Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 4, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1916
Page 5
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\ \*"\ •"•H-St SOCIAL AFFAlST) WEHE MARI " EO THURSDST ' _ y y,i-»« E!e<p Nance 3-d Edwin Walling. n "-'- ~ r * 1M ""™m, ". ~" f c.rd of This City United. •, 'it .! \V:.: WOMAN'S GliJ 1. 7"^'T^t"y" -yrv" ; ;V»»*«;v^T' j *V*''' 8 f > -5 The Women's Chib Held a Very Good Mooting And a Pleasant Time Was Enjoyed By AM The 41(1 i'.'in l hfiii> i. • .'i.iniH ;• f KO i !..;,4[;'!>lfi. Ml" l;-i> lit •,-'.-;; cd ll;nf |L" iM-f-'ilix .In!'-.;'!!.->:>-• !;;i.i /•-.-)- ffri-Kf! Tlir.'iiif'i !':- ''•'Vi4;^ .••;' 1';,;.-« h(n»! HllMr--'! -it tHt Th:inK<vr. iiv «i*':i t '<>M I nnd O'-il .! !-.';ml!'-r »f !:"*i'- fhiMlTH I.Md !'«'" tli!'-d -i"! :t;n! !TU'-" innny more- will t.f- w -'d' -I The curn- ttlHtf 5 ' 1 "h.'i"! t!i" us*' of ;i foot'i it: >!:>• i-ftv hriH for '#r.irfmr niti'-lf.' "f < l"th Ipni'f untile nt r«'«t rniiin »»r tmtify Mr«. i!r*-"H. Mr. u I.. I.. l^iiiiiHitii W;IM a|tr.>)i>ic>l lt> M'lirC'WI'lil illf < lilt' fU II tlli'i'tl!i;T >! lh»> Illlnnls Woln.'in'f? I,i'«;i'iliUl\i- t'"n- Ktf it,<( wlilfli nn-cf» (lie tn«t <>f Hi'- jnonth Hi til'" 'Intel ID f'lsi- i it >!!. :i ! li.l:r|f-.| ; ': • I'M •<•'.:, -' •-!-•" ;-. V i- ••< (i '; : i \ * .: ..i!--<-.-:i :•). ll-i «;i\--i Aii--- \V:n: .': • .1 n-.V I'll .'I!.'I .\!ir. i! I!." :•' YiX- Mi.!" .',•)< -i : •i l ,;«l-.i'!ii<' '.:' ;i ; :s :)...r*-il -'rrt, .;.si ::!'•>! !!i<- I'MDImi. th" | M t t;.' " I ( *-*'h'•''.'!'• ! v, ->•<<''! i - ! ' • 4! ; Ji )i f- i v. ;i 5 -.-!-, f-,i. '(-;»• !,»;>;.• -A:;': I •(-'.. U' i f U tl >. .:.-rr:n''.-.-! :;•;[! ;, Irir^r- »o;T>i:irt "f tvhit-- f*.' v,,-! >• i\ii incii t h--' ••• nic-f (-'••'•i'' Mr. nvt .MM \Y.!'i'm:f».[.t win m:iI-.»- t'-Hr h"!:-:" is* St- ••J"u- %!r- W;t!lh'if:f"rd i-> thr >l,im:ht<r ..f lady of r''flti«'ni(-n». , Mr. \V;iHim:f'<-r<l i-' !!;>• :">n of Mr. ami Ml* 1 ', S. WulHnu-- fit!.! .if Kric, i'.ii:* i«* ;i ','iiitif rnati of '! hi' bridi- >•i-(-i-i\ cil tinm hvjuit iful ' .'.' ' In \vlif<-li srhr-"N In-Ill li\' her liiani tin- n>M!ron iit-.thi- • , , n n-ti-H who \vill jiiln In v. IshiiiK thi-ni ;i h:(||'V m.-iiii'-'t Hfi\ ' s Thi' follniviPK wire the uHcwtH: Mr :.!nl Sirs. .l:illl<.«i N'unre, MlMjt Itfithn N.uK". Mr. iind Mr.«. John MtiMhmuiT; Mi. ;in<l Mr-H ll.-iilcin IlUMhm.'in. Mr. and Mr.-. HniT.v Mill"!'. -Mr. and .Mr.". Hiiny .Join'-*. Mr«. .!. H. liecker. Mr. and MIH. l!;ti l 'ey Hei'Uf-r, Anton HOHH. ('ian me Walllmtford, Hal Hlxby. Mr, v-;^ ^ -%m V t ^'* ..-'*-^w . i» HI,. «••>»• utiiiii • •""' ••!'- • ii.i....- .» ,,,,.. t ' J--r-n nf r -l'., l.Morrlaon. Alr«. Luther Walllngf..!^ an.1 ,"'.'.,",' „.. '";;.' ; ; .MiMH W»llln«for.l of Ki-le. and Mi Wlnillfred Oivi-ll <if l-Vllloll. , t, .Min ChlillfM <!;illi county ri-pr'-J-'enf.'itlt «• for tUe Hf-l 1 ' 11 rr«M ^.H. Hpoke nt l.-n^l, nf thei; 1 ( HHil-r «„.! son. work bfliHf done In the war noun ' many Minlttii'ium" state during .the t'omlnuiyear. Sint) ;:;! lt ;«;o; il ;;:r:,,::"or r'I!;::: MARRIED IN STERLING cals, the procr-1'dn from \vhi> h are used In thin work.-- The follow- cnarlco Shuman And Mif» Mabel Isen- IriB commllico WHS :tppoint«-d; Ml*.; hart yy ed 3 fl t ure | a y, .M«, K. T. Aimlin, Mr» .lolur' I'.akvr, j , „, |t . tj , !H> t,>imi,-ut<' of Charlen HOM.«.Mrs. Charlt'H Uuvetf, .Min. Abhli- i't.; 1 . - ; n ,.j| Shunian <iud M:ible I,oiiit:.'i lueii- luii. Mr«. I-,'. W. ' •>• 'V, I liait, i»,th of l-'itii Htivi-n, CarH'll.coun- T1>P lironriim for the .'(ftersuion vn 1 *; j V m 'Pin- yminK peopli" ui'K- accom* In c'lmr»n> of Mrx. I.. K. \Vvnn ""d . ,' m j r<1 tiy M ' r a ,,,| Mr.«. lUiy Im-nbart was called Hawaiian l);iy. | )(l t | 10 home of IteV. ' \V. !•'. Merne. The flt«t niiiiilM-r \s»f .1 voral *olo j >iV f|,. ri . jiii-y were nulled in holymatri-. bv Mr. l-'rnnk Downing, of I.Hxon. whoj, n( , n> ., •jlc, compoHeil j former of cl'-an hnbil.H. ami IN HIM HOH •r, Mi«H ,lej*.i, ( ,r .',|,.. and Mrs. Win. Shiirnuti of this |i, NflH* 1 Lui'lb- Kaiiffman ami I city. fiiith.DcIp furniHhfd the mn«ir MISH - Is<>nhart !» a talented youim for the afternoon. Hinging n""mimber ] iRdy and Is the oldest daughtitr of Mr. Of MiiurH with iiki'!c)i» iic-comritnlrm-ut-,; mid. Mr*.. IU-it Imeifhart, of Fair Huv- creatlns unite a Hawaiian nirnoHphere, j , n, Moth youiiK people arc prominent Mrn, Wyfin read n nio«u intert'Gtlm; f in chu'n-h work. MIH. Shuman wa« |mper tellltiK of her tii|« t«i the iflund.* j i-|ef<«',l aw i?M«Kate last si'iiiiB to ropre- rrf lliiwjilh (in.I o.ihn. wlui-h '.vith thojpeni ihe.Miir Haven chaiKe, at the nn- p|cturen Hbown by Mr. 1.. I-. . Wiiet-b-r, '' nun! nnuVmio- oi the .Tnlted Kvangcl- a fnoi»t coinpli-ti- biter«r«tliiK and |t-al •chun-li. eheiiMlvt' iicriiiint nf tiifsei inter.-I Mrs. Shuman lui« bnen orgnnlKt for UlafWlH, w-lth their cotuunpolitan i a number of y<-ni>: at the above named population. Va m Iful niiiiii-i.! uml art i- [ c'ltirch and active In .ill im depart- Octal parUit\md driven, inouniitins. -: im-nts*. and h«r\»r/ Tin- land la hlKh-i' Tin-• young peo|.!e will HO to hoiw- f. I'uim uf the. brlde'H The" hiillitimfH i\e "beautiful, and the! f--nrents In Carroll county, where tin- people luwpltuhle and cultured, w'fcere,!-Kood wishes of their many friends will not BO many yearn UKO, th«- cannibal attend them thmiiKh their wedded Hie. tiiamiHl nt will and held full suvay. . A mo»t emeitainli.K and profitable j. fl BIRTHDAY SURPRISE afternoon, .1 _ - MrH, \Vyim had on exhibition many) beautiful and valuable urtlclea whii h Mrs. Henri.ohi_.Giv*n a Pleatant 8ur- 01 ^^ AiA" », THE MURPHY iY GOODS STOI Store <fwe a=g\trX^* - «he prjocurM whilft on hi-r trip. ' I?~On H«r Birthday. $$> ?;? t ft, jftive a rising vote of thanks A large number of relatives spent to alt who no KtnerouHly donated their jBunduy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. time and service for this splendid pro- jHto.Hlnrlch* turnr Chadwlck. The af- Krnm . jf'ilr wan In honor of MM. Hinrichs' j birthday. It was n complete mirprUe Ito her, A bountiful dinner Wa« nerved ENTERTAINED AT DINNER. 'Mra A. Rlohtmeyer dellKhtfully entertained at a nix o'clock dinner Friday ev«nlnK In honor of. Air. and Airs. Mirftln Hor«t, of DeKulh. . Th« following enjoyed the affair; Ml«» Kimnn DavU, Mr*. Barah Davia and AmoiiK tin? ffUeHiM jireHfiit were Mr. and Mr*. lien IIetir("'4«. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hefirichs and win. Mr. and Mr«. Kmll HiKlin and KOII, Mr, and Mrn. Al- Flor«'nc« and Helen Dflrlck. who are | )t . rt jj a y,. n am j jfjimily, .Mr. and Mr«. hero vitdtliiK f«'orn tlm DeKalb Nomiiil. (j,-. orBt . Hahk-n and HOII, Mr. and Mrs. Abram Wolber, ,Mr.- and Mrs. James at the noon hour of which nil partook of- heartily, Mr*. Henrlchs received a number of lieautlfnl • glftn.- *£&••' r, fr v-xi ^ ?r i jt^ FS m- HAD AN OYSTER STEW. Tho .choir of th« nroudway .Meth- odlut church held their rehearsal Friday ovvnlnff and after practlco tlu> choir wan mated with fin oyster Blew. which van i 'enjoyed very much, after Wolber and Misses Hannah Henriehu and Nellie Wolber. of Jordan, who him returned home from Ohadwk-k after wveral"W«ek« vl»lt. The guest departed at Into hour, all wishing Mm Hen- rlchs many more -happy birthdayx. wJTIch the remainder of tho evening —— ^ : was npflnt In a, general good time. Rnbscrlbn for The Oazett* . "V. 'J Early Xmas Shopping Brings Satisfaction J5- The earlier yo^inalce ydur Xmas & chases, the more satisfaction you will get ^ You will not only have wider range of & choice, but'will escape the later Xrqas sh'opJ: ping rush, ^ Our stock is now complete with a won^ derful array of timely gift suggestions a.nd *| it will be a pleasure for us to show/you, 2 whether you purchase now or later, ^ IVORY TOILET ARTICLES-'" Ann ounce their complete readiness for the holiday business with care- tally chosen stocks of unusually attractive merchandise In every department and Invite you to visit the store on Wednesday evening at which time the holiday stocks will be specially displayed and simultaneously willit the other stores promptly at 7:30 p. m. jBie curtains of the large display windows will be raised revealing the Christmas display. -ta LAME DUCKS MEET oilet Sets Pocket Books Smoker Sets Toilet Waters Manicure Sets Candy Bf usKes* Sbavjng; Sets Staticrnery Perfumes Fquntain Pens Thermos Bottles Cigars' , They WoddlerJ To,Washington! 1 ,;';;. 1 Today To Attend Last Session Of Congress, jvear, In the cane of Senator Tom Tug- jKurt. of Indiana, to ^2 yearn in tho (-anew (of Hvnalor Clarence 1), Clark, of Wyorn- jinR.and Hep. ISparkman, of. Florida, ranking third In point of «fry- in the' Senate and Hparkmuu fourth contlnuous'liyrvTce in thw Houtte. ' UH> cuntipicuotiH figure : i.n the liue-up of the prospeetivf hw»- ••beens U Senator John W. Kern, one jUme'ruiuildate for Vice ITesldent and " (Senate Democrat to floor leader aVid SOME ARE OLD TIMERS TOO !t ' Iialllntm ut lh « i j »werfiu commut** _____ ;on privileges, tt« went to make way for Hurry H. New, Senati»r-«lect frttni la*t H«t««ion he wa*» ,acou»- who jumped lightly into -the* gallery of IK! of huvliiK big war bride huidliiKH. jimmortnlH when at .tho Iteltlmoru.con- He was not a condldiiite fi>r rn-elec^ion.Ivention, usked how the Oklahoma del I'eter Ooeiot " ' ' ' * ' of Newport reed 'Senator Lippitt of Uhodo Inland. )ed by T. D. McKeown,'Democrat. it flcrry, of the upper Ktutolegation stood, he replied: "We Mtand , und a Democrat, will mm- as a unit, Hepurately." will be Huccccd- Hc-p, . j Hut thw Political Intercut will center on Frank W. Kellogs—• trum tnising Kel- for tlu> p|c- Senator Clark, Of Wyo,, And|j»'»»»^ *;»«« a««««-*K. w • ' . . A/ r-i n i I former whip of a recently Hi Rep, Sparkman, Of F!a., Rank 'Third And Fourth. llfy t'niti'd I'rt s« ) i. M. I'.. Uee. 4, Hendrieks Prug Co* •**" llou»i<. who brought to .in umjmVly end thc'fieiiittiiriai-Hervlct) of "Tom" Tug- tsart. W. F. Kirby, of • Arkaiiuun, will «uc- the lute Benator i*liirkt», who died the Mummer. Heuutor Chllion ieeii invmbi-iH of tb«- Sc-nui.' and 7't-odd j"f Wl ' 81 Virsluiu, well known here for hihii'-duck" iiu-iubu.-. of the ilout,,. his int^•l•<•h^ in blooded horws u» well today 'be«an their Dual lixiflalive «* f ' 1 "' ,l»»» IcKialntiVt' acUvlUt-n, will dutle». When the spoih«ht fadea M.irc»n maKl> wii >' f'"' Hi»|>. Howard Buthfer- 4 on the Sixty-fourth Cumut-**, the> jl-*»d- Ucpublican, who fought hl« way will sathi-r up thfii to«'n» and M.u-t | fn>l » }|u ' Hoime to tln> Kcnute in two for home ami' private rliw-iinhip. ( t>c»M(»iis. Tlu-sf "limn- dui-k.-i" ;tr«- sho,-,*- the! Suwtor Johnson, of Muine, populace tunu-d ibumb-, down upon in!'" l * w Senwie on the Democratic, tide the Th.-n lul °- t-ucceedtul 'next Con- Anywhere from" a little U.ss_ Uwn,,..,i ^ivus by Frederick Hale, s».»n of tin- iiS)^ ~ $500^00 Do You Need Money? ui»d HO tit tn Hu ytiuro back— forttivr B"V- from Miiiiit'- Senator Clapp, , will be appeaned with JeaiuUte^KankUi of Montana/ Republican, who BucceodsLiamp Duck Tom Kiuut.. WenMH'rutyX''*^ Hep. .Uuchanan of llliiioia. Democrat. and Henator-elect 11 trum j Indicated "iri tho l^aUor'H'l'vurr'CuuiicU , of California, succeeding Hen- jprul»» In New -York during the hyphen , Jikewtae Hepublican. not a. ae.Uvitle-B la«t year, will fade Into the for re-elect ion. Of 'K<>llo£|t weat in favor of Neiln Jtiul, corrwt), und Johiimui there IH talk that they iHepublican. Clyde Tavenner, Democrat ator won't fine >'P with the luinl-ahelletj-of the Mute, who exchanged in- Hi-pybllcaiiH unlexii the liniiiK up. i>;,nulls with the Navy I^eajiuv ull hint itone oil tllvir »i<te of the mr«*et. • spring, i» Hticcet'ded, by William J. The oilier'«vnul«irs now In their hi*.t '(irahum, Kepublican. with their t-ucci'iisoris. are; . i_ ChyrlcH H. HumUitl. of Low AiiuelcH, ^^>li' New 4«rK«*y..- Deinoerut. j will conUiuif to roprvtutnt the t'uihi- I "iiy" J. S. l-'rt»HiiBhuyi*»>n, Ke-(biiionist party in (''ingrcsw, deniin*'-- O'<h>rnian of New Vorli.'a tendwicy "repeatedly to call him a pvnuMTut, not u ciitulldaie, hticcci'iieU tivmocrat aiul in HOIJU' ca«e« an Ini»y ( < M](U>r,, Cutrop of New ^U-pendeat." " » lU-publlc;tii. not H caiulidiUc.'„ The political hintoiy of tlu> ne&t »CB- 1 iiy Andu'iiN^.V. Joue^, Dem- ,.-1011 Ut-pend.s on hjiiw the memb«>rM liuv- ucrat, |»rvHt>iit A«»l«lant .Kfcrelary or;mg tho balance of power—a 1'ndiibl- thti lotertor, and Hun her I and of I'tuh. j tUmltit, u- Mociulist, u couple If Inde- HepubHciin. tbfi'uud King. Democrat. Teuton. UM Willow: H*rb M Hi (Jermuii tiiuuufucturerN l»^ve itivd That tho willow herb grows wild la Gerwuuy and. i this country mid 18 ccuntuouly cil 144 u wct-d can bo lived, wit lly us ti HiibstHuto for Jute They nro cncouniglng ttie of Uiu piuut. •'J.'ho wild w plunts him* been guthured exNunif by Hchwl 'chlldruu dUrlug I tloas.—Tliw 1'uthfliutetv TJi*» b by WilHiim ' U ipendentH and ht«verul mt'inbcf.M, who i may vote any way -at all-simps up « of the chiutK- Their party |itvfoivncoi>. « "xtvftfctdj I<C'u of »f the l>rim.c 1 \vtli si'U lllol pianoM,. aut'.'li:i.'lil!i- >, iiiiential. ('.-iy Is.n !, timi fiutta ymi. 1,-ni 1 ''! ly, V.ttl «..i \ini./ , you, iliiy t yii< »> </i IIIOIll \ fit I xtc'iitlf t Thi' d«'feat bf Hcnator Maryland two political prtMcnt. lie \v;«» defvalcd till ;iiH-- b.\ Hep. David J. J.t'\vi«i™ I.<-\\IH of ihe p«irct'l po»t.. Lcwlw ijf, jih i. Knuiiv, j|j Anoint i >\f tin,. o!d-tinu'|-s |lKted}|. .ilil'iim thiviiH.s-iiii; at \\itl 1" Siii.itor tin i' ill w-» U' it'- ! "! f 1 ' III ! , ,ii 1 >« Him I<il. m«wi pk'Uiresuuv iin-iiib'jf^ uiul paiiu-il -tlon of u speaker, ,thv country will Hud iiUKlher wl»o bid^ 'fair to «<urpa»>> in vvbctiier th,e HOUHI; reall) in Democrutif poputitr lnli'Us-»l and on recuul.. .•>«' HepuUcluu. "Cyi-loiic" Ditviw, fot. o$* rum and pre- j ' puredih'iM J'4:d ft lend of prohibition, , ~ ~~" * "~~ "• ' und llannel TTKtrtH, viill iiialte loom (m •Uii'i D« mwrat fjoiu T«'X>«« - Daniel <J.»rr«'tt. I'avi:;. witti nouiiiK w)u.>j> • »ot in 1 A I t i ' If, sure Mf tauu*' wliwt'l»i Uio I t.j. ,! (I. Wob-otl, U | Uorold »M- htut.-d M' W-i Hal" tifiii-HTat ;t»d vviu'ii, tin lit W o|if" ulejpropoi he lutrr Vollft'AKfd t- l'htl,Mid<*r C.H'U u tn'tim to the vav R**l- Liberty. I-lbcrty, real liberty. wk"WSiM)»s, bui ili wrvitftdo t, ion- > Tll«t is Us cswutlul tvttUitiou. cot- f ou ~|j tt fc jm(; j| ulo luajfestii' words:! lorn-] ton AiVftMCWT "HW 9 H ms/K a JOHN .H, 400 f. Third 34 , fcsck Palis. HI.- v\ ^ i put»lic«ii n the llousct "Wltwo-vtuupluiutiii «r« frv«ly heard, lii 1 1'wLil t itl* fc ' ~ i ^ ,.,,,, . ,,, ,, ., , u ' u ! .'-'"Vi*'-' funnel, tijyij Is* tbe utmost bound of| K. B. reu,, or ht,a. «ml-u«-kue. »r «*>? ' « «ad b t ^IK ^ mwy ^^ ^^ ^ Ult ,u. Tht H .Wri«k'i Or# f e«« WMr TlMi r?ir." - ,, rvi'1-.Mv fttni.itirr utvfvutctl 'blm. fi> . Ill th*- IIHie- ! t,f tllsl.lbollt.l. . 'Street and First Av«ny», Stirling i-

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