for South Carolina, la North Carolina: also 1 Justice of Um Pence for Union County, and notary Public . for North Carolina, v :: . :-: Special attention given to taking Affidavits, Acknowledgement or Proof of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Bills of Sale, Powers of Attorney, Reuuncia-tioosof Dower and Inheritance, Depositions, Writing and Probating Deeds, Mortgagea and all other papers, issuing State Warrants, Claim and Delivery and Attachment papers, Civil Summons and the Collection of Claims. Office at M. L. Flow Co. 'a Store, east of courthouse, Mouroe, N. C. Stock Ilorco ! I hve bought tbe P..W. Plyler stock horse and will keep him in my stables in Monroe, (old Og-burn stand,) this spring. H. A WINCHESTER. '

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