Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 25, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1944
Page 1
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Today Is The Last Day To WITH WAR BONDS 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community WEATHER Fair, Cooler Full Kcport On Paifn 2 j; LXVIII, No. 172 ESTABLISHED 1885 "TUESDAYTJULY 25,1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cents Where Death-Bomb Grazed The Nazi Fuehrer Allies In Normandy Gam In Their New Brother Of Market Manager Here Reported Missing In Action Tic. Anthony . Dombronkl, 21), vl Stafford Springs, Conn., lirotltcr of Thomas Domhroski, nmmiRur of tho local Great Altantlc nnd Tuciflc miper- inurket, IVUH reported to lie iniftNinff In action in Franco today. . Tim Wiir Department telegram did not give any details of tiio circumstances surrounding the soldier's mishap, except to say that lie was missing. More details w<>re lirumisrcl UK soon us they were available, tho wire stilted. 1'fc. Domliroskl, son of Mrs. Jennie Doiiibroski, wus' in the Infantry, Americans, British And Canadians Are Coordinating In Heavy Attack; Germans Are Resisting Fiercely Boro Dump room where Adolf Hitler wus This pii-Mire -how.- lln- wn-eUagr Inside till ami (illieix were injured nr killed h.v all iisxassin's ln> uhiMi Hi., v-i/l Fuehrer was standing when llui lionih ex uU,.l, III. .N.i/l i^.Mc.y whicih does not reveal where it ;vas jmule. conferring with some of his generals when he' was wounded ml.'that had IM-'-II plan toil to destroy him. The arrow and olrcle indicate the split on I, exploded. German in origin, thu- picture conies through a Swedish news-picture Beacon Falls Businessmen Face Dark Future As Highway Dept. Seeks Business Center For Road Buildings In Center District May Be Report Torn Down TV Inisini'ssini-n of Beacon Falls. it UMS ri'pij!irii this morning, arc 'acini; ;i ilili-miu.'i in reg.'ird to Uie inti'.'itinn i'!' '.hi- st.-tto highway di;- tiirini.'iir K, huild n highway '.tir'uy'i wl.,-11 is now the business <i'.".:i'i' uf lie.i..-on Falls. Th.' slut.' has s.'cured n right "'' win- nvcr this area, and although no unN-i- u, .'....Move hns boon given I') th.' vario-,i.4 proprietors" of tho ''-•"iil'lishnn-niM including htirln-'r sh "|w. Minvi.. theater, drug store. W«i;ry, :i;ii| |j;,-u nll'ieie — tho poten- tta'.ity uf i his move has caused Wat ci.iio.-ni. ^ i.-* !m|>ussililr. one business nun report,.(|, (u have thu build- In.',' nu.v.'d to another area. It wns ''Wrlnl that tin- di-purtment stnL- "' 'iii'iiit a month iigo, thsit tho ™il'lmxs •.-.•i.iiid he moved nearer '"'' fiv.T. I'.in |; 1S ( week another n;- Pwt Mnt.-il shut the buildings "irnhl h.-ivi- to he torn down. ""•hi- hi.uip.vay Is proposed to bo fl'li't .'ift.'l- ||l.' Will-. W|l -'it tin- l.iisineswmcn will do ™"t th.. si: nation in not knnwn. lll ' H| U^h snine uc'tior., probably in r <""'l ir,,-iy I,,, taken soon, S1 '"' !llls nioi-ning, ,'' i* tlmiiKht that thu teal-Inn •r tin., liuiltlings will lowr.-i' '"'I list, and as n. conse- ''•'•'• !h» tax |.fi(,. in [jBticon l-'alls 1 L -'" 1; l'. a Hi.'.'icon Fulls resident Former Local Resident Dies !n Foxboro, Mass. Word war. roc>;ivcd hy Mrs. George nuninoy yestorday - afternoon' that Rdgar 'I-f. Bristol, former I oral re-sklent, who had liv-d In Foxboro, Muss., since IH'10, di';d suckli.-nly Monday morning. The telegram Mm, Rumnoy re- rnived did not any from what causes Mr. F.rist'-'l died. Mrs. Rum- ncy said that ho was in good heiilth the last Umc sHb heard ft-nm the Eristols. Mo wns born in riiitt.-i Mills. March T, 1ST 1 .. Mr Bristol organized the Fox- bnro Co. upon luav-ng the borough, u comp.'uiy manul'iicturing record- <nf. Instruments;. Ho made .frcqui!ii_t vis'lis to Naiwituck Ilncl wris w i( - lf? - ly knuwn. Surviving him !ire his wife. Mrs. May Rexford .Bristol, who farmcr- Iv u-tight school h.-ro. and a son, rvn'iimln H. P.rlstol :n, and four J Mrs., Perciv.'il Corker Los Angeles Leads Reno In Number Of Divorces Granted T.o* Angles, July 2H — (UP)— Reno, noted for its divorces. SJtill can't match Los Angeles, famous for its mnrriagcs. 'i'he American Institute of Family Relations ha's some Cigufes to back up that statement, During tho first six months of tills year Reno l-.nd about 0,500 marriages arid morii than 3.000 divorces'. Or -a divorce i';ite of 'IB per cent. Los Angeles ln> the same pci'iod Hhowcd somi: 16,000 marriages and nearly 12,000 divorces for a rate of ?: per cent. The Institute believes tho divorce rates wiil ri'u even more after the war when couples seek to end liasly \vai- mjirriagi-'K. Americans Are Strongly Opposed By The Japanese dJiughters. ' and Mrs. Thomas Jones, of !• I, ,..,IM i boro, Mrs. Kingsley Perry, of Amit, \vas | >v j.r.^j,.. nnd Mrs. Robert Low- llip Morbidity Report khows Boro Free Oflllncss n.M'. '"'' «"i *lth ind i '*'l<Iy tnorbidity report frnrn irliiii.tif of health for th" C'i'iiii..client, issued this . showed no Naug.'ituok fever remalnncl the same efi."!.-.-! n.-pnrted Uist week week. K, , —••• '»-...i\. .!_. I u. I v. i m ('. i^- v>~ v,."!;' h;i(! '2 patients: chlckenpox. i'n'il """'''" "'.efislcs, " t \ malaria, 1: ^ h » nurnlx-r of eases of meailcs »r,,i'''| iL '"'' t ' r '' f " n r ' 2 to 3 " tm! * W:!clt "bar pneumonia from fi to 3 in dise'tsoci were cough which was i.nd fijt :hi.; week; rneningitN from Hnmpshiro. hcrsl son of survived by several .If, griindchlldron. He is also cousins and Charles Ardary, USN, Completes Course . om tu, r,dio school ,t Sampson Naval Training station m New Vnrk l:\st week. ., Tho lo--a! --oldior is now w.i.t- Int.- s,..n duty or assignment Vivv shore station- Tho course at Sampson with international M°<;*« and Ihc maintenance and op lion of Navy radio equipment. NATHKT> MANAGER to n. dealt It 'Billy Morris Now In France London bureau of of departure rrison a Lt. William T. Mori-is, of 'Cherry street, is now somewhere in France with n dole! artillery unit, it was I'eportnd'lfiday. The local officer states thru ho has been getting The News rcf,'U- liirly since 'his arrival in France. He 'got a big 'thrill, he stated, in ro.idinK the D-Dny Issue. 1.1. Morris' nddreas is: 1st. Lt. William T. Morris, Batry "C", Wist FA. Bn., APO 230, in care Postmaster, New York, N. Y. MVSTKUV DEJS'I'ISNS Boston, July 25— (U P>— Mystery surrounding the case of Mrs. Francis Leo Higginson, Jr., i? deepening. Doctors attending the Connecticut socialite say she r.annot remember ever having bean beaten This, they said, was 50 — despite Hie fact that sho Is very much improved. Tha 31-year-old wife of a Navy lieutenant commander spent many days in coma •after being by her (By Unllcil Pr<ww) American invasion troops on Guam and Tinian island's in thu Marianas are encountering fierce Japanese opposition. On Tinian, United States•' Marines are fighting hard .to extend their control of Ushi Point airstrip. Tlio Amoi'iciur.s have .sci'/.ed piirt of the airstrip, iLfter driving more than a mile inland. But the Japanese defenders fighting back stubbornly with rifle and machine-gun fire. The Marines have extended their original beachhead on the northwestern piirt of the Island. It now includes J 1-2 mile's of coastline, and Admiral, has. declared that "the situation is well in hand." As usual, .Radio Tokyo has its own version of the American campaign. A Japanese broadcast says 1200 Americans 1 have -been killed in the invasion. On G-uam, American forces arc meeting stiff resistance, in a drive to isolate tho Apra harbor naval anchorage. However. 'Army and Marine troops have scored gains that leave ;i gap of only 2 1-2 miles between thcJr two beachhead areas on the west coast. The advances have cut off Orotc peninsula, trapping ,'L large number of defending Orotc ah-field. Bitter fighting also U reported farther to thu north, with the Marines in- Stays As Is ! New Site . Yet Unf oun'd, Warden Leo J. Brophy > . , ' •* • ••_ Said;Thi£f_.-Morning. Concerning a new dump site, Warden Leo J; Brophy said that nothing new has developed this .morning. -' The warden said that he had .been negotiating yesterday with the 'owner nf\i nf land about four miles outside the borough, but from Mr. Bjophy's statement this morning, thu land has not yet been obtained. Mr. Brophy would not locate the site although it has been rumored that it lies near or in Prospect. The- temporary dump, used on loan by the Eastern Malleable Iron Co., has been causing much comment among residents of North Main 'street. Mr. Brophy said that the dump would be closed as soon as a new site was found. \ No land for a dump is available I in Naugatuck town limits, hence there' is a necessity to go out of town. 221-2 Tons Of Paper Salvage Collected Up To Noon Paper collections up to noon for the past two days have totalled 22 1-2 tons, C. Arthur Fagsr, chairman of the scrap paper drive in the borough, said this afternoon. Fourteen tons were collected Monday on the cast side. Stores which wer« • closad yesterday on that i-ide were canvassed this morning, • by the street department trucks, under the .supervision of Harold. Murtha, superintendent of streets. CoJlectoins of paper salvage arc made 'evary two months and the last one, in May. netted -13 tors of paper that were sent to industry -vitally, .requiring t-h e material. Fifty tor.s is the quota for the present drive. No reports today were heard of -any.-oveiMinterprisingr-Scrap paper- dealers,' who offered to- buy scrap paper from local residents,' thus taking advantage •'of borough pro- JUOtiOll. Residents of Naugatuck are urged to start, saving their newspapers, magazines, and so forth, to bo set aside I'or the next drive, to -be he-Id in September, Mr. Fager said. LATE HITLER'S ORDER London. July 25—( UP)—Adolf Hitler today ordered '-he total mobilization of all the resources of lh(> occupied continent in support of the Nazi war effort. He named Reichsmarshal Hermann Goering virtual dictator of Germany and the conmiered territories for the prosecution of. "total war" against the Allies. oOo RUSSIAN .ANNOUNCEMENT London, .July 2o—<Ul»>—Tins Russian foreign office announced today that Soviet troops have crossed the frontier of Poland pro|ier-to liberate .the-"brotherly •-rolinh-ne'bple" jtfid-.resurrect: an independent Poland. oOo- .STRTKE THREATENED Elections Held At Footwear Plant Today bludgeoned on tho head ilcnllfiod assailant Jn West Cornwall home. _ Cash paid for musical Instruments, pianos, radios, phonographs. contracted. of typhoid fe- for assignments m Far JSiist. 'sMi.'Tand' the Metro Music Mart, 88 Church St. Continued on Page 2j Republican Caucus Tonight At Town Hall A caucus to chose delegates to' two conventions to he held next month In Hartford will be held by the Republican party tonight at the town hall. . Four delegates, will be chosen to the state convention and to .the congressional convention. The former will be held August 7-8, and tho I.-ittor on August'0. Charles P. Rodenbach, chairman or the town committee will preside at; the meeting. Mother Of Local Resident Died This Morning Mrs. Mary Simmons, n former resident, and mother of Mrs. Frank Luskay of Millville died this morning at St. Mary's hospital, Waterbury after a lingering illness. She Penn., was born in Shcnnnd'oah, and had resided in "Water- Montreal, July.. 23—(UP)—A third tramway strike within a year threatened Montreal today. Negotiations between employes of Montreal tramways, represented by tho Canadian Brotherhood of Railway Employes, and a conciliation bo.ird were "deadlocked by failure to reach an agreement on the union's closed shop demand. oOo STIMSON Wll-L SPEAK Washington. July 23—(UD— Secretary' of War Stlnison will report to (he nation on Jiis recent tour of European" hattle- fronts in a radio address at 10:1» p. m. (EWT) tonight, (ft will l»c broadcast h.v the Blue anil Mutual network's.) ARGENTINE STATEMENT Buenos Aires, July 25—(UP)— The Argentine government Trank- ly says its ambassador to Washington was recalled because of Secretary of State Hull's memorandum to other Amo/.lfan re- INFANTILE PARALYSIS Springfield, Mass., July.'25—(UP) — Special medical equipment ." for the treatment. of infantile paralysis is on It* way to. Springfield. The equipment was sent :frbm the National Infantile Paralysis', Foundation to help cure four'children stricken with the disease. Meanwhile, tests are being made-" on a fifth child who. is believed another paralysis victim. • : bury for 55 years, her present home being at 42 Hallock street. Survivors include her husband. John; two sons, Benedict of Union, New Jersey: Vincent of Waterbury; one daughter, Mrs. Frank Luskey of Millvillc: one brother, Joseph Lawson of Waterbury; four sisters Mrs. Matthew Rogers of Jackson Heights, N. Y., Mrs. Nora E. Lawson of Waterbury; Mrs. JoTTn Bauscr of New York city Mrs. John McConas of Waterbury; one grandchild, several nieces and nephews, The funeral will be held from the Stokes' funeral home 694 North Riverside s't r o e t, Waterbury, Thursday at 8:30 a. m. to St. Joseph's church at 9:15 where services will be held. ' I 'The funeral home will be open ' this evening from 7 to 10 o'clock ! and Wednesday from-2 to '10 p. m. Mechanical and malntonani:.? workers of the footwear plant of the U. S .Rubber Co, plant went to the polls today to select between Local -13, URWA, and Oscar Ws- diiT Lodge, 108, of International Association of Machinists. The former is a CIO affiliate, while the latter is a member of the AFL. Workers on the night shift voted early this morning, and balloting on the afternoon shift went on until 6 p. m. The Oscav Wedin Lodge is at . .the present the bargaining agent L 3U !? lieS . I '. < ;?. 0 _J"' n f,,^",'^ • for the group, but each year clcc- ' *~ ~^" A """"""" lions are held as there arc two unions involved In the department. A gathering of maintenance workers heard four speakers losl night at a meeting sponsored by Local -15 at St. George's hall in Linden park. . Joseph Urkowltz, former president of the Piu;salc local and now a field representative for District J7, R. R. W. of A.; Harold Hinckley of the Passaic local; George Geyer. field representative for Local -15; Gaorgo Frochlich and Stephen Knaplk, vice-president of Local -15, were the lapeaJters. Ani official of the War Labor boaj-d supervised the balloting. policy towards Argentina. McGuire To Attend Eagles Convention In Chicago CHARGED WITH MURDER Jersey City, N. J., July 25—(UP) —A Jersey City Electrical company engineer has been charged with murder <'in the slaying of his 28- year-old wife. Police report that Charles Constantine, says he acci- dcntly shot his wife while trying ;'to disarm her .Constinc claims his wife had threatened to shoot him. —When you think of Vacation and Holiday Clothes, It'n Raphael's Naugatuck'H Faxlilon Center, where Style .and I.ow Trice go hand In hund.—Adv. ' Local Army Air Force Sgt Reported Wounded In France Sgt. John Modnich. a member of the Army Air Forces, was reported to be slightly wounded in France on ,Tu!y 2. He is the son of Mr. and-Mrs. Michael Modnich, 1ST Rubber avenue. The technician .third grade is one of five brothers serving in the armed forces of the United States. The other four brothers arc: Sgt. Michael Modnich, stationed in Greenland; Sgt. Joseph Modnich, in the South Pacific, Cpl. Charles Modnich, overseas, and Seaman George Modnich, stationed in Hawaii, The extent of Sgt. Modnich's injuries were not revealed in the notification to his parents. He is at present In n hospital in England. Joseph A. F. McGuire will leave August 1 to attend the jn-and aerie convention of the' F. O. E. in Chicago. The convention- will end Sunday, August C. Mr. McGuire is the junior past president of the Naugatuck aerie of Eagles. William Kelly, state organizer, who is a resident of Naugatuck, will also attend. The locol aerie recently voted to buy $1,500 mox-e in defense bonds. George Saryan Promoted to 1st Lt. • The News learned this morning that George J. Saryan, stepson of Sarkis Dormajian, of New Haven road, has been promoted to first lieutenant. The local officer is serving with an Infantry unit in the Aleutian area. Lt. Saryan is a' 1 graduate of Naugatuck high school. He -attended the University or Pennsylvania, receiving a Bachelor of Science in economics. —War workers find that Jeff* Hentauriuit, onVrs dellcloiin, healthful foodx' to k<«p one In tip top •hupc, thctte hoi, sticky duys.—Adv. Allies Probably Have Killed 20,000 Nazis In Normandy Battles In 7 Weeks GERMAN GENERALS, TAKEN IN RUSSIA, WANT HITLER BEATEN- Russians Are Less Than 50 Miles From Warsaw; Hard Fighting In Italy (By United Press) Allied forces in Normandy ""are advancing in the coordinated offensive -they opened this morning. Despite fierce Nazi opposition, the Allies have scored intia.1 gains of up to a. mile. ' •. The American First Army opened an assault shortly before noon (French time)' a' fo'\v hours 'after the' British and Canadians began moving south-ward from. the aec- tp£ below Cacn_ in it limited drive. . ", B i bth~.arrni«s3'yC t eni"!ov<>r to Jiiie attack- behind heavy- artillery and air support that helped soften thu Nazi .positions. . An announcement from American -Army headquarters in France says the Yanks" ,ire~ advancing against heavy Nazi resistance. But as yet, the exact battle.area has not, been disclosed. At last report, Lieutenant General Bradlcy'.s men were concentrating in two areas— across thc'Viri! river below St. Lo, and the Scves river two miles north of thO'highway junction of Pcriers. The news of the British and Canadian, assault was more definite. The Tommies nnd Maple Leafs arc driving along a highway that leads to Falasic, about V 17 miles south of Caen. Already ihey have pushed into four towns and tank buttles arc expected as the fight develops. The British drive apparently is aimed at deepening tho Allied position below Caen so as to protect other forces when they open a full scale offensive toward Paris, 112 miles to' the cast. German casualties in U:e Normandy fighting have been heavy. British War Secretary Sir James Grigg says 1-ho Allies probably have killed 20.000 Germans in the first seven weeks of the invasion. But the main news in the House of Commons camo from Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, and it. dcalth with tho significance of conditions within Germany. (Continued on Pago S) V. S, Const Cusfd Photo of. the combined U. S. Coast Gunrd nnd Army task Force examine nn.- ubandoiiod Nazi para- chuio in Greenland. Food, hand ci'onr.dcs, nnd other equipment A'nrc abandoned by the Nazis fol- '.vvinjj -an attack by the Army Air Force, Buy more War Bonds nnd ifivl 'cm! U. S. Treasury DcDarlmcnt

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