Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 4, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1916
Page 7
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SEVEN. STE«tlN0, IlllWOIS, MONDAY* DECEMBER 4, 1916 AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS,- VAUDETTE-Tonight f- T > r ^ * f r. t ^ Doroth ''SPORTING BLOOD" TOMORROW, TUESDAY For flic last time Where Are My Children? A rca! birth control "iitifPiM Tr" : iin(:u!«hftl h»»p \vith ) "U hv i-^-r-ry ; i!!!t !tt f !!••- tnr Me. Tvt..n i'"\v-r . " .• i,.- f. ni..-r r.'!iir.--il In-, t'siiltl'iii.rvt ?MV* !). '.I'!. •( ,liV t):'jf <li>:.- •;!•!- r !'• 'i-lrntt *<-i! >jn- Ni'iti*-r--! We li'ti"- t" . hff. f ii'ir t i|:- in ) 1:30, f«! Ihis Ail f >h< CITY NEWS \H BRIEF ^.j CUTTiNC, SOD TO SIDE WALKS. > v.r-.rt::-- ."'•.f '!'••'•".'<?' f- ; "'''' ? ••-'• '• !:,... •,: ,.f .r I." !i. i-1iii n:t Mi'- ::'.'--:'! I' TOOK A MILL. \va'k ! f ~!>i> !';••' '!>'- ft','t!»r j-'lti" i : !', '*!'* Y<,,V!k'' Af.i! tVh'-M >: »,!:"1V« hi- «;\VS t':*' MinXV riiid 1 * ni"i"i- i-ntit «>•,*• w:»!V* th.-sn it •.v.iui.l tirhf-rwi"*. !!»'-v. 'IN'-ffC'- is th< if!t--.-t d' «i:i.f th.- i'l'iil riiHtrie i !t!;t* 6l*>\A'r; t?i*' iM i: -S'!i| if! ffjiK! *>f hi*-: h,.»H and .f-<-dir,c. Mr. Trmiih v;iy» it >'iU Wliillt] «!'» tff«- « itlK- UiSlH' f--r !!|.-|.•••»•! ll"'(l. • " " . COMPANY E. RECRUITS. Th' ni '.v r«-t isiiT- "f f*.itnpnny F*. f >!'- tatrt'-ij tiuriliw lh«- month of NVvfiniif-r, will t»' fi i-d S.iturilny . :ift«ni'X'ii at Itui k !?!;•! il !»y th«- offffft-fi nf t!ir- company. Thi.t"" :ir»- «.lr\i-ti <>f tln-iu now. ami tin- iitTlri'rs will :il;-o liii.'ludi* those w!m ji'ln nnv 1t»n«> up '" 'he tirm> of if; ItiK'k |sl:md. Hy til" nd- df f he- nun>i)< r th«< past nn.nth li.i« tli'tt ;\ >ti(-tul»Tshlp FUNERAL OF MISS OUN'OON. )".>!:••[.•; -• t '. :< ' '• '•• V !',.- ',;,!. M M'Trv I'--;? " «--n-r> !i<!i! ;hi< m.-rnin )-:*;»).•; A. .!. H j, ... Th<- i..-. in f'•']>, ,-!V. ' < -f ,-..;! -.-f •'•« •ft- M- pt<"-« 'i! ,1, :; f>k-n a? tS-r- A l:l ^ r*. T i ufu-r. inl KH- )inr''l r i!, <1 !?H'k*-n-: Th<-y ?»!*'.-•«- Hi«- — yfft- tin'ir rnaJsy frloiul-j m tin-it Hou»e of Feature* -GRAND - TODAY: Henry B. Walthall and Olga Gray in "Pillars of Society" Wulthail'a fimt Triangle production and one of MB greatest. Also Keystone Comedy TUESDAY -Louis? Huff ill "Destiny's Toy" Also Selig-Tribune News itlu-rc i-s nu.lin k <>f ttiti-r*«il In tin* |fi:i»iy :tnd lltfii' (•< < vi->-y Ilkftiln o nitintx-r >;<'tlin^ up to the one i -• (I irf:irk. DEATH OF AN INFANT. '"<-{ Th. tl;uii!lif«T nf Mr. ami Mr*. ijjiy nf!»-r ;u-*- uf i»--f '- |i:'iht> nf sorrnw. DAILY WEATHER REPORT. Th>~. ("tiii-titti Wfjitii^r burfftu i-jist for tr.«i:iv i« «« fn|town: l"n!»*'t)l«'i w«.;ith» r with s«hii%v*>r.«t thirt nf mid i«iv«-ih!y tonijshl; roivlcr tonight; Tiit-siiaj KIF-m'ifilly fair and c<m\f>t. MHni:in'« f'nUioUc «>r«]rr of }."orstejr«> will n.iM a •!<" Int In K. P. hnll Tu«*i»day ••\'-nit!g Mi-inlH-rs ntul fri"tulM InvlU'd.* MiMsi-.x H»-l>'n Tihinilpn arid (Jf-nfvit'v*. Stf..l,«-n t'turiipd thin nuinilne from l»(iv»-m«>rt wh»'i-r (h«»y mwtt Thitnk«- of Qt 't r t> Tin ' K.-'.tti;,:,..«:• -!-!'• !!!••'" - ••• '!!•• «'..!-! Hr '•; t h< <;.-•!-, • jti'ilt J-i.;!i' !, i' --*' i' •-• -I-'" - i '{'!.•• \ <!!-•;* r >':UM ; f-i...,' : lr.. ' • •' Hu' fiirlit!i:K i!i tJfc. ii!i|"-T '..-.::- .-•. THE BRITISH REPORT, fp-t I't).:.=! lOnir . 1 •'••••. 4 H"-nv v h'"=!i! J ;if'«'.iiiil < jii.-lM ii-ij ! ,-i!i<l !"<in ;uul. .;;. l*j.i!i«!i b' APPROACH BUQHAREST. (Hy rnU.-.t I' «i'-r., Hy \Vlr/(«-"i M I., !>>•<-. -». —Kit-Ill M;iWf..'iI vutt Ma.'k- JOHN A. WAED Attdrn*y at t-sw MONEY TO LO'AN On I'P.ll K<:?'l'f> Sff'I-H? MORTGAGES FOR SALE 411 L*wr*>ne» Bide,, Sterling.-111. i SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS YOUNG. tiiiM.'f Htnl Kji-j»oxitn<»Ml.«'r .1. V FRIDAY * SATURDAY DECEMBER 8 AND 9 Friday for ladies only — no men will be [c admitted on that day. Lady ushers. Saturday everyone admitted over 18. Matinefe each day: 2, 3, 4--Evoninga: 7, 8, 0, 10.— r Prices 25c to all. l'. Ovft lni]«i r, of .Si lty-llvf> \«-ar» old Saturday, ur ris i.\p!i ;"il it fu vt-Mty- tlvi and ttn to«.k a f*-w taii to show his • Yitnthfitln*'?!*. roiniuHxioiit't 1 w«-nt hoiiir- for jsiiittr<!;iy nlj^ht. hi' found tin 1 'ad .'irrlvfd iicfon- MJJI nnd hmj a dinner Ot/im: tlu> i/i-ci-tf Ion j,vl timl tin- r«'s*l of thi^riimpart^.i ''"lowers and many other wiftn were <I!KO In evidence, It wan n very pleasant event. ADDRESS IN LA SALLE. .Indue H, C. \Vanl. of .Mierlinp. delivered Ihe addr«»*H of tin* day at tin annual Hlk.t' IIM Him Inl Hervic-eta at l*'i- Salle Sunday ilftenioon. Thf ltirK**xt Miail Hi tin- eity \vaH~JM ocurt'rt a jiil TTie iplaee fltt»m tip Into u lodKe .hall with i'rtll of tin? e(|Ul|itnent uwd '111 the r<»»5U- \Valti-r (liffniw ;uul John Kpr-f< twithiv csc'titni; with friend* ill Ui.x- ii. Mis." Klsic Hull ic. fonflnril to" h<^r h'lttM' liy illnrvs. I'am v :ip^lf'«4 on Sr trnrks, J Shown inutci; Himil'H fruit Btoff jli ti-ss fi-'iin ( it> luill lrt»tu 7 in 9 ii'fltH'k-«t niuiil only l'ri«« rel. Win. Shore to, ||.St) bar- FUNERALTOMORROW 6, ' Will Be Held Tuesday Afternoon. Th«» funeral mM'vlrc.M of Morris K. Hiinutt<'r« will !»«• hi'lil Tu<\«wlny afternoon .'it o»i»-tlilr!y nt th<> hoin«- ntul, two o'clock at tin- Ht. Jotm'i* I<ulh<>rnn' ••hiirch. HPV. K. ('. Hrtrris will havt- "f Imih Hf>rvir<-H. Mr. Kiirnmcrrt dli«0 Saturdny jit 10 o'clock at tln> fdinlly r«'Nidrnff. |l(ir half. Th<» decorationn wi-r«* ;h«ndf<onii> and nwproprlwtc 1 . Judge Ward wan th»» «(dt> of tho or- cufloti. The rent of th«' prottrani riiit- Hide of tho ritualistic Hcrviw wa.Mnlfto very line, conNlHtinx of COHKM by the hex! l^tHall A HEAVY RAIN FALL. An ' uiuiHunlly heavy down pour of rain pamt» thf« mornliii; betwe«»n 3 and 4 «*Vlm - k, .'ifcompfthli'd by considerable thunder und IlKhtnlnK. The HtrwlH w«»rt» lllh'd' with water from curb to curb in many plaY'ox, The wtortn did ' , ROCK FAf,t.8 TONIGHT i-K«i fomcdy. n huiKhltm. rcnsntlon of "A Million Dollar Smash" Al«i» Universal Weekly * - for nationally adver 7—~ '"7 'WlSvfl- ^ UBEFUL HOLIDAY GOODS "BELL'S" ^ DANCING SOHOOI. ^ IN WOODMAN HALL, W Every Monday • n d Saturday^ nvaning from 7;30 to 9:00. ^ iocial dance from 9:00 to 12^» both night*. lotions Bell 276 Two Two this Monday 1'luy Orotind dlreeiotH. J*!»rty direetorn, Decurators. DANCING SCHOOL IN MV8TIC5 WORKER HALL Every Monday Evening From 9 to 10 P. M. I For private- lessons call H. H. KELLEY, Bell phone 430R READ THE WANT: ADS, to I>P a r«*Ktil>ir olotid burst. I II»K thf rain there was one of th«» p«i hnil HtorniH in recent years. The hull HtOlieH were of lufKI' «l«e, GOES TO WY.N~E^DEAVER CO. o, whip hn» iuU'«»r- manager of till 1 HttTlinK Department »tor«- for it number of yearn and window decorator ha* bwn pnK'i*?wl by tho Wyne-Uenvvr Dry (itxulH Company to act In -a Hlmllnr capacity. Mr, 1'lirt* rlds««j^ommc'i)ced )I!H work 'In hln new location today, Mr, l'artrldK«» IH ont» of* the bent iui writers In the cltjvand prove* n valuable acqulHltit the \Vyne-lJeuver vand tvrV to HAVE MOVED TO FULTON, J^x-C'olinty Superintendent of Schools* H. I' 1 . ItenilricfcN and wife went to Kul- tgn Sunday where they will make their home permanently. 1 Their son. Dr. Clyde Hendrlckfl, and family have been liviiui In a hotMe belonging to the father, -hut the erectlni? a new house unit expects to move into it In a nhurt time. 1'rtif, iind Mr». HendrickK have been JivliiK-on their big farm near Ag- ncw for Bevernl years. VISITED MOOSEHEART SUNDAY, JoHeph Van and D. T. Jiuff, of vlMited Mooneheart Sunday, a lMtrtiKvi from Aurora, ntul went nil through tho orphan'** Jn«tllrdon. They r-artie back very much pU'uiwd with what tlwy saw. Th» young men will work for the mipreme organisation UH organ iKer,H, rommenclnw the Ur«t of the new year. WYNN BUYS FOUR HOUSES. I* K, Wynn IIUH bought the Daniel 1'ottn hoiiMw and three lutw at the foot of Third, avenue near the . Uuriington unil. North Western railroad tnicka, of John mid Hubert OiiHhman. Mr, Wytui u I HO hotifjht thren hou«eH and lots <»ti 'Fourth aveiuit*, uf Ml«chler, The two properlieii are weparated -by a lot owned by the city. ARRIVEp IN FRANCE. OVIT a yciir from Mr. Hu!nn(cr« WUH born Mny II!. 1853. near \Vuyn*>« How, Penn., and nptTit mont of hist l!f«« ncnr thpr«». Four yenm he cnm«» and in Iowa, two y«-.-irH thon he hn» made his homo in su-rlltiK. nnd IIUM ran<lt» ttutnl>i>r of JI»> rnnr- rlf<l to .Mrs.. Dora .Swel^m and finir chlldn'n wi-rv b(»rn to thin union. John H, Hununoi-K. Frank A. Summorn, Kcn- .U Kumm*T» and Kathcrlnc Sutn- a «l»»t^r t<> Kd. . 8w*-iKcrt of Sixth nvt-nue, well fcrtown In thin <-lty. Mr. anaiMrs. Summer* united with the Lutheran church In rvrinnytvnnih and havt* alwnyN l>p«<n RUSSIANS REPULSED. (Hy T'nlieil 1'i.s?. > Hnda. Huhjnria, |.»«.-c. -I.— H'i<-«i,-m iri'>-.« rctutlnue Ihplr furi<>n« :it!:n-k» 'tniui.;ht»>it I>nl»rui1j:t, tin 1 «.'tr i>!Tir»- lfi(< in«'ht *»:it'l Incl.-iy, At viirif pl.-ii'i-s Ui" fit'tnv njtprtwh- il (o within 3«>0 (ft t of IhflluJjini hut if whole fn>nt. RELATIONS ARE RESTORED. tj!y I'tiHwl I'ri'tt'O . Athfn.i. r;r*»iTi'. !>«•<•. t. Clitlit 1>'H- (fi-U'.« of fU-lil fttlillcry will ho dftlv.Ti-d to t!u> atU<'« n« fo(ij) nil th<* iirottic'«s| is rtnallj'^iatlfit'd tKHwt-en the Ki-vcrn- «nL...anil.. AdJiilrul. JUu_Fi>urjticL. Thus': In (ouch with the jifiltK'f* »ftld norinnl n-Uitlons IKIVO bcpn rostultllsh'-d lie- S&8 MARKET CO S&S Tuesday, December 5 S?!M>K'«'<I Piciiji 1 Ilaii!-•. jM-r ) loiHiil , 15c fickle,-] Sparo IJili-. ]n>r jMHHld IOC I'i-kl.-.l Xi.,-1; |',,,l!.', 11.. 5C " (i «n:nnH !'itr 25c FARM LOANS AT 5 "0 t. in t' ','•'•} rr- MORTGAGFS FOR = STAGER — H. T, FERGUSON INVESTMENT BONDS K'-t •( to 0 pfr f*nt TCTf-mpt from iw"rne Tax LOANS . INSURANCE 310 Lawrence BldQ. Starling* III. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING WANTKl - iilno l>lndi>ry I'rlntltiK «'<'. -lM.iV. ndartl 131 win Oaf«>. "AT JTn ; 'FKH- 131-13L' WAN.TKD—l'LACK IX rnr.XTUY* TO turn horse out iwijile *>f month.*, !t. A. Knicken. Hock J-'alln, l!"H <4S-3. •X.Ut 8ALI5 — 8MALL HOHHK, OLD jHtp-rorn, t» year nncl half lUnt- 1 Hul! Chaw. (". Mini/,, CiileUt. InttTntaU 1 phone, t'oU'la »xrhiiMK«'. ISO- 1 33* •'()U HALI-l KMHTY KALI. I'USS. ('heap, l-'mnk ^wurte. Harmon, 111. 131-13:" — thtr— chtiTctr.— Iktr, man and ,vi>ry In hid HUfferliiKK. Ht* trcld to «iv»> fii.M family alt IIP could in hln lilt in'***. The rommtinlty hmt a Rood man and hl« wlfo n faithful hunlmnd and frttlu-r. ijjj^ hnu th« d^cpfat «yn«imthy of IHT , many, frlendn during lu-r tlm« of sorrow. SHELL CAPITAL fContlnue«l frorii p»so on<») which np|>roncho<I. our tr<.nchwt were coiuiuortMl with 7ij;u.|iliio gum» and two au<l 25 moii wi>tts caiiturecl. The t»f ili<^ Prpghtv illvlBlon eoun t««r uttnokoa ami ri'pulmni tlie pi«-niy which withdrew to their original position*," Ku8>- r*> of hostile nt lacks tiKuitiKt Tarnuva and the height la. «>u llto Macedonian front were alno an- nounciut. The vlIUTRW of l^rlova in (ho <Vrna bt-uil, was violently ahellcd. KAISER ORpERS BILLS RUNG. (Hy t'nited Pfess.) Anmtonlnm. Holland, I)oc« 4.-*-n»>rIin dl(y«i.tHi*>« today Haiti the battle of the ArgcHii river In Houmania had be«n STERLING BOAKD OF TRADE Maxwell and Quinlevan Members Hoard of Trade ), HI., D«»P. 4, Op*n Wheat !><-C. 1 R5«* May " I.72»-i July . 1,<J Corn Hiflh 1.6"% 1.44 Low 1.62% 1-7114 1.41% chiefs f ^ f, Cheney Bros.* i^ Paris Garters President Mr. and Mrw. ; \Jk'llltam Conner, wlio Milled NOV. 7fh for Parln. 1'Vance^ ar- riyoil wifely, They enjoyed the trip Discovered ix. Silk Hose Collars an d $ • The Christmas gift UNUSUAL.. gift that is' appropriate/ inexpensive, s ']f and cheering. May July Oatf I'lec. MW. . July Pork May Jan. Lard .89% .02 ^ Jan. Rib» May Jan. S6.T 16.70 IM7 H.22 IS-'JT ,f»3 26.30 28.30 15.95 ,86% .811% ,8S^i .61 'i .62 !4 35.90 15.7fl 10.65 15.85 .r,a% 26.00 2«.75 lfl.72' Jfi.10 14.3H li.Oi! 14.22 '11.22 ^Cooper and Steph-« Iiiderwear .i Shoes i KupiuMiheiincr » ; Good Goal WK-HAV'K ri\ And can give you service, 't.jiiality und satisfaction- in any order you ee witlf us. ' : - •'•_. . A I NOW in ihe. time (o order, don't delay. i| The place la buy -VULCAN Coke, Lumber m& Cement •• .'A Moses Dillon Company ... 1* *?. -t F,u4 ' 'g "' -I'-W ->;t'* -H. "-"'t t' v-iX* \-t/-« «, » ( t *•,* 4'* CHICAGO STOCK MARKET, t'hleago.-JII., l>«'c. 4. jK u|icn 54(11*1' Idwei^, over .... ........... , ____ 4,80'J i ........... .... — ISMSU-U u.uo il ......... '. ,, Wgllt ....... - .......... $8,40«*!l,70 Ititugh •- ..... , ......... $"J.3f»4l 9.DO **utlle, Jtt'ol!»r Jnwt-r. ^ , Hheeji. Ittc Hiwer, • • Hogs ................... , ,. t;o,mio « 'a tile ........ , ............ '30,000 Sheet* ...,.' ................ ' 20,0(W Hugs i'i.>M> ".(• higher^ toji, $10.10. . CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. > " f'hicaK.*, IIU LH>e. 4* \Vheat-Xo. 3 red, $1,50: No. i Imtd r, |1.7."*4i'1.7U; Mt>, hard wlnt«?w tl.733-». ( , t»t) }-'."<iUl; N'u. ); Xu. 4 Xu, f> inivnl, SS'l-^SiA?; Xu. t ft<!j3 t-'.', NV. i yclUiw, Vjt',iyti;{-4; 'Nil. uj.jwtma ^. X» s \\hH,-. Nvi X,>. i \v lifti>.^ S'» f-2*1'»•»;' Xti \> >r«, v.i. t, \\tiit«\ a.'!.™ s.iuil if - ;t Vi \vhit «•. Al Xu i \\hitt; ..} U NOTIPK—I WiL j*iljl<« for anything thnt IVrcey Wolf , dot-* for h«' IH not trty HOH. J(>liu H \Vitlf. 131-18S* I^OF^ ilKNT—MODlEilN N^WniT'N- Itatuw, I.1C u month. John M. 'I'ow- <T«. , IJ«»U ph»nt>. 13Uf tt'ANTKO—WOMAN KOH KITrHKN 'work at th<- Kaurtolph llnicl. 131-132 BMAiiit. JHISSOUHt TAKM, $1" «'AS11 uttd'fS monthly; no Interext or tnxe»<: highly productive land; cloxe to 3 blif itittfketK. Write for photoKrup nVd full Information. Munwr A-172 N. y.. LJftt Bldg., KmitKui City. M.I. KOH SAU'l^BEDlGHEBD AIHHDAI.R nialo puji. Bell 551-\V. 131* FOJl 8AIJB—JIJUSBY COW, COMINfl StMlll. UlHO Wtlllil I'm'K WrJtwor uhoiie J. 1*. llotulryv,. Hur- mqii. III/ ' 131-132 WANTBlD-r-YOUNO JCHRI^ TO AS- ttlNt with lljfht liouflftWdrit, one who wautH «, feocjfl home. , Writo "I 1 . M." rare Oasotte. 131-V 'phone 838-R1 1'ICKKHS, HHI.L LEGAL NOTICES BANKRUPT'S PETITION FOR DI8 CHARGE. In the District Court of the Tufted StaM-H, for the Northern District of IlUiioiv. Western Dlvi«ion, • Jn the matter of John II. Timm«'r» man. liinkruut. In liankruiiivV- - N ' ll( 397. • To ttio Houorahl» Kfiionuw '. I^indlx, JiulKi* of the. DiHlrlcl Court of the Unlu-il Htat^H for. tho Northern UlHtrlct of Illinois: John II. Tlmmermuu (I*. O. Knit on, IllfnoltO of Town of Union Onm*. in the County «»f Whltt-KiiU- nutl ^5tut^• uf IllinoiM in Hithl iHwirict. IVHIMH-Ifully rep- that on th«' ll'ih day of June hint pn«(, he wa« duly • Imukrupt .under the urln of rt-luihiK _Ui _ imnkrupti-y ; that 1m liaa duly BiiiTvnderi'd nil htrt property und rlKhTtt *;'^ jii-operty, ninl hun fully coin* plied with nil the re«)ulr<«jnem« "of sirtd a ml of the oniern of tho court him bankrupti'y. WhctreCure, lie' pray« thut he may bo decreed' Vy the court »o huve u full fnirn all dehiH provable ujmlnwt h)a e«tute under Hold Ixiukrupt tM uctti, Much nn nrw escept'ed by -law from -Bwch- dlspharjre. Pated ^hla eig|itf«*ulh il»y of >r, A, ». 1U18. __ John H: Tlmmwinan. 4 °Orfl«P sit ~Netfc* Thtrton. In tlw. Dtefrtct Court u(/t?te United fttes, I^Lirthern UUtrlrt of, \Vf»tei»n pivlsli.n . •'. On U»l» l«t day of j)pifinlirr. A. n. ", un readhiB thu fi«r«-K«hm )>otiu<m, 41 j*t .(irtltTed by the c^urt. thai a lu-ur- n« he hail on tht< HHIII.I' on [)u> Ituh day •f January, A, It. ll»17, hef«ir* mtiit c'uurt, ut 1'Vet-unrl In waiU, lUntrict. «t 10 uViunH Iu rln> (iitvnuoii; -aiul 'that •w- tlu'rw'f ho |iuhli<4lnitl In Tin.{ (la'xette, a nt-vvajjajier ju-lnttul u >xuiti '(ItHtrU't, anil Unit all ktunvu Ti'dUors' uiitl other U(»|-w»uw Ju uwy a|i|»wu* at the «ah| iluu- aiul plaet- md shuw cauHe, if any'they have, why he §ir«yer *«f the »alti (H'tlliotier vhoulii' jiot, he uranteti. Aiul U in furtttt-r urdered hy the eoui-i, that Jthe cl*>rk «hall *s^iut l»y »*itll to all i-tYilurti «'«plc»( of wiul (HHltiirti itul thin order, mtilri-fiKut lit- tht-ni »( .heir (>la<'«>!i uf ivxidi'tiee ics-ni.uiHl: WitiH'SM, tin* Hi'iinr.ibli' K«*u'i'Haw », Jtliilw. jiidgt 1 uf On' s;iiil t'juirl, anil' he Ki'.-il thcrriif, ut l-'ru^iort in .-..ii>l Hsjtl'U-l <Ul thi' ItU d:i> uf IVri-intu-r, i'.Hli. (SKAL) ,T, C. Mac Mi)l;iii. - t'l.rk. NOTI.Ce. NcUei' if- lu-icii.v yivi-it tin- i< -• liar iitiuuiil iiH'i-liiii; ul Hu' >-U M i'h..i<i •i*» uj Tit.- I-'II-M ,\.U'< ii'I litnVv .I- St«-iluiu. Illintifs..' will. >"' In Id ui-u,! 1 ! l!l"<-ti!fri IH-CIII ;t! ; isil haul. "H T'l -' v the I't'i il.nj if I .• it-H •- l-ii; ,:i : -' ;i'i l«" K i- i l<i| tii« JIMI jt i--. \,! . ; j .-i - ' UK ;i I " I Hi i }.()(!-• (11* la • .-» ', i (li'it II".. tic . n- ',ut.: vi ii ',.1 i.ii s d, MI ^c'.llH ttlll', i'l^ft'lt H>l- iiH''! r (i' iJ^ia M ii In u , -, .t I'u t. STERLING'S IDEAL STORE This may be slyleeTa'CKHslnrai! storc^for- we have made special preparations for the holidays and now present a choice display Of '•:•'••** HOLIDAY ATTRACTIONS for early selection. Gifts may -be selected here which will insure the greatest pleasure in buying as well as the most joy in receiving. Diamonds Watches Jewelry Toilet Articles Fountain Pens EARLY CBRISTMAS SBOPPING is the modern plan. W.T.JENNINGS The Store .with the Christmas Spirit Tuesday BIG Wednesday BARGAINS * FIQSTC ^ POTATOES Fancy stock, 6 for"" 18 25C ORANGES—Sw<?et as honey—ORANGES If you Hko HWt'i'l tiiin -xldn oraw«:» i s \vt» liavc iliojti. ' |luy Taii^oriiu 1 OKHIIJCOS, sjJtH-ial price BUCKWHEAT , Absolutely iMUv';"51t), sat'k 'Vus 10 Iti. sack "... 65c HOMINEY. Frosh, cloaii t-nu-kcd lioui- in<n r , (i pounds for' CATSUP 'lor ..... ..... .... ORANGES ('jilifrtrnhl NavaJs, nor tluxi-n . ,28c BACON I-'aiu-y nuvtl. >^Q/» |n-v jiouiui «<J*v ^PEANFT'BUTTER"^ (> r a u if»' Piairii- hr.-uiii. l:true ;_'*> uuiH'f jar OATMEAL « COEN MEAL I'Vcsh ground, yt'llow, per 10 potiuil ' OATMEAL k-ly fivsli, bulk, 0 for m, , JUT i-au APPLES .•aUutir JUT pt'ck . J CORK FtAKBS ""'"•.28C RIQE. •CRANBKRKIKS '.l 1 .J.r .ffliil.

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