Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 2, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1916
Page 8
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STERLING SATURDAY, 0EC. 2. 1 AMUSEMENTS. ™~ — - - - - g ^ HHHjHHBHHHIHHjlH|^^^^I^HI|^IHH|Bk Hou«e of Feator*« vrn. -rnnAV—>,)' r -. ^^ 1TJ *L ' n . * > J r , ?i ,if Ret- in the rfRn and the rest «f th« i-jv-nc;i! forrf' in n r«>f*,ni t>V th<»m«= r -!v"t. rrttSH't fin ><ly rirr.ingi •mfflt. AUTO RACE COST FINES. , *<•"•'• f*' * a ^pf ' S-ii.-.-en . Thanksgiving (Ifty hf-r-- with frh-tni«. Clnfenro f-lynn returned hmtii' ffV.m .1)1 V. / 7 • ' ' . ' ( *C ' r / Clifford Bruce and Dorothy Green in "The Devil at His Elbow" MONDAY Henry B< Walthall and Olga Gray in "Pillars of Society** fir-t production with Tri, f mtr!«> and urn- his greatest. Also comedy. ROCK FALLS TONIGHT ijtii'iiie y«(ttiK»' tn fttttr drjimti. «'THB BETTER MAN" A1«O Hie remedies THE WAITRESS" nnd "6EA MATES" SUNDAY ~A Blrortft 5-reel feiittil'- of ;i rte« of old California. Dthy Davenport In "A YOKf Of QOLD" 6:45-8:00 VAUDETTE TONIGHT-VAUDEVILLE Three Fine Acts 4 See the boy* try to ride the bucking bear. Alto feature film and Cub comedy. 3 shews, 6:45 to 1f:1S, U*u«l price*. Monday, Fox, "Sporting Blood." Tuesday, "Where Are My Children?". rn- feut tiring f NEWS IN BRIEF J EXTEND TIME FOR OATHS, "BELL'S" «J DANCING SCHOOL %» 4N WOODMAN HALL «> •very* Monday and Saturday^* «y*filn0 from 7:30 to 9:00. *.' itifl eocial danea from 9:00 to 12$'7 both nights. *> Privata laaaona Btll 276-R1*^ On* Sttp'thia Saturday *? - Tw« Two th'ia Monday %^7 flay Ground dli«'i'toi«. ^| r'nrty DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL. Hvtry Monday Evtnlnfl From 8 to 10 P. M. For private lewonH call M. H. KELLEY, Bell phone 430R n iir ifihT Tol'TTniVoTfr nii» Ui tfik'' the finU'CiiJ cam un'i.iT ?io ni-\v national l finni Niu. ,'!n to I lee. 31 hart tii'i'fi made In permit t)u> Hfttle- rtn-nt n( a ilespule an to the eftt'i't "f the. oath, iirrnrdtnu tu Ailj.'Oen, iJIfk- sun, wh»> returned to Sprlngtleld J^H. ti-rdiiv friitu WaflhltiKtoii. . The • JudK» u-lviic.itf that if UK- Kiiartlsin*-!! d«> tn*t tttkt> tlie ualli they will not lie i-on- siii»'f*'<l iiH'tnlmi-i of tiny nrguniz>*d militnrv tiody, and ronswquently tb* «lat«''.s Hbiin- In federal military, runda will bti deerensed. IlllnolH officials u»- Hi>rt (he oatb In the national guard of till* state IN m> worded that the men fir*" "national guardsim-n Tor ITie^ period of tlielr Ullexpired term, even thoilKh they ilo not take the new fed"rnl oath. A majority of the Illinois guardsmen have not taken the new federal oath. 'One Step this Saturday' fej'Fo* Trot this Monday' DANCING SCHOOL fr*m 7*30 to 9:00 and big danc« from 0tOO to ,.12.00 avctry Men- Saturday ' ayanings. Monday* «ra pri*o night*—Show :;<tf «w»«t«ra. >. R. BELL A SON Woodman RAILROADS ASK A RAISE. In anticipation of a favorable d«Kion in tin- HlinolH rate cafie, wlilrH 1 IH to ho heard before Fe-dural JudRt'H iKvi*nN, UtndlM and Carpenter in Chi- ICHKO next Thurmlny, lllinoiK rullrtmtlw iyeMorday ftled with tho utlllt;ieH com-, mm ^ !miMKlon their Hcheduleu .• of .pansengor 'tariffs nn « basin of 2.4 ci»ntB .a mile, which tho lnterntuto commerce foin- miNHlon hH*t held would b» a-.*'reano.n able rate." Attorney Cftmeral Lucey and uttorneyH reprenenting tho'IlllnoiH c*ommlMHlon will appear, before \ri!ti The c);iim thi-v ?i.«,(1 tho fn«f«v«t ,'ti!*^' :n,-\ VVf'ihi(-"il;i> «ftpnio'>n n f:iv«r;tf>i«- .iiij".rnn!itv came fU-otit when the two wi-!i' on \\>M Thin! *tr«-»t. »tn\ thr-y riciKlififiriniR ppf>pl«v saw. ths f»nt dtlv- iiiR :unl were ti'it awn re at th<> vitHl inHTf-st eiirh driver had in hi^ car and i .-«.mi>lnint WHS*" and they Wfr<* ^"sih invlt«'d to nppenr before Judw* Wenvi-r I hi* morning which they did nnd -IfiupbiTTjrly paid tbMr floe* while «lld have tne fn^tr-st 'fit W«*> n«»t brouRht f«ui, However, thf losfr paid Hie ten dollar,* and cu.stR a» joyfully »* •lii] the winner. , BUYS AUTOS FOR SALESMEN. 1*. K. Wynn, pr**ii1ent of the Black Ktuve i'ollfih Company, of Ster- tii»x' concluded A. dent f«Vr tht- pitf- chavt« of seven tiutof nil of the «arn*> niftk**. for the tise of the •iileftnieti of the company. It :i» lii'll^vr-d .by Mr. Wytifi tlMjf the men can «*>t abhut nnjcb f«, and conseiiuently Ret to mure towns in a day in nntn» than When buying to wait for trains. It is .t butilne^H deal nnd it l>t figured if wilj bf n (in\triK investment In the end. Arthur Hprlnger. formerly <if Hterllng. nnd the betid ftale«mnn.'wn« sent fttr to prupt'tly letter tlin jildt^i of the car*; - r MENDOTA GIRL GONE. " ..The police have been nuked to npnfrh rr>'f .IVilfii ITS lid. a '1'JTjTy Sar-idd Kirl wlw dlnnppeared from her In that rlty last Tuesday night, cording to ,the dencrlptlon furnishe<l the looil authorities by C. .1. Herket. Chief of 1'ollce at Mendntft, the girl when law! *wn was* AtTTre<l In a light wikl»t. a liluck skirt, ft dark hat, and high Ince Kboen, No trace ha« been foUlid of the girl and it Is probabl«> thnt .«he may lie found In •;th, ssi If ;tt nf!f;r!!H. l..v: I >' ' ••tf-rS .'!' Mrs. John Bohrt'ti* i* ifnpi h"r fr-cf-nt opcratiiT. Mr. ah. I Mr*. II, L. *»t«tnwn. *(p*-t!t Friday l\t-tf a.nt eat b;..>k« nt l'rf«ihytf Orders for gtftft when.* I. A. F^isi^r, of r ; hit'n(,:n. "f f »ti hr-re for Xmn« (ih ! tn hi^ a «hr>n visit n, «](»>nt the fedenil court HchedtiU 1 In oppoHltlon to the WHOLESALE GROCERY CHANGES. The Interior of th» office department of the HterlinK Whulepale Ortwery Co. Is in the handn of cafpenterH apd they are making material change* In the room. A large" portion of the north end-of-the room i« beinff ^hOt off by Itnel'f for the use of Manager _Whlff*n and hl« ni(ln. In th'e punt the nteno- largain EXPIRES JANUARY^IRST .'There are subscribers to Tho Gazette who arc wait- f ing for n out in price in subscription rates. Don't |¥ wait, friends. There will be no cut. It is impossible. . 7KE $2.50 RATE IS TH$ LOWEST RATE POS- 8IBL«. ; THE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE GOES UP JANUARY FIRST. Much ns Tlie Gazette regrets tho raise there is no way to avoid it. A dollar raise on subscriptions will not save The Gazette from loss. . ^ Every homo'in Whiteside county ought to have the Whiteside County Daily—The Sterling Daily Gazette, no mnttor what the cost. : Nothing one purchases is so cheap compared to the eostrof production" as The~Daily Gazette: » For aity delivery in Sterling and Rock Falls it costs only ONE AND TWO-THIRD CENTS PER fcAY, ', For mail doliveiy outside of-Sterling and liock the cost is LESS THAN ONE CENT PER DAY. The present price of sj»'J,r>0 u year by mail outside Sterling Jind Jiock Falk k. the LOWEST BAR. GAIN PRICE that can be made. . Putting off renewal will only make. The Gazette cost more after January, Jirst. -. : WHY NOT RENEW TODAY AND TAKE AD* OF THE $2.50 BARGAIN PRICE? HIS COUSIN PASSED AW A' iVed Hlnklc. of I'rophefHtown, \va« called to Pontlnc Thurwday morning by tH« «|puth of Sll«s HaKitelton, n cotl- cin nf Mr. Vllnkif. death romlh* very #«dd*nl>, When Mr. and Mr*. Hinkle nnrt family cumo to l*rophetnh»wn f/om i>tn!i, 411., aomn yenrn'aito MIB8 HnnKOl- lon en/no wltlrthem and remained aev- eml weeks In the family. FENCE OAVE WAV. S Quite a little excitement wnfe caused at the foot ball gnmn Thankngivlrig day when- thfThlgh feo&rd fen<re on .the Kouth »l'!p of the b&ll erouixlH, oti which ecVerul email doy» were perched. gave' wuy. No one was Injured but on dutvmoblle Dtunding near received fjcveru) tod acratehes. • WITH .nopDARD BROTHERS. - Er H.'ifotfflfrt. «1io~h{M~G>i9K~*hiaTi¥^ g«P ot ' thb "grocery department of the Sterling ncpurtment Htore fpr nome time,* JiJw aceapted a ponltion with Btoddard Brother* on Finn avenue and will i»tart work next Monday. HIGH SCHpOL TUITION. Many are • wpndering who will pay the high school tuition thin year. Bet» tor enroll In- Brown's Husine»« Collcew for a practical courae. Claasea atart Doc. 4th.. Enroll any day.* , « OAIUY WEATHER REPORT. The Chicago weather bureau foro- ca»t today in ti» folio WH:- Fair tonight and probably Sunday; rising temperature Sunday and In the wewi and cen- portions tonight. • , , Woodruff'"* Ftjuli Alvln Jarvi* In I'rinoton aftr-r With relfcllvffs. William Ktsrns, of Dix Thanksgiving her* wilti fr Mr. and .Mrs, Horace Wiitson? Mr ind Wrc. Afn«>s .Strong. Mrs. J. W .fjirvls and Mis« Ciirrmm- llwkabard of «*lintmi,"*tt*'nded the dnnoi- HI Pr«i- phetftlowii ^ Thanksgiving nighl. Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph <"onnery, »>| Chicago, spent Tttnnk«klvir>ii li»>r*> ft! the hump of Mr. afld Mrs. J. H. J.din- *<>n. Mrs, Ci>nn<-ry wa<r fwrwtly.Mi*« >lary Kellers of thin cfty. nnd she \? now practicing Inw With IK r husband John McKlnney. of Chicago, xpent Thanksgiving d/iy with hl« moih»>r in fhlK city. Mr. and Mrs. K. \V. Milrheil and children and Ctuirle.4-Mitchell. «f Morrhton. *pfnt -Thanksgiving tiny nt-thF~c.- M. Unrnes home in Itock Kullw. Mrs. Mina Harnes in xp«'ndirtR the week end with the Klwoud lieernitn fuiiilly in l/rophetstuwn. Mf,,,a«d Alts. W, F. Miller, of na, were' in HterllnK Thursday SftPTltfig friends anil retail veil! Mr. and Mr«. M. M. Warner, of I'ro- phetatown. -upent Thnnkngfvlng with ithelr daughter and hunlitmd, Mr. and -Mm, Harry Kidd. They were acn>tn- panlcd by th«Jr daughter, Miss Clndya, nnd Roy -i!i«k. $2S.O'M Vlrtrola for f>nle cheap. In b»t class condition. Melvln & Knclson.* Mr, nnd Mm. Louis Afterburn «pent .Thumlay -with -hi*- jK*r«ni«,—Mr™«nd Mra, K. A. Arti-rburjj/nnd other rela- itlyes. l»tijx ArUtrbuirri in manager for tho J, C. Simpson Lumber Co. nt. rv»l- Chester. Mr. and Mr«. Harry Bent, of 'Havanna, mode thin city a short vlnft nnd attended the Klkn* party Wednesday night, Ml»» Esther Donnelly,, of MJHedge- vllle, wan n vlidtor here la tit evening. Ml** Flora TayJor apent TlmnkHKlv- Ingr at the M. C, Stluel home ut Nel- Mr, nnd Mrs. Robert Miller enter- talned Mr. and Mix. Homer Street and daughter Isabella at Thanksgiving v BOOKKEEPERS WANTED. .There IB-V& great and growing demand for high grade bookkeepers, En- rdll In the classes at Brown's l>c. 4th ftnd be -prepared for art excellent position. 4 K j »T. MARY'S DEFEATED. •flt'.j Mixry's football team of > fiterlln»r wa« nefeated In a frmt game Thursday at 'tHp Went End jjarfc by ' Mary/H team dl 11 to 7. tho score' Your friends oin buy anything you give them except your photograph. Studio for Chflstmau photos." Mr. nnd Sirs, Olareneo Htltje). of ^felBon, spent ln*t evening In thin Hty. Ml«8 Mae Foge!. bf MMIedgevllle, up«nt lam evening ht^e. Mlwi Ruth K«t% of'blxon. waM the sueat Of MI«Hi MarjoHl 1 HarrlM Ih fhlx city over Thjtnkaglvrn^ Uiky. &ir». Mary LanMrfora •and daughter spent - ThankHBlvhifr d|jiy nt the 1'nul Harina home near Pralrlevjlle, Mi8H Ruth Kene, of'blxon, ix upending the Week end at the home of Marjory HurrlN, Sunday at the Grand. Ilock lUnry W«ltliall and ;HIanchv Sweet in tho famous ' Broadway 'rhp- 1 Nationalized by Newspapers! Look at your map a moment, Mr, Manufacturer, and its mass of dots and lines. The dots are cities where newspapers are published, The lines are the mail routes over which the newspapers go every day — the same routes over which your goods should be traveling like as not. Intense "localness" is each newspaper's great strength. A National or Sectional advertising campaign in the newspapers is merely a hooking together of these all-powerful local units. The newspapers <lo-nol merely rover tin 1 continent like hut more like an old fashioned weather fi^ht shingle roof shinnies overlap eneh other. a blanker, where the In this, your own homo- -the <'ily where your goods are made — you know the newspapcre, One of them "yon swear by" -this one niOHt J|kelv. ^)U...i:(ialJA<LtlipBo_ljonj.o.tii'WHpaper,s...oi' yours are good big busi- iies* building propositions. Batter to »hov»> thi« combined tide of tho n»w§p«p»r; better to •turfy the problem^ of national advertiser*; to increaee their own u»«- fulness, eeveral hundred newspapers of the United States and Canada, including this newspaper, have organised and ar* supporting the BUREAU OF ADVERTISING of the American Newspaper Publishers Asaoeiation. with office! at 806-7 W»Hd Buildino. New York City. They do so unselfishly becauto the BUREAU OF ADVERTISING is the advocate of all newspnpors, with favoritism to nonu. If you have an/ national advertising problems why not write 4H« Bureau of Advertising? • f. DEATH OF MISS DUNDON Old Pioneer Of Th«. West Died Morning *t 7:40 O'clock. Thit i the evacuation of th<; city by Ciirran* ilNtnti In looked upon n» portentlous. 1 .The government aj:«-tit(> o,uextlon «v- vry refugee and b'fflci-r of the Mexican 'Mary Dunt'on <-'cpart«yl thlH life :.government forct'w arriving; at the bor-) hlx mornltiK at " '40 o'clock at her ome, 304 Wext Fifth "treet. where sho as rexldetl for the piwt ;nurtt»en years, 'he funeral will be held ut 9 o'clock murnlitK at St. Mary'i* churoh. UlnKham* were HI e of the pastor. Rev, Father) railroad track J, HiirtiM. Interment will be In'Cjtl- ttjry Cemetery by the xlde of her par- enta who diet) many y«ars aito: •" M|KH Mary Uundon wax a duauhter of M»» and Mrx. Michael Dundon. She WUH born In'Hoiton Vermont, May ".'l', IK-I days Jt«r, fur newx of Americans and other, foreigner*, and the only news was that ' the Americans, inclucling Oeors* Orlt-1 n xtantllnjr beside ihn ' to t IIP'refugee train. Tin- tuily iiope i remalnliiK IK that the men may'have escaped to the hlllx or left with Oen. Trevlno toward the southeast. Villa May Move Wettw.rd. Military offlclalK point out that Villa j belnK Q$ yparn. 6 months and lOiwIII probably moyt- westward along the' old. Her death wii» dm; to ajline of Mexldo & North Western mil-1 Hisu ''Thf Tartg of tfu » aprculiir Indian drama and a good, comedy.* „ JUHoy Decker, of • Dlxon. TliankHglvIng at the home of hi« par> ents; 'Mr. 'and Mra^ John Decker. '• Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Clark and «on atwnt-. Thanksgiving in Dlxon at the homo of Mm. Frank Cahill. J - . Daniel Larlsh, of Morrison, was Ii Sterlinjj Krldny on buslnpHH. . lire. Sophia Wehfends haa returned home from a two days' vjHJt in Freeport. . The demand for n*ver been as great aa H la today,' Kn- roll In the ola*«e« atarttn^ at Urown'n lliialnena and prepare . one of the«d positions,* *. | .- ' ,„...,_.** !< TODAY IN li.MNOI» H18TORY. O»k Deo, 3, 1765. Major- F»rrrtar toote over 'the command of UliiTois from Cap~ tain ThomaN Stirling.' ' TUITION QUESTION. ;t»nrbllliig". jn th« . 4ttr -*r Sterling, Two Cars Sootlcss Lump : I'Ufij. Mi 4rid J4r% t^wi f ' lodruff'e »i»d'iMri (tpt'iu BuUirtlttV {Hrth af fhf Nallnn," Cl atvti U< cnta. ri» M> k -Frank,' of .J*ropbuis- on buwlneMH. ~ for Xmaa photo/j.* Karl l?o«Hl«tn of Polo, here atUmdtnK "The " Attorney and Mr». R. W. HCHSO are from a turkey dinner in Portland at the homo of bin parents*. Mr. and Mr». Jacob Cantlln entertained at a chicken pie dinner yesterday, _ Mr. and MrH. Prank Went, West and Wenjey Qoble, of Tamplco, who were upending tho d«> here ahopplng. Enimit Loo«, of I^aBalle, la, the guest of FYank Mannion of Hunnon, Mrs. Murk McFarland and uon, John. of Thief River Falla, Minn., are her visiting at the home of her irramlfiiih Jckeh noodle supper and ba- .Tu«*lMlay. Pn.c, 5th. First M, B. chiiA-h.* " . v &14&. Jujiinle HturU'VHiit, of Proph- wn, »pnnt Friday here with friends. bwrt Olhon, who att«nd» Illinois (fril^endty U here sponding kaglvlnt? vacation with hia par Ju-.njar meeting, SterUnar '->. *, Monday nljuht Election, of John dV-alitd.* Warner, of Prophetntpwn. ti^eiit giving hero with frlwule. .Morttaridge. of Grand ItapidH, on track today » W, BRODRICK $Vi. EAR, N086 and THROAT •RAIN Wm«lRY 4:80 fc p.. Both PHpnef . Starling, III $4.75 per ton The best buy on Try delivered. market , . . . lVUBCAN eOKE-Hsuperior to Hard Coal Dillon Company plaee to buy Lumber and Dement wmi^wmb Uwrtno* FOR . ill, . Irene Ifart, of DeKalb, ix vl«lt- \nif 4t the Frank Seldel home at Km- *rson, ^, Mr«. Oeorge CoroHtock und dnujrhten M»ry ,Louise, of WilllaJna Buy, Wlx., pr« h«re viaillng at the Melmffey home. Mrt«. John Hurton. of |jcjoppoli>. in., H»eni yeaterdny In thU.oity Hboppintf. J. A. XHIbert, of I'olo, wan here ahop- ng yo«terday. - -- Mhtw I'ettrl Muntz 'and Ml««'iiuzel anuBan ur« u»«l»tint; «t the J, K. Clu'stur Dry Cioods Stors today. : Mr», John Pr&ttln and daughter. Murie. spent laet evening in Uixon. ; F. «. LU'wellyn, of t->e*port, will Hpend Sunday ut the home of &!. T Llewellyn. Mr* and L ughe«, of .Chicago, tfhe home of Fred Murphy na« jreturnad from BlaomJlngtQii where ho »pent'TtiaiiKa» ilra. Frank Mwyphy, and children are Indlntf the wwk end In Hloomirieton the home of 5CrB. U, W, Murphy, " -oat Nov. ,39, oamero brooch belong* to Mrs. *'. ft Bell, Wa» lost either Jn "Vyoodman hall or going from Wood- ro<m Ju»ll to Elks' lodge, by way of 4th street, or In Klka* building. Liberal reward 10 flnder.* Rov, and Mr». U. V. Hinkle «pcnt the T;J»4«kt.glvjn{r hollcju/ with Mra. Hin- Wc's parents. Mr. arid Mrs. Dunitl Hay- of Kock Ulund. T. : MOREHOUSK Optometriat Owp tlmt the beucfltn of. uvl>tt>8tiu)utvd, « tueUlcut u ponutii brwithes the of his riii>M. ahuuhlvrs imd aod ttt-** l« trood , for iilui. ' lie drlvip* soiuu bJ<Mx| from hist -mittk' Into }il» feet ond>hund».' lir hi.-. A-«4 mid liuads are cold tlmt lunvtiM'.* his t>«HU,fu.rt. uutufc't's uf our*- of twisv In talk. general breaking down from, old age. i road lifter bin evacuation gf Chlhunllnu She hati been,-very rugged up to a'City in order to reorganize bin force* nbiirt time ago ; when (die failed rapidly, [preparatory to another Hwoop, All mil- Her* liiHt KickncMH, dating back only .Itary men agree that it would be ul- three weekn. . '• jtnoiit ImpOHBlble for the bandit chief When nix yearn.of age Hhe with her|t« bold the eity uguin^t H determined parent*. u«m die rent of the family, iasnttult unlcnw he. WUH well supplied jl Hettled in Whlteshle with'artillery nnd munition*. Announcement! Hereafter Sunday dinners at the RANDOLPH HOTEL will be ......... day meala ,75c ,60c Sunday, Deceml TURKEY Dinner. > came county at' Chatham, "later in th»s east H«aroh for Villa Hympathizerit in the end of Sterling. • '' ; ! Juarez KarrlHon began today following _ Blip ban heen a resident of Hterling itbc dlttcovery that all BIIIIM brodeht ever nine*' «he cttne wewt.( Khe leaven the following bniniers to mourn her IOHH, William D'undon, of Hock KitllH; Jcihn and Daniel of Htarling; JameH, of Wlltoii, Iowa, and Michael, of Anaconda, Mont. The youngeHt brother JH considerable over fifty years of age nnd thin IH the first death among the number, a rare incident. She also leaven a great number; of frlemlH. She came west when th.« country wn» new und from the wild pralrlen ah« has ween much 'in the way of development, .many cttien dot the pl.iiim. N'eighborH were few in the early days and the IndlaiiN, Hhowlng a friendly ,many. of the- children M( thene trllti'H here were among her. play fellows, ". * -•••-.•' ; north from ("hihuuhuii t'lty had been f rendered u'Mel OHM, the breach blocks i having benn removed. •" i | Fearn of an Immediate bandit attack Jon Junrei;'were. lw*Hfn*>d today by rt>- jporiH that Villa wan preparing to ev«- i citato C'hihuiihuu. Saw Rival to QotUiala. —— RalTcrty .(vUnvlnjf the Grand cnayou) '—"How do It sthrlko yti, Tjio?" IIUK- gerty (n contractor)—"FnUh, It Hthrlkes me Culoiii'l Uoi'thule hud uaw- thin' to urtiB, uliout. Who dug it7"— Life. VILLA WILL MOVE (Continued from pagw 1.) HOME FROM^CHICAGO Attended Tb« Funeral OF .A Sitter Held Thursday. ' J, A. t'bnlmern retuined home buit ••venlnif i'rurn Chlvugo< m- tendpd the funeral of a -aimer, MI-H. Andrew Alexander. The following obituary In taken from n Chicago paper: "laabelle Alexander, new Chalmers, j beloved wife of Andrew Alexniider,- be. j loved mother of John, James, Will. Crevle, Mrs. Mary tlrk'kson. Mr«. HeJIe | Kat«H and Mrs. .,<8uaun I'arklH. died l Tuesday, r'urteral- Thursday afternoon Of Little U«c on the Earth, There «ro two kjnds of men who never chuttRe their opiplun*—fools und dead ouc.s. The nitui why will not learn from another U a utlff-neckfld old Hitting on tUu tull uf from. the. home, 1034 -North Keystone tublltihed only part of the dlNlutlco to j avenue. Pyll hearers lady members of Chihuahua City. in Chicago lodKe *>( which the deceased _•'." Fat For Americana. __| «'«»_» member?''' - ._. . ' . '. ICarly today U. K.. department iiKcntw! Mrs. Alexander'WAH known to many declared-the «ltuation for "the safety j Hterling people, of the nix AmericniiH known to be InJ Everybody'* Sentimental. The truth Is thnt svo urt* ul| »eutl- • iiH-ntiil nt heart, wlmtuvur our culturt'. tiven tliouglt \vt> upnrecluto Umlinis, sluill wo not ilnd Houie pleonure In tlte Cl»lhuahua,City at Hie time o| the attack* wa« ominous, t l^ack of newu of their fate f^r' an entire week wince REAP THE WANT ADS. of the hand orjfun, we udtnlro Botticelli, shrill we _ There tire uioodH In whk'li Jeau Ingelow ond Mrs. Hfiiuitis are not mawkish. The thouKtuula still weep over the dentil of WttiP Nell, UJOUKP, the critics M. Oay, iu Atlantic. fen Reasons Why You Should Burn CROWN Coke In Preference to Other Fuel Cipnuine Crown fretv-froin iinjmrities, such us slate, stT)iio and .snl- -phui 1 , ^ A« ton of" Crown Co Re will out-last a tou of un- thmt'ito coal. (Vow« Coko is higher in pure t-arbou, and loss in, ash than any coal .-mined. — Crown ;-Coko will kwp your. Jjouse wanu in tho coldest weather without the least trouble. Try. it. It will never,sfai| you. i Coke is absolutely <'leau, it is not noi'ossary to'clean house every time a load of i'oke i« put in your hase- inont. l)on't abuse your pock-- etbook. Burn genuine Crowu coke nnd save 30 per cent on your fuel bill. We aw? prepared to give your order proiiipt attention, No loiiif- \vaits, and alwas'. ' If you're not in dijr long , line -of'- <-oko "consumers, fall in, and let us make you -happy this winter. When you get tlie Crown e.oke habit, you get the saving habit. Kvery tinie .you burn a. ton of Orowu coko yon have/saved at least the price of a pair of Genuine Crown coke, vvlu'ii -jiroperly bankedi Nvij! Imld iiri* for'i hours ur more. • The People's Ice & Coal Company Bptiv Phones 211 Second Ave,

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