The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on January 22, 1938 · Page 11
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The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 22, 1938
Page 11
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PAGE ELEVEN THEATERS AMUSEMENTS NIGHT CLUBS THE MORNING HERALD, UNIONTOWN. PA. Behind die Seen "The Hurricane" Plays State Next Week IFHOLLYILIOO By HARRISON CARROLL HOLLYWOOD In "Mad About Music," Deamia Durliin Ib a student COLLEGE DRAMA CHOSEN TO HEAD a Swiss school. Sne gets in a fight with another girl anil Is ordered to write 1UU times on a black board: OF SOOTH SEAS DOUBLE FEATURE "Young ladies must not :iake'othe.- young ladies eat yhotogranhs." This week, Director Norman Taurcg is shooting the scene. For tho camera, Deanna onlv has to complete the sentence once. But the rest of the blackboard will show lu the scene, and must be covered with writing. The movies are clover at tricks, but they can't Imitate a star's penmanship well enough to fool the camera. So, while the company stands around and waits. Deanna has to -.vrlte the sentence over and over again until Appearing On Local Screens Dorothy Ha All American Sweetheart' Plays Monday and Tuesday at Penn. Lamour A nd 1 Heads Great Cast. sho reaches the point where the camera will pick her up at nor job. There Is one difference. Daaana Durbia Before the take begins, she purses her Hps slightly as the chall: across the blaekhoard. It. is a natural touch, she inaneuv but detracts a little from her beauty. Bo, when the camera turns, she carefully keeps hei Hps straight. After a couple ol false starts, Director Taurog okays the scene. Then Deanna leaves the schoolioom set and goes over to her dressing room to do some real studying rnder tho studio teacher, lira. West. Had a call today from Betty Healy. She is stung by tha whispers that her attempts to press the investigation of Ted's death were inspired by de- Teeming with the thrill and excite-mumt of modern day college llfo with Us colorful scholastic competition, comely co-eds and husky heroes holds sway at the Penn Theater Monday with .the opening of Columbia's hit campus offer, "All American Sweetheart," featuring Scott Colton and Patricia Farr. The romantic hit Is paired with 'Ladles of the Big House" to make jp the double bill. Hitting the timely college theme from a new angle, Columbia glorifies the racing crew athletic, who each year pulls his oars ' towards the Poughkeepsie finals. This one Is slro for personal publicity. It is true, she declares, that the Is rehearsing an act to go back into night club life but 3be will never use the name of Healy again. . . Choosiu;; rather to seek a break under her mother's name meaty in plot, peppy aud refreshing Grace Sinclair. At no time, she insists, will Bhe attempt to capitalize oil the tragedy or on the fact that she was Ted's wife. Velcz appeared a, tbe races and at the fights "with Jon Hall, and she and Volssmuller have an agreement more or less to lead tholr own lives. But Lupe and Johnny attended a movie together the other night. "I hate golf, 1 hale tennis and Johnny !ovcs them," Lupe tells me. "So he ran do those things and I can do the things 1 like Ye are rot children any more and we arc not going to arue about-a little thing like somebody else taking me and turns the spotlight on a comparative untouched sport. Colton and Miss Farr present a most pleasing team combination in this type picture, both turning in ex the Hurricane," comes lo lh Stale Theatre for four days on Monday with Dorothy Lamour and Jon Hall heading a great cast which Includes Mary Astor, C. Aubrey Smith, Thoniaa .Mitchell, itaymond Massey, John Carriidine and Jerome Cowan. "Tho Hurrlcuno," with Its tender romance, Its powerful drama, Its pie-luresquo setting and Its amazing spectacle climax, Is a story ready-cut lo the screen's most heroic measure. On (he low island of Manukura, GOO miles mm Tahiti, two native sweethearts, Terungl and Maiuma are wed. Tholr brief happiness Is shattered when Terangl, returning to Tahiti on the trading schooner of which he is first mate, Is imprisoned for striking a white man who insults him. Arier live years or unsuccessful attempts, the boy escapes rrom Tahiti and makes his way to his native Island. Because of the Implacable of duty of the French Administrator, however, he Is Torced lo hido on a neighboring IkIuikI. The search for him Is al. his height when a great liunicano begins lo blow up. Unmindful of ills own safety, the yotilh goes to Manukura to warn tho Inhabitant. In the fury Hint follows, he plays a heroic pari, and the hurricane Bcencs provides one of the most thrilling and powerful climaxes the screen lins ever shown. Known as the discoverer of more new stars than any other producer, Goldwyn entrusted the role of the native hero, Terangl, to a Hollywood Betty Ileal cellent, refreshing and convincing performances. The direction by Lambert Hillyer Is enthusiastic, envelops to a night club. ' Weissniuller may accompany her to Mejt-o City, declared the peppery star, but M. G. M. has jurl given him a new three-year contract, and that may keep him In Hollywood. a generous portion of college spirit mil Is keyed to the exciting tempo jf modern college and university life, flie picture reaches a thrilling climax Witnesses claim the light staged oy stern unna anu uocnciie iiuu In "Gypsy" wi .vhen Colton fights a bunch of racket- out rough-and-tumble anything else of the sort Hollywood has offered. Anyway, Rochelle, giving away 14 pounds. Ii;.3 been In bed three day recovering from 'he shork. nnth girls were so overwrought al the finish that they broke ers single handed, just before one of the principal races on tbe schedule. iTI jilv pjpjjjjJj lie romantic love Interest Is handled delightfully by Colton and Miss Farr. Highlighting the comedy elements the picture are tbe varied laugh-evoklug activities of Joe Twerp. :nla tears. Bet;; are being made that .loan Fontaine .jand Conrad N'ar.el will make a trip to thr altar as soon as shij .iiuislies I lie picture, "Certified". Th? pair met at a radio broad cast and, according to Intimates, are so much in love. Joan is Olivia de Havllland's kid sister, but won't let the studio give out publicity trading on the relationship. as second hit of the nis latest film "The Old Corra two day run double bill. Still another highlight is a peppy musical Interlude handled by such specialty performers as Deane Jiinls, Louis DaProu and the Four Bsqulres. AT THE PENN: Upper left Is the delightful Col-lege life drama "All American Sweetheart" featuring two newcomen, Scott Colton and the lovely Patricia Farr with another member of their feature cast. Jon Hall. JIumlBon When Denny Daker flaw cast recently, It was his uucsianaing portrayals are contri AT THE STATE: Lower right Is the famous izatlon of the famous story "The Hurricane" features Jon Hall and Dorothy Lamour. Thli picture has been scheduled for a four day run. ;trl Dun '"Kl airplane rule and ne undertook it oniy oecausc buted by Jimmy Eagles, Arthur LoN. Gene Morgan. Eddie Fetherston. Vernon Dent. Donald Briggs. Ruth 3 J II- possessed of a magnificent physique, Hall will undoubtedly be lifted'lo stellar ralliig by this performance. Lovfr ly Dorothy Lamour appears opposite him as the native heroine Mnrams. the Jcsscl radio program made him linger here uutil tbe las minute. The pay off -was that the plane developed trouble in one motor and. had to re,turn to ihe'niort.. .The CMieJiati, m little;green around the Hard, Bud Jamison, Frank Wilson and others In the cast, in addition to the featured players. make It seeui that this United Artists lilt has something to do with Anthony and ( a or ac):r.rth!n; n! iikf GUfflDL BILLS EXCELLENT CARD gills, Look off In another plaiu and It was grounded in Dallas iiy had weather. Baker Is returning from his personal appeaiancc tour by train. Anita Louise says her mother will fight the forraei Mrs. Wh'tehcad's suit through as many courts as as necessary. . . . Monica Bannister ins taiie.i her marital troubles to an attorney. . . . Gene Raymond's horse, "Black Knight, placed .second in the high juun'.s at the Riviera. Tbe other day he was third In the Hunter's trials. . . . Marlene Dlalrich lunches with the of Warwick' at"lh'e Beverly Brown Derby. . . . Add to Hollywood whims. Dolores Del RIn bus ordered tvo dozen bl-ck and yellow butterflies for her greenhouse. . . . Ami Ralph P.yrd, the Pick Tracy of the screen, Is a first couvn of Admiral Byrd. Chorines Selected By Color of Eyes Hollywood chorines were wondering during tho filming of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's "Everybody Sing" why Dave Gould took natural color pictures of their eyes. He was making Hollywood's first color classification of chorines. The dnnce director feels that If black and white pictures call for Star's Garden Lush In Winter Flowers One of the show places of Southern California this winter will be 1 lie home or Myrna Loy aud Anbur Hoinblow where the greatest array or winler flowers gathered together i na single gnrdeu will be in bloom shortly. The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Har. now In "Test Pilot," has long hail the raising uf flowers as her hobby, and her garden of winter blooming plants now reaches somewhere In the vicinity of three hundred species. Now In the bud stage, Miss l.oy Odd Hats Banned To Please Hubby Although Hetty FurnosH is the possessor of almost a hundred hats, there's only one chapeau the Melro-Gohlwyn-Mnyer actress wears. It's a. plain black velvet creation with a dark maroon rose us Hb sole ornament. The reason Betty's particular fondness for this hat was only recently discovered when she returned from a honeymoon trip in New York. Husband Johnny Green didn't approve of Betty's famous "vegetable plate" hat as well as her uumeroim other trick creations. Her new bonnet was purchased by Johnny and Betty has agreed never to purchase a hat without his personal okey. Dolores Del Rio chorus girls with the same weight shape, height and hair coloring, then Stork's Wings Over Hollywood Zooming Antoinette Silver Slippers, Astray, coior pictures, especially muscicals should have girls with matched eyes nature, tun nothing could b,. rurthm from the Inilli. Hufflcu to say, .lean Arthur mid Charles lloyer don't, want to make history the Just want to make love! Leo Cariillo was never better in this laical Walter Wanger production and (hose who like hit type or humor (and who doesn't) will find a laugh In almost every foot of the production. Two new songs by Gene Autry, two operatic arias by Hope Manning, feminine lead, a repertoire of songs and music by Sons of the I'loneer, and an eccentric musical number by Smiley Uuinetle who plays five Instninienta at. the same lime, comprise the lyrical-melody contribution to Jtopubllc's "The Old This latest Autry musical which will show as Die second big hit al the Capilol on Monday ami TneHd.-i y. features a clash between Western deputies and a gang or Eastern gunmen with an exciting cross country bus and automobile race adding tn the general Interest. "The Old Corral," and "Old Plnlo," are the new Autry numbers. The five membeis of Sons of the Pioneers sing and Play "Silent Trials." Hope .Manning, who recently signed a. long term contract with Republic, sings i--M";ia 1m;:- burden to be tn full m ins tiles Gould can now show a chorus for every shade of eyes Into Race for Role Suddenly Pop Up mciuaing oiue, urown, gray, green and mixed shades. "History Is Made Al Night" Heads Double Feature Here For Two Days. Climaxing his long list of scieen successes and rated as one of the finest productions of the year, Walter Wanger's "History Is Mado at Midnight" will have Its first TTnlon-town showing at the Capitol on Monday and Tuesday an the first hit ou an exceptionally fine double bill. Featuring Jean Arthur, tho girl who took Mr. Deeds to town; Charles Boyer, one of the screen's finest bloom by the end of the month. In addition to her garden, her pride Is a large library consisting of books on gardening und on flowers. She has Just received several new volumes to add to this collection. coma says that his brown-eyed The story of Cinderella and her glass slipper had its counterpart on the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer .lot when me contains the most beautiful girls Stewart to Play Ship to Shore Odd Studio Interview Accordion in Film ulc songs from her repertoire of leal numbers lu which she has work began on Norma Shearer's new starring production, "Marie Antion ette." One month ago a pair of silvei Uppers exactly like those worn by the French Queen rfere ordered especially mado train New York. " been featured thht psearthrshnllhhh been featured the past three years. i-ur cue nrst lime in bis screen career, James Stewart will play an character adorn, and with Leo Cu rillo adding his sparkling humor "Hi tory Is Made at Night"' proves Weeks passed, and the slippers nccoraion m Metro-Goldwyn-Mnyer's "Madelon." starring Wallace Beery. hnnley Burnette manages lo get yl lira and melody simultaneously Jin an accordion, a xylophone, har-Mlca, tambourine and castoneis. sparkling adventure in entertainment failed to arrive. Came. time for the picture to start, and the slippers were still missing. He learned to play this instrument while attending Princeton. land. The word "lilstoiy" lu tho title All of the stores in the city were Thirty-one prospective mothers are seeking the role or the newborn Louis Charles, Dauphin of France, for their unborn youngsters in "Marie Antoinette." The mother of the baby, which must be only a few days old when it appears in a scene of the picture, will be selected several weeks before the birth of her child. . International competition is on for the honor. While a maporit.y of the offers come from local mothers, others have been received from Quebec, Canada; New-York, Chicago, Youngstown, 0., Pheo-hlx. Aril., and Seattle, Wash. W. S. Van Dyke 11, who Is directing Norma Shearer and Tyrone Power in the M-G-M picture, will be able to film the scene at his convenience, since the birth dates listed rango from January 29 to March 5. The lady from Quebec insists that the baby, for historical authenticity, should be French, and sent along a genealogy dating back to the days of the Huguenots. Karl Preund has his strangest Interview today on the "Madelon" set at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The scene took place at the quay and so Cam-erainirn Freund had to line up his lights while sitting In a small boat in the harbor. He was interviewed between scenes and the questions and answers were shouted through a megaphone. His private life Is no longer private, for more than 500 extras were listening in on the conversation. Stars' Homes Tour, Actor's First Wish Peter Bull. English aclor, who will create the role of Gamin in "Marie i - LAST TIMES TODAY - "HOLLYWOOD HOTEL" WITH DICK POWELL ROSEM-UiY LANE HUGH HERBERT AM) BIG CAST STARTS MONDAY Antoinette," starring Norma Shearer, spent his first day in Hollywood after arriving from London, on a tour ot the movie star homes. 3MEJ combed for shoes that would serve the purpose but none was available. Finally, the prop department, which In accordance with the Hollywood method keeps a file of all sources of needed properties, began telephoning down its list of museums aud private collectors. At last, a private collector was found whose specialty was of shoe collection, and he gladly agreed to co-operate. A 'messenger was dispatched Immediately to procure the needed authentic shoes. . Arriving at the studio, they were adorned with jeweled buckles copied from, an original pair in a collection In Fra nee: At nine o'clock they were assembled, ready and reported for w ork. Incidentally, just like Cinderella's slipper, they fitted to perfection. Then, all of a sudden, in came a messenger with the missing pair, just arrived from New York and just in time for use in the production's first scene. SOUTH SEA ADVENTURE CALLS LAST TIMES TODAY HONOLULU VACATION Frank Borzage. director of "Manna quln," leaves soon for Honolulu aboanl the China Clipper. f lMighty Feature tJPRODUCTIONS Bin -mmm wvrmtHV REPUBLIC LAST TIMES TODAY "Four thrilling stars in a laugh crammed drama resounding with song! JOHN BOLES JACK OAKIE Ida Lupino Margot Graham IN FIGHT FOR YOUR LADY' News Musical LAST CHAPTER 'DICK TRACY' ROOSEVELT: THEATRE! .lh Dorolhy l.mour, J Hall, Hull A.lor. ' C Aubrey Smith, Ihomol Mikhail. Raymond Maiiar.aery byKoro-SaS and Hall, aulhan li 'Miillaaali laaMy'-Dinclatl hyjohr, Tt:i (H; America's Angry Answer to Gangland's Ruthless Challengel "ALCATRAZ ISLAND" The Thrill of Your Lifetime! PLUS PETER B. KYNE'S "WESTBOUND MAIL" With Charles Starrelt ALSO CHARLEY MCCARTHY LAST TIMES TODAY CECILIA PARKER KaVMHS MICKEY P.OONEY WJjLM" t.t.', Last Showing Today Robert Youno and James Stewart "NAVY BLUE AND GOLD" SUNDAY & MONDAY Champ Chocolate Bar Is Fan's Gift Cecelia Parker's family is glad she In on a diet. The reason is that the MetroGoldwyn-Mnyer aclieen received a five-pound chocolate bar direct from Switzerland, from a fan who baa corresponded with her for years. MON. k TUES. SUN. MON. TUES. TYRONE POWER LORETT'A YOUNG (Jn their perfect picture together) "Second Honeymoon" With Stuart Erwln Claire Trevor Marjorie Weaver Lyle Talbot J. Edward Bromberg ALSO PHIL HARRIS' ORCHESTRA in 'HARRIS IN THE SPRING' Sport Rtel Color Cartoon "SWING IT PROFESSOR" .HIT NO. 2 Richard Arlen and Faye Wray "MUDER IN GREENWICH VILLAGE" Tint tlnlontown Sliowinff JEAN CHAtTI3 ARTHUR BOYER In TJnltfl Artists- Hit "HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT lut Gene Autry In "Old Corral" MAC'S BAR-B-Q WINES-LIQUORS-BEER HOME BUILDING M,elvyn Douglas Is tho latest recruit to the Hollywood homo buildors. Between scenes of "Arsenc Lupin He-turna': at tho Mctro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios, tho actor Is going over bluo-prints and landscaping plans for a home to ho constructed In the Outpost. Ratatos In the mountains back f Hollywood.. . Cm

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