Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 9, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1968
Page 2
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SOCIETY ?-343t Between 8 ct.m. end 4 p.m. i!00 ftulUlnkl* 4 Ale 7 1 00 9t00 It 30 fipp* Jehti Sunday foil A Jiff? Calendar of Events /.MARCH 9 There will fee a Country MusJe Jamboree ^tufday, March 9 tit ItSO p»m» 1ft £he Piffnos School Auditorium feilurlng the Rain* tow Melodies, f he Beaver s, The Westerners, and ft special band, the Loae Star Melody Boys from Texarkansu the public is Invited. NO admission charge, SUNDAY, MARCH 10 Girl Seoat Week starts Sun* day, March 10 and all Girl Scouts are asked to meet at the First Assembly of God church between 10:30 and 10:45 a«m. In Ml dress, Leaders and their troops will sit together, MONDAY, MARCH 11 The Hope Council of Garden Clubs will meet at the Chamber of Commerce Room at 10 a.m. Monday, March 11, WSCS Circle meetings of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, March 11 as follows. Please note the time of your meet- Ing. Clrcel No, 1 • 2 p.m. with Mrs. R. D. Franklin. Co-hostess Mrs. Claude Agee. Circle No. 2 • 2 p.m. with Mrs. Guy Downing. Circle No. 3 - 2 p.m. in the Mary Martha Classroom with Mrs. Wayne Russell, hostess. Circle No. 4 - 2:30 p.m. with Mrs. Ed Whitman Circle No. 5 - 7:30 p.m. with Mrs. Bill Reinhardt. The Faith Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday evening March 11 at 7:30 In the hnme of Mrs. Clyde Coffee with Mrs. Opal Hervey and Mrs. Roy Mouser as co- hostesses. All members and associate members are urged to be present. . j j Mrs. Lyle Moore will be a special guest at the general meeting of the CWFatthe First Christian Church parlor Monday, March 11 at 2 p.m. She will have a slide lecture on "Japan." All members and interested guests are welcome. The Youth Choir of the First Presbyt^riMLXhurch will practice at Jf4 1 5 ; p,m^Monday^ MaVch 11. The Adult Choir will practice at 7 p.m. The Builders Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday March 11 at 7:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of the church. Mrs. Andy Andrews and Mrs. W. R. Mosely, co-hostesses. The Faith Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday evening March 11 at 7:30 in the home of Mrs. Clyde Coffee with Mrs. Opal Hervey and Mrs. Roy Mouser as co- hostesses. All members and associate members are urged to be present. tt/eSBAY, MARCH li the Band and Choir of Hope High Schoo at the W.O.W. Building Tuesday, March It at ? p,m, A speftet* tl supper will be served. All members are invited, .„. Hope Iris Ctab wltt meet at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 12 in the home of Mrs, C* P. Tol« leson. The Circles of the first .Pres- byterUa Church will meet Twes* day, March 12 as follows: Circle No, 1 and 2 in th« Chapel at 10 a«m, Circle No. 3 In the home of Mrs, ChtrUs Wilson at 10 t, m. Mrs, Q, B. Hughes, Chair, man. Circle No. 4 in the home of Chairman, Miss Edith Gtranflo at 1:30 p.m. Circle No, 5 In the home of Mrs. Robert Wilson at 2:30 p.m. Mrs. W» E. White, Chairman. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13 Brookwood PTA meets Wednesday, March 13 at 3:30 at the School Auditorium. Mr. James Hardin will speak to the group on "Mental Health." The fifth and sixth grades will sing. The Executive Board meets at 3:00. The Sr. Citizens held their regular meeting at the Youth Center with eight members present. The meeting was opened with th« reading of minutes which were approved. During the business, plans were made for summer. Everyone enjoyed the meeting and it was closed with prayer. The John Cain Chapter, DAR, will meet at 12 noon Wednesday, March 13 at the Heritage House. Hostesses will be Mesdames: Paul Kllpsch, B. Johnson, W. A. Williams, and Gaylord Solomon. Members are asked to notify Mrs. Kllpsch by noon Tuesday, March 12 whether or not they plan to attend. The Lilac'Garden Club will meet Wednesday, March 13 at 2 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Lloyd Kinard, 507 E. 14th with Mrs. T. N. Belew, co-hostess. The guesi^alter < wlllibeiMrs. Herbert Dodson. Garland School PTA will meet Wednesday, March 13 at 3:15 In the School Auditorium. The speaker will be Mrs. Haskell Jones. Her subject will be "Sound Mental and Physical Health." THURSDAY, MARCH 14 The Arkansas College Choir will present a concert In the First Presbyterian Church Thursday, March 14 at 7:30 p.m. Easter music will be used with the Faure Requiem as the major part. 7tOO JtJO I.M titt tW ttti* MM - AM ( fit to»iyw4 taw * AftC (C) U*f*»e* felt * Alt (C) flM IiM tt* fill If ita W*4 lilt* - AM - lytfifti * »*ft ttl MAffikil Mil** • *ti§ If**" ••*• mt ttMtktf (O eMtoy u iftit* * *ie (C) J««f lit** Ita. - UC (C) 6:30 AM 7:00(Color) 7:35 S:00(Color) 8i36(Color) 9:00(Colot) 9(30{Color) 10:00(Color) 10:30(Color) 11:00 12:OOM(Color) 12:30(Color) 1:00 (Col or) 3:00(Color) A-.OO(Colot) 4:30 5:30(Color) fIST MTtttN HitS OOtttFUl WORLD ALLKtt REVIVAL HOtft CHtUMtfH'S OOSKL HOUR MILTON THK MOHStEft LINUS THB LIONHKARTKD BOOS BUNNY BULLtrtMCLK btsoovm MtOADMOC* BAR 1ST CHURCH DIRECTIONS ISSUES AND ANSWERS NBA. BASKETBALL Philadelphia 9 New York AMERICAN SPORTSMAN LONE STAR SPORTSMAN BRONCO RAT PATROL 6:00(Color) VOYAGE TO BOTTOM Of SEA 7:00(Color) SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE "Bridge On The River KtMl" William Holden.Alec CuineM, Jack Havklnr 10:lS(Color) 10 O'CLOOC REPORT 10t35 THE BIG MDVIB "Ta»y Tell Me True" Sandra Dee, John Gavin 12:15(Color) ABC WEEKEND NEWS 12:30 SINE OFF MONDAY. MARCH 11 HELEN HELP US! by H«l«n Bottol YOUTH ASKED FOR IT! This column is for young people, their problems and pleasures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help US!, It welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off, Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help USI this newspaper, HEADED FOR BIG TROUBLE Dear Helen: When I first met Bob, he was everything J ever dreamed of$ good looking, good personality, a real charmer. Then I started noticing things, For example, he was depending a great deal on my help in Ms classes, He even asked me to cheat for him. One night he acted strange when he picked me up for a party, Later I found myself the only person there not up on dope, He promised to give it up, but he still acts funny sometimes, Last week he asked me to mar* ry him, but when {remindedhim, he denied it, It seems he had been loaded again, I keep hop* ing, I can't give him up, Don't tell me to, I love Bpb very much, but I don't understand him f He's so much ftyn; why won't be listen when I say «'Keep off the grass}" - DECEIVED {tear p: , . f , For ahput the same reason YOU won't listen when I say, "Keep away from Bpbl" You bach tow you 1 re bead* ed Jpr big trouble yet you're too weak to head it oil. So long as he sjays stoned and you stay bl^d| you have qjy pity, You're going to need it}-? H. Dear Helen; My parents thinfc I*m a irajnp | us j because I was lying pn. njy bj<| tay^w| to my brother a^d his boyfriend who were watcWflg television in toy room. The boy happened to be sitting on the bed, too, when my father walked in. He hit the celling! Helen, why do older people have symbols for sex- like bedroom, bed, parking. They're often used as just places to sit and visit. - SALLY Dear Sally; Parents are the products of their generation: In allow boys Into their bedroom; and while nice girls parked, the word wasn't voiced around. With bedrooms used as extra TV stereo, and talk spots these days, old rules hardly apply, but the old folks still shudder, Re. assure them by keeping the door open, the lights on, the chatter loud- and by never making it just a twosome to "that" (gaspl) room,"* H* Dear Helem I am going with a boy who used to be a trouble, maker an4 has a police record, but he's changed, M now no one will believe me as we were at i party the other night when some guys started making troih We, Guess who the police grabbled for transporting Mqyor an4 djs* turbing the peace-^- my boyfriend, He wasn't even, driving becaijse he <?an»t get hjs license bacfc yet, His name appeared ipjer M To» day in Comf * to the paper 4 a»<J my parents won't let roe date him, They won't listen to the true faces, even though he got of ^ Au my friends swear he is changed. How can 1 make my folks see him as he is?^BES* TRICTED pear Restricted: Perhaps they already dp, U i bpy were really ** changed 1 * would he tifee his girl to » drink- tog party?,- H, 6:30 AM TEST BITTERN *. ^ * s 7!00(Cotor) "' BOZO'S BIG TOP SHOW " 8:30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Half Angel" Loretta Young,Joseph Gotten lO.'OO(Color) THIS MORNING 11:00 BEWITCHED ll:30(Color) TREASURE ISLE 12:00 THE FUGITIVE UOO(Color) THE NEWLYWED GAME l:30(Color) THE BABY GAME 1:55(Color> CHILDREN'S DOCTOR 2:00(Color) GENERAL HOSPITAL 2:30(Color) DARK SHADOWS 3:00(Color) THE DATING CAME •3:30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "The Black Sleep" B*itl Rathbone.Bela Lugoii, Lon Cheney 5:00(Color) ABC NEWS 5,-30(Color) 5:30 REPORT 6;00(Color) 6:00 MOVIE "The Till Men" Clark Cable, Jane ftufiell 8:30(Color) PEYTON PLACE 9:00(Colpr) THE BIG VALLEY 10:00(Color) 10 O'CLOCK REPORT iO:30(Color) JOEY BISHOP SHOW 12;OQH SINE OFF KAR 6t30 7:30 8:00 $iOO 16s 66 10:15 Monday, 55 00 25 30 00 8525 8*30 9tOO 9t25 9:30 10$ 00 10:30 00 30 55 00 Di*riey f i Wonder fut World 6t Colot N8G lUi th* Mothets-tn-Uw NSC (C) Bof>an*« NBC (fj) th* Ktgh Chapat-ral WBC (d) Hews and Weather (6) The Million Dollar Movie n Little tJlvidend" ll*<*beth i«ylor I I (C) (C) 11 11 ll 12 12:30 00 30 OO 2:30 3:00 4:30 00 30 00 30 00 00 00 10:00 10:15 10:30 12:00 l! 1: 2: 5: 5; 6: 6: 7: 8: 9: RPD <H Uh Bob Ikilee (C) Mounlrtg Davotiona (G) the Today She** JI»C (C) Arknnftfis Kews and Vlaathex- Th6 tddny Show ttP.d (C) the Today Shou miG (G) Arkansas Ncv»9 and Weather The Today Sho« NDC (C) Snap Judgement NEC (C) Nancy fJickerBon uith the Mows Concfentrfttion ^rt}C (C) Personality NBC (C) The Hollywood Equates NBC Jeopardy NBC (C) Eye Guess NBC (C) Edwin Newman with the News Little Rock Today (C) Lot's Make a Deal NBC (C) Days of Our Lives NBC (C) The Doctors NBC (C) Another World NBC (C) You Don't Say NBC (C) The Mike Douaiafl Show (C) I Love Lucy "Last Birthday" F Troop "From Karate with Love Huntley Brlnkley Report NBC Newe and Weather Report (C) The Monkeos l!BC (C) Rowan and Martin Laugh-In HRC The Danny Thomao Show NBC (C) 1 Spy NBC (C) News and Weather (C) Lonnie Gibbons Sports Show (C) The Tonight Show NBC (C) Sign Off Sacvirday, March 9 6;30 The Saint NBC (C) 7;30 Get Smart NBC (C) 8;00 Saturday Fleht at tlie "Moment to Moment" with 10;13 #cws and Weathev (C) 10:30 Tha Million Dollar Kovlo "Sorop CanuJ Running" with Frank Sinatra and Doan Martin Sunday, Harch 10 T 8:00 Gospel SiP»ing Jubilee (C) 9:00 God Is &*c. Ansvfsv 10;00 Insight "The Hate Syndrome" 10:30 The Sacred heart (C) 10:45 fhc Christophers ll;00 Pulaskl Kclghcs M3thodistCI-.u,:ch 3.2:00 Meet the Press :«C (C) 12:30 Challenge «68 (C) 1:00 Labor's Language (C) 1:30 People and Patterns (C) 2:00 Shell's Kondei-ful V^orldof Golf 3:00 Bl? Tnrcc Cclf ;!SC (C) ^:00 Championship Bowling (C) <i:30 Frark McGec Report NBC (C) 5:00 G.E, College Bov4 NBC (C) 5:30 Flipper NSC (C) 6:00 Wild Kingdom NBC (C) 6jJO THE SAINT - C 7t30 GET SMART ~ C 8 tOO YOUR SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE "FIGHTINf, SBAflEES" - C JOHN WAYNE, SUSAN HAYWOOD DENNIS O'KEEFE 10:00 NEWSCOPE - JERRY HAMMONS RADAR WEATHER-VERN ST1ERMAN 10t20 CHILLER - "DRACULA* BfcW. BELA LUGOSI 11:50 THE BEAT - C ,12:00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL . SUNDAY , WUtCH 10 . _., 6t55 . MORNING DEVOTIONAL 7 i 00 SPIRITUAL HOUR - C 7t30 AMERICA SINGS - C 8 i 00 GLORY ROAD - C 8 1 30 GOSPEL SINGING JUBILLEE - C 9t30 HERALD OP TRUTH - C 10:00 TEXARKANA TOWH TOPICS - C 10»30 INTERNATIONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL 10»45 CHURCH SERVICES 11«45 ARK LA TEX PORUM - C 12tOO MlSJiT'THE PWiBB - C 12:30 SUNDAY SHOWTIME - C "ADVENTURES OP TOM SAWYER" WALTER BRENNAN 2:00 SHELL GOLF - C 3 1 00 BIG THREE GOLF - C 4:00 ANIMAL SECRETS - C 4f30 PRANK MCGEE - C 5:00 GE COLLEGE BOWL - C 5:30 FLIPPER - C 6:00 WILD KINGDOM - C 6»30 WALT DISNEY - C 7t30 MOTHERS-IN-LAW - C 8:00 BONANZA - C 9:00 HIGH CHAPARRAL - C 10:00 NEWSCOPE - BILL BLANCHARD WEATHER - VERN STIERMAN 10:30 SUNDAY TONIGHT SHOW - C 12:00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL MONDAY, MARCH 11 _ 6:20 AM 6 i 25 6 1 45 7 i 00 7»25 7t30 8:25 8«30 9 i 00 9|25 9»30 10 | 00 10|30 11 1 00 12jOO 12l30 i,00 ll3Q 2iQQ 2 i 30 3iOO 3 1 2§ 4 i 30 5:00 5: 30 6,00 6)30 7iQQ 8|00 9|QO IOiOO MORNING DEVOTIONAL TEXARKANA COLLEGE - C FARM DIGEST - C TODAY SHOW - C TODAY IN TEXARKANA - C TODAY SHOW - C TODAY IN SHREVEPORT - C TODAY SHOW - C SNAP JUDGMENT - C NBC NEWS - C CONCENTRATION - C PERSONALITY - C HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C JEOPARDY ~ C EYE GUESS - C TV PARTYLINE - C LET'S MAKE A DEAL - C DAYS OP OUR LIVES - C THB DOCTORS - C ANOTHER WORLD - C YOU DON'T SAY - C THE MATCH GAME * C LAfFALOT CLUB - C WANTED « DEAD OR ALJVB MARSHAL DILLON - B(W HUNTLJBY-PRJNKLIY - C NSWSCOPE . JERRY HAMMONS - WBATHgR-VgRN STIERMAN - C AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C THB MONKBI8 « C ROWAN « MARfIN'8 LAUOH^IN THE DANNY THOMAS HOUR * C I SPY w C N8WSCOPE - J1JMJY HAMMONS lRM STIERXA* » C GORDOU 0« §PQRfS * C T0*IQ«T SHOW * C KATV 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:00 10:15 9iOO Liftut flNf LlOflMittlrf - UC (6) 9 1 30 H«u*t Hufttlftl w/Joif fffst (C) 10 s 30 DUeevttt * A1C (C) itiOO fit»t l«tltllt CJiuteh • tint Huff Qtfit tMclitoAl (C) Oiutfih of ttftlt (6) t«ik«Ck«ll * AJC (C) 3 tOO A»*tU«ft 9|MittHi*n - Ale *i&0 "U3W RAKfi" JMM* Arn«t* „ _ Ji30 Ktvt tnd w»th«t - Art OtvilU 6100 voy*|« tfl th« ftottoc Of TIM fl«* - A1C 7:00 Sunday SUht He*U * AlC (C) **TWt IftiSGK Off TMt UVtt vim* Mid**, Ai«e J»ek Htwkln* 10 tOO ArkaniMi N<wt «nd W*«th«t (C) 10)15 World »•*« (C) lOtIO 8u<l C«pb«ll 9{«jrt« (C) 10i30 Th* t« t « Shovi "fWALt M tiff ItAOt * Jo*n CtavftiH, Jtff Jan MOHDAt. MAKCH 9 1 30 10 1 oo 10. JO 11.00 12 1 00 lit 1$ 12.45 1(00 3 i 30 4 1 30 5iOO SrJO 6tOO 6 1 30 7.00 8 1 00 9iOO 10.00 10.15 10t30 trtta fsr» 4 C*(MM thil tf Tilt tilt St. fHfte'i tpUeefwi Qmteft Stt^atof Lditf Kiftot't Fact Thi JWtlem Hlpllngtf Changtnf fl«at Hockey Oatne of tlt« Vt«k tetento MapU L**t»/ Chicago Black Hawks Party Maien Am t Mir Hour 21ft Century Channel U 0«ntU 8tft id sulllvaw Thi Swoehift Srethtfi Million CBS tttv*/l*«*<mit s«crtt Agent 7(30 Boto'i Big Top Co«tei (C) 8(30 The fugitive - ABC 9t30 fhii Morning - ABC (C) Ho*ti Dick Cavatt lllOO Bewitched - ABC 11(30 Tr««ur» !•!• » ABC (C) 12(00 the Noott Show -Live (C) It 00 Newlyved G«M - ABC (C) It30 The Baby Gafttt - ABC (C) 1)35 Children' • Doctor - ABC (C) 2(00 General Hospital - ABC (C) 2)30 Dark Shadow* . - ABC (C) 3(00 Dating Came - ABC (C) 3i30 Boto'a Big Top Co«ica - Live Si 00 Bob Young Evening New* - ABC 5(30 Truth or Con**quenc*s (c) 6 i 00 Arkanaaa New* and Weather (C) 6(15 World Neve (C) 6)20 Bud Campbell Sport* (C) 6)30 KATV Monday Nitht Movie "THE LAST stnwrr" (c) Rock Hudaon, Kirk Douglaa, 8i30 Peyton Place - ABC (C) 9tOO The Big Valley - ABC (C) 10(00 Arkanaea Newe and Weather (C) 10:15 World New. (C) 10(20 Bud Campbell Sport* (C) 10)30 Joey Biehop Show - ABC (C) KSLA-TVVI2 AM-PM SATURDAY MARCH 9 6<30 Jackie Gleaaon 7(30 My Three. Sons 8; 00 Hogan's Heroes 8)30 Petticoat Junction 9 ( 00 Mannlx 10)00 Channel 12 News Another 10(30 The Late Movie "The Kentucklan," Burt Lancaster, Dlanne Foster, Diana Lynn 12(00 Weather/Vespers ) AM-PM SUHDAY H MAlCH t '10r* "*"'• •• - ' • 6(30 the Christophers 111 30 12.00 61 25 6(25 6.55 7»05 7i30 8tOO 9.00 9«30 10(00 10i30 11.00 11.25 Hi 30 Ili45 12iOO 12i30 liOO It 30 2.00 2i25 2.30 3iOO 3i30 A.OO SiOO 5i30 6)00 6i25 6i30 7i30 BtOO 8(30 lOiOO 10(25 10.30 tfftifr,'* H|3012 tOO Tni Motwon Choir Vesper* MONDAY MAiCH U Economics (M<m*tnur) Across Th» ftftct (FTl) Your Pa* tor CBS New* /Bent I Bob i Hit -BuddUi Captain ICanfaroo Candid Camera Beverly HlUbllllei Atwly Of M«yb«rty Dick Van Dyka Love Of LU* CBS New, /Ben tl. Search For Tomorrow Culdln* Light Mews /Oven As The World Turns Love It A Many Splertdored Thing House Party To Tell The Truth CBS News /Ed weirds Edge Of Night Secret Storm GUllgan's Island Rawhide McHale's Navy CBS Ncws/Cronklte News /Owen Weather/Bolton Cunsmoke The Lucy Show Andy Griffith The Monday Night Movie "Far Country*" Jaaas Stewart, luth Ro*an News /Dod son Weather/Bolt cm Carol Burnett Show • : ,f;aaiJKmt^4§| > '$£$. t. *- \ ,\£ Ueather/Vtspers The Dfttng C*n« - ABC (C) The HevlyvN C*»* - A3C (C) L4Vrenc* V* \l - 48C (C) Th« Eif« 40 d F«ll of the Third «ich - 4BC - Sp«ct«l - P»rt III H4t»hal DUlon - "Big Bro»4" N«Vf tnd V.ffttesr (C) Joey Bt»hop Show - ABC (C) Youth Beat 6 THff NATIONAL Uf-OUT ON WHAT'S HAP ft NINO Less Talent, More Time?: Incredible amounts of time, fan* tastic amounts of money are now being poured into the business of making records. Nine-hundred hours Is the amount of time it took to record "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"—or so say some who should Know, The Association's new album ran $90,0001 In the old days, records could be made in three hours; nowadays, they take weeks and weeks. Since the groups can only get the "right" sound by experimentation, they must rehearse in the actual recording studio with expensive equipment at 960 an hour for the studio alone. There Is alto a more tor- did ilde |e the "new" recording trend. One well- known group virtually destroyed a recording studio during a Miilon—drugs are blamed for th« violence. Tbe lead singer in a similar group can only perform in an empty, pitch-black recording studio, No one Is allowed to watch him—no visitors are tolerated. Such pyrotechnics and prima-donna antics from young, virtually untrained and untried "talents" are driving record companies wild. Unless the single or album becomes a hit they lose tremendous amounts of money. Some threaten to stop catering to undisciplined "artists," will start setting up rules and regulations for future recording sessions. YOUTH BEAT wonders, bow much machinery does It re- quire'to make some group* sound good? How long can mad, mad machination* make up for no talent? Teens also grow tired of the "phoniness" of the sound of many of these groups—all the dubbing, overdubbing and till/ sound effect belie the philosophy of "truth" and ^'honesty' 1 that the lyrics push. Disillusioned teens find phony recordings almost as disturbing as some of the hypocrisies of the older generations. MARIJUANA PARTY UNB: "Pvther*" continua/ly punch away that "it's lest dangerous than alcohol," Also ' 7 po» has little relationship to crime." Police narcotics experts disagree and decry the all-out effort to cloak its use in "intellect ualvtm" [)r. Edward Bloomqutst of (J.S-C. School of Medicine says: "Mariiuana is an unpredictable drug usually employed by unpredictable persons. // the user it calm when he takes the drug, he may sing and laugh harmlessly. Or he may enter a car, don tea shades (dark glasses to hide dilated pupils i and plow into and through a crowd of pedestrians." Bloomouist goes on to paint out that India outlawed the drug in 1959 after centuries of use as pan of the religious rites of that country. The Indians didn't make it illegal because of its contribution to progress! .More Remit* of Youth Beat'* political Poll: Though a wide majority of teens want Robert Kennedy to be president, the feeling is that LBJ WILL BE the Democratic candidate. Two to one- (56 per cent to ?8 per cent). Eighty-three per cent believe the u.N. U a success and that the U.S. should continue to support its existence. A big question: "If you could end the war in Vietnam, how would; you <Jo U?" Twenty-four per cent said •'Withdraw," 48 per cent *aj<j "Continue on present course" and 28 per cent $a|4 "Nuclear attack." jr'air's Fair Department: When asked, "Do the Russians and Chinese have a right to sem} troops to Vietnam?" 62 per cent said YES. COL .\TKSS C'SAKKV. Leadin* Ufldon bjauilcfea, iav| "80 per cent of her client i are under ?0." Claim* "even {*year-olds want to Look 15." Toe couotcM claim* »J»e ca«'t really take off "years" but that ftoe em kfiM tbe Ufcp*e) line!*) for a full 10 )t«*r*. Wb»t will happen when tfc# i|start *twpp!!»$ Is? LUSTROUS LIZ Tiylor •parkled at the premiere of dim, "Or, Fault us," in which »he co»tar» with hu*- band, Richard Burton, to |lMlfJ«tfMl UTTIE ROCK (AP) - Cecil Ronnie Gene Hansard, 30, of Earle, was released Wednesday from toe Pulaskl County JaJi under $1,000 bond on a charge of refusing to submit to Ux)ue< tion Into foe armed forces as ordered by Ws local dra/t board. Hansard is a member of Jehovah's Witnesses and bas sought a ministerial exemption from service, Printing ranks among top 20 U.S. i»u}u*trie« in sije. P«ffllfllltlltt

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