Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 11, 1968 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 11, 1968
Page 6
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The trindy of Mm: He starts off with i Country - md winds up with i Government! 1 ™ •* <, fci < ., , $." if- . Our Daily Bread SIMM TRM wf >TM Effttf AWL H. WiMMfn Short Stuff ABc^kfor Tourirtf Dof pttftd thin" is the title of i squib U Clrttr Johnson passed ott to me (f6ifl thi <3r<iit Northern Ritlwty Co, mifMine Com U go«s like this: - T**eher. "Where Is the Cipltal the United states?" Student: "In loins, all overth* SttrofHope, 1899, Press 1927 Consolidated JiftUiry 18, 192$ Girl icout Troop $11 to Staff* 1 As a dogowner lhave bien curious about how motels and hotels handle the problem of dog-tceompanled tourists* Once 1 asked the manager of an Alamo court on the Gulf Coast what he did about It. ••Whit cm you do?" he retorted, "Half our customers got dogs with them." Not to mention traveling cats, sunning themselves on the ledge behind the back seat of a sedan heading South, I used to think the hostelrles discriminated against dogs in favor of cats, but times are changing. The door is open to pets almost everywhere.. Galnes Dog Research Center, 250 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017, a division of thedog- iood manufacturer, has just gotten out a directory of motels and hotels which accomodate travelers with dogs. That's for the courts that have kennels. • The others just look the other way, knowing If there's a dog in the car the traveler isn't going to say so, and Bowser will sneak into the apartment after dark regardless of regulations, Cold, Wot Through Wednesday By InE'. ASSOCIATED PRESS ** ; Cold, wet weather Is expected , Priirtid '/ city &fc«etittffti U ffctr lit to rteftft year £ir p f«iM u»d I tftfert of MM tor till dtllw JW* Metnbert AisMUted Pr«« t At, Net Circulation 6 mo*. Audit Buf«ia of Clrcolationi fcpt, 90, (961 -3,271 VUtnam Policy Crlf Ics lxp«xt«d to Focus on American troop Lovols Seven Nations Team to Set Up Gold Pool to Keep Price in Line Final Vote on Rights Bill Likely Mrs. Bonnft §tnyard photo with Star camera Members of Girl Scout Troop 311 will present a play, "Always Come Late Land" at 4:30 p.m. Tusday, March 12. Parents and all interested persons are invited. By CARL Pi LEUBSDORF Associated'Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Leaders, apparently assured they filibuster, By LAWRENCE MALKIN Associated Press Writer LONDON (AP) - The gold rush subsided on the London market ^today following the announcement by the seven-nation gold pool that It would keep the price at $35 an ounce. But on the Zurich- market the initial d£ roand "aooeared to be only slightly below that of Friday. One' Zurich banker said the gold pool's announcement "does not seem to have had the de- Officials Fired in S. Vietnam SAIGON (AP) - The South Vietnamese government today fired seVen of Us ,44 province chiefs, including its man to Hue. It* was the biggest housecleaning so far v as a jresult of the! Communist* lunar new year offensive. Earlier the government; Man Charged W!thMurd«r By THE ASSOCIATED PKESS LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Troy Lee Kelllan, 10, of Little Rock, was charged with murder Saturday in the slaying of Charlie Williams, 19, of Little Rock, who was shot in the left tmple with a .22-caliber pistol Friday night at a UUle Rock cafe. By ROBERT T. OKAY Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (At>) - Secretary of State Dean Rusk offered today to stop the bombing of North Vietnam to get wtr settle' m»>nt talks going. Testifying at the long-AwaUed confrontation with war critics on the Senate Foreign Rotations Committee, Rusk said In order to bring about the talks "we are willing to meet their principal condition — stopping of the bombing." Whatever provisos may exiat as to reciprocal action by the other side/ Rusk did not spelt them out Immediately. K HVreiwwed th« l/.S. pledge that "we are prepared to negotiate today without any 'cdhdl* Uons." ' Rusk's statement came at the end of a sharp exchange with S<m. J. W, Fulbrlght, D-Ar., the committee chairman, who told the secretary he Is more than ever convinced "that our present policies in Vietnam have had and willl have effects "abroad and at home that are nothing short ofdlsastrous." Rusk mentioned the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin resolution, which has been a principal vehicle for at' tacks on the administration by hero, critical senators, suylng "we hoped that Tonkin wouki serve as a deterrent" but that "unfortunately it did not have that do- torrent effect." Fulbright promptly criticized the administration's contention See VIETNAM (on page two) AP News Digest POLITICS Former Vice President Rich* *rd M, Nixon stages hlfl final drive for support in the N«w Hampshire primary, Sen, Eugene J, McCarthy sticks to bin Iow4tey campaign against President Johnson «ts the state prepares to vote Tuesday, Republican leaders urf* Gov, Nelson A. noektfelltr to become "an announced end active candidate" tor the GOP prosl- dentUl nomlntttlon. A spokes* man says Rockefeller plans to consult with other top Republicans before making any decision* VIETNAM Secretary Rusk publicly confronts some of th« Johnson administration^^ most outspoken critics of yiltnam policy today at a Senate'Foreign Relations Committee session. North Vietnamese gunners damage heavily an ammunition dump supplying the U.S. Marines below the demilitarized' zone. The tittle Marine was a conscientious objector ind an outcast at Kho Sanh. Now he Is a Enemy Guns Blow Tonsof Ammunition By ROBERT TVCKMAtf ? Assoclfltod Pro»s Writer ; SAIGON (AP) - South VleU; namcse Infantrymen reported, kilting 102 ftnnroy troops In t northern frontier battle Sunday but enemy gunners bttw up Ion*; of ammunition at a U.S. Navy base ]ust below the eastern end of the demilitarised rone. A spokesman said South Vlefc a deep low pressure centers over " extreme southern Tens aad f northern' Mexico and an upper level low pressure hovers over western Texas. The combined low pressures are expected to create thundershowers and storms over much of the state and hold temperatures down, the U.S. Weather Bureau reported. Low temperatures reported around the state this morning ranged from 38 degrees at Harrison to 50 at El Dorado. Highs reported Sunday ranged from 46 at Fayetteville to 75 at El Dorado. Traces of rainfall were reported around most of the state in the 24-hour period ending at 6 a.m, today with Texarkana measuring 1.41 Inches. Mehaffey Jakes Leave of Absence TEXARKANA, Tex. (AP) J. Q, Mihaffey of Texarkana will begin a leave of absence as executive director of the Texarkana Gazette and Daily News April 1 to take charge of citizen participation in planning and Implementing the Model Cities Program ur» both the Arkansas and Texas sides of Texarkana, it was announced here Saturday. : Walter E. Hussman, who granted the leave as president o| the Palmer Media Group, which owns the newspapers, said, "When one has provided 39 years of continual service to an organization, he has made a contribution that entitles him to § debt of gratitude from both the employer and his fellow em- ployes," Mahaffey, who has been executive editor or managing edi- ter of the Gajette and Gaily News for the last it, years, said b$ felt the Mprtel Cities Pro* gram offered Texarkam a -'gowdeii opportunity" to achieve national recognition in urban development, "not only to physical properties, pu.t to human re- soyrces." : "What mtt be wore exciting a key role in the buiiding profflpttoQ of one's hpfne- *' lie asked. began work lor the newspapers July 5, 1939, me after Ws graduation FujrwM ytfyersity »i " S.C. He h»s teW oosition in the news dfi- f$f.*fjjt w>T*$ W i'-iyw. *s^. ™ ~ ^R^ • ' Wlft i|M exception ol .ewers, apparently assured ngi s>«eai w u*w u»u u« u«- rBn , acpd 't» Wo ? of , L - {our noiiHj ftceao.lksWltch.Southern ?^ i|ffect as far a* : we can ^^^Jw»WL ister, are pushing for a Judge ayhls time.' / JJOM^S.^^ j * s W.*>f' * »> ? flnaj -vo.$e - on landmark The poimd-jumped'fol^^MOtsiif^^^gj^^^ y^m^g was ' rights legislation. An overwhelming 61-19 vote Friday on the bill with .its con- troverisal open-housing provision cleared the way for final action today.' Indicating he has been promised that Southern opponents plan no further filibuster, Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield scheduled prompt action on long-delayed money and Senate ethics proposals. Senate action on a pressing supplemental: appropriation that includes welfare funds for states was scheduled later today. Mansfield said he expected consideration of ethics recommendations to begin Tuesday. Senate approval would return the civil rights bill to the House, which passed it last August as a limited measure dealing only See FINAL VOTE On (Page Ten) on'tho London foreign exchange market, after closing Friday at $2.39225, its lowest level. At the dally gold fixing in London, .at which representatives of the major dealers balance the demand for gold against the supply and set the price, turnover of less than 10 tons was anticipated. Dealers said that despite the drop in demand for gold, there was no active selling by speculators who have built up hoards of the metal since the devaluation of the pound In November. The consensus among London dealers was that the gold pool's action was sufficient to halt speculators but was not far-reaching enough to shake out sellers yet* Frankfurt banks reported the demand tor gold there had subsided but pointed out that Monday is normally a quiet day for gold trading. Believe It or Not But Gold Sometimes Does Grow on Troos By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) - Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his mall: Husbands have been telling their wives for years now that money doesn't grow on trees. However, gold does. Gold has been found in minute quantities in willow, fir and aspen trees, the National Geographic points out. But woodsman, spare those branches. There isn't enough precious metal to them to make it worthwhile to cut down the trees. America bas become one of the most education-conscious nations OB earth, biit^one-tWrd of its elementary schools still have no library facilities, it has been found that spiders are devoted mothers. On the other hand., who wants a spider for a mother even if she loved you so much she wanted to wrap all her eight arms miss takes in the flowerpot, he's accepted*-if she leaves it on the sill the lovesick lad Is symbolically left out in the cold, too, Quotable notables: "Take care to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get ,., The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists to trying to adapt the world to himself, Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable msn,"»*George Bernard Shaw, How soundly do you sleep? Most people twist or shift body position from 35 to 50 times a night, You really keep up with music if you know what the fangufan- gu. }s, it is a four-note bamboo nose flute native to the Tonga Islands to the Pacific, It has become so rare ttet only about a score of tfte islanders can stJJi make a fangujanfij and play it. you sneeze while performing was replaced as .mayor of Hue and chief of Thua JEhien Province by Lt. Col. Le Van Than, wno had been assigned to the joint general staff headquarters in Saigon. Khoa had been severely criticized by U.S; officials for hiding out in civilian clothes for seven days whll3 the Communists overran Hue. One American official said Khoa did nothing about the wave of looting in the stricken city for 17 days and "by then ecerything had been stolen, sometimes twice." It was more than three weeks after the capture of Hue before Khoa began to get the shaky government machinery moving at ail. New chiefs also wore named for the provinces of Darlac, Blnh Thuan, Vlnh Long, An Clang, Ba Xuyen and Tuyen Due. A new chief also was named for Quang Due Province, whose head man was killed to a bell- copter crash recently. Ever* Hot Given Much of a Chance JACKSON, Miss. (AP) White candidate Charles H, Griffin is an oddson favorite to defeat Negro leader Charles Ev> ers by a wide majority to a spe« cial election runoff for Congress Tuesday, Polls open at 7 a.ro, and close at 6 p.m. for the 195.000 voters la the 12 counties of southwest Mississippi's 3rd district, repre» seated 21 years to Washington by Gov, John Bell Williams, Grlffto, 41, of utlcjj No, I Williams for 18 years, kept silent, saying the flu, since Evers 1 33.706 votes led six white caodi« dates to the first round of the special ejection Feb, ??, wbe« U4.97I votes were cast, Griffto got 28,937, A Negro*wb|te split is expert ed to balloting, Whites have about 125.000 votes, Negroes 70,000, Treasury Information May Have Cost >nfr Billion* NATIONAL A massive repair job boglns at Oregon State Penitentiary where prisoners get majoi concessions and a new warden after a $6 million rampage. INTERNATIONAL London's gold dealers meet to find out whether the gold pool's pledge to support a $35 price will stop the rush on the U.S. dollar, Rhodeslan government hangs two more Black Africans despite since Feb. 29 tor government troops below the DMZ. Me said the South Vietnamese captured seven suspects and 25 weapon* and that their casualties were only three killed and 31 wound-, ed. As the men of the 2nd South- Vietnamese Infantry Regiment battled five miles north of Dong, Ha, North Vietnamese gunners blasted the American naval sup? ply and repair base at th< mouth of the Cua Viet River, 1?, : miles south of the DM2. ,v : UJS. spokesmen said casualties at the naval complex wer€> light, but they reported num<n> r ous fires and secondary expto* slons In stockpiles of am muni-, tlon and other war materiel. . More artillery rounds, about. 200 of them, landed on a South, Vietnamese outpost 11 mile* be-' low the DM2, and nearly 4Q, shells hit a nearby base camp of the U.S, 3rd Marine Division,, No casualties or serlousdaroagt was reported at the MariM, camp, and one aoldler wa» kilted at the government out?' post, -* For the third straight day, thr Marines atboslogedi One big reason why life is so W ho}e eonjeert- difficult tor many of tfte 19 mil* A survey Closed tfet women Hoft Ainertcafls past 65? tbeir consistently leave longer ciga- iYerage income is only half thit rette bults. in ashtrays than of employes stili actively worfc men, Wljat'Jl science turn up iflg. with next? Swiss yoyng mea have aj odd Empty acres: Ljst year courtship tecl«u<iue. tf a Ia4 }s J00,000 farmers left their fields tojp fby to speaj to t|e flrl of for ifee cities, leav^g 3,8 million his cbpice, b* slips a love note still tilling the good. eartt>- §to i flowerpot ajojJ leaves it on |t was &ferfe Twaiio who ob- wtadow §W- tt Ws Swiss served, "Be virtuous ajd you will be eccentric.' 1 and •«* Arfccmtan Pitt In Ofctae Crash SALUSAW, owa. ( Nun/piee, 65, of Fort Smith, Ark., w%s killed Saturday when bis car fnjasjbjM} into an auto parked on U.S. 59, aboijt two iniies soutlj of bere, three Sajlisaw residents > , By DICK BARNES Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP( - The price of stock In ascertain company suddenly jumps one day amidst .heavy trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The next day the government awards a fat contract to that same firm. Suspicion arises: Did a government employe or a congressional Insider leak advance word of the contract? Or buy a stock themselves based on informa- Wants WR's Staff to Ex f lain LITTLE ROCK (AP)-Frank Whitbeck of Little Rock, who Is considered a prime Democratic gubernatorial candidate this year, said Sunday that Gov. Wlnthrop Rockefeller's staff should aid In explaining the governor's statements. Whitbeck, an insurance executive, made the statement in response to a charge by Rockefeller that some of Whitbeck's statements were "Irresponsible," "I don't know what he means," Whitbeck said, "His statements are generally so Incoherent that it would be helpful If Ms staff would follow them up with explanations." Rockefeller apparently was referring to Whitbeck 1 s position on tb9 need for an Increase to state taxes when he made the statement. Rockefeller has Indicated that a tax Increase will be needed, Whitbeck has proposed eight means of raising additional state revenue without a hike to taxes. Comtdlan'f ion Hurt In Wreck BURBANK, Calif, (AP) - Comedian Jonathan Winters' son, Jonathan Jr., 18, was in satisfactory condition today at a hospital here with roiaor injuries suffered to an auto accident which killed the driver of the car. John F. Hyson, 17, was dead on arrival at a hospital Saturday night. He was thrown from th* auto when |t rolled over rwice. Police said Hysoq had been drag ractof op Forest Lawn Drive near Griflitl) Park when tlon obtained In their official capacities? The realm of government Insiders and security dealings Is murky. Proving a connection is difficult; analyzing market behavior for clues Is filled with pitfalls; legal distinctions can be tricky. The Treasury Department reported last Tuesday on one information leak that could have meant windfall profits for bond speculators. The Information dealt with a $25 billion sale of U.S. bonds. The treasury report traced Its leak to a middle-level employe who died of a heart attack a week after he was suspended. "I am not convinced this leak is the only one that has occurred," said Chairman Wright Pat man, D-Tex., of the House Banking Committee. Ho wants to investigate. Rumors of another government information leak arose last Jan. 25, the day President Johnson activated some air reservists and air guardsmen in response to North Korea's seizure of the intelligence ship Pueblo. On Jan. 24, stock market prices had declined for the 12th See TREASURY On (Page Nine) worldwide outcry at three sim-* received more than 250 rounds liar executions last week. } of rocket, artillery aitd mortar -..^X-WASHINGTON*, - , •«';*?- flte.-Sunwy. ,U,&K hf«*kB»|**f»* Senate^ leaders push fbr * **W American casuftttie* were quick final vote on civil rights -.light legislation. Confession In Rope Cose Affirmed LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The Arkansas Supreme Court affirmed today a Drew Circuit Court ruling that a convict under death sentence at Tucker Prison Farm liad voluntarily confessed to ripe. The convict, Albert Harris of Montlcello, was sentenced to death In 1903 along with Orion Trotter, for the rape of a white woman In Monticello. Harris and Trotter are Negroes. Nam«d Music Director TORONTO (AP) - Karel An- cerl, conductor of the Czech Philharmonic r Orchestra, has been appointed music director of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra beginning With the 19C9- 70 season, it was announced Sunday, The 60-year-old Ancerl will succeed Selji Ozawa, who has accepted an appointment to lead the San Francisco Symphony, All Around Town ly The Star Staff Arkansas Highway Department projects include resurfacing Highway 19 from Rosston to the junction of Highway 299, 9,49 miles at an estimated cost of $73,600 , , , and resurfacing 355 from north of McNab to south of Saratoga at a cost of $37,300, Some eight Arkansas Highway Department employes in the Hope District received safety certificates because their crews completed the past year without timeiiost personal injury or chargeable accident , , , Included are Bryan C, Clark of Hope and Gerald T f Kirksey of Amity , , , John W, Bartero, sip foreman of Hope ao4 Resident Engineer John W t Saw of Hope, ejub will have Us aw*al style show and dessert bridge March ?l it First Pras, Cfeurcb f , « one feature pertinent Station report the total weekend rainfall up to 8 s,m, Monday was 3,41 Inches ,,, and Us still raining. According to Music Director Richard Keytpfl, the U of A Is sending i part of Its band to Hope for a performance at Hope High Tuesday, Mirch 26 at 8 p f m,,,, Overnight ho«sln| will b« needed tor 30 students, and anyone who can assist IA this Is asked to notify Mr, Keytoo,,»Another nmsi, c«| note atout which the HHSband are quite excited is theap* pea ranee today (Monday) by Dr, Riehard Worthlogton of the U of A Band |or a local bend rehear, sal, WhjtfieW Masonic Lodge No, ?39 wm cjjftfer aa Entered Ap, prentice Degree Tuesday, March l?atl:30p,ro. will be %n %rt exhibit f ,, tickets Circle 5. WSCS, will meet V " - ' - ' ' J "" the Heritage House tonight (Moa* - - — • instead of to The Americans"' countered with fl^ter-bombar raid* against North Vietnamese gun positions Inside the DMZ, and B52 saturation bombing attacks' on auspficted positions of enemy troops menacing Khe Sanh and Hue. The B52s also struck at enemy positions 12 miles northwest of Dak To, near the Cam* bodlan border, and 25 miles northeast of Saigon. U.S. spokesmen for the first time reported a Communist truck convoy In the vicinity of Hue, They said American gun- ship helicopters sighted eight See ENEMY GUNS On (Page Two) College Choir Coming Here { Thursday The Arkansas College Choir will give a concert of Easter music at the First Presbyterian Church In Hope Thursday, Atorch 14 at 7:30 p.m. This Is the choirls twenty • first annual tour Of churches and schools throughout the state during the Easter season. Gabriel Faure's "Requiem" Is the major work Included on this year's program. Soloists are Loye Vern Mason of Brockwell, Chariene Prickett and Myrl Ann Griffin of Batesville, John, ny Hicks of North Little tocic, and Pauletle Jones of West Memphis, * The lassies, the widely traveled girls' choral group, will per* form as a part of the program al* so. Mrs. Paul Gray, director of both the choir and the Lassies, has been assistant professor of music at Arkansas College since 1946. Mrs. Gray received her B, S. from Lebanon Valley College and her master of music from Westminister Choir College, to addition, she has done graduate work at the Eastman School Ql Music, Organ accompanist is Mr. Herman Hess, assistant professoro| music, pbyliss Jetterjf of Arka,* delphia will play the prejurle anij Marlanna Burton oj PiffQtt wi|J ptay the ppstjude. Appearances have also scheduled at Hot Sjprlngs, Warren, vehicle. Accordtog to U& official

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