The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on May 8, 1929 · Page 3
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The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1929
Page 3
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JUWilKU ttUtALDi WTBDNBSDAY, MAY 8, im, f AO! THEM EIGHTH GRADE EXERTS HELD fctat CoMMNKMMBt PNPUI Held t Diytownj 81 Pnptta Receive Orttfieatrs Joint Om eighth grade tod first aid claase Ptau of tit lead tag role la Mad-wei-e held in the Crescent Heights Butterfly," the Rod path Chaotaa-publio school, Dalsytown, West Pike ' announced for Unloatown, At Hun Township, Washington" county, ut 1-T, lnehulro. night under auspices of school officials and Qoal Company. the The a was the fl'(t to be held In Pennsylvania war when, following her debut lnlxft-ftT PUU,C Schp01 oh'ldren P"-!Ion a. "Madame Butterfly," she ap-tjolpa ted. Sixty-one pupils at the peared in the same role with the OhE Sohool were graduated last night and cago Civic Opera Company. She hM oei tineates. . , I England and Spain, and for the Em- Jolnt programs were presented with Peror of Japan, the President of j f iun- assistant superintendent Pranoe, and Presidents Wilson and of tHe Washington county schools, de- Harding of the United States. In ad-llverlng Hie commencement address dlllon, she -has toured Italy Spain nd Raymond Carson, principal of the Central and South America, ""England' Oreeoent Heights school, giving the United States, Canada and her own address of welcome. Japan. The oourse In first aid was a part wkol.ji 4v-Of the extra work of the school. It Is f"! th.S "I"""1 of the first time In the history of the J?1- "'"qua will ofTer state that this has been accomplish- r ??et? , Zl,. Three mM ed. school officials state. i f?!' Evolving mirth, master tuiuds The two programs together, with f dmyterl' '! bullt hout thre W he names of the students comprising chel wh h,aTe liTeS toSHar for the two demonstration teams the ears- rneir existence has become a names of thoae receiving certificates ma"er ?f routine. All of them, In thelr and the Instructors follow.- youth, have been In love with the Charles Bradeu, supervising prinol- 8ame ,rl- There Is a brilliant blend pal, West Plko Run Township. ' . of laughter and tears In this play Devotional exercises, the Kev. J. C, w",ch rBa for solid year In New Teysaler. I Song by Class Weloome Sweet Address of Weloome, Edward Wells, Recitation, Frank lllar ' . Radio Broadcasting, by Okas of 129. , Reudlna. Katherinn Wnrlsrorth CloBlng Address, Walter OakB. Presentation of Medals, Clyde Nix- on. ' Address, A. B. Blntt, aBSlstant au- "nal2 fMsons, Steve Popovlch, Eu-psriutondent of oounty schools. I ?T?"S Soloraon. Joe Quattlo, Sarah ProHentatlon of DlploemB. Closing Song, by Class. First Aid Exercises Demonstration of Team Problem, girl team-Demonstration of Team Problem, hoy team. Direction of O. 0. Hen nessey, safety engineer ttowell. safety and personnel manag- . 1 ar i-AsninsKy, Bteve Mateleska, Favolto ?tr.w4 Origin of American National Red' Joseph Laiar, Walter Kotula, Nloho-' oireei OroBS, Miss F. Elna Smitten, director ' Bloglck, Jas. Presto, Barbara! . ', Of First Aid, Pittsburgh chapter. ! Dowler, Agues Warro, Gay Bean, ' . Establishment of a credit bureau Induatrlsl and School First Aid, Dr! John Bodak, Edward Bower. Hattie "J" h0 Unlontown Dairymen's Aaso-0. C. Well, chief surgeon Pittsburgh Kochanska, Helen Andler. Rose 0JaUon was decided upon last night Ooal Company. i Bender, John Spetek. Rl tne monthly meeting of the organ- . Presnlatloti of American Rod1 Julia Stenson, Botty Slloh. Adela f,a"nh,d U, John8 oalry gross Cortlflcates.- Miss F. Elna McClosky, Lillian Duran, Joseph Spo- i,!"nt i E?8t PJ'ette street. The bu-ftu'ttw jtek. Eluo HvUanerL MlcWl wn l" haa "nder conslderaUon Addreii of Acceptance, Raymond. SmSOXK DANDY a Mother's day Beautifully Boxed Chocolate The Tiffin with Its rose ovcliid or cam nt ion decoration, $1.50. LiggettB' cliost package, SI. 50 and $8.00. Reymci-'s, Whitman, NoitIb, PRICED $1.00 TO $7.50 CANDY DEPARTMENT FAYETTE DRUG CO. 3iitiwwniif!iiiiiwiiimiiiiii High Standards of Rightness Apply Also to Grogan Prices TUG r m),, M M rf i. mU, 1 W IWt ..uij.... ffvt the rroqan JawasVane.iwMw.tvansJliTM. WoodStW6Av. UNWNTOWN TO SEE CHAUTAUQUA ! AUGUST 1-7; JAPANESE PRIMA DONNA HEADS LIST OF SINGERS The diminutive Japanese slncer. Amariron uilu. A- ;u nr 1,1 , Carson, principal Orescent Hoi.iii sohool. Teachers of the sohool-Raymoud non' Slajnl w"Bon. Bauer, Mary Roberts, Nellie Mitchell. Sarah ran on, jean Uiendlal, Anna Veverka. , . i , W0."TMry . Llsko, Margaret "ud"ley', MBd1!ne "V- ' Mary Bo- dak, Jack Zahareurlx, Edward WellB, "uis inomaa, Martin Ham Wells, Louis Thomas, meronaiK, Anthony Albanxo, Rose Blltxmsn, Ruby Miller, Paul Foster. Julia Branswllch, John Doran, Rose Klemantovlck, Vincent McKean Gladys Paxton, John Kruella, Sue Golmlts, Anna Qaraleo, Stelta Bedro, Genevieve Bean, Jack Alheuxe. Hel- en Kowaiesyk, Joseph Sccasky. John Muapdo. Biirlv HirVn Bni,rt ClUJ h W rf. jintv r4,l Jv( tn puKbulng any htm of mtrtlundlK tt Gropn't Watch, iruig of nutcHcd Perli, s Silver Sftvic, sn object of Art c slmpU kithct Bill Fold be swuctd of the utmow valu. AU Grogan warn art juK that thought in mind, to purchutr the greatm pottibl value. 3 omnanu Ctof-tBijg, Plttsbur9K,M Tork Ofty. when originally produced by John OoMen. The second play, "BHddlag," to, according to the New Tork Bun, "a skilful mixture of pathos and laughter." Its newness, and popularity are emphasised by the fact thai It has been running In New York CHty ilncelaat Kay. The story concerns judge Hardy, his wife, his Interesting son and daughters. The scene Is laid In an Idaho town. Chautauqua's opening day will pre sent, me jugo-Hiav Tamburlc Orchestra, headed by Joseph Rotkvio. and Hilton I. Jones with his leoture-denv onstratlon, "Science and the Future.? There will be a big day for Junior ohautauquans, with Henry and Company featuring magio. Illusions, oray-on sketches and sand plotures. There will he a Fairyland Frollo In which many of the' youngsters will have a onance to take part. In addition to Hilton I. Jones, lecturers will Inolude Chief Nlpo Strongheart, of the Yakima jndlan tribe; Waldo B. Stephens, a popular young speaker who toured the Redpath circuit In 1924, and Captain "Dlnnle" Upton, "big brother to a hundred thousand kids." Further announcements will Inolude Bpeakors and musical companies scheduled for an Important part on the program. nr, mm. - . i7 j'hn Ham.!!, 'OB" p' l1S,,MAM-iJrl,:1 f"if.n' Ca?i1aLnArn Gaveleo, Sue T , S,t6llft Bedro, Ruby Mlllor, . JODn KrueUa captalr Vincent JJ M,rtln Hammerohalk. CREDIT BUREAU ' DAIRYMEN'S PLAN i .Dii. x7l m . .... AClatlon Votes To Establish Bottle Exchange at 30 East lo f0?1.8 time and final decision to alderable dlscuBslon by members. A list of all delinquent accounts due members of the prganlxatlon will be kepi ou file. After a suitable length of time In whlob to pay the account has paBBod, It Is planned by the members to dlBcontlnuo Bprvlce to the customer. Nor will other mom- Dors or the organliatlon cxlend oredit until the former account Is paid In full. A bottle oichango Is to be aet up at 30 Bast Fayette stroet In chavgo of Mr. Myers and horo all bottles gHth-ered by moiubors of the organliatlon will bo concentrated and soparnlod. Then they will be returned to Ihelr rightful ownora. ' INVITES PUBLIC TO MEETING The Patent-Teacher Association of the Continental No. 2 school will hold Its Anal nieotlng for tho year on Thursday night. Special prepm-atlou has bceu mado for tho program which will Include addresses by tho Kev. Dr. B. A. Hodll, pastor of tho Third Presbyterian church of Unlontown, and Mark Gorton, a member of the board of directors. The Joy Makers Orchestra will furnish the music. The public la Invited to come and enjoy tho following program: Devotions) exereiaeB. followed by an address the Rev. Mr. Hodll. Music by the school orchestrn. Reading. "Mltle Angel" Cecelia Kulchock. Rending. "To the violet" Ruth Holyflrld. Mush'. "Flow Gently. Sweet Afien" -Catherine Murphy. Exhlhltlon by the '"Tumbling Team," coached by Mr Thomas. "Sons; of I he Thrush" Hotly Mor-gansky. Itoctiatlnn. "Speak the Truth' Sally Derrybeiry. "Ship of suite' Domlnee Mnrglie-reto. "The Psilor ret" Ruth MeCor-mlck. "Two Ulltle Hoes" Oelores Given and Miirthn ConetBro. "History of llnttercupsi" lletjlnii Powluk and Virgil Colbert. Child and Pel Dove"---Mary Dealko. "Try. Try Again" Mnry Ciilnev "If Vou Have a Friend Worth liv-iiiK Kttii T. Glllen." Wanda Rout True Illuo Dialog -Maignrei Km pus. Hoborl Doyle. Michael .Morgnn-Bky and Russell Hnlnea. Mualc DeVnult sisters. Guitar solo Robert H. Tluimaa. "Arbor Day" Frank Holyfleld and Cor.ella Kulchook. Duet H. Paul Tnimnn ami How-ai-d F. Thomas. Climbing Alone Georgian Holyfleld. Address Mark Gorton. Music Joy Milkers Orchestra. Business. PATROL STARTS DRIVE ON CAR HEAOLIQHT8 Twelve allegod violators of the headlight Chilians of tho stale motor code were noilftod to appear for hearings before a JiiiMro-or-the-peaoe lust nlfrlit whon thali'machlnes were halted at WhlHile. l'ark, near Commits-vllln, hy Slate lllghwtiy Palrolmea McKoo and Rnylo, 'The officers olalm to have louad many of the headlights out of focus and many drivers operating Iholr machines with only one headlight burning. DEATHS . . or, uewa rnrsyxna ranger, a sister of aire. Clyde Hxweberry of this city, 4M at her home la . Warren, Ohio, Tuesday night, May 1, 1J, at night. May T, 1J, at 8 o'clock. Mr. Ringer Is tnrrtred by tentlon of the members of the Slater-her husband, Asa B- Ringer; a daugL- hood of Temple Israel at their meet ter, Mary Adele at home, and. In ed- In Tuesday afternoon. Orflcers for dlUon to Mrs. Roseberry, three le- the hew year are! President, Mrs. tors .and a hrothert Mrs. Jessie ' William Baumj vice-president, Mrs. Brownneld of Morgantown road, Mrs. Rachael Hirsh; secretary, Mrs. B. B. Mary Magargle and Miss Alice For- Sadulsky; treasurer, Mrs. Myers sythe, both of Philadelphia, and John Bree- N.. Forsythe of Oklahoma City. Okla. I The report on the chapel and the The body will be brought to Union- Hppy Day Fund was given by Miss town today on the 7:40 p. m. Pennsyl- Roue Stern and Mrs. Sadowsky. as: vanla train. It will be taken to the aocretaiy, presented a summary of Brownfield home, runeral arrange-' the activities of the Sisterhood dur-menti will be stated later. j ti8 the year. The financial report of the treasurer was given by Mrs. A. J06EPH RA.TICA. 8. Preedman. Joseph Ratlca, aged 89 years, died A number of contributions were rest his home In Centerrtlle, Washing-1 celved for the National Jlarm Bchool ton oounty, Monday morning, May 6, ln Doylostown. Further donations will 1829, at 8:81 o'clook. He Is survived ue accepted, however, from those who by his widow, Mrs. Anna Ratlca; two wore Prevented from sending yester-chlldren, Anna and Joseph, Jr. a sis- da5' md may be sent to Mrs. Abo ter, Katie, ln Europe, and three Cohen, 2110 Wilson avenue, brothers, George of Denbo Heights, ' Mra- Abe Cohen, outgoing presi-Mlke of Milwaukee, WU., and John dont' waB hoatoas at the tea which) of Detroit, Mich. I concluded the meeting and Mrs. I Funeral services will be held lq Hirsh and Mrs. O. M. Silverman, aa-I the home Thursday afternoon at 2 8lflte(1 by other officers of the organ-i o'olock, followed by burial ln Bridge- i Nation, were In charge at the tea ta-port oemetery, Brownsville. We which waa lighted by tall silver ; candle stlck9 and centered by a green HATT1E IRWIN I Wut of unuaua variety which at- Mrs. Hattie Irwin, aged 88 years, traded much favorable comment. A colored, died at her home ln Daisy- 8eI"ral color scheme of green and town Monday morning, May 6, 1929, 1 yellow wua used throughout. ! at 8 o'olock after a lingering Illness. Tue next mooting will be held the j She Is survived by her husband, I-ee rsl Tuesday ln October at which irwln; olght children, Willie of Phil- odelpuia, Prank of Detroit, Mich., Minnie and John of DaUytown, Ivy of Muskegon, Mich., and Eseley, Em- mitt and Rusaelle at home, and two BlBtera and two brothers In Alabama. Funeral arrangements will be. Hated later. POSTER AWARD CONTEST ENDS So overwhelming response rt the nitS' townswi!. Hdw00'Blvo 010 berB ah opportunity to of the county to display their ability In art ln connection with the poster award contest sponsored by the Flsy-ette County Tuberculosis Society that the committee of JudgeB experienced considerable difficulty In reaching their verdict, according to the Judges. More than one hundred posters poured Into the rooms ocoupled by the society fn the Citizens Building during the last few, days and yeBter-day these wero examined In order to determine which one should merit the S gold piece offered as the prize nf tho .. , T i TvT , kiiiV I oy me organization. The contest was a part of the recent Early Diagnosis. I campaign conducted throughout the county and purposed to stimulate the I active Interest of the children ln ha-i bits of health which are the foundation for-the prevention of disease as well as to foster their artistic tenden cies. In making the decision, the committee of Judgea, consisting of Mrs. Charles H. Smith, chalrmau; MIbs ; Ida Gray, art supervisor; Miss Sara Miller, school nurse, and MIsb Helen , artl3tle- Tl16 exact nature of Die N'. Carroll, assistant superintendent of ! rize and tn0 names of the Judges will county schools, divided the posters ! oe disclosed at an early date. Into two groups: those offered by borough am) city schools and those I , BAKER CLASS from Die townships. Tho winning pos- I rho Bakor jjn,e oass of St pmli.3 ter for the first group was entitled '"heran church was entertained last "Ten Hours' Sleep" and was the com- n,eht at the home of Mrs. Charles L, poultc production of about twenfy- i Davidson In West Main street. Mra. flvo pupils ln the second, grade of the 1 w- p- Harader was Joint hostess, lri Kast End school, Uniontown, of which addition to discussing a number of Miss Grace Brooko Is tho teacher. business items of Interest to mem-The winner ln the townships waa bora only, the class decided to hold u Miss Violet Gracheclk, a pupil of the, foo(1 sa'e next Saturday morning, May slxih grade In the Williams Addition ' n ia the room occupied bv the Rei- ; school, bouth Union township , entitled "Joy In Health." Honorable i mention was mado of the posters sub-' mlttcd from the Browufleld aud Lelth 1 schools of South Union and from, j Brownsville township. To each of the winners, a 5 gold piece will be awarded at an early dato by a representath from the County Society. So leclded m.iKe it; an annual affair. sleepy Hollow," by Ira B. Wilson The winning posters, together with The text Is adapted from the familiar those given honorable mention and a classic, of Washington In Ina- Ser-numliar of others of special Interest, ' eral new numbers in addltlnr Tin X. on aispla In the window of hey Hardle, presided of Syria Temple Automobile Club, has named every week. J. Milton Ryall a general chslrmsnl Slop that acute Indigestion In a few for the mystery danoe and oard party minutes with Just one tablespoonful to be held at the mosque Thursday, of this grand stomaoh regulator The committee has elx treasure boxes Tako It regularly for two weeks and and a key Is being sent to each mem-'you'll learn tho secret of how to al-ber of the organization. The boxes ways have and kocp a strong healthy will be ready for opening at 9 p. m., stomach. and those holding the luoky keys will . Don't rink a cent. Say to Fayette be entitled to the treasure contained Drug Co "I want a bottle of Dare's 'hrln- , t Mentha Pepsin, and It it doosn't do The muelc will be furnished by me a whole lot of goon I want my Jlmnvy Benton and his Colonial Oroh- money back." eetrs and the dancing will be In It will be walling for you. Knowing oharge of Jaok Bowman. Thar will Its great upbuilding power, every be cards from to 1 1 under the dlreo- druggist guarantee this pleasant to Hon of Maurice Cavltt. take elixir. Advt. S. SOCIETY T1MPH ftlSTKRHOOD BleoUon of offieers and the receipt of annual reports for the year front the outgoing officers ocoupled the at- umo lne "w orucerB wra assume charge. ' MARRIAGE LICENSES James G. Murray Connellsvtlle I Jennie Speelman Connellsvillo Joseph B. FlnchunuHarrlBontrarg. Va. Maggie Hi Turner.. Calypson, N. C, John B. Curry.. Oliver Lois B. Jackson Unlontown ENSEMBLE PROGRAM ' At a meeting nf Ihn llnlnntmi-n Muslo Club Monday alglit It was de- ensemble program which waa scheduled to have been held May 20 at the Asbury Mothodlst church ln order to 1 oiegmuna Spaeth of NVsw York City at the dinner meeting spon sored by the Quota Club on tho same night. Dr. Spaeth is coming to Unlontown ln the interest of the Community Concert proposition which will be considered at the dinner by a group of representatives from the community. Persons listening In on Radio Station WEAP last Sunday night heard Dr. Spaeth with the "Old Colony Singers." SCHOOL ART8 EXHIBIT Mlaa Ida Gray, supervisor of art for the Unlontown public schools, announces a School Arts Exhibit to be held ln tho room formerly ocoupled by the Silverman store In the Fay. otte Title and Tni3t Building. The exhibit will continue for oue week beginning Wednesday, Mav 15 Par tlclpanta will be pupils In all grades of the publlo schools from the first to the ninth Inclusive. A prtzo will be awarded by tho Unlontown Art Club for the work which is adiudeert most Electric Company. .Morguntowu street. The sale will o'clock. SOUTH UNION CANTATA In observance of Music Week an uiinment win he offerod nir.. 1 of the Areford chool of South Union ! township at S II: present tho unnu r. r j 1 music rendered dnrlmr the oounty contest will be offered by tho 1 orchestra. Friends aud natron the school are extended a cordial In- Take Pepsin the New Way and Win Stomach Comfort Oollnhtful Elixir With I Menthol and Other Suprt Stomach Aids 3k ll.,l "i-..c. hellions stomach It couple of weeks to turn It Into n stronpr. healthy one, capable of dlgest-R th heartP9, u,,lB without after Your stomach needs pepsin needs-It Ihreo times a day for ahout two weeks. Tho stomach remedv that you need Is Dare's Months, Pepsin. It will do you more good In two weeks than all the old tlmo relievers will do In a lifetime. That's Just tho reason that Its sales In good drug stores all over America are enormous thata wliv rnvuin Drue Co. Is BBllIno- iorn. nt A New 4-Pieces in Mahogany As Illustrated 219 In every way the entire suite is built up to the highest standard of construction. Long after this low price is even forgotten, remains the satisfaction of owning and showing a truly fine group. This stylo is sure to livo through the years and you really must see it on our floors to fully appreciate its value. Suite includes full size bed, dresser, vanity and chest of drawers. See This Suite In Our Window vllatlon to come and manifest their Interest Miss Bertha Loriaux, music supervisor for the schools of South Union township, has oeeu In charge of the training of the caBt aud has been assisted by Mrs. .N'elle South, instructor In tho eighth grade of the Areford school. There will be a small admission fee. The program In full follows: Tho Eagle's Nest, Overture V- Emll Iseman Serenade Frunz Schubert Andante from the "Surprise Svm- phony" p. j. Haydn Tannhauser March Wagner High Sch'ool Orchestra Norwegian Dance Edward Ones Fairy Dolls Waltz. Ferdlnand Beyer Marcho Mllitatre Frauz Schubert IBgh School Orohestra Nocturne" arieg Polonaise Chopin Betty Ricks Cautata, "The legend of Sleepy Hollow" Ira 13 Wllsou Tho Headless Horseman The School Master The Heroine, Kalrlna Broni Boues. the Rival Dark Plots An Autumn Sueue Going to Van Tassel s . The Purty The Keel and a Grost Story The He irj Hid MUSIC CLUB 23. Is for the nl hlch ne sponsored by the 1'nlontu Music Club both afternoon aud t nlng at the White Swan Hotel. 1 Party in the afternoon will be es dally for women while tho men Play at night. The generous supn of the public Is asked so that Ihe i coeds may be more than smllcteni take care of Ihe philanthropic act ties of (ho club. Tho Interest of community I assured In view of fact that this Is the only affair which the club makes any charge MINING COURSE LIMITED TO 30 STATU C.OU.HUK. Pa.. May 7 The free course ln coal mining given annually at Ihe IVnnaylvniiln Stato college, will bo limited this year to SO men, Dean Kdward Rteldle of the School of Mines and Metallurgy announced today. Tho course Is offered from June 24 to July 20. The course la designed tor young minors desiring" to advance themselves by preparing for state e.Ynmlna-tlons for fire hoss, asalslant mine foreman and mine foreman. For thuse ',fn?y h?m,n positions 1 horo wil. be advanced oouraes In underground managements, coats, aud safe- will bo under the dlreotlon of IVofcf -s.. . 11 iilm sn, in chargo of Ihe col-lego mining extonslon service, ami -""' "no. win oe directed by: ftank SIumIIb. Both men are eerllO-j d first grade mlue femou, nocturne Arrival the college Is a stale Institution no tuition Is charged students, their only expense at the college being room aud board for four weeks, and many In the past have been able to earn this amount. Tho U. S. Bureau of Mines will send Its safety car lo State college dtirlug the summer aud training will be offered In mine rescue and tlrsl aid. for which certificates will ha FURNISHES BAIL Albert Itobblns of Council held for court on a charge ing while intoxicated when ; Coniiallsvllle last leased under ball rested last week Pasolas when he his automobile oi BEAN BEETLE SPRAY We are headquarters tot-all kinds of spraying male-rial and sprayers. BotU-r buy from people who know the spraying game. Fayette Farmers Supply Uniontown, ti. A Message To Underweight Men and Women building tonli 5' Tr!Kl" 1 Coy's Tiihlnis Ironclad guaraut sixty cent boxefi or 2 Oue !olUir 1

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