Fort Worth Record-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on May 7, 1930 · 1
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Fort Worth Record-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 1

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1930
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lottf) Retort WEATHER Fort Wurth — Wednesday mostly cloudy showers West Texas — Wednesday fair somewhat warmer In nest portion CITY EDITION A (Texas (DcoueO Kewspapcr Sick Sicker Better War? Iso Ready? Yes Giants Unknown - By Arthur Brisbane VOLUME XXXIV NUMBER 188 ‘ FORT WORTH TEXAS Where the West Begins WEDNESDAY MORNING MAY 7 1930 TWENTY-TWO PAGES PRICE 5 CENTS Tho Brit ban column it pub-Uthtd by Thm Rtcotd-T tit-gram at a newt f talar t bt-cautt of the infracting com-mmnti of thie dittinguithtd writer upon topic of the day Opinione expretttd are thote of Mr Britbane and thottld not be interpreted at reflecting the editorial policy of thit newtpaper — Editor’ Note LAST Saturday Wall Street was Stek Monday morning it au aider Monday afternoon it suddenly brightened up and prices rose This time it is the turn of Harvard College through iu “Economic Society” to predict “that the period of uncertainty in commodity markets will not be prolonged" The lambs will pray that this will not be the prelude to another drop AM brokers that know enough to gather in commissions without gambling could sing Monday “Happy days are here again” Total sales 8270600 shares the biggest day since the great wind of 18-OOOOOO and 10000000 and 12000-000 shares day At the last moment bears trapped lost their money That's a small comfort for the little lambs that came home from Wall Ktrect leaving their “bank rolls behind them” GARVIN' thoughtful says ‘Tear is the greatest har to peace” Fear causes wars sometime perhaps A white rat will bite if frightened But it si isn't fear that sent Napoli nu ou his way to Russia or Genghis Khan eastward or Attila into France We have war becauue we are stilt animals savages barbarians — only 121XNJ years from the late Stone Age Any country as rich and tempting as this if it has any intelligence at 11 will carefully abstain from war but keep ready for it MOV DAT on the little IMand of Elba otf the Italian Coat a a mall group celebrated the one hundred and ninth anniversary ef Napoleon's death at St Helena prisoner of tin British iiba Naprtlwjn’i Tint fcUnd pH&on r-membered his death with a solemn high mass and a distribution of bread to the poor the money supplied by Prince Demido-us in his will The word “enough” did not exist In Napoleon's vocabulary He intended to uc FmU'V is a base as Alexander bad used Macedonia He meant to establish his real empire in Asia and planned quit seriously his own future as a convert to Islam riding around on an elephant It Is an excellent thing to have that word “enough” conspicuous in your vocabulary Home VV all Street mourners know that Yt U may have seen the statue of favoisier behind the big Madeline Church near the flower market In Baris France will give his statue a thorough Spring cleaning this year so that his name will he road by tourists to whom bis name will mean nothing He was one of the world's greatest physicists and chemists an able axlronomc and a really great philosopher The French Revolution chopped off hia bead because he was faithful to his king I-ouis NVI The French Republic honors him and so it goes Groat men that have built up science civilisation and human knowledge are as little known sa the great trees that dropped in the forests ages ago ffflltKG is a great deal of action in A modern killings now so frequent that it Is hardly worth while writing about them Census Total Due to Be Released on Saturday Answer to the great riddie: What Is Fort Worth' population? probably w ill be announced at the census office here Saturday morning It seemed likely yecterdsy that checking of the remaining 18 wurd mo-r of the figure for which are already in the office will require no more than three days Only 10 enumerator were left in the field yesterday and these were confining their work to “pick-ups” and Investigation of names reported t the office by telephone 1 7 otHH ('mint Seen speculation on the final population figures for Fort Worth waa rife throughout the citr yesterday a the lime before announcement of the total was b'-ing shortened Guesses ran the gamut of figures between 130000 75 Panicky Children Taken to Cotton Field When Funnel Cloud Is Seen Jail at Frost Is Only Public Building Not Demolished Cemetery Debris -Strewn lsfftiated Puss CORSICANA May 6 — I wo school teachers who kept their heads and stuck by their jobs while a black funnel which they knew carried death swooped down upon their little school were the heroines of Frost tonight Seventy-five panicky children were in tb school vvhen the storm was seen approaching Miss Lei Rogers Hilistoto and Miss Millie Tarbrongh Merten knew that to tay in the frame structure meant death They herded their small charges into an open cotton field nearby and there every child was made t® lie down along the rows of fresh green cotton From this place of comparative security they watched the twister engulf the school house and tear It into bits No child was hurt The jail was the only public building in Frost that was not demolished Six freight cars were hurtled from the railroad switches one being turned directly across the main line The depot was moved off its foundation The twister traveled from Frost tn Irehe Hill community about eight miles south treat demolishing several business houses and residences but no one was injured Considerable damage was done to farms and farm improvements Shortly after the arrival of the Corsicana train sandwich shop was set up for the workers and injured Sheriff Rufus Beerhouse tnd Deputies Walter Huvcs ami Jack Flojd were directing the relict Residents of the tuwii said two tornadoes struck about 33 minutes apart Incoming relief workers said the first sight they saw on entering the town of LOW) was debris-strewn cemetery with sheet iron lumber and papers scattered among the grave markers Several ambulances which had to ford two streams swollen by a week of rain were atalled Before they could aid the stricken the drivers and workers had to push out their machines League V oolcy seeing the cloud approaching went to the acbool bouse (CONTINLED ON PAGE I) and 200000 Averages m the 40 wards already announced and the total for tho 40 have considerably dampened the hope for 200000 however Conservative guesses none of them official place the prubnble total a 175-OOO While work on Fort Worth population returns was temporarily suspended yesterday three Denton Countv distriets were checked and figures for them announced Sanger l!a 1099 Sanger a town which had lin census figures for 1020 showed a population of 3000 while Dibit Boint totaled a count of 3104 to show a (Inrcaxe of SIS persona during the last decade Bilot Boint had 3(10 persons in 3020 (CONTINLED ON l’AGE 2) Show Girl on Probation Olga Eide Edwards former show girl whose sentence for extortion of money from Nathan Amster traction magnate was suspended yesterday She is shown with her son Lee who Miss Edwards claims h the son of Amster With only one vacant scat left in the jury box testimony is expected to te opened in Criminal District Court before noon Wednesday in the trial of John Alsup former policeman on a charge of murder iu connection with the alleged “frameup” robbery of the First Stute Bank of Bolytechuic April 10 The eleventh juror was selected late Tuesday afternoou just before the list of talesmen summoned into court for jury sen ice beeauio exhausted Deputy sheriffs will be scut out this morning by Judge lloscy to bring additional talesmen to tho jury room as result of the special veuire of 250 men being exhausted at noon Tues-day Talesmen were used during the afternoon session Novell helecled During Day Jurors selected Tuesday oftetnnou ure: R W Kuhn motor parts sales man W 0 Reeve Birdville funnel- C 11 llixon plumber B M Iteevea real eolals mnn and Earl Tatum barber Tho two jurors selected yesterday morning are W H Owens Saginaw farmer anil W L Gregory commission house employe The first tour juror were chosen Monday Examining of the prospective jurors moved with svviftnesa during the afternoon aa attorneys and the court became impatient to speed the trial Cham Jonc and Otis Roger defense attorneys have used 1( peremptory challenges and have but one left -to be used Wednesday morning District Attorney Klunrt and his statf have used 11 of their 13 challenges Moat of the proeotlve juror have lieen disqualified because of having expressed opinion or having fixed view-a Fifty-nine were excused for opinions 10 for other renaons and 14 for having conscientious sent plea against death penalty as a punishment for crime Tate's Death Charged Alsup is on trial charged with the slaying of Wilt Tate negro who with George Terrell another negro was shot ami killed when they fled from I lie bank during an attempted robbery It is alleged that Alstip plotted to cnd the negroes to the bank that (hey might be slain for a reward NEW YUItK May 6— Convicted of extorting money from Nathan I Amster traction magnate Olga Eide Edwards former how girl today was sentenced to from three and one-half to seven years in prison but the sentence waa suspended The jury which found her guilty had recommended mercy Dressed in tiie shabby clothe she wore at her trial Jits Edwards received the sentence solemnly “May I ask one question?” (he said to Judge Rosaisky after sentence was passed “May I go to Europe?" “I will take that bp with the probation authorities'' the judge Mid after warning her that blic must not molest Amster in any whv nor exploit herself These thing site promised not to do She was placed on five years' probation and niut stay in the State unless permission is granted to leave It Amster alleged by her to bo the father of her 0-ycnr-old son Lee was iu the courtroom when sentence was pronounced The question of the continuance of a $100000 trust fund Amster had set up for the boy did not enter into the jury's decision Nor hit any action been filed to abrogate it Miss Eil wards charged the purpose of her nrrest was to relieve Amster of this obligation The fato of the boy also was still a matter of speculation tonight although it was thought he would be returned to hia mother’s custody He hn been in charge of the Children's Society since hi mother's arrest Son Slain in Bed Man’s Throat Cut DALLAS Mny 8— His head hammered In with a hatchet while he slept A Vaughn Little -to was be Ileved fatally injured tonight Ilia father G W Little 73 was found with hi throat cut a knife lying beside him and was in serious condition Alhcu J Mwiinvon who lived in the same bouse heard a man groaning Opening his door into a hallway he saw G W Little with Mood streaming from a wound in bis neck TO IDENTIFY Chamber of Commerce at Hillsboro Sends Food and Medicine to Stricken Area Entire Family Near Richland Are Injured by Falling Timbers Children Hurt BY HARRY CONNELLY Staff Correspondent HILLSBORO May 7— (Wednesday) — Seven dead and 22 injured victims of the storm that wrought death and destruction at Frost Abbott Bynum Massey Irene and Mertens in midafternoon yesterday were in morgues and tbs Boyd Hospital here this morning Authorities after baring sent aid to the atricken communities turned their attention toward identification of the dead and the injured Th dead in Hillsboro all from Bynum: E F Isbell 60 His wife 48 His son 4 Charles Yt olf 38 Mrs Hoff 70 A girl named Andrews 13 The body of a woman named Hawes from Stephenv-ille who waa visiting near Malone is at a morgue here Nineteen dead are at Corsicana mortuaries Most of the dead brought here were from Frost worst hit of any of the towns in the tornado area and the remainder were from Hill County towns Information from Frost virtually isolated from tho outaido world by dangling telephone and telegraph wires and impassable roads was that the injured list would total more then 100 T J Burdette secretary of the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce hastily assembled a three-truck relief unit last night which started fur Frost with food ami medical supplies From Richland the information reached here this morning that at least five persons were hurt an the twister cut a path of raxed houses through the community Mrs Frauk Helens ami two children were reported badly hurt and Mrs N J Siimnierfield also was injured At the Florida home near Richland a girl 33 was injured and every member of the C J Sclmch home was hurt by fulling timbers Another homo was destroyed belonging to a family named Schnlech At the YY' M Fly home southeast of Mertens two negroe as yet unidentified were killed and several others were hurt A Mexican laborer ulso wn injured Both the Hillsboro and Corsicana fire departments were ordered to Frost to assist in removing the bodies of persons as yet not found In the debris A Corsicana National Guard company was sent to Frost to preserve order A graphic description of the death dealing wind was related bv YV E Frost who was standing on his front porrh four miles from Bj num He saw the black funnel-like cloud approach sweep the opivito side of the road and reduce neighbors' houses and a barn to splinters A J McKnigiit conductor on the Cotton Belt had a narrow escape His train pulled ont of the Frost depot four minutes before the storm struck at 3 :20 p in I yearning of the disaster at Corsicana McKnight boat-vied a relief train that carried nurses physicians and medical supplies to the town A partial list of the injured all of Bynum which were in Boyd's Hnni- (CONTINLED UN PAGE 2) Parents Nephew Of Woman Here Killed at Frost Mrs 3 F Ethridge 1615 Denver Avenue received a telephone call here early last night reporting the death of her father and mother Mr and Mrs Will Bowman who were hilled In t storm at Frost yesterday afternoon YYiUiam Bowman 3 a grandson of tho Bowmans also was killed Bowman was 73 and his wife was 65 They had lived at Frost for 06 years Frost and immediate Ticinity was hard hit by the storm that took a toll of a score or more lives and injured a large number of persons Dr R S Mallard Cook Memorial Hospital also waa uneasy last night for his relativea in Frost He has a sister Mrs C E Lattimore who resides in Frost ii - 4 ort Worth Youth in Razed Frost School Clyde Hightower 1 1 son of Mrs Leroy Dobklns ‘ who Uvea on the lake Worth road waa in tho Frost school building - when tho tornado alrurk razing the diner A- - - vJ- - - - The students escaped Injury by fleeing to aafety on the first floor of the atrurture The youth Is living in Frost witii his grandmother Mrs M G Blankenship Dr Mrs McKean Leave For Frost Sister There Shortly after Information of tho Frost ey clone reached Fort YY'orth Dr and Mrs R W McKean 2705 Travis Avenue departed for the stricken community where Mrs McKean's sister reside Fort Worth Nurse Frost Visitor Cares for Injured A Fort YY'orth trained nurse Mrs O B YVorkman 3620 Hemphill was in Frost yesterday visiting a friend Mrs M C Holloway and Immediately turned her attention toward the care of tho injured I'aul and 0 Y YY orkman brothers-in-law of Mrs YY orkman left last night at o'clock for Frost Fort Worth Woman Worries About Sister News that the buxines district of Frost wa destroyed ra vised Mrs c T MrBeth 3701 YYest Fifth tstreet anxiety as her brother-in-law and lister Mr and Mrs John Dean overato a shoe harness and hardware establishment in Frost No word concerning them had been received by her early this morning S STLardlllln El Paso Hospital EL PASO May 6-8 S Lard owner of the I ort YYorth baseball rluli was In a serious condition here tonight from an illness not yet completely diagnosed but believed to be an Infection of the liver He entered the hospital yesterday Dr J II Gambrell attending him said tonight “I see no Immediate danged in his rondl-lion” He said he would know by tomorrow noon whether an operation was necessary Dr J II MrLean of Fort YY'orth physician for the Fort YYorth baseball tram arrived her this afternoon on summon from lard and also Is attending him CHOSEN ST PAUL MAYOR ST PAL I May Gerhard J IIuihIIm an attorney fleeted major of Ht Paul over Jam M 1'lniny couiii'ilfimii ontli Tnce of unofficial return m a ciiv otortino today RELIEF TRAIN GOES TO FROST TOLL OF About 60 persons were known to have been killed and other scores injured in a series of tornadoes which dipped down on widely separated sections of Texas Tuesday afternoon and evening More than 30 of the dead had been identified The greatest loss of life was reported from Frost in Navarro County where 20 were reported killed and many injured At least 19 persons met their death when a tornado struck a thickly settled farming community between Nordheim and Runge late in the afternoon The dead and injured some of whom have been identified were taken to Nordheim and Runge while physicians from Cuero Yorktown Kenedy and Karnes City were rushed to the stricken area The known dead are: Near Frost Navarro County— Lee Roy Bagley Gid Bogan Tom Bogan Mr and Mrs W H Bowman J D Lee Ed Patterson A L Bell and child Mrs Lee Wooley and child John Fly Johnnie Fiew Mary Currie Jones Currie and a negro infant four unidentified j Brandon Hill County— E F Isbell wife and child Spur— A Mrs Hoff Charley Hoff unidentified Mexican Massey — Miss Anderson six unidentified Randolph Field Schertz — J S Kleespies Runge Karnes County— Ferdinana Mao-host Pancho Villarel and three children an unidentified man Mrs Ferdinana MachoeL Abbott— One unidentified negro Bynum— Three unidentified Mertens — Three unidentified Ensign— Bob Flanagan and daughter of Art Wagner Bronson Sabine County— J D Strickland Kenedy — Mrs Otto Fuhrken two unidentified Mexicans on the Fuhrken farm eight Mexicans on the Louie Duderstadt farm The entire business section of Frost was said to (CONTINUED ON PAGE 2) Light and Phone Lines Repaired Rapidly Here Although comparatively little malarial dmniigc was done Fort Worth felt some of the storm forces that swept over widely scattered section of Texas yesterday afternoon with the wind reaching a velocity of about 55 miles an hour in Ihe middle of the afternoon tlio swiftest wind that hu struck the city sines ItXtTi At 7 o'clock last night it had slowed to a alx-ralle pace There was heavy vain with intermittent hall reported from certain sections of the city particularly Arlington Heights The rain totaled half an inch during the afternoon and instead of clearing the sky left in its wnSc the angry red tinge imparted by the dust and sand carried by wind from West Texas This overcast (kr coil-untied late iu the evening w lines of the wind force that played havoc la scrernl cities west of Fort Worth The barometric pressure hem which ustiully ranges around 30 inches had fallen to 2035 at 7 o'clock Ut night At the same hour Monday night it WI 2073 Except (n th case of bad stormy weather th barometer rarely falls below 20 Si I in the vicinity of Kurt YVorlh Tbo Weather Bureau prediction for today is "cloudy and unsettled" ' The greatest damage Iu Fort YYorth done by yesterday's wind was to light powrr and telephone line ttcvvral primary ml secondary distribution lino of the Texas Ehvtrie Sortie Company were grounded out' by tho wind causing suspension of sonic in (CONTINLED ON PAGE If T 4-

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