Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 2, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1916
Page 1
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ADVERTISING I* Wffbta ptojBt* know wfcft ftcn't knew what yfru hiv* On youf *** to JL/lJNCjr OAl SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 130. AND DAILY STANDARD STERLING, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, DEC. 2, 1916. ADVBRTISIHO (t lettirt peep** know don't know what you havt on your *h»l- v*9 to self, PRICE TWO CENTS, ALL MEXICO NOW TEEMS WITH REVOLUTION fir ANOTHER RAID Chief Haglock And Officer Mangan Broke Up Booze Party This Morning. • LOCAL PROPERTY OWNER IS VERY GENEROUS WITH HOME TOWN IN KANSAS PI AN IMAIiniPAI ! SUFFR*St LEAGUE HAS rL/ui InHUuUilAL LEARNED THE LENGTH t ;i-r,ti>e \\'. Pinnnp. tate owner of (iiuile wa«« hefp for sf\f-ral ti n!i«!ii titiu tinsinejot. wpntthy real es- t'ity. Kan*;!", rtnys this work. While here he FOUR MEN WERE ARRESTED Three Were Fined And Keeper Of Place Given 30 Days To Pay Assessment. i s i M Sil fit iitth W«-M John :Question Of Grand Ball Aij Springfield Is Up To The i Wife Of Governor, | X»-w !it«- DICKSON SUGGESTS PLAN There Will Probably Be a Military Parade Of Some Class' At Any Rate. Thi» poliop made another tnid this «t ^:»o n'H«n-k on .-> pine It wn» utispprtpd hoo/p wns h<-- ~~Injf Hold. Tvlilf ttir Tennlt thnt thrrr of \\w men WPTP fined nnd another |»lnrml in th«* city locknr lor » vrriud Of thirty (lavs unlr«!» he llMithlaies he- for«« that tlm«. . TJiP pine* wns that «( \\'. .1 who im« roomn a<'ro«« the hall ;rom a. jtonmlng apart rm-nt <)pi-riited hy MI-I. ' Galon Ri»Kpr«. Th«» riMitnitiK housie is .ov*r the Hamilton furniture .ntot,- on TINt av*nu«. Mt*". ni»K<'r.« aiul ow or madn'the «-uin|>lulnt iU) d W«TP nwm-n '>nt "'luef of PoIiCft, HaiflOCk nnd Olliver MaiiKan W»nt 10 thl» nlO* 1 *' IlOolit PiKht o'cloi k thla m«J«J!tiit and IHttjiPii on llu« out- ftkto for a favornhl« oi'lHTtntilty to HUtkn tim mt«1. They m«'rhi*ar<] i»l:in.«« piai1« f«ir another trii> to liar- to «ot mori'JtoQW 1 Then Mr MJI- " J ,1 I.udeni, t(\o lots on Direct, just back of the :« t residence, for )1.4i'i). Mr, J'intiup in the owner of the W<-«*t Knd Mall property and if he were- a resident here anil ";IH much ltitere«ted in j till* locality a« he IK in his home, town < I he would undoubtedly lit up the park i in nice shape and Kivt- it to the. com- j miiulty as u pelinanen^ place for iilhle- i tic Knmej» and outdoor amvjcementK. " •:" It in learned about Mr. Klnnup that Coy. I-;).-. I Kiank <'. Lowden will he IH exceedingly Kenerou.i \vllh .Jtl<*! hit\v an elaborate itiiiuKiiru'tion with a home town, unly last y».'»r he pur-i touch of hi»;li society for the women 4-liHMMl oi)»» huiHlr««l Hcif« of-l»nti -#4- f ft>lh. If A<!j!, <r»»ti.--Kfrtttk H,-IHt'k-^on'H .tolniiiK <;/itdcii (Mty. hlrett" a landscape | plan in apprmeil hy the colonel and architect to wiporvim- the j-tb of rising I Mrs. 1,owdcn.' Whether it will outshine it up witli wiilkR, driveways, fountiiln.x. j in brlllhtnce ;iffaii.-< of the old days _ Mower b(>i|«. athletic ^roundf, play j will depe')nl on the ileci!>lon of Mr*. .MlllerJ Kround". etc., and then guve It to the j Lowden tmlay. <ien. I>ickf*on cHine to ' touiir i'H# >i iMimed the park the IVede- jChU-a^o with a tentative program, but rick I-', l-'.nnup Park after bin father. UN adoption .-iuitit?; d.'i-ii-ihn on'wheth- nT!,i frm-p (r TIH a mr-mnrtnt tn his fiTiher. l-:\ery year Mr. Klnnup cnlertaitm nil tlie ho.VH and girlH from six to sixteen years oi :ij;e in (Jarib-n I'ily. black and white, at ThankxKlvinit dinner. There nn 1 slv ehiirches In the town and he hlre.H the 1,-utlt'K of. one of the Bandit Leader Prepares To Evacuate Chihuahua To Reorganize His" Forces. 'i>f' in HE CAN NOT HOLD THE CITY Gen. Gonzales, However, Ad-j mits The Situation In The ! North Is Desperate. ; (Staff By Webb Miller Correspondent of United .itH i er -f," irnind tr.itt vfTnlt-rlnsf- thr- vitb'.M, ; < inc objection iiryeil i , en folk will be pn"i«t ! who ><hall he in\iti/il. i Ki-iii-ral public In. MOIIU tlu> wom- to d.-termln. If ihe\ let tiie sny, it will he Aft'-rfali tWTt let u» tokft another dri'nk all j around," The door very maidenly • , burnt open on them "and they founds th*fn**lve* in -the hand* of the jxilicc. | A'quart bottlo of whlnkey was taken j from them and during the triil it».odj tnut*ly on the table of .ludwe Weaver; an evidence. ' j The tncn.arrested were W. J. Miller.; Oeoriff>. Carl.. John Zubeck arid Stephen j dlbbona. of lU>ck Falls. The chivri?e on j 'which .they were arrested wa» "Tn-1 lawfully congreifutlnsr with each other! in a, building and drtnkinK. "ml for the 1 purpoii« 6"f~ drinking liiloxicut tug II- - quorir." . Thin IH a city ordinance .and; th» ca«« waH |iro*ecuted by t'ity At- j /torn*)' John M.'Staffttr. j All but Miller pleaded guilty to the •Charge. Miller ntood trial before a Jury composed of Oscar <«rou««e. H. < U. J. Breanler, Brrt UohrliiK.' t««|tin»l-«»«l H,-Jl,~LUark, -TJu> evidence'b-rottght' out "Hie fact thrit much noWfi'fitfa hspn Vnade In the room all niBht which disturbed the people around th«lii. The Jtollc* «ay they .found many whlikey bottle in the room and several broken 6ne« about.. Thi»-Jury.found the <le fUtlty and llxed bin (hie at live Which with thi) com* amounted to on even fifteen dollars In default of the it of the fifteen dpHarn b- \>u« each year to «er\ j e the the dinner each youriKNter IK Niipphed with u i':ii'lyi»;e of c.indy and nuts and Ihe « hole crowd i,-< entertained further "" llbernl with the ehurcheH. he luuliiK set aside $1,110(1 for earh church, MO that each church Is to receive the Income'from that amount for a period of ninety-nine yearn; about 550 to Jfio per year for eacb,. ... The ball park property In SterllnK In leaM-d by the V. M. f'* A . Which sub it \\hen dexir'd. ini|»o..slhle to lluik hlillialit af- it th they woulil like to sec, ; Ball May Be Called Off. . ! ("iMlKiMjuently the ball* feature m.tyi be called off entirely and the reception ]leM_JlL.LLM.iJi.rni'.'J'.yJu. < iltuilajf-.Ute..jiiatu. WILL REPAIR TRUCK An Expert Will Arrive Next Monday To Fix Up Wrecked Fire Dept. Truck. t There will be a military parade of ihlnh class. If some of Mr. Lowdeu's ; [fri'mlK have (heir way. It iM proponed. ( not tft hnve a full.regiment of infantry. iln the pageant, hut ofTicers of all ihci j Illinois Kiiai.l regiments, in full yni-i form and mounted, ! ! Lowden at Country Home. ; j Col. Lowden is r»nuilnlnK at his; I country home, in Onle. county, until i (Monday, after which he will b«» off!- ' 'cially at home to patronage xecktii); ad- 1 itnlrei-K nt his office In th»- Kookery ' in Chicago. OF LEGALIZED KISS (My t'nitPit I r r<-s-«.> York. N". V. |>*r. 2.- State «tn- •uul.'ttory of oscillatory d<mi>n- -trafioim luiyr- been added to th<- fund of UlJoWtcdRe beilti: gathered -by the equal sii(TraK r ' league. j Huh! rture that's what it moan*, i The Indies have learned thf length ;i le^al Ms*". They know it "in bright feet and more in Pennsylvania and m feel Ohio anil t\ansa«. In mom of the otherj «tat<>?j, with no .statutes made and pi'o- ' vlded, the common IRW determines. These facts were learned from Allot- i ni\v W. Stephen Hush, Personally Hu*h | believes the regulations ntf too strict • TRUCErplED! Battle In The Hills South Off Athens Has Been Renew- | ed Says Report. | FRENCH MARINES TAKENj An Earlier Report Said King! And Admiral Du Fournet ! . Reached An Armistice. ; ••••• iHtitff «'orre*>poiMieinri """ ' . j Kl PaHo, Tex, Dec. 2.-~That the «lt- - . *")' Cnlted Kress.) j tuition of the Citrranza Kovernmeut In Unidon, Km;.. l>ec, *--That the arm- [northern Mexico i*,"desperate" follow- lnticf, reported .to have been arranged ; inij the captuic of'i 'hlhuahua City by r\t1iens as a settletncnt of the <5reek-j villa, WIIK the admission made today vitiAmLMOVE W | TH CHIHUAHUA TAKEN OTHER OUTBREAKS ARE REPORTED IN THE SOUTH Followers of Diaz and Zapata Have Begun Concerted Attacks Against the Carranza Government, El Paso, T«x., Dec. 2, —Gtn. Gon*ale*, commander of the Car- ranii»ta .garrison at Juarai, ,«n- houneed toijay that • heavy column of^flov*rnment troop* under Gen. Murgia, had reached Chi. huahua City during the niflht, eur- rounding the city on two aides. Murgi* had been ordered to attack the city early today, Oon- znlet taid. At the Mexican consulate here Consul Bravo stated . b€ hud no . information of any military movement. VILLA WILL MOVE. f!y Webb Miller. 1:1 i Hv . T<-.\ . :•.—With the of ('hihsialtti.'i. ("!t>. n lias In «•; of Mexic i'« ,11 dilx.' iri,tii7,i cuv- Ht^rfd Hi ne,-«r)y h> revnti to ailxtet-s ite|i:*ti?meni ,1 tli h«'; itn h'ei' .tyainst the t jefntnent •all parts |eiii!ef«. a hv f*. J-. today. __ A coiirot!".) fnoveliiMit if) f<>ln« l of the HomjieH! rillil central state* took (ilace at the time of the a«is:ni)t hv Villa on the northern i-.'iiiital hut !h>-" ;i-w« i/rdy reached here today ' Four Cities Taken. I'our fjticH in southern Mc\|co hay. fallen iti(.» the hands of the revolution-' Uxt*> during iin j»nst week. The city fall of Orli'iiba. iii the Ntitte of Vera Cruz, report"-'K.Iy. \vnx taken by adherent* of Felix Uia/, on Haturdny, whllo tho ;<"ipitiil of Hn> *latf of Pueblo Is now iiiii'i r «ie»;e by Fellejsta*. In the f«sl- <«r; I district nt ar Mexico City the fol- "lowers "of ZaplitaItav«» taken Cuorni- !s»aya and ' /.ipatiMaH are now Oper- ;itin« in that .li*trict. In tho slat* of f i.ixitca the combined forces of tho re• volid ioiii'.t H aie in pimHcMKlort of tho i apitjt. nccotdhiK to word reaching the honb'T, The capture of Ha I In*. <'niz h;iH aisii ber-n reported but ha» not been (unlit tiled. STILL FrGHTiNG re- dat in Allied .controversy, has failed. \va ported In dispatches todayhy" the i'iit* Kvctiiiiu Star's ( orr''spond"ttr ed Athens. KVklny at ~:tr> p. m. The-dixputcheH.declared the battle in flu- hill* Month of Athens had been re- _newcd with an artillery attack, parti- Vlpated In hii-Bc-ly by the I-Yahfo-Hrlt- ish .naval forces. The same correspon- di»nf wa.H atithoHty for the statement taken to the city Jail tu'board it oui at • fifty ceiim per day, •Arrangement!? were made with tin Others lor it settlement of their liner and 'coNtH. The pollen say they an bound to brt'ttk up these drinking placea and If th« light linen are not sufficient heavier onp« will be levied. KNOCKEDlWN ROBBED W. 8. Tanner, Of Des Moines, ( ~ Qot=lnto Bad Company In, Town Of Fulton. Tuesday night about nine o dock, a well dremied man, a. stranger, entered the Model cafe, at PMKon. There were .'» number of young men seated at the table* and the stranger hulil that hv ..had befn robb*d .by threw men, who relieved him of a lady's gold watch raid I25.0U In money. '_ Jjyim- man— »aj d - hls^ namu -wiia J\Vi C, Tanitc-r and tliftt bin home \\ntt In De« »\iolne«," la. He arrived In town early iti the evening, nnd although provided'with th» neceKwiry creden- tlalw ua proof that 1n bla home town he tnovtid In good Huclety, it WHH not Jong until h» had formed the actiuain- lanee of a trhi of undexlrableH. The I»rty vlwltPtl aeyeral of the. miluono. jSjr, Tanner at all timeii.being the en- terialnur and- footing all biilH, . The »iarty walked down In the vlclii- ' ity of the Burlington depot, and Mr, Tanner oaid he wa« knocked down and Whwn he got UP Ae found that hl» newly forriH'd friends hatt disappeared, and tttw) that h« had been robbed of a lady's tf<kld lllled cane Watch, which had been the'property of din dead, wife and a pocket book containing $.5 in bill* ;Aui feotm* silver coin. In another pocket willed tho hold-up tiwi failed to search was u purse containing about j;>u. ' \S'i-dnendiiy 4iv«nlng Mui'Mbal l^arley of Ptiltoit went tu Clinton. Iu., and with the «»«iHtuncu of somt' of the pulice ul tbat city, arrested John McUuvern and •H*nry Dyer*a*t being Jiuplicnted in the robbery ot W. »*. Tanner of I^-f Moines Tuesday nishl. Dyer was placed-in.tji*- jail there tu awuit rt><iuimiioii puperh from the- guveruur, whlk* 'Henr> Ale ilovvru w.tb brought „ tu tht» tftrt* '*--•• Mr. Wiitsiin, from the *>ervlce station of the Ivtil-'raxice Motor l-*ire company' of fhicagu. wan in this city yesterday! in reKptittse to --a—.tt*legrain- I'ruin the t head of tiie fire department telling of; .the wrecked machine. Mr. \Vutnon ar- j rived i>n the 1135 .passenger and made! n careful examination of the nnd said it would be better to have an expert come from his* station Monday nnd have it tixed up here tha.n to wdip It to the factory In .New York, lie wild he would have shipped out the follow- i I UK parts to replace thope broken: twoj • rioiTC nrtm "^ri.iid^. rwrv Ktn?> boards, t .vii front wh<>cln-complete, . two. t«ip leaver of a front .spring, and a front jixeliree. lie tiled out .the engine and round it to be all right. He said the cost of the new parts and the repair work would not amount to na much us ma'ny people imagined. Ajfi»f It had been repaired t ju« said'tht coiuiumy would place a «uurnntee oi the truck. • • Mr. Watson sal>! be WHH surpriset! that the car held up as good HH it dlr In the accident. The expert will bi here Monday nnd will stay until the repairs are "complete. It might take two Unys and It might tak«-,a w.eek. n r -l4_lu-.undi>ratuuU_lti!l will Utej of• secretiirieN busy tahuhttiiif: appli-! etitioris and sifting thvni into their i 'proper plKeonluilec. «)IK> week a«o " jmore than applications fur about • iOO jobs had been received. i I IJn Willlum Price, who has a paper rganlzation known IIM the Young staff I!'""."'"' ''"ft had fired on the hill? . ! * ll «'" f! bad fallen y- ll r> VUN In the ">at center W. OUi.ui for mayor,of Chica.- Senator James Hamilton Lewis may truck i'' t ' amme n'l JJov. Dun no-fur postmast«>r Mof Chicago. The governor won't take jll If he does, which would afford Mr. |Lewis another opportunity to declare jthat only a (Sernuin can be poxtmtiNicr " Chicago. " » hro y-T. the county Jail. Hi* hearing ha« been continuol until ntut week. Mr Tanner'i lied thi? nu-n as u'ho DONATIONS RECEIVED Thanksgiving Food and . Garments From the Children Did Oeod. The mem'bert* of the 1'hilunthroplc Ujnion were l»«»y for two d«,ys taking •are of the many- tblngH donated by the pupilH of the Union HChuol the day Before, ThankngivltiK. Bo much wan UVIMI that it required truckM to haul i t - to " t he : "-room - «i»propria tetl - for .tin* jm> of the union in the city hall. Other IpnutiotiH were alxo received by the members. That whiclr had to be dls- trilfuted at once, wan. taken where i I would do the moHt good, OtmHtderable if the clothing- wan also' given out 'to hone needing" 11. " There IH unite a arge Hiipply of tlie clothing on hand tnd tliis will be given out, an it in need* Th»? l»w»p|e o| Pierljiyt Mm, alWu>'H willing to respond with gifta of cloth- ug and food when Uiey underwtand the need of nuch gifts. A SPRI'NKUlyG SYSTEM , Central Box Board Co, l» ln«t«llinfl . System Pjjr ^rptectlon. The Central Box Jiuard'Company is having-the Urlnneil Autoinntic Kprink- liuK syHtem instalUMl In its new ware hoiiHe.s. To do tiiin, I'wililrcd.tlie laying of water mains from its own water system; cleur around to the south .wim- house over two . bltivkx. The i-ompaoi' hati h.Hd two of lt« ware - houses d«'-. ritroyed by Urn Inxide. of a few -years :iiul proper precautions are b'elok taken to prevent further tire losses. Tlie nev^ war* 1 house on the site of Ihe one that hurucil is one hunUreU feet square itml the other OIK- in one hundred feet -Widr id »iu- ituiHlifd iiiul lifty fwt long. LIFT STOCK EMBARGO Federal Autliqrities Find- The Suapectea Cattle Plague Is Stomatitis. (Wo the Inarinex. had been taken prlsitner by the <!leek forces. That an lumU-tlct* hail .been efe<-tcd between allied tloopa and the Creek re.serviHts nt Athene was reported iu BI JLi"'lliif.1 1 i*' l Ul". r(l . dlBpatch from the Tlf'-eTf ca'i-ital. T>ls 4l(»pntch as8ern-<l thru Kir»K •Contit.anUite liad agree'd to the delivery 'of six mountain "butteries to the allies; In return it was wild Admiral IHi Fotirnet had aKieeti to withdraw nbe allk-d tr.iufii from the city pending reference of the agreement to the allied governments. ' The previous refusal of the Ore<»k Kovernment tt» agree'to tiir^ <ii-i«irtndrt of tho allii-s for dls;ii'manien' WHH Henlrk'tlorm <tgain*t Hie tihi|>ment of live Htoek were raihi-d OirouKh the central Ktatpn yeMtorday with tin) renult that Dm Intj-rnutional Live Stock a ex- POHltionii »vlil open In tlu. International itmphlthwitre in Chle-awo today with on« of the lai' jitock »tho\v« on record. ; .. In every local stock center government and stato veterlnarlaiiH aHMircd owners- wild breeder* that the tiiurh fwjr«d .otitbrwik of hoof and mouth diHenno in nothing more than «H»matl.- ti» a. comparatively negligible aliment that Iwwmlly reinedtedr \Vith thin an- nonncemt'Ut the shlpmentw of .cattle were rentiwed immediately iind nome of thuohipntttntH of tlo-for- the #t«ck show- thHthiul been held up ppndlt\K » dt»c|»loii were ru»h- i»cl through fust niglit. MUST REMOV^THE SIGNS Right Of Way Of State Reward Roadt Will Bo Cleared Up. Mtl(il7*TngKeti of "POMnty lTiKh*wfty« hat* rwplved ; a "t'ommunictttion-from thti mute highway dejiartmcnt, which K an iin|iortunt 'order relative to ytutt -aid road'ti. ,The lllinoi« High- wny <'oinnilBnion has Ju»t iHsued an order requiring the removal of all ad- ortiHlng Hutu* from the right-of-way f all ctiitc-uld roadH, Notice of th(« hua been Kent to nlgn and atlvcr- ,('onJp«"i»'« HU (hat they may lave an opiu>r'tunity to remove any iich Klgna .before they are. destroyed. In tho future all, signs or advert Is- imnUH rhtiHt he ulaced otitsfkU' t-he right-of-way lines, T'hi« ntiniber " of tdgius ujrinjt the rouda huM nuulo IH.'IIIV if "HieiM" Uiiwiik!h(ly and u nuinai,ice. u» >vejl. an mlMlfjidiny to the traveling marked h,\ 'ttamiiiinary claHheH between the. ufHet") iroo|) H and C.ri 4 ek renei V|H|H. There wn-o eneoiinterj.'at three- HOJIUM In the ontHklrtsi. of the-i;lty and there- wa« a veritable panic un'ions the |M>P- olace. Yhe tiirvcts were ilenerted by civlllatiM, the Khopx were closed and trallic wan suspended. JCot.oijly were thero outbreakK in tho outskirts of the city., mostly with l<>eueh uullors. but iii»)iatcheH.j4uidi;tliiBre hud aluo been lively fiLslladex between member* o* the loyaliKl and •Veniy.eloB jiartles in the heart of the cityr.> • ; to friends by ' er of ttic government forci-H at Jwirea. ! "If Villa attilnptH to hold the northern capital," tion/al'-H wiiid, "we will be abb- to vi'if," 1 from three sides with I heavy force* and annihilate, the bandit leader's army. Mul the Indications are th;it Villa l-s makliiM r«-ady to move iiKain, We have ^li" cluiiim*! of ejcape toward the poiith cloned with our troops at MurcaHltas." Awaiting Next Move. With illsorK"i!t/.cd forces scatten-d nil over the .stati'i'f Chlhuanua, Mexican Koycrnment -military b-aders are awaiting Vllla'»< next move, Refugees arriving at the border declare' the baiidit's forces were preparing-to evacuate Chihuahua' ('Ity two days ttuo. .Two tralriH wi-r« made up j forces in the at the Mexico & .North Western rail- j Truns> hunia road stiition In the capital and. quan-1 titles of loot nnd supplies for the bandit a'rfny were being loaded. Several pieces of artillery, wece taken from Kaiita Hosa Jiill and loaded on Hat cars. At the Mexican consulate here It was declared the movement of the remnant of - - . Hit- And Roumanians /^re ReporteU To Have Suffered Heavily. 6,000 PRISONERS TAKEN Petrograd Claims Allies Are Withstanding The Pressure On Bucharest. illy I'n l ted I'ressi Herlin. fier.. Hy Wireless t.» Say v Hie. I. 1 , l.h-c. 2, I-'iKiitiitK between Teutonic and 1< us* Inn and ttouinnnlan Carpathians ami.on the frontier it> still in l*ro«- with the suniTlng heavy the war office amiounceil to. day. On Fit-Id Marshal vo'i Mackensew's front a hijf buttle bus develop«>d. The tlrjit Houmaniun army's lines if I'ietei have been broken den. Trevlno'* command after itn through and the enemy defeated. Ru».'In cl«^e touc fht from rhlhiinhtift rtty, Li—nut j ^lait ,m,| Kouiiiuniun mtuvh.t in the "" '•'•'•re; of own. Communication ha« been es- foreKtn of the Carpathians and along over -the po known EM DA R GO A L] V E J 38JU E._ I IJy Carl 1). riroiit. <SiafT ('iirrespond'-'tit of United I Wjmhiiii;ton. ]», c., Dec. 2.—Th« ; -\mi-rican cmhaiKo. tiKnlnst tho nhlp- iiniii of nrtTt« across tju» border prpm- i.ies to become a live IsBUt! between this uovi-nmieiit and Mexico, Carrnn?.n"«< mlvlsors hero arc dl«- plejixeji with the embfirKo and rlalm tbiii in pnii-tlci; Unit not in theory) it prevents th>- carr.uizlKtas from getting munition , .-hipmcniM, Th* Mexican* *lut«-*franUly that u lack of ammunition was solely responsible, for thoT*- vet'*--* at Chihuahua. On the other hand American officials hint that Car- -muu...hud sua'jcitnt atnmunltioti—but^- that Villa r<-sted-it from them. As toe ; embargo, stand.** tin* American govern- i tneiit can' make exc.e.ptlonn to ship- '" i merits but tills IM rarely done for fear '.that ihe shipments will fall Into th» bunds of the bandits and prov* a ; boomerang. ; w It is li-nrned tliut Amhn.H.sador Arm* dondo ban called the HHuatlon to th* lUte-ntUm of Swsrolury Lftnulhg,- Off!-- iciuls. however, HhowiKl no indication ithat nny chiuiKe will t>« made In th« jembarifo plans. . . ; - , • The Chihuahua situntlon BtlH pw- li'lexed. government official* eat all -of -the Information they have consists •sob-y of reports,and ruhlor*. Person* touch with the aituatlon made f the anxiety that la -fptt— iContlnued on fi\gt> Glght) RELATIVES SHOCKED ..-..-x % ' . ""'';"•- — ;.. ' Mrs. Dan Young Died Whilt About Her House Work, ICrle relallveH were shocked Wednew- day morning-'Wjhen a telephone mes- »ag« wjm received tftatlng that Mrp, Diin Voung bad died suddenly that morning while about her work. She had bet-n In her «8Ual heiiltti aTJTt~wa» to entertain her children and. CRAZED MAN JAILED He Attapked a Ped€itrian .In Philadelphia Whom He Mistook For Wilson. the Tranhylvunfn frontier mountains contlnue.s. Yesterdny's attacks were without Micce.xx an<l the enemy ttuf- fered heavy looses. The Uermnnst at ELKS' MEMORIAL SERVICE WHITESIOE MEET I I'oiv . "r':-r*r~JT»lfiiHoir~wTlf ~hr - 1 he viTut n spetiker - at 'the Kl.hs" mutual' i.ui&ioiiui jtiu'vicc'** which 'will. be. held in tin- lodge. loom of 'the order ,<i.i:^u o'clock Sun- Churfetk Hvilt of the AVhilesidc Senii,.-. jtbiy iifteriioon. The prugitum will bv h«l ttiid' li. \V. t)iai»don of ThcjHliori Init of ci>u«liU- ruble intvivsijl." The azt'tte'cull*il « uicctnis; of the jpubiic % -^s inviteii'TTi >t-tU;nii. H«ji;irkK ru of On? vuttouh pupci..- pub-jw'iH l»c made by Si-tir.;, ATirrfm^t: ,f. d .iu \VlilU-aUU 1 fuiwit^ and u \v.i.v i l.udt-n--*,-. There will be mufic for thf- wlth'u luncheon ,it I'li-.l.ui.iiifi >ocia.-.ii>n Th»- i ltual.U.>ilic wi yit'it.s will Cttfw in Slcillnu at twe)\«> o'cb-t^ to» noon , . e ej,ti«|0»«imury ; 'cttndiuoi,*. con- tlH- n«w«ipa|>ein yvvuiK to uii- tl C<m5 of 'pi lilt pVipt i ,uitl wUtek, mukvti thf pvib|i>-hmK bu-i- not only utiprut!ln!»U< imt thu-at to ll>.»ke Jt lUvivil*. >pvt*pi lute .ami • iuipicri,sts .. NOTICE TO THg Slmili.utty i>l name* people to " thtnlv Unit J i.if.'iu tlu-.cjiy, vviiK-h Is li^yo no' intention of HIM '. -.(ill i«- !'i-uii'l ; 'l .-nil*: .;*'! a» led »fttii»;. wni* |ilo\;'ii.!K j»oi tiut-j 1 OIK aiuJ-wHl HI Iti HE LIKiSHE CITY Buyer of Stifling Uept. <6tor« Says ' • *'e n in*; 8t«rlino is a Fine Town. _._...., when niie wm> setml with an atlick of heart troutile." uoU paH»eil uwuy be* fore physicians, whir were, hurriedly calle«l." arrived ut the home. The deceased hud beei> a re»|detu of Sharon for many years until a few jeurs iigo, when «hw with her husband moved to Ueneheo. She wan highly reapected In the community and her hoxtw of frleniln deejily nympath.Ue jwith liw fumlly in thell- great Ioss7 v "" ---^'"-- - " ..... •--'-'• Iio8ldti«"the husband Hhe in survived by two wons, Albert and Klmer of the Hhimm neigbbprtippdt Airs, Homer 1'Hrnier of HIHHdule.A.Mrs, froiier, residing in Mliuiesota, Mrs. Victor Kng- duhl of Ueheaeo. She was » »i«ter»in- law of Adam and Jtihn YUUUK atid M.rn. John .Martin ot' ICrie. Tlie f'um'Kil--Wr- vices will be held th'in ul'ternoon at ".' o'clock 'ut .Sharon, and Interment made In the Siuirou cemetery, . M . . ^ _^ ' __ ENTERED INTO BUSINESS Albert q. §to(U Puj-chaied i»t«r«*t,lri Joliet Sto^m Oyo Works, Albert »', Stolu, KJ»II of .Mr. and airi". Hanu-v Stolu of this «'liy, with several others has pi,,i -ohaVeil Ihe Jollct Steam l.»y«« Works ot Joliet. 111. The Joltct Ht.*i uld-Newa has the folly w- - (Hy I'nlted Philadelphia. I'a., Dec. 2. — Crazed by drink, a mini tlanhlii^ a "la rue carving knife, with which he said he would kill ' President Wll.son UH he paused throuKh : here thin afternoon, attacked a pedestrian In the HeadlnK Terminal, hent hundredM ' of travelers hurryltiK to .safety, and engaged three policemen in a lively tuxule before he wuu liuully tiverpowered and handcuffed. 'He gave the name of Jonathan Krauu. •no home, when taken to the police . The man appettVetj before the dent'N train arrived at 1:30 ihla afternoon but made a mixtnke. In Htatlonn. Matted hulr fell tlown over hi* uhoul- dem "'itnd he i-ontliuially nnjttered to hiniHclf. Suddenly he drew out hla knife aiid leaped ut a man leaving the ' • station. the preithlent, I shall kill H. who u-.iuv i.'r. il. jp r H. \VhUiu-y. of 4-anton'. Ill,, H UiM f-;t u cl>. of th«- Sterlinjs - g^jp^-jp^^-^.---.^^}^! ulK'-iu for Hhipiiiciit io hiti home -wb»-fv IU? will *el! 'them along with lift- Mher .->ti*'k. -Mr, Whitney said on leaving she city,-.'he Witt* n* vci in a iit> \\fietv he he thi:i iii. HU'rttng in the short nine he w»j>^ ainonjii thdii- lie ^-;iyi* lie \VH^ t'reaU'd lll'»t>clasM uiiii hoped liuiltefa UllK-Ill corriv liiu.u!: ho lie >\ t . lit' lo,; ;.ij;uJii ih.' lut'i;. lie Jjt.'it>ii.Ji'> .J'uiKbi- lull u nvw p'.i.>cK'"ti£" 'C:J'>t!^,.Iii yv«tt ixlii.v i^.r... iiutry, u the iJo«!ivii store «tl Amin.»y. oiji ihe I'litir*' b.'^piiH'iii . Kici- iu J>*. C . -lattftcn. John. 1.'.- Stock and Albert (', Htoltz have purchased the Joh (ct ^i lea in l»ye lloiiMe 'mid ^ dt V c " y.pu, DroppliiK blH tuilt and hat traveler lied down "the step* t.hrstt ut a time with his un«ailant cloeo behind him. Women and chlUlrun run in every direction NcrviunliiK for Uelp. Three reserve policc'inen leaped on KruuH'but !»• fought them for 10 minutes before he WHH iinally overpow. en- 1 1 and the hundcuffH adjusted. "I p'ruyed on the. steps of the city hall Before mailing on luy trip to kill AVilhon." Hiild K'raiiM. "I'll get htm yet," he Hbouled a« he WUH lud 'tt'i n celt, "and ,1. l'\ Morjsan, Hockefellvr and all those fpUVwM, They're kt'ep- IIIK the n-i^t of living iiiitli and the war Koing." ^llc will l*e examined t*.v physlcitttjs. LLOYD GEORGE TO QUIT? one place on their advance to«>k tnor*- than l.oou priisont-rti. rnetu around lialurhy into a -large imttle, So'uthuaaf of t?ap'oliniK the GermattM gained grouml hghthiK in the forests. The official siateim-m 'declared the number of priuoiiens taken in the hint few days JudglnK from the beat t'stl- mate« were 51 officer*, 6,115 of all other i-auku and lji>ot>: consisting of '-I H can - nonti, 100 filled ammunltnu; curt«. he- aides bundreda of utlu-r military vehicles, of trouble in northern Mexico. Americans Ar« Safe. . All AtfU'rica.tiH hud left Chihuahua, City before the VilllHtu-CiirranslHto, tlkhtiiiK hewaii, mate, department The 'enjsajje- ! '** > "?' u * ! ." n "'«• border were told by r«- ha« developed ! faKt ' < ' 8w ' t ' 1 wh«t"m thoy talked, the'ntate ik-partinent announced today. ! Tho >it|jte department agents orrthe - ji'iyder were uild by refufteoa that Villa. .riiiil ordered IHI looting and believed 'no forelKuoi-H except Chlneue bud been i killed. ! TRADE COMMISSION CUAIM TEUTONS ARE CHECKED. I Recommends Lejpiilation To tuy united I'm..) - permit ExporterB To Combine For Foreign Trade, I't'trogntd,. "HuHHia, Dw. 2. -»• {lou- nuuiian fori-t«« have tiucccetled in'w'nli. Mtuiuting'the Teutonic jTfa«urc toward Hucharest, (Hy United Prem) terday. "We t'ornayoda brldg stat trade 'conditions. The commission de- slarrd Hudi a law would greatly aid the -tHittll—ttititnifact urera. An iiivcHtlgatinu covering month* ind 4j«rrivMi on ..with the aid of U. 8, all over tho wortd, reuulted In rteclitrisd the official •nient in detuiling further ad-. t«» iu tlu<-great-HuMsfait RUSSIANS LOSE HEAVILY. l C»n«- other nation* have marked UJy I'nitcd I'nW.) idvaotuge* in foreign trade beciiaae of •Amsterdam, Holland, !)*•«•; L'.-~I'n- I J u l"'r>or ruclliUes and more efficient dlminiiihed violence of tho of. j 'WaniauUon.. . fensivc ifi the r«rpat1ii«n» was report-{ - - Financiers and legal'res truetlona Hrmu from develop' ed today iu dispatches from tbw Au Irian lienUi|i:aricrw, j .,TtU' utuicks it ults. s^it. 1 .. were every-1 where repulsed with'heavy-lotteeb. MONASTIR 0ATTLE CONTINUES. *«y..I'rtitea Hress.1 J l'arl_(*._. v j-'j- : ii i c«-, l»cc. '.'.--Hcpul.sp by j the Si vbi.ui.i of violent counter !ittwc|i»«' '•' 1 ~-'^i'" 15 ' 0 n '""l»!? against ihiiir |u»t). [ lions, n»i'th oi Oruniste'a'ud roiitmuunce! prevent un an Ainerk'un e'Uinl organUatlon for „..-,.« nnd the small *tohcern« IS HOLDING <f ariille rv^ion. were al t.iali uii'iil. ombuts in the i! in t Mini- No Chanoe in Condition »f Sten'dard Oil . Prwid«<it Sine* Yf*ttrday. <By. Viwod Pr0««.) Tai-rytowu. K. V., Pecfl «.— John D. Aivhi.ohl. Standard Oil pr«dd«nt, t« ^till holding IUH own.'lt wa» ajmounc- ed ut bin bom, here today. -«ifl»l tin-re liiid been no change In condition' yesterday. hj» London Paper Eeports Minister O'f War l8_Packing Up Hanged Uijtil March 16, i Hy I'mtod l'ro$*) 1917. ,\nic|(?s ot" pre|.<a|-vd uinl .1. r. Stock tlic '.-abl .'ptr b" f\t-' to and lii-ld wutim - 4iiioc» Sf u incor|H>ratUm arc beiiig Digued by 'l'\ i* Umen, iir-JuiiH'H .St'raka- HH in l will, be Mtcil at Spring- day or iv\o, niliii .u jll -rc'iunn with the" C(»inp<iny, but wil(.hitvi> the '(' Albert {*, Mtolt,'., .'who will in llu- uia,n!iKi;lu4»i',- at the . j* KI'oWlj U/KUl-1) (HI eMell.1 t(u.i4. -Mi Siraku H't>U tiie biitdcti lie, iilvulcd.. Air, Stoltz JM welt- known in Jiiltet, and rtas bveii with the Jv-liet. Jji.'v Uu«nli •coiij| ( iii!y for the. past <*l,o- vei.i jt-ar», uini'will bv active m the, orw coiut'iitiv. hoih't** 'iTHi'iSuger. '»tai'Kr |ji,.l.lvi.-t, uii'a i-nv «<:' 'the IMUKJ \>f diiev- bin") l,on<li'ii, l):\\ld l.luj priuieti is Iprc-par ' ... iijr ", IH-.' i. Ituniorii tluit Ucorye i^ 'packing lip ii.H niillttitcr of Wai', WtTW m the I>aih ;\cvv> t^iuy iu pport »>f j'e|uk't» tiust Jui is Ip .to Ic.'H'e (hut post. ' ' ,\ v iUIUlt.M| o{ l,in|(|i i'lut t.-il (he c»alltit.>u t)ial I.H Ilk fly' tu I' iiiioii -The preseiit )u Id ,tt> be ' too iMitii u* conduct of t the i'aH'itX- .PERSHING IS READY •• C«n tvibjliii-i e.sull In Its However. Won't Poisibility Of AttacW, San .I ci .HI/HIM for flit wur, -o-LYe U!HO the. dltt. tii aU.H K 'on Jii.j -' Roumanian* Claim To H(iv« Captured] e ' Hundred Pri|on«r|. j United Preea.) itnTrm7mtffr~^ec.~*r~- Shr eaol. fto«ma,nian for- vioient engagement, with Wwtsral hundmu. «&. 1'u.soneif, tt tul ten .machine; guna w< ic t.ij.iin^.j ^fHn-re'wmi al« jnu-u,n; m Ki..' uiiuiaoijMi valley far ua Koriiuus, TWOMEw¥EiRiET<]LLED Ekpioii«n- Occur* ,iu Povrd«r t Herrin, Illinois. t u> t'niivii rie»M> and ho re lo ( i,i> a.s tin- ou ill, thi 1 pl.ilil /iiuj Icnutt-a Imv, men ot ,»n ex-( !)„,

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