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Fort Worth Record-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas • Page 7

Fort Worth Record-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas • Page 7

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:

PAGE SErrli nrrrrnE1t 'IC 1021 FORT WORTH RECORD LOUD PRAISE FOR lig PEAISE f011 Senior Hi Notcs MAN WANTED HERE Mrs George Lock a am onmanist for 1 all numbers of the program Following is the program Violin solo ''the Scmg Of India" Rinisky-Korsakow Miss Ann PhilF EIDA 3 coNcoll at eorgeo Ismckicae-t Wade Visits Large Dam Being Erected at Cisco NEW POLICE EICE FILLED OT DOVELL Is HELD ON COAST John Bo11mtu 311 Texas: Joe Pate Battery titalion Houston James Lavender 2111 East Magnolia: Deet tet2 Taylor Irene Horcron West Railroad Catherine Kid4 3008 Lipscomb Curtis Crane Morris Pettifil Polytechnic: Rov Niefford 3408 Avenue I Rev Collie 2814 Avenue 14 Reach Jr 1000 NVest NVeatherfoni Hancock 1904 Heaton avenue: Reeder 1214- Ash Creseent Dr Roy Saunders 927 Eighth AVPIIIIP 'Roy Cunningham 1403 Peach street: Bennie Abrams Gunter 2514 Roosevelt Laurton 1402 North Main i4 Mr Everett 1311 Avenue IL The report cards were given out Friday morning A uew ruling has been made to the effect that all students who have made a grade of ninety or above in all their atudies and ninety-five or above in deportment for both periods will be given moles to the school library at any study period during the rest of the term The honor roll will be published Tuesday morning in The Record 0- -0 Stops Off on Visit to Moran Where He Attended Banquet of Business Men Many Calls of Acknowledgment After Program Given by WPA Your Voice" iMaeDermid thl Know a Hill" (Whelp ley) Mrs Homer Adams Mrs George Lock accompanist Violin solo "Canzonetta" I Venth) Miss Ann Phifer Crawford: George Lock accompanist Contralto solo (a) "The Pine Tree" (Salter (b) "Mammy's SOng" Mrs Homer Adams Mrs George Lock accompanist Contralto solo -Kiss Me Again" Mrs Homer Adams with violin by Mica Crawford Telephone calls of acknowledgment were received from the following: Albert 'ticket 1311 Williams A Moeton 350 Missouri Miss Fort Wottp radio fans were given another interesting and entertaining treat last night when a concert was given from WPA The Record'a broadcasting station which was participated in by Miss Ann Phifer Craw ford and Mrs Homer Adams with MASONS TO CONFER CA)013 SAMARITAN DEGREA WANA DPC Good Samaritan degree a Masonic de gree will be given here soon after the Yuletide eamon Recording to plans now being made by the Royal Arch chapter le made by Cisco people that it will be larger than Lake Worth It will have a lakeshore of 85 miles with depth of 140 feet at the dam The lake will be two and one-half miles wide and about seven miles long The plans are to complete the worit within mix months and already Cisco is beginning a catnpaign of publicity exploiting the advantages of that town as a resort Summer homes are being arranged for and bard surface roads are being built to the reservoir Romer Wade assistant manager of the West Texas Chamber of Commerce returned Friday morning from Moran where he attended a banquet of the hominess and oil men of that city En route Wade spent some time In Cisco and visited the million dollar dam that is being constructed near that city According to Wade it will be the second largest in Texas when comPleted The dam will Impound fifteen billion gallons of water and the claim The Civics club took a trip to the weather bureau Friday afternoon Observer Landis took great paina to Px On in the different instruments barometers tele-thermotwope registers and many others Ile gave some reasons for the mistekem made in the forecasts which when told did not seem so bad am the average person would think The met at the A for its regular supper and meeting Thursday evening at 0:15 o'clock It was announced that the pine for the club will be here by the middle of the week TAX FORCE NAMED Hill Oil Operator Arrested on Fugitive Warrant 11111 oil operator arrested Friday afternoon in Los Angeles Cal on a fugitive warrant from Fort Worth is wanted here on a charge Of swindling In a complaint filed in the Justice court it is alleged that he gave a check for $200 to II May on Nov 215 The check was indorsed by Nethery It was made on the First National bank of Tulsa and was returned marked "no account" According to information furnished to the district attorney'a office the check was rasher as an accommodation for 11111 He left here and had not been heard from until a few days ago when a Tulsa paper carried a Piton' that he had been the victim of 111-inekers in the California oil fields Officers here weat to work on the ease and located Hill with the aid of the Los Angeles officers Henry Cantrell constable Ia out of the city but Don Donnard Ms chief deputy wired Friday afternoon asking if Hill would return without requisition papers No answer bad been received late Friday night Should Hill demand requisition papers it will be three days before they can he made out and sent to Governor Neff signed and returned here The present case is under conaideration by the grand jury but no bill has ifen returned It was atated several other eases will probably be Med if 11111 is brought hack here POST BM STATE ORS FINIVETERANS Alderman Outlines Duties Will Strengthen the Department The duties of A Dowell appointed as inspeetor of police Friday by Pollee Commissioner John Alder man will be to act in an official entaicity between Chief of Police Ilimry Lce and the police captains and men according to Commiisioncr Alderman following announcement of the appointment Dowell's appointment to the newly in''tituted afire of ingpector was forecast in The Record last Tuesday tvoming but at that time COMtnis aloner Aldermen had not completed ail arrangements for the creation of the office takes the place teinpornrily telistitnt dile! of police a position a hi has lierm vacant ince nehre Lee then aKelStittt Cllet Vils appoliited to the rot of aketing chief of police follawleg the resignation of flurry Ilmnitor tie thief tilt tP oppointaient of Powell will tend to brilig the department direr 10ptttsr Ea that the men will give still 1etler co-operation and tuaie the beet possible" Colmilissioner AWritPn Raid Dowell who formody was a police officer in Si LOtii9 ims been on the detective force of the local depart meta for nearly two years Duriog lila( time be hoe made many friemis Adia vollgrfttulate utt his appoint-went Commioloner Aluertnan gave no ss to Ivhen he would anoonnoe the peinuilient appointment cl hief cof polke --s-410-40--- Iiif of poL-e 04 0 4w I Ali members of the Senior class who erpeet to graduate in February are requested to have their pietures taken before the Christmas holidays if posible The students who graduate in June are requested to have theirs made also ea3 1400ME20 a maga imgPowaller Matter Brought Up for Discussion at Legion Lunch Friday Noon Lee Freeman Announces Appointments in Assessors Office Lee Freeman who will become tax nssessor of Tarrant county on Jan 2 Friday niorning announced thut he has named It (Rube) Williams ns chief deputy 'Williams eerved four vettre in the assessor's office under NValter Pritchard and was one year with the city under Albert Tankers-Icy Members of the present staff who were reappointed include Chester Hollis in the abstract department Robert Pittman Walter East of Ever' man and Miss Ruby McDonald of Everman Freeman has selected all but two of his special deputies who will make assessments in the rural communities This list includes Neely Wilson of Mansfield rumen of Arlington Ira linyes of Crowley Shelton of Keller and Ilendrickson of Grapevine 0 Are Not Worth the Price of One 'If they are the "big can and cheap" kind because they may mean baking failures COTTON BELT ROAD BUYING EQUIPMENT President -ItZgrove An '11 THAT'S WHY DIES OF INJURIES Bothwell Kane poet American Le- inn went on record fit its luncheon Friday noon at the University club as mending unanimously for the passage of it etate bonne bill at the next session of the Trim legislature themter Hollis announced that there would be a meeting of the voi ture "40 et 8" held Tuesday evening for the purpose of arranging for the reception of the new national commander of the Legion Alvin Owe ley when he visits Fort Worth 'Dee 27 The comutittee on the publication of a nymtlily bulletin by the Legion reaeonable figures had been 'obtained on the printing Action will be taken on the subject at the next 'meeting of the post 'GOOD MEER CHRISTMAS FUND RAISED $8250 FRIDAY nounces $3 700 000 Will Be Spent Fit Our Town Trnrro7ement of the terminal faeil CREWIERIE7I Utopia Theater NOW SHOWING Economy BAITING POWDEll Is the biggest selling brand in the world Its sales are over Ise greater than that of any other brand "The Queen of Sheba" UTOPIA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Mr A A Bouton Conducting Man Hurt In Evdlosloa ExPLen Twentrrour IIoti Laexe Robert Esmp 241 whi was injured la an undeigwound line at the helium plitut Thursday afternoon died at II :45 o'clock Friday morning at a 10011 boGpital He is rur7ived by his mother and fatter Mr and Iktra Kemp two staters Mrs It Ray of Fort Werth and Mrs Jester of Mineral Weds and two brothers William of Ming us and John of Fort Worth The funeral will be held at the residence 12M NVeit Cannon street Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock with Rev It Haney of the North Side Presbyterian church officiating Interment will be in Greenwood itiet of the Louis tz Southwestern railway in Fort NVorth rimy start in May or Jure of 1923 was the tin riven Friday morning by Daniel Uptherrove prerudent of the road Ife was lure for an hour and a half hts private trait' being narked at the end of I-7ast Fifth street Tlti Colton licit ht at present fraying fi1700000 additional equipment to make its rolling atock onfficient to handle the heavily increased freight hipments of the past mix months Cpthegrove won very optimistic MI to business conditions find stated they were the most henithy they bad been in POnle time and he looks for a continuation of this titillation of this One hundred and fifty poor people I have applied to the Union Gospel Mission since Monday for help The follow ing rave donat ions to the Christmas Good Cheer fund Walter Scott 25: Weir Porn1! tore store $10: Vinnige Coffee company $10 Belcher Land Mortgage company $10: Dr AN' A I Wringer $1: Dr Wilbur Allison S5: Dr NV Anderson S5: Haltom $5: Poston $5 Gallamhy $2 Total 1 COMING SUNDAY MAE MURRAY In 'FASCINATION' HAROLD LLOYD in "Among Those Present" summounemeecommerremmams 1'110' sudx re TWO I CALUMII 1 allowNIS Ita 4 1 ff "V11047 Don't let a BIG CAN or a very low price mislead you Experimenting with an certain brand is expensive it Wastes time and money 4111 A11 I I oie --o- Phone Wants Lamar 5050 I "I have not gone into the terminal BUSINTSS DISTRICT IS needs Along the line It is needless FLOODED VITII SHOPPER to say thHt we will need the yardage to place this new equipment With- A visit through Fort Worth shor out a pinee to mit it will be value- Fridny and chats with some of th less We are purehssing equipment merchants showed that the crowd first and IIP Pflou as we have it or are stores aml the throng of shoppers see reasonably sure when it will be Att wn own efilltith wholly attri placed in eervice then we will uatike tiled to the Chriattuas rnsh for I a survey uf the yardnge" ninny many people are purchasit Upthegrove with his of road- clothing masters power superintendents and There has been very little co' 'Series' force arrived here nt it o'cloek weather In Fort Worth thus far I Pride morning from Stephenville the winter PPason and during ti Hod left at liti35 for the North past few cold days folks are just re Lehane vice president of the road Hned the party here ()titer off' izing the need for winter clothin according to the owner of one vials in the party were Wive President fIreen fenersi Claim Agent Fort Worth's most exclusive sho It and Superintendent IZ for ladies "This unexpeeted urn Post of perKontil shoppers whit is corn BUSINESS DISTRICT IS FIAIODED WITH SHOPPERS A it through Fort Worth shops Friday and chats with some of the merchants showed that the crowded stores and the throng of shoppers seen downtown cannot be wholly attribtiled to the Christmas rnsh for many many people are purchasing clot Ii ing There has been very little cold weather In Fort Worth thus far the winter Paxon and during past few cold days folks are just realizing the need for winter clothing according to the owner of one Fort Worth's most exclusive shons for ladies "This unexpected army of personal shoppers which is First aptist Church 1ST TEST so hi the of combing the shops at this time brings overwhelming joy to the heart of the merehtint and this added to the excitement of the Christmas rtish just takes our breath away" laughingly said a tvell known milliner iS111 It Motthowo Jr tis here 1:14 I to Roe IOW Orr It 01 larent l'nlytxthote Ile Is bleated at 110401rwt Vele to tbe life itianrauce batolies Company Ono sta Fort' ionitt infantry of the Treat National 1oaarit oat tivell $-01 a month tty the atintiooticra court Fritily utoriong The tr aie uaril itotilbot04 totn- ttl I 1144 tot eAti or Cishtain Ougit ornm trot he co any Python chief kc i of the Neal I iLo rnene pa hger ascot tor tlie Chicago Ric a islar1 Is tittif railroad ail: fir 'rula Olds ite tirtot Christina with Ills prope ritintri mot pitattmtera are busy lop of toe 011'ft-trent dep iintrid of tile Chicago Kock isistot tolif itt the building aos are being gOlti over CI" ltvgi vtionatirsi ascii partition aro being too-I ir tante of the lisosr ottote rooms Leo etimpter treaeling patotenert rivoit tor it Chicago Roca ithaticl toilt raoroad Ira Fort Worth Imlay ntionlog eu a bootless trip tu lltettltaft Tcy IA boogttntt chairmen of the liveatot con-aniicon of lex left 'Itturtohty racitint tor tarosathecia where he inret eith the Littleototie county tontollstioror-il court co matter rcgarditli Uck e' IL not onnett monistr of the Oak Clitt fommercia aootelatont a as a boat too vintor in Fort Worth Friday Ilia sti IS" organisation of the antcro Landort ettil hold lts regular blantuitlby totaling Tnesday smelling Pei! 10 to the httooa of the oat titLotatit Mel it of El Peso a mining ewrt le a Ittititor to Fort Worth Cos act fi if With Ni f1141 Of AL rlInvion Ittoghta Matter It toarolt wilt be the pan rtpa1 inr Nol Orr 011 forum of St Patti vtomb e-ntb sod Itia net tort aI it 30 atitithty ere- 'fin The iniyor WI ft Otou-O the nefli nt the passage of the I740000 bona twit )11s A (Ilitton of flan head of the WO licity department of the Intertate ormiloeytio Moonlit watt moot the bil4b tisitne to Fort 1Vorth Frtdar Mrs 4 initial wail here to alysiora tlot pub 1ty I 0 tha engagement of Mildrtal olio oe i ft ticailliticr tar the ttlalettic theater nest wovl4 lite drum ettro nf 110101 'emote Mu It oar lute1 the vrin tool street ut Fort Worth Vrtdat lailvertIsthe the Shelf iaretis ohich otten at the S3tirti ty tiled toll in rant pale oh the norms of tho egoilidaey of Mrs Margaret Kay for queen of the eiretia ettertoll aervIres ere entsrlorted Frittalr high( at Temp iteth Ft Mai to the OrIhn do vttocue on Tgylnr tree In nno IMrnorlton of the Fst Chanukah ss-hh is the last hobilaY on the eletsoih taleniiiir for the year tgarns tononlattioner of W1101144 ghrerePort a-a motor the sointors to Fort Worth Violas Mr Mayo was here looking nth Ural intereota 'embers of the emr mtiotioner's eonet nit It too comottssioncrit cloct a'fl in rimelon Friitar morithe to attend es ereto Ut Grubtot VorAlonatt oolkoo moats In tti pirty were CO'nty n-tie 'kWh 1411411 Commineloners Hodson With THE WORLD'S GREATEST BAKING POWDER SUNDAY A MOST EVENTFUL DAY IN THE HISTORY OF THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Ittehtotree John noherts and A NV Fur The two comnuetuntierweiret who went ar Ft Sovater a sot Hurt Wright Mrsusbere of II huntinn party compowel of Shannon 1141 liughee Everett t4trorie Joe lientren )1 13 Chk and Harry Gold returned nide morning' Tare went terlity five miles twlow Laredo In to Gild etDort they killed eight deer several wolvee nod titiek PALACE -OF COURSE If Natural Gas Should Fail --n7 :777 '4 -1 4 1C1'q 1 4 cl 4 A I 5 -k i 40e: j' 1 if kf 0 ti4''t ri ti) 7': 4" 44 4' 4' 4 Mk l' :0 4 '4 szi 4 41 7 i i 4isia ig44-: Alumni Elects Offieers At a meeting of the Fort Worth alumni held in the Univerity club last night the following iffieers were elected: President Miss Sybil Flack vice president Mrs Gillis secretary "I 'itch Meyer A short program Wit given and it was announced art the next meeting would he held on the evening of the third Friday in January First the fine parlors of the Toting 01 People's Departtnent are parlors that are the equal in finishing and furnishing of the Texas hotel the finest hotel iu the state 1 Sf 'cond the Intermediate Depart-meat enters their new quarters in the new building on Throckmorton street north of the church Third the four Junior Grad ep en: ter their quarters 'A Fourth 14 Pnior One Department ent ters their new quarters on the fourth floor of the building at Third and 'faylor All departments study the Recurrection of Jesus twenty-eighth chap- 4 4ir ter of Matthew At the Mato theater Mr Norris speaks to men only at 10 a on 'The Life of 10110 Wanamaker" 11 a the pastor preaches great chorus choir of voices 8 before preaching Mr Norris will answer in no uncertain sound James VibiOn on the Ku Klux Klan -1 ::2 "5 k1 I Gloria Swanson 0 CONRAD A tp NAGEL Mighty tP 100 and Drama CONRAD NAGEL and kat) -4 Alt-Star aatt 51011ME VAUDEVILLE 01-2-49 '41 FEATURE PICTURES 51 Have you ever thought of what the substitution of coal or oil for natural gas in your household might do? In the first place it would be an expensive process The cost of heating and cooking with coal would be more than double what you now pay You would have to buy new stoves and new ranges You would have to pay plumbers' bills to supply you with hot water Many of you would have to rebuild the chimneys in your houses 1 ot Sheila Terry Co "MAT AND DEA VIDDrM" the uttm of Federal Judge Sermon to follow A Dazzling Fashion Show Flanders Butler HIPPODROME TI A lio Coneerl HARRY BREEN tto veAA lk5 Paramount Picture The nuPid Fire Rom( Writer Send one dollar for the Searchlight which has a stenographic report of the pastor's sermon every week PASTOR FROM VICKSBURG MISS WRITES 'Your sermon 'Christ Our Substitute' Rim pi did my soul good I don't he1iv ever had a sermon to just lift my soul up to the mountsin top like that one did May tiod bless you Your friend A MITS11 "Vicksburg Miss" NOW r121IING Bert Hazel Skate 11 A Dane Departure i 7 I "Arop's Fab las" "Topics of the I hty" Pavel's' Entre Added Attraction Alabama Industrial Schzol Bo3r3' Band In Boys Fr-na 7 to 14 Vari et Ace Smoke and Dirt But this is initial expense What would it cost afterward? Your homes could not be kept as clean as they are now The vast volume of black coal smoke that would be poured into the atmosphere would settle upon your draperies your carpets and your walls The grime and dust from the hand- ling of coal in your house would permeate every crevice smirch every piece of linen and add untold labor to the effort to keep the home clean I Harm Jolson be Opnntie Biarktare Coniedila IF LAW It It: 1110101'1AY MOW tang tfiAN 41 jACIntOLT ilmwel IN MITCHELL 4 a atusw7erwt lr "011 Nr 'THE MORI IllSEASsiir 4 e-4'441-- --A-4' -4 4 SAME PRU in Ivo rye 0-tvitsAtivto1 Ir'MIMMNIIMMINOINIMMIEMMINI ot p4 6: SAME FDr) A er 1 I Eugene O'Brien "Channing of ihe Northwert" NEXT WEEK i I Mildred Harris 1 (In PPrlion) 11 Formerly Mrs Charlie Chaplin 1 "MOVIE MAD" Formerly Mrs Charlie Chaplin "h1OVIE MAD" Compare These 11 a zrt I F'M For over 30 years ii 0 0 -1 a a i 1 's t'-e" 4 4 lb owder Ounces forpV 2 More than a pound and a half i tor a quarter) 1 -1341 4 -07 it wde Ounces for pv ix! (Mars than aa pqoulnet 71 a half il For over 30 years 1 Your outdoor swings your porches would be covered with the oily residue of soft coal smoke The dirt would settle upon the outsides of your homes You have only to go to some city that is compelled to use coal to understand what this problem is All of these things are overcome by the use of natural gas This convenience costs lcss in money and much less in labor than you would have to pay were you compell ed to return to the use of coal at has been built up to supply ed you in money and labor a 4 gas supply has cost you in any '11 4 The great organization th you with natural gas has say much greater sum than your year The great organization th you with natural gas has say much greater sum than your ri! Cire COLISEUM TODAY (SATURDAY) 6:30 Reserved Seats on Sale Starting Today at the Following Places: TEXAS HOTEL FAKE'S FURNITURE STORE CIRCUS HEADQUARTERS 80412 HOUSTON ST 2 tfP1 cAoit 11 USE LESS than of higher priced brands Satisfaction Guaranteed MILLIONS OF POUNDS BOUGHT BY THE GOVERNMENT I i' IL sv 1 in cire i COLISEUM TODAY (SATURDAY) 6:30 USE LESS than of higher priced brands Reserved Seats on Sale Starting Today at the VC Satisfaction Guaranteed 1 Following Places: MILLIONS OF POUNDS BOUGHT BY THE GOVERNMENT TEXAS HOTEL FAKE'S FURNITURE STORE s' 0- een --ot 4 to eA vg- CIRCUS HEADQUARTERS 80412 HOUSTON SI 04 IP II LOI DA La A '761 Et AS 9v)t I 411 4pitoa Hit

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