Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 4, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1916
Page 2
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TWO, 1 ASK STATE AID N*wterr Will A*k For A*d On Kirk ; Bridnf. i S:>| ' \. N" T.!»:.«»•''. !>• '•'! 3 iv,'" •• Vi: ', .. ,•;, fhi- N,•«!,.•:> 'iV^ -'M:i| HfWhW.i • '/.t!;!T!K'«;..nt , -' ',<-' w ••!,; ,ir,'* s* '-',.1 "THE Y."Y.Y. CLUB MET En<er**tn»dl Fntfsy Aft*rf>ean/8y Mis* Gladyt Rarirfon, j (tntlv t\ r»> V. V. V '.('till with u«'r«M< M.. i >.. .-HI.! ''fairs - BIRTHS A |{o.«« v «.sn w:j« t>..rrr l-Yi- .mniriK to Air nn<t .\ft« lYril txsv, \\iio ifjiiili' near l p 'i-ii!t>ti. . VISIT SUPt". PRICE. W. I* Millar i.f \jft- i-otinty and vi«ltf'd last »i—k with II I! f'r Whltp>--|ili> i-otinlv's «ii|t*-rfnti'iidi-nt » G f"P4°1"1 tl Of Q 1 Cd/lH^O To Our Many Friends w *M at our OUR FALLLINE-UP The strongest we've ever presented.' The very best materials, splendidly tai- »re<t Into the very latest styles makeg an ex- oeptional showing of suits and overcoats for and young men. And as always—very moderately priced. ii»ol*.|n this vii jnity ilfirinir tfi'ir y In this cltv. MORRISON BRIEFS visitor |n»st th«* ULLIVAN IRRISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1916 —t—> eiTYj)OUNCIL ~~ft"STiiorr "Swslorf On Evening* t' petition Kilned t»y .1. If. ' Deo, 9tli lull. the Hlkkrrna Hhop In I-til- usrnr \Vi»od» was a !niHi ln_Fiilt»_in Mntiirdny. Kifttttit -lit • Iloynoidn rHnrni-d to ton Hatnrday iift«'r Hpfitdtiur tho fr-w diiyn nt lh«' homo of his itat Mr. and Mrs. W. 1'. Hi-ynoldn, of city, Howard Miller lm« nrrivi-d from ton. Man.«,, where hi* han h«»cii fo 1,'UHtmivi'fii! ..L.t.p.of»!)i!j f ....and Is n-lutlVLH in.thiM vicinity. Mrs. II. W. Hoyd sin-nc Saturday with frli'iidH In Clinton. !•', M. Whltcrnorc returned Saturday from Cortlund where he had lie«-n \is- itliiK nt th<» hotin- of htfi dauKlitcr foi tlio |iaRt It-w tiayK. •• Henry llwith. of Ih-ndrlrk.t, Minn. IH vlNllln,.t rplatlvcn In thin vicinity. Mn«, Karl nil^lli- vlnltt-d filt-mlH In Hajiinlaj:, __ _ •__ fl-. K. M'HJlar and Mr«. T. W. king rfturnwl 10 ihcir ho mi- In "re•4011. Ill, afti-r n vixlt of tin* rast -ft-w davn at the I*. H.'Sjlcdlar home, Kupt. V. X, Tag«ett went to Htciilns on huslnCHM 8«t«rd«y. I,ct» Kramer n'tnrnnd .to Otttimwa. la,, Katnrdav after vli'Uiiis tnr'the HUM fpw day* at tin* humc of his i««rentH. Mr, and Mrn. Frank Kramer. Forest Lyon n|>ent the week r-nd with friends at Mlllcdapvlllc. Mix* Ruth Shirk, who ha» hw«n em- ploytHl for the past *eaxon in a millinery wttabllnhment »t Alma, Midi,, IHIK "ornplctfd tho M»iwon'» work and after Christmas Opening, Saturday , December 9th We have prepared for_our customers timely ChriBtmas~Tu|rgostioiis in that attractive-wearing apparel so dear to the hearts of the fair sex. Make our little shop your headquarters while doin$ your Christmas -shopping in Sterling. We have made every effort possible for your connort. ' * Saturday, December 9th, from 2:00 p. m. to 5:00 p.m. We will he pleased to present earn ations to the ladies. SHK9* / — x Owii/g J)o delays in remodeling we regret that we will be unable to welcome our Inends to our new location until Saturday, Dec. 9, G. E. Abbott Go. X»>\v location 7 Third St., S from Woolworth';. ."j ISiiys' State-'Fair- I^ Hammer »nd Arthur Jnttifx. | 3 IK).».<MI. "Mmlcrn I'iiitM'crs"- A, W, i Ni.lati. « MORE AUCTION SALES Matt C. ThomptCH. fl< tmt^TtV^Hil nitrt :<! ..f ,M<in i.ti k"«, clerk. , • jbrlnr-lmr tw«>nly-finir Jbhn F. Sliuler. i POM fjiirly w<-ji. All farm innr-hinery irn F. Shuler Intend* to rjtiit farm- ', si.Ui .it j,-'""! prici-.*', and thr> nato foot* aj.ijl._wiU_^idllJlIl_i!lLlll^!itwk_timJ..i.ed f'i ov«r tiv<> Uii>iiM;util dollar*. ' ^ 1 nunititM'rv vii tin- Warren l*»wws farm, i & Crnrn w«-re auctioneer* and they nat« fJJbo city council-a< the till sklntf that the eon und oiwn th«' -Ktrt'ftB on and iKMith sddiH of blm'k ."•'» J»onV addition hy exti-i , to the south line »f Hotith street und tiy extending Month tho went line of Hall street Tha matter wan refetred to M committee with Instructions and report ut the next ELECT OFFICERS • Henderson Camp Meett And Chootei New Officer*. ; " Tho. Modern Woodman-of thl8 city held their regular meeting and of ofllct-rn at the Woodman hall on Friday ovpti.lnfc. The o(IU*r* wrre for the coming ypar'fts follows: petition slirnt'd by K. r. ndoll end ittl«r«, nuking th«» t'lty to wter an light iiluoiKl on Murilp S0« rri't i'a«.t nt iiuriUiml avt-* a««l Krnnttul hy iho » t financial standing read nt thl« WAD ax follows: Mid at Iu*t report ,.,j {132,04 JVed »lnc« 5.275.8S out $8.207.72 ,,.16.099.07 HELD MEETING 108.65 Of WhlU«!de County Met In Morrison, mm ting of the mastf r huraw tcslde county WHS held _ Yt&gvr shop In thin city last ;Wlth tw«nty-oi»e present. Mater- 'loda and other matter* of im- wero discussed. It. was <10- ftlfltt (Uthoiigh the prlc^s'for shoe- In nearby towns on no- it of the raUui In com of materials. Io«« would remain the tamo in >t th« present, 88, ItlS,, «. IBW was fttiwd a license from 'all horw ,i but since that time there are "have neglected to take out a Fast CoUivcll— <'. N. \c»nnrnblc Count II— Churlm l-'ryp. Advisor — William RIcJiardH. c|«»rk— ( ', R, l^anffdon. Banker— Carl CurtlH, Rsoort— Kltsha Hull, Sentry— J. V. Trustee— fiklKar Knnx. After tJio , homo, of her «l*tcr, Mr«, Fred 'Von IV'in, In ChUnKH. nrrivfd homo Sutur- •Itt>' for a visit', it the home of her j»«r- piils, Mr. and Airs W. It Shirk? Mm, Jacob Hmaltt WPIH tp Stfrling Saturday tor a vlnit with her »on, Roy. who IM r*icoveting, froni an operation at the hospital. , . Jacob Wohrike. of Dfxon. sprnt Friday and Saturday at the homo of hlt> brother, F, O, Wohnl.c. In thlst city. Mr. and Mrs. H*n E*du>mnn, of Hter« ling, vl*ltPd Kiiturday and Sunday at the William Ouwi'll home. \v*,.rt. Hlthit went to Chicago ^riday for a *hort .visit at the homo of hl.n daiiKhter, Mr*. Fr*»d Von Poln. Mi«»i lifillfl'Hhur, of KlPanof 111., '!*< tifr 8:00. "The 1'illar* of Country Ufi-"—Mohn I/. Tlii»mi>«'ni farni .Thursday, 1 h-c. A, W, Niihill. . «<r_ ' -(7 a lul of stock, Incliiilinj, nine h«-uil of •HouiehoW-^clence Club Prooram. llutw*. twciny-flv head of eattl<>. e.own; ^, M^etlri'jM and demunMtratloViH In Y. ifnill.H, He., mid thirty-il\'e »T \ ^ lmj , At. t'. A. lititldinc. All « J x)ii8iitM iniiHtjihoatH lifwldew i" ( "! liiishi-ls of luin in ' i,,,,,, h«- entered l»y 1* oN-lock, \V«-dniwiny, I the crib, f'lydeil'tirtift, am i tloni-«-r anil l)''c. 13. Harry \Vood, clfrk. Wednesday, Dec. 13. • . Forenoon. Ail * xhtl>ijM n»u'«t Ed. J. Meyer*. in ^iiiit far'niln) ..i. sjouthwest nf Htf-rllriK- and ; f.»ur n>il<M south of Apnew on Thitrs-! John W. Armitrong. day. Dec. 14. Hi^le to ptnrt'immediate-| A Kooil jjJxcd crowd was nut fo. tho |y iifu-r a fti'<" lunch' at U'o'«-li« H k. ThelJtj'hn Armstrong salt' Sn'tunlay at thtt Inctudt-x in ^r-ad of hi'ir*cft. 30) \V*-!Is' farm, «.nf> rnllc ennf of MorrI* of cattle, Ineludlntr milch o.iwk; c-nt. It was a t>iirtn»rxhl|i « > loamned ami lifers, 10 CheHter Mr'hltej >.-il«» and everything Hold well. ' COWH nus;-i, F«,rd toiiiin*, car. and fann IIKI-j I,i»H^I,t ninety dollarM and corn In tho y "f all'kihdM.. Art' Fletcher. H."«'rili W.LH u ready neller at ninety centrt M»'y«'i'H will offer for :t I h. HarrinKti)ii rind A. !„. «'«.<«. KnterlitK l»e entered at tln> hljth nchool liiiii.llnir. |auction oii'ttie C, 1", Htiirtevant farm,; where they will he dlH|>!ayod. !dne mile i»ant of lienrnck und "inht | Afternoon. niilen x'mitti of Morriw..n, Tue.>!iia,\. I 1;30. t'rayer—UfV. W. I.. Coilin. I-'. JO head of horxe.H. ail MUM!- 01 E....Van FifcttL \MZ .-licuil oLcattk'.- many. .uf iht.ui. are i High School, | frt'Mh COW.M and -15 head of M< c-j H, -L'l ; C«4v/s Are Brinoino Record Price* This ! « report. (head of thorotiKhhred iHiroc .lefney' In the Home" A. T. S-"ov- ! li"KM, hay. L'.f.od IniMhel-* .if t -.«in ami, f\ .1. lluw,e, JivtiiK nix inllcx south of i •JKei-d <i>rn and all kintjs of farm ma-' fhaiiwlcki" had t>ne of the hint saleM ",'Jnenpjile Fluff—jchinery. S»le titiirt.- nt lu r>vi.« k, with i i-f the' seanon la.M Friday, ("owrt eers atid .M. K. Wilder. Clerk. TWO GOOD SALES B Brinoino Record Pi 'Fall At All Sales. ii- \ a _lni.«he|. Art Metdser. W.-IN auct!one«C jau'd rhuis itenke« wn« rlprk. ill. Roman Sandal. sandal worn by tho nnctenf imcl, "Honnrnsrcotjsigtwi," ht ~th8 ~ main, of n wlo Jtept In phico by thongil that passed over the. foot und fastened i tl»» ntikle. The snmhil was not a Mrw. John Ww^ner. a nodal hour was i-n Joyed nnd an oyster si:p- was n goo«l. nttcn- th«» Of are still conducting that thia ns«oi take (he inattcr up und FREE EXHIBITION Will Be GiVen By C. A N. W. Wisconsin Prod note. The Chicago & North Wcatern ha« arranged for a special train which will [ass through thla district and make stfverat stopa, Hliowlng u free «xhltil« tton'of WIsconMin products. It will exhibit many Interesting and varied agricultural products grown on farmiT In Wl*eonnln, Stereoptlcon picture* of actual farm ucene« will b* shown »up- iilemented with lecture* by the C!om- minjiloner of AgrlcuUure,« Director of Immigration and prominent agriculur- al reprt'gentutlvea ot the f. &. N*. W. line. Tho train will arrive in Morrison,, on Wednesday, I>?c, .13, nt JO-10 a. m.. und the exhibition will b« free to all. THE HO$¥COMPANY Holdi Social Meeting In Honor Of A. ' - D. Stpne, The members t>f the Juckson ' UOBP t'omi.any held u *oc.lnl meeting; at their irToTuTH iciauyoH in city. ClHim HenkeH returned Suturdny mornliiK from «'hlcngo where he had been on a- uhort busIneKti trip. Harry Kaun*man> of Ktorllng, wnw n huflliienH vlHitor In'lhlB city Katurday. Mm. I-'red WilUams and MiKs Kllen WilllamM Bpen't Satunlay with friend* in Sterling. • 1 Wins. Ida Hefller wont to Sterling Saturday for a «hort visit, PROBATE COURT RECORDS Connervutpr Nathaniel Dael. Con- twivutor'B'bond tiled arid approved, rotate HuNti S, Wolf. ilet|>aw»d. Affidavit of posting notli*e« lo creditor* Fruit- Salad - >i Mrs. ".1,1 Thur«d«y, Dec. 14. • ' , For«npon. 10:00. 1'ray^r— R«y. ii C.^ Harris. Vocal' Soto-rMritt A.fl-?, Pamt(»nt«ir. , Cooking Dt<mon«tmtlwn— Mrx. II. IT, JteMurnty, , „ t ,< , • . \ Afternoon.* ;" 1:30, Vocal Sol(>~Alr«, Emma Drown. Mimic — Sterling Hlnti Si-lim.l __ ___ in the inodfirii .tho word. 'free lunch nt noon. Art Kleicher und i as .hijjh a« one'hundrt'd d»llnrK. Li rood ' The real shoe is much later tlmn tnfl Merl«» I'ady. aucrione.<rn.' ami . riami; HOW< u-er,. ea?.-v K>-iii. r n. the highest oh,.' Creek ami Komnn tlmo. ' * » , and approvinJ, William ParkerX dnc«i»«»d Final report Hind and «ti|ihw.«l and di«char«e ordered »iH)n |<ayme»t of COBtB. Kutato Honry M. l)etw.*JI«>r. doceawrt. Claim iillowed, Knimn UcFpyre. , Kntato Albert H, Alt'lnn, dwe«Bt'tl. Bond fixed at )2U,U(>0, 1 1 led and ui>- proved. , Estate Wllhi-lm HlnrlchH, t deceased. K^nunclution by widow filed] Kutate Kinina U. Oallhuith, Bond ftxod at |1,000, Hied and John H. Nulllgnti, i-thtlt law waw enforited. rooms in the cjiv hull .m Friday .-woe* only ten master black- nln« in -honor of A. IX Stone. The 4*'J!j* «°f m y wn<> w «, r * t ""'L mumbers of jhe city counc-il wore jSl tl»l» fathering, but She fol'-'I invitetl In after their »e»mlon «i»i»d it jol-| |OAVn8 w#re repreaenttHl: Bter»l|y .social evening \vni> enioyi«li followed I • Bstate VWto, Ifemnrt Orove, 1'ro-jj.j-, rorreuhmentii and « smoker. fip-llnal report Will (ucsented and iietition to prohate ' ' iteurlng set for December 23, <?hrl«tnm Stleber, fluar- O, ,Me|H»e, ilci'eased. In JJemonstratlon- ilrn, J, 11, Me. Murray. Dwnxtratton, Cola ' I'ack CaiinlnK McthiHl--Mr8. Frank Itnndall and ,Mrn. J, If. Kiske, -Mu«lc~~l->nton Houaehtild tfrfeneio Club. ,^,, • —--• Friday, Deo. J8. 10:00. I'rayer— Uev. A,' W. Oil*. .Music— Lyodon Household Sc4«nc<« Club. . , - - . D«>monHtratlon-~Mm. J. H. MeMur- rajv . ...... Afternoon. 1;30. Vocal Kolo^-MiH^ Until f'au»rhoy. .Mu»i( — SterllnK 'Hl«h School, OwkliiK I>emonstratlon— Mrw. J. jj. Mr Murray, ViK-ul Halo*~MrH, C. r.Jtaymoud. Mu*Ic, Cello, Viulln an«T 1'Jfliio— Mr». Evelyn Marah and dauKhtern J-Jvelyn and Ktht-l. Officers. Tho Farmers' lm».tltut» officer* are: I'rvttident — C'has. L. 1'qnHurm'r, I'ro- Nothing is more useful as "a Xmas gift than- a.nice pair of shoes or a warm pair of house slippers.; Qur lines |. are complete this 'year as always, and we trust you will find an untold abundance of new and distinctive styles in the season's latest v ^- 9 footwear. Our p r i c e s in ^ house slippers remain the same as always because we bought before the shoe market started sailing skyward. Let us shqw you what real'shoe, store service is. Vie* Hrewident- J. I* I'eugh, Coleta. Tr«'aHUrer~li, F. Hoover, Lyndon. 8em«tary— H. H. Price. Morrtwm. The Household Hclencw Club officers are: __ t'r«MM<*nt— Mr*. OrreiTHonl, Morrison, " Secretary— Mr«. J, I,; iviitth, on Agricultural All uuiwar In , Como, v Q»r<Jeni>ittlh, 4*ta. Lyndon, Al- Thomsoit. irtpetlnis will be held on it la Qp for luu&Jly ruliof for bumiug «j)d ainflgurod by r om, or iiaiilar tbruiftat- Mr, Htaiic ha» been an active tnem-' her of'' the hone company fur years und for lh*» jmut four yearn Herv*d as 1'irn Mwrnlml. He will leave thitt'week for Hhvldon. III., with hi« f«tiiity, wUert; he has- imrrhanei;! a a with his deoetUMHl, IN NEWROOMS . North. Sidt Pupil* Move To New Addition Today, The uitdlUuii to the north gld«<<iichool * ha.« been complt«tc<d and the Stubborn ih& feroujfla 1», duw |o «om» dlwrdw.' jowver hcultato to uw r0»i- l| i» A doctor'u prcucriptiofi that • in tho treattucut o! »kiu ,. It «aatftina absolutely eawlJt tajuws tbo , er^Jruggul tdl» re«inoj •ad to und inipils m<ned their hooka. from the MHIHi Hide' hiiildiiii; to the north sidti und started work t-here this morning. The dentil* wtjre imived" from th« south aide Friday ami i»aun<i<ty and the grades uiul high Kchool clit»t$eii at the south hide have been rearranged pt-r- ni.nifuHj. 't'l>» uncetwHy of J lecitatioim in the halU ami i IHMH !H now done away with-and Ihr pupils will now be able (i> aettle down to Wiu-k in carnctit.. *_ WIN FIRST GAME All Stars Win From Charlotte Colts By 8so>« Of 41 To 15. 'ourt and cause- heard «nd Hntatf I'adeliu Smith, Hearing on claims «et for Inf. *o,i i Kstate Peter ,<>'Hure, deceased. I|ear« lt\K on all claims wet for IVc. 16, 1UIC Estate. Henry M, Uetweller, deceased. »'lalm allowed Kmma ix'Kevre, |3.P4'». KstiilA \VIllHlin Iliiiriehw. -deceased, •i.iiul Dxi-a ut Jli.oou, tiled und up* iirovcd. «. . A GREAT PROGRAM irontiimcd from Pane One) J. 1*. I'eugh. Coleta: Frunk Hutulull, Sterling. Committee on Household Exhibit— M|«. Franr Randall, Sterling;' Mrs.* J. I* 1'eugh, Cok'ta. Kntries fur exhlblta are confined to r«s!d«nts of WhltesUlo county but the displays and exercises am open to everybody, no matter where they reside, and a large nttendiiiuv Is Ki'eally d>-- slnul. Motit of the KpeateerH aro )»w«" SMJU* c-f jfreat prominence In their lines. t:iM Monism AH II.M)! |)la>t'd their itnc in thiy iity mi i-nin,;, \Miiiklnw troin tlu> l.» , Culls wiih u si-ore of 41 to K> At tlii- t-iut of the IH'sl hull KtutHt ii- t-iut o * to t» i ii) favor wf the lo- i'al». The t.pi>t>jiw»l» uiitilc up a tiMUj but wiuo p(»nr o« • tui^kcis and «ew tumble to «ico|niMW» much Uoya, - K. '1 % . Austin. Sum* 1 ThliiKM IH-tns Done Ftir the Hoy* H. H. J'rU-t'. " Thurwiny, Dee. 14, U- 10. Com t'luw.s J. 11. Mtu'lin. 10-11. "InHcct Kiu-iuU's of Con"— W, 1', Flint. .- L ' 11-12, "Soil"- Frank 1. Mann, '• l:Sw-2:'SO. "The Richard und t)U»t i r Fruit"- W, 1'. Flint. "— -UUJU -A --- JS. . 3:10--latu. "Soil"— Frank V I, Munn, iu't-tiiii;. -^ Evening. Full* FINE FOR RHEUMATISM! Z^oosens Up Those Stiff Joints—Drives Out Pain , l|PIH|riPPHPmHMF ^BB^M^Pw|P'^W^^«»^W^^» fll^^^B^ ™ w ^ff^liir^PPBf wHf ^pp, Dec 2 .<—-.. Dec. 9 You'!! know «!u tthiUiands i^c M»s« trrolo once ytHt cxi>cricacc the glad re- livf it gives. (n't a jar at nmv (<om tlic nearest ilr»g store. It is u ckvu^ vvliitc oiutiucnt, made with iht uil of QtuMarU. Jlcttcr than a mus.ttinl ufastcr and ilot-ji not MiVtcr, Hrinps ea-c ami c-'tnfuit \\liilv it is ticnig" rubbed «inj, ' ^ ami nfck, asthiini, neuralgia, . lumbago, j>aias a luck <r Schools. \-t>>4- - M?sy J, H.'McMurm.j t»c i!u->t <it S.IH.I, AtUIr Friday, Dec, 15. li-l<», Ctu-ii «'|,I».M' J. H Miiitiii. • ly.t! "Tin- J»4-i vice uf S\ lence' 1 —A. oi juis arc cr>»ui», stiti , rlicu- i of the l feet, e«*l<ls of i>rpvcnt"» jsucuni"'vb> Buy Electrical Gifts THIS CHRISTMAS ^. They are more acceptable VACUUM CLEANEES, WASHING MACHINES, LAMPS (floor and table), IRONS, TOASTERS, PERCOLATORS, CURLING IRONS, SHAVING MIRRORS, RANGES (toy). HE4T- \V. Kolen. II -I-', "l>s»iril«is" 1:30-3 3tf, t'rortta In VV. 11. \V. B. Nevt-n». t>. Hvoort ot Dvlcgutcs tu Uw * ANY OF THEM WILI, BE ^A special Discount of five per tent (5^) will be allowed from our regular resale prices on all electrical merchandise and house wiring sold during Electrical Week, ending December 0th. Illinois Northern Utilities Company

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