Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 4, 1916 · Page 9
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1916
Page 9
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.^II^d^iMiti!; JiMili.gMIl!!^ Mill-. *pp-»~ A TRIP ABOUT THE TWIN CITIES WILL SHOW WONDERFUL IMPROVEMENTS IN THE WAY OF NEW STORE BUILDINGS, HANDSOME'NEW RESIDENCES AND FACTORY EXTENSIONS i* Jftru! rtoM^fi j-«>ar rtHfl t ft will vontfTiit' 1 fn-% will show this Ilk- . City. Th*> rity b:i-= fi Mr.e^ U-rrifurv t' wmreivf 1 thf Ktrrwfh l*-j*s a riil<- ov"r th«« . t-n. The vacant !»!••• tip and h' rf nm! t Tn£Ml«>rn r*>j»idenc« -s !> add* to the I»"!i0t\ •< CountinK thf-m, fii'- h'»m«-« «iir|iri.*»-* i<i\r- In the husiww j»' ft number »t m-w fl:(! ..!|.' .',.., - rrf *»!'- ?I>VV" rritir.- riu i- r,r* !..'ini- (• hrj-r- nt?'* r-:> Ilil! 1'!! ttx'tTt • f !);•• i i!\. »f ttinn ,,f t)ii' «.),,(<•<: have f»ri»ct«"(l mid «'XI<TIH|IIII^ m.-i,lr. ntiil they ;irc riitht up »<> (lit- rnitmie. In the factory tit bw>n ffinsidf-rablc <• strii't thi-f«- h.'inne" !unl « Ml-' •t ilt;- .. i-ik- ; misfit _ TI *-t*f- . !fl,t! l"|M<!l Itl'W i-itr, 1.,-i-n Si-V - 1 h.'iv,- ] nllf : Th« Carolus Extension. Am-'ii'is O;r- rrK'r*' 1 r-. r-'ni !,ii>dri..s ,(ixtr|f.-t W tbi- t-^ti C.i ri:it>5... >I jnufatitm inr Cuti !> l.-raT' it ill*! ti.i- k '.f tti< r<-si..l»-!i. • .'f I>r. W 1'. f fiU.-llii: »•!) th<- ,'lll<-<,. Tilt hi * ii ni"ir d'liitiJ'il ti'fitji.f) r.f dii' two-st.ii 1 > . str tin; OYIT ojif" hundred pi t r.«,»w !fj-iM it h.'f'! tii-fur. The Bash Store ft!! t]'t ; till! l\OMl Fit*' I'll <n !-••«! thi-ro has hr-ffi M.-I ty Httli- brii'k builditm »fn- ;ltl(l tttetity f, «'t VVid'- Mini \< Wiif'K lliUl.". i-i,.fTi' •;ir.'lo- • t>l:l>; 5n rhr t,f !>!(• vvhuJi >• ,'i'lid <. MIH! l! lei- by t ! i < iv- !!' t'lf, < ' 1 • !l I ,s* 1. . , VI !M !>•<) :r v .i'b a . :idd- m.'tc r r* i » i I h; ? u In.'.h <|.-).Mt V.f if, •-ujji btu.k .huii.-if. ...Mr, J'o>\r-tj. li;u- i.-v t .'( (;"/• n !,.ii : .-.--v in -Sf'-i'!i*HT •'!!<•! V ••<-:!il\ tii ».;••!•! tn-i|c. AiTH'tut: th* :i »\utn- •i.-r >.f MihM.-inU.'il r}"-!'!'-!-"''-* f"- (!:i< nit fi|> f'--r t' (.iirj""-.-!'-* l.« si «l<>ttliN i itnt M ,.n l-',iithth avf nil'' li<"tw«>»n S' 1 ' - ..:i.i ,1-ul Tltir.t !:. \t trli!! H!> iv- >•! ••', f >,- . i.M 1,'T' ('!-..-p l!r Sterling Leather Company. \r?!.,r,- !i,i ruAy.fst fulH.-epns it! t!)<- ;v n- tli<- .StfiH , , ; ,, .„ ;,;, nr :ii:.| . i mix i r,j(.ji< anil tifiniller plf»nt. In '':•• <•;!'{.' :|. • JKSv; the titltliliMi: Wil« <ltVl'1fd HJ> \\-.\\ I..' t\Ji.«t.• -irn.-rii t<>«. All <'.f tht-se |>artiti •fi, i jm.tM « ;ii .'"• liiiv*' in < n tskf-M out ftnd f>ncfl of '.•Tk >« • i.tripl-!. .! f"iir r-t->rt>"? i« now one InrRe t» i-; u!i(t.'-r«t(iud that* the machlr KH (ilnnt l* to be run by rhor ... 't<.r« In th«> nr-nr ftiturf, !l'l !tt - T-,l?,l!" ! ! il "^; ! Th * C, A N. W. tmpr*vim«n^ ; .....Tiu:...«_'.bicn.ifo... &_. Jlorth .Western . .-,...„... L- . ~ -V- T T-t- -~ • L ^^•••-- n\ !\t,'.'.. iV^.,.1.1 " : " ' \\".<ll.-n-'.. ••!•'••!. tt>rm«-rTy .nvn»-il Iiv Tfi»- . ,,.„,( .. ( , ri ,. lftf) y j,, t ^ Ii i>. !>..itn:. . ti^tj.n....* uj.i.j.ttf.f k- * '(.itti'un v T)t*- i'^- - - t - • ^,,...^, t , rT ' Tf i ' - - • ' - v ; rn*'ii' v .IH ?^lt?rTiTiK * , ^ Uiat win iait« f th- vtni.'tun- i- bf-inp t-,rn , n( , x) Bfimm ^ r ,,, c ,, mp i etf .. The .t li« >:l -" t " m'tru <.*«><»l <• Wh.nfh-ld, in '"' I.-'M.- hMvi 'JT.-t »*-t! «.;i \V.--t - -!*ii>n!h i: "' ji ' m'tri* <.'«.<»l Ji',!i.«.-s, r«!»Pf of wM« h tln'-'.iu, t>< MM- n :!•,•«'•!«,(•• ]ni!.ji. is thi- Ir/mi ui«- siiirt. i tu- IMI Mr,,' (W,.',.f th.-m !.r.- bM, : k'.:,Ma'.,n,- '"• b:is -,J.t: Mi.-\VI..-nn..M.h:i-: ,.f-. t- •,,|.-'ni Mit;h\v.-.v I,,,, ,.„ !>„• .<*;•• (HI,-,! with ,->Mly miicbi, .if -.;,,«<-.. ( ni,. .,ti W».-*f Six?!, "4i-(-(, '" r - i;l " "'^ '""'•' K '" ^t'-'istisi [fi- j.;»<» n< r of |-,,vitti .»Mi«nf ,-isi.l Thin! .Mi--.' f-miL-iiix will x..,.n !mv* ^1 ;-i uf .1 i r. tu ._,., ani j r,.rri't,l^l«"l t" .^tiit the n ,\vtj » 1 i,<!''-Irtf-s,^f;! 'i? it" tit-mi whi<-h ltt(»iiri-!« Hs fticcPSR i':'is•••Irdtr iMii-Ji' is tht- (hi- start. Ttu- tiulltiiiiK will bf r-r\ and -the its |t|:tnt in ptnn«« to tnkf carp of the BUI water which rom^.H to the tract ar thf '< arid oa r<a«t to thr> fr* 1 ! <1»'pot. There will IIP considerable r-y. ^pcnt in fHHnjs . In with dirt anil northi-Kfii of thp station. With' ••rmteniplnted improvempritH It will, to the appennutr* 1 of thp properly metiHcly and will cowt a Kr*>at lhcri« •»>»•« iiniKirlnnt KI«'«I!I slmw Km h.f f.irU f.> Hi** ritv N k'-<-|>in»: ;ip.n •• 'wild (he «n»:itl. H i>- -t. Whili' H tlm«-«. Twin City War* Hoti**. it jnnotiK th,' iiiisi!it'«« the t \Vftr<- st y<-!ir, I* front int: T xv iti A 11 v? i« it \> i~ a yr Rnd the North \VeHfi-tn. nubntant)nl ftnu i ntc.niul deal of ground, tuivlnM t 'for the storing of K<IO,K tton of it hn« been rented by tin- Twin City I'rodure Cornimny whil"* ih>- re- rnalnlnp pnrt i« li>uj«ed. by (he stei- HnK Wholeiiale Urneeiy. ed at a ro.««t 'of'twt*t»ty i tfn> ulil \Mindftr on, j fur lifty y.-;ii•«. [ The Sterling Foundry. AtTii'itu ih,' ini|iniv<'fiH'n!H ,>f th»- fall :in,l \vmt«>r in Illf f.-ietnry dtstiicl i>(but nt tht- HtdlitlK l-'oundty ext«'iin|,'ii bf-iiiK Ih'' Jiilditlon of a loom fifty f,'t't s<|ii.'if!' on the cast end of the old build- j ' isotid floor«jin«. Thi« foundry bn« been rniinaijcd ! A 1,'irur por-jity (be |>r,'nfiit OWIMT. Kred llmn-tm, | ..... ..ti Ivivt T.-tith ^-ti.-it. nnd ..!)• ^'" Hotno, of t liftn ;HI- -•.., |.,,, 1: ..t |,.,,t vtim.-r .-ind s| l inn. V \\:t< t '• '•!)• •- "!"-';'< *<•". «.-:! ..f tin |i-ill |i.-tr){ • h:i\ >• tii-i ti i- -iii-«-,-t :ih-! (bi-v show f--i t h< -rnst-K *-s' <..!t«-.l :tml »it;ob- nvi-r on the ii»<nd'-•! RocW Fall« Mfg. Co. m ,,,!,^,,i ||,. ji:,., : j,,^t -t;ii I. i! :iviolli.-r ''in- 'if t'h.-m i;- tt:t- I ,-.xid,-ii<-r> of Mrs l -ilid il" ixitsidi- xvt<« «HU,'M-.|. tn;ii,!tn; Thi-'lJf'rK l',lll« M,-inilfu< t HI Itlt! t'nrtl- !i..ii-.- ti.:ir hi- i.\vn i..n,|. H-. l!"> -\V.•..<!:,, lutilt :it ;i f..*i uf scvt-n .1 ttiu- i!n|.r».vi ttn-nt l» ii.i* l::nl .oldi-.l jiany is one of tlifrnost widely known .1 j; M.-Iji i- ••••).• IHK; .i h itii!-i'tn»- ilnll.-it-.* .itsil I! i-= tut<> i.f M>>- a c uninsii.HouH |»ori h rotnint.' ."'i' l" ' ni:iniifj»rt urini; ,-oiu-< i tn« In Sterling/ Its hi-!--.- i-i-.t i-,.:! ,.f the i'.i-t ofCir.' mid .«»»•«( h:ind<i"tne bonv-M in thi- ,ity. jthe ..rri'-ei A laiK»> ntimb«-V" "f thi- out iiut -.runti! t'ntH-ral ,'fir-t COPS from. Th«- t;ill whre IIOUMO nnd the I IK-III.—I tSi.-- Mti-i-t ft cm r. !stt;i! |i;irk. ; Another , |o.«o hv was put up for the: .-tut n t..ini«;i« i?:i.«Fltu;r iHis %viy --t-p' .-in,-- *-nd of thf country to the other, t brewery <-onn«Tti.'d with It, *r It i-i of btii-k, two Ktoti,-v hiuli. with ; saitii' ;tin<uifit. H>' h>« eff-i-Sed fwo'wtth l-.indl.>r,l IJtii-kworth ;It.« larnf f;u-tory on K:ist Third street j ypnrs IIK«> when Stirling- wad vt.m.'thitu; IK-VV itt tin- vv;n ..f the sen- i "liter* on the same slt--rt -if a <•,.*,( oft Tin- tnirrior of 'th,- off I, f of /"TlK'. hit* be*-n rftnodt-b'tl in the past few j , t «,,m si/.e of tin porch Thi- rt sit),'tirp $4f,ot>. Another houn,. h,- ••r^ -ted for \Vb»l,'~alc Ufi",-r> < 'omt»!iny IH now months ninkimr It into n niii'-h morel On the Brewtry 8it«. (Contlnufd on pajti> 121« otilv for few >e,ir.«, hut iti that time larn. John I thi» conntrtictlon. it hilw ln',-11 wmked up until it it on,' if thf> I.-UKI- foiiiidrb-s In this ffftlon. < It was erect - j With the, t-\t>«iiHlon It is now n build-• thousand dot-line two hundred and ?*v<>iity f.-d hum. j, It '.up<»rintendenti'd xcvo lock sUuwa wuttd'Tfiil improv Acadohiy of Muiic. Thi» plcttir* show hits pnt*f»»^l (he experimental ntnic' for It IIH to »tay ulont? with the tuitomnhiiV. and . and iiver flt'l.'- fc.-! wide nnd il em-j ploy* a liirM<" nninber of f)r><t--fliiH<i I rrmtiMr-rF. — Johtr l-'iiWT-r^ hni't th*" rrfTi-- (rac't for | be cret'tlon of OH' «ti ii'-tm e.: The Paving System. Wblle thi' two pavliiK H>'Nlcni>t of!' StorlltiK city will not hn romph<t<-d until lati- ni-xt xtnntner pint, of the work' from the little dingy ulure I-OOIIIM where hn« IHTII completed ihi« fall. Th,- pav-; the tnovi«»H u«,'d to be exhibited, theilntr sy/ti'inrt contain thirty-Mix bloi-kn, j Manager* ar«» now rnnkbiK il n n.-al All iw to'be urnded. four inch of <«on-| and have )i,-i'ti expending a sum of money In mriklnu them in tMMF_(>«.lp end OeorK'' (ireenmiKh IUIH rented tlu- large room mljolnlng M* plcttirc houne. The Orahd han ntartod to make ntt rx- t*HKl«t) to hl« alrRHdy larj,-e Imuse. The patronftKR dem«n<J» lnrK«T room, h* nay^. nnd whi»n h»» complftf-H the H % .wlll "!>«• vi-ry jifiv, comfort- and attractive. - * Htndrhtkt Drug Company. With th« r««moval ,«>f thi- Wync- D*»VCT Dry Good* Company to UM nc!w locution, in thf early HprltiK.-Tin* Hen- drlckn Druif Compnny Htartcd nt once i-rt'to IIIIKC lull! nnd the lirickH laid o'n ; top of that, ami to crown, all' the hricks! • preparation, making an excellent pnv ItiK imil n jmvement which will ntiiy. Th« Hilger Brother*, . Iwite in the wumme'r HI!KI>I; brothiTH! < of thin" city bong Iff—the btilldliiK on, KlrKt avenue iiiN-whlch the KetnpjttT 11 KartiKe WIIN loratetl. They have torn i down the old Mtrnrtuiv ,,oti ll« 148X-I8! feet lot nnd xire erecting a new build-| iiiK of bric-jf, It will l;e a Rood Kiib-i Hti'uctnre when It in finished, j The wnll.s will be hltth I'lioujib to have 1 ' a i-leurn'm-e of over twenty feet to tin*' to ntnodel th«» *ntlr«» «tore fit the cor- ceiling.- The lots were bmiKht 'at tit ' n*f of Thlnl »tr0«»t and I-'Irnt avenue. u-o»t of nearly tenjjHniwuid dollurn and! TJt*i^~wa»"irirrwHt'itenl~Af"TTinnFf""eX-"flh7^iriinnri^ pended tn thin work. The- front wan nearly HH nitiob. Thlw will be a good I- lh« interior mnde over from adhlon to the city. - ! The StoccMe Coal Sheds. At the time (he new ware houne wan Mtartqd the coal Hh«dM at W. A. Hto«nlJli» M J ThlsTtofe is a Real Mecca For TOse Who Seek Men's Gifts W E'RE entering the present holiday season "crimed" for service—for service of the season-primed kind that means shopping ease and tl»* Ua*ement to the roof, arid the company haa now u very modern structure, Wyr»e-D««v«r Company. It WM not until rnrly thi».>'«ar that, had to IK- torn down nlortg with the old, th» Uuml und handsome Mtor*- --ijTv/5.,5--—.—-rs--- PryO«K>ds...6om.' ;,.|«iny'-|in"rji!tri"t.'«yVniiB was rtjady for Th* bulldlnR wan Hpecinl- the compuny. and it jint what want, _____ Tq« r6om» am llRht and airy. It In nn* of thfc flne Mtort* of the city to t^hlch HH people can point with prld«. ' Th» Kannally Block. , Thcr* ban been, nothing done; in re- that huit' licon <M*-<t* an Improvement to West Third Htm*l iu< th« (paring do>wn of the old utructure and thp erection In Its of a 'modarn struct un- of brick and marble. Th* bDllding^ aru two hljfh, and four Hlore* wide. Thry are war*- houMt' on th« propvrty occupied by DavUV JMuriflt-ld to inuk«- way for the new *trurtu'n». Mr. Stovckle th*n cleared awiiy iht> ground enxt of thp old wuro house nnd fsrectetl nt connild- erttble »xp»'iw> KtuHlM <»nc> huiMlr«>d t<M>l long. They ure handy -nnd.cloMe. to hl« office, * - " Simpson Lumber Office. .A great chanK* hiiH.'bwn made In'the office ulte of~<ht' Klnipmui. I^urnber and Coal Company I for the old and ware hotiiH.' are now of the i>i>M and In thi'ir pliicc may lie Hei-n an office ' in keeping with 'the volume of h«tlnu tninnncto<l by this firm. - " . . Illinois Northern Utilities Company. For n 'Krptit mitny yearn the offle* of the Illlnoln N'urthfrn IHiltlex Idetil placen for many klmln uf !>uHine.Mn, pany w«* on Fourth street, the ticket *Tfte four store room* with 'their prett> 'front* add* much to that part of the *tr«et* fiitt National Bank. The 8tockholder« and board of directors of the Firwt National Batik of v Bterllng hUVe ey«M for lieauty and fur that which in ornate and artlHtlc, Th *r» not «ttl«rted. with the old interior conntruction of th<> bank building Once It w«» thouKht to ln> very mod'," *rn, but tImeB hftve-' v hun», > ed and write- .mine more up-to-dnte IH desired Therefore arrangMni'ius have been 'made for it general t earl UK out of the old. fixture* »nd them will be put In their place* »oinotblni: that i* decidedly 'up-to-date and Htrk'tly uiotiein tin provement haa already been started. Th* Chester Stpro. 'AH long back aM-rnont of the Inhah , Hants of Sterling can rt'inember there htt« i)«en H dry goodn xtore. where j. K. Cheater pry (Joodn Company IK located, on the corner of Third «trt't-t and l-ocunt a tree 1. Only (hv varly part of -luHt wan ttio i-eniodoilng of the new J, K. Chester Company utore 'completed, and th« beautiful . display wipdowa thrown open to the public and the many other iiv the in " - turior m»d«. The trade now "Kmis one of the moat complete dry KOOI|H wlorw in .northern Illinois it I*' certainly an attractive Manflsld Store. of the eye *»ur«-«s of the 'city for year* wa« ttie rickety uld on street uut-d for. many yeans as *, bittckumlth shop and a feed slu-U. Tlilujwati «U1 changed Inside uf .a few munth» after it wan bought by David , Manfleld, thf junk d«a.ier. He' bought the entire block. The old etrui-tur** have b*«H ra*»ul and their piiu-es art; ^ now rtiled with two brick building!:!. Th*> one ne»t to the alU-y, near thc« Flock feed utor* i« a handHonie two- Otwry .Mr- .Manfleld js himself in hi* bu#itie*»', und ut the other end of the'iut i» u turnd «ued hbtcktupilh *hi)p. while the land back i# piled wjlh thousands* of ton.s of o|U Iron, ,.' „ V«n l?» Mark'* Restaurant. e. £1. Van t»e Mark bw» been very tlitfoftunate with tlrvt, in the paM few years and hi* buHint;»s hax been de- •troytHj Itt this nittiim r many, times, but every' time i'heonix litoe Jitv- bus ri*fn from the »»he» with ktvater determination to »turt UIH-W with u l<L-t- »4ructur» erected in the p.l.aee of the office at the Corner Drut? Htort> on Third »tre«t, and the freight office on the. corner of West Third utreet and H avenue, Hy renting thin la«t nt*n>etl building in KM entirey the company lias coniiolldated the three, and the large office room ha«*been fitted up to meet the demands of the company. It ' within two or three blocks of the action—service that insures a hearty reception for your gift. Our stocks are little short of gigantiCj wemention the fact not to give you an idea of vastness so much as to impress you with the fact that ea of selection naturally acoppanies such a showing. We're telling part of. the interestiiig story below the other chapters lie in ISing the merchandise itself. Choose'lT Fine Bath'--Robe IT heads the list of useful things to give a man — your ^choice could plant and about the name dihnsm.-f frunl the lower electrical plant, : The improvement is very marked. Many New Residences. . Sterling ha» had a., line jtrowih in the past yearrand the erection of ' hiui'd- *ome and costly re«ldences will verify* the statement. They are «cattfcr*>d all over the' city and one rnusr drive 'ovwr every street and avenue to discover them all. Such a trip will aiwclone a large number of regulation bungalow* patterned after the famouK h<ihie« nt southern California.' There have «l»o been ereeu«| a number of more cowtly homes. JHOMI of ihetie. IIUii tli« bun»a- low» are of 'modern architecture u,ntf make the_city beautiful ~Ear3Iy be wiser or more gratefully received. We're showing them at every price from $4 up to $15. Cravats are Acceptable * pRAVATS are sure to be welcomed—no man ever has too many. Vast displays here—each packed in a separate box, 35c to $2.50. " . Give Him a House Coat LIE wants one—he may not think of buying it himself. You'll be filling a vacant spacfr-tB-Ma wardrobe if you give Mm one for Christmas, Great stock of House Coats and Smoking Jackets here at $5 to $15. Why not Shirts? THERE is nothing more practical— . l • a gift of Shirts will always .bring a hearty "Thank You." In our^tocks are Washington $1, Gai-field $1.50, Lincoln $2, Silk Shirts $3 and $4.50. Give Gloves or Mittens THEY'RE always pleasing •— and acceptable as nothing else can be. Lined Gloves and Mittens $1 to $15-~ Dress Gloves $1 to $3—Auto Gloves $1 to $5. Give Him Underwear A sensible gift like Underwear is more acceptable to the male members of your family than anything else. Our stocks include the best 1 brands such as Munsing Wear and Stevenson Bros, at $1 to $6. Here are other Practical .Gift* Suggestions • •'• (PACKED IN HOLIDAY BOXES FEES OF OHAROE) T to i'orhapti Jhe most ornate and mo«t modern in dexign of the new home* lit Sterling IH the one of Mr, ajrwl Mr«, W. I*. lietiHon which was wtarted year and tlnixhed last sprinsi It IH -a very beautiful affair *tnd attractK every passer by. UB tiunkeh gardenu, and adds to the beauty. This beitutlful IIOUML' and jjrouiuts "are on Locust street. A J. Frank finished » huiulwome home thi« opting. H too, i« oltuuted on Locust «troet, and • Ut complete In every detail and Its Interior l« admired by every one jwho haw M««n it. Kred Hehrens tliose u beautiful wpot on .West Third street fur'the'erection >f~a-large bungu|u.w for bin fu in it- It l« located near nature's own U|(d the trees in tin* 1 back ground add enchantment to the whole. It I* modern in evejfy re»pect and is one uf he tjooU houses' of the city. I'ohtma&ter t \. &|, flavin'lnte»d». to lav-e a flue hun»e iii-the near future, lt» Delected a Kijsinly piece t.f land.on xMn'tiit wtreet and the new • houxe lie las been having greeted itt nearly flu- __ uu toy any. 'in u nunii-l iv*ijiuiant, ;uid Mr. Van l>« Maik hax a T«-r>- The Harden'* Music Start. ry t>iu> will r.-nu-iutivr ih«- <u.s- flre vt l.i*l winici wlm-h d.' ; (^ |«ut,ii »turt- iiwd stink vl Hard*tl. llu- niusK- tJiaUr wii Third U>.*' duuiagw Ut'iu' tu .the It itt of brick und tlie huuw i« mtterned after de»lgn» which s »UK family. The huwitt; is o be a model for convvtiiuhc* and will' nuke w .home thwt will he u credit ti* h*« town; ' --• . * • ..... : ...... " - T. R. KubiiiKon built u btuiKuJuw on iVetit Kuurth Ntivet lhar w;<* admired ty KH tim^y i(w»i4(|s.that )H> o«r)ti«>d t.«i iltl MOIII»> «illn-l« Ilkr it Military Brushes .—^—Brush and Comb Sets Garter and Arm Band Sets Cuff Button Sets Shaving Sets Scarfs and Caps to match * All colors, $1.50 and $2 Night Robes Flannel Shirts v Men's Shoe? $2.50 to $6 Sweaater Coats at 05c to $10 All Wool Jumbo Knit Sweater Coats $5,25 -,.'.-. Boys' Shoes $1.50 to $3 Here Are Clothes That You Need Right Now H ERE it is dose to Christinas time and some men haven't yet purchased their fall clothes. •v 1 * * • •'. * • '. • Don't delay any longer— delays are dangerous when it comes to buying; clothes for as the season progresses stocks naturally get lower and selections are hard to make. Just now we've some mighty interesting news for .you. There are hosts of smart Blue Serge and Fancy Suits'here at $12.50, $15, $17,50, $20, $25. ' . ' " ' i * A NP our Overcoat stacks should be especially interesting* For young men we show mapy Belters, Balmarues, and 4 regular styles at $12.50 to $26. For men the more conservative effects at $12*80 to $35, Many are, silk.lined, others are lined with triple warp serge or satin. • , ',-._-_. Hummer tic liurt •erei-teft biu>£Ult>Ws J»Ht yJI* i.f • I.i and in adituui han vrefi«>d taftes near l!i.' Avenue U _ a lot. Al) : j.M?M>it° Ui thvt'eim a' tiu,>deri)\ i i.f Iht- »;v«.i(l hyu,v!i s of Tiir JlHtil two .inure . n'Uht 6-tu-el t-t'Vt'ml <.-ot- 4l!L:S . w.. Is rlii.iv: GOODS 'PACKIP III AY i FOB SHOP IN THE MQ&NIN0—IT'S BETTEE FQI YOU AND FPE US .r .

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