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The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania • Page 2

The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania • Page 2

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
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THE MOUSING HERALD. CNIOKTOWN. TUMDAT. JVSt If. Reds Charge Poles Truman Meets Formosa Climax Supreme Court Local Supply Officer Primary Today With High Treason (Continued from Pate One) I mute red in protest against Sees Hard Read Ahead Services Arrangad For Ada Hamphitl (Continued from Page One) Following her marriage In Norem-ber, Ml, the came to Unlontown, where her husband waa associated High Advisors Looming Strong (Continued from Page One) the return of King Leopold HI.

two Fires Ravaging Big Jap Areas Yanks May Run Out Of Targets! OI tne King arrived Ruling favors Harry Bridges Has Military, Diplomatic (Continued from Page One) vises the loading of ships nd transporting of troops both by land and water. "Stevedore work continues hours dally in 12 hour shifts." the officer explains. Is Featured By Judgeship Race (Continued from Plage One) in the mountalni. The SJrd. Infantry Division on the wet aelwd the big town of with his Brother-in-iaw.

r. r. urns, in the furniture business. Confabs WASHINGTON. June 18-(AP) Un Hemnhlll was an active ess conference for to- Deportation Order If member of the Livingston Sunday School Class of the Aabury Metho President Truman i In central Luzon the 38th Infan iy.

Joyce Faces Trial top ranking military fin arlvlKOrs for con dist church and also the Ladles Aid Society and the Women's Mission Invalidated; Other Deeisioni try Division on Sunday capiurea Mount Ifapattd. an enemy strong- A formal charge of high treason GUAM. June 18. (AF) Great afford to waste one fires "burned holes In the clouds" minute of valuable time. Our Job elrove four of Japan's secondary jg t0 gel pr0per supplies In proper industrial cities today as Ameri- condition and quantity to the right ary Scjiety.

publicans E. J. McDanlel ana waae K. Newell and a bitter campaign bv President Judge H. S.

Dumbauld, seeking nomination for re-election, and District Attorney H. Vance Cottom. in tne Mamma waiersneu today, preparatory to taking on tomorrow on a flying trip to the West Coast. was lodged In London against William Joyce, the "Lord Haw Haw" addition to her husband, she c.n B-29s continued tneir cam- tace the right time. WASHINGTON, June Harry Bridget won is survived by three nieces and two He ulans to address the closing of destruction and Gen.

H. "With the shifting of the burden of German wartln Trial of the British will begin June It. northeast of Manila, while units of the First (dismounted) cavalry In clearing the Mount Baraltan area killed 181 Japanese and found 90 already dead from air attack. nephews. Mrs.

B. L. Sittler, Aberdeen, Mrs. Lyman McMullen, fight against deportation today. Arnold.

U. s. Air com-of munitions to the Pacific the' Aldermen are to be nominated The Supreme Court ruled that the session of the United Nations conference expecting that group to complete by Saturday the Job of setting up a world organization de Waynesburg: cpi. Ada k. uni.

wiui the WAC at Harllngton. Texas; A motorcycle accident Sunday claimed the life of Col. Gen. Nikolai nee on nis associations wnn nunist groups "teemed to in Moat spectacular Philippines op John B. Long of Cuyahoga Fans, Bezarln.

Russian dicate no more than cooperative eration, however, continued to be Berlin, the Russians Ohio, and Charles Douglas, wnn me Medical Corps In California. ures to obtain objectives that of the 37th tllvlslon. Its two nnrthward-thrustftg columns unit announced. Details were not given. signed to keep tne peace.

The President talker" for more than an hour with Ills Joint chiefs in three Union town Wards Third, Fifth and Sixth but there la no primary contest except in the Sixth. Here J. Paul "Bunny" Dunn is seeking to be nominated over Joseph McFadden. This nomination will be equivalent to election in the fall unless a "write-in" candidate is nominated by the Democrat who have no candidate on the bal which were wholly legitimate." Friends are being received in the ed at approaches of the Caga The 5-3 opinion by justice the time whenter 0( wari the Transportation the Superfortresses would be outjeorps fMes a tremendous task, targets. The outcome of the war may be Returning from the alter mid-1 determined by quickly (alter noon Sunday.

U. S.1 plies reach our men in the East Ex.tern War Timet incendiary 0n whom the bulk of the burden r.s on Omuta. Ha-j now rests to forge ahead to final insmatus and Yokkaichi. the crewsand complete victory over the ene-(. approximately 450 raiding B-29smy.

conflagrations sweeping i -I do not want to sound too the packed fires. One B-29 failed pessimistic but I have been close to return. to the situation in the Pacific and jirri mmi where see a long.tough war ahead. The residence. of staff and followed this unsenca- Douglas invalidated a deportation Lodge Announces yan river crossing near nwuiuau.

The river, Luzon's largest, Is 300 feet wide at that place and is not order by Attorney General Blddle against the West Coast CIO and JAPAN INVASION High Bond Total Longsnoremens union leaner. A laconic "OK" was Bridges' only lot. Alderman Robert T. Hopwooa, Is unopposed on either ticket for reelection. In the third Ward Alderman James Hoover.

Democrat, immediate reaction when he was IS MASTER PLAN (Continued from Page One) Tribute Paid Memory Of kened in 8an Francisco to and James Darby, unopposed Re hear the news. he conferred with Gen. George C. Japs, while not as good fighters Kcnney, commander of the Far! as the German, are nfeeg-v, lr Forc es, that "bv the end more trick- and more fanatical. Heroes publican candidate will light it was Bridges' second victory available for long distance blows at out in November.

before the high court against a At the installation of officers of There is no contest on either -nment effort to send him ci- 1946 we ficure. there will be! They are more tenacious man our ro-hine' left in Japan to bomb." I foe on the western front was and the foe In both Japan ana Man churia soon will double. the B'Nal Brith Lodge, last night, Rabbi Eugene Hibshman, chairman of the war service committee, Fuel It Vital lie predicted Superfortress raids uled meeting with a conference attended by Harry L. Hopkins, his special emissary to Moscow, and Joseph C. Grew, Acting Secretary of State.

None of the participants would discuss talks with the President at which they presumably gave him a last minute fill-in on buttle and diplomatic developments. The conferees included Secretary of War Stimson, Secretary of the Navy Forrestal, General Of the Army Oeorge C. Marshall, chief of staff; Admiral of the Fleet Ernest King, Chief of Naval Operations; and MaJ. Gen. Ira C.

Baker, deputy chief of the Army Air Forces. The White House said the President will take off at 8 a. m. Eastern War Time, tomorrow for Olympia, for a three-day out one by one. The 37th has advanced so rapidly that lt has outrun lis tactical maps and has had to move some artillery batteries so often as three times a day.

In one day it killed 180 Japanese and captured 85. The 37th and all other American forces continued to profit by strong air support. The Fifth Air Force flew 400 sorties Saturday and at one point on the east coast of Luzon swooped so low the Japanese used rifles ahd mortars against the planes. Conservative American ground American air chief also ticket for nomination to the two citv offices both in Council and on' the School Board. Two are to be nominated by each party and the candidates are unopposed.

tv ma io i.a Rnlain choroennuw adds. announced that the members have back to Australia on the ground that he was connected with organizations which advocate the overthrow of the government by force and violence. He came to this country a quarter century ago. was in the Aleutians from June, bought and sold $371,254 of War pointed out that the history strategic air attack on Germany due to rerjeat itself against Japi 1942 to October, 1944. t(-rv buster" bombs." now being nrodured.

would be used against suitable targets." onds in this un war Loan drive. Special tribute was paid to the There is only mild interest in the What actually rendered the Nazi nomination for jury commissioner "I have a great bunch of fellows in my outfit. They are all hustlers and I am proud of them. One of men ana women oi jewisn iaun the service. Taps were sounded iir force, Arnold de- The Supreme Court affirmed a Luftwarre an out impotent in me final phases of the war in Europe was lack of plane fuel rather than lack of planes, he said.

Obviously Jlapse from lack oi, be5t 0( tne lot js staff will which is equivalent to election since but one is to be nominated on both tickets. There are three Democratic contestants Pat Gleason, Charles lower court finding that Associated Ben Welner in. memory of Lieutenant Arnold Bree and Lieutenant are destroyed. Rush a Union ne in- Press membership by-laws violate did Germany's Luftwaffe. there is any extra crease in Japanese surrenders.

Japanese stores of natural or syn the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Stanley Welner. who were killed action during the past year. thetic gasoline are lar more limit He announced that raid' would: worl- t0 oe done. George is always Mclntyre (incumbent) and Rev.

T. Ewing Duffield. The Republicans Justice Black delivered the high ed than were Germany's, and more court's 5-3 opinion. Justii Officers installed are: sami Welner, president; Edward B. be extended to Japans industries one 0( the first volunteers, i- Manchuria, saying "from Oki-i Sees Main Street vulnerable.

As air enthusiasts lore- Marines Taking son. a former attorney general, will be called upon to cnoose Between E. H. McCune and Homer P. Moser.

see the situation in Japan in ber, vice president; Iz Peril, secretary; Oscar Hart, financial secre nawa we can cover half of China! ll0ng one of the city's favorite: social visit witn uoveruui wuh wallgren. Despite some reports from th took no part In the case. Justice Roberts delivered course, it will be as roofless as was aU of Manchuria. sons. Jack enlisted in law wnn tary, and Dr.

Harry Hersr Cloudy and cooler weather with Okinawa Battle nprmanv. tv. ro.rit nn Kasoshima and the commission of second lieu- stromr. dissent, in which Chief coast that the postwar security occasional late showers was lore- There another factor mvoivea nri hackvard" in-' tenant. He graduated from Union- conference may not wmd up lis in the strategic bombing pattern Kyushu island.i town High school In 1932 and was Justice Stone joined, justice Murphy also dissented.

Justices Frankfurter and Doug however, that Is likely to prove (Continued from Page One) tory on which he gallantly met until next week, the wnite said that the President's de u.m.moim unit Yokkaichi in: smone the schools topnotcn aune- even more decisive than failure of las wrote brief opinions concurring- soldier's death." However, the con cision to leave tomorrow was based tc Nagoya area of playing varsity football and hroucht the B-Ms mass incendiary basketball two years. Following his cast for today voting. Polls will open from 7 a. m. to 8 p.

m. PITTSBURGH, June 18-Organ izatlon Democrat sare trying to attend their 12-year-domination city politics by nominating foi Noted Artist Is Booked At Summit on the assumption that tne ciosng attacks to 22 since March 10. graduation from Bethany college, with thi majority. The 6,500 word prevailing opinloi declared that the lower court cor servative admiral witnneia proclaiming Okinawa "secured" presumably until he positively can an would be held next Satur where he continued to star on DEATH NOTICES basketball floor, he was affiliated Bert Sllving, day. If that assumption is correct, White House Press Secretary Char rectly found that Associated Press by laws which allow consideration nounce that all organized resistance Is ended.

He has followed that policy consistently throughout the phillip. aged years, with the local branch oi tne mu mayor State Democratic Chairman David L. Lawrence, who was secretary of the commonwealth in the Unlontown. t.uai Life Insurance company ss Emerald of the competitive effect oi application for membership world-famous Johan Strauss, king of the waltz, is appearing In the Summit Hotel, where his programs are meeting with hearty approval. ti in the Unlontown Hospital Sun- It at t0 home again "little new deal" cabinet of former Pacific campaigns unaer nis i mand.

les G. Ross said, the President wiu fly to San Francisco from Olympia Friday and address the session r-T h-ir- mnrls. surviving are and walk down Main street after 1945, at 9:30 a their face constitute restraint Governor George H. Earle months. My hand Is almost plane fuel Captured German high commanders have agreed since their surrender that air disruption of German communications, of railroads and highways, made continuation of the fight impossible.

Japan's communications both at home, tt sea and in Manchuria are far more limited and vulnerable than were Germany's. In Illustration of this point current advices from Luzon point out that a break-down in Japanese, transport in the northern end of the big island largely accounted for the impending complete collapse of enemy resistance there. Face Big Odds "Hundreds of burned out trucks of trade." Considered by the composers Yi Cits: Mn. Man- frnm gh.vinz hands with Justice Roberts asserted he was Despite his long political career dating from his clerkship in a politician's office at the age of 14 widow, Mrs. Adele Strauss, as the best interpreter of today of the cm Mrs so manv people out 1 nope i unable to determine upon what Saturday.

South Union Youth of Oakland. many more. They can sing le majority based its con waltz, Sllving is a conductor, singer, pianist and violinist and was fea Lawrence nas run ior a pudik elective office only once before clusions. Further, Roberts stated, the de tured In more than 4,000 recitals from the Vienna radio station. He losing out for Allegheny county commissioner by a close margin in cree may well be "a first step in E-a Nova John, ot Cnlontown: IS lhe pralscs 0f large cities but it; andchlldren: two reat I atm the small town for me.

I where Uriel Krriees win do not see much difference Un- bf held Wednesday at 10 iontown except the fine new Her- SSI. Id Building," the officer says Rrx. Fr! John BiKzic as celebrant, in-! Mrs. Chorpennlng and their six- composer of 150 published 1931. the shackling of the press, wnicn will subvert the constitutional freedom to print or to withhold, to print as and how one's reason Lawrence, who celebrated his 56th birthday today, said he was songs, 11 operettas, seven revues and creator of 50 special arrangements of the universal music Yesterday, Tenth Army troops broke through Japanese defense lines In all sectors of the front against "resistance which was crumbling and diminishing at nightfall," Nimltz reported.

In the western (Marine) sector, the completely fresh Eighth regimental combat team Joined the Sixth Marine Division's 22nd Regiment in driving to the Nagusuku-Makabe highway. i Marine observers in this area reported about a battalion approximately 1,000 of Japanese fleeing southward In the open. This fleeing force was smashed with a heavy concentration of artillery. Move At Night After breakthroughs early In the prr.icnt in tne cnurcn i l-iuvlki vcar0icl oaugnter, juuy, icoiu the Haky Funeral Berkeley. Cal.

or one's interest dictates. lbrary. One of his best known When that time comes, the orks is the American operetta and tanks, victims of air attack, were found along roadsides as the 37th Division gained 13 and 14 miles in one day in parallel drives through the broad (Cagayan) valley," the Manila account from that sector said. There is no doubt that when first state will be supreme and freedom 'Lucrezia's Three Weddings. He was at the Worlds Fair in Wins AAF Plaque Master Sergeant Charles S.

Francis, 21 Conner street, has been awarded the "Meritorious Service Unit Plaque" with the rest of his 1 outfit at an aircraft repair depot with the Eighth Air Force. The plaque, a golden wreath to be worn on the right sleeve, was awarded for services in the crucial period before D-Dny. After graduating from South Union High school in 1940, Francis enlisted in, the Army. His wife, Mrs. Dorothy B.

Francis, lives in London, England. of the state will have superseded freedom of the individual to print, 1939 and 1940 and last year was being responsible before the law associated with Miami University ANNA. -llTn died Monday. June 18. 1945.

at 11:10 a. HIT Bl AUTO in the home of her son. Stephen Three-year-old Sandra Park, UK Blazek. 65 W. Crate Unlnmnwn.

a rtreet was slightly in- Poured last of Pltwburch: John of Unlontown: Mrs. a car near the Kacur lire service, Kahrrine Vaiclsrtk. ot Hopwood: Mrs E3fl Maln 5treet. She received a Anna Bern. In Czechoslovakia: 30 llp and slight abrasions TiJrs.

EMarv SfS. After being at nebel and Martin Robich. all ot sprinc- unlontown Hospital, she returned for abuse oi tne nign privilege. orchestra and Opera Guild. now on, Roberts as Appearing on the program with American landings in Japan's home islands are made the manpower odds against the invaders would be Sllving is Virginia LaRoche, master serted, "AP is to operate undei the tutelage of the court." day.

Tenth Army troops were close the piano and accordion. ly pursuing tne Dro great. But making enecuve use ui that numerical superiority, getting The lower court's decree, lm ncins received home. Pulice are lnvesiigauiis. olementlne Its summary judgment In th" latf DEATH NOTICES troops to the.

right place at the right time, would be another matter with enemy communications was upheld by the supreme uouri ligh Court Spurns Cracking of the last organised Japanese defense line on Okinawa started with the assault by Hunt's Home, Unlontow without change. riTSmsnN CHARLES Funeral even more paralyzed by air in prep combat team in the western flank "confident the regular democratic committee candidates will be nominated tomorrow." Lawrence is opposed for the post by Register of Wills John M. Huston, who asserted that Lawrence haa "bossed city rule for the past nine years during the regime of Mayor Cornelius D. Scully. The primary eve comment of Huston was that "if the Independent Democratic voters come out.

I'll win in a walkaway." Bolster Confident On the Republican side, a hot fight developed between Lt. Col. Harmar D. Denny, of the army air corps, backed by the young Republicans and some older pBrty leaders, and Robert N. Waddell.

supported by Allegheny County Chfiirman James F. Malone. Calvin L. Bolster, campaign manager for Denny, predicted tonight he would win the mayor nomination by 7,000 to 9.000 votes. The Republican registration in Pittsburgh Is 123,869, as agalnt 194,008 Democrats.

Waddell, Insurance man and former Camegie Tech football coach, said he felt "satisfied" that he EHMmi. FERDINAND aged ,7 year. rrk 'LTil Action On Dispute Other Rulings other rulings announced a morning session of its unusu aration for the landings than was the 'case in Normandy. And that LEAVES HOSPITAL Paul J. Guthrie, discharged from from Unlontown Hospital after a three weeks' Illness, is recuperating in his home in Marion street.

sector. These Marines moved Into the sector during the night. Attacking before dawn, they gained is fust what the ever increasing WASHINGTON, June 18. (AP) allv long day, the high court: rarrioio SiintiBv. 17.

19-35. at 9:20 Interment in tnt i-cij attack on Japan is calculated to of J. T. Burhans of Dun- The U. S.

Supreme Court today He Is survived by his 600 yards by daylight. Thev met some resistance early achieve. Refused to reconsider its recent rulina that bituminous coal miners refused to rule on whether the Na Mr-. T.i-'ir.r 1' Benny, of Falrban tional Labor Relations Board may i YOWLER. MINNIE M.

SPbRGtorf--! Friend, are bein, received in the A. I are entitled to portal-to-portai pay. in the day, but their drive again gained momentum as the Japanese broke and fled toward cliffs at the require a boat operator to include INFANTRY SHOW The JeweU Ridge Coal company, loser in the decision, had ques be held mornlne. June 2(1. masters of vessels in collective bar.

gaining agreements. Tuesday afternoon southern end of the island. tioned the qualifications of Justice Black to sit in the case. Thei On the extreme western flank wr.h brief pervtces in nome oi rrrviCCe wIM be In 5- st Riiii followed by Rt 3 1 additional ritep In St Therrse R. Church at 9:30 with Rev.

FY. Ettore pf nntj Bnw: Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp. ferment In Sylvan under the direction ater Funeral Home, operator of a fleet of large tow- company said he was formerly as sociated with Crampton Harris MaJ. Gen. Lemuel C.

Shepherd Jr's Sixth Marine flank won bridge near Kuwanga town. On the eastern flank of the ma boats between Pittsburgh and New Orleans, asked the high tribunal to M'-c-coinni iniermeni ir Ozr. GrC'Vp the direction ol the Pod via Funeral Home, Re. lawver who argued for tne onitea EMPHILL. MRS- ADA wile imuel E.

Hemphill. Funeral services Ul be held Wednesday afternoon in 1P Asbun Methodist Church, with rranrin'E Kearns Bur- Mine Workers. It also cited Black's review an NLRB decision requiring that lt recognize the National HERE THURSDAY (Continued from Page One) Ground Forces presentation of the story of the Infantry with Its message of "Buy Bonds," packs a dramatic appeal that is startling because of its simplicity. Like the Infantry itself. "Here's Your Infantry" Is not glamorous.

rine sector, the First Division's labor legislation record Senate. MAN HAD BRICK IN HIS STOMACH FOR 10 YEARS One man recently stated that for 10 years he felt like he had a brick in his stomach. This feeling was due to the lump of undigested food he always had Inside of him. He was weak, worn out. headachy, swollen with gas and terribly constipated.

Recently he started taking EHB-HELP and says the feeling like a brick in his stomach disappeared the second day. Bowels are regular now. gas and headaches are gone, and he feels like a new ERB-HELP contains 12 Great HeYbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stomach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on suffering! Get ERB- sjstt ssjois stua iib Aq pps vrraH in Unlontown.

Organization of Masters, Mates and would be nominated on the basis Fifth regiment captured Hill (. In the center of the battlefront, Mr and Mrs. George Glad nf i br madc In the Oalt uroe Brrunfield, Pa Monday. June IS. 1945.

imdcr the direction of J. of "my personal record and my de Granted in part a request by 20 1.. tailed objectives to be obtained for railroads that the state of Georgia the 96th Infantry Division's 381st regiment 'spearheaded a sweep all the wav across YaeJu plateau. They bv thr fnlloft-lnp mnvori in Uie cnurcn Bt the. city of Pittsburgh." be reauired to give fuller informa pre SPn Ices will be held at 4 Scully, who is relinquishing his advanced to within 3,000 yards It is not a spectacle.

At times it fr- slid sisters: Georpe. Frank. Ed-1 in vitrei. Jerome, David. Veronica.

n'riorl cr, Gc-rtrude, Manha and Mnrnnrct. nom(, rill at home. Friend-; will be received lfil S. Beeson tlon in its complaint that freight rates are discriminatory. The high court, which has agreed to hear Pilots of America as bargaining representative of its licensed officers, including masters.

The company in its agreement said it was willing to make an agreement with the union representing mates and; pilots, but insisted upon omitting masers. The firm said such executive employes have not tradlt'onally about 1 milesof the southern noisy with the thunderous sounds coast. From their new positions, the post becaa-ie of 111 health, heat Denny and Waddell for mayor in the elections of 1941 and 1937, respectively. In ln-. home afiei 5 o'clock, this was an active -r-rr, un- Churrh where of battle.

At other times lt Is quiet with a deathly stillness of impend mi-mbrr of Asbury i.icht Sunday pars. She was a mem- 381st looked down on the town oi the petition of Georgia, gave detailed directions on which parts of f-e tintv runerai srhool f0r many Medeera, with the surf off the ing, climactic action, quick names he Ladles Aid Society and the are Incomplete. primary was advanced from the carriers' extensive inquiries! southern coast In clear sight. combat dart here and mere SocleLy. In MIS! CAT HER1 must be answered.

through the demonstration and ne IB. 1945. I dltlon to been so nephews, Mrs. September to give men and women in the army forces more of an opportunity to vote. However, only a small fraction of 254,000 soldiers the home nf her daughter, Mrs -iby three nieces ana Zionist Speaker Hlinn.

oi near Falrchanre. at 5:45 E. I Sittler, p. rr: She is f-urvived by the nian McMul! WaynesburR. cpi.

The storv of Rachel, the genius- See Battlefront The field on which the assault carried out becomes an area in Lone. 1tll the WAC at John LonE. ot Cuy- who voted last fall have asked lor ballots. poet of modern Palestine, who lit Two dai.irhirr. Mrs Prlrc Mrs.

Ellen Hlieman elfiht crandchlldren; one brother. Jo the Pacific through the effective erally wrote a new Bill of Rights Because of the long lilt of can ahotta mils. and Charles Douflaa with the Medical Corps, of the Army CnlUornla. Friends will be received at th residence. I6l S.

Beeson ave- in stirring verse for the women of Directed reargument In the west coast case in which the Justice Department contended that the Sherman Anti-Trust Act had been violated through a union-employer agreement granting higher pay to lumber and mill workers in return for union action to prevent importation into the area of products made under lower wage and working conditions. didates, paper ballots will be used -ph and one Mrs. Allre cf tVoodbrldKetown. Fu-1 In f-: .1 i arrfincemenw. under the dlrrc-I i-( ness of suggestion.

The audience Is transported to the battlefront and before its eyes the Infantrymen that ancient land will be told over Pittsburgh ana Aiiegncny Uncle Sam says: 'Take care of that car, no telling when you can get station WMBS tonight at 10:30, tlon of the Sharp Funeral Home, Fair- line I kopinskt. MRS. ELIZABETH. Fu- county. Indications are that the tabulation will therefore be slow.

creen and crawl, tangle when the Unlontown District crafty enemy, use their weapons Zionist Organization presents day mornillB with pray- to deal out death. the twenty-third chapter of their YANK DESTROYER Blank cartridges, tracers, dyna thrilling radio series about thi Promised Land "Palestine Speaks' mite charges and smoke grenades add to the concept of battle. Under WINS LONG RACE (Continued from Page One) Marshail's Monuments "Since I8fi5" 32 MnrritiHAK-n tiiiontown, (Onprite MontKomerT Ward) EreiiiJig'i by Appointment Ph. 1850 This week's story features the Joseph's cemetery under the direction le Snarp Mineral jtuihs. famous dramatic actress Joanna CHICAGO, June 18.

(AP) -Marshall Field, editor and publisher of the Chicago Sun, whose ap plication for membership in thi Associated Press was denied, is the careful supervision of a demolitions expert they convince the audi Roos. who Is soon to star on Broad of Pensacola, nursed the ice that the attack Is real. Preceding the show, the Union hl heme. 121 Wnter Lamson back to the Puget Sound Navy Yard at Bremerton, rnnnellavllle Sunday. June II, way in her own new play.

Miss Roos, who appears as Rachel, Is supported by Elspeth Eric and sued the following stntnent today town HiKh school band directed in connection with the U. S. 1015, tollowlnc an extended Illness. He survived by Ills widow, Elvira Le-fimv two brothers. -Joe LeGros.

ot under her own power. Now she's ready to go gunning for Japanese Joseph B. Patterson will present preme Court decision holding the a concert. All members of the band Gladys Thornton in an episode laid In the primitive Palestinian farm snips again. r.rr.-;:,;:.

and Gasto are requested to meet at the Senior AP by-laws were in violation the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. The Lamson was known at the chance; one sister, ing colony of Daganla. where Racnei received In the Bremerton Yard as one oi High school at 8 o'clock. Transpor tation will be provided. began her fight to free the women "The Supreme Court's decision McCormlck Funeral Home.

5U1 oouin UHI0NT0WH MARBLE GRANITE CO. High Grade Memorial A. E. HAWKINS Phone 265" 463 CoolcprinK Uniontown, Pa. OPEN EVENINGS "Twins." because she limped into Connellsvllle.

until the Promised Land from the in the AP case is most gratnying. -j i i Wednesday noon. Funeral services bondage of their sex. Its importance lies in the fact that the yard on the same day that the destroyer Haraden, also damaged be held in the late home Thursday POSTWAR VIEW NEW YORK, June 18. (AP)- at o'clock with Rev.

Fr. 3. the government's long fight to establish real freedom of the press By a Japanese suicide plane, Moravek olilclatlng. Interment In the Allied nations' industries will bene CIRCLE MEETS Auxiliary Circle No. of Calvary rived.

They were berthed side by Arnold cemetery. New Kensington, has now been won." fit from technical and scientific advances made by the Germans Methodist church will meet with side. Like the Lamson, the Haraden Is now back at sea Mrs. Minnie Nell, 96 Millvlew street, at 7:30 tonight. during the war, James P.

Gill, Lat DR. SPRECHF.R DIES ALTOONA. June 18. (AP) robe, vice president of thi Marshall Sending Daniel Botcler Sprecher, 90, who company at La- Vanadium Alloy Steel said tonight. Arriving Aide To Services practiced medicine In Sykesvllle, Carroll county, died here to- LEOION MEE1 Lafayette Post No.

American Legion will o'clock tonight. Ouardia field after spending i member ol ustrtal Intel- weeks in Germany as a a (Continued from Page One) which has Fort Necessity under the U. 8. technical Jurisdiction, will participate In the Hgence committee, Gill said, "The value of the Information obtained High school bands Is difficult to Transportation Efll I II ly," "the amount Is All White CABINET tatlvcs of all patriotic organizations are Invited to attend. A special program will be reserved for aerv Ice men home on furlough and discharged veterans.

"Everyday, 4,000 mora can are going off the road and not on single car it bting built to rtplace Do tou realiie what that meant? If your car coct out of commiMiofl, you'll be oat mm Ml I BASES 14" SAVE BY VOTING FOR PETE MAYOLO FOR TAX COLLECTOR OF GEORGES TWP. I am a candidate for Tax Collector of Georpes TWnship. I was horn November 23, 1904, and reRis-tered for service. I was not called because of my age but I did not ask to be deferred. I am willing to serve my Country whenever called to duty.

I have done all in my power to assist Jn the win-nine of this war. I have served on all BOND bbLLlINb COMMITTEES and other Drive Committees. I served Xn of the Township CIVILIAN DEFENSE ORGANIZATION. If elected I will fight to slop all unjust and unfair EXONERATIONS and ASSESSMENTS. In one case there are four teachers in one family and their taxes have been exonerated for the past ten years.

I wonder Why I am a member of the U. A. I. O. Local No.

6. 1 am a member of the Woodside Grange 1008. I have been a teacher in your High School nee Please go to the polls and vote for one that will save you money and one that has the interest of all PETE MAYOLO aaiMoaine GET Th cabinets are of white enamel with one silverware drawer and one pot and pan compartment. of lack. I MMfll At M4 9 -mT Cm Dm 4m Msasv .31 l-TM 7TW Wl MAN -BaBMgaag4 Author) um! Wvfesi See Our Window Display HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE CO.

MOST COMPLETE TIRE SERVICE "Yew to Tkt Dt4tf MBSSMORE TIRE SERVICE PHIL'S GARAGE SoM at LifgtU't, Thrift Rr Drag aits, ether keaiag UWONTOWN aulfir Hee ctw ewW Hwfci.

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