Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 24, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Monday, July 24, 1944
Page 4
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NAUOATUOK'DAILY NEWS WALTER WINCHELL DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files of The News Coast-to-Coast Trade Mark Registered. Copyright,. 59-M. Dully Mirror Published Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THE -NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT Telephone SS'M mid 2S3»—All Entered as xocond class matter at the post office Nduputuck, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES payable in Advance , 3 month * ."5 S months 3 inontha J2.25 1 ye"' 1 , S-I.C J9.0 The United Press has the exclusive right to us for rcpubllcation in any form, nil news disputchoi credited to this paper. It l.t also exclusively entitlec to use for re-publication sill the local and undated new published herein, rUOlilGK TO THE FI,-\G—"'I plwlRc ulle ACS Khmer to tin- F1«K <>' thi- United StutpM o AiniTlcu »ntl to tin- Kupuhllc for which I .stand*. One uutloii Indivisible, with Liberty mill .liwtlo- for all." MONDAY. JULY 21, 1M-M HITLER SURVIVES In November KWf) .Adolf Hitler escaped by a ban,- nine minutes :rft attempt on bis life at a Nazi beer hall celebration in Munich. Thursday lie svas. according •to his own statement, within six Feet oi' the blast of a bomb that, killed one of his high military advisers and injured a do/en others. UnfortmiaU.'ly he himself was not close enough to suffer more than a few burns and contusions. .Doubtless the world's spontaneous reaction was one of anyercd disappointment that the author of so much misery had once more escaped the fate so long overdue. AVhat is significant about this attempt. however, is not so much the fact that fate almost caught up with Hitler as that it indicates there is some basis in fact for the rumors that, the (.iorman army's distaste for the Fuehrer has tvached serious proportions. In a biting six-minute radio speech to the German people Hitler blamed the attack on ''a small group of stupid officers.'•' But we may be sure that neither lie nor Keichsmarshnl Goering and Admiral 'Doenir/,. who followed him on the air, has told the full story. There is L>vurv''undi<:,ation that.this latest attempt to plit' tliiT'Fiiolirer out of the way springs from thc'coiiviction hold-by part of the army that -Hitler's-, cou.tinii-; nnce in office is a danger to Germany:. 1 Tt hints that, the greatest 1 threat to Hitler's rule is nosv not in the advancing Allied armies but within Germany itself. Had oarlrer probal 'feCt. The fought on Thursday, well have Nazi state issassin oliininaiod Hitler the \\'ar, his passing in all • have bad relatively little- of- (•iormnn army would have . Had he been assassinated however, his passing- might hastened the collapse of the . And oven though today .lie survives, with lleinrich Hirnmler of the dreaded (iesfapo now directed ruthlessly to ox'tenniiiato all opposition, the attempt on his life means that the foundations of Nnxisrn are beginning to crack 1'rom within.--.- ' ' ' EYES OP THE ARTILLERY A young turret officer hangs up a phono receiver, makes a lew quick notations and then delivers a brisk command, A subordninlc twists a Few wheels, steps back with an "aye, air," and awaits the .command to fire. A minute later the officer lakes down the phono, listens intently, then says: "Right on the button! A direct hit!'' How docs he know? He knows because a courageous pilot, luinfiling a slow, unarmed plane such as we used to call-a "Oub''; is hovering near the target directing the fire. Because o*f iiis courage'and because our .naval gunners (and those of the A.imy, too) know their trajectories, a strong point has been wiped out and a thousand American troopers could push .forward. Over the war fronts thousands of these pilots, flying their "puddle-jumpers", provide the eyes of the artillery. Vet one seldom hears of-t'hem. Possibly its the gliimonr that surrounds the crew of a Fortress or Liberator or .13-29 perhaps it's the speed and sleekness which gives us so luiiqli sAtis fact ion when we see-a Lightning'or Mustang or Thunderbolt puss'overhead at 400 M. P. H. And i'ine rrioro pr ting a few thousand ..feet above ground, providing the information by which our big guns crumble enemy de- into rubble. IIL'Ill l'il-~«^ V**-JlllVfc*Vt *.»!' « W >••! •. . — ... «... i'inc ships 1.110\O>.r*). But no flier deserves rrioro praise UiYui" tlio lonely pilot "sit- thc . As MiJton observed, it is the nature oi' Providence ''out ot' evil still to bring' 20 Years Ago Erncat Simmons, Elmwood street, Clayton Parks, Park avenue, and Floyd Wooster, Woostor street, started their vacation nt Spectacle lake. .. ;: • o—O—o ' . •-, • Carl Hoadley, George T .A,ndor3on r ,;Howard Needham, Morris Harding, anil .Arthur-'G. Ch'uao .wore among- .the officers of Magnolia', Encampment, I. O. O..K. ' ' .'C'V ' .•,.'.;":''•-. ''.-'. o—o—o; ;'.•' r;!y;'?'."•' • 30 Years Ago f: Marparet Skelly! Irene MorKin, ,and Aghe's and Annie Bergin had supper at-Kelly's pavilion at Lake Quassapaug with a party' of others. o~O—o ..-•-' The committee in charge of prbparatlona for the .Natatuc Haymkera clambake consisted of Floyd Smith, F. A. Squires, Benjamin Bcnandcr, Emil Swentor, and Edward Miller. Around the Clock Mrs. John Casper of Hotchkiss street recently received word from ; her son, Koburt, that lie met Lt. James Woods of John street, Union City, somewhere in France. Lt. AVoods is the first Na'liga- tuck man Bob has seen since he was shipped across. The two local lads had a short reunion, talking about the borough. Emma Sitar of Spring street and Marion Schmidt o.t Waterbury enjoyed a short stay in Washington and nearby Virginia. Whether or not they climbed up the stairs to the top of the Washington monument was not dislcosed. But try it sometime, you all, Little Beverly Klambt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Klambt of Bristol Terrace, is back from a long stay in Waterbury hospital. Bev has a birthday party to make up, as the youngster was in a hospital ward at the time of her • birthday last month We hear that Staff Sgt. Frank Wylong completed his 12th mission in Europe. Bud's a radio- mac and gunner aboard one of Uncle Sam's big bombers. He is the son of Mr. 'and Mrs. Frank Wylong of 'Central avenue The hard-fought tennis match between Mary ReillyiandVJaHe^O'D.onneH is still a draw, as the latter came through with a great comeback last week. "YOUR MIND AND BODY" BY LOGAN CLENDEXING, M. D. No Jap Collapse Until 1946 Seen By Some Navy Leaders Thomas And O'Mahoney Tjwb New. Candidates . For V. "P.. Post Special to Contra! l're«» ' The Small fry of North Main street came close to heating the Oldtimcrs for the first: time, in a ball game at Linden park the other night. The- score was 10-S, and the youngsters missed .out by three runs in beating them. It has been reported that Umpire Joe Mnlesky helped them a bit, as well as Charley Romanoff's 19 errors on second base for the Oldsters. Charley wore his Gene A.utry shirt again the loudness of which must have scared the Oldtimers into almost losing 1 the tilt. Herb Koslosky, Natfgatuck Chemical employe, was a year older Saturday. ,.'... We've got a. purple .ribbon on our tripe-writer now. Anyone .desiring it for wearing it in his or her hair after we are through with it, can have it upon r.equest. It goes good with blonde, brown, red, or no hair. Servicemen's addresses: A-c Edward Gerber, Advance Nav. School, Class 44-45 N, Ellington Field, Texas. :'.... Pvt. Stanley W. Oldakowski, Btry. "D", 419th CA (AA), Camp Swift, Texas. ..... Pvt. Peter J. Miele, Btry. "B", 303rd F. A. Bn., APO 445, Camp San Luis Obispo, Cal Tech, Sgt. Michael F. Feeley 31195449, :H. Q. Co., 34th Signal Const. Bn., APO 403, c-o Postmaster, New York, N. Y. ,. . . . We. haven^t had a chance to check up on it, but if that old car of John O'Donnell of ^Frederick street, which has been on display in The Naugatuck Fuel window, is gone, Joe Smith has borrowed it in place of his 1890 Ford. Max Leonhardt, one of Naugatuck's foremost Sgnrdeners, has the knack of making anything grow. Max had a few bean seeds left over, and figuring lie couldn't use them threw them in a basket with a hit of soil in it. And now the beans growing from the basket arc even better-than the stuff climbing flic 35-foot flagpole at the .Recreation Field lots. Even Max's flagpole grows -Charmer Haig'h is planning to -take in_ the big fight at the Stadium Friday night OVC7J if he has to hop over the fence. Pipe smokers needn't feel so superior; look at all the matches it takes to keep, them going, -.-...-. -. "-Jeep Seat"— :. A Wartime 111 WAR HAS nicknamed a number of conditions that are iiot'-tin- known in civil. 1 1.1 e. . "Trench mouth" is merely Vincent's infection with pyorrhoeaj-^" trench foot 1 '; was somewhat, more complicated! Then thei'o was "march'.Toot," and "drill spavin," '"and others'.' '•' Modern life •too-htis-turne<£-up' i M!i'-own set ,of h'a/Tai-ds. —-J.'.tennis elbow," "railwaysplnc" aricK ••'/Ford . sciatica." N'ow for the present war we have its own individual and- riprht up to the minute—"jeep - seat." Jcnp seat is an abscess, or''sore spot, with dischftrKing sinus right ut the end of the .spine, I will not insult the intelligence of my audience .by explaining how it is caused, but invite anyone who is troubled with doubts and curiosity on the subject to take a ride in a jeep and ir you do not have a sore sensation in a certain part of your anatomy afterwards either you had a very Kcntle driver • or .-you are impervious of all b£ the finer human emotions. . . ' The underlying cause of jeep seat is somewhat more complicated, than would at first thought, appear. Everybody .. doesn't get it The real condition -is what th surgeons call .an infected pilonida syst. '" ' Cause of Pllonidal Cyst In the course..of the develop ment of the human body befon birth there are a good many turn Ings and twistlngs of the skii around the lower part of The spine and thereabouts. And sometimes a dimple of skin gets en(julfe< under the surface. There is nor mally an unfolding • movement here ana often a little crevice, or dimple, can be seen. Boy babies have it more often thun girls. It may iron out in adult life, but especially if there- is a growth, of hair in those parts it may fold in permanently. Sometimes quite a tuft of hair cmerg-CK from this spot and a baby of this kind .gets^ into the newspapers or the> sideshows as THE TAILED BOY OF INDEPENDENCE and is used as proof that, Darwin was right, . .;.. .•••• Anyway that is what a pUonldal cyst..'is. At least when, if-,gets ail closed over so that there is. a sac below,the surface of the skin, and no opening or just a single -hair sticking out'it-is-a pllonldal cyst. . ,T<-f|) .BrlngH CystH Out They were supposed to be .very uncommon until the jeep came along. The massage the jeep gives them brings them but; as the dc,- YCloper brings out the image on a photographic plate, as.- 'the sun-: shine brings out the green'chloro- phyll in the plants,' a pln-up'glt-1 brings out homesickness In a Hollywood boy, as Sinatra brings out swoons, as Jack Benny brings out buni jokcs-on Fred Allen, so the jeep makes pilonidal cysts sprout. Far from uncommon, the Army doctors say there are literally thousands of them. And the ; j.eep ; makes them infected, .causes them, to abscess and to lump and swell and to get sore. The situation, I anv informed pot so serious -in Italy that when they began' to /try.'to,cure, these disabilities by surgery WASHINGTON — Despite the smashing progress, made by American forces against the Japanese in the Pacific! 'Conservative Navy men .'do, not expect the enemy to collapse before late.10-15 or iVirly 194G, What worries most naval oflleers is the fac.t that the constant victories will result in'a serious disruption of" needed production at home' as -more' and more workers try to .find steady jobs''they can keep in"peacetime. ''" .. \ "'•Such reduction, in'war work, as a matter of-J!act, : ~m.n.y prolong"thc' war against Mparfitf sonic critical' material does not reach the front. lines in. sulHcient quantities. No military or naval expert will venture to predict how long it will take to crush the huge Jap armies in the Philippines, China and on the enemy homeland. What some naval oflicers fear is that if the war in the Pacillc drags out too long, some people at home will begin to talk about a negotiated peace. Military and naval olllcers want a green light to keep after Japan until she' is crushed as a world I military power. They don'.t want to fight -anothei: '.war in the Pacific 20 years from now. Many smashing new victories are in store for American'forces in the coming weeks, but don't let the headlines about them fool you into bclieveing that the war is about over. It is not] statement that points would be re- .sttJrod whan the remainder of the 1943 pack was cleaned up. Indicating that.this time is near, Bowles said, "We arc already getting into' the new canning season. .the problem now is' to distribute this year's output, of canned .vegetables evenly, giving everyone opportunity to buy his share." .Other canned vegetables still ration-free'''"are- green • and ' wax" beans, beets, carrofs',-:corn, spinach, and leafy jfre'ehs.' ' • Looking"at Life By ERICH BRANDE1S There is a house in our neighborhood which has been on the market for more than three years. II. is a nice house, but has several bad features which kept poo pie from, buying it. The owner himself doesn't live in-'it, so it>has, been rented right along. As you probably know, real es- MAN ABOUT TOWN FDR, IT IS SAID, believes the demotion of Gen. Henry Miller (for reportedly discussing Invasion. Day at n. London party) was too severe and will do something about it... Frank Sinatra is the biggest moneymaker (individually) in the world, riis Income this year will be $U50,000. This excludes income from recordings — about $85,000... Irene Hayes, the Park 'Avenue florist, admits being secretly scaled to the owner of Gallagher's, the W. 52nd Street rendezvous... Now that Mrs. Mervyn LeRoy has filed separation papers the' movie executive makes his admiration for Ava Gardner (the' ex-Mrs. Mickey Rooney) public... The ga- y.ottcs report that Hitler this week arrested (or shot) MOO men in gov't, his army, etc.... On the Sunday night broadcast (before the attempt was made to kill Hitler) we said: "Tonight Hitler is surrounded by 10,000 Brutuses!" GOV. KERR'S convention keynote speech (a corker) was enlivened by a poem titled "Twelve Long Years".. .The Governor refuses to reveal the author's mon- ickcr-and so does the colyum, since the author has to live among Re- publicann, many being his friends .At any rate, the verse was auth'd by a city official of Skiatook, Oklahoma, early last month .The reader of the colyum (of whom we recently itemed: A reader has $5,000 to wager that Wallace won't be on the ticket) won bundle...The cocktail-rumor- spreaders insist that Batista of Cuba will visit Xew York not only on official business but also to see his lawyers about his personal problems over Ht his Casa...Her enemies in Washington allege Mmc. Chiang Kai-shek is in Brazil, for similar reasons. : vertlflc any Rnnobituary, but trying out their ' which appears okay up t o now New York detectives )cavi> v'il Angeles on the 2Cth with a named Patrick Jackosn, a in Hawaii for prowling. Hln prints revealed he Is wanted alleged :»t Defrce murder In 20th Pet (68th St.)...One of things learned so far in the BEVERLY BAYNE,'. the-/formefc movie star, is happily married, and prospering on the stage and radio (now and .then) via her Westpprt -lorr.e. That should bury the Hollywood legends that -she is 'Pi'e 'Beverly Bayne" driving a cab there. . .Doris Waterman, ex-wife of a fountain pen fortune heir, .nd'Lt. Comd'r Dale K. Peterson •tre parson shopping. . .It's a girl at the James Gillons via Drs hosp. Mother is Priscilla Sousa, grandot- ter of the late bandmaster. . .Barbara Ames, making her debut in 'Stage Door" at the Bliss Hayden Theater (I-I'wood), got'four studio c.-ills the next ayem. A reco.vA . we hear...The 'rumors pubfishea^-in the- H'wood Reporter (about a coast hotel" -manager 1 beinpJ* ( h» ** ainjwith govltSJiHSciaJs for allcg'ed^ y 'being on the"""take") did'' not 5 " concern Lambert O'Neill, most popular hotel man inj movietow;i -. . H'-wood groaned when Truman von. His committee fought the ndustrv. of Kimmel and Short is that ntvil detectives tabbed about 200 J.rl spies -at Pearl Harbor, but n<> action had been taken prior to D« 7lh, 1341.. .The critics of FDR "for making his acceptance speech u .1 naval bnse" will" have red ftcct when he returns from risking hl« life for the country again. All this talk about Eobby Clark, the star, and Shakespeare in ujg McCoy. He has (and he has rent) his own Shakespearean library' one of the world's largest. ..Prol ducer John Golden recently ,n. nounced his gift of $100,000 to'tht theater. Next day brought mont than 2,000 "touches" from .actcn authors, etc Variety's ' reason why this newscaster is leading the current Hoopcradio rating cluhtt with previous Hooper report*:- At this time of the year we usually inherit the number one slot, when Bob Hope, Fibber McGee aiidiy. gar Bergen holiday. What, luat clear to us is why one show U Hit. ed (in the first 35) but another with a higher rating isn't. :, '. ? . OLIVER LYTTLETON", Briti.h cabinet minister, denies all the 1 recent charges here that he was a member of this and that appeasement "group in Britain. LyUleioB was the Britisher who in a careless speech said the U. S. provoked Japan into attacking us, etc. And «d,lhere ybu have his denial 1 T>6>?' 1 'Lyttfeton deny the following . . .Th«tjJjefore the war he wai a ^irectoV^if Metallgesellschaft in. 3SrankfortJoi>Main? And that this mq.tal firra'<onc of the largest Nixi mi^Bpolielp -, was one of Hitler 1 ! most: important money backers?.:. T*tdn't£tattleton, as a director of that flrm^tand as president cf^th't Amalgamated Metal Corp./.'.M, London), .have a controlling volsf the management of thevRio Tinto Mines in Spain? And,areirt they among the important money contributoi-s to Franco?....Isn't jt true that Lyttlcton's business ass^- ciates include Dr. Carl Bosch-ot the brains dep't of the Nazi Cheml r cal war program? Isn't Bosct chairman of the board of the Nail I. G-. Farbeninductrie? How about his friend. Dr. Warlimont, 'whDte brother is a colonel on the .German General Staff? ' THE MASS SEDITION TRIAL continues to sprout new and unusual developments with Chief Justice Edward S. Eicher ousting- one defense lawyer while another took the virtually unprecedented step of seeking to quit the case without awaiting the court's permission. . Also almost without precedent was. the act of one lawyer in posing on the courthouse steps wearing a badge bearing the letters "E. C. C." interpreted as meaning "Eicher Contempt Club." 'Justice Eicher conducted an in- • quiry that revealed that seven lawyers whom ho had fined for contempt of court were wearing them—but he accepted the lawyers' explanation that it was 'all in fun' to "boost sagging morale" and that no contempt of court was intended. Meanwhile, the official transcript of the proceedings with the case apparently no' more than well started,' has grown to about a mil- ion and a half words. Defense at- :orneys declare emphatically that :he Supreme, court eventually will have to read it. MANY VEGETABLES NOW POINT-FREE are expected to fbl- ow canned peas, tomatoes and asparagus back'on the rationed list, jcrhaps when the" new tables arc announced for August., • In''announcing the restoration of .he throe vegetables to the list, OPA Chief Bowles said . the changes.'.were in line with OPA's the hospitals were: so full of,them there was sometimes hardly;-robm" for the wounded. Any sort of vestigial, or' semi-" vestigial tissue, such • as that go- Ing into the make-up of a pilonidal cyst is extremely liable to make trouble, either' by infection or degeneration. The prime factor in turning theni into .'-troublemaker's rother, if-you don't know what re- eated slight trauma means I once more invite .you to take a ride, in jeep, with a,kind of soured, hard- learted, • go-as-you-please . driver ver hilly -country; . They can .be cured without any feat, difficulty by. surgery. v<iuESTIONS"i A-ND ANSWERS D. C. P.: Can a cleft palate be is repeated -.'%!^l( : .ftraurnfi? > " i A-thlfTJriatter.' ..-..: •GorrectGd-'-ao that .there'' no defect, ot speech? Can a -harelip be'reduced.'by plastic surgery? •'•' -Answer: It .depends on the se- •vcrity of the case. Very few cleft palates can be so completely, corrected that there is no defect of speech.. Harelips acn be reduced by a. good plastic, surgeon,, so. that It looks as... if nothing were the ! tate has-.;gorie up" quite a bit- since the war and thii particular house now'has- increased $2,000 im price. Last week a realtor friend o! mine showed the -house to a couple with two' children. They 'looked it, over crilicaJK-, liked it'.pretty well, but couldn't quite make .up their minds to buy it—^tliere.were a few l.hings wrong with It. " •" " . This-'mprnltig J,talked to my real estate friend- in. the little clgur itory where ,I get my papers. . "Well, have'you heard from these •..people who. 1 Ipoked ' at that house the other'day?" I asked him. "Yes, .1 have,' 1 .he said wil.h a grin. '"They called me up yesterday and said they wanted to look at the place again. "I told I hem I was awfully sorry, 'but ;'thc •'house had just been sold. _ .;;'.,/ "Wh'ereupo'h the-woman slo.rl.Gd to cry right, over the telephone. "She would never be flippy again, she said. The house was her dream ihouse. exa-ctly what Ihey had always wanted; suited' them completely. Couldn't I get the buyer to release it to them, even if they had"' to'-vpay a thousand dollars more. 1 , :?:,•' A .. •' ••* - ; • • ".I. said'-I'd try. I did and was : turned-do\vn. And-now the woman, 1 who couldn't make up her mind' whim she could have had the house, acts as if I had cheated her!" I told my real-estate friend that that .wasi only human nature. ' When you have somethign or when, you can have it,- you don't appreciate il.. The other day my wife gave an old suit, that- I hadn't worn in three years . a.nid never liked, to the Salvation 'Army. You should -have heard,'the-heck I raised when-she-told me about it,. •> •'.••'.' . "That .wonderful suit.!" I yelled. "The swellest suit I ever had! How could you?" v So my wife got the suit back for me. . ... She ftaa'Impressed' and hung- it in my closet right where I could not miss it.v-A I wore il. yesterday, just to show her how nice It was. ,;Whcn I got to the office a friend said:. VWhy don'l-'you give that shabby 'looking suit Ho the Salvation Army?" I thlnJc I will.. HEMINGWAY'S GETTING SI icr word from Collier's for his var reportage. . .Rip!ey and Gypsy larkofr have resumed.. .Talent scouts are recommended tb r ;the- playinfj of Lucia Carrol!, who appears in "School for Brides," . d,ue. in New York Aug. 3rd.. .The James Craigs are quartotting-, ., ; Lcddy Rodriguez, rhumba expert; is out of the army, where he.lost 35 Ibs. and hi's wife. . .Editors'of M'- news weekly -asked Darryl ..F- Zanuck 23 questions on as' 'many items in his film epic, •"'Wilson." Ho has documented them all.... That mink coat Jean . Dalrympl.e got from Jose ' Iturbi was last year's birthday pift, so soddy.. This year Jose gifted Jean with a mere swimming' pool for her country place in Danbury, Conn.. . .Jonathan Daniels of the White House staff and FDR. (with counsel from S. Rosenman) wrote most of the. Demmy platform.",. Manuel QuinV tana, rid? Argentina,, will soon marry one of the Dodge clan. You're Telling Me! By WlttlAM KITT (Central PTCM Writer) • JUST 2G YEARS ego Inis week Ihe Allies launched their offensive which knocked Germany out of the war wi-Uiin four months. 0. K., History, start repeating yourself! " Zadok Dumkopf hopes the post- ^vjuv world' produces a white sum- rnt'r'shoe'which remains wliite. at least .unlil we get back frotn jth« bootbja'ek's) ••'• Guam'>bi>mlxxl every day for two •weeks, . xltould, according 1 to :tt« 'man at. the next diitk, be properly pronounced "Wham"- DEWEY'S RIGHT - HANDER, Paul Lockwood, is expected to. in-, lerit the appointment of special' prosecutor in B'klyn (as requested, :>y the Grand Jury there). The first step in the planned buildup which vill take Lockwood to the Supreme Court and then to the Governor's nansion when Dewey^ vacates. ... Showgirl Ann Mace (Diamond horseshoe) has her decree from A. Downs, U .S. Army...The Charles Rodgers (he's the Broadway man, not the coaster) just got their FJpridivision,. .'.Navy .-t-iiit. Alfred Wright, Jr., his wjfCj, flH't.-i Hunt, model, are plann'hig divide. The news has shocked who believed they were happy Wright (an ex-Time cd.) has been decorated twice. Rita posed for the olllcial Wave recruiting poster... The five major election polls did a "Literary Digest," according to a. Life editor. There are 70,000.000 dops '•Wbi-ld, ^says a Factograph'- item, aixi on a bright, moonlit nlghlj** can 'well' believe il. ''• G-randpappy Jcnkin& says sn.-oM -timer -is a ,fellow who can remeni- bo:- when no one cared who WM vioe president, .'.' With the Soviet Annie* on bordtri 'that German shite «' ioii ION« It* tint Initial \ ov* A collection of mysterious, unidentifiable- bones lias been uri- earthed in the Dutch East Indi«. 'Maybe- it's 'the skeleton of thatJ«p- •anese Co-Prosperity Sphere pl*& which died a while 'back. (Copyright, 194-1,• King Features Syndicate, 'Inc.) East Texas' oil fields -about 12 years .old,' have-- produced one-slx- toonth'orairthe oil-sold in the U. ; S: : 'iri.-'thc '••piujt'feO'vMii™ Jockey Sammy Rcnick and Billic Bozo (one of the former wives of TM) were planning to marry some time this week...Ethel Jlerriman and her Major (Robert Levitt) coii- IIrm the talk that they won't ad- Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment ;C^pM|ii 'EM WITH BOMBS \Ytetoc — Columbia — Decc« .:• ^ >••.-•»"< Records ; -. •"§ SWAN -ELECTRIC CO. 15 CHURCH ST. TEL, FREE!! planning- Your Future write. Call or phone 1-8""*PO^JT -'CNIOR *• V ^ 0 A COIXEGE S* CENTRA!, AVEXUE BUY WAR * * •* .* :W *

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