Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 8, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1896
Page 4
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iotiD Gray's CORNER. ".On new full goods. While many merchants are stuck ou unseasonable goods Mid are using every means possible to put them onto their customers,. John Gray' comes to the close' of the ••season In grand shape and is able to take ad- Yantftgo of the very low Eastern uiark- •te 'for cash and gives his customers clean ne\v fresh goods away below old curled over stock. p. s,—Come and see ilie diffurcnco. DAILY JOURNAL "*«t>U»hed ev«ry dny In the week (except Monday) by the Lofransport Journal Company. t ...... ..... President. '' •a W. GRAVES .................... Secretary •. B. BOYER ................... ...Treasurer .............. H80 ........... ... .40 Pflc* per Annum.,.. Frtoe per Month Official Paper of City and County. (Entered as second-cloia mall-matter at Ik* Locansport Post Offlco, February 8. SATURDAY. AUGUST S,.I REPUBLICAN TICKET. l*ur l're»l(l«Ilt. WII.UAM McKIXLKY JK. of Oi.lo. 1'or VIce-PrtHlilrnt. A. JIOltAHT of New Jeriiey. •Kor Oovernor, A. MOUNT of MoiitBoraery county For LlHitciimit <ii>vernor, W. 8. HAOGAKU of Tlpi'"™'""-' Comity. For Secretary of State, WILLIAM II. OWKS of C»«« County. Fur Auilltor at Stnle, AMEKICUSC.,l>AlLEY«f »ou»e county. For TrenHUrer of State, VKKD J. SCUOL/. of ViiiHlcrlMiru county. For Attorney Gcnc'ml, . For Reporter of Supreme Court, OHABLKSV.MEMY.iflliirtJioloinew /•rSuperlntemlentof 1'ulillo ImtrnoUon. D M.GEKTIXG of Harrlnon county For State jjtHtlittlcvu, S. J. THOMPSON of Shelby comity. »or Judge" of the Appellate Court, Flr»tl)l«trlct, •OODFOBDKOBINSON of Gibson county Second District, •W E. HENLEV'of Kunh county. ThlfU Dlntrlct, D. W. COMSTOCK of Wnyne county .......... Fourth DUtrlct, . _. JAMKS 1>. WI.ACK, of Marlon county.. ' FIftll Dl»lrlut, . U/Z-'wilAlV of Beiiton county^ Elector* Httargo, H O. THAYKK. CHAS. F. JONM. - ' . FOB CONGRESS, For Joint Repre»«ntati»e, . W1I.SOX °t <*»" county. epre.ei.tatlve-CHAHtKS B. LONU- o^uor- B. HALE. r Clerk-JOSEI'H G. GRACE. r.r Tre«.nrer-BKN JAMIN F.KKESL1NG Mr 8h«rl«r-l. A. ATIAMS. fc»Surveyor-A.i». DOBD Mr Coro«.r-DH. ,1. A. DOWNEY. •tar Ain««»or-JOSEPM 11AKK. JS^Co n ttaU..loner, fflmt DUttlct-JOITN JJ? U Comml»io...r, Third Dl.trlct- ABRAUAM SHIDKI.ER. COMPARE THEM. "Tbe Republican party Is un'reBerved- tf for sound money. It caused the enactment of -the. law providing for.;the wromptlon of specie payments ID 1879; rince then every dollar has been as good ••gold. • «We are unalterably opposed to every. •raiure calculated to debaie our cur- Nocy or Impair the credit .of our country. We ore therefore opposed to the ' fwe coinage of. silver except by tnter- •Mltlonal agreement with the leading commercial nations of the world, which we pledge ourselves to promote, and until then such gold standard must be pre.. awed. • : . • •'' ' : ' • . "All our 'stiver and paper currency - nut be maintained at parity .with gold, and we favor all measures de-, Itgned to maintain invlolably::the' obli- (•tton> of the United Stat«« .and alt our money, whether coin or paper, at the pcwent standard, tne standard of the •mrt enlightened nattonf.of tbe earth." —Republican platform, ,:, "We demand; tbe free and unlimited coinage of bpth gold. and. silver at the present legal ratio of 16 to 1,. without walling for the nld or consent of any other nation. We demand - that the ' itandnrd- silTcr dollar shallbe a full legal tender, equally with gold, for all iflebtn, public apfl private, and- we favor-such lestatattan as .will paevent tlie .aatnonetlzatloD of nny kind of legal ten- ,|er money by .private .contract.— pemo- jratlc. piatfonn. . •• ', . -....\ "We demand free.anfl unHmlted ,<»ln- •ge of (.liver -and -gold at the preaent le- I ratio of 16 «o 1,—PopnHsi platform,: •• '• ••'• : •••'•" ''•'• ' .-. .... .:,.' We hold -to the ate at botli goia.and. •- Ml ver as • tl* standard 'money, of the; ; cowrtry, and to tbe colnaBe.of both gold •nd «llver, wltbont dlacrlmJtiatlDg --il»li»t either metal or'elwrire for mint-, -••*. bnt the'doUar-onrt'Of^colnage of, both metal/i mart be of equal Intrinsic . .«nd,exch«i»eaW8 TBloe or.be adjnited •thKrtjgh tatematlonal agreement or by . neb sufegtiartteof legislation as shall trsrore tbe; maintenance -of the parity of the two metal* and the equal power * <rr*l r dollar at nil ttmei to the mark- ets and In payment of debt, and we de- maud that all paper currency shall be kept at par with and redeemable in such coin. WE MUST INSIST UPON THIS POLICY AS ESPECIALLY NECESSARY FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE FARMERS AND LA- BOIUXG CLASSES, THE .FIRST AND MOST- DEFENSELESS VIC TIMS OF CNSTABLE'-MOXEY AND A FLUCTUATING CURRENCY Democratic platform, 1S02.- , : The two Kepuibl!<-:wi nworinss ycster- dav were dctidud tiiK-C'.'.-^es. " . No I'nx 1 coinage coiwtry li:w "invlini IiU'd L'oii'.:i>:o" ol'lhc wlvi:e metal. It. must be iidmititi-d that the. Pharos which must daiily eat its own words, t llviiij; on a' very sMim diet. The crowds ait. plifc iln.k and t.lie orgiiii- i'/.ailmi of a McKluloy elwb of over live Irmidrai jv.vivi-ilaj- indicate Unit Mie pec>- l>!e are in Every I'roe stiver nuiii. if He Ist't'iiii will admlir taiiit. he does not. want fi sdlvcr toiHiikc but to make somo one else fako -it. Tlrfs won't, work. -'• The .-wMiml money Deinocmw will place a natloiidl .ticket in the Held. Bo- roro.Novomibci- tlMt ticket will be the teadlns DemoeratHc Ucket In :i majority of Mio states. The Democrats of the Eleventli dla- trlut now have nn oiiport.ujjjty to show good t'aiitli by drawing off Mr. Joseph Larimer of M;huni and Imlorskig 'Mr. Populist .Toch Strange of Grant for Con The Rcpubliwu party, submit*-thai its platform ecu tains the only-.'and true ni«t.liod oif sccui-rtig bimetallism, aud that Hie plonk on fina.nce of the.Ch.icdn" platform means,' if carried oilt, silver monometallism, nothing else; History lynns out this 'to Hie Pharos there was no Republican mceUng yesterday. • No one was present. Candidate Mount, did 'rnt appear. What, he said did" not amount to iinythlup. His argument was w^ak ami his reuwirks w-hiclv were not made wore Hgh'tly applauded by Hie people wiho were not presont. The eloquence of. Bryan mlsht/bc ex- pciided lu showing the wprldhgman •that lias wages are to be doiibled-'Jn unl- som with the prices -of the<«ijiigs the workliit'.ma.n must have, r'hra^cs Hke rli? fraudulent crown of Uioni^ 1 cross at gold btKiuess wJll not fill tne ptoniachs •of hungry, healUiy famliiw, nor ftirnlteh tlie honves tluit were happy : ,in 1802, with the.prosperity that then existed. Tlie debtor class in silver basis Mexico must'work out Ms Indeblcdnesij. .When a man'getti in debt in thu-t country Jie ha* little tope of paying, for if he 'Ks oif tie working class he receives uigpardly .wages that a boy ol' ten would not accept in this country. Whan he faite to pay, he becomes IHer- nUy, a bowed down bearer of a sUyei; cross. Orudflxlon -on the anoie cross would scarcely be worse tbnai this condition: : • . • • - " •' . •',,'. It'Is not at all probable, that thB:pext House will have a majority fayorable to-thc free coinage ot sliver-at/airatlo of 10 to 1. When HbecomeB a demonstrated fact, that there Is no danger of thla country adopting the sliver standard In conducting the business of the country, prosperity will eomo again and, with lower taxes on the, necessaries of life, every kind of business will boom again,. 1 —Pharos editorial, March 12, '06.. ,:? _«_^^.————.' .'. f 'Governor Mouat's i"ecepHon wai'lu marked.contrast wltli ttiat given..jjiliidl.- da*e S'hlvely. After «»; Brynn-^iew'allj 1 Watson meeting the expression' wns' general thai Mr. SMvely was n failure.. :Y<wterday rhe romaiTk was heard on cvory «ldic, regardless of -party,. . that candidate Mount was a man of ability; w.ho would fill wlitb lionor-the execofjvfer 'eha'lr. Mr! Mount Is now the owner of the farm Ire began work on as a farm od, whJ-le Mr. SWvely does not evon i the bung-Hole of tflie first keg ot .beer he dram*. 'Mr. Shlvely Is itrfavm of a platform which' will take, a way from Fanner Moumt one hall of the property he has secuired .by -economy, tadustTy and frugaltty,' and give It to. the mllllonoilrc-o'wJierB of stiver mines, Mr. Mount te ; in favor of keeping sound: every dollar Ore poor mum earns or has saved; The tesues are well defined.; between them. ' .• •• - ; WORKINGMEN AND PRICES, | The wage-earner would firet of"allj reel the effect of tbe adoptix)n of tit; free coinage policy. When prices rl«o,| as tlie Rllverltes a«9n*-tl»y will, wliatS is tlie wage-earner to; reap from- thej change? Wherein will-it assist blm?. r How are-tire stlverl:te« to 'arrange - his.wages sJiall bo.doubled? Bryan told how this "general be brougM about? He hag no.t,,.'nor have his fellow tiheorlete and rcpu"ilia-| Montete. UoJess the earner receive* higher wagw than he dbw today, 'howj Is .he to pay higher- prices for what he:- mu»t buy? How would this mjich-'; talked-of •(plenty money': help uiless h* was paid twice the .wages now prevail]-/ Ing?. High price* J* not the boon that the "peoples money" -would- naturally be expected to produce. A Big Crowd Heard Hon. J. A. Mount Speak; HADE TELLING POINTS Against the Demopopuliat Free . Silver- Combination. Told Why the; -Deniocrats Don't Talk Free f rflde this Year. v. l' j ju 1 ::. ,' Major George W. Steele.Also Spoke- Abstract of 'Mount's Speech. , If there is any Democrat in, Cas eouiuly who has hugged to b!<> heart I'll ]'on.d lioptf that Biyaai aaja Sowall and free, si-Ivor, w-JiUiAVuWon--t/ickcd to the tailboard of 'tine Deii)0<:;;!Ttfc wagon a ballast, aw; lo'lwve a--tvaliwve.i' in tho eleolilaiiis iiu Cass coiKi't.y tikis Fall, .th auectiiinss at tlhu I'l.nk yesterday afternoon iiind la«t'ndg.liit.w.yi|.liayc : ,aaisli«l his liopo to earth and, lie'will'look- to the 'eveia'ilg skies and 1 -read -'his answer'In tJie stars: "Mc-Kiiuky -Hud Hobart and tine rest, ot tiio Heimbllcu-n-rtlcke-t, a tri? irmpha.ut majority." „ ^ , It the ex-presrfo-nYof ilk''maiiy-fanrio>s who a-litendixl t,lie meet his yesterday «f- •loimooin U* to be taken as.an 1 'earnest of how rise fawners of Cni*'county feel in it.he matter, t litre-is' -DO better sign of Republican success. There'- 1 wore no v.-i- "cairt sea.ts hi tlie rink: ii'nd•there 1 were 'maiiiy .scoires who stood throughout fhii nicetiling, listening to"''eVery word that was said by the si*'akei> with eager at- teiitton. They''wift-'e'not Sparing hi applause, eitlres 1 , aii<i' : 1it;Htti's-flj>pla-uso that meant that they coiinniondcd" the words limit went! uttered! 11 Fully • two-thirds of tine 'two thousand people pi'esent were farmers' and tlicy, •'represcn.te'd every township and 1 ' erwy' 'district In Ca.« county. . "" " 'Owing to a anlsuiider.'Jtiindiing us -to • the tJtnc' for tlie apraklns'''**) besin;--t.he crow prosfflrt at 1 o'clock waited patient- ,ly uwil 2, o'clock, 4!ne time' of ; beg!utting. Sta'te Senator jin-rb : Collett presided over the meeting 1 'and" a f-te-r a stlirrta? (song by thte gfce ctt'b.'mnde a few re- inwka 'Jntixxlucin-K the Hon. Jajnes A; Jioiiirt, as tlie •"ne'xt-Governor'of Itid; lanai." The speaker was greeted- -"by- 1 liteai't y apiilause h'n'd 1 as he begun, his: speech hie pluniged at once Intoftlie subject niattior of the carajKdgn, the finaii- clal Question. Jlir. MountTsaid, in. part: '"Mr. Chairman, ladies-'.Au'd gentlemen: -I will occupy ttonie ot" your -time- 'Jn, ,' 1 but '--will- enter at' oaioe ui»n a d-lscusslon'oC'tti'c'questloris. •that are .ait Issue 'In'-'HiEs'-cainpaJgih'- 1; slmli nddi-eas yoii"a's"a pl'alin fanner, biie who Js more JPa-mlltor with the plo\V- uiud tie reaper .UMim wiflrflielvts of oratory, 'but 'I thtnVtlirit you 'will 'agiiw' \ydithi-me when I'Biiy'thait tlie' fannier fa Intelligent enough 'iii'-'lino.w fact from fancy,' nnd that 1 &•• Is' rearching after fact: It is a fact' Vha.f Hie prosperity'of Uio "' coiimtJT ; --1)08 ';';' been . decJdodly eliecked; that' : we"- r bnvc" had a 'period of three years of . depression wliJfllr Jias mot only 'wer6c<r~lnrniJ to Jlie farmer but to a.ir.ciiisw.Vd'f.^usInesi* as well. The 'people or<e"-anxlou* ' to knOTv'.Mic sequel.' Tliey'stre anxious to know ''the i-einedy 'and are' : -'eai f nftstly ^tailving to leara'all Hlicrc- Is to" know oanicemitag thc-'-qiiesHoii8 : involved in this campaign.. .-•''T'^liKV'cf • : f6und " the farmers wUl leave "thetf ''Miresh'lJW ma- chilincs to attend'-pollltilcal rowings tills they saild tbe , 'crlme-of- '73V to K'tve-us -the. 'free; coinage, of silver. Let-us seu (jt Vhe'fi-pe and -unlimited coil'mifii:' of silver wslj give u# better i!:ines. 'Let; ns see tl!' history wl-ll gh\- as. a-n.Y"iWsM on 1 tlie'subject: We have sonic wn countrtes In this world which hnve'ad/npU'd i.lic 1'i'ee coiaiasc of silver. If i:!ifc* cou-ntriif lead the world In the '-.comiiiwrdtil'anid (Iniuici-iU Lre.asact!Ais at' t.lie -ivoi'ld; !•!' tlia^e'eomiim-es iire Um iiiost IMXWIK'I'OUS coiintrit's, iihen.- if thisy :>W, w-e'witll coilsldM'-tJie s-nbjBct. Tin: Coufral Animctui ^tailcis hilvcTlve coJ!i- agc of S'.IVOT!-tK-'lirilfe nl' value fe tin: pi?s», coirrespoiitling' •' to our dollar. In wettrh.t. iiniil flnaioiis. - Thu peso is inday wor.:li Just, J.1S bullion- value, which ks ahoiu lu\lf-'-H'S f)HjC.viiliii;. There-Is no gold lu oi«-<:iilW.Wn''NK)re. There'Is ii« conuny .today tlmt luis t'.roa coinage of silver lim wliii-h tlipre.is a:uy g-olcl-in cir' culatiloii 1 ; ^'Te ( ii'(TO-i'P-l.ff*-' ^'is d.nlven out tiie gold, iincLMly^v'i? debased do Its bul- Itai value. ;' Wliftt o.f t.he per capita 'of di-ciilaittarof tEbjIik-e win-age countries? Mexico.jlwHj-buit four dollars of money for «irh.iii ; Jablfan.r; I-ndia has a tittle over tworiWHaiis. I was iaJklng will.li Capt.'AV.ii5lKl-i'd of Indianapolis a few days ago. He Ims t.ra.veled extensively. In Mexico. He says Iha-t. while he was 't&iwjliif jfiiirclmswl some goods and teindeiied" fw'o"Mexleiin silver ilol- tans In payntpiit, mid also offered tlie nrorclRin.ti.onx.' of^onr silver dollars, tell- iog luiiii"lo'*feKe liiis choice. The mrr- (rliaiit took fi)i: Oojtvr uf die United Shitcs -and .Svhon »iiisk«d .why he preferred i/t/siiid III w'i'iS• because tho Uniiteil Sfntcs dollar was Ixickcd by tlie gold, (Applause.) I hold in my hand a fo'ur- (ilkllllng piece of tho coaia.se of England. Iir."!s'-"ta'lcon : irT l Jits-fac(! value the world over, "ami w.h-y? Because R Is backed hy I:!*'gold. * * *iTlw Democrats say to 'ik<-jt.lwit;ilf we will- give t.liem free coi.ui.ige rh<- 'price of silvw bullion will i-ise lo a- parity' with poltl. I do not ilihik they can lind a financier any- wliere--wlio:wUI agree that this is |i«?- ffl>li>." In 1SOO Hiey -s-.iiid t-hat if the 'Sliei'inau- silver iniroluise . act. wen; .jja.sse*l, tlwut silver would rapidly ad •va,iice to a'pn.i*y whh sold ai UIL- ra-ti 1 ;\vhicli they t'liiiaiik is rig-h.t. Wliat. Is tin 'fact? DJ'reotly after .tJie passigu o: ln«at act tlie'prlo: of silver-did-rise, bu 'before ite-la-w • was repealed it fel iaga'iiil .aiul^cUx/pJicd to a lower ilguru ,. : t.lijiu Jt brought bet'o-re the-passage of •tho -la.w. ?'•* *-:The si'lveiutes denounce 'the "cnime or?73,"<-when'. tJicy say a ;large",1iuoutit of'the money ie tire treas- )• .ind ID ihe'-toumit-ry -was destroyed oMtKiuoncy value at the be- iliost of a'viuf of mou-cy In-okeas. Wkat ds tl«? -fih'cit"?- 1 ' Ii-wrote <o Secretary Car- last JUDO and asked him how miiuy 'Mlver doltore -tliere.were I-u elrculatton !ln the country .when the act of 1S73 w;u? passed. : He"aftswei-cd iiie buck, 'not a 'dollar.' There hnd been cotoed from 'tJie time of the foundni.ioin--of th<i government in 1793 to 1S73 somethiup like eil'pht nuiiliilcans of jillver' dollars, and not one dollar ot them was 'to cireulattou al-'thnit time, according to secretaiT CarHsle,- anda-had not l»ee-n for many ye-ars. ' Now, supposing that there wa,» iKMwl»t»i; .wheat:raised or used In t.hls country; vrjiat^would be tlie result If Ccoigra* wei-eio^xisfi n law saying that there should.,be -no vntater wheat con-. Burned to ,Udj) cojuiirtry ? But, tho silver men wil Isay, /'thait is oot. n parallel; such, a law-would liave.uo effect one way 61; the otlier. for there would be no wdn'ter wlneat to'be used rind .therefore a Jaw to proljtblf ,Hs use would be a use : less encumbwince .of the-statuterbooks.' Just so, an'di'so.'itJB with the 'crime of '73* -wLicih Ui<jy .^denounce; there T were no Sillver doliiias.in oirciitiKon to. be der monetized.,, ..; .-,. . '.•.-. 'F.cllow.-citizens amd fellow farmers, tlhey-'come:to-tell-you that tlie stiilklng down-:of'.TJie,sllyeir money.of tlie country was the cause of (M»'depression in buolnew;-when..tlie; ia-w of which they niftk* -eoniplnSnit rdild not strike down n dollar ofi Oils money, because there was none o£,it lij-jetoculaitton to'be stiiick down. ••'.* f.;The Democrats like to extol the ..name. of,.Jefferson, and depart froni'.tl)e,-v)liewfl. ef .Teffeison. In. 1800 cranes to anwju-i«iiun:w m^^so .—, .,-. . year; they real lie: '"tffi)-f;'-gomfithl.ng is, Jcffeisottidiwiied the Secretary of the wrong and tlicy'waV to k'now''.what It; Trea6ury-tp,stop,,tihc cotatigc of the sll : is that they' may ,'.flp$£th«i . _ remedy,. vor dollar, and for thirty years there Tihe Dt i moca-aitlc..t>9i^ty ; ha^ .'gpac before' was not a dollar coined. Jackson is the people this '^eW '.witu « '.new 'Issue'. 1 ' another/ pnitronjs^n/t of the Democracy, Tl«ylmew.tliatiutic};nske(l-aie'.pet)pfe and Uhey-extol.ii? wisdom and claim to support r-hem'on.the.'snmc' platform for themselves the true 'Jacksonton on whfch tiiey woW'the elecrlou 'four; prto<st»les.',-,;rJDuirJwi? 'PWBldent Jack- years ago they TyoAild..f.beJ, overwhelm-, son's adTalnlsljrntton' there were one lately defeated, fp 'tJiey 'have, chosen'.fo'- ti'iousniKl sliver dollnw coined. TiiJer appear before you lap the ctomnlons of ' ad- Irec silver. Four.'y^nrsi.a^o.the ''" 'tihe wise, prosperous ad, 'miinfatraiHoii..pf : .BffiJa'nilJi- Harrison one rec sver. ... .. : . craitic party TO{«d',.down':a," plank tiiot; hundred and thirty-five millions of sil- " '- uulimJited ver doUa'TS-wre^!.' Yet these men dedared for .the" 'free- ud uulimJited ver oa'TS-w^re... cdlina^orslh-er;'1rtiri ; al3a"oT'5ilx-teen to : ! presume In come to us wlio toil on the one','-' and ndopted,,a: plank declarinj;j farm and tell us..l* was the Republican tbtot'they were in" f.ayor'of keeping" -the; party .wh!toh.,rtruck down silver; they TJHver dollar at £i$i$y, with all otbeh tave. «ie';clieek ;tc>,tell you in, the fa« dollars In cireutatlira.;. ." Four,:years ago! O f the facts, -,t5j)it -the Democratic parly, ' ' '" men nt , fa, tlie -friend -. of, ^lyer.,;. When men '' 1 . , ,. up arid? temjvt':fo...dec(!lye.' i tho- 1 fai-raer-tliey ought; he -iroti-1 to :remem : ber . flufttfihc^anner .is smart.- down die country.''d<>npuiiciiig the -- : . . ber .fartnV • 'wjiy; 'hav^"they '.ribafldonedl : .emouffh' to- gp 1 . back- and-- take the statis-; thnt issue. aiiid;.Dia>^^b--in«n«oii of .the| .tk» and 'Isprove^he.aissertlon that farinj Tgubject? • . Why..;jHi;Tsiy.they x»me with..n;: products go -fljft^sftdowii, wUb, the price; new argument?; '-T.bey ."are^toe enoug^!! .of.sllyer. .-S w argument f- -i.ney urv.^naK KUVU^^^ -.ui.«iijv,t?i. .7CTuu|jiwii^i«^»».;^*-"-;—• .T j „ know thtttitte!_lM»lDJfi«aJhey madai r eet a.verage price of farm product* was! four y,ears.-B«O!httY^ not.been fnJflUedj| 'abiaiatAfh^iOx .y#ar .1881, to all the; " " know that they-.h»ve beeadeoei^edl ' i acid,.-they recogniaei . tlie fact that ta8teo?l.,of-the prosperity, they promised u».we bttveJMd bunine* depression and Jjiualfleee .failure* and; dull tlinsB. .*-* .*..l.admlt .that the,word] 'free! has:a.good"coiiiid,Ht-bas a.wl_pDJi>«: eouad. 'Free 1 ' trade won for the'Demo-, orate/f our yeare ago and n^w they want .,: x ' ; time fwni. the fouo.datto of the Boyern-,i ' ' ment'to 'wme..« * * They; . . gald'to us four yeawi ago, !you fajmers; ai^ c^ off from jbejmnrketg of the; world by"thJs;.giaiDeie~.wall of MeKta- >leyl8m; you .are- pVouiid doWn by- 6p- ; : pwes4.ve :; tai8it4an: '.jyote.ior Cleveland and a Democratic Congress and get; $1.25 a bushel for your wheat.' I met Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE a. farmer at BInfl'toa last Fall who )i:n carried a banner In n Deirwcriitk- .prc ct...-vlon iii the wimpaisii oi.-fom: yen.! 1 ago. ou which win* Inscribed: 'Vole I'o Cleveland and get $1.25 for you whwii!.' lie liiinh'd a Mad of wheat '. Bluffljon lust F.nll-and soli: at. for foriy eight ccaMs por hiislwl, and lie r-arrioi Use si me iKiauior »:o town with him WHu«n. tihoy asked him. 'wliat aboil youir banner? 1 He said, 'Oh. twe five por omit, of that was I'als.'.' (Laugh t«r'mid applause.) Whtvl is the re.su: of Mw.sc nironiises (hat Iwivc boen made In 1S92 R. G. Dun's <:o.m men-it 1 ngfliicy, strictly Jipol p,i,rt:is;i,ii. roportc the affaire o£ tlie country J.n a remark iibly prosperous state. II wan the mas prosperous year Jn. the Iriestory of tin Nation. We are proud of (.his for thi fact that it was made under tho 'Clit lies* wall of protociJon,' which ha: 'nucdc Ihe IMMHC Of William MeKlmlej famous. (Cheers.) And we arc prom' of it because it was made under Hie ad milnJist.nilton of that galhuil soai of In (liana, Bttijamiiii IIur'*o,ii, (Cheers ant CAII-I-; mied applause.) The year .1ns closed Li a, wonderful contract. Th< same eoniim>rcl:il reports show that i.. was Uiu most dlRKsrrons year for al classes of bushKWS hi the liisvory of th( country. But lihree short: yeois h:iv< elapsed and we are plunged from th< hnighft. of prosperity to the depths ol coiwmciviMl and .Induslrinl disaster. "What we want to Jc.snrc a renewed pro.siK.TJtj- is .llrst of all confidence, •mist, credit. Ono of the reasons why there -b such a great depression is tha 111011 with mpi'tal a.i-e a.Craid to hives I'hoar money imciil (hoy are certain of Hit liu.-mt-itil jralicy of HUB government. \ve luive free coinage of silver and rims oreaito an unstable, fluctuating cur 'roncy vnlue. or will we have a system iwhleli declares one dollar of t!ic jrov eminent to lie as gcxxl as every other .dollar, and hack of It a Nation's credit <to make It so? At the time of the re sumption of specie payments there .wore many statesmen Who said tlte government was not able to stand Ir There was not enough coin to redeem tlie 1 paper money ,ln edrculation and yet .specie payments wore resumed and .there was no run on the Treasury. Wlvr was this? Because tlie people had eon. .fldence In the sr-.ibJMty of the govern- mciu-t aud.i'tis abUiiity to redeem its .promises. So, IMW, we want, to return '.to powera party which will restore thi.- ioontldenee. a paiity witch, will make every dollar as good as every oUier dollar lin flic world and keep i.t (litre. (Applause.) What we want is not f ree coinage of silver, hut a policy thai will start tlie wheels of Hudustry to winning; that will set the spindles to.'our idle mills Co sl'ngtos and give our men employment and our farmers a market for tliolr products; a policy th-it will reduce the public debt instead of Increasing It by two hundred nml sixrj'rlve inUlions of dollars as has been done under three years ofi Democi-atilc i-ule. Make your verdict carefully and when you'go to the poll* tills Fall and cast your ballot, T believe it will l)c for. WUlfa.ni. McKlnJey." (Prolonged cheers.) At the conclusion, of Mr." Mount's ad- dux-ss, Chairman Collett jntrod-ncod Major Geo.W. Stieele who spoke briefly a4id r?viowed,t!h'e -Issues which arc to be settled lit the cnropaiiKn. He saW tihat'he TOS a member of the Ways and Means coumi'lttec of Hie last CODRI-CSS amd gave the .insUle iistwry 'of the tariff measure wlilfh the eommJtttee niroposed as a mensuire of. relief to fhe. Treasury, to raise tlie necessary fifty millions of revenue yearly, and thus avoid issuiiis bonds. The bill was killed in the Senate by tlie vo.tee of the DeauocniitJc mem- tiers', alde<l by, the Populists and a. few free silver Bejn*W*caaw who have sloci? gone over to tl«e. Damopopulist,?. Tbe heat was to*ewse.in-t4ie rink, hut. tiio crowd bi-avely. wMistood t.he dls- coni'tort arid' heard the speakers to the end with absorbed attcntai. The McKinley glee club under- tie leadership of Prof. Giffe rondercd a number, of diolice-sonRs, and the. druni 1 corps and Military band assisted in stlrrin« up the "feyer" befoi-e the meeting begun. BIRD rnOTECTION- The United States department of agriculture has issued a clrenlar recently strongly advocating:the observance in the United, States of :one day. in the year as>BIrd Day..", It:lr< proposed. ; by this celebration: "to diffuse inowledge concerning «ur native blrds:,and Jo arouse a,.more gemiine.Interest In..bird protection." Attention is eaJled to the alarm-. Jug decrease In native birds,, due to many causes, :and that. the. laws 9! the various Statw designed, .to regulate these abuse* become dead letters, by lack of flic .support of public sentiment, and the_ chief purpose of the day will be to;in«plre and educate that particular sentiment, . Subscribe for Tie Journal, 40 cents 'a month 1 . THE GOOD TEMPLARS. District Organization of Temperance Workers in Session. Tlw Independent Order.ot Good Tem- plars of vhe rifth-distiict. wnvenvd yes- tenlay nionujig lu McCaffrey's haH for a Uvo-dayiS' i?e.«sion. Ca.^s. Ctirroll, White, Clinton an<l Mi-ajiii counties were represented by a tota.l of,. s!x-ty ddesaies. TJie moniins session was devoted to tlie apiwiuunent ftf press and credeuHnl com-mi-rtx«.s. (IxJnK Uic time of opening and ciosinp Uie meeting; de- leniiiniu;; wlio ishall be eaitiijed to de- Sre.-vi, and to social iiitercoui-se. The afternoon 1 session opened by ))raise servkT-s, 1(^1 by I. S. Wade, after which iJie rop<5j-t of i.he coaranittce on credentials was heard. Foliowui£ Uiis wa« an address, "How to Stop ihc I.e;ik," by I. S. Wade. Mr. .T. B. Stanley anJ ^/l•.^. Souders of Burrows took an act.ivo part In tin. 1 meetiJiK. In the eveiiin? at '5:30 o'clock Uie delegates were taken for a i-ldo over tlie city and tJience lo the park wliere a. supper was served at G:"0 o'clock. At 7:30 o'clock an open air ui«e;.ing wa* held. Afler T (song lie Rev. Mr. Wiley of Burlington offered a-n invo< i :it;on. Mayor McKve then made a short'address, welconuiUR the dels- S, - M<* to the city. He si-id that he wns glad to welcome delegates wJio wcna engaged in such uoblo work. TM.s address w:ii? responded to by Mr. Bruce of Carroll county. A song was then rendered by a quartette, followed by as address. "Strong Drink Is Raging," by .T. C. Shnnfclin. Eva Brown then gave a recitation, "Asleep at tlie- Swjtcn, r> w-liieJi was followed by "Strong Characteristics of Good Templary,'V-' e %j)aper read by T. S. Wade. This was'followed by music, after whdc'h tlie Itoj-. F." C.' Coolbaugh made an address*} 1 * 1 "'ftas Ui« Mission of Good Tetuptary Ended?'' TJids prect'dod a recitation, by Edna WaKliburn., after wlitoli the Rev. F. C. Coollmugh offered benediction ajid tlie nieeUng ended. Tie colored quartette whid) will Iwld cainpmeeting. at the park for the next ten days was present ajid . rendered a selection which wa* greatly, en joyed. STARTUXG UUMOK. A s]H>ciarfrom Terre Haute' to the Chicago Record says: It- is.Teamed that Governor^ Matthews 'has said that -;'li«t will eatwe Ills jHjlice comailRsloners in tills cltyjto enforce the la-w against tlifr Illegal sa&'of Hqubr and against tie gambllnjujjSwnes at the-fate grounds during i*it|/a'll meeting!,;^' the Terre Haute Trofi^hg aaswdlaUon.. It is also- reported Hlojx the Governor Intends to demand til* immediate resignations of the commissioners if they do not enforce thtVtow.. . .';.;, The au.theu'tlciity of tliis report is denied by the- ^rotting association, ,-wlio. claim it originated with business rivals, • In order to injure their fall meeting. The-loeal"coniimi«8ioners ; .had heard.of no such contemplated action,-until they read the above special.;......-. . HARMONY NEEDED. An eXfhonee.renaatkB that a town, has no more right to depend wholly for suc- ce«s on its natural advantages than a mao has to depend upon his wife's relations to get. to heaven. It Is the harmony of tlie whole people on the progressive plan, that lifts a town out of rli« rnjs and puts it an a solid road to unalloyed success. And that exchange :is cor«!Ct. No town on 1 earUi ciin prosper with citizens pulling different ways. A Ions pull, a strong pull and a pull altogether is what counts. Olive Kleckner, tie fourteen-year-old daughter of Patrolman Kleckner, accidentally swallowed a irtiu, last cvcninc about 9 o'clock" while vteWnp a.t the home of D. M. Surface. Dr. Downey extracted Hie pin from the young lady's throat where it had lodged, and She is none the' worse for Hie accWent- Miss Minnie Starr eulcrtaioed about forty of her younp friends at her borne on 'the Westsidc last evonln^at ; a lawn wirty. Tbe lawn was liglitwl by num- icrs of .Tapanese lanterns and a locojno- tive ;li«><ffigBt.r .'-. Ktf-reslipiente were g .wa« . , on joyed by .Hie yoiing ,pe«^>le. ; • , ; ; , ,,... - .. caud-idflte fo^Govjarnor,; ..lea>;» ; this , morninc for 'Bflgiestiwn. HamQton ouniyr where lifc^iAsiJeak oday at a>i Old The laitts* rcpprj from CWck Myers, wlio lia«\l»eW!Mvltie/:i.'WP!"i.; B!ll<; « be uid a leg anipufoted -after ; being run '' - netJ>; .is'tiiat hie-to I Subscribe tor. The Journal, '"40 cent* '» month.'

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