Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 4, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1916
Page 8
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STE&LINO DAILY MONDAY, DECEMBER 4,1911 CUT GLASS AND FANCY CHINA ft very woman love« C n t Glass and Fnney Chin ing more beautiful fnr wn# the table nnd nothing you can give which will be more appreciated for a Christmas jTlift. Brief particular,'* and prices CUT GLASS Bowls, Vases, Comports, Xut I>i8hes f Pitchers, Sugar and Creamers, Vinegar Cruets in price range from 75c to $7.50, FANCY CHINA Vases, Salnd Dishes, Pjates, Nut Sets, Olive Dishes, Cups And Saucers, Halt and Pepper Shakers, Mustard Dishes, Sugar and Creamers, Sugar Shflkerfi, etc., In a pi*ifie range from 26o to $3.00, ( &EWS IN BRIEF ] Th* Uiftttri* nnnounrortipntit and othw nhorJ locol itemx will bo found on fNMf* *»v*n.' — ---- -------- ---TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. On jDecembtr 3,. 1818, IlllnoiH wan ad* mlU*d lo tho Union a* a »tfcte. On December 4, 1782, announcement won tnad« r jtha.t the «ta(p of Virginia had Appointed Uir*n cM>mmlmrtonfri» to In- vwitlgut* the co ml I Uon B in the wentorrt Counttea "(purtlculurly Illlnoln) wherv th« Inhabitant* \vero complninlng of disorder and injustice*. A MARRIAGE LICENSE. A marriage Uceniie wa* issued Saturday afternoon at Morrison to CU'o- 8t»in«r and Mlwn 'Mnry JO. of this rlly. The JL K. Chestei Company CHRISTMAS NOVELTIES Scores of suggestions here indeed. l>nwn the enst and west aisle is n display of beautiful gifts ••~ca«*»s and Counters fairly- k»ad«I—f hut will fliLs\Ver nlaiiy ft gift problem* A showing of such magnitude nnd of such variety one could easily pick gifts for even- one on the list. Sachet hftgs, "in all the pretty colors ... 25c to $150 Fancy Bags, daintily made 50c to $2,95 Pin fY..ilnotv* .25c to $1 Sweet (iraxs Baskets priced at $1 to $2 Fancy Hat Pins, Combs, Beauty Pins, etc. Laundry Bags, faney cretonne .. .50c to 75c Fancy Powder Puffs ,...25c to 50c Center Piece Roll* ..$1 All kind* snrf tiwi ChrUt- mai box«f on Ml*, j Square, round ac d oval Sweet flnisa Baskets, J a p a n e s e jJJa.sketH, Palm and Indian Baskets, p need at from 35c to $3.50. Silver Plated Novelties Shaving (Stands, at .$1.95 to $4.50 Mustard Cups, at 25c to 50c CnudleHticks, at .„. 50c to $1.25. Salt and Pepper Sets, at /.. 50c' and $1.25 Bud Vases, at. ,25o to 50c Te-Ball-et, at ic.... .>25c Bon Bon Baskets, at.. .$1 Sugar Shakers,T at.".r., ;$1 Baked Apple Dishes, ,50c Sugar Holders, at V. :.-50c to $1.25 Mustard, Salt, P e p p e r Bets, at ....;.*......25c Flash Lights, aj| $1 LITTLE LOCALS >i_, >Woodru(fa Htudlo for Xraa* photo».* ,.' Mw SRdlo Ojtbiirn. of Dixon. sppnt BAtiifday h^-re with frli-nda. : -_V'Jt^,4Qa^Mr«. Millura HU|. of Pru- pheiBtowp, mxtnt Haturduy here on f blt*ll}»M, •-v.-n^MMI W*<lne»day, Dec. 6, at Mont* mownoy h»JI. Rmlna.rd'8 orchentra.* '^^Jiri. FVank Warner, Mln» Grace ^ Wftrner, Mr*. E?mma • Smith and Mr». H Ch*» Scrlbber, of Prophetstown, 'were ' h«r« Saturday.. .Fine namplp tire low priced bible? •nd flft books at Presbyterian bnxanr. daughters Or4*f« Mr tfirta mtu>n : MTr*. Wilbur and . two Saturday hern on 'Mr*, O. M. Erickaon went to Coleta .Visit At-the home of'Mr. and J8d«on Taylor. jfohn Hanson submitted to an ItJon At the eterllntr hospital Bat> ntornlnr- Friday amt Saturday, ' liocust street Homo baking on Article* for bamiur to be ith MM. W, B. Carolua.* t *» ird Both, who ha» been attend- college here, has gone to 3\vn, where he hft» accepted a assistant cashier in the O. O. Deeming spent Friday In with friends. D*v*noy, of I'rophetBtown. Saturday on busineaa. Studio for Xmaa 'photos.* (Jnavely. NH Bone Cor- i«tieni,;«|«*«tn Ave, Bell phone 700-3.' Iff, and Mr«. John Maicomb. of Jot- **j$ were, entertoined at Thanksgiving ', Dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C, C. 1 Reynolds. <|0hn Maicomb left Saturday far Jollfit, where »he will upend ftW went to Chamb'ersburg, The Practical Holiday Gift Head- .quarters Will be Found in the ' Ready-to-Wear Department (Second floor) There is a 1 w a y s some friend or some member of the family to whom you want to give an important holiday gift, a gift that represents more, than the ordinary^ amount paid, and a gift, that represents thought on your part in its selection, ^ere is 'a fine assortment in the Ready-to-Wear Department, and we hope that the following Hut will be helpful, to you ia arriving.a 1 1 a decision: READY-TO-WEAR DEPART* The Great Chritsmas Shopping Center of Sterling • GLOVES Arc Very Appropriate If you have any doubt ;i-- In uiuil w<»nld be the most apprnprint*--, \<>M •can tthvay- fWl perfeHly -?if«» in giv ing gloves and you nr*' dt»ubly sj}|'«- if yon give, ours. Women V Kid (Moves, mid Dempster & Place" make. f need at $1,50, $1.75, $2.00 Boxed Free if for Gifts, HOSIERY ^"v They Make a Very Pleasing Gift. .Our Christmas line is unusually extensive and is composed of the best makes. Phoenix Silk Hone, Wayne Knit Silk Hose, Knyser Silk Hose. <* These come in all the reasonable, shades, priced from 59c to $2.50 pair. FRENCH IVORY These superb French Ivory Articles are the finest of their kind. They have the satiny Jinish, the.soft mellow tint and the perfect grains that put them in appearance on equal footing with genuine ivory. Mirrors, from 81.75 to $3.50; I In ir Brushes, from $1.00 to $2,50; ComH from 25c to $1.00;Hair Receivers, $1.25; Trays, from $1.0Q to $1.25; .lewcl Boxes, $1.95 to $2.50; Powder Box es, $125, Old Ivory Finish Toilet Seta Toilet Sets. $1.50 to $13.75. Candlesticks, complete with candle and shades, all colon*, $1.00. . -' Flash Li?.fhts, $1.(KL , ._—- Boxed Free, if for Gifts. The J. K. Chester Company Many Christmas Gift Suggestions Can be Gleaned Front a Vivsit to Our Linen and Art Goods Section 'The linen and nrt" jroods .\j ^ , • . , ,. ., \<> '. i — «•'*-»«• ho us IHT> rt'auy for tnn ?* ('hristniOH rush.' ready JH never before, vrilli larger stoclN and. better elu^en varieties. The 1 lines this store shows are of the thoroughly dependable sort, the kind tluit is always acceptable and ahva>s re\ fleets credit Upon the donor's good tasfc and fore, ^ thought. We offer a few suggestions in the hope that we may help solve some one's problems. Stamped Art Linens Luncheon Sets .... '. ,65c to $2.50 Scarfs. 39c to $1.50 Card Tables, Covers 39c Co. liter Places 25c to 75c Pillow Cases. .60c to $1 Pillow Cover Tops. .39c Fudge Aprons .... .75c (Jowiis 50c to $1,50 Infants' Dresses. .$100 Children's Dresses ,75c Cases for Knives and" Forks 50c Cases f«ir Spoons.. .50c Bath Towcls,25c to 75c Towels.29c to 50c Table Runners .. • .... 50c to 75c . Many of the'above stamped pieces are shown finished. Linens LuncfTeon Sets $3.50 to $10.00 Table Cloth with nap kins to match$11 to $15 Tray Cloths.,50c to $1 Lunch Cloths, fine towels 50c, 75c and $1 Center Pieces, Muderia ...$2.25, $2.50, and $3 Heal (luny Center Pieces .. 25c to $15.00 Iff ' ' ; Grace church Guild will meet of Tueti* ft, Greenough.* returned to hia home ftftWf viniting here. "''" Kkrktni, of Dlxon, l« evening \vhere mm «p«nd » few day* »t the C. H. Bor»t. of , §T« H«r* vUiittng at the home of Kmm» DtevlH. went to and home H&lf U'<* c{)uro|), Wcdnostluy, «tt«rnoon nnd evt-nlog. t'af t.^tibiic cordially wa* a to **,lilM a*rttWln«> pollmoyer aiM Mor- torjn ^tslle. "of DJicon. spi'iit Thur«day in ihts city ,»tith» }ium« of Mien Har- jtntl Helen fitttn lK>Kalt> vvherii tlu-y un> Att*fl«fon air- will bf Vim la paving; htr» «H,»ev,en o'clock.. All Urw (Mr should I'lun to go.* over h her puroiiin in DU> n. JJuid, at Morrison, wus . of St<m* **« Hojtmaii.' of Dt-WM, la., Uu» W^fk ui thi' hi>tn«- uf of tuwn. ht>r to her hume Muioy, whu ut HH tui m-d MENT Silk Petticoats $3^05 up to-$74$ Sweaters .. • .....;.. .$21.50 up tb $8,50 .Waiats ., , $3.50 up to $J2,00 White Aprons ..., ,,,..,250 tf> Cap and Scurf Sets ...,.. ,|L2$ WJJ to Women's Smugglers $1,05 «p to Women's Knit Shaylu .... .$1.25 »p to $2,50 Women'B Bath Robes ..... .$2.95 up, to $8.00 Women's Kimonos ,98o up to $12.50 Fur Sets . „ $18JO up to $75.00 Muflfs.., ......,,.., .$3,05 up to $50.00 INFANTS'WEAB '' : nnouncement Cafds ..-.each 5o; dozen 50o Baby Hecord Books '.':. . ,g5e up to $1.50 Celluloid Rattles ,250 Celluloid Balls ...,..,.....• 25<s Red Rubber 1 Dolls 25c up to 50o Ivory Teething Rings- ftj _, 25o up to 50q Ivory Rattles .,.,,,,, ..,. ,50o Gretehen CelKiloid Dolls .;. '. ? ,25o up to ^Oo Celluloid Baby Combs .250 Celluloid Baby Brushes ....»•......,... i60o BniRlvand Comb Set« 500 up,to $1.00 Thi-«0.pieo4*'Ivory Toilet S^ts,.,-.. , ; . .$1.00 .Ilund fainted Ribbon Box .-,.,..'...... ,50o Celluloid Soap Dishes ,,,.,.,,..,%..,. ,25o Hand Painted Satin Ribbon Carriage Straps,at ,.'....*. ;,,.. ,...,........$1.00 Hand Painted Coat Hangerk .. • .50o Bath Thermometer .,,,.., , ,5flO Hot Wulor BottloH .50o to $1,00 Baby Play. Beads , ,,',,,,,.,, ,50o Fishing Nets .......... 26c to 50o ftoap Bubble SetK 50cto$J,00, BoottOB, .85o to $1J0 Sweaters.080 to $1.50 Jackets.-.50c to $1,00 White Furs. HANDKERCHIEFS This store is famous for its Handkerchief stock, which cannot he equalled in this city either, for ex ten t, variety, or_the economy of the. prices. Women's and Men's pure Linen InitiaUland- kerchiefs, at ......'..... 25c Women's Handkerchiefs, at 5c to $^.50 Crepe de chines ...;,.• 25c Boxed Handkeri'hiefs, three to the UOK, priced i'it>m 25c to $1.00 per bo* UMBRELLAS Make Useful and Beautiful Gifts for Men and Women. We are show-ing a Men's and Women's Umbrenas of union and all silk, with beautiful carved hardwood and mission bundles. Some trimmed with silver, othen* with gold. Also Folding Umbrellas for the travelers, can be put in any suit case. Women's Umbrellas priced from.... .980 to $5.00 Men's Umbrellas* priced from...... .$1.50 to $5.00 Op enmg , A - - ' '^9 : • •.-..• Wednesday Eve'ng, Dec. 6, at 7:30 You will find evei-y section at NECKWEAR Our holiday display -shows more .-charming elTuets than ever beforeT ;6'OI*LAB8 .*.'':In broadcloth, crepe do chine,- georgette, 75c to $2.50. Embroidered, broadcloth seta, organdy sets,and collars, priced from *" 50c°to $100. t v t'The Great OhriBtmw Shopjiing Center of Sterling," ready ta meet your holiday requirements and to assint in a quick solution-of .what to give for Christmaa. : "An Impressive Exhibit of Christmas Stocks RIBBONS beautiful Ribbons are to bo had in the newest brocades, plaids, n ; If You Art ii| Poubt Buy a Merchandise Certificate for gifts as \vo will at iliis tim^ Never Has There Been Such Enthusiasm to Make This Store the Most Beautiful ; Many booths have been erected and the iouch of the artistic hand has instilled the C'hminiu» Spirit in every nook arid corner ojf this -store. ^Jp end of-tilings to S(H», each one presents now idoan. Store Will Be Open 7:30 to 9:30 Wednesday Evening > All who wish ar*> eordmlly invited to come mid'"vit?w thm uiuusual .display without feeling under any obligations hvbuy whatever; The Show Windows Will Come Forth in Their New Holiday Attire at This Time •'J'Jiey will fwiture a rcpro«oututivo showing of our magnificent-variety of~(?hristiuas (jopdtt, both useful-rind oruaiut'utal, bought from all over the Unittnl Htates, which tookMlu? combiucd cH'ort.s of our Iniy- er.H many mouths to collect We Want You to See These , ~ NEW CHRISTMAS ARTICLES* GOME! inspiration. Fancy Kibbons of all kinds, priced 25c to $1.25. Kiblions, all widths, by .the bolt or yard, HAND BAGS Are Shown Here in Fine Assort* J ment They come in seal and goat soul leather, with "Oerman silver and gold fnmies, many hav.u toilet wjuipiueiit. AH the. latest shapeH are showii in line assortnient. Hand Bags, priced from §0c to $9^ Auto Lunch Kits, full equipment, .priced.ft 112*75 to "~~" Their use- permits w>le,ethm at will from uur stocks U) the,»iij;touut of tlu* face value of theeer Thi, method insures utmost satisfac Coupons must be redeemed on or before I>ec, 31st» If Yau Do Not Know the Sise, Buy a Glove Bond Tii^'y assure-tho fullest measure-of appreciation p»s they enable,'the recipient to select the de-iwd Htvle uf 'ifloyti iu tjiu.cor'm-tsixe;"'. Tbi?.inrroa-inK

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