Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 24, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, July 24, 1944
Page 7
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MONDAY, JULY 24, 1044 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Page. Seven Pre-war Clothes Will Be Outdated JCT Post-war Days Sell Now Thm Want Ads tiTiiiillil> Mini Wimlvil for llnlr.v hovi.HO. MUU. lighls, good Announcemehts 'Op.portjunltic^-j; Wanted To Itcmlcr .Service* Wnntoil—1'Vniiilo TEACHERS STUDENTS HOUSEWIVES! ! FULL OR PART-TIME WORK AVAILABLE Making Footwear [hiring bummier Months Experience Unnecessary ,„, Kcr Scwlnj,' Machine for slip cov- «.-r>j and U|>holMtcrlnK. Allen's Up- Ivol.ilL-rinK Stiullo, 1 Grand St., Cor, S. Miiln. Stnbili/.ation rinn. 12 HOOAI UDIISC. All Improvement •nt :21 Aelfnu sitroet. Apply at 3 Ncttleton avenue. \\ imted .To Buy GIRLS For light, clean hnnch work. .Instrument Assembly. Hours 7:00 A. M. to 3:30 P. M. l-uwis .IJiiyjiiOLM-iiiy; Co. 02 RUBBER AVE. For Sale Houses For S FOJl iSALK—Two family house. 11 rooms, 2 car (jar-age and burn. Ail -improvenicnls. Lot 8-1 x 165. At u sacrifice. Tul, 3-5-1U3, Bridgeport. APTLY AT United States Employment Service V2" Bank St. "U'ati'Hwry, Conn. StflblllzfUion Conditions UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Xaiiiratui'lv [.-'outwear Plant NAUGATUCK CONN". 2 ONK-KAMll.Y IIOIINCM uf 4 rooms each, all modern Iniprovomcnt.s, .I'l-c-wiir built, 3 years old. Kcnson for soiling, owner in service. S5.SOQ. li room. 1 family house, all improvements alrio 3 years old, situated on 3-1 acre land, price S-S.CiOO. 11' yon want to buy or sell sec l a ntsy Lubriotii, 17J High ..street, 1'honc 3-lGS or 5S3-.1. Sni.M^L plot of Kroiinil 1 Jio a 1-a -aci-ca In vicinity, of -Naupatuck Writo in care Box F, News Odlco. Lund For Sulo IJulldlnir lot, iao l>y 100 feet on Shirley atrcet, two 'miles from .'NauKdtuck. 'off<'Nc\v Huvcn road, , Price $150. Call Watcrbury 4-1S51. To KOOM ANIJ BOARD. SINGJ.Ii: MEN ONLY. 1NQU1K1C 23 HOTCHKjlSiS• ST.- . .-•• • For Rent lOll Gurutto 1'or Kent GAHACili, 181 Moiulow St, rwir, Inciuire Ralph S. Pasho. care' of Gem Tlicater or Walter A. Nor- wash, care of Norwash Shoe Store. FJN.E evcluNlve record- iuill mimic '' store., One of the iln'ost.,.|fet'he' state. Good store location;. .Qwn- er hi^s other, business. .A.j'ear'.bp- portunity. Box K, in care- bfy.Tho •News.' ' '' • " ; " -" i.'vX">y-'.-'.<- IVU'lflt JIAATGI3VG W, P. Coin, Tel. 0-I5&. 17 mid Cedur Street, Announcements^,, MONUMENTS'. - "'"•'•" Special prices on All'Memorial! IV. RICHARDS 200 So. : Mala St 2(5 Merchandise Feed Arid Fuel Automotive M Autos For Slilo PACKARD .10-10 Willy's Sedan '" ••1938 Ford Tudor "PRICED BELOW CEILING" uckui-vl-Wuturlniry, Inc. S2 Watertown Avenue Dial Announcements Lost And Fount! GNU-FAMILY, li room JJ- cur garage, S-I900-.00. Two-family house, Highland avenue; two- fiimlly hoii^o. .1-load Icy street; one-family house. Spring street, John Healy. US Church .street. Tel. 5031. LOST—In.ilde work, » Iliuniltou wrist watch, gold back, inscribed C, R, E! in the'Waterproof .Mill of U. S. Rubber. Reward. Cull 2201. cxt. 213, Miss Wilson. TWO No, 1 ration bookfti lost in vicinity of BiUdj,-e .street, U. C. Joe -LLsic.iki. Phone NHUJJ. -I3G5. K)5 DODGli Sedan, heater and RCA radio. Good condition, $200. Apply 37 New street cor. Hill-' side avc. Jll'll CONVKKTIDLK Club Coii|i<; Ford for sale. Radio und heater, Excellent condition. Clean. Tel. •IS'M. 311! Scott St. DODGE — PLYMOUTH •AUTHOKJZKIXv; ; Sales Service Parts, Accessories Malcolm W. St;irr Corp. •1SS Walcrtown Avc. Dial 5-11-IG -WOOD—-Buy now und save $5 per cord. Cut any. length and deliv T cro'd. Ml.Sills, Prospect 5-0759 20 Machinery, Electric TKN Cim Milk Cooler—Complete and' milk bottler, A. C.'Anderson, •173 Center, street 1 , . Thomnston, Conn. Tel. 530-2'-after 5 P. M. FOR SALE! ! ABC Washer i Easy Washer Hamilton Beacon Vacuum Cleaner Electric Iron .ORE STOKE Kef rig-orator, ulicci and scales. T. .1. Montamb.-iult C32 North Main, street, Union City. Tel, 2083, Francis Furniture Co. '•1-19 NORTH MAIN STRKET Telephone 3000 Warned To' Buy Household Articles BAUY—Car KOiltH,-1'liiy penti, Imthl- notts, cribs, high chairs, Kantwet mattresses, toys., THIS RADIO'SHOP" ISO Grand St. Waterbury CASH f01 ' Your MUSICAL • INSTRUMENTS, Mecca -Music Co. 203 Bank -1-1422 BANK Hufo dcjiiMit boxen wanted. Highest cash prices paid. Wire collect, 'write or phone what you have to offer, J, E. Murphey, Republic GOBI, 815 Yciitman Avc., Webster Groves 10, Mo. Phonu 222S. Come your Want. Ads. in or mail in MlsccflnncoiiH :ion Swap* Wll.,!",. K\vii[i for what have you~-A complete set, MODERN BUSINESS, in twenty-four volumes. Like new, or will yell for $20.00. Cost $150.00. Tel. 5190. Before 10 n. in. or after 4 p. m. • SOb Muv;ea| JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP We .buy, Null, exchange, and repair all hinds of instruments. Lowest prices in the city. 380-382 So. Main St., Walby, Conn. /ici>:ifring Scrvlcw Appliances n specialty. Roy Decker. -102 N. Main St. Tel. 4000.' ODD .IO» 1'AINTING A, J. Kudzma. Call Maug. 42GC after 5 p .m.- • - • AXXKN'TION ttluctnrfux Owner* —Repairs, genuine purl* and service. By bonded Eicctrolux Man. ,1. Nlsscn, 3 Trrc»a Av«. '• Telephone 4822. GBABOKIU'S IL-idio Repair Shop. Radio's expertly repaired, moderate prices. 'Phone 5017. Services Cleaning- And 3'ru.fOKhioluil Scrviccg BUY. WAll BONDS'AN n STAMPS CltllJS — Carriages, Piny ]Vn», Large 'selection of toys. Lowest prices in town. BtiACON KIDDIE CENTRE 73-GRAND ST. Wtby. KXCKM.ENT KGUI.'IIOI^'J'KIU Ils'G and slip covers. Amazingly low prices. Allen's Upholstering Studio. Ma.stcrcruft - avijsts. 1 Grand St..Watei-buty. Dial -I-OC'iO KIEVMAN'S Grc:it Dry Cleaning Firm", offers its first ckuss dry cleaning not only in family garments, but blankets, rng.H and other specialties in Ihis field. • KIEVMAN'S 76 Church Street Say you Want Ads. saw it in The News BUZ SAWVKR KOY CRANE N.KW 3-KOOM cottage, viicunt; nlso 0-ROOM bungalow with three quarters acre land; new JO-.UOOM 2-fnmily house on West sldo. A Shopley,, Telephone 2-133. HAVING LOST my ga.s ration book A issued me by tlic local rationing board. I hereby file application r c) r n new ono. RAYMOND F. STINSON Tell folks about your room for runt—ustu a Want Art. Motori'ycli\s, Bicycles IJICYCI.IS, very sIlBlitly iisud. l>st $32.r>0. With basket and lock. Camplcte, S'JS.OO. Tel. '2S-I7. List lost News Want articles Ads. fjuickly New Method Threat Miss Air Wave Baltimnrr, Md. (UP) — A r m y doctors fnccd with nos.sibllily of cioninfocca 1 menlnfrltiH cpidcm- |C3 no\v have 1 a nev^', simple com- plfifly n r f o c t i v c method of corr.hntinj,' thp dl.xcn.xc — mast; «d- miwtrniiun of tmlfadinxlnc tablets -i.-t a rnsult of experiments con- | txlcd by nn Army rn c d i c n 1 j Acr and a Johns Hopkins Unl- r.'r.'ity epidemiologist. Or. John J. Phair, associutc pro- itfan- n! cpidemioloKy ac Johns Hcpldnw School u! Public Health ;trc, is '.hi: civiliiin hfilf oC the I'Vfj-man Army commission that hns .xpcr.l three yours seeking .Tifans tn cornb.'it rncninpitis. His Army counterpart is MaJ. E. B. ccr.ocnhfu-h. .Vow York city. They evolved the sulfiidlazlnc Ubitt ifchniqur for meningitis thraish experiments with n £i'oup o.' liv) soldiiii-s at Fort Monde,' Md., nwkinK npnln a disease that liurl.-.s Wiirlr! U'nr i cause be- tu-ccn 3n and -|fi per cent fatalities in some '.nno casi-s, Kvolvt'il Stiindiirfi Dow Anxious to determine how -the m p .".in[;itis organism starts in n (oramur.lty and how to stop it, D" Phair nnd Mnj. Schoenbach tested the Ux) soldiers over n 08- toy period. They found thnt fit any pivcn "me (h;rint; th,- US days the men- ln "!i.< KTm u-as present in. four i ««; of every ID of the soldiers. Ow the entire period. C J2 per Cent °- th" mori carried the perm nt Nile time. Awiiro that had ™» iiwtl Kucci-ssnuly for several J«T» io treat incnlnKitiM. Dr. Phuir »W Mi,jor Schoonhnch worked with wpr.Rii'nui dnsi-.s until they °"i"l that two xrnm.x— n total of fu tablets- destroy ed the fe-crm ' American debut on the stnpo with Frit; 1 . L e i b c r ' s Shakespearean Players. Since, he has appeared in numerous staf;e and screen hits. His recent pictures include "Tom. ' Dick and Harry" and "L,ydia". The supporting- cast includes Dame May Whitty, C..Aubrey Smith, Gladys Cooper, Frank MorOKan, Van Johnson, Koddy McOowall. 1 John Warburton ant! Jill Esmond. Kaymoiul VValb.urn as the KOiilfr father of the A.ITKCI.S and Ed- liio Foy, Jr.. add to the Kcnenil fun with some hilarious convjdy while Frank •A'lbsrtf.on plays Ihe rolo of an inventor in search of a prjtato- pce!ins machine. It's jusi. one of the many funr.y situations arising in .this tune-filled musicomedv.' BREEZY COMEDY LEAD TONIGHT AT THE GEM LAUGH FILM IS THE LEAD NOW AT LOEWS THEATER Jveall.y .somclhlng to get up in the air about is pretty Storeki'oiior. 2nd Class Fninccs Udylr of Slewart Manor, >"PW York. Votrcl the iittractlVL- Wave »t the Klo.vd Uennett Naval Air Station, Mi.sK Iioylc Is flvi' f<'i.'t, .six inches (all, Ims brown hair, blue I-.VCH and ivvieliN JS» ])Oundsi. (Interim tioniil) civilian (Us in better, I have my chance to got results. Between the two of us, we usually can accomplish whatever we set out to do." IMPORTANT FILM SHOWING NOW AT STRAND THEATER Angels uomccly '" " . . Df - f'h'iir pointer! out that this »i»M "" u '" uld KrvMy amplify P'oMcms Df Army doctors han- J"~ ^'"'i-'i 1 Ki'oups O f men. The •J.,°' * lll ' ! "l''ii!inf; now does not iin'ri"'" lh ° tl ' el "ondous job of , " tnv °IH "no or i wo persons in «mp i,f several thousand men, nnion^- a k .,. oup of iSC ,| c i| CI . s on j-^PMh.p, fur example. ' doctors can adrmnist..-i- r 0 iir tablets of tr, c-ach member of pro P»!i>l <•'"»[) with assuran ce ly Ch(-ck.;d. Clln '''"t rat... that tiny thereby meningitis is of fatalities only about three *»t»i W;th thu 'I'sease. approxl- n-L y """-tenth of what it was •K the i-'i,. s . vvorld War. > '"I 1 . 1 / --"'Kg/it Control ,_' "'"'.>• s tivo-nwm commission itiN was credited in Jtine, u '''is assigned to invent!lures of control as the "tfinr ,k r>c '"' (;tl < n army camps Up *• '"c winters of 10-12 and Urn , ic • nncl TV ° ck - v - 1: - .' u, '''"kin """"•"' sr| n'!y-halred Johns !!;i, r n " <' n <:to|., formerly a Rocko- 'oiirul.-itio,, scientist, plea.s- ioclin C( i any credit for a 'J. pointing out that fiul- , _"•'"! boon used for trcnt- icningltjj, long before he •Schonnbach began their .S. " e ^did tv, ""'lion Army-civilian com- fcj , ° n tho two-man mcnin ? '(jti, nirniM!t ion made an Ideal TtJ' ^'ks perfectly.- ho said. '• »•»„, ?° n> "" ;h c " n KOI what 15,;, n his capacity as an '' ai) « on occasions where a One of the most important focal points of invasion news today is tne White Cliffs of Dover, those white-chalk faces looking out upon the channel toward France. These traditional white cliffs have always been a fortress of security to linglishmen — their "Statue of Liberty". Today these cliffs'"unbroken expanse are pock-marked with cave and tunnels, where, according t the recent news dispatches, fami lies have dwelt for years. Man} a youngster knows these caves a: his only home. They provide lection against the taxis', range cross-channel shelling am shelter to more than a thousanc persons, Dcop within them ar llrst aid stations, canteens, sleep ing quarters find even classroom. 1 for the children. It was, however, Alice Dunr Miller's poem, "The White Cliffs,' which set into operation the machinery for M-G-M's picture "The White Cliffs of Dover," now on the screen at "the Strand. When Clarence Brown, the studio's- veteran director, whose classics -include "The Human Comedy", "Ah, Wilderness" and "Anna Christie , read the lovely lines he knew hc had material for a fine and significant screen drama. The story is laid in London and In the ancestral home of Sir John Ashwood. whom the heroine, an .American girl, marries during a visit to England in 1014. Irene Dunne takes the part of tnc American girl. Miss Dunnes characterization covers a period beginning at the outbreak of the first World War and continues to •he present time. It demands change, not only in her outward appearance, but in her spirit as well. Particularly in the lattci scenes, where she SOCK her son follow in his father's footsteps and march - off to the second World War, Is her portrayal deeply mo\- 'Alan Marshal portrays tho younfr Earonot, killed just before Armis- Dny in the llrst World Wai- He was born in Australia and it wasn't until 1928 that hc made his Paramount'*) "And the Sini;" is a breezy musical which movie-KOCI-.S found very much., to their likii]'.cr last ni^ht at the Gem -tlio-atcr, where ii also is playinff tonight. Featuring Doro- Ihy Lartiour, Betty . Mutton and Fred MacMurray, the film tellj the slory of four prcLly Ansel sis- tors who meet up with conniving band-leadci: MacMurray. The two members of the sister quartette beside Lamour and Hut- tor, are Mimi Chandler and Diana Lynn, a particularly potent pair of female charmer;. Singing' is nut tile girls' idea of earning a living, but MacMurray changes their minds after borrowing their- savings and then doing a disappearing :ict. Fred gets only as fur aj. Brooklyn with .his bund, however, before he is set upon by the iralo sisters. Reaping peace i nil-lie family, thereafter, brir.'gi. sonve of the scream- ingly funny incidents at which audiences howled throughout, the picture, The laughter resounded again and again as Fred kepi, his romances with Bc-tly and. Dotlie goir.-g at the samu Lime. . The final chapter clears the air hut not before Lhc talent'-- of the Angel quartette are displayed "in .song arid dance. The' Missis Hutton ;md Lamour warble tunes from Ihc pens of -the Euz'kc-Vaii'Hcuscn 4'on K- writing duo in delightful fashion with the riuartclte with some of the sweetest liarmony heard in a lung'lime.. . • . . Hold on to your heart! Har.g on to your 'funnybonc! "Four Jills and A Jtiep" is now on the screen of tho Loew Poli theater on the musical highway to hilarity in a nonstop riot and hold-tight roimnce. And from all indications the movie-goers of this city are in for the entertainment ride of ;i lifetime. The 20th Century-Fox story of the very merry, musical adventures of four gi:-ls who set out to sec the world—the hard way—fca r lures Kay Francis, Carole Landis, Martha Ray und Milzi Mayfair, with Jimmy Dorscy and his Orchestra. John Harvey, Phil Silvers and Introduces Dick Haymes, radio's sensational singing .star, Alice Fayc, Betty Grable, Carmen Miranda and George Jesse!, who acts as master of cei'emo.nics, appear as the film's guest stars. The star and song-studded hit is based on the adventures, romantic and otherwise, Kay Fi-nncis, Carole Landis. Martha Kayo and Mit/.i Mayfair encountered when they took their show to our fighting boys in lii-.gland and in the -foxholes of North Africa while on their now farnour tour. On the screen it is the maddest, merriest safari a funsomo foursome ever made...the "gayest, grandest adventures four jeep happy girls ever mat. lierc's .swing, fun and romance enough for u • dozen pictures, rQllcd into one grand entertainment that will double you up and triple the most pleasure you ever had. Happily enough, Evelte Kiiy. glamorous Carole, madcap Martha and Pert Mitxi arc cast as "themselves," enough for anyone. PRIVATE BUCK lucky to have a .' - . vcwdevilloj" who used to be: f VES, MAJOR YAMASAK1. AH, SUCH CLEVER DISGUISE. fORMAMVWA* (TARE My AMBITION ME FEU A NATIVE. NO SAVVY ON61ISH SO/ THIS 15 PRISONER VOU THINK YANKEE SPY. 006. SO MAPWISR WU. W HERE S THAT SEC RETARYOF MIN£? EASY Doesir; ETTA/WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? I'M IN NO MOOD-- [I'M GOIM'V WORK TO DO/ y -AfO •OMLY HALF I- TWE HELP.' SECKET AGKNT XD ROBERT STORM THIS 15 BELL...VES, ROXY -MADE A BFEA* AND I. TASGEP HER WERc! I HAVE ONE OF BLUE-JAW'S NI6NT 6UARDS, PRISONER;.. U£ TALKED, AND GET AVOID FIRING INTO CORNER Of «OU5E...S-9 CAPTIVE IN THAT SECTION ! '.1 .THIS \S NELSON WOODS, 4BOUT TWO YARDS NOfZTH-£45T OP CMAKUie. gg.U. 16 " SCO WORK, L! kOW MA IN IMS PLACE? HAliNJiY GOOGJ.K LftUUSV (VVE^U T CAN'T (YVftKE NER TWL OUT'N IT- LOOKS LIKE OU HEN TRACKS TO tV\E.!!! SHOULON'l NO TROUBLE IT OUT THRT CftSE !'! 9UOOQNEO VWIF JOV VOUEN 1 GOT VERE uerreR FRO(VY SNUFFY KITT ;>ncl CCARKXCK GRAC I TO;-].THE PROTECTORS "' •TI-1E.CPY5TAL DOOR IS THERE .- UNL'-ER THE GOT TO CONTACT TIMAK. NECD HIS HELP AGAINST DRATDA.' CAN YOU MAKE \v.\r.i.r nisuor ITS ARMV CUT AUL FORBES C^IT IT ULMTrt HIS '<SRA,NDPAv*j'S SWORD/.' ii i

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