The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on May 31, 1914 · Page 6
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · Page 6

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 31, 1914
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE WICHITA EAGLE, SUNDAY HORNING, HAY 31, 1914 r 1 THIS WEEK Remarkable Economies Here for You for Next Tvo Days, Monday and Tuesday T i . , .' rl r A -T T WT 'IS! V a-a WOXDEHLAND'S SEW SHOW. VaudeTtlle Program Change With Matinee Today. A vaudeville bill far superioT to the one offered the past week la engaged to appear at Wonderland park th!a afternoon at 2:80 o'clock. There will be; two separate show tonight, the first starting at 7:30 o'clock and the last at 9 o'clock. Among the big acta billed for the week Is Fred St. Onge and company, "the WoTld's Greatest Wheelmen." They have Jnet returned recently from a tour of continental Europe and Great Britain, Playing eight weeks at the Palace the-ater, London; five weeks at the Appolla, Vienna; four weeks at the Winter Garden, Berlin, and four weeks at the Orpheum, Budapest. Mr. St. Onge introduces the only lady cyclist in the world turning 20 Arabian omensaulta In 20 seconds while riding a bicycle. C. W. Rosey, a Wichita boy. is included in the act. The balance of the bill is made up of four clever and classy numbers. Seymour and Dupree are acrobatic dancers, "Emma Schilling is a elnglng comedienne, C. J. Marshall is a crayon artist and La Vail and Boudine are sensational aerialists. During the rest of the week shows will start at 8:30 o'clock and all are given free in the open-air pavilion. The merry shouts of the crowds as they whirl through space on the giant thriller and aeroplane glide can always be heard throughout the grounds, and the dancing pavilion, with an excellent orchestra, 13 proving exceedingly popular. The dancing pavilion will not be open tonight, but will be tomorrow night and every evening during the week. There is no doubt of the popularity of Wonderland's natatorium. The big pool always doe a good business and Is now open from 9 o'clock in the morning until 10 o'clock at night. The water is exceptionally alluring and there are plenty of new bathing suits. Several safety devices have been installed that have innovations that appeal to the swimmers. Arrangements for private bathing can be made at . i . . . . . i -mn j nme ny consulting Manager cuttle. There Is no admission at the gate to reach the natatorium In the daytime. A Lucky Strike. Two years ago T. P. Hayes, a plumber of this city, was Impressed with the Idea that he ought to buy a home instead of renting. Not having very much money to spare and hearing that The Hartford Western Land company of this city were selling homes on terms to suit the purchaser, he went to them and bought a six-room zottage on the corner of Fifteenth and North St. Francis. About a year ago, noticing that his trees were dying, he made some quiet investigation and found it was due to gas underneath the ground, which he discovered by boring a hole. In his business of boring underneath the pavements for water pipe, he has become quite expert In boring a seasonable distance. In boring the ground to ascertain his trouble, he found this gas, and not having any spare funds, he capped that hole and has kept the secret this past year. Lately he was more firmly Im pressed than ever that he had . better do something to develop it, on account of .so much discussion in the paper about finding oil and gas, that he has bored two other holes, 20 and 30 feet deep, all three of which being on the north side of his property. He 'has found gas in every one of them, one of which has been burning night and day for the last two -days. The other hole will burn only when air is blown into it. and will burn continuously as long as the air Is blown in it. Of course, it has to be started by a lighted match being thrown in It. The strange fact in connection with It is, the Hartford company when It built this house, put In a driven well about 4t or 50 feet away from this gas well, which was used for water for the house. The same company built most all of the cast front houses in the same block, and at each one a driven well was put in for household use, but the strangest fact in connection with the whole matter is that where this gas is, no water Is found. This Is a rplendld example of what a purchaser of small means can do even now. When the real estate men have been insisting this is the" time to buy, before high prices set In. Mr. Hayes is to be congratulated, as he is amply protected under his contract with the company and simply has to keep up his payments, and if gas is found in sufficient volume he will be worth a million dollars. Furthermore, It is of the utmost interest to every citizen in Wichita as we will all share to a certain extent In thebeneflts. Mr. Hayes has also agreed to go with Mr. Robertson, one of the managers of the Hartford company,' to a location on College Hill, where this company sold a house on similar terms, and where oil was discovered about a year ago. He has agreed to sink a pipe to the bottom of 'this well, which was bored tor water at that time, and draw up sample of the oil. This oil well has Leen capped and not developed for oil on account of the purchaser of the ontract not having sufficient means to develop it. This same company is also interested in and a stockholder in the new oil 'and gas company which is headed by Whitney Tucker of this city. Mr. Robertson is one of those who thproughly believes oil and gas Is near the city If we will develop the leads that nature has given. UOt'DLE FEVTIIIE rHOTO-rLAT BILL Crawford Theater Monday, Tuesday mad Wedaeaday. Lily Langtry, one of the foremost motional actresses of the day. Join the ranks of famous stars who hara appeared before the camera In the stellar role of "His Neighbor's Wife," produced by the Famous Players Film Company, and will be shown at the Crawford theater for three days, com mencing Monday. June let. with daily matinee. Mrs. Langtry's role will appeal to all womanhood, as It will Impress the male element of society. It takes a familiar problem of the day, marital deception, and treats It boldly, bluntly and directly. MHI Neighbor's Wife" Is as true as life itself, a play that la enacted every day in homes all ever t:e world, simple, direct and with an admirable moral. Mrs. Langtry has a highly sympathetic part, that of a faithful wife whose devotion, which nearly costs her life. Is rewarded In the. end by the redemption of her false husband, and she plays It with faith fulness and sincerity. With that regard for variety and 1HT O W ::SROPS 11 tUi .-"W. WW PRINCESS ALL WEEK 5 ACTS OF VAUDEVILLE THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY Complete Change of Program Thursday. , WONDERLAND PARK ALL WEEK 5 ACTS OF VAUDEVILLE CRAWFORD MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY Feature Photo-Playa 'HIS NEIGHBOR'S WIFE' and "A DAUGHTER OF THE HILLS" ; THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY "THE BISHOP'S CARRIAGE" ATTRACTIONS TO. COME LATER versatility the Famous Players Film company has delved far into the past for one of Its latest releases, back among the dusty roads of time that led to ancient Rome and the days of Nero. The play entitled, "A Daughter of the Hills," which will be given at the Crawford theater for three days, commencing Monday, -June 1st, presents Laura Sawyer in the title role, and attempts to show that even then, when savagery was 'strength and cruelty glory, the love of a man and a maid was a greater force than all the 1 the season of 1914-15 goes a considera-primitlve barbarities of the period. ( ble distance towards helping to assure With a tranquil simplicity the story ! music lovers in and about Wichita that relates how a gentle shepherdess, all tenderness and sympathy, wed a brutal gladiator, wrought a reversion in his primitive heart and spiritually conquered his savage impulses. Treasure Inland" to Be Sen In Play at Philharmony. Arrangements have been made whereby the special feature picture of, Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island" j will be seen at Philharmony audi-J torlum this week on Friday and Satur day, with a Saturday matinee. Steven-Bon'a wonderful adventure story Is known to every man, woman and child. The pictures to be seen Friday and Saturday will give a faithful portrayal of each and every important incident a related by Stevenson engaging the sailors, loading the treasure ship, troubles at sea, sighting the treasure Island, mutiny among the sailors, the battle for life and supremacy on the island. Perhaps no adventure story ever written equals Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island." Patrons of clean, good feature pictures will find the entertainment of Friday and Saturday at Philharmony one of the most enjoyable offered this season. , Other features arranged for the near; M- E. Church, South, future are "Zineo" a wonderful f Under-graduate examinations for the luiure are ingo, a . wonaerrui second semester were held on Satur- African story taken from nature, iav and Monday. which has proven a sensation in, the east, where it has been shown in the better class of feature picture theaters. Helen Gardner will be seen In a "Daughter of Pan" on June 12 and 13. Philharmony will be open every Friday and Saturday for high -class features only. ' LAST WEEK AT PRINCESS Only Two More Vaudeville Dills to Be Seen Thin Season at Popular Theater. This Is the last week of the vaudeville season at the Princess theater. In place of the usual tabloid, five acts of vaudeville will be offered both the first and last half of the week. Head- Jng the bill for tomorrow's matinee is the Three Leightons, two members of which composed , "Steamboat Bill" and "Casey Jones." They are clever comedians, singers and dancers, and their sketch, ."The Party of the Second rart," Is novel and very amusing. All songs sung in their act are of their own composition. The Three Flying Kays offer an act with many new and distinct features. Aerial work of an amazing nature performed In perfect accord keeps the audience bewildered. One difficult feat after another is presented with great rapidity. "Kings of Mirth and Melody" is the tltl given Millard, Kennedy and Christie. They introduce a series of new songs and comedy stunts that have the ring of t originality. The Morretta sisters have pleased audiences with their singing and instrumental act that is reputed a great deal better than the usual cabaret feature. Roller skating with humorous falls and balancing Is what Beaman and Anderson offer. The bill for the last half of the week com- silR Glov Look at Silk through the eyes own experience AT ALL W U U , ... . M V mencing Thursday's matinee. Is to be topped by "Sorority Days," a. musical study in black and white by three girls and three men. ' ' Next week, Monday Is 'tfce opening for the moving picture season at the Princess. Nothing but feature pictures are to be presented and the program will be changed daily. An admission of 5 cents is to be charged. THE BISHOP'S CARRIAGE Crawford Haeater TkwraAay, Friday and Saturday. Mary Pickford will again be seen in J, motion pictures at the Crawford theater for three days, commencing Thursday. June 4th. "In the Bishop's Carriage", cannot be called a love story. There are two scenes in it, though, where the affection of the girl whose life has been such a rough one comes to the surface. The first where Nance, after her successful debut on the stage, is surprised in her room by the entrance of Dorgan as she Is contemplating the bouquet thrown to her by an admirer, will stir the heart. The escaped convict, demanding that Nance return to him, is In turn surprised by the entrance of Obermuller. Nance flies to him for protection. It is the awak ening of the good In a heart that, has been trained to eviL The second is ! where Obermuller and Nance on the water front, watch the departure of a trarp steamer bound for India, bearing on board Dorgan. Thrilling situations abound, situations legitimately thrilling, made so by the art of the author and the skill of the director and the fine acting of the players. Artist of High Rank Just at this time the big festivals of the country are holding the attention of the music world, and the fact that the most pretentious festivals are engaging the artists who have been selected to appear as soloists with the Wichita Symphony orchestra during they will have opportunity to hear six artists of the very first rank, if the orchestra is established in this city for the coming season. Springfield, Massachusetts, Syracuse, New York, Worchester, Massachusetts, Cleveland, Ohio, are among the greatest festival cities of this country and we note by the press in those cities that artists who have been announced to appear with the Wichita Symphony orchestra as soloists, have appeared as star at tractions at these festivals and have created much enthusiasm. Ralph Sapp, conductor of the Men-delsshon club of : Cleveland, writes: "Andrea Sarto sang wonderfully and we shall want him again." . o 1 Oklahoma State Institute of Tech- i nologry Commencement exercises at the slate's big school are in full progress. Many visitors are present and activity fills the air. The regular events of the week and special social affairs keep the lives of the students very active. , On Sunday afternoon was held the Baccalaureate services. The orchestra i gave a splendid selection, after which the local ministers conducted the devotional exercises of the service. The commncement sermon was preached by i lb Kev. John S. OhadwicK, associate I editor of the Christian Advocate of the The annual Fine Arts recital was held on Monday night in the gymnasium. The general opinion is that this recital is one of the best that the school has given in its entire history.1' Program: Overture, ladies orchestra. ' Male iiuartet, Messrs. Ingram, Weiss, Proctor, Hoehme. Piano ensemble, Misses Walter, Allen, Gilmer, Burress, Kaul, Dorsett, Elrich, Dervage, McGee, Reading, Miss Golda Kite. Flute and cornet duo, Messrs. Schrugham and Gresho"ng. Vocal trio. Misses Dorsett, Stall and Craik. Mixed chorus, cornet duet, Messrs. Gard and McFarland, Beethoven's concerto, Mr3. Ptrchstein. operatic overture and wedding march, the combined orchestras. Professor Rippey of the English department who has so faithfully aided the Boomer management in its work, entertained the staff during the week. The school is glad to announce that ! Miss Marguerite Bliven of Enid, Okla., "L"8"1 c ' VZlTJ , n im a ill i ti o li xii in v i hui : a A leg Bliven comes highly recommended to the school and It looks as if the kin-oergarten under her management- will open with a large enrollment and will assume marked proportions. Miss Emily K. Hoecel. superintendent of Grant county, Kansas, public schools, and a specialist in rural school education, will oe with the school from July 13 to the 27, to give the work she offers along rural school lines. Miss Hoecel is a specialist along her line and the school is indeed fortunate in securing her services even for this short time, being as she is in great demand in Kansas educational circles lor her line of work. Miss Hoect 1 comes at a very high salary, and th'.s Is certainly a splendid opportunity for the rural school teachers to. avail themselves of the help of a very practical and capable instructor. Tuesday afternoon was held the an nual intrr.rlasa Tnt Thpre .-r fnrtv entries and the rivalry was keen, but a small crowd witnessed the event. Five classes participated. The juniors won the meet with a total of 51 points, second place, seniors 29 points, third, sophomores, 26, fourth, commercials 9, freshman 1. The Juniors will be awarded the school loving cup at the commencement exercises. Young. Jr., won the individual loving cup with a total of 28 points. Greer of the senior class second place, 19 points. Piper of the Gloves of your t : Coxnpsre mil other silk gloves by the "KAYSER" standard of tvear, of fit, of style and the result will prove why more "KAYSER" Silk Gloves are sold than all other silk gloves in the world. Loot for KAYSER In the hem. You win find it in the genuine. A fftMirtxnfe ticket with every pair that the tips outaeear the gloves. Short "KAYSER-SOk Glow Jc to $US Loo "KAYSER" SOfc Clove 7c to XM STORES Bice 0 loth Dresses, Crepe Dresses, Voile Dresses. We found the above too these departments with, many The Most Remarkable Saving !n - SUMMER DRESSES $,95 Remarkable In originality and beauty In style. Artlstlc- ally trimmed with lace, 1914 styles and 16.00 values. Alter atlons free. Tomorrow, Monday, we will place on sale for one day only 17.50 Black JAP SILK DRESSES ' "We feel that at this special mug, bu come eariy. we wm uier Newest in Shirt Waists Without exaggerating or boasting this is becoming therx V" leading Waist store of the city, for the numerous stylesVfVkL and high grade quality is "making this department famous, y J These Waists are commanding a regular price of $1.50 elsewhere "P . See our new 1914 Tub saving to you, Beautiful Flowers Three tables full and over 3,000 bunches to select from 9c 19c 29c 3E sophomore class third, 9J points, Cha-ney of the commercial class fourth. 9 points. Special prizes of league base balls were given to Greer, Piper and Chaney. The list of graduates for the year 1913-1914, together with the classes to which they belong is as follows: Seniors: Claude Brantner, Mahlon Estes,- Earl Greer, Walter Goe, Glen Haldeman, Chester Heusel, Edna King, Marion Llpps, E m ma. Miller, Elmer thony, Lewis Oxley, Edwin Pibur, Edith Richards. Charles Roff, Jesse Romig. Taura Siler, Wade Smythe, William Wiley, Alberta Young, Sam Weiss, Harry Milligan. Edna Craik, Cy Tribbey, Eunice LawTence, Homer King. George Danenhour, Alice Wilklns, Mae Al-mack, Maude Fairless. Georgia Querry, Dennis Almack, Jessie Gilmer, Frank Balcer, Mabel Nool, May Mahoney. Stenographic: Allen, Ellen; Atkins, Alma Jaunita; Blasdell. Gladys: Dor-sett, Hazel; Fruits, Edith: Griffin, Ruth Mildred: Haldeman, Glen; Jones, Mack Marquis; Moore, , Oscar; Post, Beth; Roberts, Lester; Romlg, Lieul-len: Romig, Jessie. Commercial: Bot-tenfleld. Cecil; Bultrman, David; Chaney, Harold;' Doran, Alice; Fruits, Edith; Moore, Floyd. Two year Commercial Graduates: Chase, Clyde, commercial; Foudray, Ray, commercial; Hoffman, Philip, commercial; McCulley, Blanche, stenographic; Moon. Clare, commercial; Williams, Ruby, stenographic. .Voice graduates: Louise Cassandra Stall. Hazel Dorsett. . . - ---- - t- '- " Check thevSymptoim - rvof Lung Trouble Symptoms of severe lung trouble, such as fever, night sweats and loss of weight, etc., should be checked, or serious results will follow. Eckman's Altftrativ h.qs hroueht about man v re- coveries. Read this: 305 W. Thirty-sixth St., New York. "Gentlemen: Since I was a very young woman I was sufferer from Bronchitis. I tried doctor after doctor, getting little or no benefit. Finally I had night sweats, weak spells and lost rapidly in weight and my doctor told me If they were not checked. I would have Consumption. Miss Mary Korhamer, who is a friend of mine recovered after taking your Alterative, and insisted that I try it. I am now, after twn va r5. nprfpptl V twAll ctrnntf land healthy." (Abbreviated) (Affidavit) MRS. ROSA VOELPEL. Eckman's Alterative is most efficacious in bronchial catarrh and severe throat and lung affections and upbuilding the system. Contains no harmful or habit-forming drugs. Accept no substitutes. Sold by leading druggists. Write Eckman Laboratory, Philadelphia, Pa., for booklet of recoveries, t. Lecture on SYNDICALISM by MAX DEZETTEL Editor of the Toiler. Special organizer for the American Federation of Labor. MARPLE THEATER 2:30 p. m. Admission by Ticket "Ticket giren with 3 months subscription to the Toiler mt 25c . . Sub cards on sale at the theater. V IS Ji. Grove Paris Tosy Follow the crowd, - Come out early- and stay all day. Base Ball Game at 3 P. M. Advertisers vs. Sehnoor, City- League Schedule. Band Concert at 8 o'Clock By StotlerW Excellent Band of 25 Pieces WALNUT GROVE CAFE - A Popular Place to Eat; " Bathing Beach m Full Swing Bigirer and Better Than Ever. ADMISSION TO PARK FREE GOOD VALUES LEAD TO FAST SELLING true, since we inaugurated our two and three day specials. For tomorrow and Tuesday will find economical shoppers who will know what this announcement means, , price they will not last $ a OK mem uw ui ' Summer Skirts. It means a ADMISSION TO PARK One Dime OPEN DAY AND NIGHT DELIGHTFULLY SANITARY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO BATHING PARTIES N O P A X NT DENTAL WORK AT SPECIAL. PRICES THAT SAVE YOU AT LEAST ONE-HALF WHEN PATRONIZING THE 105 W. DOUGLAS AVENUE Wichita, KaniM. Gold Crowns Bridge Work White Crnnm $4.00 : Silver Fllinar and Cleanlaar. 50e. You can artorc to pay ralroad fare for miles to patronize us aoU then save money. Arrangements can be made for easy payments. Hours, 8 to 6; Sunday, 10 t IX. Phone Market ?C. Dr. W. 31. nomtat. Msrr. PHILHARMONY Awditorlnm Seat 700 Pipe Orsraa. Grand Pianos Friday and Saturday, June 5, 6. "TREASURE ISLAND'' A woaderfal r-alltlr portrayal f tali exrltlac tory. Jtkowai 7t30 mud 00 Mat. SiOO. Prleeir'lOe. 15e Chttdrea fie. 3C NUT BIG POOL For Monday and Tuesday Only Your Choi c of Any Panama Hats Trimmed , J$J Ctv Q C Leghorn Hats, Trimmed Milan Hemp Hats Trimmed Values up ta $18 - You will find many Beautiful Pattern Hats trimmed with the pew wings, and the Dress Hats with Imported flowers and ribbons. In fact, thl3 is not a sale of spring Hats, but a sale of new Summer Hats, but a few days old. All Hats trimmed with plumes are included In this sale. We advise early choosing. Another One Dollar Sale for Monday and Tuesday of UNTRIMMED HATS This lot consists of Milan. Hemps, Tuscans, Usserev Chips, Hemps and Lace Hats in. white and black, in all leading summer styles and colors. .. : . WE TRIM HATS FREE OF CHARGE THE LEADING PANAMAS OF TODAY If you prefer a genuine Panama you will surely find It here. We are making a special of the $5 grade of Panamas in the leading summer styles at WE TRIM HATS FREE OF CHARGE mmmm J T. NUTTLE LESSEE AND MANAGE FO X SULLIVANCONSIDINE VAUDEVILLE FREE IN THE OPEN AIR PAVILION 3 SHOWS TODAY. 2:30, 7:30, 9 A WICHITA BOY FRED ST. ONGE AND CO. WHIMSICAL WHEELMEN SEYMOUR AMD DUPREE ' ECCENTRIC OANCING COMEDIANS LAVAIL All i BOUOIME A SURE FIRE SENSATION ; EMMA SHILLING SINGING COMEDIENNE C. T. MARSHALL ' CRAYON ARTIST ' BEST SHOW IN TOWN IKWSESfll PERFKCTLY VEST! L, ATKO OOl.Kl HY ( IIII.I KI1 LAST WEEK OF VAUDEVILLE SEASON MONDAY, JUNE 1 AH Comedy how 3 Leightons 3 "The Party of th Second Party.' THREE KAYS Aertallstn Supreme BILLY FOSTER AND CO. "'Actor and the Drummer" Creators of Mirth a nd Melody " MO RETT A SISTERS Singing and Instrumental Music HE AM AN & ANDERSON Comedians an fvitatea Pathe Weekly. 0 COMMENCING MONDAY, JUNE 8, MOTION PICTURES, 5C In Effect Arkansas Valley Interurban By. Cars now leave the station at Fin ar,4 W?t gtrt errr tr es the hoar for Newton. Every odd hoar lor !isit4. AH ear rYwssstao leg 9 a- ta concert at XValnst Grove Station with a car rAzg fato Wai cut Grove Parle Half-honr service to Wclnn t Grove Park com mencing 1 p. m. account, of Opening of Oathlng Beach. .,:, - v , J Rersesber cart lar on t bovx, exrvpi tint car at 5:23 a. m. ?A last cr at 11:23 p. to. MOSntr, TtCD4T. WE0DAr jttm i. a. a XtLLIE LANGTRY ' i Ian i 111 . ' - Am 4hwMa ttrmmmm . "HIS IIElGHCOra WIFE" Jff Trimmed Hats, TJntrimiacd Hats. Genuine Panamas. si 3C ADMISSION TO PARK One Dime DANCE EVERY EVENING EXCEPT SUNDAYPOWELL'S CON. CERT ORCHESTRA GIANT THRILLER AEROPLANE GLIDE CAROUSEL FUN GALORE THURSDAY, JUNE 4 5 -M ef roy o H 1 m m Fe m it u MENLO MOORE'S SORORITY DAYS "ONE NIGHT STAND IN MINSTRELSY" ELIZABETH DEOROY THE YOUNGSTERS Posing ypTeity. MO KH KJ. 4 BH. IIKATtT-KI,I WEKKLY 'A DAUGHTER OF THE KILLS" LAURA SAWYER M

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