The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1930 · Page 13
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The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1930
Page 13
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HBJLfcTD, UMdNTOini, PA. POLKESKKAL CHOSEN QUEEN AT FLOWER MEET WHRT0N,W.YA, ALL DEALERS TO HAVE MODELS IN 1930 AUTO SHOW CENTER OF RING 206 VALBCIKES NABiBwrnntrr STAMPswarr TO BE ATTACHED TOFBESREN Mayor Crawford Arranges tr Final Arrangements Being Com AgaJradM to Ttoifr Oaten peted tor Display at Motor Immigration Inspectors Charge 30 Men, Entering Country Illegally, Lived in Vicinity Br AbHOcliltptt PrtvtR WE1RTON. W. Va., Feb. 14 Seventy-four men were arrested hero today hy Federal and Btate ofB-ccrs after 10 days investigation by Immigration inspectors, who hinted a belief that Weirton was the headquarters for a newly discovered alien-smuggling organization. fa. Quick Time Whes Needed LONG STANDING NEED Square Garage, Feb. 19-22 OPENS WEDNESDAY 10 A, M VIOLATES POSTAL LAWS Ai a.iimiile far a saeeial emera;- matted t th " Unfcntown postofflee Unlontown'B 1930 automobile "show opening In Motor Square Garage nexf Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock and eaey peace can are hem made by Mayor Lather S. Crawford. The new system will sot be radio Installed, au-toaaotaBes bat it will be attached. to tho ire siren. maay wiui no stamps and marked MC. O. D." . - - continuing through Saturday night Thirty of the men will bo taken to Pittsburgh for hearintrs on charnei LB they entered the country Illegally, Far a long time tho need of a quick means of calling in all members of and tho others will be charged with violation of the gambling and liquor laws. the police force baa been apparent. I I II Under the present system of calls win De practically 100 percent according to announcemeut made last night ! by officials of the show. There are one or two dealers who have not as yet reserved space in the show but it Is hoped that when the doors are opened for tse first time, all will have one or mow models ol the various make of automobile or accessory on the floor. and lights, this has been, impossible- tS SHHH anaw&i.A ' . Postal authorities believe this was the act of a Valeatiae joker but as a Joke it turns out to be-aperfect ''"nop-"-so tar as the ainortrJes are concern ed. ''ThlB moans a lot of extra work an time," Superintendent of Stalls FMgai. Boord "said, "besides being a direci violation of the postal laws." Mr. Boord stated that m the event the attempt is repeated the perpetrat ors will be run down and prosecuted of qakk action. Consequently Mayo. Crawford has made arrangements for installation or a special attachment on tho "moo cow" fire siren. Whet IrlaW'aWmlrTVTr rIMlTr.r V1 all officers are needed in an euierg enucy call, tha Blren will speak out three short blasts in rapid succession. Work of removing the stock of new and used automobiles of tho Motor Square to other places of residence was started yesterday and by noon today the removal Is expected to have This also will serve as notice to all MAN FATALLY HURT WHEN HIT BY TRUCK Knocked down by a lumber truck into which he stumbled during a snow storm late Thursday near the Atlas crossing, east of Uniontown, Ralph Fedechio, alias Ralph Tresky, 50, of Oliver No. 1, died Friday morntng la the Uniontown hospital. His skull had been crushed. Charles Thompson, of Chalk H1U, CHECK CHARGE "been completed. other officers in the city and wlU make it possible for them to get into almost instant communication with headquarters. IS DISMISSED - Mm. kWh Caa.ea. ' The necessary attachment lias been dered and it la anticipated that the Corps of workmen have already started dressing up the huge build ing and Oils afternoon everything will be ready for the electricians and deco rators. It Is hoped that this work wilt be completed by Monday night and Case Against Chrisioejher Drop- new syBtfem will be in operation in-about ten days: Wm Marie Capets, of St. Paul, U tudyt fa a chemistry degree at the Uerversity of kfiaatxeta, driver of tiie lumber truck coming ped When Wife Fails to Tes est on the National Pike, told o- cers that It was evident that the vic that placing of automobiles In the show can he started early Tuesday morn tify in Detroit Court Tri-Town Firemen Sw is the eedy girl in tk f semen? Ua of -40 sradeoU. Will Incorporate; Secretary Chosen The- D. L. & V. Volunteer Wre De tim had been blinded by the heavy snow. He walked up the branch ot the Baltimore and Ohio railroad: whlcii crosses the pike and stepped from behind one ot three cars parked on the south side of the highway near the Gulf station. The driver of the track swerval sharply to the right to avoid the accident. Fedechio was struck by about the middle ot the truck and knocked Jaqucline Kaccre is "Queen ef Carnations" by choice American Carnation society, in convention at Detroit WILL CONTINUE DAIRY HEIFER CLUB FOR YEAR partment,' better known as the Trl-Town Community, Thursday evening instituted a movement to Incorporate A forgery charge which Mrs. Christopher Rhodes, 5S, of German township, had node agalrst her 23-year-old huBband, was dismissed Wednesday by Judge Henry S". Sweeny. In Detroit, Mich., Municipal court, according to word received here. She la said to have refused to tea tlfy against her husband. As sdtn as his caso was dismissed llhodes left tho courtroom with Mrs Jthodes who had gone to Detroit from CAREFUL STUDY IN ESSAY TEST Oliver a. Oglevee was elected sec Decision to continue the club for one more year at least was reached CARTON FACTORY CELEBRATES retary, taking the past vacated hy Wray T. Laird who was voted to succeed W. A. Coegrove, resigned. at the annual meeting of the Fayette here to effect u reconciliation, reports County Dairy Heifer Calf Club neiu at the home of Caroline Byers Vanderbilt; last night Twenty mem bera of the club were In attendance so violently to the concrete highway that his skull was fractured. The truck struck a pole at the other side of the pike in such a manner as to loosen the load of posts. A half dozen posts fell on the rear of a machine owned by Charles Franz of Hopwood and slightly damaged it. Patrolman Winter' ot tho Statu say. Committees appointed hi' President Donald J. Patterson are as follows. Incorporation Wray T. Laird, Lowta Marottf and Jesse W. Pratt. Audit Lewis Marottl, Ernest Lint aud Jesse Martin. Lafayete Jaaior Riga Stndeata Gathering Data for Use. in Preparing Worid Peace Stories FOR Y0UGH CITY Fort Wayne Paper Box Company to Occupy Plant to Be distracted at Connellsville Mrs. Rhodes charged her husband with forginp her name to a Z,910 Following the business meeting a DIVORCE BY RE-MARRIAGE luncheon was served Including cream and chocolate milk. cheek, it is reported. Revaucn Anthony Bonadio, James Milter Named Head two weeks careful study arranged In all the class The club la planning a drive for members. Persons Interested should communicate with E. D. Uibel, county farm agent or James Bradley, prest dent of the club. D. MeGill and O. Edward Reed. House Frank E. Reed Joseph nonadio and Medley Johnson. Investigating Lester 8. Patterson, Bruno Bonadio and Edward Muroltl. Announcement was made Friday the Lafayette Junior High school to. study the question of World peace The Home Room program tor the that the Fort Wayne Corrugated next two weeks will be need to ob tain all Information possible. The Highway patrol, witnessed the accident. He declared thut the driver of the truck was not in any way responsible for tho accident. Surviving Tresky Is his widow an six children. Funeral services will be announced later. w. vaTnational GUARD OFFICERS ARE CHANGED WINS ROAD CONTRACT HARHJSBURG, Feb. 14- Paper Company of Fort Wayne, Ind., would occupy a factory in South Con-nellsvllie district. The plant will be built by the Cap-stn Glass Company on its own prop erty immediately adjoining the pres art department will make pasters, the Of Library Board For Another Term Charlea A. Miller, South Browns vUle, was re-elected president of tho hoard of trustees of the Brownsville Public Library at a morganlaaUon meeting several days ago. Mrs. 0. D Watkins was named 1ce-Bresident: Mrs. D. F. Paul, secretary and Louis O'Uonnell. treasnrer. ! social science classes will devote NEW YORK, Feb. 14.. With a bridegroom for whom she was reported willing to aacriltce $20,000,000, Mrs. Teresa Fnbbrl Clark, facial register ite nnd kin of the Vanderbilts, celebrated her 13-day-old Reno divorce by a re-marriage. Ceremonies in the closely guarded home here of her mother, Mrs. Edith Shepard FaUhri, made her the wife of Frank A. Gesell, California oil stack promoter, whom two women, in some time to the London conference W. A. Hoed o Wayneaburff, today was awarded a contract far 2.46 mile of bituminous road surfacing In Bethel BENSON TAYLOR IS INJURED IN Magazine clippings, editorials. In fact, any source materials will be collected and Tyrone townships, Allegheny county, on a bid of $78,239. ent plant and would he rented to the carton company. Work on the erection of the building which will have a floor space of 160 by 360 feet, will be start in order to furnisn facts and a dock irround from which to write the essay. The time baa been extended from The three retiring trustees. Miss ed immediately, it is said. GOES TO FLORIDA PITTSBURGH, Feb. 14. March 4. to March. 11, which, will ha AUTO ACCIDENT cluding a former Mack Sennett bathing beauty, have divorced. the last day for handing In W. L. Mellon, former Republican Ea B. Lindsay, li. A. Miller and Arthur D. Prlngle, were re-elected to serve another term of oB.ce. A E. inte INVISIBLE RAY state chairman and nephew of A W. Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury classes from a study Hlckorson of South Brownsville, was of the conference In London. Thu elected member of tho board of mis ken tonight lor Florida. COATESVILLB, Pa., Feb. 14. (API Benson E. Taylor, seeretary The couple came here together from Reno after she won her decree on January 30 from James Cameron Clark, multi-millionaire thread manufacturer. First tidings that their romance had reached the stago of strict question of tha tucstarln baa been an Interesting1 aart' ot - ttra- elass ' ala- CHARLESTON, W. Va., Feb. 14.. Adjutant General Carlton C. Pierce today announced that Colonel Bart H. Smith ot Fairmont, had been relieved of the command ot the 201st Infantry. West Virginia National Guard, "in order that he may be available for the performance of such special duties aj may be later assigned to him." Lieut Col. Charles C. Robinson ot Morgantown. will assume command of tho regiment and headquarters will he moved to Morgantown. of the state department of property and supplies and mentioned as a possible candidate for Republican nomf- Roscoe Train Victim M. HI BOWMAN (Continued from Pago One) SAFEGUARD TO FIFTY DOLLARS ly business became known when they applied for a marriage HcenBe. uatlon for governor, sufferod a Elignt concussion of the brain in an automo In tho same legible hand with Still Unidentified No additional information has been and Mrs. Caultsr was at tho bedside when death came. which he signed .stock prospectuses, Plans are pro greasing- rapidly fori the final program March 25. There will be a large American flag made up of 135 girls from the seventh and eighth grades. All students of the school will have some part in tho program, which will ba free to tha jmWo. bile-accident near here last night. Taylor and Frank St. Clair, chiof of the bureau ot engineering and construction, were driving nlong the ice Tho death of Mr. Bowman comes as learned about the identity of the i about S7, who was killed Saturday NEW YORK, Feb. L4. -ft. 1G0 bill a great shock to the community. When ho teft Unioatown he was In excep tlomUly good health, his age consid ered, and was looking forward mosi night near Roscoe when struck by tha fast Brownsville-Pittsburgh "Fairmont guarded by an Invisible ray was of covered highway when the machine skidded and became wedged between The original manuscript ot "Deutschland uber Alles," the famous German national hymn, was recently sold tor 118.25. Flyer." The body la tliU held by fered last night to any person wno .can pick up the money without making the ray Bound an alarm. two poles. St. Clair was not seriously injured. plfasantly to spending the remaindei Deputy Coroner M. T. Crowley at WENDELL WOODDY ILL Wendell Wooddy. a pupil of Craia school. U Ul at his homo on Braddock of the winter in tho soutliorn climate and thereby came upaer scrutiny at one time ot the Los Angeles better business bureau, Uesell set down his previous marital ventures on the license application. Ho had been divorced at Reno in 1923, he admitted, by Mra. Myrtle Go-sell. As Myrtle Lynd. records showed she adrted a leaven of pulchritudo to Senuett's custard pie humor. Earlier In 1920, also ot Reno, he had been divorced by Mrs. Helen Gesell despite repeated attempts at reconciliation. Tho new Mrs. Gesell received no financial settlement In her divorco The ray was set up at a meeting of riiarlcrol. It la believed the n name Is Bell as a faint laundry i ITALIAN FLIER TRY AGAIN Mr. Bowman has been one of Un the New York Illuminating Engineer ue suffering with measles. His iontawn's outstanding and influential "nell" was found on tha trousers he ing- Society in tho Weatinghonse condition yesterday was reported as ROME, Feb. . 14. Commandant UmbertD Maddslena and Lieutenant Fausto Cecconl, who took oft yester ciurens. tor more than half Lighting Institute by James L. McCoy, research engineer of the West- cenrnry he has been affiliated with SAMPLE-SMITH FURNITURE CO. Present CHOZAN World's Greatest Mind Rsader FREE I ! I the National Bank of Fayette County inghonso Umg Company. It was announced that the money would rentals serving tor many years as cashier day afternoon In an attempt to better the world endurance sustained flying record signaled at duwn that "All Is weB." AUTOWT FATALLY HURT WEIRTON, W. Va., Feb. 1. John VTrsent. Sfi, bookkeeper of Imperial. Pa, was killed today when an and later as president. In addition to hla pre-eminent position In financial Indefinitely behind the ray awaiting all comers, or until someone solves from Clark, who refused to make one after ho learned she planned to marry Gesell. The 120.000.000 she was re the scientific riddle. orrasra or the city and county, he has alwaya taken an active interest in How Will Business Be This Year? ASK CHOZAN at SAMPLE-SMITH FURNITURE CO. automobile In which h was a passenger overturned on the Newell- The hill was put in a Sfoot safe civte matters. He has been influential ported in danger of losing was her in all movements for civic better Ch ester highway. His neck broken. share of the fortune ot her mother. ment and has been for many years an active and Influential worker in Mrs. Fabbrt, who made a trip to Reno to protest against the Gesell romance. tho church. That the mother had finally decided to sanction the match was not kuown Tentative- arrangements probably will be macro during tho day lor the with the door closed, but unlocked. Somewhere athwart the safe, probably across the door, an ultra-violet ray was placed. It is harmless; it cannot he felt by human touch. It Is Invisible either in darkness or light. It "shines," so to speak, upon a photoelectric eye scone distance away. Anyone attempting to pick up the bill interrupts the ray, thereby casting an unseen "shadow" upon the mechanical eye. " Thereupon the eyo loudly goes "blue." ringing a burglar alarm. many until the announcement that wedding would take place In her funeral. Mr. Bowman Is survived by the fol lowing children: M. H. Bowman. Jr. apartment. of Pittsburgh, Charles 3. Bowman cn uniontown and Mra. Hrshard Coultoi of Oreensburg. Mra. Bowman passed 75 Attend Regional Grange Meeting at - Carmichaels Hall away in September, 19i6. Mr. Bowman was born at Mason Ta J-"Swflrrl laVf ft) n town, March 5, !Si9. His parents were year was tho poorest In many yeare. James A. and HnMah M. Bowman. Ho received his education hi the Mason town schools and then in the winter of 1896 he entered tho B. C. Paln British Naval Chief Seks Submarine Baa shoe store in Uniontown as a clerk After being there for a year ho went to Morgan town, W. Va., where for two CARMICHAEL8, Pa., Feb. 14. The regional grange convention held in the Odd Fellows haR here Wednesday afternoon was attended hy 75 grange lecturers and masters from Fayette and Greene counties. D. B. Dor sett, state master, spoke on "Degree Work" and Bute Lecturer Dleman, used as his topic, "How to Conduct and Build a Grange Program that Will Appeal to Orange Mas years he was witli a branch of tho Paine afore. Ho then returned to Uniontown and became cleric in a dry "A Neater Letter-Quicker, Better" THE WOODSTOCK TYPEWRITER is the most improved and modern typewriter manufactured today it embodies the most scientifically chosen and carefully approved mechanical perfections. The WOODSTOCK is compact, simple, sturdy, easily operated, smooth running and absolutely dependable. It is a joy of accomplishment to operate a WOODSTOCK; the versatile machine built for a long, long life of Good Work Well Done. ASK FOR DEMONSTRATION Curtis Liston 970 CooLspring Street Phone 3343-R Uniontown, Pa. GOOD FENCES make good neighbors There'll be no trouble with your stock getting into your neighbor's field or your neighbor's stock injuring your cropa if your farm is fenced with LEADCLAD. LEADCLAD Fence, once up, is up for good. LEAD-CLAD Fence stands guard, for you, day and night, rain or shine, enduring factory smok and acid fumes, protecting your cropa and guarding your Btock year after year. LEADCLAD Fence Is protected with a heavy jacket of pure weatherproof led (7 times as heavy as the coating on ordinary fence) and no other metal will endure the hard atmospheric conditions like iead. Bullets fired during the Indian Wara'and the Civil War are being plowed up today and their splendid condition speaks for the long life of lead. The lead use in the jacket that protects LEADCLAD fence is the same kind as the lead in a bullet. Stop in and let us show you a LEADCLAD Fence. goods store owned by Seaton and Heath. Prom there ho went to tha First National Bank of Uniontown as clerk. Uposi the opening of a bank in HcKeesBort he went there where he remained for a short time, returning to Uniontown to become cashier ot the People's Bank of Fayette County. In 18S2 he was elected cashier of the bank of Payette County, established ta 1648 as a state bank, which inatl-tutkm became a national bank hx 184 and known as the National Bank of Payette County. Mr. Bowman succeed PLANE CRASH KILL8 BROTHERS JANA. La-, Feb. 14. Lamar Whatley, 19. and Grady Whatley, S2. brothers, ware killed lato today when the airplane in -which they were passengers, crashed near here W. K. Davidson, the pilot of the plane, was seriously burned. ed the late Captain Nutt as cashier of this institution and served as cashier until April 13, 1914, when he was elect ed president of the hankh, succeeding tho late Juctgo Nathaniel Ewlng. The Institution has been marked by re- majftable growth under the regime of FEED BUYERS SAVE! New Sensational Cash and Carry Prices A Nev Permanent Way to Save Money Compare nnd Figure Your Saving Mr. Bowman as president. Mr. Bowman served several terms as a member of the Uniontown school board and was its treasurer. He ia a member of all Masonic bodies up to DAIRY (20) $2.45 par 100 lbs Full Weight CHOP 2.t0 pr 100 lb. . Small additional charge for delivery. We nave a limited quantity of SCRATCH 5 per 100 lba Good Quality 24i, lba I M and Including 33rd degree. He was a member of the Uniontown Rotary Cms, Uutoatown Country Club, and these handy LEADCLAD staple the Duquesno Club of Pittsburgh and nail aprons which wt win - Include fraa whh aarty orders as long as the supply lasts. Oat rn 1S73 Xr. Bowman married Miss, Elisabeth & fieetou and ta this union your copy or me mt LEADCLAX) catalog at FOR SALE ONLY BY KING BROTHERS Members of Associated Cash Dealers four children wore born: it. H. Bow A. V. Alexander, First Lord ai lhe Admiralty, In his eacainc pecchat the London Naval Conference urawd that the use of sua-mariaea far . puma . J w hould ke totally abolished. Ha u Mtowed ay Secretary of State Atlmsef), who also called use the Tewera t abolish anbasarfnea. llNrrttw ltmm11 man, Jr., of Pittsburgh, Charles S Bowman, of UUieatowu, Mrs. IX W .'cl)uuaM. ot Unkautowa, (deceased) Manufactured by Richards Mllllnu Ce. Commam, un.i Unioslown, Pa. ERNEST HIBBS . . Now Salem, Pa. : and Mrs. Richard Coulter, of Oraeiin aw

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