Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 4, 1916 · Page 10
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1916
Page 10
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,\f.. Graduate of the bes eye college in the world it lasses as low $2.00 U !. \V WHEN YOU BREAK '{•&,-' DON'T LET THE LENS "BREAK" YOU I can save you from 25c to $1.00 on each duplicate lens—quickly and guarantee it to be a perfect match. Open Saturday Evenings. M. iWl, N. :;, :: uni,-.;. CaM, Construction Wort.. !'•< • ! I'i'-i * -, ;"-•! L'nil .in.I :ir<! , tc, lfii!t<,!.l,i,, , illltn.-i. \V. K:- ; v •"«• ?i- The Wrigley way is to make it right and sea! it tight, so -it's always fresh, full- flavored, clean. First Avenue and East Third St., Sterling, 111. Over Obenailler's Store Btll Phone 101-W CORN CARNIVAL Jrirlm, Norili J*l(ir; ^nd. Mcrvyn H>-> «l, fl' . = !.'!! . i'JtlU; 3rd. (ii'O. Mr<*iic. /;,>)(. I, ,,. Ku i Uiri:>-«t l'uni|ikl!i l!«i. J;«s|ii-r Ad- : lliii«-wt'l nrn«. f'.nlt; LniJ, i!t>n. .MaUnirk, \Viunl-j I'atrlt W . ('I.IIH.I; t.'nd. Mntidi> Ali . :!(•!,- ].it< lit- lill itfiail, in <iiM«lt,i!ii !-! ....... 16 (Jalt School, Taught By £ Miss Martha Burns, Won ...' The Prize Silk Flag. 3rd Full AI.|.|«-- •- l»ii,, (ilady II. -st i-..|lc.-il<ui «-f |iliiin hatn, h« lit • It r. Krn«-r>"in; X'tnl, Clady.s Xi« -.ulcr, Ciu - j Mitch, 1'i'itn-h h»-n»_«it«! Ji.'itrli *d in j.;ini;!!ii!n li.v v»-hni-l- -1st* Call, 'jnd. I'- «t fit • . . f i 'on* •' -'. 'inn Wtiil; I, <t 111 ill;«l '-h,-.* >•.-!, !,;IV,T, fMT i.M-riiiK. U ....d-!,!..; 2r,,L Hnvmmiil l.'umri! -»i. Hnitts.ifi; .Irt!, J«»h{i Mrt 'u< . (V«ftH>. ' l!.-.t t i, !,,!„ i \v, atlH r t' .- !>,(. r.ti In «• A!l1i-i!li.-!ii!. \\'....,!^i,l>=, L'lni rtarhi.l.i riiHfii't, W<im|s|t|..; 3.,! <;,-||t . f " AtWeties. iJin-i-tm-H l;,i.'t- i'«t. Mr. f'ri d Hi'-k- f*. KMI'ITHIIII. i'rnl, .folnt I!h-y, tialt; 3ril, Knuik Mt-lh'itrmou. f<«mo. J'ftmiit Sc i iml»! ( ». Children NMnr ami t'ntln •]«.(. \V,..Mlp«i<l«; :'n<l, r'ottio iiml \Vr«)i|«i,l« , .It.t, W>tot|i<|<lr> (U)il fi'nii-r- SftH. , H.-ififlk' -M hi f i:/Vv I'.aci-, Citf* !'tt- ilt-r Ten Vfiirw ••!«(, • \VtHxlHiiti-: L'lid, 'illlt ; .Ilil, i;jt|i I-HIIM. -- K. In v_ ).'J,|; (i.^ r f s ._<4 V ,. r _7 tnt _y rrtT , r _. r . let, :'iu I, \Vi».,i«ii|p; 3rd, Kim-r- '%••• <•!«// n I'.ill IM.I- llovH— ']«t. OnU; Its smoothness and _long - lasting taste give pleasure, while it benefits teeth, breath, appetite and digestion. 1'isil. \V«<»l.».jiir. 3rd, Knierxon. I "ml»-r 1M, \ViHiiUiilc;, 1'iul, 3rd, -lit. ,. ]]|t|l)(JIIM i'l Writing. U'rMlnti. !st and i'nd Htnin)ti>r Cndi-r- i«( \\"i>iti|nid<*. UU.VH Xln<> und c; 2iul, Gait; 3rd, HOVH Fmm If) t<> —— Don't target after every meal. « WRAPPED IN (J0W—Oail, North Htnr, Ki Tf«>ll<nv • mile m'clvi'il ) •>:..' the i'ink N.V V«TW a wa filed an f< Cooking. |.,. M , I .a urn Ity- . t j< r«. KIIH'|>HII: 'i'r.d. fifar*' <!:i(«-vvi»<i(l. "!'' Writing i.f two* of S«'j>« li.v -Jth nnd fiih iJn»d*» ' 1*1, KHs- Knit>r*«ii; 2ml. rims lent »'uk« ,}M, Minnie ,VI|i»n, Km-I JI|i ; IJl ' r ;>n:" ?«ul, I'.iiihni- I ji'TJ7tHi4>, i;ait;| l''*t ji. KtiH't-tioii, 3rd, , , , of Two 8 li> 5th. uutl lll'titlliHI. Cull uf , , llO|X'WI II, 73-Yitrd I>«sh Over 14— Int. UaU; i'tld. S Jail ;_. 3rt|, Jl.Hlhj^ _ _______ ~~SS'i^~UF<v"lYu CJ«lt;~8iid, "BTtu'-rsoriT 3rd. tli>|ir\vH1. l!«i>>' ;',|d, tiuli; 3rd. Hall guim- tv..jv hy Vfllow *Mi-. TIt«< program -of t\vn num- twr* from naoh KUIIKX- IHiiu.iN »ntl'jlVIUUt»i*l<». Choru**— <!«lt • ' ; 1 3r» r < '<'nkii'.« l*i. ls;ilii«l ,lar- uUs jO'iinii., 1,'nii. l-Mwitrd lie-Kilt'. U'-.,,,j. wide:. ;tt'tt, Ilii H;tm»r, North Sisir. <lalt; ami. Allan Atnwtrviij.'.],,. j | 1 " iM ''ij'f!" ji'.'" 1 ?,'"^'"•• 'ij* 1 ' '.'. !i J' 1>M (>; 3rd, Ji»hn'Oerkfii, t.'*«nt<». !.,' j * * " -'"'• *>'''''» l«l«'.\, HOilU of r.irn -!««. flunv '-,"""''",; , , .... i .. , ' fJo't ( nndv - IM. (;miv"i Xi,>! !, in; .no, .loliii .Vit't no, ,, ., '. , . „..,•„.., .mi. IIC|<T( i!!« y, |lo|ti v.i-ll: Needlework, ry. 7th ainl 8th (,'rai|r,s i«t. H'r^.m; 3rd, '.Mamie A s uf "Ttu' ttut.Soitt;" l>j- 7th atiii Stls Int. Huh Hjuimifr. Xorth JJtur; Pencil Drnwing. I! t l'«ii((ll Drawing hy Ith Onulo HOI). Wi'll. won. Mali-are* Cook, KnVr- " . K. "The RickitMltiiw Man"— nV>|»»». H' phorun— Prlnmry Kootu, Knur. ' • iteil Oll'Suti, Jlop(<w*-ll. Uecitiitlun- Murk- Illnrichit, North Slur. Ki'o Out*- ls.t, J 2nd, Allan Armxtri'iiK. Wood-! 1, <!«'orK<" AliuiUrk, Wno«iHhl«% \ k*i)f Whut—lwt, (U'«.|«i' Me- 1 .Cltiit; I'lulv. Ot«orK»' 1 ; Sr«I, K«lK(ir JtlrkU-fn, limcr- ' ' Hltn.'inn, iJitlt. !!•«>»( IVIH-H Drawing !>>• Old ami Gth l " 1 * AtaMlt ' oitmans. Unit; 3rd, Karly 1'otntotH—iKt, t'lj» un; 2nd. Kdwnrd Ut-uan, u '.Vorth .Stufv I'vnt'i.l DrawlttK !•>' 71 h aihl Sth Halrd. Mv <-iyri JJalrd. Marit* Dirks, Km«>rm>n. Lydla Hft-hlcr. Ownn. Host l'l.-t>c <«f I'roohot — lHi. l.salu-ll i. Cottiit; Jml, • Anmi ••Mt>niit*niiu. j •ell; 3rd hucih- IJIrdwill, ! Jirtiilcw-- ;' Wociiixhlf; 2ml, Harry , Ktn- •BE K P i K >di«idi> Wn. Ewt 1* ^^»* , 3rd, Louiho AIi'Hm-iiku, Km-!w»« j 1 at«- I>o(uto«>M — tMl, Mrm-.'-t Ilta-'Nu JfMt SvWiDK tnlii't' of Hu uf 3 J'u.ltun.s and tonhciloK Jn MtiHlIn • ! ^atnc f lk-.s{ Ittt, Nth Wr: . ....._, .^,.,.-..^, Map Drawing. Work in Homo (i«»«>Kni|ih v In- ^ J ONRS sometimes wakc<? tip feeling: cross , , -*._ I __ :.„.&..::: and, in consequence the fa'rni'ly know it .without his telling them in so many words. Mrs. Jones attributes it to biliQ,usness and if it doesn't wear off during the day she gives him a dose of liver medicine at night. The next morning he feel^-feettjsr and she _„ ' , •-u_. --T.--.fcj.. .•.-..-_-,.....-..• -.:: •.-.- .,:.;.--..-.•,-;„• .. :•-., I ^...-. .. _.^-^— .:-..,-•- ::-.-• ,-..::-.., him coffee for breakfast,—-and ,the next morning,—and the next morning. And in a few days Tones has anoiifleY spell. • * ** • , r. Kraft, . Vuour' .Sul«i— stflla JIammcT. North Sinr. Addr*'Ks—l'rt.f, ». F. JU-rnVrlt-ks. 5ealed tight .. . < \**' • ... i • (in.- l>y furn John Mnp- Dear Mrs. Jones means all right, but she doesn't seem to realize that if she didn't give Jones his morning coffee she wouldn't have to give him-the 'liver medicine and Jones would, feel all right without both. ,Housewives everywhere have found out that /»j(w/jr/W#///"lake^^^ 'fast coffee perfectly, And that is only one of >.. ( the reasons why Instant Pwttm has wholly $^ppiantcd.^ the use of coffee on thousands upon thousands o|* American brcakf^t. tables. 7 Addn-w.s ami I'roMii-ntutiou of FinK-.~ iujit. Jl. II. 1'rieo. A Christmas Carol By CHRISTINA G, ROSSETTI Lo, newborn Jesus, Soft ftnd weak and email, Wrapped in baby's bandp By hla mother'^ hands, Lord God of aUI Lord God of Mary, Whom We lips caress While he rooks to Test . On her milky breaet In helplessness. Lord 0od of shepherds ---Flocking through the cold, Flocking through the dark To the only ark, The only fold. Lord God of all things, Be they near or far, Be they high or low, Lord of storm and snow, Angel and star, ' Lord Qod of all men, My Lord and my God, Thou who lovest me, Keep me cloee to thee By staff and rod. - t." Lo, newborn Jesus, Coving great and email, Love's free eaoiifloe. Opening arms and eyes • To one and all! Shoes Instead of Christinas Stockings i Saving UpJFor Christmas drvssixl tiutn iu a Market j, Bfn-t't HIT tfiiUt-nnl conductor a dulhit , bill In (iiiyuii'fii for 'two f»r»>H nnU, rwdvlng his" change, care- A '. fully selfotiMl tho tea cent pi«cc« nnd Uii'in in n Hepttruttt r pockutf "Never Why She Shops Early. "I'm coins ta stint uiy CliHstwoa sh^jijiirtg right now and. got with." HIIId .Mrs. Jours ni thw in bl«. "Ah. to nhl Iho, tirwl ...„.._ Rtul help the iiiovoiiu-nt for i-urly de- Hvertes!" IUT son remurkod Iu tonca of » *' "" •*" " *~^j**»«*»»v j^vvnvi- { '.L over ,\V\v York the fhll.Iren j "From thi- 2*t of Scpti'tubcr until,' ' talk of the ouiulue «>f for IVc.US, but there \vus r tluu« when he tnoro frequently refen'wl to as St. Nicholas, the Unti'h St. N.lolae<«, or of tliat/' was tho reply. "I'm w'futt.t" buy ,- - -«--,.---.- iT*>»»ji.>*i»i<ri«Tivi*,*t<ph*«-|iri t f<, ffi«m«rti*^it.l* ^f\lj t.-Jirlhlnms 1 never ipeml « dime," lit-; all my presents ?it Kmart & CO.'H. mill e\plulne«l to hU eompuniou, • "Kveryi isijojm like thel-s huvi de? * T • -.^.-.g-,....^*,, m+ ,» i jf j nuujm iiu*r IIUM M nu»v u»UHl>HUilcU U*? 1 ? me I jjvt om* I keep U nepantte fromj Hvery wagons. 1 want nil the neigh* iy-other i-haiitte, iiud \vheii»l wet Uatuet (jors to nee Iho wimoim utop nt my d.-posii my dimen In-ono of those! ^^r. Ltist yenr>l hoiiiiht u l.»t of thwao San ('huts. ilrs. Van l{*elner nay.-* s-aMnm hanlis that «!.m't open nntU thinus at evpenslv*. Khops. tmil not ft inlier-llisjoryof New York:*; • Iliey conf.du «|ii. 1 , m) ,,n u of n | ^.j was tM , VinVl , ,,„,„ ,, f ,,, r —Hie nuifltliii!* that our clillilren | ter>' lnr««« family ndtli.-fert to Hiel |p« r ,,lHhp nrlBliUiw kuu\v il«-.v liauirun i'hrteium.H ev 0 were omv the eHr|stm«K I";«;M''.t huhU, mul- homo-j |, aV e come from timne pay h.v tho w««k shoes that lUe chtiili'cii of AniHtenlniu I tlme« 1 am uhlt^vU to jjlve ns many as; KIO^H j n AniBtenluiu set iu the chimney curnow on the eve of IUn\ U. nuU tlie reindeer whose .liotifa our el»IUli*n hear represent the horse, from \Vodi'»'H whose back Bt, Nivholaw HtilL make4 hiti round iu lloliand When Calholl- clsm prevalletl »St. Nicholas wan every-- 1lu> cUUdr«n'4* wjiht. In lloj- tliirly or forty i»rf(s, Uy not my dlmeM I*,eivate a t'liHstuuis ftmdj without really feeHng it.' 1 have dyne) Optlmlitio Thought, tviii, B«4^(» fr i ^? V»ltt^ fl. | 41111(7 ilUttQ I >f p*i»lllpfclV - * f«VM||IIM '\ for several ywus 'nnd Ilnd it an es I '''" (1 ° l^'thliii; IN the hap[ilhe88 of "•* plan."—I'ljllail.'inhiii |{(.,...rii I tlio'"' '•'" land. \vhori; \viix uu«ill- flod by memory of WutU'ti, ffiid of tU«> nud ibis harvest. iu> bud u H«Ul <ij\ iwnmiut' ufT«vtU»u ( wWch |ipri*lsti'd •int.o.l'roluNtitnt Umns Tlio cbildri'ti of HoHiiiHt Mill bclknv tliut hi 1 hrlujis tho giiix that they always gut OH tho .hi* titular day, J)w, tt," ) Tht> (J.-iXi'ltc i'Uii>t> «j(lnx. ht'ln vvnuti'd, fur v Fleet Indian Bullock*. • South IiuilM hiif"'s6im. of tin- fumout lllfle. froUing' huilovkji. "jjainU." 6 ;; HEAD STUFFED FBOW * CATARatfORACOLO \\ Soys Cream Aj>|ili«l i» N'.*>lril': A t>iK'a.>i Air I'asaai;"-* iii,i!;t ! t*. .; ^;^,:,.,;^.^^:;,,, - ,.-,! t r"U<tf •-no .\vtttlni, Vonr /!Dstril» tijH-n riKt-,1 up, t!-«» ;u» puKivip'ii i.f -ysiur hi'atl i.-l..«»>r .nut v«»u can iiroaiht 1 fivirly. 'Nu oiur" lit\\ (>,»>; owing, 'hi-i»(.l:»i.'hi' divh«-S i^ for Id is:iHi ••-,.!( !>>,•!•.( your Vt.'U) or vat itfli iii*;-tt'{>i' u - " (ict H .MM..UI th'- t'.( i;l> a I l< ,1,1 « .-.--f thU 'n vv.-u wln-u full *;.« thiiti a l«w ,|tei iu tight c«rts(. • Clark Mar Jack*on Boulevard ' The Hotel Success of Chicago V Wl ''«»y day hi Cliica^n * can l»«»#t ho maiuiii'ti Io" « Ne The hotel's rveellVut serv its convenience forliu iransartion • of lui«inc-... Iu ami |ml>lir iniiMiu|>^ utak<>. it the 4<]fttl headquarter.-, fur a crowded day,

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