Elko Independent from Elko, Nevada on June 20, 1916 · 4
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Elko Independent from Elko, Nevada · 4

Elko, Nevada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1916
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LOUIS MD PRSOULS' % P. 8. In dart and Q. W. Oarat of the * 8. L. rancn, axe nere on business. * ? ? J. H. Miller, foreman of the Lone Mountain properties, la visiting here. ? ? fl? A. P. Gegan, representative of the Do Pont Powder Company, is here on a business visit. ? ? f James T Martin and Joseph R. Paleni of Mountain City are here today proving up on land. ? ? ? D. A. Hughes, field man of the County Assessor's office, is here on a visit, accompanied by his wife. ? ? . ? James P. Sherman and L. T. Wells, prominent ranchmen of Mountain City, are here on land office business, o BLOODHOUNDS IN MAN-HUNT \ LIVBRMORE, Cal., June 20.?An unidentified Mexican laborer wsb shot and killed here today by another Mexican, who escaped into the hills. Bloodhounds are in pursuit. ARGUMENTS HEARD IN SAM BACHMAN'S TRIAL, APPROACHING FINI8H Attorneys for the state and the defense today made the court-house resound with their eloquence in the argument of the Bachman case, which was submitted to the jury at 1 o'clock this afternoon. A verdict is expected this evening. Sam Bachman, the defendant, on trial before Judge McFadden for alleged complicity in the theft of 25 horses from several ranchmen, completed his testimony yesterday afternoon. Today he listened closely to the lawyers' arguments. District Attorney Carville opened for the state. Mr. McNam&ra pleaded eloquently for the defense and was followed by Mr. Van Fleet. Deputy District Attorney Cantwell closed for the state. o FUNSTON WANT8 TROOPS v- TO GUARD BORDER ALONG THE ARIZONA FRONTIER SAN ANTONIO, June 20.?General Funston today asked the war department (or state militia to patrol the border from Nogales to the gulf, also for a force to be held In reserve here. He declined to?tell the number of men asked for, but said it was n "considerable force." o RATS' OWN CLEANLINESS KILL8 THEM, 8AYS WOMAN LONDON, June 20.?Mrs. Jarvls, a professional rat-catcher, today revealed a remarkable method she Is using for getting rid of the rodents. She said: "Rats are very cunning and suspect all laid food, but they are victims of cleanliness. Every rat before he eats, washes his paws and face, then he rollB over the tit-bit with his paws and washes them again. That is his last wash, for as soon as he touches his paws with his mouth he rools over dead. We got thirty-seven dozen in one warehouse like that the other day." ARBITRATION POMIBLI UNDER OLD PEACE TREATY, ! ?AYE AMERICAN CON8UL I' EL PASO, June SO.?United State* Consul Edwards has quit his post at Jcares and Mexican Consul Andreas Gere la has sent his family to Mexico I and himself Is ready to leave on receipt of word from Carransa. Consul Edwards said today there remains a possibility of arbitrating the quarrel with Carranza under the terms of the treaty of 1848, which bound both nations to accept any proposal of arbitration. General Pershing's expedition Is now in posltlon^o send columns in any direction from his line. Heavy guards have been thrown around all American camps In Mexico. o WORLD PEACE CANNOT COME BY LAYS AND COURT8, 8AY8 PRES. ARTHUR T. HADLEY NEW HAVEN. Conn.. June 18.? World peace cannot come by laws and courts, but only by a change in men's hearts, President Arthur T. Hadley of Yale University said in his baccalaureate sermon here today. "We must be deluded by false visions and theories of peace," he declared, "but must set our hands to the work of lessening the actual danger of war, by understanding other people and <y(her nations, avoiding boastful or self-complacent speech, and preparing to take our part In national defense If a ll3ht is forced upon us." If a reformer preaches the gospel of peace and good will between nations, Mr. Hadley said, the people at once dream of the establishment of courts of arbitration which shall render wars forever impossible. He continued: "But the thinker sees some things that bis followers do not see. He sees that something more than governmental machinery is required to make people temperate or moral, prosperous or peaceable. He sees that the result desired cannot be reached by organized force; that the social revolution of which his followers dream will do more harm than good; that self-control, rather than public control, is the power on which we must rely for achieving'the greatest results; that the slow influence of example, rather than the quick compulsion of law, is the means by which the real regeneration of society is achieved. "We must believe In humanity when humanity deserts us. We must hold to our faith in the truth even when we are compelled to sacrifice our leadership because of the truth. That was tJesuB Christ's achievement. The man who can see through this failure to the success beyond, who can trust the slow force of character and example to do things that organized society has failed to do, who can fight for a cause that appears to be losing, or die for it If there is no chance to fight, drinks of the cup of which the Master drank and Is baptized with the baptism with which be wu baptised. "When torn* one told Ibrahim Lincoln that he hoped Ood would be on bla side, Lincoln answered. '1 am not so much concerned to try to have Ood on my side as to put myself on God's side.' May this be our resolve today. May each of us try to place himself on God's side and stay there, through evil report and good report; so that! when we are called on for our last! account everyone of us may be able to say, 'I have fought a good tight. I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.' Faith In man, or faith in the truth, or faith In God; they are butt different names for the same thing, j Whoso keeps one has kept all, and has secured the beBt thing that life has to offer." a ? DUKE R. LEE'S ROAD SHOW PLEA8E8 PLAY LOVER8 AT j BRADLEY, REMAIN8 TONIGHT, The Duke R. Lee Road Show, a com-, pany of vaudeville artists, pleased a, large audience at the Bradley last / night and will present a new program j of different acts tonight. It Is an exceptionally strong organ!-1 zatlon and throughout the West hasi been receiving flattering press notices. They have been playing everywhere to, crowded houses. The program last night was novel and pleasing. The work of the two girls, Gladstone and Hayes, introducing dancing and singing numbers, ought to be especially good tonight. Slgnor Carlo Fessla will coax wonderful music from his piano-grand accordeon. The Duke R. Lee vaudeville is different. It - is pleasing vaudeville in every sense of the word. ^ajatovlch, the show's strong man, this evening at 7:15 o'clock will allow an automobile, with as mayy men as it will carry, to pass over his body.' This free show will take place in front of the theatre. I j REGISTERED AT THE MAYER. x. I W. E. Staunton, Reno; C. Burris, Salt Lake City; J. H. Thomas, San Francisco; F. J. and Miss Wlneell, Palisade; Jas. P. Sherman, L. G. Wells, G. W. Oarat, P. S. indows, ML City; G. B. Stewart, San Francisco; F. E. Woodward, St. Louis; J. H. Miller, Lone Mountain; T. W. Steward, Josie Cannon, Salt Lake; A. F. Gegan, Tom Rn??, Son Francisco; C. H. Sawyer. Reno; If. 8. 8hlels. Montelalr, N. J.; Harry Shields. Tuscarora; K. HanUna, Lamoille. o 'I REGISTERED AT COMMERCIAL. B. Murray, Paris; Duke R. Lee and wife; Hazel Gladstone, Vaudeville; J. Sajatovect, Vaudeville; F. O. Gilbert; Otto Zlege. Bald Mountain; J. C. Deardorff, Salt Lake City; F- T. Taylor; Mrs. Wiseman; J. O. Forques; Emll Lecontz; W. V. Odgera; Miss Roy Steel; H. H. Miller; H. R. Oouth-j era; J. H. Springer and wife; F. A. ( Randolph; Tom Harris; James Oleron; O. K. Hoffle; W. R. Homer, Round Mountain; James Love; William Funk; J. F. Estes. o BANKRUPT'S PETITION FOR DISCHARGE. In Bankruptcy. No. 234. In the matter of William F. Burgy, Bankrupt. , To the Honorable E. S. Farrington, Judge of the District Court of the United States, District of Nevada. William F. Burgy, of Twin Springs, in the County of Elko, and State of Nevada, in said district, respectfully represents that on the 29th day of December, last past, he was duly adJudged bankrupt under the Acts of Congress relating to bankruptcy; that he has duly surrendered all his property and rights of property, and has complied with all the requirements of said acts and of the orders of the court touching his bankruptcy. Wherefore he prays that he may be decreed by the court to have a full discharge from ail debts provable against his estate under said bankrupt acts, except such debts as are excepted by law from such discharge. Dated this 25th day of March, A. D.. 1916. WILLIAM F. BURGY, Bankrupt. Order of Notice Thereon. District of Nevada.?ss. On this 19th day of June, A. D.. 1916, on reading the foregoing petition, it is Ordered by the Court, that a hearing be had upon the same on the 22nd day of July, A. D., 1916, before said court, at Carson City, in said district, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon; and that notice be published in the Elko Independent, a newspaper printed in said dis trtet. aid tbat all knows creditors sad other peraoas is istoroet amy epposr st the ssM tine sad piece sad show csuee. If any they here, way the prayer of said petitioner should not be granted. And it is further ordered by the Court, that the clerk shall send b> mall to all known creditors copies of said petition and this order, addressed to them at their places of residence as stated. Witness the Honorable E. 6. Partington, Judge of the said Court, and tho seal thereof, at Carson City, Ne? | vada, in said district, on the 19th day j of June, A. D., 1916. ; (SEAL.) T. J. EDWARDS. Clerk. a i _ ALIAS SUMMONS. In the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District of the fttate of Nevada, In and for the County of Elko. Jose Bengoechea, plaintiff, vs. D. D. Sabala, Oregorla Sahala, Eulogio Onalndla, First Doe, Second Doe and Third Doe, defendants. Action brought In tne District Court of the Fourth Judicial District of the State of Nevada, In and for the County of Elko, and the complaint filed in the office of the clerk of said District Court. The State of Nevada sends greetings to said defendants: You are hereby summoned to appear within ten days after the service upon you of this summons if served in said County, or within twenty dayB if served out of said County but within Bald Judicial District, and in all other cases within forty days, exclusive of the day of service, and defend the above entitled action. This action is brought to foreclose the two mortgages of plaintiff in the flume of $16,000.00 and $10,000.00 respectively, upon the realty known as the Overland Hotel and the Wigwam {mow tk* QtMr) Tbmixo. aH ta Block : lettered n." ot tko Tow* of Elk* la 1 tbo County of Elko, 8tate of Narad*. 1 ptrtk^lnlr demlM la the com- ( plainly *Tw> ftrr pin tin the mortgage i upon thoobmr property described In i ?aid complaint. Plaintiff demands i Judgment against defendants in the , sum of 922492.82. together with Interest thereon, and coats and disbursements necessarily Incurred. Including > the sum of 11.600.00 for attorney fees, all of which fully appears In the complaint on file herein, and to which you are hereby referred. Dated the 16th day of May. 1918. (SEAL.) ROBERT B. HUNTER, Clerk of Said Court. OTTO T. WILLIAMS, Attorney for Plaintiff. First publication, May 16, 1910. Last publication, June 19. 191^ ! NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Elko 01701 Department of the Interior U. S. Land Office at Elko, Nevada. June 6, 1916. Notice Is hereby given that Charles C. Winter, of White Rock. Elko County, Nevada, who, on October S, 1914, made Desert Land Application, No. 01701, for NEtf I Efc SEU Sec. 35, T. 45 N., R. 51 EL. and Lot I; SEVi NE%. Section 2, Township 44 North, Range 51 East, Mt. Diablo Base and Meridian, has fl'ed notice of Intention to make final proof, to establish claim to the I land above described, before the Reg- \ later and Receiver of the U. S. Land Office, at Elko, Nevada, on the 13th day of July, 1916. Claimant names as witnesses: | Homer Andrae, of White Rock, Ne-1 vada. : John 8. Winter, of White Rock. Ne-1 vada. | Henry E. Winter, of White Rock, Nevada. William Wright, of White Rock. Nevada. JOHN E. BOBBIN'S, Register. First publication, June 6, 1916. Last publication, July 7, 1916. ' Q APPLICATION NO. 3997. Notice of Application for Permission * to Change the Place of Use of the Waters of Overland or Indian Creek. Notice Is hereby given that on the 26th day of May, 1916, in accordance with the provisions of Section 59, Chapter 140, of the statutes of Nevada, 1913, one Samuel T. Wines of Ruby Valley, Elko County, State of Nevada, made application to the State Engineer of Nevada for permission to change the place of use of the waters of Overland or Indian Creek, heretofore appropriated by his predecessor, Ira D. W'nee, and beneficially used. The original point or diversion at Which such water was taken being described as the NW?4 o. SW?4 of Sec. K, T. N N. I. H &, tL D. B. ft *, that tbe vator wo diverted baa Man beneficially used upon the following described lands, to-vii: Lota 5 and 6 and the NW* or 8EH of See. SI. T. 30 N. B. 69 B, M. D. B. ft M.; that.the applicant deelres to retain the above named point ot diversion and by means of dams and ditches convey 1J1 cubic feet per second of the waters of the above nanftd creek to the following described land: 1st 1 and EH of NWH of 8ec. 81. T. 30 N. R. 59 E.. M. D. B. ft M, and there use the same for Irrigation and domestic purposes. Water not to be returned to the stream. W. M. KEARNEY. State Engineer. First publication, June 9, 191C. Last publication, July 10. 1916. v X THI8 YEAR THE PUR 8T0RE IS OF INTEREST TO WOMEN ! I ? IN SUMMER AS WELL AS IN WINTER, FOR FASHION SAY8 SO. < > I! 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NEVADA j * * CLASSIFIED IDTI Notices 4 Line* and Leas In ^ ^ Length Will Be Run In Thla Column For 80c Par Weak. ; For Each Additional Ulna 10c Per Week. / WANTED.?Position in store. Four years experience. Best of references. Honest and sober. J. S. McFadyen, Elko. General Delivery. Je-19 FOR RENT.?Brown cottage. Phone 896, or Inquire at 629 Pine St. J14 CLEANING AND JOB WORK by first-class man. Phone B. WIIhoii. Je-20. FIRST CLASS WAITRESS wants dining room work. Can furnish references, either city or country. Call Phone 736. J13?iWk _ _ _ J PIANO TUNING.?Mr. C. B. Elder-j kin, tuner for tjie J. D. Mariner Music j House, Reno, will be in this vicinity i during the next few weekB. All those ; desiring his services should leave orders with this paper. Mr. Elderkln has been with us over a year and from our experience is positively the most efficient tuner and all around piauo and player mechanic in this part of the country. Old cases polished and touched up. All work guaranteed. J. D. MARINES MUSIC HOUSE. TYPEWRITERS.?Underwood Models No. 5, at half price. No money down. Sent to you on three dayB' free trial. Written guaranteo. The simplest In construction, easiest in operation. The most popular machine of the day. A samplo of these maoliincs may be seen at the INDEPENDENT printing office. Write J. M. Owens, Box No. 1, Elko, Nevada. ml7 FOR SALE.?1913 Pope Hartford I Roadster, Model SI, extra tifea. \yill, sell cheap for cash or take heifers in exchange. Lambert Henderson,' Bank, , Elko.?6-15. j PREOBYTERIAN CHURCH Cor. Idaho and 81xth Bta. Sunday Services ; Sunday school, 10 a. m. Morning worship, 11 a. m ; Evening service, 7 p. m. > This church extends a cordial Invi , tatlon to the public to attend then* ; services ; REV J. M. 8WANDER, ; Mlnlstei , Residence 603 Pine 8t. Phone S'H The Elko ? j Commission House ? OCNMAl ?TO?AO?_ ; Oeerlere In Qrs.ee, Bran, Com, Pet. ; ?Urn, Oteok Sah, ate, Bt*. ?. > ?* Street, Booth of Weeterr I Railroad Spur to Warehouse : Ed farville, Proprietor ? HBVAOA ? For Clean, Pure ? \ Rich ! MILK I I I ? I Call Phone 3411 j; |CO ALj It 4 ft 4 > By Uti tack, ton or carload | LUMBER I i ? and all its ? i products! ? Elko -?I; |: Lumber Co. || X ELKO. .... NEVADA ? The Elko Transfer Company HAY & PAUL, Props. . Successors to A. P. Cannon Motor Delivery Truck Sstisfaction Guaranteed Your Business Solicited. t Piano Moving a Specialty Day Stand at Owl Bar Day 'Phone 7ft Night Calls 2ft E. DOTTA EXCLUSIVE COAL DEALER (Successor to W. B. Ortffltli) THE BEST GRADE OP COAL FREE FROM 8LACK Baled Alfalfa Hay, delivered. Carload Just Received Orders Take at 8uneet StoTc And Bakery Saloon Office Phone 407 Ree. Phone 51ft Orders taken by W. L. PAUL Phone No. 2ft ELKO, NEVADA THE First National Bank ELKO, NEVADA Capital $ 100,000.00 A. E. Kimball, President 0. P. Williams, Vlec-Presidem J. A. 8ewell, vico-Prcsldom E. B. Bnnor, Cashier V. D. H, Jonep, Asst. Cashier Interest paid on term and savings deposits & Business ELKO HOTEL] \ umrnmmmm Plrst Class Restaurant and Bar . Room In Connection. Pine Ravioli and Chicken Dinnara Every Sundny 60c Rooms 60 Cents and Up. i Special Rates by tb? Weak or / Month. A. PUCCINELLI A CO. ' ^rdpHetara EURO, . NEVADA

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