Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 2, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1916
Page 5
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. 1 ILliMS . DEC. Z. 191 6. SixtyYM|Sfh£_Stindard [ .SOCIAL AFFAIRS J WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Mr, And Mrs. J. L. Portner a Thanksgiving Dinner To Fifteen Friends. f* r i A THANKSGIVING DINNER, Mr :,(• ! Mrs f K \ .* Kf-:',-r <tf Hj ftsJU •:;'• r-.!:•:<•! n! T>>:i nk^sfK !ra < ner »i! .ni,' vttv \\ill An.trf-;)« C-. ffiill \1-«v l-Vf-i 1'iitllfT ,.!' I li \ \'ir :•.!,,! ,\!rs J •!>•, i-t!«<-rta!rifd Jlnsif-r In honor o Madt from cream of tartar derived from grapes, NO ALUM I, f'nitm'f at u T hank«iKi'> Ing r tneir fifth »:-JiI!n« anrd\ e-rsary '!')•'• h..n)<- -AOS bf niiUfviily i.b't urftte<ii i\ir tb»' <u*a»ion, the < r "liir «rhi me be- sue <'i':tivfce. blnck ;nuV wtiif**. which was cflirifd cult vfry <liniicr consltsted of i The chlcker* nnd ;ttl (h«» good ihinK?" that are n f-T a i?t»t«l ThankspivinK ilinrifr. hou«|uet of M I FUNERAL SERVICES Over Mrs. David Anderson Held Today At ThB East,Jort!an Church. The funeral of Mr«*. t>,«vid Aii.b-rMi Wiui li«>ld nl K':Sh o'l-lm't; toibiy fron the. late home. H>i»'j l^»st l-'oiifth fiiri'«>t and at 1:30 o'clock .tl th<- Ka«t Jorilai 1 rmtrch." • Itev-. Jnrtt--. t»t t »»*•«« -*»iinr»«- gntlonal cfmrrh ami lt« T-iw-ib-y ..i ihft Jordllf chiii i It had rliatK'- I'al hf>ur«>rH \»»«r«> Janus Muson. i;,ii%ir Walker. .Iohn l>lck V:1! M:,iri XlKlrr. Adari Jttcolw and MiUt If link Mnsli- «a> - furnished bythe l-:«V<t J.ndan choir. Mr». And«-r*on_ ua» born In N»»w York «tftt<» -AllHlint i.'7. Is 3V. When I, ~'yi'4U'M~nf~aitv~*bt*-«tt»»'— oyt^'latnl — vn Iwf par-eiilK, Mr null At'r«. 'V. Wilbur lo 'huffttl" ru-ovi-, «>«!'• i 4 .niiity. mid or March -'J, IKVt, «h«>'wu!» marrleii t« Mr. AjKlerm.h. They resided 31 y.'ar? on their 'f«irm In Jordan tii.vrishlp «n«l 31 •yi-nr.'' OKO rn«mo t«> thin ctty wh«rt ha vi* *lnc«» ri-«kl<d, S<-vcia! win- hnvc been Hp«»nt in l-*loii«l.i and • 'ullforiilu. and the la-^wini'-r «J Mr AnderHon'H life wiis 'np«-nt In Siinn.\ < r ttljfornla. l*»lh Mr and Mr«. Ander,- 1 Boruoamc from hardy pioneer ,-itocK an both lived lo rlpt- old agew. A happy "event" Its the hlHto'ry of their lives wa the* celebration of their Klxilcili svtnl dlng •hnni%eri<ury In llUTi. lj\nt win ler Mr. and Mr«, Anderson und their won, I<L II. Anilernon, went to ('ulli'or """ Toward HprlitK -Mr. AnderHon'H fallins houtth hiiHtened their bomcward trip. -unit* 'Mr, AtwleriKm pnn*ed • nwuy «n HMndnJ'. .a few weeks after they reiU'h»d..hori>e. 1 l^-hiuHfult*^ -rnpldly nil arid on, Sepl, t!f>lh h«-r son closed bin ,*Ktntti . avenue and went lo Hpend the remnlnin^ diiyt« of her life with her. November NHh she waa tak- .f>n wqr»b. and 'grew gradually weaker from then until her death, which ot> eurred November 29th. •-Mr«. Anderwon Iwtven but few Immediate ,ro1iUlv«w. <>n« brother, William It \VHbi<r. Of Chalet'), Nebr., HUr- If I'oor health mads* It Impossible for him lo b<< PICHCIH at tho funerul. hut liih • granddaughter. Mr«. llonnen.' arrived yesterday. This brother with an only child,.It B. And«r-, son of this city are the only MtirvlvlnjT relatlveii. JJurlng her'.long reaidoncp in Stcr- ling MrH. AndcNon made" many frlendM. She suffered Iritunttely during her lust lllneHH but. bore It all paitently and wan reutly whim tin* mmimontf came, , BIRTHS; WKYUAUCII.— A daviKhtcr was born to Mr. and Mr«. Hti>?o W«*y ranch' last eveniriK, r i5IS,~Mr, and Mrn, Karle Fee a.rt» lirdu'd purentH of a daughter, born yesterday- -morning. i hry.vnnthemiim!* made \>p tin* renu-r |.j<><-»^,,i the table. rovers tirinR Inlil fur iiftM-n K'icsts, as f<.|l<i\\«<: Mr. and Mrs .1 I> t'uriiH-r nnd ttir*'»> daughters of 'Sr.ind l>etonr. Mr. anil .Mrs. W J l!i< f. Sr. (.f Itiin < Ity, Mr. ami Mrn IViirl Thompson "and family nf this -i!v, ,'iml .Mix Jennie •' "hamherlaln of I uiitiK the day tin- host and ucrt- pr«>?ent' < d Mln a hcuiillfol s<imir»' c-»'^icr table arid cMhfs I'in b«g und [•ins Miss <"artle 1'ortner, a sister of Mr 1'oitju-r, "nbly-«Ml»le<l Mr*, i'ort- in-r with thi- dlnnpr. The afterntMin wan npcnt socially, and till wished Mr. and Mrs. Poitner many more happy amiiversarlw, WERE MARRIED TODAY Miss Alma Hess And Julias Wink Were Married In Shell Lake, Wig. MJK.« Alma Hes-s, of SJu-ll t-lU^e, Win.. and Julius Wink, of Ibis • city, were u.idtfd in marriage at a today utTfie" (Tome .orrt ctils In Shell Uikf. Hut few detail* «re ktiovMi to Sterling friends, but th,« wedding was a very nulet affair, only the bride'g Immediate family being present • = , Mr. and Mrs. Wink will \1«lt in Shell l^»ke arid vicinity for several DINNER GUESTS. ,us,i Mr ;ir;d Mm Will Andr«-us f CHURCHES J FOURTH STREET METHODIST. \V. 1. (\.llfii, i.;i'*..r; KSmer K. I'tice rnusiral director; Miss Henflinger. or giuti^t ^iirulity f" hoo! at-S:!IO. Mia slonary tlay: sppi ial . iti'ttis of mlftftlon nry itit*'rt>««t w II! be j'TSpntpi) at as «embly {>nrfod. >t«>rninc «tervl« - e !0:4* COLGATE SHOWS CLASS East Defeat Of Brown Marks It As One Of Best Teams In The Country. f i t<> Worker,*' i-unfi-H-nt e 3:30 p. m. meeting .at «>:3fl p ..m Kpworth at., fi:3ti, topic. "Children of othe tj»ni|«--." K'.fiiinc service at 7:30 T«> morrow will l>e one nf Ihe real rei l*-tipr d.iys In the rnlendttr of Kourtl Street I'hnrch. owing I" the fact (ha Dr. .lotiii I.onif 1'itH will he with UK fn the entire day. l»r l'ort serve* In tin capacity i»f church efficiency expert Me speaks nt boiti. nimning and even ing services and will bring inspirini me.«snKPR replete with new ideas nm carrying new enUiusln»m for'oW. He will hnltl n--rnnfcrVnre- tn t fit* after noon at 3:30 f»r nil the workers o the various department!! of ihe church Muplc for Ihe day will Include »olo by Mr. Hlce and anthem I'V^Jtbe chnrtjH chojr. A cordial imitation IB glvei to sill the wrvlcfu. Htransera an< vlnltorti In town always receive i 'hearty welcome. YOU can help im h> your iirencm-e We will iry nnd h«>lf you. FIRST M. E. KervtceH for l'1r«t M. K. church, corner Hroddway and Mftb mriM>t, Sunda> aji folh'Ws; Sunday School at »:4!» When you hear the. church bell ring cntne t» Sunday School, a graded day n and are expected In HterllnR ! 'th»» Itilli'f i.nri of ne<t w»-.-i{ Tht-v will be ,*t home on ( the uroom'n farm Km^ri^sn" later in the year. Both yours p*ople will receive many. good -wlnhtf*. Mr*. Wink (nUfiht the Stone school In Jordan vcr>* SUCCWMI- fully tor 'several yeam and IB known to rfMidentft In this city and vicinity who will be g|ad to welcome her as a Mr. Wink l» a *on of Mrs. Herman '.Vink cf Wallace street arsrt In known to^-a wtde.rlrrle of frifhdl)' who will j'o'in In wishing htm and hid brlile- hup- und . j»ro«h*rlly., THE CLUB Mrs, Worthinglon Ent*rUin»d Afternoon, !j. O. .Crochet Club met Tu««day at tho horae-of 'Mr«. R. B. Wortb- Ington on «tr«et, The afi ternoon wax «rbn\ with fancy work, 10:45. A chalk taJk'to the Junior con irnhfpttiun by Harry Thomnw, followeil by a iw>rmon by the pastor, subject, "The Divine IJfe In Man.' Kpwortri Ix-ague at 7:«0 o'clock. Kvenlng »er mbn. 7:30. Hubj<H-t, "The Harvest of a f5«xlle«N Ufe." .Mis» Dorothy (llbs will have charge of the mu»lc. both mornlnB and .evening, Hp-et'lal mti hi^ been preKired—.._Y.«u will find a royal welcome If you worship with tht friends iti Uroadw«y. ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN. K, «,*.' Hnrr)t«. pastor. Uible School, 9:30. IVeaChinR NeiA'ice. 10:30. "T\\ Advent Sc<H8on and HH MeanlnR I; ifter which dainty refreahmentH were. AU . time. GAVt PRETTY DINfiER Mitt Helen ; R«»enor*n PrierKil* Thursday M!HS Joy HtHiel, of Dljion; John ^ ind Olt'ti Knuth at a prettily app<»lnt- tnl 6 o'clock- dinner last Dec- were In, yellow and White t dainty dinner waa nerved. n'KT thte dihrier the^ crow]H Huh Hchool'dance. ENTERTAINED IN Mr. and Follow* th* < , Cough Syrup Made at Ho ome You'll never really know what a fine cOPRh eyrup you can make until you prepare thji fantoui horoe-made remedy. You not only «*ye iasaa oooBpared with the ready-made kind,, but youwill ahw have » more effective and dependable - remedy in every. w*y,. It overcomea the u»ual eouffh*. throat or cheat colda in 84 bounNrreUevea even whooping cou«h quickly; , Get »}ff touncei 'of Pteex (50 worth) from any good drug •tore, pour it into a iilnl botiFo aud f U tbe bottle wjUt plain , granuUtwl ni«ar ayru; Here you have a full pint---a fatniiy •uppjy—of the * poet t effective OOU«B •yrnp that money can buy—«t a eocl of only W oentf or.Ieaa, ft never «ppil8. The prottjpt and po»itive,re«uU»'Biven by thi» pleasant tastlnu; eou«h .syrup have canted it to 1 be useoTUi more bor" than any other remedy, ..It quic loosenn a dry, hoarse or iiKht ooug! heal* the Inflamed membranes that lino the throat and bronchial tubwi, • ruined fa a delicloUh 4ifrW»fc dlnrter at their hdtne In Jordan *rhftfllt(HivIng lay. The following wereia'ntou, jkfm, Dieterl* and daugMers 1 . Kiiiity'ahd Cora, Mr. ancl Mrn, J. ^ B«U^ Mr. and Will My*r an«J-*tJeMph»«sr(!, Irene And France*, l>Hve Tijdren; liazel UcU^. rteorgu An^pach i en Wolber. : ' " s ? " '.?. .''.... ' :! ' ' >s AT MI«.0>iTtMAr>i. Nfr. ,ah\r M_ra." 'Cnarlen Family-Lite," In the afternoon an ev- >'ry mWjberl'aiTvaSs l«y"hlxty ihcii, Ne- vln It T-jmtnC chairman committee. Junior r. K., 2:30. "Some h'avorlte Pifelms." Mnui Nellie rittman, Supt. Senior O, R., 6:30, "The Onnner'rallon of Biuilnens Ufe," Klmt .IXvlalon. Oeo, Corolun, .High ncliool division.- Kve- nlngwnric*. • HeimrtH of th* •-rv*ry-' member canvasa. . -FIRST, BAPTIST. , r/talph V. Hlnkle, i«vstor. Sunday Schi*bl at S:SO. H. A^'Crawford. Supt. Mqrt)lnR worship at 10: IS.. Children's sermon, "The l»ea«i Pencil." Regular sermon. "The Higher Patriotism." . U. Y. 'P Suhj..f<t, "ThP of tlirco ThU It*' the tlrnt in a -series on elements in a mic- life. Thurnday evenittR at 7:30 tho mld-we*k devotional nervtc*. You will be welcomed at all our uervlces, PRESBYTERIAN, Cheater M. Irwln, iwstor. Sunday: 9:SO, Sunday School: JO: 46. "The Un- frultfiilncujs of an OvercautlouH I4f«. 7:30,. '.Special cantata. "The Festal 8ong, h by Double Quartette. Tuesday: :30. ineetinR. Wwlneaday af- War _ and Mr«. Addle M>T>lt motored |«f 4 MHIedse- vllle on Thanksgiving day-«aji<J cpein the ihiy with Mr,, und Mr«. Milo Pittman of that place, well known o| that village and Sterling. The local ' lit f come* aloHwt immediately. Splen did for throat tickle, hoaraenew, bronchitis, croup and br»jnchial asthma. Pinux i» a MKhly couueutTatcd cow " orway pine extract, ^ with BuaUieol and has been used lor scut-ration 8 for throat and chest aUmputa. . Avoid diwtptoointaK'ut by a»kma your ^3Fagitist lor "»4a ouawss-of finex" with full dircctlunB, and don't accept any «» 4 euarantee of absolute or BJoney promptly rt'iun b thif ~ For Best Sepviae Equipmeut Call Forster & Sons Funeral Directors c*ii* "Night Cailf B«U No. 520 lnt«r»t»to \9\ re|M>rt' having a blu dinner and a lovely tlnu* all day. 'ENTERTAINED AT OINNIR, Ml. and .Mrs, Walter Scott, of.. fTam- pico. dcllKhtrully entertained at" a Tlmi;'.x»glvinK dinner Mr, and Mrs. W. a. Mftculf, Mr». Grace Purkapl!^ and daughter, Oladys, MttH<\, -Scott. , <1ttrcnc« and Kunsel Hcott and Ur. J. N A. Muthla of thin city, ENTERTAINED AT PINNER. Mr. and Mr*, iteuben Martin entertained ut dinner Thanksgiving Mr- and ftjre. B. K. Martin and family. Mr. und Mr*.' Barl Martin and family. Mr. stud Mr*. R O. Klglri and family of Harmon, and 'Mitt. K. H. K«hlamun and raftiily.- GAVe A DINNER. Mr. j»Qd Mrtt. William' ,Kraft, of Kound Grove, delightfully entertained nt a Tl>;tr,k*ftivins diaiicr Mr. und tenuM>n and evening, bazaar, cufnteria BUpimr, 5;00 to 7:00. Thurwlay, 7:30 Prayer meeting, "Sins of Oml»wioh." FIRST CONGREGATIONAL. W. M, JoneiN, Pastor. Sunday school 9:46. Preaching *t»rviceH at 10; 45 and 7: SO. Communion iwrvlc* and tloa of new member* at JO.-30. jr, Jones will preach at both- aorvieea. The The Bible chum will meet Monday afternoon-at 3 o'clock instead of 3 o'clock at th* parsonage. ' CAUVARY BAPTIST, •Corner Fifth street and 'Fifth avenue. J. A|iied fiarrelt. minister. 10 a. m.. I Jlble" Schooj . 11:00 a. in., Worship. Sermon by the mlnlHtcr. 7:20 p, Hill R* -Ul's Oipatc rl« i v<»ti (Jernoft- s;iat«Hl its cinui Turk«">' «Uty \>y <i«- f<-nU»iK Brown by the srurp ». liro«!> hn«! Jf-f''ated both Harvard hnd wits ^Wtft-rSlty «-i! the best f-am in (he east with th" j.»<i««it>|jk except Idn -of PJttsbnrph. which h<>\ypv*-r, is. imt bothered. ,. by. inieror»i« l^Kiate i»l«-« fttuJ i«-<:wo*'e<4U«nl!y barred frtirrj any ch&mpioruthJp Kr-,i»n's crushing 'dpf»-»t at the' of (V'lunte, however, will eau^e (he ex- pt-rts- to ri'Vist' their estimates apd give CulKatf about the highest rnnkinic in th<- east.' fdlitate has lost but one Mime nil season. Tnle wlnninft * to 3 •t»n a flirtce af?er Ootgai(**hnd outplayed it for thf grt-itter part of the game. Tlu> fact t hiit. Brown later gnve Y«le :i <l<>ridfd tritnming utMl tJien huffeii> »•(! «*in:!t an ovt-rwhclmltyj tlefeut nt I lit- luiAiL* of Colgjitt- will «'ffertnnI1.v w!l»*' <'«t that one tilnt from the (Vi|Kate record. I'nlRate dprnonstrat«-() Its fonsiHtcJicy iiKuinfit Btowli liy HCorltiK «ii-vi-it iioiritu ii,i eui'h iinarter. I'ollard, who has been mich a terr(>r trt. .ftther »-.a.«tem t<uni.s, could do tiuthinK . Tor the first t^me since 1912. Pnmi- Kylx-aniu dcfKiti'd (Virnell In their nn- final clnith, thf tfcore beinR 23 . to ,1. Shi verii'H, : joL.CliicaK0..-^avei4. l£e bt« \ Iwun from being »luu .mil. tiy. drop cklnw a grml from the 38 yard line. Knox Montnnutti battled for tiw mpionsiilp of th» Jjlttle. Flva nnd th«- Knm»' resulted in a 7 to 7 tie. > All clalrrm of Kntiw« to the cham- of the Mlwouti - vnltay '• con» werl* cp«t "?Me when Mlmtouri (he Jayhnwliers (3 to 0. Noire Dath« Wa^ ^rtUff, troiiWe Tit die* N**»bra»ka f)>* the scor* 1 of -So to o, f PROPHETSTOWW NEWSJ * . * PRACTICAL HEALTH HINT. -* —* Den't Cough, 4 "P<>n't rough" htis * rntt-h a hf-Hith *l«s;a! •t H'it." Like flip si-it 4- tltf roughing h«!«it !•• 4 t*>rit is wnnecfwfiiy 4.' purpose. Tho (irr. Im * especially I* umicit«i$;Vrv. and •*• wl>ei) pf-rsisfrtl HI sis :i mutter of *•*• habit it bPt'0ti«"» detriments! In -i* Jw jnthience^sn the lungs nnd %-* larynx.. Of course, there tiro *,. tisat-ii when coughing is n^es- * ftary-and hetpfui; • a* In the ease, 4 1 * of consumptives, to rid flip re* spiratory tract, of .... amnnnlntc>d 4 notion* material. But there I.-* n * right way to cough. Never rough *• without pressing a folded hand- & * kejrthiftt'br eletu firmly m-pr the * * month, tneaitwhtle Inhaling deep- •£ * Jy~throttfli the no»e. This nvoldn <* * Infecting t|e air about .vou wItli * * '(hfe* tanry'?' It muffles the noise 4 * ftMreficres Uhe throat of the !r- * *• rltatton caused by the air inbiifcl * * throogh tbe mouth, -b AVE ESSAY ON SUNRISE Mr. and Mr». Grover Brown ancf T. F. Barradell Honored. ' A reception wa« given TuoBday ev- nlng at the M. K. church for Mr. and Mrs. Drover Brown, who were recent- y married, and T. K Barradc'll. who •jtpectH to leave to take a position In he First National hank, in Sterling. .There were Home (M-vcnty of the membership of "the. church present to enjoy what proved to he a, very piquant tlinv. , Tlw «burch> ,wa» v«rj? pret- l]y decorated which .lent cheer to the Ciim#*^con*tltutp<l the en- ertalnment with 'the exception of tho Son* Thing* About Which, Perhaps Y*u Knew Nothing. . ' 8unr}8» la what |>eop!e are-alwaya •c-utence^ t» be abot at In «oin« cBBM this in the first time th« victim ha* ever either teen the sun rise or been shot at. Jf he has been half shot the night b«fore be doesn't WHS the sun risp, B«ing shot at suurlse l»u't auch an awful fate for some folks. Many people wonld ju»t aa llcf b» •h6t as to jet time to see the HUH riae. ^ Those who have «oi'U tbe HUU rise «p«ak rery hljfhly'of it. But we do not let thorn fool us. Awoclating with tbe sunrise, ls-poet lolly preauaied to make men better. the milkman ! ~ 5.; Glasses EXAMINATION -FREE Spectacles or Eye-Glasses, with or without rims. The Eye-Glasses have the very latest "finger piece" mounting, on and off With one hand, best gold filled, Each eye is ex^ amined separately by an EXPERT, and the lenses ground to order and guaranteed correct. DR. GOULDING, Optician GRADUATE OF THE BEST EYE COLLEGEiN THE WORLD Over Qbermillers' Store Bell Phone 101-W First Ave, and East Third St., Sterling, 111. OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS QettinK »p with tb« aub U a much OT(tre«Umat»d Btunt To b«cln with, tb* nun it neither benefited nor impreased with out effort*. • - - . ft doesn't help him get up to havo us ri*e at the Mine time, and be goes right off and leave* us, anyway. for our own part, ^re think it Is ex- b«di taste to atand 'and INJUNCTION I niinitul half mi Acre and thM 'drive tin- 'rulfhltH Into It where tt ir.ililiits un- killed with clulm. i Contractors On Inlet Swamp Drain Ordered To Refrain From Holding Up Work. robber wbllo anybody ffcts up. The orb of the day baa tittle enough for privacy aa it to, with every body «t»wplinp' while he goea to bed. WoatabOBttba golden rule Men's choru8,"oZ whl<* Mf. Barr&dell « a member. «b»Jmr< th*< singing with Mr. Olnwleit4 »#• the piano.,, • Mr. and. Mrs^jBrawn wer* nicely remembered b>; ^9 church In the way " a silver plea^apd .Mr. Harradsll alHo likewise ,.^*Bjeniber«d. , It Was *ry plen«ant iiftair which with luncheon, t" <,i',/ •* GIVEN Mr. and Mrt.'Ediori Smith Qu*a» ef H&nor. <ha -j ^- evening.tbe neighbors oh Mrn. : vntly nurrie<),>K^v«.nll|««9 a good lime t the hom«^dt ?l hl|i.jiiroiber r Forum. "Mental Pic- Hos» overly, Mr. and Mr». und fani.ib'._%itd A. f>. »( ilotmeheait," Major Theodore Stenrni*. Wedm-nd^y the ladle* wi'l hold Ibcli all day meeting ut the enure)). ST; PAUttS GERMAN LUTHERAN, , U*v. K. Ik-yer. paatur.. On twxt Sun day, iviv 3rd. Bprvlt-t'B u« usual, be ginning of the new chnn-h yei^r. Bible School at 9:30 a. m,. Preaching «M- vicca tit 10:30 a. in. AdventM sermon. V, P. K. (kuther, K»>ague) , monthly mri-HiiK at 7.30 p. m-> CHURCH OFTHE BRETHREN. W, M. t'lrlch. n»t«tilr. ». S-. 10:00 U. oj. I*i-i^ching stt )>:00, subject, "The Doctrin* af Ooii." f 1 . W. ttociMy,' ^'.SO, PrsuchinB. 7:30. subject. •'.! he Doctrine of Jesiife t'hriBt," Perfectly, Cut properly cut dluwuud Uus a 5^ imludiUK tiiii table mul t-ulet; AT LAN018 HOME. Mr- uud Hr:>, PiutrffK Ijtnditf un»! daughter, Martha, *nil Mr. »nd Mr»; C* F.. RJjultr *ud d-uishier, Mwry, were at • f v. DO YOU NiiO MOWfY? ill loan you ipo'uty on furuttur*-, erty. All UiiiuB strU'tly i'i>»- Pay bjivk ih* "vTix'Uwt w«y that j-uits yau. either wvckly or njanth. ly. ,i'.,»II or writ* and I will' call 'i»u !!. ii,i\ tinu- ot vVvninK. with the JOHN H. DOMMEL. iw K 3rd m.., • .JSwik F*Ui. <I*. the $£ fat-i'ts iiliiivo tiw be 40 iwr cent of lh« gtntle tt'«U tUe frtma the ginile to the tabuj t l>« 85 aogrtH's «nd from tl»« to tbe',vut«t 4<> ii^r«»8. A per- (H'nd{cuiur ltji«« drawn fcom the eeo> ter of tho table tu tUe ceuter of the culet will bt> oue-thiitl ubov« the girdle Every Niqhl- For Constipation ^ti^ idMp JJJ9 wlk^WfllHfc ^JJF ^Hffp^&f mltb,..,The «vftnljnk"iV»44 uptmt ip ng euohre and^je, affair waa one "of oclal enjoyment.*' • . . ' t t Previous UK 4lfe^v«ainir's enjoyment f playing euchte* a *ik o'ij|»cJc »«p. *ri wan eerved/ which wa*. /urnl»beti y the nelshbpr*,. .j-•> ^ '-, r . PROP'H Ef ifjbW>| ^rWa- > Mi»« Mildred Fdrkex^who baa be"«n .n Champaign and Cblcmiro'for aevoral day* mtwniefl .home Monday night, und 1 reports a very pleasant -stay,, '.' fyr. ,-and Mm.. Bdwin, lUancaslfer* after U In re* wecka' wtay 4n Sulphur 8prln^«i Ind,, returnee} ^oijie wvanlng:, The trip was madnt for Jh£ be^ent'bf Mrs. Not W*rth Much. •- -\ •'•,*. health who la nulferlnr with HnL The couple were panieil Iw4fr.»}«n«tttitvr*a sister. Kllza Qage. Mra, Lancauter cam* w*>alc from the effoots ftf the' bath? and BO at this time |t la-hard- u> report on the actual benefit which 8h#> may hav<« rwel»d while at th» Spring*. Min« Kthel Colbtirj; of this, place, after a week In Sterling returned hom» '" * ' ~ ' A MWevpinK Injiir.tlon haw been «ranted tin- dlri-ctorH of tin- Inl«'t Swamp district befitrc ,!iiilK<- llloh- ard Farriind. of Dlxon, cnjolninB ntul reHtralnlng John C*. Vanntta and S«-th Carlwon. contractor* for the ' ilrainage work, with interfering or hindcrlnK with the "work now being done on llu» Kane lateral, compelling' them t«> re- remov<« a ditching machine that wan To^lte-OId-Yi Alone yoir falter through tho That ll-att unto oblivion Of tbO8« Who liallod your advent on* short •UK*' With runt unil pugeunt thcro rtTO*ln« <vno > With "friendly nun to guld« your obHtnicUnjjr the ".way. and- o; y tbe ' governor doesn't pay ft tuobe than I am worth. io tbe world do you manage to lire oa it?— PhUadelpUla Ledger. enjoining' them from (Hlng suit, agalnut the dl«- trict or its .officer* pondinw tlie hear\I\K on the injunction: , . . In Aukusit. 191 1. Tact ing inuler the lawx of, IlilnolH, the- rt-HldentH of the dlHtrict of the Inlet Hwiunp, lyliw 12 miles HOutheaHt of Dixon, incorporated a drainan»> dlntric"t, l«HuIng boiuiM for $70,000 to flnnnc^ th« draining tluit promised to ret'lalm 33.0QO acre* of thwtj gijbJjN'tyto.'tfvfr^W' unif cov- 'rbfVwiter; (tortlon-'of the y«Hif with InhiliLturi' Inket* and pondH. , Contract Let. , John C. Vanatta, a tiling- contractor from Brookston, Ind., wns employed, to-do the work. In Vanatta'.s contract wiiH the Hllpulation that if ho proved remisw Jn punhinK the tiling, the officer* of the corporation hrul the fit Mmttlnv /.tlti»r*M t» r*i,mnlfti' Naught BBV« the etan* within your blltui hands. As waned your power with tlma'i loi» niarcti All flocked to your iuccewor'a rwtfl proa eh, Who in hl« turn will bo forsakin too. And yet we ow« to you, old y««rr Of health' and happlneai M4 oor nlmro «. • ' Of F«n-tuno'» »i. H« »nd pot of Bo, mindful of your bounty, lngi«titu<)«. unit vice of petty wntla, And bid you godnp«ftd on jyour lon«lr ' Kre we turn to >alut« tn» ntwborn ; H. Blynn in PhllAd»lpht» .~ When Inclo«ln0 Stamp*. HtmnpH will "ride safe" far «M the mnllH will carry Unm = jllppvtl into two slltw la the letter | PIT, one-fourth inch apart «nd J«»t.( trifle longer than the stunips tire drainage. ' l^uor V'anuttu sublet the work to SSeth CarlHon, who was In reality a sort of •foreman. Thn work Ltft—Unmarried. She doiwn't h«t^ the men, Miu Nan, •iiut.lf'a)t«vhad her way ' There, *putttn't be m Hingle man la »ll the world today. ' - * ' —Boeton Trunucrlpt. y morning, Olonn Kelsey started work iri ,_ lawn mower factory Monday in the Iron working department, havlnu the operating of' a machine. ' Ueorttt Richmond IB now among tha otflce force-of- the lawn mow* pany, having in Qita/ge U»» partmenj. Qf^rKP Ir from' Solid Qpub. Van Wombat's buffet lunch made » great bit with the lut-u «nt," "SomeUiing new?" "At « woman'* lunch-yes. In addition »^ r tM(ruifcsabii»awa luaeurouus. the pwridcd » few iutiu Honor. b«ad the household firm, ,tlmt one no placed he ««nior partner. i« th* home town he u better and «o «re hli folks. ^f^. oml Mrs. • Kr*d Wand, Jig, very sdowly. It i« Maid and at times no work wa« accompllHhed, even though the weather conditions were excellent for tiling. . * Thin conditionK c-ontimied for Home time and the o \vncrn of land in the diatrict becamp anxloiiH to have their ground drained, and thought it time they were getting Home benefit from the money that wan being expended. Work Blocked. Accordingly they employed L. W. Enlorf and a crew of. men to commence operations along the Kane lateral. Some <lay« ago Carlmm moved a large tile layer In front of (hft path of the ma- chtin* u«ed by the Kntorf crew, it In alleged, effwtually blocking the. way. Who Will,Offer « "I witfh I had n huhy brother rcnl meat kind—to ride, lu inuinina," 8ald littlu Lola, nre iihvnys Ki'Ulng broke ovur," ANNUAL RABBIT ROUND-UP Jack Rabbit* 'Have Become * Pe*t in •t/tfome Parti of the West, , , W. J. Pollock, who nan spent l»oirit» yv«r« in Aberdeen, Idaho, states thut where he- lived in -Idaho, -thf jack rabbits were so numerous 'that they had to ).»»• killed off every winter, else they It Waa. The fuiuily ulbuiu yf• old tiuyH niuHt have hwu a cousumHuil ttoro If It wo8 any worst) than modem koduk , iilbuin.—Kansaa Star. Distress Alter Meals IB! flOSTETTERS " Slomach Billers It pti'part'K the jdoni.irh to food, ¥«"4 the H in t.ow« with rHatfve^ «Mr. and Wr*. B. ..f, jaswaseri* to CWcugtj /^Wednesday ru*lr:«oa, 'Dr. and" Sirs. Jj'.W and"f*mUy. were paaseng^rB jto Tmnount, Iir. Wed. nea<Jay morn|ng to with Mr. and 'Mrs, Mrs; Backer b>|n«t a daujshter L'nderblll. , . __; socially?" w»y," replied Mr. Cuinrox. "When we have a party at my own . BO niauy people don't look me over aod wouder bow I happened to f«t iorited,"*-\V««hluiiLon Star. ! > *• - „....,...••„,.„„.,.„,,. ,'. . ' ftjiem *f Wealth. .»ennie» all 1 cuu," y Himm H*«g. I I'll b»va, when I'm a man. Knoufh to buy «n «£«." " ' . — YounsBtown Telcgrain. Ji wou!4 , |t*« of OwuUtion, \ o If I should kiss u» tils cuss, a,pyhov^, t *^-^:8UH«i* City Join nul. from Ames; bt> ; i« attendlii for the turkey «*t *ith father mother, Mr. and Kirs.' George and w.r«e roolldtfe, of Boiigparte, la.. VV«H aij arnvul In town Wednesday morning to ,«u<» .JJis. si^u-r, Miss Arll*< t who ia of t|,»> Kcbo office' force. I|i ll T'c herv but a s-hort Uma. , it,-< Vvlmu JStoiu. , ot Hockford'i MX1UHS Collect', b.p.> t |t' ThtUtkNgivillff with tun futhi»r. H, J t-ltfiiu. «na other lull V fin • , . Jn. (kuirfc w. Mot-hcr. t» & of ctuc^o. is,,ut hoiwf ioi a whort Wish hLx-fnther, l>r an..l M«s ,1 H ' HT. pUVtlMlh 10 tllt'lt K^IH^ III ^lu-iui the wintfi j ( ,r tliHi- bl« noiiw", in o thluk* be Ik may lit. down tn »e toine. Cl'ty J»ninn»l. it - Hli |« that if 4«t butter was auy fwsh«»'r b^ .nrrestiHl .for HIU*",VIU^ dc St. l^uU (ilwbc Still TtlU the the flukl'Af'ta'^lttH* b?il 'h^ for»£«i$ ior'a mnucot that not t-wO'y'tn to books. Hut ha will tell a m'ttoolbi>y th«r wrhool tUti* ur« would clo unUild (lamnK'% UurioK >hc rnonthx whet* then* Is snow on the and they h»v« a hard time lo anything to eat, tlu< rabbitH will travel In wwarmt*. front, ten to twenty- live miles to u ..farni in search of food they w.iil ilovour ,n stuick .of ulfa- 1 ifa a» jju.lckly an wtnjld a ilruvc nf ' TJiei* have bccoui? uuch a nuis digestion untj anco that s»ach winter a round-up is held by the funnerH limtliit;'from one I to tht't-iv weckH. During the thick of the tight there arc killed f,r«>m -400 to Dyspepsia 3,000 rabbits: In -one day. number was that of hist winter when 3,000 were actually killed in out? day. The incn ' rmpl«y .vurloiis nu-ilmUK for thejr. extermination. ()ne of the btsst i» jto frwt an eucidrsurn opvn on on* RUB RHEUMATIC PAIN, SORENESS, STIFFNESS Ryb Pain right out with $mal) trial bottle of old "St. Jacobs OIK' 1 ~ JtheumsttitnT^— -Pain utrfy. -j Stop drugging? Not one c*we* in nfty require* internal treutmnet. Rub! soothing, .penetrat-ins "St. Jacobs OH" dircc'tly upon th» •'tendwie spol" ftHd ref - comes instantly. "St. Ja<i>b9 Oil" a hunnli'dti rlK'Uinatigm .and ^omUru |lnim«-nl, which "iiowr disapiwlaM* und can not burn the-' skin.' . Limber up! Quit complaining! (pel ^- small tri4l bolik- fronj -your Urug-, gist, •uu.d'in-'lu'st, a. ruoiiu'iu >vu'll be fre* from rlieumatic awd Hda.tic pain, ' titfnwsw'an*! svytfHin«i s Won't erlu'f aw;iH» you,.'- • honea-t "St, J-acobs Oil" has cured for .t>,v*ituq,-, ' ta juH,l if C !» t h c f i c ii- of -« trie julc I n" l It digest ivt< tract. y o u w o u readily dispel ' one of the most common catist>» of tly»iH'p»lH. A . - Rexall , Dyspepsia Tablets More nearly accomplish jhun anythhuj we Jmow ol. action, of Hcxull |)y«pep«U Tab- j 4«ti> \» mild, and will not unset- tl* — *\vn -the-"tno«t otomuch. The whole purpose j>| thei>t> Tahli'ta Is to rellt-Tc the (liwtri-s.sing condition itt dyspepsia ant! •in(Uj;c.sii'jH to Mn-nisthcii mui fortify tlw Three 25c $1,00 Drug

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