The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on May 30, 1914 · Page 10
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · Page 10

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1914
Page 10
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(""Mitel V RNER .EATEN Chicago Firm Got Big Start Toward Clean-Up, But Were Caught Napping When Corn Soared. Chicago, May 29. Fireworks on the ' board of trade, the nickname for an exciting: episode in the speculative pits wound up the crop year today, but the display was altogether different from what had been expected and It looked as If the chif manipulators had been singed. Contrary to prediction It waa corn and not wheat that Jumped skyward. Furthermore the chief owners of wheat who had been looked upon as likely to extort artificial profits from stubborn or otherwise foolish shorts. were caught napping as to corn, and had to pay more or less fancy prices for as much as a million bushels. In the last few minutes of trading, corn Tushed up to seventy-four cents a bushel for May delivery an advance of 2 l-4c compared with the night before.' On the other hand, wheat finished at a net decline of l-8c to 1-4 at 3-8c. Promised government investigation as to why May wheat notwithstanding the present flattering crop outlook, had been held seven cents higher than a year ago was regarded by many people as largely the cause of the leniency shown today In the pit toward the wheat shorts who seemed virtually at the mercy of one big firm that had acquired five-sixths of all the wheat available In Chicago for delivery on contracts expiring today. The fact that the same big firm was in a way dramatically takeh captive at the moment of what appeared a magnamious triumph "or shrewd forbearance was regarded as an incident for which there has perhaps never been a parallel here on 'change. QUEER CATCH Prairie Chicken Flew Over Man, Then Fell With Broken Wing It's In Zoo. How many people know how the city secured the prairie chicken in the soo at HiveTslde park? For the information of those who do not know, It was given the city by C. I Roady of 718 South Elizabeth avenue. Mr. Roady was walking along a country road when five prairie chickens flew up near him. They flew several rods and then circled back and as they passed over his head, one of them fell at his feet. He thought something was the matter with the bird and after chasing it through the grass finally captured it. He found that It had a broken wing. Mr. Roady brought the chicken to Wichita and gave it to Commissioner K. M. Leach to put In the too. Several people saw the bird before he gave it to Mr. Leach and he was offered a large sum for it, but he refused. He is now hoping to secure a mate for the bird as prairie chickens are fast becoming extinct in Kansas. 0 Ho nor St earns Local Knights Templar Give Reception of Eminent Commander. In honor of Fred Stearns, recently elected right emlrpnt grand commander of the state of Kansas, a Te-ceptlon was held las night by Mount Olivet Commandery No. 12, Knights Templar at their rooms, corner First and Main streets. Mr. Stearns is now at the head of fifty-five coramanderles, nd more than 1,000 Knights Templar. The address of the evening was made by Mat. J. ParTott, to which Mr. Stearns Tespondedv A solo by Miss Tattle Rude accompanied by Miss Alexa Whltmire at the piano, was followed by a reading by Miss Louise Stevens of the Wichita College of Music. Music was furnished by the Vollmar orchestra. Punch was served by 'Mrs. J. E. Lullng, Mrs. John Thomas, Mrs. Harry Miles and Mrs. Charlea Knight. Arrangements for the reception were made by a committee, composed of W. J. Frazler, C. W. Bitting and. Fred J. Cossltt AVBSTKRX YVIIIOAT NOT ni'RT From Belvldere Rut It Is All Right, Reports Lawyer. Wheat along the line of the Engle-wood branch of the Santa Fe has not been damaged by rust and very little of the craln U down, according to Col. S. B. Amidon, attorney. Mr. Ami-don and Attorney Sam Buckland of his office, returned yesterday from Medicine Lodge, where they have been trying a case all week. They drove from Medicine Lodge to BelvWer and came from there on the train. "All along the Englewood branch the country is one solid mass of wheat as" high as the wire fences," said Col. Amidon yesterday. "The wheat is in perfect condition. Very little is down and none ha been hv mat It will take the railroad a year to haul the wheat out of there Harvest will begin In two weeks." C'klld F.ata Polao By Mlrtaae. Cottonwood Falls, Kan., May 29. An old medicine bottle containing poison 'today cauoed the death of the 2-year-cld daughter of M. II. Ballew, a farmer near here. The child found a number of old bottles, thrown away by a former tenant of the farm, and ate a white powder, thinking it sugar. Absolutely Pure Preferred by Housewives, Physicians and Pastry Chefs. Indispensable In ' making finest cake and pastry We'll match our serge against the mercury any time. . .v" ' The hottest sun won't fade it nor will water. One of the best traveling suits keeps its shape so well and sheds dust. Most comfortable in warm weather. A blue serge suit plus a pair of white flannels is as good as two suits. Blue and Black Serge Sultn, 115 to $35. White Flannel Trousers, $5. Got your staw hat? We have a complete line. You will be surprised the comfort you will experience from the beginning. THE HOLMES CO. 211 East Douglas Store closed until i p. m. "There's No Place Like HolmeC "GASSER" HAS MANY GUESSING Mrs. T. P. Hayes, Whose Husband Made Strike on St. Francis Avenue Cooks Egg Over Flame. DIG ANOTHER WELL LIGHT OF FIRST J BY Old Time Citizens Recall That Half Mile From Hayes Well City Bored "Dry' Hole. Either Wichita has the shallowest gas well in the west or an apparent Impossible leak from a main is mak ing a host of citizens think so. When the Eagle announced the first of the week that a gas well had been brought in in the fifteenth block on North- St Francis avenue nine out of ten per sons thought the news report a mis take. But recently citizens have awakened to the possibilities of a gas field being located under the city and which is feeding shallow wells. But old timers are skeptical. They call to mind that half a mile west of the "gasser" on St. Francis avenue the city spent a lot of money on a dry hole. Working on his second well by light furnished by gas from the first one, T. P. Hayes, 1649 St. Francis avenue, sunk his new well fifteen feet farther yesterday. Mr. Hayes dropped a match down the second hole last night, and the explosion 'that followed was so violent that he was knocked to the ground. The sand in which the pipe of the second well is being sunk is so loose that blows from a sledge hammer are sufficient to drive the pipe into the gTound. The depth reached is forty-five feet. Mr. Hayes Intends to sink this sec ond well as far as he can in the loose sand. He wishes to ascertain the depth of the strata of sand which out crops on his land, and so will drive the pipe through it. When he has succeeded in getting this pipe as deep as he wants it. he will draw it and then decide what he wants to do with the well "The flow from the first well seems to be getting stronger," . said Mrs. Hayea last night. "I boiled an egg over the blaze of this well yesterday morn lng, and am sure that if I had it in my house I could do the family copk ing with it. Since the gas was first lighted Thursday morning, it has never gone out. The tin can that was placed around it has protested the flame from I the wind, and gas is still comnia: out of the well." CaptaU Played Sloeth Onrt. Montreal. May 29. Captain Kendall of the Empress won renown as the man who first detected Dr. Crippen, the murderer, on the steamship Mont fort Captain Kendall, In conveying the Intelligence to Captain Walsh, that the Empress had gone down, said: -Ship gone." 7 13 L Fcr Eczema Also for Salt Rheum, Acne, better, Psoriasis and Other Skin Troubles. 1 After using S. S. for a while, the characteristic marks of all skin troubles change completely.. When, eczema - bas; become chronic the lower skin loses lta power to divert impurities and thus they continue to gather in the weak spots or those already attacked. The action of S. S. S. is that of an antidote, and this fact has been demonstrated time and time again in the most serere forms of weeping eczema. - Its influence in the tissues where the tiny arteries transfer the red blood lor the worn-out blood to the veins is auite remarkable and goes on constantly with every tick of the clock the beat or the neart. And new skin Is thus caused t Conn while the germs of irritating Influences that cause eczema are scattered and their harm ful nature entirely suspended. B. s. s. has a wonaerrui tonic influence in the blood because it contains no "dope, Is entirely free of any mineral drugs or any other firues except the remarkable medicinal effect ol the pure vegetaDie products oi which It is made. - Few people realise how harmful are many of the strong, crude ointments that used to be in favor before they learned that 8. S. S. is safe, speedy and sure. Ask at any drug store for a bottle of S. 8. S. Give it a good trial and you will soon see a decided Improvement in any form of skin trouble. Write . to The Swift Specific Co.. 638 Swift Bldg., Atlanta, Ga., for special free advice and new book o& skin or blood trouble. ; . ITS GOOD INTENT IS y PILFERED City Ice Delivery Co. Manager Says City Hall Is Playing , Politics With Ice Ordinance. CLAIMS IT IS COPIED AFTER : - ad. Manager Says Intent of His An nouncement Sunday Was . Worked Into Ordinance for Political Effect. The City Ice Delivery company, of which C. F. Anderson is manager, announced laet Sunday, mdrning through The Eagle that i it .would compel de-liverymen to use tested scales and weigh ice in the presence of the cus tomer if requested. The delivery company handles practically every ' chunk of Ice placed in the homes of Wichita.' In doing this the company aimed -to give added protection to its customers, as the officers of the delivery company realize that, among scores of employes, a few dishonest men might be found. Imagine their surprise, then, when yesterday they Tead in The Eagle that the city commission had drafted an ordinance to compel ice men to do what "the delivery company had announced it would require. The ordinance is worded to mean exactly what the delivery company's announcement says. "Someone at city hall Is making politics toy submitting such an ordi nance, said Mr. Anderson yesterday. In our advertisements we have aimed to tell the people of Wichita of the effort we will make this summer to supply them with clean ice and give them full weight Misunderstandings often arise, but if any customer is not satisfied with the treatment accorded him, we want to know it first Reparation will always be made. "As to the weight of ice delivered, we say that if a careful average for the season or foT even a shorter period be taken by the customer he will find that he has gotten all the ice that he has paid for. It is not always possi ble for the "dTiver to cut the ice so that all parties get exactly what they order. One piece will be over weight. another under. If, however, one person ia given a short-weight piece one morning, that will be made up the next ' . - - "Scales, tested and sealed by the regular scale Inspector, are hung on each wagon. Drivers are instructed to call attention to these scales and to the certificate which accompanies them. Ice will be weighed at the re quest of a purchaser always. In case a man feels he has been receiving short weight more than he ought, a complaint to me will assure him that the matter will be adjusted. "Most kick originate because of supposed short weight A'customer usually thinks that the big chunk is of the correct weight and that he should get one every day." ' o- - TO FIGHT ACTIOX OX DANCE Men Awwtd ef Stag-tag Naughty Show for Cowmen Plead Xot Guilty. Oklahoma City, May 29. B. H Powell, manager of the Empress thea ter, and Arthur King, manager of the Southwestern Cotton Oil, company, charged with procuring a dancer as an entertainment feature of the cattle men's convention smoker, were In structed to employ counsel for defense at a meeting of the convention enter tainment committee, held Friday noon. The defendants who are specifically charged with procuring: an indecent entertainment were arraigned before a Judge of the superior court here. They pleaded not guilty and were re leased under $500 bond. ; ii ..I O ' TO BE BACHELOR CA XD ID ATE. Mr. W. s. Ioty Will Visit Watle Ilae- bad CamixrisnaB. Mrs. W. S. Doty and children of 224 "West Fourteenth street left yesterday for Andover, Ohio, to spend the sum mer with her mother and friends.; Sh wiU stop' off at Chicago and visit her brother. Dr. Vernon Hill, head of the ventilation department of the board of Tvublic health of that city, and will also visit another brother at Ashta fcula, Ohio, who Is county , attorney of Ashtabula county. She says she might as wen be In Ohio, as she doesn't see anything of her hueband since he began his campaign, Mr. Doty is out for county-clerk on the Democratic ticket. Mrs. Doty will return In time for the opening of school &eat epteaber. SSIGE OF ' Clarence Hawkins, Sailor in Uncle Sam's Pacific Fleet In llex- ican Waters, Home For Visit. DOESN'T LOOK FOR MORE FIGHTING Says That U. 8. Shows Peaceful Intentions bv Letting Many Sailors Go Home on Leave of Absence. ..; "It doesn't look like the government expects serious trouble with Mexico or we wouldn't have been allowed to leave ; our ships," stated Clarence A. Hawkins,, quartermaster of the first class! from the U. S. Skirls. tender of the ; torpedo boat flotilla 'which is off Mazatlan on the west coast of Mexico. Mr. Hawkins was In Wichita Friday visiting his brother, C O. Haw kins, of 912 South Water street, and his father, Q. A. Hawkins, who resides ' two, miles southwest of Wichita, while en route to Washington, D. C. s J Mr. Hawkins was in Mexican waters for several weeks. The Pacific fleet under the command of Admiral Howard is scattered along the west coast of Mexico, to be on the spot'In case further hostilities should break out between the United State and Mexico. There are about twenty-three ships in this fleet ... , - While on board the Iris, Mr. .Hawkins witnessed, through glases," ; several battles between the federals and rebels. ; The federals, he stated, were holding Mazatlan, while the rebels had the town surrounded. He saw the shelling of the rebel position by the warship, General Guerrero, . and , the burning of the ship Morelos by the rebels. "The ship was beached by federals and set afire by rebels. It burn-ad daring the night and . explosives stored in it caused several explosions. Mr. Hawkins stated that United States 'ships had no trouble with Mex ican ships. One anchored near the California one night,-but moved to an other anchorage at the request of Admiral Howard. , For fifteen minutes after the ship had moved to other quarters, the propeller of the Call fornia was run at high Bpeed, which created ripplea so as 'to keep away any floating mine that might have been dropped by the Mexican boat The papers, said Mr. Hawkins, were full of fiery articles against the Amer lean' Gringoes. One paper, he stated, was especially bitter against the United States. Thirty men left the fleet the "same time with Mr. Hawkins. The others went to Mare Island, near San Fran Cisco, where they were discharged from service, as their enlistment had expired. Mr. Hawkins is going to Washington, where he will enter the seaman gunners' school In the Wash ington navy yard. This .school' lasts for six months, and is a special course of instruction in ordinance. After completing; his course, Mr, Hawkins will request the navy depart ment: to transfer him to some battle ship, as he wants to go , through the Panama canaL He is serving his sec ond enlistment and has two and one half years yet to serve. SEE OIL GO TO WASTE Government Aarenta Are Shown Why Big Pipe Line la Xeeded. Oklahoma City, May 29 Indian Com missioner Sells and Lieutenant Richardson 'of the navy department, with a large party visited the Healdton oil field, near Ardmore, Okla. - r " Commissioner Sells was particularly interested because 50 per cent of pro duction is from Indian allotments. though his primary purpose in coming was to ; determine the feasibility of a government pipe line from -the Mid-Continent-field to the gulf. The party saw immense quantities of crude oil burning in a creek which had been lost for lack , of transportation facilities. Of 400,000 barrels of oil in tanks in the field awaiting , transportation, 60 per cent of It "is in earthen tanks. The evaporation and seepage of oil thus stored is estimated at from 30 to 50 per cent. The production is now 40,000 barrels a day, or wmcn tne aiagnoua. ripe Line company is .only taking 8,000 barrels a day. STARTS ELECTIOX LAWSUIT. Mattie Jones, colored, who was knocked down with a taxicab that was being used to haul voters in the city primary of April, 1913 Is asking the district court to grant her several thousand dollars damages against A. B. Gibson et al, owners of the ma chine. She was carrying a basketful of clothes at the time of the accident and she was nearly smothered under them. Several ribs on her right lde were fractured. The case was started Friday in Judge Sargent's division of the distrtct court BOJTD CO. AFTER BOTfDSMAff A suit to compel I T. Hartan of Greenwich to pay the Massachusetts Bonding and Insurance company the sum of $3,000 was filed in the district court on Friday. The suit is a result of embezzlement charges against P. M. York, a relative of Harlan's. On February 14, 1910. York, who was manager for the Pond-Comley Lumber company yards In Greenwich secured a policy with the company. Harlan guaranteed the Indemnity-part of the policy which was for $3,000 and payable to th lumber company. After the charge against York had been investigated, the company was paid $X.900 by the bonding company. It Is cow suing to get that amount from; Harlan, who signed the bond. - "V- A " - The Magic Bed Mark X IJ Uo&T&mm An. " a tro i A-ic t' tns f. -0 SW C Srn Urnmm "A willful wdsfc makes wocfulwanU" Dr. Franlzlin. Every dollar spent for an automobile above the cost of a Ford is wasted" Elbert Hubbard. MAY SAVE BECKER FQ3S Is Sentenced to Death, But Ap peal That Stays Execution May Not be Heard ; ; For Long Time. New York, May 29. Charles Becker was ' today sentenced to. die in tha electric chair at Sing, Sing prison dur ing the week beginning July" 6. for the murder of Herman Rosenthal. When he received ; the ' sentence, Becker appeared calm. He even turn ed to friends In the court room and smiled. - - The . prisoner , was taken to the sheriffs office and allowed five min utes with his wife. Prior to the sentencing-, Martin , P. - Manton, Becker's lawyer, cited ten reasons , why death sentence should not be pronounced. He said that an appeal would be filed next Monday. This will not act as a stay of execution; and a year may elapse before ; the court ? of ap peals hands down Its decision. Becker' was taken to Sing .. Sing by automobile in th custody of six deputy sheriffs. o PITCHED BALL KILLS BOY. Struck Over Heart, Oklahoma . Youth Die Instantly. Oklahoma City, May 29. Instant death was the result of a blow over the heart from & pitched baseball for Tom Gilpin, a farmer boy living at Prague, Oklahoma. The youth had no heart trouble. He was playing ball with four other boys on the outskirts of the town.- i The Magic JRed Mark X 4 M Ml This season of the year finds us with odd pieces and broken sets that must go at. prices regardless of profit. An opportunity to save without loss in quality. Mahogany Dressers with Bras3 Beds. ' Oak, White Enamel or Birdseye Dressers Leather Rockers. ' ; Morris Chairs V' Sectional Book Cases. "Willow Rockers Library Tables' Music Cabinets Upholstered Chairs Combination Desks Buffets and Extension Tables. And many, pieces that space forbids' our mention-; ing. 419-421 E. Douglas Avenue THEATER MASSIVE SPECTACULAR DECORATION DAY PHOTOPLAY SENSATION LUBIN'S SUBLIME . WAS SPECTACLE THE 13 OP TREMENDOUS, TERRIFIC VOLCANIC! INTENSE! WORDLESS, SPUN OLCSS FROM 11 A. M. TO 10 P, M, PERFORMANCES EACH HOUR CHILDREN ScADULTS, 10c MORE 1ATT MS Jl VJa mmm WALNUT: Bathing Dcach n. and in splendid coiMiition xyiH bo open to the public. .. .. AMISSION IS L THROUGH Electric Lighted Throughput Wichita to Denver Daily Effective June 1st Leaving Wichita I i 9 :45 .pi m Arriving Pueblo J 11 & ta. Colorado Springs . 1 O1 p. m. Denver -. . 4:15 p. m. call Market 469 or 40, or address, 0. K. BOTHWELL, General Agent Passenger Dept. i 2 More Days' Selling of the f Bankrupt Stock of the Dilworth Hardware Co. Saturday and Monday V We have left 18 Wheels, 1,000 feet Hose, Dishes and General Hardware. The balance left on hand will be sold in bulk Tuesday. i is A m ML, J.T.NUTTLE LESSEE AND MANA6EFO FREE IN OPEN VAUDEVILLE SPECIAL mm BIO POOL OPEN ALL DAY GALORE ADMISSION TO PARK ONE DIME Last Day tot ike Great Bible St err. In . yi etloa Ptetvrea. Mem. Tvee Wed, June 1, 3, S Del BUI. Mly Laaarrry Unr Sawyer la la -j Ht "frla-fcbor's A Dach(r ef Wife. ' the Hill. Afteraeeaa, 330, lOet Xlffkt. T30, 0, lOe JSe. CBXriXR VA1DKVHXB TODAY. ZiOO il8 Sf ATWEB 0AIL.Y 16e eve5 ma IOf. SOe aee e Meale Merr n Hxtmtmrr Girls Mryy m4 Klete '". Ree4 BrM. mV " jrraaUeve mm Vfm lette .-, BMrH - Will rtete- Hal rw Daalet Freaataa Freeevta SARAH DERNI1ARDT la All-Star Cm. Tmmimmlmr "mi ELIZABETH" PHILHARUONY 21T-I 'X. Uwmm A. Aa4Hefia aeafe TOO -P1jm Onraa, rie- f RIO AT AD 4TC BOAT, Mar S, prkc. lOr-. tSe., ae. ta(te-Ar el, !. ftbe-we mi TtSO mm " mmrmr Meftaee, SMu DR. LEATHERMAH CHRONIC DISEASE SPECIALIST Bfni 9 1 tX, 1 l Si f It I a. mm, aaflrt mmmr jm t IS Offices H9 5. Lamsnce . ttm t mm4 Trtrntmrnm TSnratrr 8U4t - 3 The IZmSjg Ztd.lUxkX, mm LI .- " pabk oiv I y prewar SLEEP E R For very low round trip summer tourist rates, reservations and further information, Trrrmrpr a VAwnafi JTU) IWl TMIITh AIR PAVILION MATIIIEE TODAY 2:30 DANCE BOOM FOR EVER-BODY POWELL'S ORCHESTRA HOTEL FLANDERS 133-137 West 47th St. New York City JV9T OFF BnOADWAT The , riajht kind, of a hotel la the right locality. In the heart of the theater district and adjacent loathe shopping cntra. PoaltlTely fire-proof. Esceilent euUIn and in exceptional or chest ra. A larye addition Jst completed, cntsinfng: library, rrlif and billiard halL nikXTiOMEt,T' rrRriiHED BOO Mi, PRIVATB BATH. $1.50 PER DAY UPWARD From Grand Central futlen. cars marked fBroadway without tranafer; Fenssyivanla Station, 7th Ate. cars without traaa fer. , ; ;., .' -.--. Booklet npwa reseet H. 1L SHAnBS. iJoba ftrcwy The Premier : of CiBidi, Gertrude Athmon Beach. Irrio S. Cobb, Alfred XorKJ)" Wolf Hopper, The Bishop of Washington, The Bwhop of KaruMis, Ethel Ladjr :::(jTforjt Winchell Braith, Admiral Bfarir, Octave Thauet, llrt. t. IV O'Connor, Adioovik K Botigka Fairbanks Williara Fsrsara, Coramaoder Era Iooth, Ioma Lehrcaa, Pr, Lynsaa Atbott, IVcrhyti: Stasia are but a few of the xprlmw?d trareHri whose permanent New York horse la HOTEL ALGONQUIK West 44 lb CU tt. Y. mam cAsn WWW ttx . ... I j. jllMt., ,,.,m ..i.M.1 j.i i mi itr. m4 Mra. Cttr wtSi td tJaak th mMBf friend. fr lis afs4.s aiv4 rmpthj thmts. ia itr remt !fj8Bt mn4t9t It n.Ajr WaU tut tvvtm eafc-

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