The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1949
Page 2
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<ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 10,-194! Price of Metals Registers Drop Lead First to Show Break Through High Postwar Cost Ltvel HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Life With RadioComediansGets To Be Zany Business at Times By S«m D^weon NEW YORK, March 10— tifl— Buslncssnipn look to metal prices us yjm look foi; the first robin. Traditionally, In any business cycle, metal prices are the last to go up and tfee last to come down. Today one liadlng meUl shows the first break in the upward sweep in nine years. -',It is the heavy metal, lead, which is the first to break through the postwar high price level which have held, while other comodltics—not- afjly. food and textiles—already have dropped. [Lead has risen the farthest since the war—230 per cent to the allr tfrne high of 21',4 cents » pound. Of all the major non-ferrous metals, except tin. It was the most. crlt : iJolly In short supply. All the na- t(ons fought to get 11 I Almost overnight the picture has changed. I Metal men have long , watched the junkman as.the most sensitive By George Tucker 4 (For Hal Boyle) NEW YORK—</Pi—Life IK » rjmy business for i girl who spends ill her time with comedians. After working with Danny Kaye, Milton Berle, Bob Hope, . Ralph Morgan, and Red Skelton, Georgli Glhbs has found this out. "They're fun, but I'd never marry Abstractor Addresses On-thf-Job Trainees trbmeter of their trade. Since the first of the year he has poured strap onto the market^—not only Iqad, but copper, zinc, aluminum arid steel. The scrap dealer has rtasoni Oft po ,ed, rightly or wrongly, that postwar metal price peaks have been reached. •He has guessed, at least, in the cpse of scrap. The price lias dropped, In all catagorics. Scrap lead, for Instance, was reported as low as l) cents recently. I . Shortage Past .lislory 'Arid,the shortage of scrap In most rtietals, once hot news, IE now past history. iMetalmcn have counted on the government's outspoken eagerness to obtain large tonnages for R om," Georgia Gibbs salft. "You'd have to laugh at all their jokes, and be a straight man the rest of your life." There's another reason, too. "Everybody hears about comed- »ns. But who ever hears of a comedian's wife?" Georgia Glbbs, known as "Her Nibbs" Is a tiny redhead from Worcester, Mass. Danny Kayc's sparring partner, his eerie behavior on stage part of her businr i, He changes his .routine anytime, anywhere, without prior notice to anybody. Maybe he roams the audience for food, picking up a banani here, a bag of peanuts there. I've seen him hold up a show half an hour." Hope Is [Irstless Of Bob Hope Miss Glbbs remembers: "Hob Is restless. Like a fight referee. He says, 'come out punching Punch hard. Don't Ing.' Sometimes he sounds breathless and excited, but he Isn't excited. That's just his' Jairies Terry, atetracter at Terry Abstract and Title Company, spok to approximately 60 on-the-Job veteran tralrtec.1 at on assembly In UIL Blylhcvllle Hlcii .School audltorlun last night, relative to property transfer problems. In his discussion Mr. Ter»y spok briefly OH each of the methods o acquiring property, including In heritance, official conveyance be cause of mortgage forclasurc, In sales, Judgment lor debts, and condemnation for eminent domain by the government. He emphasized Hi'.acquisition by deed, which Is the usual [ method. In regard to the purchase of property, Mr. Terry pointed out that a tvl«e purchaser would insist on havlnp an alxstracl hrotighfdown to date. Hiving the history of previous transTcr.s, and having a competent attorney interpret the Instrument so lli:<t he would be sure hit title to the property was clear. llowliiF Mr. Terry's l»lk i question period wa.s conducted. Bulgarian Press Claims Fair Trial For 15 Ministers SOFIA. Bulgaria, March 10. rfl'i— Bulgaria's controlled press splurged stories yesterday contending 15 Protestant ministers had (air trials In people's court which yesterday .sentenced them to prison. In an attempt to prove their point, the newspaiM?rs quoted an English clergyman, the Rev. George ]). chambers, as declaring In an Interview that the trial was on the level. Western government! i>nd churchmen liavc denounced the trial as religious persecution by IJulKiirta'.s communist government. ! Chambers, who Is known as the j ''red vicar" of Carbrookc, Nolfolk, Knshinil, arrived March 2 and at- ; tended the trial briefly as a self- j styled "independent observer." He ' heard the testimony of one witness and the llnal pleas of some of the defense lawyers and prosecutors. He was not In court when the defendants testified. (A two-foot wooden crucifix showing Christ holding a hammer and sickle decorates his Carbrooke Rend Courier News Want Ails The principal food of the sperm whale arc squid and cuttlefish, stockpile to be drawn upon In case ot war, as a guarantee that any sfackcnlng In Industrial demand vlould be taken up by public purchasing. jWashington still-wants lead—although during the shortage, lend tAdustry spokesmen contended that Iliad was not as essential to a war stockpile as was copper, say, or magnesium. Perhaps, the government didn't want it as badly al 21 '.4 cents a pound as some thought. iThe new price of 19'i cents & pound Is still three limes the OPA wartime price of 6'.4 cents—It Is almost five times tile four ccnt-a- pbund price of lead In 1938. 1 Dropping lead prices may .show up In time In lower prices for your batteries, for cables housing electric wiring, for amunttlon, for paint, for plumbing, tor printing tjpe, try, brass fixtures. ;Brass prices Wave already drop ped—foreshadowing , Tuesd»ys 'cut irj priBWdB^JiW ~"' J "*I holdil %-ny. His gaps sound Impromptu snd up to tlic minute, fla if he's Just thought of them. But they're carefully rchcnrsed. Tie's Hke a cat, too; Rlsvnys lands oti his _ feet. He has two or three grtfcs for evcrj situation." Tt was Jimmy Dnrante who UUiocUiced her one night as "Miss Gibs, her nlbbs"—and the niunc slnrk. "Edcile Cnntor, lie's quieter. He'll sit down and block out a Joke. He'll lest it until Its perfect. He knows \vbcn In Inugh, and when not to IjuiRh, GARS Just don't They may seem that way, but, you know they're coming, and you sweat thorn out." Skelton Llkf Knye Shft says Red Skelton Is more like Danny Kaye than anyone she uows in radio. "He'll I ell a Rag atid (hen do MI;I| thing for ft dclnycd laugh. uniny Is visual." Mljw Olbb.i Is five Icct. one inch, circumstance that obliges her to •car six-Inch heels on tlie stage nd cause. 1 ! her to cry, "oh, why ouldn't I be tall." She says bouncing Around. the ountry may be good for the pock- tbook but It's positively no good or romance. The word hoisn". "walrus" means "whale beware Coughs From Common Colds That HANG OH Cr«nm»lu<m relit vcA promptly because it (t»et fiftl'l ( ° l ' lc icaiof the (rouble to help lonstn anil expel K e " n l:ule " phlegm a nil alii iiamrc 10 soothe atul hcxl raw, iciulcr, inlhmed brtiiichial muanisincmlHiinPs.Tcll yniirdruj;ps[ to icl] you a boulc of Crcornulsion with the umlcr.M.nuliiiK yoii must like the way it quickly allays (he cough ur you iire 10 lu*c >our money hack CREOMULSION f or CougJis,Chest Colds, Bronchil* Gives Welcome Relief From Miserably Weak, Sluggish Feeling Yes tills tact has been time-tested and proved by Doctors. Better dnys will .>e ymirs, loo. So why wult vmc-n there is no need to continually feel so poorly when you should really Ijc enjoyini; life nn:iin. An nnuctlnliiK portion of S&.'i Tonic before pienls docs wonders for the blond. Till:, famous medicine nets at (lie sent of the trouble, in nutritional anemia, by building back the blood .strength- Thus your blood slrram is better able to release energy iiml freshness to every niuade fibre, cell. Soon you can tell the difference in Ihc way you feel and look! SHS Tonic h;is helped hundreds ol thousands ol people, without any orttiinic; trouble or focal Infection, to really feel belter, more vigorous, lict- ler able to enjoy living. Take none li'ss Ihan this cllec- llvely-lH'oved medicine to relieve vmir misery. Take SSS to builti-up voiir blood'slrciiKlh. whet Hie nppc- ille. tone-up your stomach. Gel br>f Tonic from any Drug Slore today. Take Only The Best I Recently copper wire mills have cnt prices on certain sizes by 5 to li per cent. , i 1 Aluminum Price* Uneasy !Alumlnum scrap prices have been uneasy of late, also, Secondary al uminum ingots have. shifted of S cents t, pound since the lirst o the year. Steel scrap prices have droppei $1 to M » ton thfs week. 'Metalmen wonder what the dro In prices will do to the Imperial picture. Last year \ve Importe 359,613 tons of the heavy meta lead, compared to 230,193 tons th previous year. Most of It cnme fro Mexico and Canada. But some of It came from countries that shipped us no lead In 1947. The record high price of 7>ROOF/S TRUTH PERK with Armocel "It does me no good to (?ct Inter- stert In someone when Tm on the west coast, for they ahvuys sonrt me east And In the *»st It's the e 11k " th(> uieifl^* ' Most girls don't. It's » negative sounding word, and they rmle to be classified as nfcntlve, they say, But Georgia Glbbs puts It this way. "I want everything Hint other girls want. Why shouldn't I like It?" In North America alone there arc some 60 species of willow tret. weight Walruses normally reach of about 2.000 pounds. 21'i cents a pound drew to these shores lead from Italy, Belgium, Yugoslavia Spain, Holland and Burma—all newcomers In 194B. And Imports from Peru and Australia Jumped. ...WASHES CLOTHES REALLY CLEAN! Here's proof beyond question from 1,213 washing tests American Legion Auditorium Blythevllle, Ark. Doors Open fi P. M. Starts at 8 P. M. Thurs. Mar. 10 Itcscrvt Seals nn Sale Al Gulf CcnlrHl Slalion Or Onntact .Milclicd Krauk • Reserve Seals $1.20 • * Wally Fowler's Gospel and Spiritual ALL NITE SINGING * PERK SAVES WEAR ON CLOTHES, TOO Scientific tests pros f-V /;. A 10 minute or even a 5-tniuHie \v,ulicr nm with new Perk £eis cloches really . . cldtner dun a 20 minute run with oilier types of *osp. Saves ami icur on clothes, too. Put Pert to work on your family wisti. ^ /Ift/WOGEL - t}l » Double-Action Wash Perfector Only 1'ctk contains Armocel, Arrnom's exclusive nc« ingredient that givi'J you: 1. Mogn«l Action: Pcik witli Annoctl Jtiiws liirt out ol clotlics likt ^ nugnct. seals it in the water so tlirt cannot settle b,ick. Removes accumulated guyncss, prevents future grayness, 1. Sunihina Action: Perl: with Armocel gi\es clothes a new sunshine hnlluncc that reflects the radiant, sunny ntu 1 whiteness and brightness in all »l your wash. DOUBLE YOUR c MONEY BACKI ." U you rtoo'tanr« new TVrt i? tried, rttuni Ihe nnuv^ of lh« p«cka|« U 1 Armour *nd Compir\y» W. 3l»t St.. Chicasa MARCH VALUES im Brown's... Headquarters for Farm & Home NeecJs SAVE - FENCE! 8-BAR 32-IN. UTILITY FIELD FENCE Thf p»r(vct fenc» for I"MK service »t !<>» 20-Rod tost. Stay "ires are <"> iiicKi'S ajlart. Top . and Iwlliim «ires «re II Kau^e Inter- KOll medialf vim H'/i irauiie. 8-BAR 32-IN. HOG & SHEEP FENCE Designed for ueni-ral farm use. 10 KauK» 20-Rod loti and hiillom >virc-s. \Wi X""Kt intermediate wires. Slay vires t>" apart Turns KOM hoiis ond liuldB cattle >nd sliecp. 9-BAR 39-IN. HOG & STOCK FENCE 10 K»uee lop and hollnm wires. \1V, KauKe 20-Rod inlermeiliate wirfs. Slay wires 6" apart. Ideal for turninx razor-back hogs ind KOll rattle. AKO COMPANY YOUR BEST BUY - for dotfats - for dishu W«lljr Fowler FEATURING •Oak Ridge Quartet, Mildred Frank's Calvary Herachel Foschee aiul Stamps Baxtei Quai-let, McDonald Brothers of Kennett, Mo., Keathley Boys from .Memphis, Paragould Quartet of Paragiuld, and many other famous quartets. Boyce Hawkins at the piano. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH 15 50 1 7 85 23 Bar GO inck Q Of| , > ^ wfc . .x . ... -— — 10 Rod Roll ..... V.ifV Top anil Imttora wires «r»12l/i Jt»ar*. Jntermfdiult wire* ISVI K»"K»6" Blav wire.^. POULTRY FENCE Jim Brown Garden Tractor OUTSTANDING FEATURES! . . Famous Briggs & Stnillon I'.i- H. P. Air Cooled KiiKine. It's packed with I'owcr! Quick, easy starting* Kinder-tip controls for clutch and Ihrntlle nn hnudle. (Jiiic'l; Hitch Hruwhar and full line of tools. Does more jobs faster . . . hetter- I'rcdsion engineerinp; flint is usually only "in big expensive tractors. JIAKIC A MONEY-MAKING INVESTMENT— A Jim Brown Garden Tractor Can Karn Rack Its Whok- Cost in Or»e Year. YOU CAN BUY ON KASY TERMS ONLY ?17.00 DOWN, ' 100% PURE PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL 3 19 In 5-Gallo* Blitz Can You MI« mure lh»n 1<»lf "" lht you rt«t <h« Bli<» »ny 35c oil on The Blili e«n «loni >'RKE! Ihe marvel. in worth JI.1S. Slock up plenly PUNCHED ANGLE POSTS All in ;\ il e extra AS LOW AS strung (if the h:ird- — - • cut. K |> r i n K i e s (, *»- fc-, hit;h car- IMJH mil sled. eo. PUNCHED TEE POSTS t.aruer I h a n annJc 'AS I.OW A? liiisls. they nicns\ire Pi x I ii x 9/61 ins. All posts art* juinled willi rust - resisting tted Oxide paint, U-FLANGED POSTS Extra stiff because of sliape. Measure 2xlx r / a inches. AM posts have doulile- rivclcrl niu-luir plate AS LOW AS 73< | Heights From 12-19 Inches | 18-PC. Reg. -2-2-A9- Thc finest set money can buy! Vi to *,\ inch square drive. Indispensable for the farm, home. 4-LINE METAL CLOTHES POST Conserve space with this sturdy ill met^l. 4-place clothes P°l«Easy to set up rust resistant. ,co METdL CLOTHES POLl Reg. k«SAVE 40c flASTIC CLOTHES LIKE Reg.JrKT I TQ 50-Ft. for I'" 65 Ib. Roofing Reg. 2.69 Now 2.49 Use Our Convenient BUDGET PLAN Phone 3151 Brick Siding Red and Buff Reg. 3.98 Now 3,79

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