Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 4, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1916
Page 3
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STtRUNGJLUNOiS, MONDAY. DECEMB£ft 4. 1916 iv.a£ imss. . AUTO mm KILLED —^t.::*:^' PROPHETSTOWN NEWS Make Substantial Presents tfiis Year, •igliit Hughes, Frank Galvin And .Mechanician Die In Accident In East. ' linfTib* i, !'--|'-,TH--i, 1 n i d *> A Pair of Our Stylirft*.Sliors or Slippers 'V* ;u>-! "-'. (!..• !)>••« '.'•-»>' H;l'!iti!.i> :\ i • • it h '-ii t", !•*( .it'.k the «!(!!,.I 'l-tl'. :ii, hi-- rii' i i;.t v :<'it \\'«-!- x K\I . ;m,| !;!-.i.'. Hti«l:< y ,\.>i, 'nM.'Us:- I »>' * m ~' . • .1 !.. ! l ; \Viii !«'- !>!' HI V "f I "•:! !<K- l,U-)IiC>: pii'i 1 !p-.!i\ "b-- ^!!i-:rri- M' -n "f Th'' r, n •ml :\ ppt ")-'! i.i-t !<"!! <-!ifrKUi"» i',f h» a,!"; f the iri'V'-i me.t hi i't partn-<-n!w Tf"'-s*> ; Th :iiii:<-l •-. 'tiifrtl.i!*' ifHI!i<' > «« w:!i In- ! he <••! <;! I'urip.ii !•<!••• SIM -.«* it"i!iM'- !hi> -•!!-, r! l'<-!) r: !----in|i. :-"• ;il< ! "-oh'*|or:-i W-. I 1 '- In Si*' r«-|;t) i:r.»!i ii. . •!,,;,.«! > h-i,'-, H«-v A if i . ,i '*- - ^ -.. - — "etni'-:t i-f THANKSGIVING DAY Saw Many Enjoysble Fscnitv Reunions L f,! ._-,..__, * ^ j, : | f ™_ ^. f [{ ] t'ltitii cffrnntf p|:i\cr with 'Kev . I 1 i l-"it<-h re.'.-Hn;' f;..rn Use !,]!:).-• .-(tid ',,- jdtif'tlnjf th*> fi*!j;iRK. .MoS'lnm*-? I'a- "THE UNBORN." ! <'umi;ii: I" the ,A evident V "f Mti.Mr; • l-'riday ;ind Saturday of ! hi-s •« '•'•)•;. mat- < > ince and nipht, •' Th" 1'nt-orn." ;i «!.-ut- , Il'itr. thrilUnt;. thr/diiiinn. >•*n.wational ', jih"!< plus >•* !t *"-rmon "t) the cruel In- t!:*-- f nnctrpftarion, this :-•('! life. and -rtH w^ie ;de;t.oed With tho jire.-i-• hiris!, the • iM«(cjr piiyiiiK ji.-ir tj''iil;tr atteritjoii to the !d!>le from %hi\ h !«. taiti t:r.u-r- Jind delldint; the Killen & Peters W BUY HER AN ElECTRICALVACtUIWCLEANER FOR CHRISTMAS £,U AMUSEMENTS i!:iT;!ii"' r;(t-. ;t I1r«}t!n's H|-«*T-;.it. V fii'f-r tlsi- i";!,-;r]-(l~T;in in ihe fiiVH' : f?i out he \4;i« !U)i!ij:ii('t!. He )iad ,)n^! (i-tcil 'ti'- -«(;!tn! to witt< h the t'/sci a Pitiisii.i i'In-ti j,!t»|y in'H e;ir eiaf r»ni':t -!n < i : h. in its p;ith. 'l'i;e in|t||"d were ri|n«!t!y O(-CU|': nf Oi» |i!-e<<<< stiiuil. ivhii-h • Mn.'shf-ii to |.ie«»-.K. i justice to women- in whU'h women shines -if '-" \\'<-i«U- v\n.-« (iiiiKht under the ;ift>ne p.-tys tt»* pennltv. In "The I "n- . *-'' a '« • 1» ?-'•- ( »he (.iiKtnr deride.!. i wrerked « «r. djinn iiiM'innllv, itiilvin hoiti," imre f;ti'tw ar»» laid*-, in n [ left tit ing nnd wealth ii,« daiiKfronis in. ' W;i-» hurled fllioiiKh (he jiir. -way that the mo«<t *t-iiKltive will see, the w«v of « t ivtni» ti-aec. The fn*tor : Twenty thou,»jind people t-t\\v t IIP nothltti; t«« -offend, tint on t hf 01 her hand i s»w ahe;i.) many danjceiM for the na' it< j^idein. . (hi- truth IM projeeted ifi :\ rn inner foltlon and om- of th«-««' in pnrtit ulnr was I \Vlld i x« itcnif nt r-'lened. tint the .';iu«e them to do all In fhfir power to-'he noii-ieadttu: of the Idldc* and thiiw jftn-e «.IM tinlshi'il. I.oniH i'hi-vntl*'t. i Ht'dp t)ii«< nef;irt<>tis piarUec. ' : -he n<>n-i« '<jitnln!:ini e with (Sod nnd • UliiviiiK ii l'Yont»j\ae. tinlshed the !1J ICverj- mnn nnd wotniin should «ee;.(H«, It a< llints. The rcndiiiK of liuh! 'I tnlle." i.ri'i. , it. « Ti'iirh'TK nnd nil Wiwi'ti interest-;'sluH anil the ft ivini! away from put>! Ua>.e I.ewlf. driyltijf M 1'reiniir. wau < <) in •mrhi), re|if.'i'Oi« and edurntional •• lie worifitfr. - •. 't-i I'll'! Call-li I >e I'altna In hi.<» Msr- |jf,. Hh.ndd no! frtli t*i .'it tend. "t'n*! Tin- p.i'«tor (bunch! Hiat w<- nltoiild 'i edi•-,« t'llid and i:;ir:iey N'ewirard In a liorn" «|IOWH the (rmplation* th.-u 1»-^ • he thankful fni the tn.tiu m.-iii-j ot ;i'f;i"fi.lcJ ailfl Atllt At''|flt'7e ill Mil «'!- >: t -t (he lnf!oe>-itf. HIM n-aial collieqiienre ' yi jice that We enjoyed, ««• Slioillij l-e "•-•on tl'd tut' tonrtli. am/-Hie tertlhle endliiB the unhappy ! tlutidtful for the e«iinti> In vUd< h we I _L* — .A—. ; honie wh'-je chiidreii arc not \veleome, j j|ve and the fart that we weto a!.,* the ' f- rente.t Idrtlt " roinr««l ; do for the frididf ne have. It was a Till* i« th.- picture whlrh ha« l>r«-n- im ,| i (J , t,. a . hfn«i« and no one < oni.K an: !1 ppo,cd,oir;ndhaye. 1 h,ea,ene t n;^; ilt w;;:,: M ilMt if il IN inlrodneed they will eoinhat ;,. ,,.,, r , (M/(l0 wolll(>11 „ W(>(1 , { . • »ul of I ." , ,. . . .V ..!". it will i a M'l M| la lory HH^iHiiri* iiimiii^i iti i v i 11111 i i n mi i 111 T-J . i i i > 11111 x » , _» j ^ ^ EYES ON EMBARGO (< 'ntitintiCil f'Vutti !*n«o. ...M ; .U.,I.H to K m,,mirm<iurliu: fr-,m th, jof 'iikWlX'luuk mill Vice I'remiilent | ill n«« rhatterliiK inetnherM of j jHoth HolIHe In tnoHl r:i««»?«« ItleetlliK for; jlhe liif*l lime Nlnce the t-ventfttt day; ^^ ;„„,,„,,„. A , adt , mvtlf ; „,,„„„, .,„, ,,. ' ! flltv ,, f „„, ,, V „„ u\' „„ rid ay, to • i'«. HoWev- Will lie ild- ERIE'NEWS fill r-a|-|y -September VPheli they |'Uf»h«-il i ~— lite A.hiriuuin .'iKht-hour InwJ Saturda.v evoniriK Mr. nnd J K- fieo. tin lied to henr the familial admonition ; t)|l ,^, r amt ft|ml] y t . iim ,. t<l M^ to 'lie in order. " i; ,,,.-„ |, ( , tru , jirlngliiff n luuihtlful Ntip- AttloiU' UI08e Who <aine to loWil ' I for the day fnnn aw:sv wore: John j /Stake?.' nf CliiiaKo, Allison Thompson JiiltendinK .irliool. (n Chicago. Attorne) j iiiinf Mrs .\f ,('. Itojter.i of l-'nlton, Mr,-- j ! HInioti and two children of Princeton. : 'Mr nnd'Mr.4. f. \V. I'ratt and .'Wl.l irrrrrr of ("hit-ayo, Attiitncy ami Mm. <'. A NO HIGH PRICES SAVE MONEY ON JEWELRY In or<F< i' in «!i»vui«~ my time fo my opfi- «-ii! and nsO-opalhit 1 |>r;n-fice I will .-it'll ^w;i(''!:t's. i'i<»ri<>, 'ji'wi-lry,. ^jlvpnvarc. nit «I;^> ami. (Jinmnnth al prices AVJIV lii'imv prc-i'iif ninikt'C Vjilw. S15.00 Elgin, watches, including bracelet watches, $10.00. Solid g-old ladies' rings, worth up to .S6.00, for $1.50 cacli. Largest line cut glass in Sterling at a saving: of 26c to 50 per cent, All jewelry at a liberal discount. Diamonds at wholesale prices. The IIJLT ixlviinro in mxf of jro<nl-' nial.cs HIM doubly aitrnHivp. W. K. DUNMORE 9 East Third Street, - . Sterling OF ALL KINDS I<ltt|e (lustiness j Intercut centered prineipully on -tlw" \ jsitdiK,'HM uyster of oysters nnd a«or « time n t >«nt In 1' aTi'd TwTr Conklin of ~r Ht Mr. nnrtHTrifr-ToTTfi l-oulter to Tani.,, H i f .,. ll'lfii. .Mrs. .Minnie i.Mt and " f Huth to Walnut,. MiKH Amelia 1 fllli f "" <l f<)r which >;o to niako tip (floor of the Flouwe nnd Senut*-. rhnm-i t \lr». fJuthrit wn« formerly Miss Ar- i I ' :llKJtl)( ' Ih Hilton of ri H k I'urls, Kt-n.'*J nwu ;' <rst '« Hnulfurd. Ill, Mr. nnd jliet-8 and In the Kallcrlc*--n nuiKH .»f vil | t> ' c| (U)1 ,,.,. ,, m | ,,1,^ Wllt< n ' resident i " tirt! ' S '' y!I< '' " f 'AsHUtnplUm, A-H^ •'''"• • s< - w - 1'nddiifk to « < hicn«o, ( ,nd itM mernlM ruhlp made up »if;|,,f |M | M vicinity l.oforf their removal 1 1Itai ' Ji r*« "f Princeton. W. Kennard '< ln>l " y " t!l «'f'" who we did not xet. TH of the Whit* House fumlly.'! i,, d,,, XV e«t j Seyller of I'hicauo. M|HH KtinlrO .Me-] dl|ih>tn.'itt4, fat»i!l*'« and frlcndx "f hlbble I'layt.ui and daiJKllteri'''""' of T !l »»l'l'"''». -Mtf. I'owell of SELLS CAR OF SHOATS; PROPHETSTOWN BRIEFS, •Tohn Ditto, who for a unrulier of yeiUH hilM lived 111 thlH vicinity,, W(t« (l PUK.<M>h( t '«'r to Maryland, ^"riduv tnorti- G. Thomas location~KanallyrBldgM 13 West Third St. Tlie lioiiMi' naiiiid u« lt.« tnernherx; townnldp. .Majority Lender Kitchen. Minority' KOV. utu! in. - 4l«(witl,V hf (Hit fl-rrtrlrmrl r.f Atn(mK . """"* Wl ".' t "" k u "' lr (1 "- • " llu »'» «lx montlm old on the market jl^'iider Mann and Krpr.eMentiitlvt' Kitx- JKeriild. chainniin of the appropriation^ I 'rolnmlllee. ! NJI time IH Met for tli* 4 Utesddcnt's j JHIe.'tM.'ijje to ('oiiKn'HH. ||» llle • IliKt few • Uov. utu! - Mr'«. J. W. (:eor>;«. werf«jl«t»" (ll '« % /'''»> town for th«« day \vcr«: i which welshed IN9 potmdH on th< of rolat|ye.s Mi*. Uee Care. *»*«, K; ™« »«£•!:"'5.^j! 1 .^ 1 " 0 . cl iv et rate \earn II.-IM itu '< ! '»y mall outside Sterling nnd ling at I,U'nt.m street, to Walnut: Xfr. ifn on th<? day follow- l.'ock KallK only )ni«u» miUI Juniinry l^t. and .Mrs, U. K. McXitmara. to ChlcuKo. Udilh Uiirr to Thompsoth XIr i . * ' ..... r, « . .».» *^.Km.|.1.(^ fJflllMI'n *fl'..»... 1. 1 A jand Mri.. Pnvi.1 Hotrhklw to Turn-; nwhlnit them, from nm-kllnir |.I KH t» ," y hu kc|rt for - | piio. Mr. and MI-H. Henry Wildmnu the mnrlu>t. He IUIH nhoiit thr»t> more ''"IM-dulIy whuiv thm- «ro on 'TlH-jto Dtd.n<iu<'. Iowa, Mi«« Allen, twidi- tarloadM which IK- will «ell later on" tllt>KU t'«'O«9 <"X' which h« Is f,.*.dlnR- at the preterit for l>« Is "», niitlwuilc wasliuH niiU lime. He In nnrt'imriplk'H..- Formal Opening Wed, Dec. 6, 7:30 p. m. Wednesday night we ijnveil our windows and formally open the Christmas buying season. We have made extra preparations for this event, both in decorations and merchandise. You'll find here a most extensive display of practical and useful gift for men arid boys, arid real service in the way~jo|-maIcing your shopping easy. ' All Gifts Boxed Appropriately Boynton Co, 7 .

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