Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 2, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1916
Page 7
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STERLING, ILLINOIS. SATURDAY. DEC, 2. 1916, PACE SEVEN, Sterling. Daily-Gazette Auction Sale Department LEOAT, NOTICE CHANCERY NOT'CE. CLASSIFP RATES ONE CENT A WORD FOR SALE - • MISCELLANEOUS HELP WANTED. -MALE " •>' •' -.•!..:: --':-•• \ -; CLOSING O U T £ \v.\vn:i,' ••-, fltUl jll't V, C-t 1,|' •M"-l. >"• a'- -•-!:.!, |v ..,:(.,- 1, ,na!. r ( inn v.-!'ik. i,. ',..-! null • i. ,j, t ,. i VUtil >:f,,, k Illi. hid. ft. .. I,;,.!-,, uirh , i, .M, .- tit-h! man. I T!i.i):ia- \ i '. T -f'n.t ( Ml ; ; i . '/ ei .rtlh in a t it .31 - i • pi -i ib> iIti- • i ; ' J • •-' et lull . 1 i, nf, K!l-:|.!v | ..f M.IV.UI. . ii,<-i,f \\". ..Hllat l''airn lain I Cain,id . I I t:t> < •:, W > HI-, H f V,i« • , V, in r;ii '>' i et ••! ,H r> pat. th'v t j-a, .-. I u> rn:i; ii . !n,|i«r t w ' Hi V i IM ! .M. ,.In Wnv, • M. n ,.'i futi I - ti> .'I \\ I VVANTTKM ..... - MAN 'iVlUt ^ t,i travH f.-r it-- inakitir V, It''- !•!' II'IUV II. .laist. ; Nl.. I! nij f i! < .', I, ' ! i 11' : 111 - .. ........ r.-in. Sjnlni: Val!<- lMv..M!»»rt. V. -iy |. !• -avail! • v n!. JJtsr ai.,iu-y. .V. ." POTATOES !:i\'Ku • v '. « .1 I , N. ' * ^ oil . Mi I' !'• !'! iM. >>•] ],',,. 1 * <-v - ' '..-.; i • t ',! ! 1' • Hi!! ',:: •••fill IJ'," if'' ; ' li t||! ill a! Idi. I'V ; lia J in- • '. . ' t_rn>:;.iJi';,. 1 I'J-.'lh ll>!-. - |il:trik-'. li:iy '1'uiM'i !. v HELP WANTED— FEMALE 'A'ANTflD i.ait .il , ••-. -iii.-.-. 'M'itV filMII'c, rilil.i- fill |...uilll.!!M \VilltlllL'. «'at:i!n..-.-n. ft-... \\iilc. Mi.lar I'.-i- an-l FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE '" ' ' '"',.!!,'";.,., f"i: SAU: nit I;P\T MODCIJN si... -I-i. , M |[n ||(] ( ( ,,,,,, ;,-,,,,,,| ;-!»,,.it. S'lil.n-. Iiii|iin •• . I llui\ i SM,I: in s W, A N' T i: 1 1 • - KAhCSS.AlMI^S AT ill I.'"., A|l|llV Ml of'"' '' nl, ad. r. i mn «ia)l-:" in inil<- v. i -'i 'in-)). I i i ,itii in .li!,; :t)»,i|( fi"in. • .i!,'. a r!,,v,.r |,:i\"ift I'.ai.)' h-lr-i dank I,.«IH-, de.-.-a hii'iv. M \vi!<' i,t' Aiaitiii TTi i ii~ " r \"'.i"i T H i. • u 11 Tu i o w n own ••ix ..f |...t-< Ku;!it IM. .\7foTt_iXi Ti n i !'i». l-;h-\eh (111, Tw«-lve li-'l, Tim-teen i i;;» and l'..un>.n - _ __ K i i.'v.i 1; i \i-,i)!nn: • j FOR SALE— FARM LANDS fl.V. ot'Al, SKTT , . itf',.1 ):. turn (.. Mr«. i:,-,. (;,!,. MUSI,. l|. ,.,!.«... s,vi,|; . ,\!i Ki LIVERY SALt, ' tlihi ami. mil .-"itr .i"ii I<M: ^"t• WITH )i , \ i id • ti Hi- v • t U Thiiii" indt of ,. m , i r nit ti! |Mfit i.'ii i'|.t u \Viit. t,.; :. • j' >.. i: , i i >\ ~r,"i, \\ ' -i'. !• >l ii.'U t" ''' ..tin 77-itl H.-|I!»,' -, 'A i i,.in ii 1 > .S. 11. K run:; IttM'iiptJ.iri "M. S" .1,1 fi.f r.-turn. to Uai-itt,'. j| '•''* I"-' 1 '"' •'-••i!'-. with. ml ' '' .rt V.:i«....s rnr Tarnv '.'! if livhit.; ;u>d 1 bay tmtr M-ut;;;;;;.,:,''yS-.'T'K^eS:,^ 1 " isi'T'T';," "'f" ''Tvl " vln «" ;:: ' • r old. (wo K,iel;i., t . e.,U u » i If dead, (be unknown heir* or devisee.. manm c *;>r, .-H,'!, ; Uorulii;:: farm sl. d, i|otilil» \vtfi-k o ninn..rou!* t( , and nuinir- iVlrcular p.awsi, ;t win work h:irne>si, 1 net surrey harness, 1 fjooi'l ssinKln huf- nWH, hand corn Hhellcr, I! 12-foot feed -.rn.«'k».-.'j . Ill r font /red trough)!, several -•..«*.»»»,,» I*IK, ,,»,.».(\ «„«.../., (' atld jMiaauer, forks, KhovrlH, JUKI other nitlele.s too to mention, . JI'OITSKIlf>M> GOODS -—Couch. ,1 f>a»>t»I«'tt» Iron tx'd, 1 iron IxxlKtond, 1 V<?hl)ii'H iron Inul, 1 wnlntit l-«obk cu'sc ftml ; <)«<k.. iiiktl <'lin)i% C dining room :CfHilr», kltolioti eha'j-H. cniiltoard, onb- < llji>t. 1 J"iil?)p«> Windsor haul coal hurn- v H\ZC. good a« ut*w, 1 Beckwllli (Hik' litTitor, . «r tno r .'J'KHMS i v rt«>r,.c<n*tt, ' * tlnu* will l«i' "tfivrij oti <t|»jirnv»'il note . G licr.OfiH luton>Ht front daic '" s "f $10,00 ami'. tin this itjnotint li iUif«< of wilo.. No iuiii'«'fly ro- ii JrnvvwJI uiitit fii?tti<-d for, , ' S!A1C)N T MATHKXV. '• ^i AuclioiicnrM •-> Art l-'lcts-lior, II. "' , . ,, ton. t-V r>. "JjViin'Nvv, •-.!. C. Crom, jnlt>ndin« IK . , .-'ivitliiiu't ri>wt|-vt? mi»olt|t', 1", Sturt fnrni, out- i»»jU' ••ant of lic inilt'H wt'«l of Lyndon, four iwi'Kt *tf I'roiihctHiowu ami 's wniSh of .Morrison on f'UKSIMY. ni-;c. 12. UHtJ. K iH JO o'clock Hhurn i tioon, T!M< fi«li'i\vi hay tedder; li-ay rake; Deere com planter, with so'in.'H wire; u,m« plow; sulky pt.iw; l-i.-ineh walking plow; 10- 'inch walkitn: plow: S walking corn plows; Deere ridini; corn jdow; i! .'!- Hi-etlon. harroup; i' diMC.s; force fi.-eil seeder; •_' fanning mills; ;>• wa^onx; ) trw'k wat.-tiii; 1 lo-w Weber wai:on \><>\; l'»«K.v: Hiirrey; hay rack; jit this |iarl of th drklc mill took hand. cider holo corn K ; bol»-«h"d; to-w ; Khovclinu' boards; y,. r; feed grindt-r; -1-horH power Kasoiine engine; DC* Laval crean. m-pimuor, lar«« sixe, owed only a few week*; 3-hoi-rfe wafjmi evener; HC-1 3.000 HI, waKon . wprliiKu; til indstone; f, ,Het« nf work liarm'HK; double di'ivim;. 1mr* ne*« with collars; Kingle driving liar- mif-s, and oiber artieh-H loo numerou.«! to mention. Hay and era in, 1,1 ton* ' mixed hay in'lmrn; 7(i(i hii.shelH oat> in. bin; l,»u« ' , of corn in liiHi*i.'ltolil f'oinh(. Ilnrli'Kn ft>n>dK ••vi-rvboily at, HOOD,. Small nrUch-M »<ild H— rAll s-mtir- of $H» thin uinonat \'i , . \viUi old, \yi'i«l!t \J,',i>; I ,l»lac!{ rnarc ?.. >'<*ai'« old. wi'UdH 1 I')!*; | hay niitr ,:T }'«?«r» old, vyi-l^iu. I.LT.I.C l j;ray lu.ii-i' VJW •' ywai'i* old, '\v«-h;dt l.lilO-;. I l,li)i'l; :|H;ir« 2 y«>ar« oltl.. wi-h:lH 1,^'J"; ) -Mark J- 7 VfillMoid. wi-ltllt't.-lii');' I hav ' H ..I. \v-is; --.'.. . ffl V »** *« [^ I t Jt " » t I ff *.*!* 1 . *< ' li, ( { t I , 1<" *' , Oiliick j/eldini; |a yeai M ohl, weight I, J; 800; n gooil fainllv driver; 1 buy mare : : 8 y.e«i-H oh.!, xVnijihrM.:^^; 1 bay 'mare !-;•':.<! year* old, weight I, inn. ^;;-'S2» HKAp Ul'''CATTI,K---;':'- nsH.-!, '; ; ;helfert«; I Durham bull 2,,^ ears* ohr ;.: ; J Hilt."!'ihul'ii .bull '} mi.n^TiA .'o|d; -I", ~^,istin*t'» ratif.;ii)j; from 1 to X'ye«n - H oi«l: s " r 21 HK'AD--. jiujioc ji:usi V; 8 hrootl «o\\ f < k.:<.inl,'.niaie IH bu?,hf!.-, I .{!!*•;.<! W<';»ti'i'(( iMiinnre >?5>iv;ul- fv er: £- thrrC'SW'tion tlra-.:ti: I u< w Havi- J; eon\ itUuit. r With im>-''ioii* win.; f rid ' h(>for<»' tiiniier, <1hd iiinb-r, ca> ,...„„„„„.„, ,. nionths time /.siven on approved noli- beatin«r, |,er cent lute-rout from l:afc..Jf-pHi.4 wlieti-ilttf; othonvisti T'plir •V-nt frotn tlato of mile. No. property o be removed -until settled for. Art t-'leti-her, Auctioneer, clans H«>hkoH, '""«'H. JOHN WOLBER, . Xov.-2S-?9; Dec. 1-2-4-1.. C LOS I NG~0 UT 8 AL'iT""*""""" H(ivin<: • ilt-cidi'O to emit . farnrini? 1 \Vlll r '.ofr<:-r at public Kale, four mile." (lofthwe.Ht (,f Hound "iJl-ove,". out- nnrl " all' lllt.h.v sojMhfiiht ..f . Alalwin lih-s --i.-otithwext'' of CoUHa, «.|K'tit |>;ii'i£i( a'^l yf Morrlsoii. Iwelvi ii'iirtinvest of Hterhiu:, on what iv, n ;>•••. tile ojd KinujJuiry pl/jee, ",'.','". ,'y ' _n'i'l'>ei< p. Hi., in) illovv(i!« described property; ;f l|ii ; UH|.;S ! mare euiriiiu; fmu Vvaffi. wei;;h! about i ,,'(110; ha v ttutl'e !I year;.,-old, wnylst -.,-ibrtit' J. HH)';' 1 ^rn'.y maj-e Hj veai'K. jiU.i. wi-k'-ht about 1 H'o »\\TTi,i';..iii«-!iidini; '.-four mih-ii •••'is:i. all heavy «prim.-efK and j..,»,,1 iilll.o-. Ttv.» y-.vea|-.,,|.| heilVr«, f,' Iti i i l-J?»T-.U,v,-Ui n ft» lihuul.) HOU'H t (>t-| !;oy I, b>-.,;.e -.ju;;.!.-.. .-itij; •'I re n to phr.- v, it!i " . l.'A'h.Vl .\tACtlV\KHV—L- hn'nber \vai-- iU.s.'i tvv.--.-_. t of Mlji'.t-!.-; v-Ifll i-,.|eh \\nv;. "i!, .-iiai narrow' run, • on.- f-jied WMb till-ee !,,u I.i,!.-,i'-V H|>!!iu;«. olle 'hl.,|l«'d- e.t^ !-.-•,-,'., (HI. intlk i.anlijt.'.: rai'-k.v :; \\.\n IH iii:'niii-.<- '.•••pr.eioh'Y. new 1'lx-" , th' Don't fail in alt.-nil tiiiH sale, AH prup- erty will be foltl UK I am i:oini; t.i s,". out of hiiHiness. TellllM of ,Saie; K-V, erythliu:-. niid.-r $|n,nO rash. I'anliai.b note.u aefeptt-d »,n lamer ami'tini.s, will interest at lj', from date of »,aie f..f ; monlhn, if not paid when due. in thi.- length of time, 7 1 ",- will he charged fion -ilute of Kale. !•'. i», Humley and rintilon, Atieti.ineeis; Levy " '- ClJrk. .«tatc. j l-'ree hnieh ;u u o'clock; salo will fj.-nrv ''-vln immedluiejy ••'• - - r> N. G. REITZEL, Owner. Nov. .17, 21. Uer. I. a. fi, 7. CHANpERY NOTICE. Cotiiuy, In the Cireuit Ci.urt, January term. ,; Nutiohal Hank Vs. The A, I), -J!»1T. unknown heirs or <}eVh-ei'-« of Mih-,-; j Henry, .h n as* d. and .the unknown •ITS 01; th-vlM-i -s of l.oren/o 1 Irip^'-nd, •Affidavit that itpmn tbit? and dilji;ei!t .,.i(uiry the iinKiiown In ir« or devtsi e,of Miles S.-- ll'-nry. O tlve«'i»set|, and the Hap,«ood, ileeeaMed, -cannot be found auving .been tibd in flu* office of tlu "leik-of the Circuit Court for Hie Co'un v i if and Stat . notice is hereby jti-Ven to .«aid l«-fi'juliiiiijt, that thvj complainant her*!- ofore (ihd .Its- bill of eoinplainl ,„ n,,, 'ileuit Court afiilf--*aid oil tlto Chiui- «!<1»:> there of and tliereupi.ii a ioiiH iHniifd out of >m\il Court i(,'riinJ.t >-.•,,!.(. d<*l.-ni!.int.-i and. eaeh i,| liein- f'> iuv-thr- ttr.s!. Monday >t : th'e .htMUajr, A, rIVJ!»f7. term... if ta\\ll 'ouri, r.e.itif: ,lamia.i.y li-.'t,. A. 'U I.M1T. Id iff rei|H'|r<-d- !»>'_!.. 4 Vi' ami that -c; -it- >lil| pt-iidlni; ma! iiiiilelei niini'il. Charh-M \V. McCall. of Circu'it. Court of White.sidi perijer, Soii.-iiiir fist x..iv. IN. :'^..D.-C. •:. ji Mt'( '.i; i bi D.-.-!-in-,n.|ii)i; •(-,,i,i pl.'w/. vv,-s!lv.iiitr. c'l.-rii plow' 1-l-illCll htubhi.e -H-'i.VV,* Hi ilU'fl Mill,hi. plow,. MJ.jaeh »-i,ii,-.v, : plow. :i-vr.elion •ll'a.H, tU.-i'. .se. dt'l'. eo: n jd.-julff tl.'iti.ii, lUi't;.-!-, hfiy -r,,!,. : .. *'•- - ' t fat fa-^si fur. !inrtj h -.Jtriluer ,f..e- ' v ./ :<•» ,i •,„ \ oiinty,- MUnoi.'t A, A. Wolf 'oinplainanf. Cl-OSlWO OUT I will ia-11 at r!i,sj>m out i Illib' ea:-»t Ml- H.ld. llat .t'i'H.e.S ilKl -pj-operl> .••i-ifb.w fJESDAY, DEC. Cth. ;> II. ad of H.H '""•«• Ui-iij; ntai<->. :j y«-.-.rH..uhl; lav mate, '•\ .v'ea.rn olil,_ba> t'titi, 1 ,v!..aL' old; bay •id, J i 'hoi M . ( }».'ofd; f;ra\ •>l,lle, J'l >e.l|-M ,i|,|; -. I - U.-UJIHV mil I! Head of f'aille a"ii|i,a',t !i:K -of i; jiUfeh i'-iiw:<. M.IHI,- i.iififn.i m fj-e:.h bs ia\ t'.f .-v_i-U.:i-., j ( ve,ir!iiu;; T .siii-ri., , ii,-ife!'^; I f''dr"bTVr-.K ; il DurhiiJii'.lmll K> months old; li. ^jiriiit; ealves. ": 'riiiii i-. biinb-r; 'I'mv r piiis-Ti.'.et i\ itol . TI-:i'.MS OK SALK -All MtiniH of J10 Hid tind.T, e.;sh. Civer this amount froiij dat<- if otherwlfo 7<.v from I" months will be jiiven on ap|)r»veti note bearing ri paid wh.-n ,|u „„,, . ... ,.„,., date-1,f .-ah-, ,\o property removed until .setlhil for. X. A. SCHWJ.3NK. !•. O, Humb-Vand Ira Hoot, Auctioneers; M. K. U'ilfcer, c'lerk. Nov, i4, IT.. Dec. 1. f. 4. C. PUBLIC SATI7 The lunb'i ,-,i.;nrd -Will ofler at public vab- at she .iohn.L. Thompnon farm, I mde Nouth t.f Keiiion. o mi!e« northeast of i:n.. and lu unlit; xouihwofcl of Morrison, on _ .. TiirasDAY, "DKC. i, injuv Sab- will t t.nimt'iit't. at It a. iff\frei> iutii'h at iii;iiii. • N .:> ill: VD of -HI.»ijsi-;s. \ ,'. IIVIAD or; c,.\TTl;tv -cosnprixtV; I't.d'"'! Durham btiil, :j years old ami iV ; ' IM ' "!:!, : , J '" i! ,"' Durham bull, 7-jnonth.« milkers; yeuritnu 3'. I1CAD t;<H(D KKKDINO .S -weif-'hl a boot J<J(s poimdH. ..ilsin buxhel* coni nt crib TKItMS til- SAI.K 12 rn.i;ul»«-f«w .- bankable jiote' \vith in- U-re.'it at Hie rale of tj uer cent, per minim . U'ood, MATT c. T Am tjuneer, Jlatr\ Kit) , , r ifeviM-e* of Henry (.), Jon,.* ,|, C.uneHa Fl Joiiew, wife : .bmew If livlnir. Ja»«<.« Hurr if IHIiiK and If tlwul, the tin known helm .. Hurr, TI M of Jatm-.s ^ nnknowii Im . s iiand of Judith, if HyitiK. Th onknovvn"'wife of Theodore AI. Hurr j HvitiK, Adam I'arkhfll or i'ankhill' i livlrtK and if dead, the unkndwn heir or devlH.e.M of Ailsitn l'arkhili-or I'ank hill, deceased. Kiixabeth Old.s, if liv IIIK- and jf dead, the -unknown hejr.-i o devltjeeH of Kllxabeth Olds, deceasei Joseph Hid, if Jiving ail ,i lf (1 <'ad, ,,,' unknou'n lu>ir»i or dlvwe.H of Jo.scp] ' Itich, deeeaht-d. I-'railk . If liv'in . and if ,h l( | tjye unkmnvh "In ir.s. or <|. Viwees i.,f | 'rank ileeeaKed Th . , unknown Wife of Martin Hurley if li int.'. And the unknown ownern nf ' , Nine I'U), Ten UO), -ei (II), Twelve (i;!), ThlrteY-n n:j) am urlei ii MJ), in I'.loek Three (3), j t Vill:i>:t4 ,,f c ( ,inn, {( | -KO |, iirt - tl f >\>\ m r Kot« Kevin »7) and Mii-ht (S) ii tiii* I'urelatiie. Wlii.-Hid<. County, llli iM, I>ef.--ndantH, hi tfie above' entitle. •ause .-annot be found, • having beet .']l'.:iLJii ii- of- < ^1,-t-K t.f th -"^ — -™ ,-_» — .,,, T 1 t'.~l I\ Sf| \lt ! treuit Court t.f the County of Whiteside and Htate of JllJnulx.- pub|ii> no- «[ce i; t heri'by idven to said defendant* ! . . '.."' '.'""U'lalnatH. heretofore, tttct w.-4 ( bill of eoiijplaint. in the salt! Cir> 'nit Court. In the,Couiny of White.shu itorexnid, on the chance- v «ide then- >r and thereupon a Mimnioii« l-niied tail -t f-,u.| Court ajMinM san fendant.- inn (.ii-h of Hum rt tiirn.ibh' on (In LEGAi; LEGAL NOTICE. wf llltn-ns, 'Anility of \VliMeside. . K 1 _*'')' yi'vsiii Com (.January term, linn;, t Uimiiels.vx. 'Abraham Alder!W.. if living .M.I! if dead. She iinKnowi ielrH.,,r dt vih, <-.s ol" Abraham AUIein i |e.eea«.-d. ]„ ('|,, im ., , ^ Altid.'.v!! upon din- ijud dlln,. i, tujniry Abi-ahvun AldellVr i/ living IN.' t dead, th'.-- ii!>Hno\\u. heis-.s or d< v i-i > if Abialia'm Ai.U'i-fer, • deee.aisnl •!' tlid.'uit-. IK '.!;-.-• ahove vui-iii,,) nt,-, •iimioi be fodtu'l.' having been til.d n he oiVi.-j- til Uie eb/ik of the Cin-iul ( '(.HII'I of, t-hi- '',.;i!!(y of White ub t.m 1 Uiite i.'f lil;.a.i-. publie noiire U b'libv ;iven !,. >:u,l ,i !• salanlK. 1|.;,| |h« . ,.|n ilamant. I,. rrt/a;,(,. jj|,, l( - llls ,,,1, (l| •ompi,,;tit ..u-- Uu . s-Ud .'v.'ii-t-islt dnu rorexaid ou'tt;,-. ,-haiie«.:|.v ,i|de tin not . s uul theieup-.i.. a .--iimmonsi 'isMi. u oui :lf. tile .-,.-11,1 .-,.-n-l at'.liieit j-.ud d< (t Mil Jilt,*-' e.-t.-h ,,( (hi III ri liirn ible 01 the, first M.-u.lav of the .lannan IIIIH A, D. I 111 i 1 , ,,f ;,.Ui! eiilirt. i i>>: lai\ :i'nd tis.-.t i'.-ild eaiirfe j^Xilf j.. nd : mtiii d. W. >. - --.-......ri. >fl« 11*1 .Vondtt) «f Hie Jamiiiry teun A 117 t I* s* - * •' I-I. A, *D |'i| Hid ||.,it . ud c,.:e>.- Is MJJI peiidlm-aVul 'Illut let tniltet) ,„ , , W All-Call. lei k of (he Cueim- Colltjt ,,( \\hile, ijde (-oimtv, lllini'i>,. A. A. \Va(|i*ersper(;M-.. ' .^oliejiur f ' oniplainant, Nov. is, U'.'i, .1 lee. ;'-, FINAL SPECIAL 1 NOTICED ru|)Ui- notu .• e h« M bv j , v < n r). it i" J-.aul ».' 1,0 d Impioii IH. nt> ot I" < i.> of Stciln.-, Illliioi-, HI. •! ,i "' li • ItHuat, ,,| (ompleli. n, a. e. p, uue , u ,,| ,,, [ ,,f ,, ,\i m - .s....n,l Avt. u. Him Ki__LJuJ ,,,n id .stitt l to i;,. '•If.hih Hunt, nn.Kl anil in pih.-un,,, 'I < HH ot ,S|,ijti,, |.i,i.i| ImiutiM nit >i lllll it'll bv- -t'iu' b,, ( tl,( to be luiilii',", " m<i t th, a. . iuiiu4 mli it >i on bond IIJ.I VMIibn , |, U d to UtlUMp.Ut l!, t'lttfi'iiMii or |iie ji^-,1 snout t.ii NJ,, noik, u, UK < ..iintv t'siuif ,,f \Vhit«" j-i^j.- Count;, IHui..^, 01, Aov.mlni . id_ i c i ,iii<it(, il>,o show < that In t n d.,m AlKo .sell nil kindrt of repairs. Uitdi- est prlceH paid for all klndH of ftit run! hlilf>«. Mike, Um $15 Tailor, limh -^!l!IIl!!!l______i_ ' ' " 3l ' tlf WANT TO »Uy~~ALI. KINDK~O junk, nl«o beer bottlon. Will call ft It. H. I-angford. Both phones. __;__ ._:.._...._._.....,:;__ IIS-HO w A NTKI> —- OM> FAi J siT~ : ~TT:irn"i Don't matter. If broken. £ pny f I u' to ffi.Otl ner net. Mail to Mnxcr, i"it» S. I'ifth Kt., I'hilurtelphla. J'a. Wit «end cash by return mall. WA.NTKD— YOUH FKIKNDS WA N* .your photOKrnph. Tli.-y can bu anything,' you can give them Csccp your portrait. Hpecial ChristmaK of fer nt Hit* Weaver Studio, formerU ihn Hnyne's Studio. !L'i'-l I-JKT CAKjIl I'HICH.S I'AIJJ I-'O! hiilen and fur^ ' MaiiKan'« llarnex Shop, SliS'l'irst Ave. . i;,'ji FOU SAM-:—!:;,..) «TAI:K' : I-LAYw pianri, used one year, in perfect t'oii- , "'• 12-H PORRENT oit UI:XT li.«lit hoiise ,. lioard, in modern hou..... A\e <M1I M.-H phoi.f Tl Foil U!;\T - STKUIJN ment St..).- ci.ctiv M, l'i.\\, i room .-uit (;n^> |-'| ( .,t 11"! -i.'Ul* •; \H'I 'o|J liKXT- . l-'ifih St. and MU-w.nHi A-ve. phone 7or,-li|; . .l»S-i;i HKN-T iKij-si: MO lo. ,iti.;.i. .1. A D.'a,,ii .\I<IUI:H.X ) p. n!i \ v . I i 1,1. MAKKS TV!'i:WfiITi l;,M |ii|i< i I 01 Mh- .it -p. ml Hh » - I', i.n t i Mill \Vuit i tn ,,j J.IUM,, jj, i| 7( If ^ou 1 4.\ t,(ti r i tiUhituie o I \|H«l It, I* t,, f.,11 ,;,,. „, K,,.|,Ul 1 vpi VMIttI I:M h.ui^e. .'.I ' I,a,Mt n, J._.''-' I.M IP ,'»tt,i K .mil p'.ultiv i»me- die-'. tlipH, dl*d!lfef I Hit- Mid . mil.try pllidl'etH tl.!.-!'--! 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Dunn ,V Itenhiml, 117 C.,mnit i. , |:id, , Kan -at- Ci(j •M". i«n» \IKN' -(il t U < II.U'.STUVTKD CA'I'A- IOKIII- t Splainw how xvt- teaeh the bar- r_tra<le qllhklv, maih.d fiee. Moler "o|l«'H«' ( ChiCIIKi!. It'il-lfil* VKW UI'H.Dl.N'Ci l.STALL rOSkU'LKTra ami we «n« in p,withm to hnmllp nil KlndK of hhlcH and fur. Will i»ny tha market prl^,, A No want all kfiula at iunk. Don't Kivn away your Junk for nothlmr. Call i). Mantleld on I.orunt' »tieet, ijti-rlliii,, bef<»r»» you «i*ll, ,-Yoti full value for your j» r «i«ln. Both " VI'Tu I'll IK AX|)_^'j||~:i'-T duet $1. AKu Aulo l,!abiii(y* ,uid Aecidt nt InMiianee. Will pas- Jon to st.i.nn-. JIIIUIK II. Haer. Law", l' act I(Itk. . ..T .zu WAENJNa 'i>ri|T|\'KI,i' No Hl'NTlNfiTi'v Oinj . 4 ** *' l ** i **« »» 1*1, tU»ltill\ ia Kendall , Voir Viouaiit. Burl ll'iiHia, C|, i-j Ihn-.hi, U'aid jfamui, *•'.it .-'.',Hi, i,;. Jnim Hi< hatildon, Jan' 1 '•""••' " 12K-138* ' ' K, U. TAYLOR FIRE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE and RENTIfslQ Notary Public Rock Fallfc III. , tt ,,,,,,,, ,,, , , ,,, mnl , id -.ud out!,, in. t. I'M! ha-, b. , i bi!\ A. G. HUBSARD Jhr.l-ni T .,r ud rniiu.iv. mm purchased tlte J»o. D. Arey field notes of the Original Survey of Sterling and Hock Falls. • Boll Phone • St., . Sterling. Ill, S'.li.-'tor l"! «Nuv IS, iff.. I), e .> -i (.; in ii;. 4 ;,ii..:-., W, K. Eye and Health Hi*. 9-12—2-1 Chiu/pr/u-ti,- atul o iteupathio trtifct OUASSES CORRECTLY SfERLINa, ILL, KITTED 9 fc. Th.rd MAMTiN JAN8SKN. -"•!' '-. !.. 1. i,'

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