Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on February 9, 1947 · 4
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 4

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 9, 1947
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Sunday Feb 9 1947 4—Sec 1—FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM $50000 for Labor Probe Requested ATTRACTIVE BRIDE-TO-BE IS LEGLESS AND ONE-ARMED On labor bills Tuesday in Shanghai was sentenced to — life imprisonment by a Chinese - Henderson Resident court Saturday for collaboration with the Japanese Will Be Buried Today HENDERSON Feb 8 (Sp!)— Funeral services for John Ilenry Johmson 73 who was found dead from a heart attack Friday night in his pasture in the northern part of Rusk County in Forest Home community will be held Sunday afternoon at Forest Homel Baptist Church He is survived by his widow' two sons F C and Rayford of Fort NVorth and three daughters 'Mrs Phil Birdsong Kilgore Mrs Luther Dickerson Cleveland and Iklrs R V Bertelsman Bruce Mrs M H Duncan 65 Lubbock Resident Dies LUBBOCK Feb 8 1Sp1)--Mrs IQ IL Duncan 65 Lubbock resident for 22 years and sister of Dr J Frank Norris of Fort Worth died Saturday morning in a Lub-1 bf)7k hospital Dr Norris will assist RevStaleyl IkValdron and Dr J Ralph Grant1 Lubbock pastors in services Sunday at the First Baptist Church She is survived by her husband former superintendent of schools here a son Rev Homer Duncan Lubbock: two daughters Miss! Dorothy N Duncan Lubbock and Miss Ruth N Duncan missionary in China Funeral Set Today For Palestine Woman PALESTINE Feb 8 (Spl)--H Funeral services will be held at the First Christian Church here! Sunday afternoon for Miss Maryi Ella Pipkin for many years a cler-: ical employe of the Missouri Pa-: cific here who died Friday night after a long illness Services will be conducted by Rev Joe Berry' and burial will be in Chambers Cemeter: near Elkhart Were Stomach Ulcer Pains Napoleon's Waterloo? i ete great Napoleon who conquered notions win himsel a victim of °floc-coating poins Tcse to cusp distressod with stomach or v'cor pains indigestion gas ooins heart issrn horning sentatioa bloat and other rvnditions coutd b5 stxcess acid should tcyl Coq° Ger a 25c bey of (Macs tablets horn yaw druggist First dote must convincol or reurn hi to us and get DOUBLE YOUR SSONEY BAClC—Acv 4 LOS ANGELES Feb 8 M—Clover Kerr 29 came out of a traffic accident 10 years ago with only onearm and no legs Undaunted she fought her way back to a normal existence which includes walking riding horseback dancing and writing And next Friday evening she will become a bride The attractive Miss Kerr whose cheerful attitude through a difficult decade has been an inspiration to her friends will walk to the altar to become the wife of Clark Robert Taylor of Roseburg Ore at the First PresbyterianChurch there After the accident which occurred here Miss Kerr was in a critical condition for weeks Later she learned to walk on artificial legs learned to write with her left hand and played piano compositions designed for the left hand alone She became self-supporting and recorded her own story in a book titled "Banners of Courage" She was a personnel supervisor for a war contracting firm here during the war At one time she conducted a radio program Miss Kerr met Taylor while living with her parents Mr and Mrs John T Kerr in Roseburg House Committee to the altar to become the wife of Clark Robert Taylor of Rose- as assistanL secretary 01 bListLe burg Ore at the First PresbyterianChurch there - Alallory practiced law in Mc Seeks to Broaden Its After the accident which occurred here Miss Kerr was in a Allen from 1928 to 1940 He wa ! critical condition for weeks Later she learned to walk on artis called to active duty as a reservc Investigation of Unions captain in December 1940 ficial legs learned to write with her left hand and played piano He served as assistant stall compositions designed for the left hand alone ' - - judge advocate in headquarters ol WASHINGTON Feb 8 ("TO — She became self-supporting and recorded her own story in a the Eighth Service Command ex The House labor committee which book titled "Banners of Courage" She was a personnel super- ecutive officer on the staff of thf visor for a war contracting firm here during the war At one time started out to write a new labor judge advocate's office in 31''' she conducted a radio program Army headquarters executive law ought Saturday to broaden Miss Kerr met Taylor while living with her parents Mr and officer and acting judge advocats its hearings into a S50000 investi- Mrs John T Kerr in Roseburg - -' in 6th Army headquarters stall gation of "all complaints of union ' judge advocate 7th headquarter! racketeering" special troops 4th Army and stall Chairman Hartley said that if FULTON LEWIS JR - IS HIT - Ajurdmgye advocate headquarters CI the House grants the money the The new assistant secretary of committee also 14 ill "make any i I d ne I state has served as real estate at- other investigations into the en- tire labor situation which would Elhott o s wit Insulte tfoicreoy i n tion since August 1946 f t hteh the Veterans id u bbock Aregional dm i n i s t ro af - help in writing the bill" I a la This he said would involve 4 - As a member of the American sending subcommittees into the Legion he was adjutant and board field to look into complaints Friend Lands Purich member while living in McAllen Three days ago he disclosed plans and was a member of the legion's to send out investigators who will executive ' board from Hidalgo NEW YORK Feb 8 IINS)-- studio of the Mutual Broadcast- get the views of rank-and-file County Fulton Lewis Jr radio commen- ing System after a "Meet the union men on labor legislation Fruit Dealers Testif tator nursed a sore jaw Satur- Press" radio progr a m during y day as the result of a quarrel which Elliott and the trip he Architect Session Ilartley first announced the with Elliott Roosevelt Elliott's and - Faye made to Russia were committee's new plan Friday wife Faye Emerson of theisubject to considerable criticism nir'ht after hearing testimony movies and Dick Harrity pub- ' Dick Harrity a friend of El- el in Fort Worth from eight witnesses representing li h s er s representative liott's took the:punch at Lewis Philadelphia fruit and vegetable dealers The "battle" was staged in the spectators 'agreed but Lewis a Worth sturdy fellow himself absorbed Fort w as chosen Saturday These witnesses testifying un-i started def d h if by directors of the Texas Society 9 t and to enimse der ooaththe AFL Teamsters said officials of Local! in and of Architects as the site of the 92f Union! Trucker Charged when guards stepped halted the fracas organization's 1947 conventioa in had -coerced" and "intimidated "1 holesale produce October according to Milton B them and virtually shut down thel In Fatal Wreck w Guards said Harrity "struck McGinty Houston president Philadelphia A ! t ithout warning" and described' At the all-day meeting in Hotel market the blow as "strictly a sucker Texas directors also voted to Ilartley also disclosed he was! PLAINVIEW Feb 8 (Sp1)-- recommend to state authorities sending a telegram to the hi and Robert C Miller 31 truck drivel puncn i the Philadelphia director of public of Odessa was charged with mur Elliott Lewis Warren Moscow neW ru les and regulations which ' i safety asking "complete protec- der without malice Saturday after-land Henry J Taylor had been on would permit incorporation n tion” for the witnesses because noon at Tulia in connection with the broadcast with Lewis Mos school designs of features for In- "these men are seriously afraid of the deaths Thursday night of three cow and Taylor taking turns at creasing efficiency safety and physical violence" Floydada young people in a truck-questioning Elliott on his tour of health standards Hartley said the committee hadlautomobile collision five miles the Soviet Union Officers and directors at the authorized him to send the tele - south of Tuna t Many of the questions were meeting were: McGinty J L gram and to ask the House leader-1 Miller's examining trial will besharp and tempers were frayed Downing Henderson vice presiship to support an appropriation! set when he is able to leave theas the broadcast ended dent R J Pfeiffer Houston sec-of 530000 for the special investi- Tulia hospital where he is under' Leaving the studio Elliott and retary-treasurer Thomas D Broad gation treatment Lewis got in a verbal quarrel Dallas Leo M J Dielmann San Union Cries 'Smear' The three victims of the wreck in the corridor leading to the Antonio President M Geren Fort Lewis G Hines legislative rep- were Glenn Carmack 17 son of'elevators over a broadcast Lewis Worth D C Maddux San Angelo resentative of the AFL told re- Mr and Mrs C B Carmack Ken-thad made some time ago in which John Linn Scott Austin William porters the produce dealers were neth Finley 18 son of Mr and he referred to financial dealings C Townes Amarillo and ' L W "tryirg to put over a smear! Mrs R F Finley and Nita Merle of a Texas radio network in which Pitts Beaumont - Lew is G Hines legislative rep- were Glenn Carmack 17 son ouelevators over a broadcast Lewis resentative of the AFL told re- Mr and Mrs C B Carmack Ken-thad made some time ago in which porters the produce dealers werejleth Finley 18 son of Mr and he referred to financial dealings -tryirg to put over a smear Mrs R F Finley and Nita Merleof a Texas radio network in which against the union" Patterson 16 daughter of Mr andi Roosevelt was interested Eines also addressed the corn Mrs J F Patterson all of Floyd- As the argument grew hot Miss mittee after Fridays hearing and ada ' Emerson stepped in to back up asked for an equal opportunity for Funeral services for Kenneth her husband Lewis turned to her the union to be heard next week 'Finley were held Saturday after- and said - - - The committee decided to heari noon Rites for young Carmack the union representatives underl will be held Sunday afternoon and "Why you don't know Anything oath—probably Tuesday after-1 Miss Patterson's funeral will be about this You weren't even noon Monday afternoon there" All day Monday and Tuesday Carmack and Finley were Floyd- Elliott said that Lewis had im-1 morning the committee will hear ada high school athletes and Miss Plied ' that -Faye was a "liar' 1 testimony on both sides of the I Patterson was the football sweet- After a few more exchanges dur-i Philadephia Record case Repre- heart last year- All Floydada itig which 'Elliott is said to have sEntatives of the CIO American schools were closed Friday out called Lewis a "liar" among oth-1 Newspaper Guild will appear Non- of respect for the three students er names Harrity stepped in wit-day and J David Stern who sold nessed said and bit Lewis the Record after a Guild strike ' Chinese Sentence Italian The melee was quieted down ! wall appear Tuesday morning i and Elliott and Faye left after The Senate labor committee SHANGHAI Feb 8 (Reuter's) Elliott apologized for calling! Ivhich heard Harold E Stassenl G Bordandini former reputy Lewis a liar and Lewis had apol-1 Friday kip resume its hearings!commander of Italian naval forcesogized on the chance he had hurt 1 PHOTOREFLEX STUDIO m: Faye's feelings Lewis said: "I did not make any insinuitI tions about Mrs Roosevelt and I do not intend to insult ladies?' '“4k08 (PLotoRetiex 6hou6 tiou albZ tke colgie6! Each angle of your face is different Naturally you want your portrait to he your hest view How can you be sure this will be clone? Be photographed by our PhotoR eflex Mirror Camera! The mirrors reflect the three angles of your pose—you choose the one you like best Lefore the photographer takes your picture Our Valentine Specials are still n effect No appointment necessary Proofs submitted FIFTH FLOOR It Texas State Secretary Aide Is Appointed AUSTIN Feb 8 (JP)—Secretary of State Paul H Brown Saturday announced appointment of Col Kirk L Mallory of San Antonio as assistant secretary of state Mallory practiced law in McAllen from 1928 to 1940 He was called to active duty as a reserve captain In December 1940 He served as assistant staff judge advocate in headquarters of the Eighth Service Command executive officer on the staff of the judge advocate's office in 3rd Army headquarters executive officer and acting judge advocate in 6th Army headquarters staff judge advocate 7th headquarters special troops 4th Army and staff judge advocate headquarters 4th Army The new assistant secretary of state has served as real estate attorney in the Lubbock regional office of the Veterans Administration since August 1946 As a member of the American Legion he was adjutant and board member while living in McAllen and was a member of the legion's executive board from Hidalgo County Kerens Undertaker Dies CORSICANA Feb 8 VP)—P: N Stockton 57 Kerens funeral director died at his home Friday night Funeral rites are planned at Kerens Sunday i S DAVID RUGE With New Face 'APE BOY' HAPPY Faces New Life With New Face GRAND RAPIDS Mich Feb 8 M—David Ruge once called the "ape boy" Saturday turned his new face toward a new life The 17-year-old Chicago boy his formerly ugly features remodeled by a Grand Rapids plastic surgeon will head home Sunday or Monday with the blight of his past attempts at crime behind him "I'm glad to be on my way home" said Ruge who last year admitted trying to extort money for the necessary operation— which Dr Ferris Smith here performed without charge "My face looks fine and the doctor says it's going to look a lot better" lie said he would return to his job with a Chicago ilass company no longer fearful of taunts of fellow 'workers The youth posed for his first post-operative pictures Friday and the improvement by Dr Smith was plain Nearly gone were the misshapen features that once had given him a ferocious appearance "There has not been sufficient time for a complete reorganization of the boy's face and ears" Dr Smith explained "but I am thoroughly pleased with his progress toward recovery" Iii GLASSES CONVENIENT TERMS DR OLIVE HATCHER OPTOMETRIST Office et WOLF 1 KLAR-1503 MAIN iii LADIES' 18-INCH $61005 Overnight Case e-P - LADIES' 2I-INCH $f920 Week-end Case AO° LADIES' 24-INCH $0-1440 Tourister LADIES' 26" '4 " 6 Bus Case LADIES' 29" 29 Pullman Case 5 All Prices Subject to 20 Federal To Initoind in Gold or Silver FREE! AIALITE LUGGAGE This good luggage fashion right air life—built like a plane Amelia Carhart luggage is satisfying to the sight from the inside and out So expertly made so scientifically constructed it will serve you handsomely for years For travel by plane by train by ocean liner MEN'S 24-INCH s60°5 Two Sutter MEN'S 21-INCH $360S Companion Case Texas Sailor One of 3 Dead Of Poisoning AIM Board to Meet Feb 21 SAN ANTONIO Feb 8 (Spl)-- George R White of Brady president of the Texas A&M College' board announced Saturday that the next meeting of the board will ! be held in College Station on Febi 21 The meeting originally was scheduled for Feb 28 a WS Ot Swinging Cannon Swats 55 ars ght Cars ght Cars NNW Mk Mb mor lay in MOP IMP' Wir Ibet liblee ILLMO Mo Feb 8 (-P) — A be stopped the rampant cannon large Army cannon on a flat car had caused damage unofficially es- of a Cotton Belt Railroad freight timated at $15000 Of'Poisoning train broke loose from its ties As the cannon revolved rail-Friday and started revolving aslroad men said it struck almost NORFOLK Va Feb 8 (27)) the train moved northward lever y other car on the Missouri Then the train met a 125-cariPacitic train punching a hole in Three Navy enlisted men w em Missouri Pacific freight which!the side of the cers-55 in all— dead here Saturday a fourth was uses the same double-tracked rail-iand causing damage to the diesel "unofficially" -reported dead in road and before the trains could I locomotive Elkins W Va and 11 were hos- !pitalized from poisoning believed to have resulted from drinkingi wcod alcohol aboard the USS Latimer Thursday night " Naval authorities identified one 114(11 one 71-aP 62:: CZ fa2 of the dead as Eugene Sherrarad seaman 1-c son of Mrs Bettie II 2600 W SEVENTH I I Almon Dallas but withheld identification of others pending notification of next of kin i The Navy stated that although WATC H the men apparently drank the alcohol late Thursday night no ill effects Friday were noted until REPAIR When several became ill suddenly they were removed to Portsmouth Naval Hospital and SERVICE two were pronounced dead upon arrival Another died during the night r Those under treatment were Let us repair your watch We use the most modern said to be in "fair condition Sat-! methods and equipment A new timing machine has urday i just been recently installed Bring your watch to the The Elkins sailor whom au-' Service Desk in the Catalog Order Dept When your thorities "heard" had died but - who lack official notification was watch is repaired you may coil for it or we will send on leave when he was reported to it to you by mail have been taken ill We can repair your watch in 5 days unless it is necessary to order special ports from the factory Como in and let us give you on estimate Tins is th s cl-------'3111'00---- a 4vi :: ' oriaro I wer of master si tailors 11 '' 7 a 0 ft9 '' - ' ' s X I -1110'r at :ft 1 1c1 w ") LOOK FORA IT in this Club Collar Suit BY HART SCHAFFNER &KAM Beautifully blended lines and curves have been molded and needled of finest wools to bring you this Spring's most excitingly feminine suit your suit with just the right touch of man-inspired tailoring Yours exclusively and ours alone from $4415 14p28 CO - I I 1 SE-- 1 p----: -- 1:'3"c:7t:)':)::'$4-' i::::4:: a : : 1 ! 1 10401:lit 1 lt :1rel?tr1: ” 0 7 : k- : pTo " ::: : s: :- : : ::9 -- :- 'I 1 g1-7- Im ' 0 v" --x:-4-ktoki k-11ktrt : -vo 1 4 ! 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V '7:1-' Ott ----1- t - es II ' ' '-""'''''ommidoimiummonlv - ' "' - ! to it Tax Ila To I - n'"et -:--:: - 114 kit 61' - -' --- 4 A -Irt v 6 t 1 4- c:tNit:::opotro 1- - 41 '01 ' I i o 4 - q : t I : or I ' 4 ivH°44(3111 "' " r ' - )r-t 10 w ' - '- ' 4 44 I "s-- '-'41" - P " -- INNIOrti'''' ' 4 s'!' CP '' 40 ot 4 i g t 6 1:os : de9 gip 4 I fir - ' i 1 - a 4 t t40 1 1 - ' III ' ''s l 4 ' A 4 "A- '' siton4 ' '' 41 cot: : 'ivh f 4 -p' 0 vas 1 ' L-------TCI' ' ' -'11:i': —k4 4rY7:-' ' :r7"'Nf- ''::‘- l:1' iii J- s- i : :: : 41 ::ii k )i 4 A K 1 ' ' :: ' :: :: ' - : F 2it (!:!::ii -T::1 V- s ' ' - :"::: ': 00i A! te:-::: --N '''14-10: ::g: 1 Jo A'4097-71-77:1: 1' ::: itiq' ':: : :: : 10014vosoi er eedoe I I I

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