The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on December 12, 1927 · Page 1
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The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1927
Page 1
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The Morning Herald VOL. 21. NO. 285. AVERAGE DAILY CIRCULATION LAST WEEK) 10,764. UNIONTOWN UNITED FOR PROGRESS EIGHTEEN PAGES Weather Rain. UNIONTOWN, FAYETTE COUNTY, PENHA., MONDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1927. TWO CENTS BAGGAGEMAN KILLED; B.&O. TRAIN HOPS TRACK Universal Draft Urged By Legion National Head H0PW00DBUS DRIVER SHOT; CLAIMS HOLDUP Oliver Beatty Has Gun i Battle on Highwa' ' Near Hague School 'ASSAILANT FLEES IMSlsis Hew last in the vlclnlt. what In years gone by was Iraowi ,lho 1 lagan sehooliinuHe, iDMitL-rt near Coiv.tiienlal No. 1, Saturday niplit i about o'clock as Oliver neatly, ;5Tnivod bun driver, thwarted an 'allcynl attrnsriLed holdup. Mr. LeaCy iCoutiuuvd ou Page. Nine) REFUSE TO ATTEND IMTNE PARLEY liv Asoclatnl Press . MOKGA.NTOWN, W. Va.. Dec. 11. . Sitting forlli Hist "Therr Li' tio ion-taction contraetral or otherwise be-tween tbo members of the Mononso-hPla Coal Operators' A'uciat!on and the United Mine tYorkers ot America niui therefore we would not bo Interested In or affected by any or Ihe problcm.i that mlRbt he considered at. the conference which you have call-ed," thai as?aciatlon has telegraphed (Secretary or Labor n.ivls ccl1n1:iE his invitation lo participate In a conference of bituminous coal operators and mhiE-rc at Washington. KUii.-diot wound of bis rlsht ar-.n while WF7S MEM APPRECIATE ARE GIFTS TO WEAR LEATHER COATS AND VESTS For Spart or the Wjn Working Outside One lo! of vests, sheep lined Ore lot of coats, lined One lot of maeWhiaws proof Other feather coats. up Rain coats, ail styles, $9.00 up to... $20.00 Howard M JJteele Outfitter To Gjntlemen Tho Wen's Store Where L.idies Art Welcome. With his ivoncierful lamp Aladdin summoned the genie-to earn" out his wishes. You will hnve the real power til extra dollar"; at your commune! if yon enroll now in our 19X8 Christmas Club WE WELCOME THE OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE YOU Tee National Bank of Fayette County M. H. Bowmaa, 'Prcsidaii Opiwl. Sarplui tad Profia Mou Thin A Million Dollm SONNELLSVILLE At n.tUaHu tinnier svilh tho Adelnlilan, Adtnh.Mi.rn, JU-a ,11; I..:ulieG :.(!: Kxhlhllior Phla" datice3 by Monle ltrant, Jon and SI Charlie Miller, lra 'nek. F.llf worth Culon. Edward E. Spafford Guest of Lafayette Post On First Official Visit to State; Pennsylvania Commander Edwin E. Hollen-beck Attends Enactment of. the universal droit by tbo present Congress as a measure ot national preparedness and a powerful pre'venlatlyo of war was urged strongly Saturday nlgUL by National Commander Edward E. ijpafrord, of llio American Legion, at a banquet in his honor at tho White Swan Hotel by lalayelto Post No. CI. It was the LEGION WOMEN OFFICIALS FETED State Officers Attend Dinner at Hotel Beeson Onlelala of the Pennsylvania Shite Lciriou Auxiliary were Bluest Saturday nlsrht at a dinner in their honor Rlveu by (he Undies' Auxiliary of Lafayette Post No. Gl. American lesion, at (tie Hot-; lives..;,. ;:!:.! y-!.-,-e members of tho local auxiliary and various county auxiliaries were in attendance at Ihe dinner, which was i:; chaise Of .Mr,s. L. C. Mochlinfr, president, of the Uuloutown organization. The principal addresses diKing the. prosraiu were given by Mrs. Frederick 'P. Moore of Piitshiirtih. slate Combined on Page Tlilrlernl DRESS SALE ; at BRADLEY SHOPPE Starting Today : at jTHE SAME PRICE VOU WILL GET AFTER CHRISTMAS. ONE LOT OF TUXEDO DKESSfcS ! $15.75 FORMERLY 29.50 j VhLVET DRESSES 1-b OFF, i SEE OUR XMAS SUGGESTION. - SECOND FLOOR I Citizens Building LUMPY COAL 7c AT BIN; 11c DUMPED HARD AND BLACK NO CHOP BEESON ' COAL Co. PHONE 16, C O ft L - 7c: Dumped Il'c Phone L'nt-W or NIGHT TUESDAY pliiying from S;So to iL'. a "Deludi" and "Piiihulel- i"e lialas. XieUn- Kausouo. Vie Stisuuo and rm luev. commander's fir3t official visit to Pennsylvania. 1'be universal draft, paid Coinmantl-Spnfford, in tho ultimate in pre- OQual basis uny nation or- group of nations will ponder well betoro considering war against 1!ia TTnlted States. The universal draft has the unqualified indorsement of the American Lejrion and it is committed to a slrenuouB advocacy ur Its passage nt thin session or .Congress. It means, Commander Spafford said, plenty or man power in the (lain of war but Lhal every industrial, commercial and physical resource will bo mobilised lor Berviee on a non-profit basis. No' 'he road early Saturday nislit near exemptions will he pi-rruueu between ''is house when slrucl; hy the au(0-tlie ages of il and 30, said the speak-' mobile. After hitting the man, the er as lie gave a number uf ill usirk- -! driver continued his journey without lions regarding this phase ot tho I sloiiplng to determine the nature ot "World v.-tir selective service act. TUcl'bt' man's Injuries, accordinr; to the law, said Conimander Sparford, hasi'ato Highway Patrol. A witness of uo semhlar.oo of agression but Isi'oe accideut took the license number purely a measure ot prepared ocbe in r and reported the incident to the Un-i Imp of peace and immediate jnobill lontown police who turned the mat-zatlon if we should be forced into per over to ihe Slate Highwaj Palrol. nar. i.Muatian waii ialcr arrested and f:onimaniler Spafford asserted that the Lesion does not waul to make of the Pnile'l States a mlliiarhlie a- tio:. Mi! h '.Lies ,iesir- even- induitn - nriii every note homed man to form an latepra! parL and tio its effective most eo Ihut there. will be no necessity of an order like the one Issued ourins the World war. "Work or fight." The value ot national preparedness (Continued on Page Thirteen? 'tev : -MEANS WARM; COMEY ROOMS Give your furnace a square deal. You c.-iu-not expect it to perform siiiisfrieloriiy unless you feed it vig-lit. Euy onv coal. Hankins-Paulson Company Phone 1900. JAMISON COAL BARGAIN $1500 wo Chrysler 'SO'1 Roadsters Sligli ly Usfid, At J1500 Each. Sea F, B. Miller Motor Sales 9 FF. LUfMPY COAL FROM NIXON SHAFT. HARD AND BLACK. NO CROP. 1-lc BU. DEL- -PHONE 1658-M. In oiir score you need not feel hurried or compelled to buy anything. Our attendants arc here for your convenience, ready to answer your questions and employ greater benefit. Mike a shopping tour of our store feeling free loiter and look about as you choose. Wallace Jo weir 'IVnumnl Oppnsit ARREST ALLEGED HIT-RUN DRIVER; AGED MAN HURT Jerry Branigan, Pittsburgh Road, In Local Hospital OTHERS INJURED Moro ban a dozen persona, were more or loss seriously injured in a series of automobile nr.cldcnls during lontown HoEjitai, wiille. a number of oilier :i wero attended by physicians; Jerry Erauigan, aged C5 years, ol Ihe Pittsburgh road, is in ihe Union-town Hospital with a possible frac-luro of the skull, suffered when ho Ss said to have been struck by an auto-mobilo bein? driven hy R. S. Moua- han ot Unlontown. Dranigao's dmon was fair at tin- hu.-pitu ' I "is Branijcan was walking alon; (charged with railing to stop and Kive j assistance. He wns released on bail for a hearing before Alderman Mali : Mhm. i nomas uairu, agen in years, or Ur- lent, suffered severe lacerations and bruises and Fieri Sillett, aped 22, of Oliver No. 3, a dislocated hip and oitier tuiurlos batunlay atiemoon vheu their auluaiobiles crashed while (Continued on Paga Thirteen) CARD PARTY For the benefit of the Church of All Paints, in Lyceum Hall, Jlas-ontowu, Weduesday, December 14. The seventh ot tho series. Special prizes for the evening and for the series, GET A CROSLEY AND YOU'RE THERE WITH A 5 TUBE NEUT-PADYNE RADIO. COMPLETE, ALL ELECTRIC, $123.30. tASY PAYMENTS. ' J. C. TIRE CO. DOLLS! DOLLS! AT BIG SAVINGS MEYER'S 10-14 BROADWAY OPEN EXENlNGs UNTIL X'MAS. COAL! 9 FT. COAL! Buy the Best at. the Beall Tipple, Sc jumped i;c. Baker Coal Co. 2513 NOTICE TO AUTO OWNERS i Peun'a. Dep't. of Highways i "I Ileadtislit Adjusiins Slalioa Your Ughls Adjusted and Rove a Card That Will Be liec-nined by the Highway Officers AUTO STORAGE DANCING SCHOOL Gallatin Gardens Monday liv ruing. I Teaching mid Instructions S to II). i Social dancing 10 to 11:30. Join tho' class and learu to dunce. Men 5".. 00: 1 Ladles ;.Cc IRA O. WILLIAMS making suggestions for Mill, fj CT DTO. SiH mf NATIONAL VICE-PRESIDENT OF HADASSAH TO SPEAK HERE COMING HERE MRS. ARCHIBALD SILVERMAN SALVATION ARMY ISSUES APPEAL Kettles Simmer Rather j Than Boil; More i Money Needed " Anjutant Fred . Gartdavd nf the Salvation Army announced last night that the response to the Aviny kettles MMl mm i '"E" i ,, a'lcl hall that for the same period last - shoi !y before n o t)oc vrtncii year. The adjutant expressed the: ."tiled thena to ihe home of Mrs. Tay- tope that during the remaining two:lor ot the rear of JlO Evans street, weeks ne:oie, me jpu;.sf vrould Tie murh greater. PHONE 596 FOR YOUR Cleaners arid Dyers Christmas is only 13 days away and Uncle Sam is telling" you to mail your packages early. "Wd are advising you to send us your cleaning now. OUR DAILY PRICES LADIES Suits cleaned and pressed. ..1-00 Dresses (plain) cig, and pr 1.00 Coats (no fur) clg. and pr. 1.00 Fur Collar 50o Extra MEN Suits pressed J .30 Suits cleaned an.d pressed- 1.00 Overcoats (anv wsiahtji 1.C0 PERSONNEL Miss" Ids Hughes, Nat G. Townsend, Leonard C. Cornish (Formerly With Fayette Tailoring Co.) CORNISH Cleaners & Dyers COAL, 7c Borti y Foot Vela Black Clean Hard Structure Scale Weights .'o Delays Xo Shove-tin? 15 Minutes From Uniou;own P HONES Uniiii:o-v.i ilOTJ 13::-R-j Falrchaac "YOUR PIANO NEEDS ME" j I. Holland. Artistic Piano Tuoin?, j Coolsprini; St.. I'nlonlowu. Phone ?S7-J ; 5 Joint Meeting Will Be Held Wednesday Night at S O'Clock HEADS "ACTIVITIES At the Adcdphla cluhrooms. Wednesday at g p, m., there is to be a joint meeting of the local Zionist oryauua-lion and the loca! chapter of Hadas- suh. Tho occasion of this open meet - log, to which all Interested are iu- vited, is the visit to Uniontown of a illslinguished speaker in the person nf Mr ATho,..i.i c:t.. j Providence, R. i.national vlce-presi- dentoftheHadassah. Mrs. Silverman. who is said to bo a speaker ol unusual charm and ability, returned recentlv from Switzerland, where she. ultend- ed (he Zionist Congress In llasle and tho world conference on minority rigitta In Zunch Mrs. Silverman holds a national position o prominence wirh manv Jewish organizations, and her effort's for Palestine have placed her at tha hflm Of many Ziouls! activities. Sh is Ihe vice-president ol the Zionist OrKanization or America and It Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Or- sanizafion. As vice-chairman of the Hebrew Vrnverutv He -, v,;;i Builfitor Fund, Mrs. Silverman Is helping in tne imnnrfit meriieal nw) "Sm. health work of. Hadassnh in Pales- world Zionism. Mrs. tConllntied Page Ft FIRE WHISTLE ' FAILS TO BLOW a town firemen answered ' uo ..-., e.u eiLiu?uisa- ed before the firemen arrived. no damage heme dene. An alarm sent in tram box IS but the whh did not sound, being out of order, cording to firemen. AUTO CHAINS! ALL AUTO CHAINS 250 OFF. J. C. TIRE CO. COR. BROADWAY AND PETER ST. SHERWOOD MUSIC SCHOOL Piuno, Violin. Tenor Banjo and Ha many. F. E. Simpson, Teacher, Veecbio Bid City. "THE BANDBOX" A 6 TUBE CROSLEY NEUTRA. DYNE COMPLETE ELECTRICAL-LY INSTALLED, S129.50. J. C. TIRE GO. Qua'.ny 1X3URAXCE and rsSUP.-AXCE Sen-Ice. Lowest ?08?ih!3 Rates. MARKLE, COMBS & MOORE, INC. ILeadbeaters Orchestra ! Will Be There I Where? At the Biff Dance, P. H. C. I Hall. tYfien? -Vedne3dav. Dec. It. j Hours 7:30 to 12 V, M. Fkure Call-; ;ers Contest. All Welcome. ReguUr Pnees. 13 Boxes of Caadv t;ive-. ' $50.00 REWARD A reward of j;o will he given :ir luformaiion that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the 'arty cr parties bre.Hf-esr into ihe F.ilrchanco Boroush high school bu.ildinc and ilc-.:oi:is the propenv ot said'h-iiSd-in;. FalrchaiiL-e Lioiviug'i School Dls- FOR RENT 3 rooms oa 1st floor with .: baseuh'at rooms, hoi aad cold water, electricity, hot air ilea; abu large earden, van! and garage. lno.nire at s:..-va Xudrash. 27 Fasy S;., City. OPEN FOR BUSINESS TODAY I'MONTOYVN'S NEW CASH & CARRY CLEANERS 11 X. Ciitllatin Ave. NOTHING CHARUKl) NOTHING nKUVKlfMH BUT NOTE OUR PRICKS Men's Suit's C'leartod and Pressed - . 7,"if Men's Top Coats Cleaned and Pre.-sed . 7,1c .Mens Heavy Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed Ladies' Suite Cleaned and Pressed Todies' CoalsPlain Cleaned mid I'rosed Ladies Coats Pur Trimmed Cleaned ;nnl l'resed . , Ladles' Wool Dresses (Plain) I-'tdles' riannel Presses (I'lain) Plain Silk Dresses . .. CARRY YOCU CLOT11KS AM) SAVE I Ul 1WTEH!! A TRIAL WILL CONVINCE VOL. ENGINE, CARS LEAVE RAILS AT GUFFEY STATION C. H. Winters Fatally Hurt; Passengers Re-ported Injured. : RKPORTS VXVAO MEAGRE T. .... ,7 II. Winters. b.-iKSaceman on BaIlimo';6 ? passenger train -No- 10' yashington-to-Detioit es- ,,L"Ba' Tl? s LJif! u', en' fcs iL'a3s- ' Cumberland, sred a bro Icen leg J. P. Kel- ' f?l VT' ?lc-'ers,,lale' waa ln: n, a , nun'ber ,0( Passengers b!idl1 br,lls:cd and shaken up when i5e J'n "'f cl'ecl nat s1iili0,- " 'fa, T',e"' 01 CnDcUsv,Uo Htte1' 9:, '" k if. V 5 V, f-Plete details of. the wreck were l?l!,laf erIy thls S 1w to the IaCk 01 r'?' communication with tho sc ot thria wtreck- A , Tf acc,dE'n.t , occurred on a left Jand W . 1 . . Jnnl1 l,U" f,"r " mS ' mt, 1,0 bJ' whlIe coach jumned tho track notl waa partly extended over the oanic oi tne t o-jghlofTheuy river wheu. the special brakes brought Ihn pltstiir- ing train to a complete slop. . All lold, the baggage coAch, tho combination day and baggage coach and the one day coach nf the train (Continued on Page Thirteen) MOT C. J. SMITH, Inc. Appointment of C. JS. Miller as re- "ePlfp 's Pointed out. has no conneclion with O. J. Smith Inc Jo. cated In the Capital Garage Building and agents for Chandler and Sum cars, Big Sale! Big Sale! Just received q large shipment Df fine sheep3kin coats, 36 in. long, 4 pockets, belt all around, slies 38 to 48, While they last, for only 35-75. Come and look them over. Men's union suits, first quality 51.50 value for only s5o Men's flannel shirts B9c Men's work sweeaters - 89c Big sjle on suits and o'coats. A big line of tneoj .furnishings, th finest kind, at great savings to HARRY BROAD Morgantown St. On tin NOTICE I be a meelius of Spanish ."ur Veterans in MuuicSaai A. It. llooin oa Hih LVc. There America Bhig. In n. :u. S. A. Kendall wilt he hero Peak ia interest of ail '.eleraus t-rsaaize a a'ev- cair.;.. Signed EO, McCUL LOUGH J. R. KING FRANK PECK AUTO BODY CO. ..srte .. 7,'c . . 7.-ic . JlOe . .7oc . 73c ...SOc N'CE,

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