Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 2, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1916
Page 6
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II six. STERLING, ILLINOIS. SATURDAY,. DEC. 2, 1916. UUUAAAAAAAAAA.AAA* Bowser r ants Peac And He Marls Out to (let It By M. QUAD HRM. i :'•:•-.. !•-,- '•••• '•!-•«•: f\ 16- t L«-Q.- 1 he 'DyperstifioiB Ijride~to by LAUIA IF.AN UBBE % ,», >f. ,f, .A f, ,-, > I i' 'ftfyTTtm 1 ??* BowRpr," bi'i'iin Mr. JViw.^pr : T evening fi< in- laid a<!'1o lit" \ "this war in Kurnpe hn*» jrt'ov, D I horrible thhitr. sind it Is enoiv't i . 1 :••<:: -•!. ..;• . •" f 1 .-• »•'. f >.: -Tit rs (,> .1 i ii|'( r ili<n;:n,:;!;:;; f <;.!(, ;ir ;ir nil poitifvi f };rtii < ••::• •••<> \\ ithiii •k, I TTSII f*er -!rn, r- by th.-- ih,.n- . Tomorrow my n<'S" mo;,- \vlll 1-e •cipt-f-d lo i'Tr-ry ii-->'»?r nnrl T-rm;rr one shudder a* he opr-it* hi-i J " ! " >•'"'• land, nnd the sounds of n minimi li.'i^r to >-•!::•! their t.Jine^ \viii nad.i," M'..••. I', v» Hh Mr.-I!"V. >.(-'- (•••n'd n t |-l« !v a ~: l»ry. When bo ha it SiiiT b<iw and ' i Kali atid put "n"J (hi; \\bnls <»f a tor- uid hiivi- found fitJtlf H^''"lo^ry'""ii'rt. *ie • t!aw in hi-* used he ;.*;iVe ;cd oi;t liit't the i\ereo:'t arul hat HJ»f»»r. It I s * nothing but Kill, kill, j l"'":^" '"'• d sonic mean* oiij-'iit to I**-,found ! ''' "i (1 '- lfl '" It" ils awful." >fched Mr-*, I'.'u-.vr "It, onsjht to b,He be"n «f..;'i»d j ho first battle." i It hud, but I \vrr-! very busy nt, jut time nnd couldn't ta v < % it •tlKHijjhf. 1 trulv believe Hint I[ '"', , , ., , %tre n..p|«..1 It'bad 1 had dm.'! "!"' I" 1 ™" 1 '""• " """ ""' "'"""'" - "[ Dte my effort^ to thr- objee}." - j h " '""<*"'l"' '-rnshlnu the snow had Bowser looked nt Mr. I?..-,.-.,,, (! ,''' ! »\" l >' ;' """'ai. nnd n '••'t "• IW that hl» ehe,t wan s «-,.|l,,l ,.,„ ' ''"'l^' 1 «'» l< « «'"> '"'f' ' "">;' J1 ' '"" | M" -o>, but they understood t-neh other. They hl'so understood Mi. ft.mser. They had passed through siieh .TCIIM scores If not hundrciN of t inie-i and had !iv*d to «ee him return ((> normal eon, ... , A . . , . . ,, d'.tloji. That ho would'di» so now In a Jr dtrlned that n row fml-hnd ^Vv ,, r ,,„, ua , tli)1 ,„ ,„. ,!„,„,„„,: his brain. le and (lint tils fmv wor great importance. U" W.-IM sit- Bry er<*ct in hi?: chair with arm-* And Bpfttilnt,' its if in H u-l<>n to liiK tln> Alps. Slit: llOW t'OUld VOII hnVe «tO|>{ied ir?" she asked. **t I generally nccompli-di lhit<::s 'set out to? 1 ' Was* MM evil -iivi* re; "It Iff. too Into now In ask how Mr. Itousci •'* lir-st <al! In lhi« Inten'^t •• f j (•.•!(•(' WHS uti hN fiitniiy drtik'ui^t. A I iipiT dcmaiidin;; uitit iiii ttrndt-s 1>" di».-b;inded rlu'hl nlT ipib'k ^:i^ pro- ilUi »id and laid bi-foie tin* man of druys. Ilf ['(Tilled It with n *a<l ,*nii!i' nnd handed it linck with n lunfj wi^-ii and tin- remark: "i;ow;:i?r, you nupht to hnvo an npurn- ti"t» ivrfiirnu'd on your head— -you really Irid. lipinir In Ihe paper deiiiandint; H i* in-vt I',;, ry an o* tnili. or <-< lit n-"Me\c Hi (!) ilu'ht is jnentit for rc«t, and <3> j'ftin-i in n enmlltkni -i> p-ady for sleep then* will be no •> S to k'.-en his I frrf nrr- tfir- r; <-;•« in.'tny hours of lo->t • •i* . 'j- .:, .3, ,; bu- three da •'ADDITIONAL BOCK FALLS STERLING B(1A " D OF ™ OE DESSLER-BILLhORN Or-n WhpTt HtnH Low •f P-,1- O.its AID SOCIETY MET, Frid.-iy Aftprnoin Wit'i Wrs. Shifter- Election Of Officnrs. !.;;,!,. ..' \,,| •- r .,,. f i,|. o.i,.-l t!i>' di-^trar ted rival 1 illi the rondiflon-; during l. Thi-4 - r y won th<> r-Jerk the Kirl uho iritiir his cool Iriip'd" '•y and thirinu to <iu(uit hN adver- happi--Ti>; thai some i •leiioa nnd duritm to outuit hN ndver- lUMAperted e I r- su ''-''• 'J'' ! '' cleVer .VoUJu: Inall Hill i i't ll- WHEN THE DOCTOR CAME. The Victim Tell* What Wa» Dona and How It Mads Him Feel. The d",-(dr eaine nnd looked us over. loni: di^taii' r> telephoned to our luntrs ntid brojichlul lubes, played n xylophone HO|O on our rib*?, looked at lind- d.v's ChrlstmnN nlfix. niHssaued us in sevfrnl tender places, took our temperature. nnd then announced solemnly tlle ro-e ti-oiiHi. divappojntei| rolN ariinii'i !,_;ii inolllhV The v;,| Af '•tlinsfjiise).-- fi-.-id.^- j pire- in pr--\iti! j s -" !] "' f Wr " t' |1 »'. | i> J'i'-t n-i i the «•«•r.'inon.v be- ! 'pn!" n - liiri;y for u Ui: i:ii;" ]ierri'ir'it!i'-il la ' ~''~ •' n ?i r> . !'i"!iV Hinil ' Chat's the difl'i-n-Jire b'-r thai .July or Au- tiv-t U < d"Mi;htf Ul flllfl tK', 1 month ' rt to what •:.i'n- "nit uiiid it, ' Ji "'iHi yon marry in ., s j or ,.. .;- i-:s••! iheir i !,,;!,1-0 ' x ''''' " il> ! ' !l1 ' >' ! ij love? Ill;/ ")' ,-i'iill 11 i-Uio thus Mars «juit nli'liiH. find I will t; at. us on rU-a ii it tuli'c over. Without n prote-t Mud with n dk-nity thfit wan Ivantlful to behold Mr. i!i>w- per wiilked "lit, and his. next Mop wax ~al TiTs~C h rTFTTtTTrTT' J " w a H rr> OAM'T BION I NO BUCII PAPEB!" hare done this thluK, but let you right litre, now, that I to put uu end to this u»ur aggie." »<wr didn't n-pb' to this, n in! long minute Mr. Hotvsor ^ leg with his hand nnd ex WO must have peace! War i at once. The world tnuKt 1 jioace and pruhperity. You I hear your worda, nnd 1 wish oorue true," cln? i|iiletly tin- lf But I ha^iu Vefv littlu liupe^ a Ujlng." I tell you that I cau bring In a month?" lu« wbis- Lo glared at tho cut on tho I can do this tho world will call eat man Indeed," was her quiet dcnr woman, don't tho whole it peace?" i It does." i n cry of penco, pence, penco cry laud, nnd has been nnd montliH, and why gt"wu had peace V" HI80 — hecaiibo — \v0 havo had tho rather Ionic ioglc of a ||ttH you why, Mru. IJowscp—I'll' Why, Wo havo till been crying i but thero has itet-n nobody to /leader, Thero \ver« U>nde,r.s to , war. but there have been no I'-itt a campaign to .stop It. Tho frittered u way their I thought W. J. llryiuV'nhd over for the dny, j(nd thii trrocer had lingered liehind to pnst(»frc,sh label* on hl.s last year'H Il.V:<pecked fruit ean.i. He t(K»k the paper In u enreiexn way . and read u few llne.s of it nnd handed I it b«fk. ",Sir, will you Hign'/" nsked Mr. How- Ker. "I think Hot," wus the reply, "/I can't nfi'sird to do unythiug to further hurt my trade." "lint, nmiJ, tills is a demand on tho part <>f tho people that wnr cease at owe!" '"Yes, I Keo'It i.s," "And yet ymi liesitntc to'«lffn!"" "But. you «ee. my prii es arc all fixed, nnd peace would Iqiock them ull to piece*. Of CDurHc. war is a horrible thin}:, but so is selling goods ut less th;i«-,oO jx»r eent profit," 4< SIr, yoti "a'fc'ii ^ Keoundivl of the drep- est dye!" exelnimed .\[r. liowser, nn he walked out «nd niiide n call Upon the undertaker on Urn comer. Tho solemn faired iiuuj came forward with u look of t;yinpnthy on hl.s far«*. nnd thero weri* tears in h!.H voice UH lie nsked: "Mr, ISowser, Itna Mrs. JJowHcr pushed uwa.V'V _ ^ . "Not l»y u'TTanied Bight!" was the re- tin* Wi'ddhitr lini-ry in pert'm.'ied bo\es Hot to JK< opi-ned Utitll No\.ctllber, Tho»(> who luuuli .at lh<> r»«-*J»'tt «t" one inoiith bi>iitc lu Novel Use for Handkerchief. If you have n very tine hamlkchehief have told him tlmt before he Ht«rte»l in.' but M, D.'s arc If \»\\ fell them you havo a.|.m|| un the Imek hattded do\Mi from whrn 1 . !,'') f!».:lrt ah'-;id tJlliU' IIH Koon as (h It IN not nlui,y.« tlbb' reiiM'li-i \\hie the hnj'piiM'Ss of Sunn.* 1'i-a^otis nre lire unl(|Ue. <".Mit' lost the wcilili'i;; jrhi'4 beea currying; In hi'* bride-to-be refllHi-d r inun aii'MSier, '••I'.-- at h'-nr-iriy ;.o,,,-l!Ii".'4 KlHiV^S v. it it lie' \\ I'd'linj: e obvineii- \shirh I'elilov ei|. a\e iind ^v^•lrratlt• have staved oil ie unjthii.' pair. iimil: -iisi; n. •< they brld'i:rooiii-!0"iie •4 nhii'h he had .'st IIO..-K. t. • Tiel l Mlh-;!i!ille bet Wnlild be di.-«as- . \\ Illl a lae,' 1 havo a Mpmri ', ::i.ii,»' II > i ; y it «;«•« ^omo H:.i v\ o!|b| be love! lllleU tof_-ethi,.| ^'oui Hi s-h'Mild . pillow may b.e en the jilllow t bill 1". >!;s si!id bti tbi- piilov.' or iliiiToti or'.sii v<*ive<l >i ,.dlMf;oi'rt This may- bo o\xln^ t<> op«-iii nine border, or it von ^ • • piei'e t>! no!, you ran (Hi'iive >iumber liillow. n whiii- material — > and f-ev,- Hi,' net and on three sides. The be left open. SH that ft slipped Hirou^h." Fast- op with* either *nnpn or 'tonholi.'S. If you make 'iyt,' ; notin; tiny roses of -; euuhi be made nud illy across the pillow very easily lauttdurcd. n^ at v.'K 1 hide. our life burden." . . Then end and happiest "Ho h; wo wild the thotij t.'jnl phi?. pliiu it railiaut t lion." That •« phiHter t tlu> llkci of your ircck they won't take your word for It. They must first*take n punch lit It to» that, it Is n boll. That done, the do»-for nnd the missus fu-ld n loti^ consultation. "Ah." wo thought, "they nre now i!(>cldlir« wlieth- er We tire worth savlnt,'. They nre. now, makUii,' up their mind* v.'liether It 19 belter to let us die or operate to sava our life and let us hecoino a public! burden." . Then fho consultation camo to an 'he in is ins wore. one. of her rtnlle*. ordered n thtiftnrd plaRter," wo wild (o ourxelveM. "XothhiK but juiyjL. M I '- I '.II1111 I t,: I I .-' • II. '" : Ml - 1'1.,'r !..- t •(,(-; •,ii •- i:\ . i '.i.-'i. !. Ml.-' ' \<---i> i'l 'Of II. BIRTHS Kef. A. I •!.••. .":'.'.l.':;.'iK * i.« i:.' ',i •-; • • i.i I in; i in.-!: >-.' '!:.. !!• • !•!>.>; h:ill i« rio'V w < ' METHODIST. .'_'....'"' .•'! '!! .-"dor tiini: uoi- ' !. IM Th;i t: k -'. u i x i in' ,-• i I in: M-i \ •• •-. ~ '" ;• ii'i. A i!).-n >•••. ' M' iiili-d (K the ?•'• "ion. M. n'-t I In- .• The i -I-' n fur t li<' i•••inmnntt >e lotlimillee in ,lesl|oll»i in LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE (Laniu* liidoviciauu*) MOTHER'S COOK BOOK pry, "Mrs. IJow.ser will probably live for forty years yet." "Hut you dMu't como-ln hero to try nud >ej| mi- a pleeq.of real t-stntu?" ihe rcprii'Sfhful n<|U|r,v, "Xo; 1 didn't. I linvo a paper here for you t,i sk'ii. It Is a demand that tho wur nt onee, and it Js- n <le- muiul that niiiwt b« K'nnited or there •will be MK-h u row In this old world that mountains >vi|l fall Into vnlle.VH." "I eiih't sl«n no NUC'I iwpcr," Bald the tmderuiker, with n shake, of the head, ."Hut why? You ddu't want tho kill- In},' to KO on, do youV" "\\Vir-- er- you j<ee, Mr. Howner, my iuxiiies/4 Is asNoelated with death no mutter In what form It comes, I don't rejoice at the shiu^hterln Kurope, but you see it'lia-s «iven tho undertakers over there a ^real b<mu, and I shouldn't want to i,?>!"!'foro. It In the (.•t.ldcH of oitr |trot'.-'.-s!ou not to interf'«r(> with eatJi oil:!'i'.-._ Yutir demand for jienco JK ;dl rteht omhn; from ymu, Mr. Uow.s'er, but It wi sild ; urely y»>t me Into trouhlu If it wii'i known thai J took an active part in the r.iTalr, I mu worry th'nt Chicken Broth. • To inaJ«rnicp 'Chicken hrolh Bcrub ± .. t h DC!! 11 J- ull Jn _wfl o?v wa tj?rl io_whj[ch a teaspootiful of poila has been added. uHjiifj a vegotablo brush for the scrub, -AVipi) dry and cut In nmall u«, cover with co'd water and hrini?: Blowly. to tho hailing point, let - simmer for tht i hutira, strain ntjd when cool, remove tho f;it. This will form B thick gi'lfttino when cold .and will : Icecji for HOtiu) tlmo in a cool place. '• Hurley boiled eoft may be added to i this soup, or rico makes a pleasing t.'jnl plaster on to our chest and strap- plntr It there 'could giro her such a radiant expression of perfect imtlsfai;. on." That was the verdict. A mustard planter until our cht-"st was seared to tho likeness of n sheet of postage stamps. Then n couifli medicine that tasted llko furniture polish and every two hours a capsule. After tho mustard plaster had eaten Its way-through to our back fenceposta th« doctor recommended a (toothing up- .plication of camphorated oil. That, was indeed kind of him. Ho might, have ordered HUlpljurk Press. '•i;'- •'!'•• i" ilii i, . f 'iiiifi-j- v ii 11 i)-!. K t". T.V.I.,i. ,!,,!,n M..X.H A. i:. Kim. Her ENTERTAINED AT DINNER. Mr..'.-irnl Mrs 1'ies, oil ''l.iil.e. Mr-;. !:•..• I;. :;i',i U.' Mi-'-! I!'|.n hatiielM. i.f I >i-...|i, .ti,,l ' 'hiii ie-i !!.,\ > i i,. ,,( Kinilp.ill, "-' !';.ik_ ii!ii!iii.i| n.-iii l'i\i>n in the '^rimer's ( ,ir tind uit-i' ei>fertiiiii«-d Tli inkscii nor l';iy :it flu- dome o! Mr. .•iiid Mi.-, l''i4inU liiiiiiis. lit. 1 1 ( CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. ''Id- -ur.., Ill , I KT M-. ; . ,,|'.,, -„ hi-:he,. $:i Id .1 In ml '.....",... $'< HU'.! '.>.',!', , $s .'.Hi/ ;i,t:" si' :<i!v. Si.' • li. s.: o--' 1 i*'c liis;h«-r Ihaii \e- -' U t ,UV«. «v.^ M .- M Hi I ?»•< I, f*-xj iiHii _ [j j ^ [ _ ' J 7", *'*!'*. CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. ' 'lii«-:iKo. 111,1 tee. '..', N.-. •; i, . No. t whit <>:i(>c No. :: \i'Mo«. •*.; i•a •>;!-:!, No , <•<:, N,.. ', 'ROCK FALLS BRIEFS Mi P. I). !.. Miller and ldf-i-ii and Th* Supplanted Scythe. Old Father Tlmo goos IKI hl» way And eadiy spolla tho tttem-ry. IJo haa hla , they «oy, j variety. 'Triplex Soup. equal quantities of bonf, lamb or Jiiuiiun utiu y>ui. uua u pint or water to each iroimd of the meat Cut the ', meat In small pk-ccs, aililinff tho honoa, ; then cover with cold water and simmer for four hourtt. Strain mid season i with (Salt. Cool to romovo the fat bo- ; foro serving. ^ ' Tomato Soup. Length, about nine Inches* A gray, i Cook half HU onion cut In thin black, and wliito bird, distltiKuiahed Pieces, half a carrot ami two stalks of from tho eomuwhut similarly colored j celery, cut lino In two tahlospponfula mocking bird by thtf black etripo ou -of buttor 'un.tll yellow and softened; For up to date machtnt-ry.. ~Wu«iilngton Star. Hop«leM Gate. aide of hood. ! add a can of tomatoes, tworaoro Btalko Range: .Breeds throughout tho ! of -«P.l?ry, a bag nnd a quart of I,-'. (!• M Mdler iind t'.unlty. ,tf Man-. :-. <!'t:: I'fliliiy h-'-'iv 'in Imsinesx, • ', \\'n!e ! of lY'il'lx'tslowi', H|.i-nt Thjiiil^-im itiir !!> re with rrif'tnK-. .Ml- ,.i.'! Mr-:'. S I). \S h. i-lo( k and ;ihe!>-!»>in ;l ( the hone' o! Mr. and Mr« .1 >hsi 1-oohus. Mr, ,'i*-.'-.| MIF. Al l.awjsiMi and daouh* !>T. Vivian. ^( i tit. Tb.'>td»s::i\ inf.* iiay at Uii- honv of .VSr, jilnl Mrs. I'has Koseii- (,'ren In Str-riilit. Miss Alma I-'i'iin, ef T'j o[.!i.-t.«town. IN here vlsiiimr at the home H" Mr. and .MTTT; Mr"t*r~lin;KK'rrT: : " I*, Mo/»\iloiii~. oi I*airti-'ld. I.i,, spoilt l-'lidiiV hfte oil liU.Him•.«.<. Mr, tind Mtf. Jnnx-s l-VaiiU i<'t'iriH'd liornc toi'ay front .Morrison ^vhere they II. I". l!atd.-H. ot'DixiTt*.--.vaa here I'ri'lay on luiKinefi-i. I,. I'. Mi'Milh n returned home t-hiw nioriHM,ir frt»tn t'hiia»,'o \vln>re he w|icnt Mrs, A. Ai. ('oi'iley went to Aurora this morning for a short vixlt. Mr, and Mr.". t'harleH liorton arc moving hark frnin Marchalliown. Ja. .Mr, and' Mrs*. NV, •'• Mourer ami Mr. and Mr.s. <!eoiee Thoint'xoii motored !ii!\"d. M 1 -i. No "•• ",-' !- t." No t « (lite. M , ' St-f . '.-."'i : ..' t-J. l:ve N., _•. Ji tv STERLiNG^CITY MARKETS rd Hiitly.) _<Motes Dillon Company.) Xt-w No. ';', Cellow corn Nn-W N'o..-t yellow cot || , •\Vhile oa Is ............ ' No. ."' mixed oats \Vh.-at ............ .. ____ live ...... Hat ley 40.' ... ............... ....... 95e . . ............... ...... ...... S.1t .. LIVE, STOCK. f '' .e», Slieep ........ '..«..« ...15 I0«i>,?.i> t j i 9 LOCAL Re* 'All. MARKET. (1'a'nh HaNket 'iroeery.) il i li'aiiiery hmter .... ..... 4 te Dilll'V hilller ... ....... ............ ,'!fle K««H ................ . ........... ;,:;Se • D»!.'/ -Wholerah*. ' Dairy \nitter ............ ...... ..... •*"•'" I'Yfsh . . - ..... .... ...... , ...... 35u New VegetablBi. *.A. J, OrdffO i; t ., H _jJ t .j,j ,y A Iffy—Just how tnue'b do you think of me, M.ISS Clara? Clara-^Would you get mad and stop calling if I told you? Alary—By. no meuns, Clara—Then I won't.—Hostou Globe, United States, Mexico, and wouthorn ! *»'w. Let filmra*>r,20 minutes, then Canada; winters lu. tho southern half . " truln - and thicken xvlth two "wore the It v ridt'KsQTnTjn"Mf»c UoVvtior• hiW'jiot "j'wissed""ifwiiy—" for peace," wild Mrs. Itow- f that IM, I am sorry—I nm K'orry"— Her crussed tho street to a What havo they done?" waa ?J »'JH«vo theyi»rov«'d their tit- leaders? They havo talked and 'ill after hull, but are we any tlmn Wo Were n year n havo l«ct*n.w!ii.i.!ii- for ! I^'-'"* Mr pool room, Thero wore three tables ^oijii: «t oncojind about twenty people pivseiit. Tho ljurteiiiler ''iimo foru'iird and a:il««*d what Mr. Howser would tal;e for lii.s. In reply I he demand for priNlueed iitid laid 'o.ifih« of tho United States and in Mexico.' i-taWespoonfulH of comstarch eraoothod Habits and oconumtc utatus: The ! ln *»*««•• °°« k uutil wp » cool{ed - Sea shrike, or southern butcher ! 01 , 1 . w . lth _ B . a1 .^ l'Ai>';!k.i and green or bird, IB common throughout ila rungo and IseomeMnies called "Krcnch inock- ing hird" from a Buiterllcial red cut iu tStrips. Cheese Souffle. ***O - • ******--. -- * * A-*»-i4 -4A --• *-»** J/*--» 4.4-V-«.Vfc* •- •* <W-**»-*+«-*-—-r p.- . •—- - --• - - -- - - - bianco and not from ihi notes, which i Soloct -W 1 8 ° a A raorlca n cheoso, aro harHh aud unmuaical. Tho ehrlke ™* «n small pieces and measure a cup- 1» naturally' an Insectivorous Wn | |'"I- MHt «vor hot wutor. odd a cuptuj which hua extended Its bill of fare to! of J' e » ted .*••*»«»• ***« "-ora,Jhe,.f :luclo- Bmair iuiimmala. birtli; and I nn< ! «<«-«*«"•««» cheese la well ;»tlle«, UgHboiwd beak l» w«II adapt- "I"""!!' A™ » «?«! -^ JucJu roptil ed to tearing: its proy, whilo to make amends for io^lack of ll has hit uiJon iho plan of forcing UH victim, bread chimbs with ono cupful of milk and let stand for half an hour. Add to the beaten yolks of two egj?s and add this *J*V u^vtft t»lW i'lUft Ml IVIi-IIiK «VB TiVH*M» , ., . *, f . . if too. largo to fallow, into the fork , ° ***"^,. *™™»*»^ 0 ^* Caraful «t Lea«t. "Have you ever loved, uuothor Tlio ttusthiK inaltlcn sitciteJ. "\Vt>ll, fiut so you could notice it," The swain dlucrtot a- Dispatch. : More So. "She always dresses like n fashion plate," wo Kay, referring to the lady who, though stout, Is nevertheless charming. "Do you think so?" murmurs her bosom friend sweetly. ^"JNfo.w, I uhould day. Then. Krank ban 'fn.f failed . n ne\v eh-rirje litflrt plant in hi« eoniury n-ni- denf." . . K'enneth. flilni.'in. who ha^ been very i-it-k whit inilammatory rheuinatiiim, l« nlliirhtiy ln-tter'lod.'o 1 . Mr. and Mr«. Krank ThaeUuherry, and sj«n, Mr. aiul.Mi'M. \\'«>»*iey Tlmek- aluTry, of I'lini eton, Hpent Friday here ai the lionu of Mr. and Mrs. W. IS.,Km- inonH. Jottn Thome, of Dixon. IK vihitliiff nt Ihe honu' of .Mr; and Mrs. (jvorgu ll. Webc-r, of Aurora, is here for n short \ isnt. • , ' f Sunday at the (Jiand. Hoik l-\Uli". (•b"i>Ky' VV'alihall and lilancho Swe«t in the Head lettuce. |n>r hoacl v (Vli-iy, oa^h ....... . i 'HI nmberM,- «•;«<••>. fie Xe\v' H, pk. Sweet potittocH. Jerwoy, Hi. .... ..... Go .s. lli Crituberries, fancy, i|t ......... - . . , ,13e (ireen onloiiM, hunch,. . ....... Ko oim Itroadway 8 ,rt;" al.sit "Tim Tale of tin* us." a HI eetilnr .Indian drunia. and ii> (juod oomedy.* Npiniii'it, in. : ....... ........... r , I^SIT Celery euhham> ...... . , , , , ........ Kte ICn dives ......... , ........... < ........ .".e S'liuiHh . , . ..... ... ..... .,.,". ^ . "..'.. ,li)o I'arsley . . ....... ...... . v ---- ,,'.,,., ,'n' Dry onions, Hi. . , . ............ , , . . . .«I«: HriiNMelti HproutH ........ .... ...... -Tic Loaf leitnc-«, bunch ..... . .......... Go Meets, .bunch i Ireen pi>i^ier.* New eabbag'. 1 , Ib. ,..,,... ........... Gc «'ttulil!oWer .... ......... ',.'",..,,.. .10c Kiihl V.. ..-.,..' ................... I'.M-so i Calif., dozen ........ .35<Jt30c say she wnr lijore llko a fashion platter."— Judge. / . t r " 1 llll(1 of a bUHh or tree. whc ItNma tear.! ( " n - dUihea and fold Jt Jt kind of a lendec and they are. t»uight, but they will iiot hnvo lOHgiT." iforonco wan pi 'in Mr. .bar.- It was read, and. v. hat. was cald nnd d'Mj<> about ^ mlnufo afterward was nppai'onl. .to Airs, Howser y. heu Mr. Itinvst-rreaehi'd Imn'ie with trtdaok i>y one .. fin II ramp: • e Mr,s. Jlowser < ! ,ve and hLs *-oiit collar h; -tliat sho coi d , ot hold him < " >l - . - .(ll a ship's Im.s.-r, but Khe " l>!l1 - V( ' ! ! '" (| «lm-wor?" she* softly iscourtige biiM, Jacked without a ^arrant le note in her voice, ' - ' . ft leader uppear i'l'oni Mime- sho asked lit Mr. Howser l.aerow) the tloor wiiii ihe, stride ill fateful wuid'<'lh.'U fell from i uu ho *'aiac..t,o a-hau. hia |ianii» IH-^IS"-- ri. «re s >oii a dolt? The man Jfttd |hi> VMMlil -(( pi ii e li •r. and he ;•( -n I • define ^_, man. and I H....H li--.ui my |campaign wllhl/t half an houi in rrj'ly !n> pointed lo hl-vhlui'l; eye. "Are lint (he pi>oph> ready to demand peace':' 1 Mr. lUm.ser. puinh-d to hw liiuiifiii^ eoat i-ollar. ' • "A iv you not thu leader fi>i< the einer i^, butter tho ranaokin in tho whites of two stiffly. Pin tho rameltJna hoppt-J-H. constitute the larger part of; ">«»-•«*•"••" » 1 ""*- r n " r . its .food, though hcotles, mothn. cater,' Jjl. bako fur 15 Ulil - )uU ' a iu » ffiedium nillara, untH, wasns, uiiil a few sithiors ' • • **» nilhira, nuts, waspjs, uud u. few ar« also taken. Whll« tho butcher A Real Aft«r Dinner 8p«*ch. Ho niuila «u after dinner .np<»«oh • Tlmt.'reitlly was u win, JI* talked for just thno nilnuteai And lio never uald 4 tA-hvm." . „ ' —Pctroli l-'roa Presa, Chl&ken Custard, bird occasioimlly catches B/nali birds,' ' , vmiaien ydiwro.» . • "Quo of our six its principal vertebral" food in small L,™ c ° ", i/ CUI 'J l ', ' * T g n llcke ^ 1 «'^ U,o clerk.- mamnmlB, as Held mice, «hrows, and ] ^ ' »' ha » f .. cu « >fu| °' lU ' U1 luillt ' oue ' moles. ft ml wlu.-n 'powlWa It obtains l ' * K '""V 1 -y olk ?/ oa ««e. salt and pep. llxarda. It habitually impales IU aur- : V™*° •**"»• 15 f «»">-t-gB, add tfie " . . •* * » . -. • , Hcnismniii? iind utrnlti Intii r *At-fi cnmll plus prey on w thorn7 and strain inui i two small burb of « ^ iro foucu. either hoi or cold. . i i *'V '**^Vyii * (* fj S> ° r ] cupH, Hit the cups Into, a- pan Of hot ' \ water and 'bakt; until linn in -a mod...... . . • i crate oven. This I'wipo \vil| hi* easily Cot Beyond His p (?) ?th, ! tlmi ' Wed tO BOrV " follr " r J » ofc - » " The "III 1 '!' eveliili:.' nhlfe'li eio\V(l of: •|tiHip|e were UiiHiii.! for the power lo "\\'o!uanr' nhoiiied Mr. P.i'nvKer at ! '"•' !l "'"' '* "" """ '*"' ?•"'<'' ' t *' i , r could ; the top ot' hi;; \ o'n e, bill tin furl her ' f-"" ""- a'linle bm' of jiboiH live -year^ i U«Ud> i.C 'e It U.I Hot the lli.ii* l»i i old ( ,>' e ,i!on.; ni'd «oli.tilH':!v ! thel'i ilnie \u u too m, !.», niot n i U./fl'liiTT Un J and Hi n id I" tin Mb " It! tllloll; |( ||U t,,u' i| ( , doivii i., to e Ihe ijie t ml 14,1 e.l into tin n U D h nroyoii tiohiK to noil. It';" ! Hit l,i i u tl HOI ,1'id b\ iitid b,\ » leu ,>r i'l n » N. hi 'i i lit « • and l >'Kd d« ,u* the \h »!ow i ; 1 1 1 I i d ,1 n imi'i.i .' but I <h> woin ,i . i ( iil M i 1 -! i and (he •< at ', n to tfif'ts^ j •''' ' '' '"' ad < "i,i , i j.., 1 . o | - 1 "' 1 i ' ,' I 1 it. t M, ,! (h oiiil h -d 1 ! , .' i l'i ', i i toi It ,'i |i „•<! )i ( ti . hud hru'ijed tin., n >-\ lei I... ', t ill < il' 1 i ii ^iiil I I- II 'I! 1 e, d o o. j I I ' . ! I, ! i i u ' i n « • v i i i - i i > '> i i n i H f A Smart Raincoat. The tii'lv jinuiit i u ii t jar resort em HI- ,-uuth or is'iuiu i: irt white bilk uiul \vjnte ca->liun u*, HO treated Hi it U '''.', MI iif. i <.l 0,1 wii'i i» *<M|t iiamp< iu* i j.,,- i, .,-n uiit i i ilii \^ , (., d !o{ Literary Odor. this i» good brand .of jicrfumery?" hi» asked, imwing over tho lot on a bargain counter. C~~\ "Ouo of our six best Kiliellers," de-Louisville' Courier- Journal. Imitative Monkeys. If Is interesting to learn from t-x- perinit'nt-s on monkeys at a 200 that they, uullktMJojHj., catiL chlcketm und rats, bur like liumnii ht'lng«, do seem to bo able to prolil by obxervini; onu anotht't-'s bvhavior. In a v number of cawea one monkey would liull out a plug "or tug ut a at plug after he had Tunesmithi. A musician who deslre.s to compose u tune (hut Khali become popular must contrive to produce Hoinothln),'' apparently original, and yet not KO original an to demand study; It mmu aUo contain cchoc.M (if oilier t mien previously popular, and yet they muni be, HO in- delinitti that no one cau toil for certain where they come from, which in what we mean when we. «ay It IB n w tune that knowu it.s own fathur, Th» Qptimlit. Ho bad liortv-kj£Sji;at off olio day, Jlui JII) now and thuii you'll ht-ur him Bay, "Weil, J havo lio tsiek rumiug." Definition. "A shepherd is u man who sheep, l-Hu't ln>, futhcrV" ' . ' "Yes. my HOU." "Thi'a 1 expctt u ctnv.ird Is a iftun Mho minds eous,"— i:\eh.uiKe. The Alternative, l*(< *UU» MHl'lO li^-llt, till II wlilte cn-.hiH.n-. h (> treated V/li', ,,u ,Vt f r in?,m%,mVn.i«-l'l '. M h|.!,'i 'i i r t.* .1 may uti j l!ui, if \.'m ,,nrt IH HUH-. ii>,t..t<t c,t \\iih n M».i{niamp« iH-I Me Mm- >nu ihhik \ou'rf ii«iit tl I I I i- , The Price of Efficiency. •',i "nitu.y ^, r ^ uiitl.ue-WUy JIH-^OU HO Lite? v l w.ll v.41 <»,,,;„,, \|\-di--r. « i h all ,eydy lo" hl> ^'"fuiKtj <ll(viA , (( , " ' ilV '-> 1,1 i ruT I'ydy >nio ill 1.', but tonldn't think of til! 3 a companion get fwod in this way, but not before. Ancient Industry of Venice. From dc'caylng Koine 'tho munufuc- tufh"ftf tthiKH WHS transferred to <'ou- jKtantlnople, thence,. In the seventh ivn- tury, to Venict', whU'h tor many bun- years was to 1'JMin.Un- Ihe. center of 'the Industry, the Venetian Koblets tind drlnUliitf cups beiiiK exported ull'ovej rtus 'worhl. Brought Bifl Money. J , : t'ora ruined I'r-'om bt'tul fouiui iiinong AKiee iiirioti in Iv'evv—jVIesicu «old ul the rutf of ^l.^tl.lKH) a 'cnrl.oud lit KansiiM. Howevei', only U'K) grains were hold, but Al the rate paid- two cciilii a urniii- n carload lot would ci^t a million and ouv-quurter dollars Tin' corn is ittit unlike the "calieo") «;orn gro\vn in nuiny parts of ihe coun-{ try. " •• •' - Purpdio "oT'TfftTory. II«» who reads 'TTlstory leiiriiH to dis- what is local from what JH ; wluit IH trauwitory from what i* eternal; to discriminate' excopth'us and rules.; to trace the opei'iilbm of dlNturhiUg ca,UHf«; to separati! the geuorul iirlnclples, \vlilch arc ahvays true and ovorywht-ro- applt(?nlil«, from the wccidwntttl wliinceM wlt,h which ii» wvcr they are blended.--'! 1 . 1\. Macauloy. S, W. Lehman, M, D, Spscial offica consultant, and di*»a»* of women «nd children, PIXON, ILL,, ' KOBEET W. BESSE Attorney-at-Law State Bank Bld0. Btorling, III. '!.. USE VI' letliV •» • ' OSH Mile ' I -tile i;| t e, e 1 e-M-o, .,,,.. j ij L« > i< 0,0 ,i,. i I i , '• t b ,4!' (' Net m Hi5 I tie. 1 ' i h h U IIMH) I to 1 'it I HIM iiUle v . -i >< I "1,|i- III I 'I'll rill ' v U I* hi, i II I . b"' ,il I ''*,)! - lUl ' i , O Petroleum Carbon Coke ; and forget the, ash pan. -Oar White Ash 1 tump Coal in this week. YOUE FUEL Johnston lumlier Co* TELEPHONB NO, 88 *

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