Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 4, 1916 · Page 12
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 12

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1916
Page 12
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stimm iiUMti^oxp^ 4. i NEW CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN STERLING WILL BE DEDICATED ON DECEMBER 10 A !«r>' J»»:t »|W|HK Hr\ <»\t<>JH l«<H (iffffM* •ifiri\ M?,' *>>.n>l' ''.i >»l 'x*,.'i^ f. . » n Jim i ;h a"- 1 *5'i^ *<<"' W ,"I» ' «•! !*; r " v -|i.' •* sT- ; *• - f ?;, r T~ '" -rriTT" it • •• T < r i ] '\ ; i t «"t•,!£*( fo < r,rr >.- i>-. *hr f • '< r<. < » ' w I Jif i! iv ever nep-l'-.!. if :^ U>..!ir? ' 11 w;!! riff"! fh'-m ^n f!;» r<-.\:rn- <>f r\ /,>«• vi ;»><-;. Wnn > n' r f Uifdn if h--i! ih.iv:;;. Th«- rive" frt'-li.ry I- . >•" i.f !'i« ; r.-\V!V;: >-•<!:*«; HI'", cf ih«- >' it v ;»r;<! . m('!• •'•''- 1 .'' ,,..,-.jjt iT!,'\r:Y !T!> II I' C'"''il ';%:is..'- i! Vf,T« i! Wilt }•)• i|..'l!.!i- It- 1 <)/•• .ll'nl Will if! i'! ',»,<)» %• f ,1 |.t. ,(-••! % j • rts tv i.- i. i ( j. r, ,}_ SUCCESSFUL BAZAAR AH K- % M. Xnli u,.! .}(*',h«T Mi .i>. i th«u t.|,!l.i J «'. Mr -V}i1 Mr* R .T. Thf-Tnp«<'ti. Mr j Th^r* tvfr* (fro rhtrtr* 1 * Thur»«fftv rv- ,.,"'1 Mr« Kirk Tfv.mfWvn ,T<1 Mi-* en in p. ..««> in J?nr<-hi*!!'«: haft nnd Mi*"* AfuifJ "A,Inm» an-l lin>( hf-v«. . imr ><,! New Drv Goods Stor*. Th" •ri;:<niz:iti-'T! < rri'iv>- -<> its I'p M|('r« '•«"» r I!-,*- S..W'>•-. I>! V wi- 1 '- hu-,- i<-,t:it..M. f.-.r TI :i \v».?ider- The new Christian church which i« JIIK'color* decorate thf wall* nnd ceil- ^ipen* to the rcirnptHinn will !>«• n-m1yfi>rtln'! ihu ' room with lar«i- n'stful . \vliulnu-x which utc .«hiivcil tip ini«> tlu« JOth. It I* mm <»f ibe l»lr«'«'llv tli«' :iititli't)r<' cluirrh | tin' MIHI. (M.nn«>.'i.',l \,y th«' dining room i«i n o.'ik (loor<*iiiuili>tici> room to ln« used ror tdlflct-ft In the iMMUtty vHpwtnlly (•« tin-; which roll from tht> xouth, IK tin- nitiin ; iHirnhf-rs for ftoolalw of for nny pitrposi»* of MM appointment!*. It on the fiti- uf the "Id brick Church IIWH! by the member- f. * grunt many yearn nnd before that by ithe CathollcH of the city until St. thl« '*'" j main •tone wn.s Inld Nov. llth, I'.»lf>. t Kinall now church i« built of n roiiKhjroom Is Sunday Hchool room which will seal 2\w i desired. Several Hundny nchoo people. With iiddfd rhnlrx tivff llt-c' nimnH b-.-ul frmn I'llhcr Hldi« of htiiidri.'d will In- iililc tn Hi'c thf piilpit r'.din. tniikldK xi'Vt-rul K"<H! t«i'/.i'd ;i;pliiinly from tin- two ronriiH. rmittts in lh»'.Htructuri'. On tb<- north oml xoutd Kidfc <»f »h<-; I Tfn'ii tlicr*' im« Ntnrf rnoniH, tnhtc .Sunday schiMt) nmni an- two ^nnday j rontus, run I rovnt (ind a room' fur tin 1 -l!l»«J*blK_Jill!l..j.if_i!ii:4iut:!UU: the biiptbitry K footn HIM! i-dMt of Unit pallor's Mtiidy. Thi« is It tonk-the church people n )onn time to ih'i'idr jti lh<- w.'rv of' what they wanted in church homi>. A year |?,-"*d|rt l <l re«l brick that Klvi»s boiiuty to. wr-ll «ppo!nti>d and o wil IlKhtt-d tooni'.' ' ;3tlt« •tructU're. It rovi»r« a »i>in:•«• of j and will miiki- an idi-til placo fur nttidy, j» 62x84 In the r«>nhl«>nfp dtxtrict. form-rj It is nbout twt-Ivt' fwt t>i|u»r«v.Int<i wi-*l i \Vnrk WIIM i-on«Hiu»'d until thi- w.'.'itlu'r or day tin. people of tb«,> church to wri'C.k the old brick church. r* Of flAcond' avi>riti« urn) Hlxth Btn-i't. nut |of the choir loft IM anothi-r'rooni about JWIIK too cold to coritinut- and during *Jtnr', from the ccnti-r of the city. Itjiwi'lv.- fi-i-t s<tunn* to be used t\» a ! Hie four mid mS«»-half moittliH of wlnt»-r tb«M a brtnerni'iit which i« ilnifOitni »«icloak room for the choir Inti-r to inothliiK WUM done at all. In the early r , s .jH<«ie a« many churchi-s*. \ 4 fieitiK liH-ntcd on u corner It ^ ohuttcc for plenty of he used room. ItjLtict**, there two on the cor- u Sunday school class JnprliiK work was remmted nnd It him I hern pUMhod ever since, Tu no line con-* n-i The Im.teim-nt may be ruined by an • tractor belotiKf the honor of con',* one Into thw Hundny school room IP avenue nnd one ifTNhe woiith- corn«*r leniling to the pulpit and • choir loft. |mi«f IH abmtt llfty fwt sqiinre. the tloor caMy .stairway in the Mouthwext corner JMtructthu thin church. The various ^U'- of the church. The Hour IH'of cement purtnu-nt." of work were let to various and there IK ({ootl beixht to the c.'tlintf. |conl'ructorH. nnd each one nf llu-m has f ! :itjnn i>nty ri f'-xv month 0 ! f hriil n iaitfp Iraitr frum thf i* li.crtt.Ml in fh>- i.l.l H..i-k r.-i))'-- ot-.-ti rcinodfb'd and decot;atd. Boot! and Shoes. intr invf'.«5tflir-'t!t fur K<\ Knulnv Ife >'tt'< i«-»| n tintiers ami s)if>t metnl Works hi tbf rear of the lot. three yenrn :n;o, ntul thi.f> year IIP has torn doWTi th>> «dd blacksmith shrtt*,, rtnrl e«-. (cd in its plaice n two-story bnlldinj*. .loiui Thompson h;m rertfetl the |ow>r room and has put in n pood «tiz*>d {stock of bout-* and shof.4 ami jnf-rr.« SO«M|«, Mr*. Scott'* ApsHmenU. In the pnil of Hock Kails, in one of the pJPttiest location* in the city, stiindn a brick and rum rete two- story structure rrecterl by Mr«, Nettie Scott. It IM n two apartment house and Is modern in every way and in «or»d property to hold nnd n good one to rent. An Attractiv* Bunpfialow. ICitRlnt'or J. i>, Jch«eii. of the Bnr-, stow freight, hnn j«nt moved Into one of the prettiest houses In the way of M btiitKHlow in this twrtl.m. It Is not far from the tturlbiKton round house tlm«< making H 'convenient for'him Hi net to bis work. The house Is larj:o und i« verj- coinplote Sn every .detail. Warren Hurdlck oonntructeil Jt. It l« of tile and ntucro. A Handy Cottage. Mrs. V-e Hoynohlo had built this summer a very convenient cottaK>> not far dl«{nnf from the Tttonto nchool IIOUHC. It nearnesH to thin edticntlonul JnxUtutioH...make..H very valuable, and wanted by many UN a tenant bovine Mm. KeynoIdH may erect iinothnr house of. the same pattern In the near future. Th« Wtpley Bunoalow. Houthwent of the Thome HChool houm- xtiinclH a very attractive bungalow. It • « -••> --).-;.! If:- l-t'J-ii"-- ;*)-<• «-• v. M; ; !h'. r'-'^-iit--. T\.t- ••< t ;•:'• ! •• ro :i H -.-mil 1 ' ' " xv /•!'•• f",-. i . • ERIE BRIEFS. '•I;--. • j>* fit h- i p.»r. 'us. .Mi f-funii- •• in -i!;'! .-i <;!..n :,i.i!'Ss.vv-.-, Central the «. •••<• ,-»t inn at h in M.'irtin «'.:!>••.» ! home iii KMr, Mr. :.!;.! Mr* ,1 Vount'.v. f:j(tn acroKR the river alji.a:i •th^ trr-r -R-r.-Jc ITT tT.'rr.rnr.7 T . Tttr- rr.r- (,•!»:>-• VJl.';«te,| |iv them W'llii h is i«VCI:»-H Hv I', i'. Smith, xvjll I.e o« i rtipi« i -(l l*y Mtf'. Ivlith Smith and family, who re. turned thi*4 \vtk from Union e.rertet) pummer for lid, Wntt- 1,,'impN of «..methillK of the xatlle dei dotie his part Well. as ii.ned up stairs «lv«'H plenty of I The church bulhlliiK committee which Moxt of the front in one law ilinlnj; ' iximposed of C. \V. \VaUlck. A. I.). Hob- and m) arranged that the juil- j room, or it may be lined for any- other \ eit*. W. J. Moore, Karl l-'ine and.Hiram Lw'lH-tMt at the KouUti'iiHt corner of! purpose. It t-« a bniK room und will i Sehoemaker, and the pastor, Kev. J. ^.room. The room will' Keat over be lar«e vno'uRh for many IOIIK tables. I \V. Itolibiim. who ha« beeiv faithful in two humlrwl and fifty. The choir loft j Adjacent to the dining. 1 room ife tin.*! MM work a* well. Yel all were aided !• on « level, with the floor 'of the rys- kllchen. This in the delight of the • to u degree by the entire mem- *trum, and IH larite einmsh for a pipe j women of the" church who haw to nfe i herHlifp of the eliurctu. It wan thought and to thirty or forty peo-iafter the inner, wants of the HtenTer the structurp " erected for flf- f,ffor , No armniifiinentK have been matte \m>x. This room "In nb'ouJ"th|fty ' feel! j'tecii' tho'uKand dollars but it IH now j the pipe brKfin now, but later . Thft. front of th Thi> kitchen it will i IOIIK and ten feet .wiibi It hnx loft l« ilonu tables, (two j;a« ranKi'H and an- In oak. . , '""" other ran^e to burn fuel, 1 fiood nl/ed pulpit In,very handMome and be- rttpbonrdK are Wuilt In one wide the platform ure jiiffce. ccilumsllml eiuuiKh to bold all of the church them. ori» doors which «hovcjen linen and wtlverwuro. Uptlf^rd HhowitiK Jimt behind the pulpit ... u , Thin i» acccMHlhlt* from! If the r«ar with «t«'pu.leading down Into! ii —*»—^ftitr bnptlirtr>'—lR"Hnprt~ H K'ith rop--{ ' MemberH lieltiK baptized may bi\( ucoivfrom the audience room.;' i audience room IN lighted by "large Mini-direct lamps near the celling. thotiKht'lt will cost tieurly, twenty thousand doIhirK. .During ' the erection .of the church. ni»rvie«H of the church and Sunday wliool have been held In the audience room of the V. M, (\ A. Icy. \f itt nut far from the re»ldenre of hiM father, 'Jo«eph Wajjley, it In of Rood Mlxe and there IH room for more housew of thlt* fcort in that neiKhbor- hood. A Handiome Porch. > 1'uKtmanter C. C. OradJT has one of the prettiext porches that may be found on the.Kouth *ide of the riv«r. It. nur- rotintN two niden of hl« handHonte home -in— wtrtpT-nmt-hlRh; —Dr. — I.)ow~ MIR rilHo had a lar«e porch built on bin house. Thinks Much of City. About a year ago C. L. Latliroy. liv- Inn in Henry county. runninK a more In a little V|||UK«, came' u>'K<»ck Kalhi and wan Impreioted by 'Ifj» 'attractlve- .H, «nd JtiotjKht' a lot on Dixon avenue of n. Johnson. He out his tni«|- TRIP ABOUT THE TWIN CITIES, SHOW-WONDERFUL ^IMPROVEMENTS- from 1 page ft ventilation Hyntem of the; ,'•...• room l« • m.odern and very | town with no-thought of It ever being Complete. Thin IH lit tin- center of the j dry. and which had become a land r colling Inaltle of a dyme about tlfteen 'mark, |« now more and Mr«. («»t acro«n. U a*J<l» beauty to the room, j Kllznbeth .NVhrhood, owner of the Peo- wood work of'lhe main room and i.ple'H Ice and Coal Company haw con , adjacent ,rqow», »» f»t «>ak. While the j verted the place into one. of the bent ! *-~—Harmon!*- I coal 'ya'rtla In this section. Long conr sured select sensible g from CLOTHING, FOpTWEAR FUENISHJNO GOODS |vi»yor» have been liiMtalled and, the coal ix loaded on them from the earn and IH carried automatically to any bin de- itreil. . Rock Falls Improvements. While SterlitiR has been buwy erecting many* iunv, HtructiireH'for buHine»s and reNldencen, Hock Falls ban not been Idle. A.ride through the KtreetH of that huf>tliitR city will reveal the faot that it bun been making raiild Mtriden toward a city of larger proportion^. There have al*o been additioim made .to f«c- torieH.lliat are hot '.seen from thu exterior and there bun been considerable money paid nut for', tlu« work in tho |ia«t yt'ttr. ' The Fort Dearborn Co, The Fort Ui'.iborn l.'nmimn^lJ'aa only been limited in Ubck KuliM a cumpura- tivi-ly whorl time yet it ban K» Incrt'ttH* *>d Its volume- of huHiucxri that it ha.s ne«H to bin brother atul moved to the olty-and--er*ctim a largo bouse ^n the lot and n good Karagc ^>r |I!K car. Ho ban now started the er«H!tltin uf anoiher Rood sized hoiine on the lot just back of his residence. H** may erect other tllere 'next Hummer. f ERIE NEWS UNION CHURCH SERVICE Was Held at the Erie Christian Church Thanksgiving Day. . out grew in a short time, the space in 'Ibis old 1-u.wrenfce building which- H bought. >JoVm Powers had charge of the ri'moilcliiiK of thu long huilcUni; wo that all «>f the avuiluble apac*? could he ui>vU. " . Paper Mill Ware House*. Thu Armours, <if C'hicago who own the (Vritral Jlox Hoard Company, erected thw punt summer two very la rye 'wim • ohni'rved in va- ways In Erie. The bunlnenH houaea were closed for the entire day, school dlHtiilased for the wtir«, huuxe* for for JtM ijilll, located iti Kock KwlU. Having two ware» = houties hum. down with much stock and at a great IUMM it concluded to erect fire [iroof ware house* thin time. It paper en KM in the manufacture of On.; ^ktndM of paper it niakca. '• One liri! proof ware house bus been erected on the ftitt- of tlu« old one, with a new conveyor installed, and another one is nearly finished souihcHHl of the new • me about it bl<i'K, The Moon* are of concrete und the nidus of metui. TJie two ware houHeH are tibout oue'lnm* dt'cd feet hi|uulc, and will hold .a t;feut quantity of stock. ' ' Th* New High School, Among the .latent contemplated buildings in Kuril I'M 1 In is the township high school -to b«" erected In the near future. The dihlrlct ciintains ull of ("olomu, part of H.ume and pai'l of Aloaliiiori;iicy. The eject Unix held htive curried in il« favor, board of cdu- i-aliou luin bci-n elected, und the bond* of Ua- sy'luiol botihe ure bold provided the building is ei«vte«l. it is to bi> a' credit to any rlty, and it is>, expected to lutve th<- cqiiipaii nt as K""d it.-- the The verv best of rcmuiiifler of thw week, un'il tho teachers from bat of town went to their homes to upend the holidays until Monday. There wan a'; union Thankw- giving nervlce at the ChrlHtlan church Thtn-8i!ay evening, which wan well 'attended uml w good Bermori by UPV.'H. I*. Mounce, pix.stor of the BaptlKt church WUH enjoyed,, Theiit were num- erouH family reuiitonH whwo botyiiWus dlnnera were served. .Among those who entertained were Mr. and Mrx, Lee Danlfls "whose guexls were Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wilt/Mr, and Mrs. Worthy MatthewH and little, duuKht«r, Mr. and Mr«. Pr*d F^ntflti. Mrs.-Vernla, Gibler, Mr». June Blean nnd »on, Lyle, A FINE PROGRAM W«» Given at the Aaeembly Room in the School Tuetdny, • An excelli'tit entertainment was $lv- er) at AHMcmbly hall Tuetiday hy the Brnd« implls at the school. .The hall wu« w.ell tilled wMh rv In (he slate. will b and adjoining town*' will not be Kccoiull in 'uii\thinK when it vomcs to educational adv.nitaKfh. 1'laiiH bave ulready t.t-eu ilruwri tor the utruct'ure, A late Mipiviiu- t OKI t de< lHio)i x -'-huM ilumaged i omiiiunity bijult- ><ehoo| firo-jM'itlUous, (.lit n J* (|"p«'«J b) Hock |-';»l(8 p.Hipic it, ut 111" ir ciiiu-ni/.-ittoiis is M> far'ail- \,ui.i-l ilrit it \\tli nut In The Rivet Factory. t u'(.ii> til KocK -,11. J,Mids.»ll A. itnU known u<* BAD COLO! TAKE "CASCARETS" FOR BOWELS TONIGHT THEY'RE FIN6I UIV£N VOURj LIVER AND 80WE1.8 AND CV.EAR YOUR HfAO, j No Headache, *our *tpmach, bad cold or conetipation by morning. Get av lO.-Ci'J»t box. ' Colds—whether in th« tieud or any- part of. tin? body—}ir« uuiekly tivvrcomt by urginK the; liver to. action uad keep '»illi*.o'\vn« U'«iMl/\.r tin. ri-vt't; i.tcl- . ing the b(jwel« f.ree ,(>t poison,. Carfcuri'ts 'tunlth! und you will up with a clear, head and yuitr cold will be £one'. . Caijcttrt'ts work while . you they vleunstt and ri?gulut,e -the . r%!inu\« the, sour, food.-ui^d, fuul t;usc«: take thw ext'e«a bile froin the Jivvr ami .curry off the coi!.-n!|»uu'd •vviiste riDitter ami. pwisuu from the iitiwt'lii. — Ueiileuiber the qim'ke«t way 'to g»'t rid of cukis is* um-" or two fuen.'un-ts at ntKhl <«.> cleans-i- tUe'^yKtvin. Oft u 10-cent box ;»t utn (Jrun .>a!Ui>. lluii't furKft- thv children. . Th»-.v rvllsh this Candy t.s in'udwl t*> Jt« utlK- »ysU-m.s. . I! !. i'iiitrhftl anr} fiimilV ?;p*:it iiittliKuMvitu: MI l>Jtr,n when* th>-\ -ri' uuf-'lH of Mr. and MIM. (Jt-or^i. Shaw. K. ''. Iluiclii-ll run) fnmily ««•!<• i;ii«-j>t< of iclatlv.i in flilfiiKo. Mi and Mrn. (" !> itannon vl«lt'«i| th"ir otnldKti. Holiirt Hantioti :itn) fitmtly :tml MHi ICnid Ifattiiori n! I>;iv- ••iip.itt <>\t'i I'linitliMKivinc. A. M. \\Vllw and Mis^ Corn \V«-1I.« «p''nt Thursday with th«-lr lfl;»Uvi'.«. .Mr. and Mr>-, K \V. p«yn«- at Morii- !KO|.|. Mr. and Mrs. John <;iilhth> a»id son from C;iiu-r, Motitamt. wrr«» KUI'«!S ititrdny of Mrs. 'iforKf UolRT. Mr. and Mrs-. I! ^fiahrorK hud for pti<>st-» tholr son, KncHt Hatirnrk «tnl family from Clinton, town,,'Air. ami Mr,«, Tt. \V. iVrkhiH nml rhthlrpn. of Kric, ._-.—> Mr. and Mrs. Iliiy liossp filter(nltn-d the former's hrothor llnl|>li, «nd l-'i«-il Hniiii'itm .mul MIHJ» Kmtn.i Hcispr .Mr. nnd Mrs. .1. H. McNYIIl'^nler* their children end famlllcw «« H: Mr. and Mr«. I^o Carrol and Economy 'Mr. Business Man, do not try to conduct your business over a party line telephone. It is like trying to send a 24nch __/ stream through a 1-inch pipe. For a small fraction of the loss of your business you can have an individual line. Receivers, Central Union Telephone Company, C. M. Armstrong, Manngrw, Telephony M«In 300 LIU J...i J JJLOUUI»1,. 4* Do Your Christmas Shopping Our complete line of Gifts Electrical awaits your inspection Come early and avoid the rush ^ C. J* Lendman Electrican 317 Locust St Bell Phone 254 •^ Bring your List to Us We have suggestions for each member of the family, and for those outside For Dad or Brother Full Leather .Pocket "^ Book, Bill Fold , Canl Case ''-Fountain Pen Tmveling Set v ^ Military Brushes Smoking: Set in Jap," * teak \vttod or c bruBd J. Ash Trays "_' '( v?igur Jars Tobacco Jars "J (M'jrar mul Cigarette * Cases . .. Shavjhg Mirrors '« Large l)osk 8otn Iu ' brass For Mother or Sister Ivory Toilet Set or the separate pieces , A nice Bnish and Comb with Tray makes a good start for a complete set that can be filled in later (Vane\s Linen L«wn Paper and" -Cards ••'•'•••"•". Conklin's Self.Filiinff'Peri Work Baskets, Sandwich Baskets, ' . Serving Trays a n d Flower Baskets * Bi-asH Desk Sets •••-<•:•-' Music Rails Bridge Sets? in leather cases p 'Latest in llantl .Bags and T'/uiger 'Purses Wallace Nut ting Pictures and Calendars, ' Ivory Candle Sticks aiuL Desk ..; Clocks i For the Boys and Girls *' We have books of all kinds for all ages, Games, Puzzles and Toys—We' e o u 1 d not begin to tell >if • you what we have for the little ones—* . " —- 4^. Come in and lot us show, vou, * i "4 When in Doubt, Give a Book. We hav^ all the late Books and a large line of the Popular Copyrights HAVE YOU SEEN QUR CHRISTMAS .CARDS? THEY ABE BEAUTIES

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