Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on May 20, 1974 · Page 3
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1974
Page 3
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Daily Times Herald EDITORIALS Monday, May 20, 1974 Indians Hope "You have children, and so have we. We want to rear our children well, and ask you to help us in doing so". Red Cloud. Chief of the Sioux, to an audience at Cooper Union. New York City. June 17,1870. The seige of Wounded Knee began on Feb. 27. 1973. and for more than six weeks the community of the Oglala Sioux Indians was torn by gunfire and violence. Members of the American Indian Movement occupied the tiny hamlet and turned the local church and trading post into a fortress confrontation with-the U.S. government. The militants demanded a hearing with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and some argued for intervention by the United Nations. Today, the trial of Dennis Banks and other Indian militants reaches for a conclusion at St. Paul. Minn. Even as this is being written, new violence by angry young Indians, as well as non-Indian sympathizers, has broken out in Sioux Falls. S.D. While public focus is centered on these incidents of violence and civic disruption, an outstanding program for young Navajo high school students has been, pioneered in Albuquerque. N.M, Facing the major obstacles that overwhelm Indian young people — career planning and job opportunities — the Canoncito Career-Vocational Program was created by Grayce Thompson and heartily endorsed by the Canoncito Tribal Council, a segment of the Navajo Reservation some 40 miles west of Albuquerque. Operating out of West Mesa High School. Miss Thompson states simply. "Our goal is to provide a student with at least sixteen different career-vocationaloptions before graduation. Here they have the opportunity to spend actual time on the job with persons who are in the various trades, professions, and educational posts. These young people work for two months with an evaluated on-the-job experience." So far more than 30 Indian high schoolers have worked in hospitals, print shops, radio and television stations, garages, photographic studios and supermarkets as well as city and state agencies. The program is a dynamic mixture of what churches, public schools, private business, secular foundations and government agencies can accomplish when someone has a caring vision for people in need. George Schrieber. president of the Public Service Company of New Mexico, has been an active and enthusiastic booster of the program. "These young people must have the real opportunities of solid employment. Grayce Thompson has sold us on the plan and the results speak for themselves". Concluded Miss Thompson. "The new respect these students have for themselves — the excitement of really- doing a job. the pride of appearance and achievement, the incentive of a pay raise — all makes for a very new experience". The noise and shouting is at Wounded Knee, but the future belongs to these young people living and working in two cultures and proving they can get along ... a hope expressed by Chief Red Cloud a century ago. Hearsts Move For a long time the parents of Patricia Hearst were handicapped by uncertainty about the motives and possible behavior of her kidnapers. They leaned over backwards to comply with demands of the Symbionese Liberation Army terrorists who had abducted their daughter, fearing that otherwise they might be placing her life in greater jeopardy. The passing of the deadline for provision of an additional four million dollars of Hearst money for food distribution has had a cathartic effect. The, SLA did not take advantage of that offer, conditioned upon release of Miss Hearst. Therefore the Hearsts have now determined to quit temporizing and, as Randolph Hearst said, "try to get her back any way we can." This is the only sensible alternative to letting things drift. No longer will the; SLA terrorists, now rightly described by the father as "just a bunch of criminals," be allowed to call the shots. The Hearsts have decided to take the initiative, and as a first step are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to their daughter's return. "Maybe a Little Streaking from Here to Here Would Help My Image, Too, Henry!" Viewpoint Independent Justice By \{;\\ Crumley Advice Respect for One's Self is Rule By Abigail Van Huron DEAR ABBY: Regarding "Normal girl" who wanted to know why you replied, "Lovely" to the 16-year-old girl who was saving her virginity for her husband, may I comment! I am a male. 55. who has been a social worker for 18 years. I don't know how mature "Normal girl" considers herself to be. but if (as she claims) all that is necessary for a beautiful and guilt-free sexual relationship between a guy and a girl is that they "love" each over, it's a wonder we are not all in bed by the time we are 13. Children, by their own immature standards, start "falling in love" very early in their lives. What keeps most young girls from going all the way is respect for the standards of their parents, teachers, and community. CLEVELANDER Homemaking DEAR CLEVELANDER: As I view it. of equal importance to respect for the standards of one's parents, teachers and community is respect for one's self. .But according to my mail, what keeps most young girls from going all the way is fear of pregnancy, fear of V.D.. and fear that the boy might tell a few dozen of his closest friends — and in that order. DEAR ABBY: Norton's wife, who complained that Norton never opened his mouth in company, and consequently everybody thought he was unfriendly or mad. reminded me of a cousin of mine. Hen husband also was a very quiet man. but it was beautiful to watch her draw him into the conversation by saying. "Larry, why don't you tell the folks about the night watchman who found the cat locked in the office?" A Wee Bit Frayed Bv Pollv Cramer POLLY'S PROBLEM DEAR POLLY — 1 am going to make some baby bibs out of washcloths and use bias tape for the binding and ties but my past experience has been that such ties eventually break and the bias tape pulls away from the neck edge. I hope someone will tell me how to remedy this. They are to be a gift and I would hate to have them pull apart. —MRS. H.B. DEAR POLLY — My Pet Peeve concerns the way stores make it so hard for us to return soft drink bottles. Some will take only bottles in cartons, others suddenly refuse brands they sold until recently. I have gotten soft drinks out of those machines thai are often near the exit and paid a deposit to take the bottles out. Then when I would bring the bottles back the store would not refund the deposit. Such deposits not only drain our coin purses but take up needed space. This is why people probably buy non-returnable bottles at great expense to our environment. —DONNA Dai t l\ Times Herald MH .Nnrlli ('nun Slri'i'l t'.irrnll IIIH.-I liaih Kvivpl Sumlats .mil Hiihda\s uthiT (him Washing Inns llirllul.iv .mil Veterans l),u In the Herald I'ulilishmi; DEAR POLLY — I want to tell Renee that I find using embroidery floss in lieu of darning cotton for mending and darning is great. The strands can be separated to any desired thickness. Such floss comes in so many colors and shades most anything can be matched. -MRS. D.W. Timely Quotes — "The court can't allocate police power but it can certainly stop us from doing something that transcends tne bounds of the Constitution." That gave Larry a chance to talk without making him feel self-conscious. I've always admired my cousin for the consideration she showed her quiet husband. KISSIN' COUSIN DEAR COUSIN: She deserves to be kissed. The world could use more wives like her. and fewer wives who make a practice of interrupting their husbands to finish a story he's telling. DEAR ABBY: The mother who labeled her son and his wife "selfish" because they were denying her the pleasure of being a grandparent should have applied that label to herself. She apparently wants them to add to an already overcrowded world, regardless of their feelings, simply for her own selfish pleasure. While the Bible does say. "Go forth and multiply." a more timely quotation is. "Thou hast multiplied the nation and not increased the joy" dsaiah9:3). The last thing the world needs is children whose parents were high-pressured into such a serious permanent decision. There should be a national organization to assist parents who are being pressured to have children, and to inform those well-intentioned but misguided people who try to make couples feel guilty or abnormal for remaining childless. FOR POPULATION CONTROL DEAR FOR: Would you believe there is such an organization? It's the National Organization for Non-Parents: 515 Madison Ave.. New York. N.Y. 10022. CONFIDENCIALMENTE A AQUELLOS QUE HE OFENDIDIO: Usted tiene toda la razon de estar enojado por los comentarios que escribi "la maoria de hombres de origen espanol." Fue' una generalizacion absurda de mi parte. Lo debia de haber sabido! In our concern over Watergate, we are in danger of emasculating the presidency, setting up independent political power bases with little responsibility either to the president or to Congress and thus creating political chaos or interminable whipsawing. This reporter has spent some months now looking into proposals by senators and congressmen, by the staff of the Senate Watergate Committee and by prominent academicians. Some proposals would lessen the president's control over his cabinet officers and agency heads, some over the bureaucracy, leaving the career civil service in greater control over actions taken by the executive branch. Others propose the monitoring of presidential appointees before they're allowed to take office. Now most of these propositions will undoubtedly die in some congressional committee or other. But there is one. a proposal by Sen. Sam Krvin Jr.. head of the Senate Select Committee on Watergate, that seems destined for serious consideration by the Senate. Ervin's bill, S-2803, would make the Department of Justice an independent establishment of the United States. The department, in essence, would become a fourth branch of the government, somewhat similar in independent status to the Supreme Court — though of course quite different in function. Under present provisions of the bill, the attorney general, the deputy attorney general and the solicitor general would be appointed by a president, with Senate consent, for a term of six years. This, in practice, would mean then, that an incoming president would have for the first two to four years of his term, a chief law officer and the two top deputies appointed by the opposite political party. This new czar of the Justice Department would have the power to appoint nine to 10 assistant attorneys' general, apparently without regard to the views or wishes of the president. He would appoint the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and would determine the order of succession if'he and his two major assistants were incapacitated, or the offices vacant. .IAMKSW WILSON. Publisher IKiWAKIMI WILSON Kdilcir W 1. HKI'17. News Kdilnr JAMKS II WILSON Vice President (iriu'ral Manager Barbs I'.nleieil .is sernnil rl.iss mallrr at the post "(lice at Car- nil! luwa under Iheacl nl March 2 IHS7 Member nl the Assm Mied 1'rrss "Capitol gains" is a very unpleasant subject around the statehouse. If you have an afternoon free, heed the man who wants your help for a "second." Why do windowashers always arrive at the shop the^ day it storms? Going to an X-rated movie is one way of paying for your sins. The Assneiated Press is entitled exclusively In the use for rc'puhlii alum i.l,ill ilu> local news printed in this newspaper .is well as all AP dispatches ullii lal Paper nl Omuls andl'ily Sui>MTipliini Kalrs l(\ r.imi'i lm\ itclivcrv |MT week HV MAIL I'.irrull Ci.ui]|\ anil All AdjimmiK iiuiilies where r.irnrr sn vice •. mil avail, ible |>ci \ear Hi I side u[ I'. ii mil .mil Ai 'nliilllrs ill /nilrs I ,inil 2 prr AlluthiT Mail inlhr lulled SI. ilrs PIT U'.-u $ 60 $2000 K300 $27 00 BERRY'S WORLD "Yessir! The Dutch were ahead of their time!' The present Krvin bill also provides that the independent attorney general appoint and remove all U.S. attorneys and marshals. This would have given to the attorney general a very large patronage system and would have enabled him to wield, aside from his legal functions, a great deal of independent political power nationwide. Extensive hearings on the bill have brought proposals that the attorneys and marshals be appointed through some sort of a career civil service system. It is not clear whether this suggested change will be incorporated into a revised bill. But in any event, and regardless of how these district attorneys and marshals are chosen, the attorney general under the provisions of the bill as it now stands, would be most difficult to remove. He would not serve under the president's orders and could be ousted by the president only for "neglect of duty" or "malfeasance in office." The Ervin bill, in fact, states most precisely that a major purpose of the proposed law is to insure the Department of Justice would "be insulated from the direct political control of the executive branch of government " All of this means that the attorney general could, quite legally, harass whatever president and administration might be in power by nuisance investigations. He would thus have the power, were he so inclined, to disrupt the government. It is hoped that in the end, this bill will be rewritten thoroughly so as to remove these dangers. Timely Quotes — "No matter what you hear from Washington, the only way you'll be able to tell the situation is improving is when you see your service station open at 7 in the 'morning and stay open all day. —James V. Cresente. director of the Northern Ohio Petroleum Retailers Assn., an organization of independent service station operators, on the worsening of the gasoline situation in Ohio in April. Health Emotional Distress Bv Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D DEAR DR. LAMB — I'm 16 and I think I'm going crazy. Several days ago I stayed home from school because I felt sick. The second day I was depressed, and I kept listening for noises and thought someone was sneaking up on me to kill me. It was the same way the third day. Well, this scared the hell out of me, and I'd pull the covers up to my neck, start jerking and shaking, then I'd cross my arms in front of me and pull on the covers and about tear them apart. This happened three or four times, I can't remember for sure. I can't sleep very good, and when I do get to sleep someone is always after me in my dreams. They seem so real it's hard to tell if it really happened. Since I'm depressed I want to be by myself, and if someone comes into the bedroom it makes me mad. And. if someone says or does something I don't like I start griping. Usually I get along okay and keep my mouth shut. I'm not hungry either, so I can get along on a glass of juice for dinner and supper. I lost five pounds in four days. The only thing that bothers me now is I'm nervous as heck and hate the thought of going to school where everyone is. I forgot to mention, suicide has entered my mind. And, I have an urge to throw my arms through a window and cut them. I haven't done it, but I've broken a light bulb and taken the glass and put it in my hands and squeezed it. I guess I hoped it would cut me but it didn't, so I stepped on it and ended with the same results. When I go back to school I have speeches to say and it scares the hell out of me to get up in front of the class. So, do you think it's possible I could get out of them? And, do you think I'm going crazy? Thanks for any advice. DEAR READER — Yes, you are having trouble. You have some rather severe symptoms of emotional illness. And. thought of self-destruction combined with the difficulty in separating- dreams from reality is an indication you need some help. I do not like the word crazy, because it doesn't accurately reflect a medical problem which is an illness. Emotional illnesses need to be, and often can be, treated just as much as a physical illness, like a broken arm. It is important that you get professional help now. The best results usually follow early treatment. You are a young woman with a full life before you. With medicine and counseling a great deal can be done to help you get the best results. It could also mean the end of those frightening thoughts of someone slipping up on you to kill you. I don't want you to delay a.singie day. Go see your doctor at once. If necessary, have your mother, arrange it for you. but don't put it off. DEAR DR. LAMB — I have this mole on my chin and hairs grow out of it. Is it safe to pull these hairs or not? DEAR READER — You should avoid irritating a mole. That means leave it alone. You should simply cut the hairs off with a pair of scissors, not a blade. Moles in locations where they are constantly irritated from a belt, a strap or where a person shaves should be removed. Gaslight in Nursery By Joanne Koch Hero are throe true tales of sibling terror. I roc'ount them for two reasons: to demonstrate that older siblings who perform seemingly sadistic acts, do not necessarily grow up to be sadists (all of those mentioned below are now kind and loving parents): and to suggest to younger siblings that their suffering is shared, which may make it easier for them to boar. The mother of a 10-year-old boy wondered why her son was always tired, despite 1 plenty of exercise, nutritious meals and an early bedtime. The fatigue problem persisted for a year, until the boy finally had a talk with his mother. The boy slept in the same room with his older sister who behaved reasonably well towards him during I he day. but once the lights were out. she began to get even with this intruder. She would make soft tapping noises, and when her younger brother called from under the covers in a frightened voice. "What was that?" she would reply. "I didn't .hear anything." Variations on this theme were soft hoots and low diabolical chuckles. As a parting shot before she went to sleep, the sister would caution the boy. "Don't let your arm drop over the side of the bed. If you do. that alligator I saw hiding under there will snap it off at the wrist!" In another childhood tale, a younger . sister went with her older brother to the movies every Saturday afternoon. Since ho was four years older and she wtis totally dependent on his good graces for her moviegoing. he chose the film fare.

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