Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 4, 1916 · Page 11
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1916
Page 11
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^ taints. Feel III the Christmas Air By JAMES WHITCOMB IULEY T HEY'S n kind o* feel in the air to me Wb«ri"th.fc. Chris'mas times sets in & That's about ils much of a mystery / As •v^r I've run ag'in. fer instance, now, whiise I gain in weight 4 And tfincral health, I swear They's tf goneness somers I can't quite state— A kind o' feel in the air. TThey's a feel in the Chris'mas air goes right :_Jta_the.-snauwhere:..«.:tnanr lives at! It gives a feller a appetite— They ain't no doubt about that! And yit they's somepin-I,don't know what- Thit follers me here and there And ha'nts and worries and spares me^not— A kind o f feel in the air, ^ They'9 a feel, as 1 say, in the air that's jest As blamed-on sad as sweet. in the same ra-sho as I feel the best ;% And am the spryest on my feet fc They'* allus a kind o' sort of a ache That I can't locate nowhere, But It comes with Chris'mas, and no^mistake A kind o* feel in the air. Is it the racket the children raise ? Why, no!-God bless 'em, no! ^ Is it the eyes and the cheeks ablaze; '*, Like my own wuz lontf ago? Is it the bleat o' the whistle and beat O* the little toy drum and blare O f the horn?! It is jest the sweet— The sad-sweet feel in the air. lotattonrtrBi With Christmas Gifts I- or it tixi'fui purse: T>U- IH«IJHrJU.JJ> ,' rBETTY-ftiwV-i>rl«lnnl touch be given n rhrlstuuiH >:lft by no- 'conipanylnii H with n tltitnty onnl 'Which nre wrlftfii thw nflnlfitt'H nnd some npt quotnticn of all proiirlntc lintiin-. A f(;\v solwfwl EiUtluriN sultnbU! for «llffvr«nt k'lfts be of liitt'ivst. n iwHtnl onrtl alliiiiiij Clnd hH»«rtKi*» tlmt .puns from land ta ' Happy H"! inr.n nlic, void of cnm» nnd i utrlfi-, .. ] In-sllki'ii or In Itatlsi'i'ii |>ufB« retain* i ' ' -John I'hlllti*. ] With a pin'k of curds: Thi< curds lirat till the pluycrs, bo th«jr j nevtr BO «killful.-Knk-r*on. ] With n pnlr of gloves: j Oh, that 1 v,(-ru n ttli>vo upon thtithnttd! I ~ltuinfo und Juliet. j With n silver hatnicliiss; ' This Iwiirt. like ji minor, should reflott ' sill iilijci. -in \viiliout licing Mutllrd hy any. n net of booku by n w«ll' JJMOWU rtlior: 4 be chief Kl«ry of cvurx people n4«M n It* author*.—l»r, Jolmson. |for a HtnnH nftt'nioim ton oaddy: . ff&. ttiou nuft, «h*ni wib«-r, «JIBO and ven- , With a •'tear 6iY f 'T'aroiiJiir: " Tho loriKO*! iluy niuat havn nn end.— : Italian Proverb. i A ClirlHttuaH gift otM ring for n flau- t c-eu or wlfo: , . So let our tov« ! As «>ndl«»» PI-OVP '•'. At\<4'fiui<) no gold - liu_!»cl t, For thp Inst Imbv '••-'" I>* ; Ifeo *! * *.«' .» S „„, to your grocer's for a in of Calumet—learn ypur id beet Itfeon in baking TjjaKe everything \vith Calu- m$t that ptv.vvd ti failure with otjier Baking Powder:. " 'This J3 the tcr.t wliich proves CnUnnet. the purest, safest Dakinrj Pcv\!cr ia the world—ihc niu;:t ccono»niv:al fc to buy .-.;! i) u;e. -My mother h '.d ; tin rc'^ never a lailuru utt.vr houso," Eeceivcd Highest Award* as Nowhere ' •• * injhe__CitYJwiU You Find Such a Collection of Toys and Holiday Novelties • . l ^ - . . !-"' . . You know our record in the past a~s to the comiMctcness of the line, apd this year will he no exception to the rule. Here are toys constructive and instructive—for occupation, recreation and education, for the little ones and the half grown ups, uncFSll moderately priced considering the market conditions*. The only abHcncc this year in the line are the imported mechanical toy?., but you will be surprised to see the strides the American manufacturer has made along these lines, to gladden the hearts of the little folks. Bring them in and let them enjoy tiiemsclves- -for they are only young once. 4-5 WATCH FOR OUR WINDOW DISPDAYS -r-v H isrs With liii tisnbiflln; Thf yonr, moat jmrt deformed with drip- pliiK ralnn.—Cowpir. \Vltli n cookbook; The tsiRt.0 of the kitchen la better than the nirit-IL—Old "Proverb. With nil t'h'i-trlc torch Jntnp; • To » siciU ftfKht ft «rwit lantliorn.—Old I'nAi'fb. With a needlt-'cnsc: \\'h<> * » "hath nceiVof a hundred eyes.— Old I'rtrt-cH;. -—. With u photograph: Ociicnilly niuxlc fccdrth tho cltHpoalttoB of uplrltwhletrn nndi-th.— Uucon. Spot's Friend --• By ELDON<^£AKE [Copyright, 1313, by Anij/rtcun . . ' . elBttuj/1 v Promote the "Aork. Keep till*->V< the ti-.nvth'V'.il: ;.. {||i> \MitU, mi't tr>>; tin 1 , u'i'riii'f, tlii'.t In !><> pi-tuit"tf<!,- \V, T. I.::lhrnj>. . Natu-aLovc. li- lovo -,f h,.,.!: H n l-vo- witch Well! What Wa. 117 iln^ ..f «I.:.I was Molly Origin Of "Furlonfl." Kiirl<->iiu WHS nt nr."! n furruxv looff, r tin' iJI-tuiK-i' thai ii I'filr uf oxoa dtitil :il')\v In half an hour. ">'6ti7 And rniiytnt It's juiit «8 well, Kor, hcln'n >4u never (ionc ruillilti' for me, ! I ain't rf\ilt«(8o 'fralil to tell What It Is thut Id like to-have-you do Jimt us «iulckty a» over you cmi, . And inaybo HOIIIO dtiy I CHII p«y you buck If I ever -grow uji to a man. A dojc culphnf came here last week nt 'took ' My puppy awny nomewliorp. And I am so In mo that 1 can't BO look And get •him uwny from there. And ovoit If I could (SO where hu'» at-' ! haven't no duUar to pay, And If you will kindly -advance mo that J'U.try'und return It some day. -Piom etlgtatl du*loJ by Fitd Fe^iun lui AnwiUaa [UJlatoi Cow; IHtt You know, my pupa ho went nnd dlt-d i And H-ft just iiiyinninnitt ami mu And 8(W-Umt'» hta IIUIH»—and w« cried nn4 «'»k't|, • - j For ttct itiiw«i'i| him a lot. • we three. I And inauuiiii htu 1 work*, uwl «•« KI»I ttlonuf. }• And H(iui h|i »t:i>iil home vvltli ui« > Auti iit'vt-r unit «ut. fur Vih nut very: Heating that knows no winter! " RADIATORS And 1 to hmt> mmio one, >ou «n-i' Tlip One miHi tluit t<M>k him nwny K? r J-Mtd | Ik'il litui t'-ti Ju>» In the ptiuiiil. , Ai '1 «it'.- Ihut-tlme |H><»I- H|»>fli l>« di-uil And liiU'i' vtiivi (1011) HUM .Siml'll , Uc dtonncij - ) K<t | !i, .-o, Mi - 1 -''. t.t >. If x>u cun spam A (Uillar. tu sd r ;• >t (i«'e. t'U'">>( ; tuKg tl aii'inbuu tu Iho HMD Mji And -p'ip.l 1 )' me. 'uxt'. Mr B.'ii!!:i. If ytiu haven't «o( No dpllujr tvj jipi'iid'tlmt' w^jy, .•• I with that HI U'.ist ymi would to »i'c Hi'Ot And" U'lt tilsu we'll nsi rt Suyui day, And If you deli "t -(''iiijl i hut iiu's not very 1 clvd.. • • . 'j ...And -If Ji-"J'«"M »;ul.-jd>.'-J.u«i'<V. '--". ........ I .wish you'd jiifcl kiuiki—isii'jl Jsiiowwhat ) i..-,i iiu-a givu l.iuia |i.ii for !hi-r.". «•»•«••• ti>.t|ii(i- ft>!' Ihf linn- < : <.-:iii.: !'!u.S i-< (li \>( all Uitui vii.riutg i.i'-Ji. Family gatherings"^ are the happiest hours of life where the home is snugly Warm on bitter cold nights. Nothing else contributes so greatly . to this contentment and aids best mental development as does the ample flow of genia^f cleanly, comforting warmth from ft F AI These outfits warm the house and J/JL/iJU make a hornet Put in quickly, v BOILERS Phone your local dealer today! IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators- arc built scientifically to extract and distribute the greatest possible volume of heat from each ounce of coaj. Two-thirds of the heating surface of an IDEAL Boiler ¥ is directly around the fire—obsorbitig the mn-v/i;t heat from the fuelt Heat is circulated three times a% rapidly as in old-fashion^! heaters—which is one of the atrong rcasony why IDEAL Boilers bum one>third less fuel than other devices, and permit cheapest fuel to be used, Burn one-third less cheap fuel than other devices , Easy to put coal in the roomy door—a whqlc day's supply put in the ID^AL fire-pot in a minute's time. Easy to Ghaut* bffauso you s>tauU irvct—gerilly »hukc only a few grvte taim at a time. The same water is used for years. A» IDEAL* Sylphon Regulator will'contra) draft and cherk •dampen* automatically to suit weather, The price is the closest possible between manufacturer find user. Prire is no l«ghrr than asked for ordinary makes. Accept no substitutef On c«ch IDEAUBoilcr and AMERICAN Radiator our name is cast— your guarantee. Send today for "Ideal Heating" (free), giving much valuable information on fuel economies—for homes, churches, stores, schools, and other buildings. Act now, and your home-life wUlknow no sting of winter! Another great labor-saver—stationary Vacuum Cleaner You can wonderfully reduce house*!al>or end protect h<jjjxe health by use of ARCQ WANJXVacuum Cleaner—-eits in"baswneut or ^ide room; works through an iron pipe running to all floors; cleans carjyts? ("aniishi»sgs, walls, ceilings, clothiugi Jij fixes fit $150 up.' J\:ik a!s;j ibr;cat»;U)g iirt'c). No c jdussivc SoldTby all il agents alcrs ' ftMEjgCAfti A Na. 4 25-S-IDBAL Boilw »nd 370 tf, of iSin, AMBtnCAN K»4i«H)t», t.wui.g the c«u:r $225 ( were uwd tj tt?»t tun cutlet, At UU» ptice ti.c (joatii «,«« I* brutlit of iluy tcimutilr, totiunicnt 1'iittt. Tl.u dt.l no< iiH-lm-ic toit ci J^buf, i .^» . VaUt*. deiglil, tu-., whicb VKty fcixoidliiu oilier Write Dennrirncnt S 37 , filo-8J2 S Mu-lugan Av*. o. New Vo»,k, Us, C:j.x<*ri!i^'t e. Haltimurc. VV»i»!uni;',an, BujTalv, '.Uiiii i/i)ui.},.t,ija'4w, I'jui. umtucu, ufTau, s. ,,1- i-.w

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