Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 1, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1916
Page 8
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PAOE EIGHT. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE FRIDAY. DECEMBER t, 1916, -sea I Academy of Music Friday and Saturday, Dee. 1st and 2nd 4 Performaees 2.15 and 8.1S D. W. GRIFFITH'S EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD Most— Realistic and _ Stupendous View of Stirring Events in the Develop- K ment of Our Country Holies 8 Montns to Produce COST $500,000 OPtN§ A.tlftK STORE. W. T f'PTJtlBJs Who ftnrffif'rTy. ran fl >V>urrh «m-'»>!, hut fr« Mr. nnd Mrs t.»>«ik« nn<J i«;ti~i1 witri VERY MODEST TODAY wh<-' Inter sold ftirt and (iff- -•!,.<",-. sn pnrt of tb> -on \V*"»t Fourth <'tr"H, tmvrl- up<-t -•• HIGH SCHOOL TUITION, the- hiRh jn-hoftl u»i!i»t fer rrir-'f! in f?rnwn'«; thi - 4th Enroll «ny dm.* DUCKS THICK IN SOUTH. rt Thur.- The- Free Space Grabbers Only ' Ask a Donation Of $248.W I To Start'The Dav. JACOB CANTLIN LAWYER 5" farm loans. Prepayment privilege BELL 439 ROCK FALLS, ILL. the Nil!-- r»fum'M from n business trip down j home £ the Illinois river nnd r* i -i«Tt«i n»-v- • MI«. river as ht «»«• on bis uip tbf'« He *ay.« IE is no trick a! all to ba« ul one want.*. BOOKKEEPERS WANTED, n a gTfat anrt vr<' man-1 for hi«;h gratlo hotikkfi rVil! In ihf (;1assf>«< at Br.n'.n'M follpRf* iwv. oh nn<l !K" iif in pxcrHrn! |n->riU'iti.* Kn- for TAKEN FROM THOMAS DIXON'S, "THE CLANSMAN" Prices Matinees, 25c, 50c, 75c—Prices Nights, 25c, 50c, 75c. $1.00. Symphony; Qrchestra^of; 20 No_one^seated after 2:15 or 8:15 Seat sale now Tor alFshows HI" tti'e^ Sterling 1 Phannacyr Mail orders with enclowd check a'ddresscd to Q. 8. OlmiUad will receive prompt attention, Every child will be admitted on a, paid ticket. DAILY WtATHgft REPORT. The rhlrawi tvcat V Bureau forrctt si for trwiny is n« follow.*: Pair 8»ttinla.v and Sunday; slightly <-,,!. in the north tonight. ,. STENOGRAPHERS _The ilcmanrt fpr utrnoRraphrrs hnn never b«'fn aft grcnt an ii Is {udn.v. Kn- r-i|| in tho classw »tatlin.K at lirown 1 ? HiiKin^a C"||<-KP Uc'c. 4(h anil i»rf>i»arA for one of. theap ignitions. • TODAY IN H.UNOI8 HISTORY. --St a J tr- < ^ pftnt was moved frotn KaKkn«ki;r to Oulia. \'nji- 77 .' frtd in ()n s cilv with is ' f !hf> h"c< n) .^ i!ij rr "' li ' ' | i-i,.)i>,c K" The- fir."*! mnil --ti'i-.v M-<pi<-,fits The rru-ri n h' .it«"! to prim! nt the ri'-w-'j).")pert ( if the finm * •! free riil vi-rt i^inj; fi '> th' n mount i.f «-xti.-rm,. iv or:]v h'.- fll-S! H.K,VanEpp*,M.D. Rooms 10 and 11, over Jennings' Jewelry Store will —:— -. —Hemer of-FMtair*s xX" GRAND'- TODAY MARGUERITE CLARK irf "Silks and Satins Also Bray Cartoons SATURDAY Clifford Bruce and Dorothy Green in "The Devil at His Elbow" pure for their Heaaon'si work and thl» will be of^ntiterlal benefit to the Hty. RUN-OVER BICYCJLE. The five-year-old daughter of Mrs, AlhertuN, the piano player at the Grand i theater, wan run over i>y a man rid- i IKK n bicycle.' Thursday afteftfoon on ! Second avenui;. Mrs. Albertus mode j complaint to the police department a i little later. She naid her little girl wn« ion the walk when the man came rid- flnsr by and the Httle girl nome how j wot In the way ofLtlta wt>cei and wa« run over. Whll» H*e wa* rjot *erloui«ly THE TUITION QUESTION. l«» wttled by enrolling In th «tArting De« 4th at IJrown' H«Hine««< College, RlerliUK.* r~~ LITTLE LOCALS Woodruff'^ Studio for Xmas photos.* I>r. Fossler went to Chlcngo Thursday on business. .... aim Mee spent Tuesday <>venlng It Dlxon with friends. MlM! Kdna Whltner, of Walnut, speni the day In thin city. t.' r' B» ' ROCK FALLS-TONIGHT Qr«fe Cunsrd and Fr»nci» in the pret«t eerial, <4 PBG 0' THE 1 Al»o a good comedy. "A SHADOWED SHADOW" DANCING SCHOOL IN WYSTKriWgWSER-WACL Every Monday tven)ng From 8 to.10 P. M, For private 'H. H, KELLEY, Bell phone 430R TONIGHT— | NEW VAUDEVILLE ; Sec Sullivwi's buckiiiff hour, Itix- 1 largest bear, iirtlu'f world. i Wntclh, (Iir* boys -try io . rido Ibiiii. Also '2 otlior iino aotH. i ..... .......... • }••" A1i<T- '.flon't Injured yet Hhe wan brul«ed where the frame of the wheel struck her; She could not ell who the rider wa_«. The iwlfcc department warns all" peopl.e from riding on the (iW^ walkn of. th<» city for they arc gotnff to enforce the ordinance* preventing H. SIXTH AVENUE COMPLETED. Th'e paving oontractorx • completed the luyinw of brick on Sixth avenue Thursday about 4 o'clock and the pitch force wan close on their heel* and by niKht all of thu binding -wan done and tins avenue WIIK opened for travel this mornliiif, Tho • men . have been on the Bay Useful Holiday Gifts ; FOR MEN AND BOYS Men's Handkerch'fs with silk initials, 5c ^Metfs Suspenders, 25c tl) 50c Belts, all $izes, 25c to 50c ; Neckwear, f all shapes, 25c t 50c 4*loves and Mittens/ 25c to $3.00 Hats and Caps, 50c ,„ $3.00 Men's Suits, $7.50 tl , $25 . Men's Overcoats,. l ^ $5 to $35 , Obermiilers Its " The Yellow HhowB ~7' and 117 Tomorrow, big mntincc at i" p. m. Job today -up the refuse. It wttH feared cold weather might »«t In and :«tpp th« work, but the weather haa been warm enough to admit work- Ing- n curly every day of late.. Work on the rout of .the paving system will he rt-Hurned early next HpHng. with friend* In Dixon, Frt'e demonstration Golden Knn cof- * «t Stoddnrd Bros, tomorrow.* Feme Buzzard spi»nt Thanks- tin^' in Dlxon. T. A. Conboy wont to Hound Urove Thursday on buMinoss. Woodruff's. Studio for Xmas photos.* Dr. and Mrs. H. D. Itospnberg spent Thanksgiving In- Hochelle. Mr*.-Harry Rosenw, of Tnmplco. spent Tuesday hero with 'friend*. Bfirt JJell In spending a few days nt the home of Frank Phelps, Mrs. B, V. Bart, of Tampico, was Monday, Fox. '"Sporting lilooil," Tuesday, "Where Are My Children'."' "BELL'S" DANCING SOHOOIi IN WOODMAN HALU Every Monday and Saturday evening- from 7;30 to 9:00. Big social dance from 9:00 to 1? both nighte. Private lestone Bell 276-R1 f NEWSINBRIEP J >-_•...,.,' y .......... u .,...-.• '• .- -..- ....... '. . . : NEQRO Word -Was received lute |{i«t ' night ' HARMON RESIDENT DIES, Thoma* Prow, age'd 89 ye«r» and for more than half century a resident of Harmon, died at 5:45 p. m. last night at hiM homo in Harmon, following an Illnen of two months' duration. He 1» survived by many relatives living In Lee county and oldor residents over the county-'who were acquainted with him during hi* Hf« time, will be grlov- fd to learn of his death. Funeral in to he held At Harmon Baturday morn» IMS'. "V • '. --•-.<-• ; "--•- '••' CARRIER BOYWURT. •• Jnmi>« Heal, carrier for The Oasette, was painfully Injured while* delivering hln pa PITH Wednesday evening. 1" the 'ho ilid not notice; & wlro lino In hln path nnd he ran into It, the wlro catching in his mouth. Hln HPH und t he, foment of hi« mouth were cut quite, budly, nooeiwatlnjc the service* of a physician, Altnough very painful the wounds are not wertous and In- in able to bo on hU route again tonight. - ' . "• '..'—-• «,. • i •.•'• Daniel Larlsh, of Morrison. was n Sterling visitor Wednesday. Dr. H. L. PPttlt of Morrison, was here Wednesday on business, Mr«- Elmer Mathls, of Prophetatown. spent Tuesday here onbusiness. O. F. Doyenney, of Prophetstown, •pent Tu«»day here on business. (Jet th* habit, Buy your shoes nt The Boorery.» > ""',Feme Currteiv-'-of Dlxon. spent the week end her* with Marie KFerve, Kd, Barry Mpenl Thanksgiving day at the Peter Hermeu home west of town. Miss Martha Lnutn haii^retilgned her at the .-Fargo confectionary" inc the w Harriet Chur*-h. •Mrs. Dave Hutb. of Inv tt«'*f, Mont., rirrtved yrjtfer'dsy for Kcvral weeks* vi«it with relatives riful fri<'jt"!*< We u?e V'ttn H«teii 'a hitch jfrndd i•<<•• < «>;i for our i-'ii>cii|iitf. with r'.tl <-r«-am. Illinois '"airily Kif'-hen y Miss ,l(>«ephin« Harden wt-nt to chl- i-nfio todny for a vi^H o\-or Sunday with frirnds. Mitw NXtlo Mowry, of Hochelle, is spending the we«-k end In this city, the Kiif-st of Ml»s Myrtlr- ,lni|Vift. Mips Helen Ward, of <'hampalgn, is" lending the week, end'at her liomf i'nVhls cify. •\>«t Nov. 'J'.t. i-nmer<> brooch bolojiB- :HK (V^irs, F. It Hell \"a« lout either in WoodiHnn ball-or K"lnfi from Woodman hall to KlkB' lodgi-, by way of 4th street, or In Kikn' building. l»i!»>rril r«>wafd to f!nil«>r.* A. N. I<endmnn. of ('hampaign, if hfre f. ot-AU. uvnr.-8ujNlay-ViHiL-.wlth rciu.ltvca. Mr. and Mrs. (*, J. t^ndman and 'anilly spent Thanksgiving with relatives in Freeport. Mr, and Mrs. Arch Kawles, of l)ix- on spent yeslTilny In this city with friends. WP have (he largfst stock of chmo- Intt's In thr city, Appolo nnd Ijnwney brands. Illinois Candy Kitchen,'* —" William t'arp<'ntr>r, Ward lU-nn and and l;Mward Herberi. of Hochelle. spent yesterday In this city. John Heal, of Chicago, spent Thanksgiving wilh his parents In this city. Mr. and Mrs. Mart lU.rst. of DeKalb, arc spending the w«>ek end In this city. Miss Alnbel Manges is home from a visit In DeKalb. H«rt Davis, of Freeport, spent yc«- tor71ay"wIUrffrerrdH In llils X'lty. Miss Lillian Peck, of ..Chicago, spout the day yesterday with her parents In this city. Kd. Devin«*. William Ciirran. Walter Smith. Hugh Duffy, William c.nhlll. Frank fJorhnm. Orvllle Ugler. ('lan-tice Turner ind-Itoy Arnold w«.«re among the Dlx- »n people at the High achool dance last evening. High grade candles of all kinds, Illl- Cnndy Kitchen.* Miss Marguerite Orandon came-out rom Chicago Wednesday evening for i—v4»»H--i*v«r - th« wiiuk- wid~.with._her >arents, Mr, and Mrs. D. W. Grandnn. Ml»« I.ula Turner anfl mother are moving above the Western Union office, lisa Turner Is employed as telegraph perntor at the Wi-HU-rn Union office. The only rea«f>n for this m-'d •lueM protintdy wn«; ton mus-h •uid Thr\nks»;tviti)K. How-<-ver. : of only llT.O.iKi n rlav' th. nuk« N. €k VAN SANT » Attorney at Law State Bank Building donation, from Th«» f i.-t^t t«> for tb" month of r)f-<'*'rnhc'r of $6,250.00 In one y«'n.r if thi-ir r»-'i«o«ts wcn» f«rant«'d tin- ilon:Uiorta ••xpi-rfnl from Thi> *;.-i7.«'tte silonc not counting the thousands of oth'-r paper* ' rfcclvltiK; these reiiufsts—wmild amount to thf-l flii'm of i $74,900.00 ! Thai is nearly double the total busi- ; ( >f!!< Thr (Uixetto expe'-tfl to do for th<-' yr-nr inifi. And in this estirniitp not one MltiKl'- rr-queHl for free adVPrtlsitiK fiotn local and county pooptn is figured. They ftnk for additional thousands of dollars worth of-free «PHCI> evi;ry year. Tho man who writes th»« advertising .maUcr-U.p»M-'A-hlR)t-wilary. Th«- jtih printer who prints the advertising mutter If paid n good price. 1'ncle Kam Is paid for the postage to deliver the matter at The Ouzette office. The railroads nr«» piild for hauling It. The cnr- MARTHA FRY, / Tha Sterling Chirepodltt. f MRS. EMMA GRAY/ First Class Chiropodist witft •MlM Fry, 110 W. 4th St. Bell Phont 837-R rier who delivers u service*. - It Into thr lic. paid for his C.C.& J.W.Johnson ATTORNEYS AT LAW Practice in ail courig LOAN8 all lost unlex* It itiid T>efi>re "Oie pnTi Tfour friends ean buy anything you can give thorn *ifiN>pf yniir from that William MHler, In Dlxon for |I«MH checks had been arrtmted In COMMlTTiO SUICIDE, *s?>«5 yy^^ f s^\'^s^xssss?^i o- .* i. Ihi. chief or |.,,ll,-o In i«,,l,.llu |ir( , 8perol| , ,ri,i wmKh, fnrm«r. c,( Mu j Carr<ill township, who', resides three miles went of town on what in known RH JacubMtowii, committed «uicide by ahootlng himself under the chin, with a phot gun, literally blowing away ono Side j»f lilH ..facy» the ahot entering hlj_ ^ralri. filling him initantly. Ill healuT wan given as the i'«u«».. . • triUia and |V woul<l be held to await aji office^ One week '{igo,->^i|l«r, who hud been working a« u laborer at the col- flit,y,obtttl»i«| flO^o f Annie Stoke*. <•*>!• ort'd, 613 Mudiwon nvomio, by mean" of a bad check. Kit?ii«d by himself anil drawiv on the* City' National -Rank. It is ulmi «,U<*tj«;i| that' lie 'iiaHHeil several other. vhorka on ptirtleH, AfK'r ohtain- IIIK tlie money. Miller w« - »t to Iht PlemioK jjrocfry since in Demerit to wr atid ulipmpU'd lei work the Hainc gtioic thero it i« • rlaimed. However the proprietor tvitK HUMplcjoiw and refused to handle the check. Hhortly nftor, iirc.'ordlnK to nn^roe.s, who uro acquaint* wl ' wi'tlrhlm. Millor look u mmth bound lliiiH»i« CIRCUS j WINTER IN NoKoltatioiiH have lieen clii«t>d in the pant two days' by which the WILL ADDRESS THE FORUM. ArrunKomentH h^ve - been m,ad«t, by thoBO }u chttrK« of the Forum at the Calvary Hapti«t oiiureh, gJunday "evening- for a talk by Major Theodora .•"teiims. Mr. SlBarna will have forhia 'iubjpct ''Mental Moo»eheart I'lcturea." I'lie major IK an IntertutUni; jnU ho will tell many UitemtUiiB •ihouf Ihln interoiiUng place jTop (."rusius Studio for ChrlntiruiM photos.* W. L. Kugler, of Dubuque, la., upend ThankHgiving .with hln folks In Harmon, Mr. and Mr*. .Chan, Fr««er spent Thanksgiving in Lincoln. HI., with relative*. . . 10% discount on the n«w coats tomorrow. An*-you wllling'to take ad- vtuitiigo of it at IJeckma.n'B?* J Mr«. R. E. Hoke and Mr«. Hheller. of Lyndon, were here Wednewday on buainws. , v Rollin Woodn anif Kenneth Stone spent Wednesday evening in Dixon with friends, MiHM Minnie Johnaon went to Chi- ewgo Wednesday whero she spent i Thanksgiving. Mr*. A. Hastier' returned home from Princeton whore Hhe attended a funeral of a friend. ' St. JoruYa annual chicken pie dinner and haxaar. Mystic Worker hall^ December 9th,* Mm. Aaron .Moreho'uHe went to Chicago Wedneeday - where «he *pent Thanksgiving day. - ',. -MlHN-(Httdy»Me-AndiWti submitted to an operation Tue»ri«^Xevc>'niiiig at the Sterling JORDAN BRIEFS Mm, Lloyd Bner and »on, Lowell, loft tfaturdfiy for Chicago for a week's visit with relatlveM. Mr.-and Mm', o. K. Mennch nnd dautthter. Janet, were dinner gueals at E. Ii.' Tlllman's Sunday. I. H. Kline and family were gueatH at C. H. Kline's on Hunday. ' Afr». Charles Hun«ell and mother, Mru. Kamwood, of Pixon, spent Tue«- These free spm-e grabbers exprct to pay everybody cine—the minor men who supply the ftdvrrtislng—biit when they get to -the newspaper the only people who can give them any real service—they nsk that the newspaper carry their advertising free. And the fool newspaper men 'In the .past have h*»en giving away thousands of dollars worth of their substance, Some of them nre still doing if or Die •pace grabbers would nnd it unprofitable to send out the stuff. No body else does Ife-and Htere i« no reason (he newspapers ehould continue the practice. FENTON NEWS FENTON SCHOOL REPORT Many Pupil* Stood Ov»r Ninety in the Bi-Monthly Examination!. "Heport and i school f6 ber 11: FARM LOANS AT 5, 7 or 10 ye«rg, up to $100 par acre if i»curity warrant* MORTpAOES FOR SALE JOHN M. STA0ER Law office Stager ot Stager H. T. FERCrtJSON INVESTMENT BONDS Net 4 to I per cent _^ LOANS ' INSURANCE 310 Lawrence Bldg. Sterllne, III. PhilipJf. Ward ATTORNEY AT LAW 411-414 Lawrence Bldg. sixth; ^ of the Kenton' he montb ending N'ovem- Number of pupllH enrolled durinsr the month 25, number of H. number of boya 11. number of dayn' ttiUKht 21, Rra'nd total number of days' attendance 469/ avoraRe dully atlt-nd- TITTCO 'Z3~I^3r~Tm)Ie~neTfTu7r abfient oF tardy were Dwiffht Elliott. Arthur Cooper, Hnrry Klliott, Arth'ur Forth. Lawrence -and Lnrln Frank, Agnes OR; Fr W. BRODRICK Practice. TJmlted to EYE, £AR, N08r~&r«l^T BRAIN SUWQCRY^ 9 to 12 a, m.; ! to 4:30 p. m Fifth Floor Lawmnce Hldg. Phonee Sterling, III. Ouy FENTON BRIEFS. ICwei-n wan a pansenger to Chl- cago Thursday- night with a cnrlond day with Mm, C. Parks aijd -Mrs. Mary Ayre». Henry Hey /"• • ,-. J. Heard. Keorge I •Cull at Stoddacjr Bro«. .tomorrow. Free demonstratkw Golden H««i coffee,-* Mrs. (Jlen. iprrlck and children left for Chicago Wedneadny where tht-y will m»kf their home. Elsworth LungHford arrived here Tuesday from Gl««coe, Mont., 'where will M>SSfl ife JWJnter, You will nnd « aiyle for y«.ur every in at Th» Bootery.*. " §ROKe,BOULEVARp LAMP. • Fred Hi'iiderwou, of Itock truck, couu" to I he- due to arrive MOIUO time about, the are to and winter, (he aK fort; pun of next will in* ulfout With the men who bra will care for thu aniiyijlH and equipment, 'durinn the winter. '('he cin.uf which-IM a 'j^-cur oulli(."will lu> quur* in the--obi fet«il lot oil Kiver St With tiu* coming of spring the i't»Knlu h will com??"to Dixiin, to -;>i'e-. MONEY TO LOAN On F#rm Uar»d». J Jhava arraouetnents - for unlimited amounts of Monev for F«rm Lo,*ni- toweit rate» of iht,«r- «*t, prepay ment' privilpgen, *nd f• • • ' cpnfid«nti»l action. W« A, BLODGETT, Morrison, HI, .-,-- - = • inw one of tin boiiTe'Varrt lap poKTi?"in Th>nt of Hie feHoddurd' grocery a few day* ago mid the ci^nciiHMlon jurred tin- at> t« i> • 4K) hard .that the big and—H»«*r4»t»p—Uuoif wora • I>a<l4y ken, They have been 'replaced with Uiew oui'tt. ' CLOSED. closed their doom W<H!n*4»du& ^itjfht' end the vacu- tion will l»»t tmtil| n<?xt Monday, ,Mo*{, of thv Itwchpr* living out of town took . Mlw* Kmma BoBBob und Mrs. A. Bossoh went to CUntoii Wednesday wh«re they will spent f hBnk»glvinff, County and Mr«. {'. A, P«Vi«, of MorriBori, were suejius of Sterling rotative*, Thunksiriving. , Mr. and Mru. Fr*d IU*hr, of I'rairie- vlll«. entfrtutned at « Thankaglvlng dinner. Mr. ijnd Mra, Mvl I^ahr and Mr. and Mr«. Oharjeti ycA«er and fum- Brown and E.. M, Dptweller attended the I. B. Countryman p "mi!i**«ear Dlxon and each purchased Homo thorpughbred Holsteln cows. / The Otterbeln Oulld held their annual ThankHglving service at the Amos Hoak home Thursday evening. Th« Boy HcoutH.took a hike last.iiat- urday and spent the day along Buffalo creek near the Wilson. Mill. They prepared their lunch and had 4 a fine time, / ^ Hev. Aumnn and Houih and Miss Eva Millhou.i wert» dinner gtu«titH at the Al- vtri Steew home Hund«y. The revival meelingii at Penroao closed Sunday night, Hev. Houth. who been'present the lant few weeks returned to his home in J^eaf Ulver Monday, . • Mra, (labey. of Tennewsee, is visiting her son, Henry and wifo for a\ few monthH. •-••.• Miss Lillian Bowser returned home Friday. Hh« has been with her sinter, HcnttrthR~pnat three weekn. Mrs, F. L. -I3lchhorn. who lm« been HtiviuHy the, past few w(>eks with Kciiitlc rtuiiimatiNm'is improving. ,She is now able to move about. Mian Jones, who has a^wimed at the Klchhorn homo will leave for home on Tueaday. i Mrs. Ellen Anderwui, of Sterling, well known In thin vicinity ia in p lot. much Pyse. Mary Forth, Daisy Cooper. Idu BU'phensen, Alma Cooper, Hazel 1311 tot t. Kv«u Crocker, Florence Js'eary, Piaster Forth, and Kthet Cooper. Number of visitors IS. 'The following are the pupils who made grades of 30 or over in the bimonthly examination held Nov. 16: Eighth grade— Agri«s Pope: Heading 90, spelling 9». writing 94. Arthur Cooper: reading 94. Ida Stenhunsen: Physiology 01, reading "95. spelling 96, of hogs. , Mrs. John Munm spent Thursday the home. of Mr. and' Mr*; J. A. Kw Mrs. Husteii Pope was a ca Thursday afternoon at the home Mr. and. Mrs. 'Murk Klliott. . Mrs Cnv Kwers am! son I^iwre were passengers to I'rop.hrtHtown Iday mnrnlng und spent the day at home of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Foaaett Mr, and Mrs. John Stewart »]! Hunday with their daughter. Mr. a Mary Forth: Writing 90. Daisy Cooper: physiology 90, writing 33, grammar S)0. Seventh 'grade- -Kva Crouker: Writing 90, grammar 91. history U7. Harry Forth: ],e»IU» lly. A repreaeittatlve of the Ootdfu ' Ca _w.'ilOje_tu «tare all day . tomorrow. C«ll and get » tu»t«« of ,Mr, and Mrs. W, M, Hoffman and datighfi-r. Opal, and son, Thomas, were SIIC-MS of Mr. and Mr*'. John J. Martin of Ninth «tr«0t. Rock Falls. Thanks- M to \'erna of aad wput to 't.hislr I cat a TliunfewgiviiiK in onfcr wifh thv old Htnify land .. . FOR DRUNKENNESS Wrt«'i>lek«d up by . night fur being lodged hi the «yftr l'»c-k-,ui^ over . -Hii -WM» jiiveiYM & tine i>f .it'brv«s and r".-*!** d Mrs. Mrytle Wruiikej- wpent yester- ' day in Dixon «iul took rtliuier at' th* Tayerh, Helon MIH! for 1ier recovery. J. D, Baker run' ct fork tine Into his foot recently which dnveloped into blood poison and caused *" pain. He is improving, Mrs. I. H. Kline wan a caller at the JameH Lung home Wednowday, J. P. Frank and family, of H Hunday at this Arthur jSiajeukie Klliott: IllHtory JH. Arthur arithmetic I00 k history * 100. 8nyd,er: Arithmetic 93. geography ;i«, history 100: John Ten Boer: History 85, Alma Cooper: Writing 1»0, grain. mar pfi. "Sixth gnide: Kmniii Van Dyke: Heading *,»0, geography 07. ' • Fifth Khide~-l.orin Frank: Heading 100. arithmetic 90, 'geography 01. Lawrence Frank;' Heading 91', arithmetic 00, geography 92, phyalology 100. Nellie Ten Boer:? Reading 93, writing 90. EaHter Forth: Heading 100. language !io, arithmetic 100, phyNlology 99. Kthei Cooper; physiology D9. Florence Nenry: Heading 01, language 92. ' - • • • . -..--.. Mra. .Buikema', ..Mouth of town. Mr. and Mre.. Petty, i>f Prophetu- towii, were ualling on Mr. and Mrs.- William Sprinkle Sundny evening. Mr«. Mark -Klllolt and duufhterr Addle Mae, Hpent l-'Vlday ufternooti at the home of Mr«, HuHten Pp(M?. .1, A. Ewers-and K; A. Likes were culler* in 'Krle Wednesday. are: Kiginh'grado^~Flr«t, Daisy Cooper; tiwond. Ida HU'pWiiiisit'n, Hnvwith grade -First, Arthur Forth; wcoiid, Le»lie Snyder. Blxth grade — Kmmn V»» l>yke; second, John Htllcher. Fifth grade— First, KHHIOT ^'orth; HCC- ond, Lawrenw Kntnk. Teacher, Mlas Cora _M, Hoak. Real C»u$« for Worry.. —"Whiit'jt wrong? You very worried." Streoter-^"! am. I wrote two notos—one to my brother nsklng Jifiu if h« took' inw for n fool, rtnil I ho otfU'i- to Ml«s 0(|t<)l.ns asklDg her If'shtj would h« inlnp. Wlille l t wns out soiiiejjody U«lephonoil. 'Vca,', ami for tho 1lf« of-mo .I don't know' which of 'emit was," '. Enoml«8, Th.« l rciiKoti w«v art* to love our foe* niles In hoeiuixe \vti cnunot help hut twi | nice to thos« wo Jove, and nobpdy wo are nlco to Is going to l)« our pnomy very long. It's the enemy we Jiato who runuiiiiH our enemy. ' ... home. Han>4d (lilhcit hccanu* quite ill oii his way homo from tjierllns Saturday night. for in U<*ndrlx left Kirtuiduy vi>,it -with her tti«t«r Mr. HendrU him ri;n)(ul tin' farnj now occupied by .M. Janat'ti for m-m year. , Frank I)*'tweiU'r'h aro mo\ing their new home (n renrotie, h.-tyms ' in fron» fanning. He Mill' retains an. ,,u,)t.rrc.b.t in ...thc-htui-k on his' Rifts," UVtl ThurKday for Clinton e they will sptmd the we'f-k ai the home of M'itiM Agney Clancy. order* for "ilarnl-iHiide Xmas TlscilUi yhop. Mr»;. M.iiry Hurd.* Helsn iJhiiuk'ii atxd/ Miss tu»n- teltrot»en wt>nt • to When- tlu-y *p«iit ' at the home of Miw» Mat- The Xnuts toys' und »ov«lu.v» art 1 now on cthsplay. The. a^sonment is than ev'ejr »»id at pravtically the )« early wliilt> th»» a»M.)rtmt»tu is -U 1 Will tit(>r«> U»,t> until I'.-r. J * farm he |iuirhu«i>() liii>i..jmnttQer. Jitcob lifts and family.spent Buhcl.iy vventng at the I. H. Kline houuv ,Al»'x Anderson went lo Ocegou Monday. ' E. A Covert, of Dixoii. formerly, «»f l*almyra r«<turt»>d- from tho hostpital, in Ohic.ago. where tlie had an operation live w-fek*. by,t Its doing, tiicvly. ou ht* ftijti! '(>» rt-placv ti.ic one U «'«! by tin- tbfee week* ajio, Tht; utlun .-WUM laid- inuui-diuiely tire und Ui*> huu.*e'i» up "a'nd. t' It is 4uirrlt'd..along HO that ilu can occupy it this winter, . • . (jooryc Ifrowji u^nti funul'y »pi'tu"iSun' (lUy ,'U the Theiii'n Powell huiiic nv ;i 'Hock Fall«. ." V . *' Weather Get Bui It Can't Your Last COAL CO.

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