Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 22, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 22, 1944
Page 7
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€< SATURDAY, JULY 22, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS No Summer Vacation For The Want py And Always Pay • » ' -, • f • • • --- ^ Announcements Announcements Mi") Wiinli'U for Dairy Farm lioulsi-. Milk. llghU-«, good jvlijTi-s. Win. K. Curtlss. Tel. Nau- K .ntiicli Ml I li. j llrlp Wanted —Frmulo GIRLS F"f Hull', cli'nn brnch work. In.itninirnt As.srnil.ily. Hours 7:00 A. Af- '" 3-'30 P. M - |.c\vis Kni^jin'oring' Co. K RUBBKR AVE. 1VOMAN—to do fli'iinliiK unit tlust- |n>? ii l''' w hours H woi'lc. Good pay. Apply NuiigiiUicIc Dully News. Ti-1. 222S. TEACHERS STUDENTS HOUSEWIVES! ! FULL OR PART-TIME WORK AVAILABLE Making- Footwear Puriiig- Sinnmer Montlis Experience Unnecessary :(-UOOM cott»«-i>, also 5-ROOM bun K alow witl three quartera acre land; new 10-P.OOM 2-faniily hous,. on'West Midi-. A Sticploy, Tolrpluine 2.123. TUB $AI.I<;—Two fitinlly lioijso Jl rooniK. l> cnr Kariifvl' and burn. All !r.;;)rovoiiionls. Lot S'l x 1C5 Atasucriricu. Tel. 3-54G3, Bridgeport. LOST—Monday iif(crnooii, In Mur pliy'a '.storo,., wuilet i:oritainlng sum of money" in ".bills," Reward Mrs. Ffo.nk. Ruela. ' 102' ' Maplo street, or call 3255, " ,'/ l»NK-li-AMII,Y. (I room |,UIIM< 2- car garage, J-1900.00. Two-family hoii.t,\ Highland avenue; two- family house, Hoad'oy street; one-family house, Spring streol. John Mealy, u* .Churnh street Tel. 5031. Wunlrtl To Uuy iniAM. plot of ground 1 to 2 1-2 "fivs ill vicinity, of Naugutuck. Write in care Eox F, News Olllce. l.«n<l For Suit; I.OSX— Iiwldi! •work, u". Hamilton wrist watch, gold' back, 'inscribed C. R. E. in thin Waterproof Mil of U.-..S.; Rubber Reward, Cal 2201, ext. 213,'Miss Wilson. '• HAVING lout iny KUK rutJoii book A, issued mo',by the .local'ration- ing board, I hereby llle appllca- Uon .for ;u iiiew'oiie. ANTHONY 'XOONITSKY TWO'No.'4 nit Ion liookn, lost In vicinity of''Bridge'street,'.'.U. C.' Joe Lisieski.'Phone |Naug. '1365. llli OpportiiulllvM KI.NK <>x(>liiNlvu record and nniiiU: lot, J20 liy 11)0 frt't. on Shirley street, two miles from Naugatuck oil' New Haven road. Prico SIOO. Call VVnterlMiry -I-I5C1. Wunti>d 'J'o Kent KOOM AXD HOAItn. SINGr.E M I?N ONLY. .INQUIRK ^ . 110TCHKISS ST. store, One of the hncst in the state. Good store location. Own- .cr liu.s oilie portunity. News, ' '' MO.YOMENTS ' . "" ...Special p'H.ces on All Memorial* W. RICHARDS ;•; 260 So. Main fct DODGE — PLYHOUTn Automotive 14 Anton "For; Sitlu : ;' 'PACKARD :/: 19-lff .Willys Sedan,. 1938 Ford ' Tudor '.; "PRICED BELOW' CEILING' Paekard-Watei-biii'v, Inc 82 Watorlown Avo'nue Dial <I-G1 UHfl pOD.GK Sedun, heater nn .RCA'.radio. Good condition, J20 'Apply 37 New st'reet cor. Hi side nvc. on. wn- .s oilier bli.sinuss." A real op- nity. 'Box 'K,' in care of The Mi CONVKIiTJULl!: Club. Ford -for sale. Radio and'Jieate Excellent condition. Clean. TL •18-11. H12 Scott .St. . , M'oderri Greece' hus' a of ivboul. ,2,SOO milt'i.' • For Rent 1' s or Kent UAliAOl'J, J«l .Mcudow St., ri'iir. Inciuiro Ralph S. Pu.sho. care of Cutii Theater or Walter A. Noi- wiish, c;ire of Norwash Shoe Stoiv. Kill you t't-' Jews Want Ads a.s soon as action.' Next To War Bonds - - - One Of The Best Investments ' '.., ; -'" : ;1',^:S': Low Kates Large Results v;,,;; Want Ad Kutt-H Worda Lines l Day 3 Days C Days Prepaid Charge Prepaid Charge Prepaid 1 to 15 .30 .90 l.OS 1.-17 1C to 20 •I I .36 ,-lS ',84 1.20 l.-l-l 1.02 APPLY AT United States Employment Service 323 Bank St. \Vaterbury, Conn. Stnblllzntlon Conditions UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant Announcements NlltllMJS Aecorclin;,' to chapter 3S3 of the Public Acts of 1U-I3, the Kejri.s- trurs of Voters of the Town of N;LUj,';iUicU, Coma., will be in se;-'i-ion at Town Hull on I'Yiday, July 2S, 19-14. 12 noon—9:00 p. ni. for inj,- such ehanf,'es in the er.rol!- nn.'iil of th>! oli'ciors who nre on- titli-d to vote in any ruueus in said town, nnd for the purpose of malc- in« such cli.'iii«tit,.5 in the. enroll- in,-in list lust perfected as provkl- t-d by slatute law. Signed ; CYRIL TUOHKY I-IENRY XWICR * Registrars of Voters.' Dated July 22. :19-|.|, Naugatuck,, 21 20 31 3C 4J •1C , r )l to to to to to to to 25 30 35 '40 A3 r,o r r 5 1 6 1 7 | 8 | » i 10 | 11 1 .45 .5-1 .63 .72 .81 .90 .99 .CO | .72 | .84 ! .96 ; l.OS '1 1.20 | 1.32 1 1.05 1.2B 1.47 1.C8 1,89 2.30 2,31 ] 1 o '2 o .50 ' | .SO | 10 ! •10 '] 70 '1 3.00 | 3 30 1 1.80. 2.10 2.52 2.SS 3.2-1 3,CO 3.9G 2.-IO 2.88 . 3.36 3. 84 '4,32 4.80 r. <~)Q ' Sales Service Parts, Accessories Malcolm "\V. Starr Corp. •188 Wutertown Avc. . Dial 5-11-tC .Contractors 22' Tahiti i) i; I'APISB HANGING and Fiilnttni,'. W. P. Cota, 17 Cedar Street. Tel. C-I5U: FOR SALE! ! ABC Washer Easy Washer Hamilton Beacon Vacuum Cleaner Electric Iron Francis Furniture Co. 4.19 NORTH MAIN STRKET Telephone 3000 "DEATH TO ROACHES" will H<i 'your house- of roaches and n.nls or money refunded. $1.25. 'Adams Pharmacy or Union City Prarm- acy. Wanted Xo Buy C -A S H f01 ' Youi " MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Music Co. 203 Bank -1-U22 Merchandise Feed- .Ami Fuel WOOU—Uny nnw :iiid save: $15 per cord. Cut any length and delivered. I-L Sills. Prospect 5-0750 Household'H BANK Kiitis deposit IIOXCN \vand;d. Highest cash price's paid. 'Wire' collect, write or phone 'what 'yo'u have to offer. J. E. Murphey, Republic GOS'I, 8J. r ) Yealman Avc., Webster Groves 19, Mo. CItlBS — Carriages, I'Iny IVns, J-ai-grc selection of toys. Lowest • prices in town. BEACON KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wtby. Swupn WIT,!, swap for what liavi; you—A 'complete, set. MODERN'BUSI- NESS, in twenty-four volumes. Like new, or will sell for $20.00. Coat $j 00.00. Tel. 5100, Before 10 n. m. or after 4 p. m. 3'-rof«sKionnl Serviced EXCELLENT KE-UPHOL.STERV —Allen's Upliolslcring Studio, 1 Cr.ind Street,. Water bury. 'D'al 4-OC-1S. • . . . Wanted To Render Service* ELECTRICAL ttr-paJilnir Service Appliances n. specialty. Ray" Decker, -302 N. Main Si, Tel. 4000. it* Owner* —Repair*, genuine parlH and service. By bonded Eicotrolux Man'. I. .Nisaen, 3 T».rns» A.v«. Telephone 4)522. ' JAHY—Cur'.veuts. Play pons, iKilhi- netls, cribs, high chairs, Kantwct mattresses, toys, THE RADIO SHOP ISO Grand St. •'Watcrbury r.I ONE .STORE Refrigerator, sliccr ;ind scales. T. J. Montambault, 532 North Main street, Union City. Tel. 2CS3. BUY WAR IfONDS AND STAMPS .lOIIX'S MUSIC SUOL' \'r buy, si-JI, exchange, and rop:iir all'kinds of instruments, fjovr- est prices in the city. 3SO-332 So. Main St., Watby, Conn. Tlicre are 15,000 'separate parti in a modern army truck. GRABOSKI'S IfcKllo Repair Shop. Radio's txporlly repaireo. moderate prices. 'Phone 5G17. 4(1 Cleaning: And Dyelnp Firm, KIEVWAN'S ck's Great Dry Cleaning offers its first class dry- cleaning .not only in. family menus, bu!, blankets, rugs and other specialties in this field. KIEVMAX'S 76 Church ' Street IU7, SAWVKK By .ROY CRANK SAWYER'S OKAY. COOl AND CAPABLE . PERSONAlLY, I'M NOT THE HERO TYPE AT ALL. TOO NERVOUS. TOO WHAT'S THAT? ONLY A WATER BUFFALO. STRANGE, W POOLED A DOT OF JAPS AND NATIVES IN THIS DISGUISE.BUT NEVER A WATER BUFFALO. THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT NON-ASIATICS-POSSIBIY AN ODOR—THAT THEY DONT LIKE. tXKOt NEAR'TOE WATER STTA KETT By PAUI, ROBINSON 3G to CO 12 1.08 3.CO •1.32 If paid within one week after insertion, advertisement"will be , considered as prepaid. Conn. 7-22-dl. .VAUGATUCK CONN. EM'KKIK.VCEO Girl or AVoinull— tor jffiiui'al housework. Good aal- ary. T..-1. Wiitby. 3-D5SC or Box 'K,' care of The' News. n.'iCISTKKIOI) — Trained attendants or practical n ll/iin- If de.slred. Good salary. plan. To!. Wtby. District of Nntigatuclc, xn. Probat i 1 Court, July. 21st, 1D-I-I. GREATEST LOVE STORY OF YEAR NOW AT STRAND AI-G-M'S "The White Cliffs of Dover" will remain another week in Wnl'erbury, 'playiiiK now at L-Oc;w's Strand theater. The powerful love story which spans the years of World War I and' World Estate of N«l s A. Olson, aka N. Wa '' " Ls a P° wc '" fl " triumph for' Stubilinntlon •I-IJC7 For Sale Kor Sale 2 O.S'K-KA.MM.Y hi)iiKi.'i of •! room.i eirrh. nl! modt-rn improvements, prif-war liiillt. 3 yt'iirs old. Keason ,'oi Hi..||ing. owner in service, M.sOO. 6 room. 1 family house, all im- provtfrti^ntH also 3 years old. situ- Wtcl on 3-1 ncru land. Price SS.dOO. If you want to buy or sell .see Put.ty Uttiriula, 172 J-IIgh struct, Phone or 583-t. I'MlOO.M lluNMi'. All linprovi>iiii<iitM M .121 Aetna street. Apply at 09J ^ctiU'ton avenue. A. Olson, aka Nils A. Olson late of Naugaluck, within said District i deceased). Whereas, application has been madi: to this Court for permission to sell curtain real ustato belonging Ui Kiiid ostzitu, as application on file more fully appears, it is ORDERED, That the foregoing application be heard and determined at the Probate Office in NiiugnUick on thi.' 2Cth day of July, 19-1-1, at 7.-.TO o'clock in the afternoon antl tho Court directs said Tru.stou to give notice t« all persons interested in said estate to appear, if they see cause, and be heard thereon, by publishing this order finer in a newspaper having a circulation in s:'ld district, also by leaving with or by mailing in regislri'od letters, postage prepaid, from Naugatuck, a copy of this order to all parties interested and without tho Probate District of NaugiHuck. all on or before tho 212nd day of July A. D. ID'l-l, and return make to the Court of notice given. Attest. STJSPI-nSN J. SWEENEY, Juclg "AND THE ANGELS SING" SUN., MON. AT THE G.EM Trune Dunne, last seen in'a "A' Guy Named Joe." As an American visitor in England, Miss Dunne meets Alan Marshall, falls in love with him and after a brief courtstjjp marries him. Their love is idyllic but is interrupted by the outbreak of war. Marshall answers the call to arms and never gets a chance to .see his son. Time passes quickly and another , ... World War .has interrupted many J stars in Paramount'*; "And tho a peaceful home and .fireside Again Miss Dunr.e makes a sacri- llce, sending her son off to light tho Naxis this tim<.', But. this is not all. Sho gives unselfishly of her lime, spending days and nights on Rod Crosn duty in a British hospi- pital mortally wounded, nnd with lures—rolled into onc'Krand entertainment that will double you up and iriplQ the most, pleasure you ever Jiad. '' ' .Happily e n o u g h s,V:jltp Kay, plamorous ""urole, ir.adea.p 'Martha and pert Mltzi are ,cast as."t;h_cm- - elves." . The co-hit on this big- two fea- l.ure hit program is."RoKt;r'.,Touhy. Gangster," siarr'tnig Preston "Foster and Victor -McLa.jji.-<n. Action .rijtht in the headlines are featured in this hit.' ' ' • .. PRIVATE BUCK m till. Her son is brought .to .the h.os- hur at his side, he dies. iVIis.s Dunne's performance is by far the greatest of her great cinematic career. She gives .the warmth and color to a role that requires the utmost perfection. Supporting her is Alan Marshal, who also gives a sterling account ot himself. Frank Morgan is the father and Roddy McDowell, -as her son in youth, and Peter Lawford, her son grown up. Also there arc .such fine actors as C. Aubrey, Dame May Whitty, Gladys Cooocr and Elix.abeth Taylor. An unusually A very .delightful assortment of feminine charms is to he found in. the beautiful quartet of Hollywood Angels Sing," Sunday and Monday fine surrounding program completes the Strand bill. A new "Romance in Celluloid," tracing 20 years of leadership in a great Industry is the M-G-M fea- turette, "20 Years • After." Latest Fox Movietone News and ah M-GM color cartoon are also a part of tho bill at the Strand starting to-' day. LOEWS POLI IS SHOWING ONE OF YEAR'S FUN FILMS bulldozers aren't ashore yet_— th« targe is still in BUYING WAR BONDS Hold on to your .heart! Hang on o .your funnybonc! ".Four Jills Ji a Jeep" will spin across the screer •U J-.OCW Poli today. T.he 20th Ccn- ury-Fox story of the very 'fneriy nusical adventures' of four gii who set' out' to -see the world • he hard way—features .Kny Franis, Carole J-.andi3, Martha Kayi? nd Mitzi Mayfair with Jimmy Dorscy and his orchestra, John Tarvey, Phil ^Silvers' ancl i'ntro- ucc-s Dir.k Haymes, .radio's ;s.en- atlona'l singing star, Alice Faye, efly G'l-nhle," Carmen Miranda nd George Jcssel, who act-- ILS lastcr of ceremonies, appear as 10 film's guest stars. The star' aricl sprig-siudded hit is based on the adventures; roman- tic'and' otherwise, Kay' Francis, .Carole Landis, Martha Raye and Mltzi Mayfair encountered when Jit the .Gem theater. While cast in the picture as the Angel sister (family surname), each is far .from falling in that category for they are as wily a' foursome as could be found anywhere. Their names —Dorothy Lamo'ur. Betty Mutton, Diana Lynn and Mimi Chandler. ' • Since Fred MnoMurrny Js the big heart-throb as leading man in this tune-filled screen picnic, it's indicated that the competition' is likely to be extremely keen for Mae- Murray's affections. This musical screen fare being offered is sale to provide some amusing inciden such as the mass spanking of t four maidens and n screaming funny interlude with an inobria Some of the hit songs by Johnr Burke and Jimmy .'Van Heuse promise to reach the top rung the musical ladder. Rendered imitably by Betty Hutton Do othy Lamour, "Bluebirds in M 'Belfry" and ".It Could Happen You" are melodies which movi goers will' be whistling soon. Th tllni promises a real 1 .treat. Ireland as she is today—wit scones of the Irish Army maneuvers,' of de Valera address ing the Fianna Fail—is featured i 'Oils month's'.March of T.ime, "Th Irish'.Question," Sunday and Mo'n day at' the Gem theater," here'.'' The invasion has put' ' ncutra Eire in front page headlines,' j>ar U'cularly with her refusal to' gran the United Nations bases. In' ihi. Him—photographed in Eire'just be fore the travel restrictions—an shown the' reasons" for "'thht'"do cision. Shown, too, ure scenes ot Eire as she Is today—her life under rationing, censorship, curtailed travel. Unofficial Irish contributions Lo the Unflod Nations war effort are shown; labor, beef shipped to England, and the thousands .ot Eire's" sons fighting in the'British Army. MASTER OF r.rr-READING Boston (UP)— During the past 10 years. Miss Martha E. Bruhn — he deaf mute's Dale Carnegie — ms taught thousands the art of ip-reading. After six-months' tudy under the German master Vlueller-Walle, 1 Miss 'Bruhh herself ould rend li'ps in FrcncTi, English nd German. .So proficient was she they took their show to our fight-1 that on'co, after an hour's chat ing boys im .England and in the fox holes of North Africa while on their ,now ,fanious .lour. On the screc.n "ll.'s the maddest, merriest safari a funsonie foursomi; ever made ..... the gayest, grandest ad- jftppthappv girln ever met Here's swing," fiin' and ro- enough for a dozen pic- with Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, he .Inquired, "And hpw^is your deaf ^lutc sister today? "' '• " • ' ' .';'' Plastic .pipes' that .can be threaded and 'fitted .with couplings are being 1 developed. BUY WAR BONDS .PHTHATSNOTHIMS." ' ITS A. WACKV LAW- sun CAN'T CHANX5E.;~ DOES THIS MEAN--??--. s LICENSE? ANROULTJUST HAS TD GO ALCN6 IN THE HI,DI2FAMBOAT/ I'LL BS P/OCW XA UPABOurs/GHr JN THE CAR/ SECJttlCT AGKNT X!) By ROBERT STOKfe CLC5IM6 WHO'S TMI5 6UVT SOT A VV/iL<lc-7AUKIE STRAPPED CAN'T BE ONE OF r r BUNCH HASN'T LE?T KAllHEY AN'D GO SyOOOP OO\XJN ON ft BIG, FftT MEN, WE'UNS'LL HftXJE, CHICKEN f^^4' CORN PER SUPPER NEVJ6R SO TORE ftT\WY.T tV\V AW NYJ ALL (W/ BORv^ED TWftT PLl;tY\6 AUMT\E OOM'T TW OP PAUw 7 Oil ROAO ISLftNT RGO'S 1VSUO TRP.CKS UKICK IJHADFOltn l.v VRT.t.rAM HITT and CLARKNCK GRAB 6IR,'I KNOW AM INN .WHERE .WE MAY BROTHER 16 PRPPR1ETOR ' WE WILL BE SAFE. WONbER i'LL HAVE COOPEt SANDY, YOU ~.. t ^.™ M . LEAVING NOW - "t'VE 3T A JOB TO DO.'" t/"fi.GS AND -.SVKJSTER. WAIXY BISHOP YOULfSET USED TO IT-YOOBE AWD UELL UAVETC ikiBED A WEEK/ OUT TO POLL. POISON IVV PATCH./ POISOIO IVY PATCH OUT.T(4EBE.-SIHCE 6 OCLOCK

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