Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 2, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1916
Page 3
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STERLING. ILLINOIS. SATURDAY. DEC. 2, 1916 S THRES. LOCK_FALLS DAILY GAZETTE BOCK FALLS^~!LLIN<m SATURDAY, "DEC!. 2, 1316. Gave a Rare Treat To )«t Two Hundred Last Kight In McNeil's Hall. «f t'flt*'! till! UN •V lf> M'. •!• ','t! '. ' • ' •• : \ i h. X «• t \ J i.;, - .: i lie .li!i!it-iti' •• >-. •;e<ts- in M' NVilV . 'A :) w ; >ia >'- n'" ? f- ': • < !•• u II ji !'•!•;. ;<•• , :!<•• f»ril}", ftnd «:i; .1 • ..TnpU-ti- .'.'.i: fi !••'«• i R rf<ti?i<l - <:;• > ••'' iif s i int'-nt f!"m' to f!ni.*li ; ftu* hnll was VMS -i: list i. ;ill> .!<•:•- i With l>>'!\ttMs; iind < Iii y?:i!!!hen:- ! B, Th«' red. wins.- and blue riri.iriK-'d deynt' 1 . •-• all-f t h<- vn tvn'i- > |y*tnnlhen r tuin.« teMO"!iei} In «»l lands ,"' :'ro-«s tin- (' ihiir. ' ' t>fiiii|i)i t "I 1 ';•' i!»wi r* dei,\- I th«* fc«'l'ltre lalde, :lll'.l < !ll-.:< I « '•! ; S{»rlHh|i d th".w»H--. 'lie ' U'aii , *.",nitd tin HI' n vei\ < ii'-l'titi- ! rtttt'lldi'd tn ii. inileh !•'• !!>'• lad- ! P. tfl«t tin »' M < !<• the I'UlV'j triy in the e\.iKui; M t.-. . M< N. il. ; IWtlPtH «if the Ml-'-a.Jiiaty .Wf.eieSv.i III ft flttint; <5pee.-h \\iis» presented : |h a box eiiiitnlnitiK a |i;ilr <>i bit.Din- { Which i'\ " W:\« li'<|ii'':-1ed t.i wtar•; the I»»* and «.peu«' ( | t* in tttid , |alr of hloomlrttr white i•iiMKatillu tn- ! I'll 'dif i;l;ully wore di'iHim thei BIRTHDAY SURPRISE CHRISTIAN CHURCH The Home Of Hf." Son, The Gifts Youve Thought About A Woman's It'o,t &f KtttKcn Cio'net Should Be f, 13. Fii-'Uiar'it-?'f, .! IHH. h indii mirmiin \>f the ennm'iuei-. fnt the, ey RHVe u \'eiy prelU f.inir ih!itl< ; d. i Htnlle," wldeh «a.i riienred by :l lllel'. ;.1l tin- i-hurt fi-r tlse a|i|>re* letllodlst <'like \Vulk l-:'iii.|!id by' ntid bifitlm;' iiMiKh in ptaneed t« i y blat-k .Afrluiii <.•hb-f^. lieiiunu IK-; Seller? "Kiteheneed" Lightens Your Burden of Kitchen Work Every Single Day &n?w white, sanitary, porcelain top; pets. p«ns. knives and fork*, flour, augur, spice* and extracts just where you want them without movinfl 0 single step— . $18.50 to $36.50 •r Why no t Purchase Gifts that are Practical? T<).'know tnat you have chosen wisely adds half the pleasure of giving. Just now, if it is choosing that4>uz2ics, a selection from our large display of Christmas Furniture and Rugs offers the idea! solution. Our three floors are teeming full of the latest designs in High Grade I<urniturc, all suitable for the gladsome gift giving lime. The pieces illustrated are but a few °-<i» those to be seen at our store. We urge you to come and look, without feeling under any obligation to buy. Telephone Stand and Stool RUGS ntptiltjr"~lonvrM'. Theii i ajtii' ;V. T-. and n train nf uiMefn In. «nmvy [J snftN he.iliiH. (>H IliKh nisteeli t)ltit«» riikef. which they 'displayed lin-f.t, iniHid ,\>t the i>rii- bt» of tltelr nuuily hi bur. porn ShelHnK ("IHIU-M. Tin- hull Into tw«t Hldi-H. Kfist Hluc with Alin. .MeNeil ux'eup-l I! \\'*>Kt Side the dd.l,- Mrjt. Fields j jitaln. Ten Ijidiex v. I'M- t lutili! ph Kldf t«» nbell corn In n l>»i\. but-! It with a .N|n.uii, and curU It wllli corn cob, Tlie ei.rn tlew. Mini In |f*w moments -Mia, MeNell'M I'lillM'Ct. Sides \\efe in rhuFell. blind fuliled anil led to blackboard nnd with eh;ill> teijursH |drtltt' a pig-".'Hid HOOII ,•' rneiiaKei ii'j fll««"»f n:i|K'tired. However one .ini-> ea|ituro.rl tlr«t. prlxe for .Mijt l-'ield« ! ' |ltl». The lllue.s got ft'cond. ;i IKO. This Btiint wn.tti.^U' c. with n mtch In It Tor the? to unravel, nn it paHKedi tlto .11 n*' of Ininiiinlty—after sev-| Ultf HIUl'H HiilVl'd . Uli" I ItniXiHl 'quartette came In here '"ithj iy pretty ntimbi»r. Inn tlivHneiJ to [ a ttefoiiil. T. (Same, Ten Indies "wero for tiiim. The uanie wns huwled !d«»n'iiumpkitiH and ypllow'eorn. I<**J Et*..f t^T.. I'M t t .M >»•». ,1-lnu- 11-M ,1 , tt * .• i V ^^ KLKCTRK 1 LAMPS V? A convenient and practical U'ft- V^c have thorn •* in fumed oak, golden cak and maht;;iny. -» Priced from ,$2.50 to $8,25 SEWING BASKETS vv Largo and small; all grades, &iz and weavos. • . _ ^ * 9x12 riirjs- (j'*" : ' 5 <' from $12 to $45 Smaller room auci' rugc priced in Smaller ruys from $1 to $10.50 s, patterns -j Globe-Wernicke Book Case 5? The gift of a Globe-Wermckc book case wbold 1 ' $} delight any member of the family. They arc With ait glass and silk shades, Many be»uti- ^ standard. You can secure duplicate sections at ful.detitjns from which to select. The low prices '' an X timp, " • . ^ Priced with book capacity of'8 te *» Up from $10.25 iff down tlu> full I'-iiKili iif the hull. | - Itent a yclluw ciiin inan [every blow. Blu<'« nroi»>d Jtball Ci'iime. Ten liidirH ugnin th«lr kU'kt-rs (nunnhx) arid ItiHtl- |blew i)n> ball turnMM and acrokii I!K> of the rival tram. Thl« garni'; ploy«'d with ,un CKK. a lalilo. ; Blues oiittilew the CiutdH and Hit- blew-it tn vieiory. |p by the Mena of the Hejmbllc. ler murehliiR around In battle urnty Jloutinit- IntniM-rs and ninrtlal tsiu- ; tho wnrlnit <>iU'otieiH« llneil up for Ule »m n|>r«»qlte. Hiden. They eniuily Oncl man after iniin went down, Illy wounded with notbiiiK more loiiM than a beiii).' Hh'ioter. The felled the nioHt men from tlie 1k« aiul iniireheil olT vietort. to a IH-o, Aftwr RO many ^lefents tho enp-; Ot the fjoldn wa« preHenleil with |»uir </f "bliMdiieis" by Mm. Meil, in bo|teN tbev woultl brliiK b'T Uer luek next tune UlJit hilt not !ra>>! rame the tinuH'Ull curtiparqd with ihe quality and beauty will surprise you, Priced from $3.75 to $16.00 Floor Lamps Of very attractive design, and beautiful shades. Smokers' Stands and Cabinets '•! l^'ced ftom..?II3ffTb $23.75 RED CEDAR CHESTS by the men; nnd :• very -ft—wntt.—^"Hfifcki-tTs- ioatifit-vri MinduU'heH, iriut nai.ids and ' ji'llK, -lulled jieanuLs lu-dain- WttitP ell'pw, olives and piekh-A K»* r». t'ljlu-Hl pink, tiiiuvn and white, ?«tt.>d nnd dernrated. Individual etipn Ivi-r lioblei'K were piled by q Uunhel in a ti'iyly deoorated \\heel- nnd uhethd In by tl<e dunky elllef, e|«*e!y I'olloued by Ills o and uteful eewing baskets in ma- hognny, oak and wicker. A very appropriate and useful gift.' In wicker anwino baskets we have " " f The Eldred^e .Two-Spdol Sew- <> '•/ ing 1 M'i'*hi«* 1 ^ ** protects your fur« and woolina from moths and dust; - makes a fine piece of furniture j»nd is a vury appropriate gift. 36 to 64 inches Idng. Priced from $19.50 to $7.50 ' ,x —•—»•-• T_" Utility boxes m dainty cretona and matting V?. Np bobbins to wind—sews direct from two tj* coverings, 27 to 48 inches long. ^.^ cpoo'ls of thread. u ' .. ,-» The lower thread will not run out'unexpected- V? Iy in the middle of a scam. Priced from $2.75 to $6.50 «> Priced from $3,50 to $10 TEA WAGONS \n.S J»Jte|ier» anil ninb«<r tdeatniiiK et,f- 0, rich treum iin.l lump sujjar. lirwt pii/.e w.i* very libeia!l> with (be whole audit-lire fiy the Jllllln of the HliH'K. She ii'ecived 'll> box jif 1'hoi^iliilt« I'ni the Mr. KimeSliT, tlie neu llliiKKter, I'd hi ;i n<-\s I»li'. that nf i lief. he ' very amirably lulap l''or bin eat next labor and In thin eiti«n Ity, he wan nwiinl- a very hiiif>T»otiie cake. nien wei.e ;;iven 'u heoriv ovu- ' (iianlvM iii a f»-w by .Mrn.! I, mill tbiee ln-ty i-heei*. by llu-i I'nli'll ' one d.-el.i'u d the lif.-li , \Vi ndei fnl UH eliti I laliii is an ilOS|iit.l)'lc )l0^tH y can pi HI and e\e"ii!e -in e>i IHIK'llt tlul' I'll.'I-ejf'-vUHi delight; |or a U;ii-;, [*luinkt» l'i l!ev SinieHtel, < bef, \' i' ] •"filial', niui .ill the_» ii-woi l«< i v, « It t j;:i\'e Ibeli tilllc vmd la the IllrU ;; ri 11 >•! I a iiilll' 1 lit Mi III ,' I IK e>H PEATH OF THEO. KNABE ) Passed Away At Ten O'clocw Aft^i ' . i A Lony Illiiifs, 5*Jke*'d'.'le Klialf |M,<e«J n; 'r t' H,. ' JTY mily home, ii'i Mi-tb i\>i!'i I'M ^^' J4«H'!irrjii t,» ti iiili'.K iti. i i Ut • i.. ^g*S. KUIvHmj ate i »v ,!•• iii > ' • iUill!>:lti I's.ei'l.l 1 lii'lui' \itii .11 <.-! i A v A SURPRISE PARTY , Sliui v.ootf' A t i tn'li ' I . i . .. I i f{$$0f Surpii,,o Cli Hi.9 Home I ral *t i it iul< i Beautiful and ujpful 0.fts. Add diomty to the home and lighten rabor, - ' Priced $1445 to $20 With or without humidors, in solid mahogany .Priced from 75c to $12 THE DOMESTIC Tho Automatic Tension produces a perfect "SoTiT on approvaT. - """-'' "'" Price $45 Other machines, from $21 to $36 Rest Easy Turkish Spring THlYAMMAOf Over $00 in uso in the Twin Cities; sold on approval. Saves work, »«vcs rugs. -. A fine. Xmas present. *> Model Others $3,50 to $5.75 T.he softest and mgst • lihHiripus box spring made. Three sections, each section weighing but 20 pounds. 'Easy to handle.-- Satisfaction guar- or Price $26.50 Rockers with qenuine leather seat and back, ,, $25 to $12,25 ,: Overstuffed leather and tapestry chairs from :, -' '. " $47 to $20 - . Reed chairs in tapestry. - ' •, $15.75 to $25 Rockers' with loathed and in-.U.Ttion leather 'seats and wood backs, from ' $16.50 to $6 <- Wood rockers. ** • ••' $9toij;3 re purchased now will be held maa if der4i^d»—^—- You can enjoy the privileges of our easy If you don't what to '(my'.—r^omo in .and 1 Q- aroy rid-many thi n £• B will suirgest them Helves to you.. •Service Counts" Counts" Rock Fc\i 1 vS, 11IIi\ois, V. ure Hugs, We allow a discount of 5 on all cash s piece of fur- n ft u re is a la sting r*emem> branee that will, bring joy- e v ery day in the year.. ^3<H \fi^t tt*st \£s*«t' t&*t JT^Vv _^"J!*^v_>t l vf"' v >._***^v-?l ; 'TVs t

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