The Delta Independent from Delta, Colorado on November 15, 1893 · 1
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The Delta Independent from Delta, Colorado · 1

Delta, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1893
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The Delta Independent. ELEVENTH YEAR. NO. 41. LOCAL. G. X. I lasting and family und John Houldin will 1*«» homo next week from Dalian where they have spent the sum* iner herding und marketing cattle. Minn Bouldin. John's sister has gone cast. Mrs. W. G. Harris, wife of our affable school principal, Prof. Harris, arrived last week from Missouri, whore she has l>eon visiting relatives for some time. There was a large crowd at the Literary Society at the school house up the Gun nison last Friday night. They decided to hold the meetings every Friday night instead of every fortnight. B. C. Bowers, whose hands were burned in the recent lire, is fast recovering from his injuries und r the careful watching of Dr. MacLcan and the nure ing of Mr. lloojsi. George Kohnle, a brother of John Kohule the popular baker, arrived on lust Thurs lay to visit the family. He gave the family no notice, and it was a complete surprise* for them. J. J. Wiiu*#* says times are too liar! to , nvc prices <»f coal raise! for the winter r.nd he will cell xou Tongue creek com delivered nt 64.50 per ton. Finest stationary ut The Delta Phar mmey. Fcnud. One rubber coat; side of baron; one ! wooden bucket; half sack of Hour; found , on Tongue creek on Monday Novcnil>er [ Cth. Parties can have same by proving property und paying for this notice. . H. A. Cakti.k, Eckert, Colo. ( omins Usrb. I will be back t*» Delta on the 20th of j this month to take negatives for 10 days. Owing to the hurt! tilin'* 1 will be oblig- j ««! to still make first class photographs j for 63 per dozen. Call and see u»e. C. A. Eiickhox^l ( Tnv Koiijii.iYh Bowtoj» Buowx BuiaC • Onr genial County Clerk C. D. John m.n left this morning for \V.s< onsia for <: short visit and will briug Mrs. Johnson laiek with him. He has Uea ‘ baching it ~ as long as lie can stand it. Edwin I*. Crow and wife returned visterdav from u trip to Xew York. World’s Fair, Nebraska und Minnesota. He say* I>e!ta lias the beat outlook of any place lie visited with the exception of the creamery districts of New Y* rklfe also says several Muisuta and Neb , rank a parties will no doubt settle in ] Della cMinty in the spring. Trs Uttlmlr’s t’oiircrtioiicrj. • Don't fail to see the Delta Investment Go’s fine lots l»efore buying elsewhere. The Your.g People's Society of the j Baptist church will give a tw-ciul at the i Parsonage Friday, Nov.Ullh. Particulars j given next week. • Thr UIIIUom t'wnl Mine 1 will have the Williams coal mine in 1 good working order by Xov.2sthand will lie able to till till orders with the Ix'st coal on the market. Ilouds in good con dition; usual prices. Adam Looser. James Meldrum and family, of Ironton. arrived last Thursday und are living over in North Delta. —-- ■ ♦ —— Don’t forget the ball at the opera-house Thanksgiving evening. Tickets 61.00; •upper 75 cents per couple,« xt a. Miss Dora McMurruy returned las! week from an extended trip beyond the range. Her ninny friends will be glad t * welcome her back home. ■■" • ♦ ■ - The editor of the I*t dependent has a tew bicycle, but as he can not ride vill trade it fora dog,und then shoot the dog. liMil Meat. Uooit Temper. If you come home und the cook is cross. Nothing in sight that’s tit to eat; J»ut on your hut, and come down town. Stop in at Puynes’ and get some meat. Judge Amsbary sold I. Van llaluan a lino team of horse* the first of the week. It was one of the lx*st tenuis in thecoun ty. C mklin & Gaunt i re prewiring to put n stone eidewulk in front of their store. 13 to It Kohnle** Bread. ♦ I). 8. Baldwin is getting his new house on Meeker street near completion. « -- —. Double your money by buying n lot Mm the Delta Investment Co. The O.ha Pharmacy sells M'Liss cigar. Nprnrf Fra re Ralls. I will sell dry spruce fence rails at 3 cents apiece at Wagoner’s saw mill. Good vends and easy place to reach. Will take IMp kind of produce in exchange. 8. 8. Sta rrouu. EQUAL SUFFRAGE. I Women Will Vote In Thl« Nlnlc Jiu.l lilltti A M .n. Woman’s Suffrage bar* carried by a good majority in our State, and it puts a • new phuse on politics. Many questions arise as to what effect it will have. llow will they vote? What per cent, j will vote? Will they want office? Will t they all vote for prohibition? I There is one thing sure the 1 saloon ele- I ment will get a black eye. The major I itv of women me decidedly in favor of temperance. Last spring in Kansas it was found most of them voted with the Republican party. The man who neglects his family will stand but little show of election as far as the female vote goes. Many of the women of our State will be eager and active in political matters, and to be contrary will vote exactly opposite to their husbands and brothers. Others will pay but little attention to the study of which party is right or wrong, but will vote just as “hubby" does. When a candidate is placed in nomination it is supposed naturally the questions will Ik* raised “What stylo of coat dots Lc wear?" "Does l.e j>art his ! hair in the middle?** “Has he a nice moustache?” “Does he come home late at night?** “Is ho good to his family?" "Docs he drink?” and other queries u ill Im* of gb much value in securing the female vote us the questions of grtenback ■ currency, state hanks, protection, or the sub treasury scheme. The tirst opportunity the ladies of Delta will have at the ballot Ikjx will la* next spring when a Mayor, three councJmen. a Town Clerk an 1 Tovvu Treasure r } are to la* elected We believe they will j manifest more interest in tbisandschool elections that in national elections. mil? High Nlileld. We have not road such news, hut some /iff our citizens elnim to 1 a\< read in St. .Louis pop- rs of the death * f “Indian Billy High Shield.” who captivated the audiences here last summer with the Kiekapoo Me ‘cine Co. Hie report is that in a Nebraska thcaf \er the tall Indian of the company whose duty it was to wait on Billy while on the j slock wire, had shot Billy while jierfomi- j ing. and the audience made a rush for the large Indian anti hung him that even j ing. I'rire* for < n«ta Only. 1 will sell Loin steak for 11 cents per j jKmr.d; Ko\;nl steak .1 lbs for tisc.: Boiling meats from 4e. to 7c.; Oysters 55c. ' per can. Will sell at the »Ik»vo figures until price of cattle on font raises. J. .1. Bakkkk. Bert Norton ami Postmaster Stephens traded horses the first of the week. Asa cousequence Bert had a hard time to deliver the mail yesterday. It is hard to get tho better of a man from Missouri. The young people will hold a hall at the opera house on Thanksgiving evening. Everybody invited. Women are voters and we of course ex poet them to get out and work the roadH or pay a poll lax. Tho latest styles in ladies' tine shoes Oxfords and strap sandals may be found at Castle *5. Reynolds. The Delta Investment Co. is now Belling fine hits on easy terms. Gro. dm* it an. Manager. —•. ~ ■ Honey ao laiiiii om Unnrtir*. 11. 11. S3IITII. Mrs. W. R. Travis(ni*e Hamilton) enme down from from Lake City yesterday. Business is picking up all over the state. Grand Junction has a new kind of gas on hand now. This kind will burn. The kind they have been using was only noticeable by a sulphuric smell. G. L. Wright is now shipping fruit by the car load instead of by the Ikix. Tho Adventist camp has been moved from Delta, after a long series of meet ings. Elder Palmer remained n few days to look after s mio iiu(Mtrtant matters. They contemplate building a church here. . —.•— Tlieie will Ik* a mooting of McClellen Post No. 70 G. A. Ik at the Court House next Saturday evening. All comrades 1 invited to attend. Money to loan ou ranches. A. R. Kino. D-PRICES g§ss The only l‘urc Cream of TnrUr Powder.—No Ammonia; No Alum. Used iu Millions of Homes —40 Years the Standard. DELTA, COLO., WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1803. Lilfrnrj Korifly. Last Friday evening the school build j ing of lower Gunnison valley was crowdi ed to overflowing by members and friends ; of the society of whose organization last i week’s issue of this paper gave an ae| count. j Visitors from Delta were present .and i seemed to enjoy the society, j A long and interesting program was j carried out consisting of songs recitations I and readings and last but not least (al- I though it almost drifted into the “wee ' sma" hours or the night) was the debate uj>on the subject with, which the readers of the Independent are familiar. Statistics were given and opinions were expressM by each debater till with "Honest farmer folk” “the wonder grew that one small head could carry all he knew." The “chaiT' which How while “threshing out the question” tilled the air with good humors. Mr. Ong led the affirmative in a lengthy argument assisted by Mr. Coombc in a terse and humorous address. Mr. Angell in reply showed he had given much thought to the subject and his colleague Mr. Smith introduced statistics showing the great importance of mining industry to the jx-opl(* of Colorado. When the debate closed the judges Messrs. Nutter. Mays and Talliert decided for the affirmative of the question. After some business transactions the a *cicty adjourned to meet hereafter every Friday evening. An interesting program is prepared for No\. 17th and the question: “Resolved that intemperance causes more misery than war.” will lx- debated by the follow - ing j i rsons Messrs. Angel and Tallx*r; and M s Bertha Hnxiks affirmative. Messe.-B. Coombc. Torrence and Vvdcll negative. Rowena Read. liuhnVx Taffy iOr per pound. 1 lu> foul to Wiatoa’s coal mines a~e in iLa ffi o'a-tf! shape. and he is selling a fine grade of coal at reasonable rat»*e. IIiiVMH \Vnnlr4. I wish to trade 130 acres t»f improved land within 2 1 - niilisof Cincinnati. Ark., for hois sin Delta county. There arc 10 acres in gtxxl orchard (tearing all kinds of fruits: 40 acres in clover and timothy meadow; 30 acres in clover ami orchard grass me alow; 40 acres in clover and timothy pasture: 10 acres in timber; buildings, and well fenced; creek runs through pasture alTording (test wuter the year round. Place will reut for 8100 per >ear above ex|*ensos. Feed Jackson, Delta. Colo. J. W. Stoll, the hustling plumber, is papa of another (tig healthy boy. The little stranger arrived last Sunday, and Jim does not care how election went now. The trip of Messrs. Findley. Rico and Travis to St. Anthony. Idaho, did not prove simply a pleasure trip. Mr. Rice is still there, and Mr. Findley will soon go there where they will start in the mer cantile business. Their many friends wish them success in their new enterprise. The Delta Investment Co. has some of the finest residence lots in the city that will be sold this mouth at SSO eazh. Gf.o. Stephan, Manager. Several parties have Imhui in town late Iv looking for investments. G»*xl six hole ranges of finest make for only S2O at W. G. Simpson <& Son. Rood Burritt. u former resident of Delta, and who now keeps the largest market in Glenwood Springs, was in town last Friday and Saturday buying large quantities of liny and cattle ns his can! in the Independent last week announced. Mrs. Duvall. D. Bailey and W. G. Simpson, all of whom have been on the sick list, are again able tolienrouud.und will lx- found in their accustomed places stxtn. Gale Brothers have bought a large st«K*k of furniture. Christmas gtxxls. and in fact everything needed by the house keeper at “hard-time" prices. They arc now ready to sell at "hard-time" prices. Como in und s«x* them, as it is no trouble to show goods, and they are always glad to meet friends and customers, old und new. Same old place. NATURAL GAS. <.'rnn?l Junction Company l'ou:i:l a Coed I'tnir. The people of Meea county are rejoicing. and well they may. They have a flowing natural gas well which means ! much to the Western Slope. Last summer a company was organized ; to bore for oil. gas or artesian water. The I capital stock of the company was 81.0G0,- 000. shares 81 each. The principal stockholders arc residents of Rock Island, 111., and the officers are in Grand Junction. The well is ten inches in circumference. and they propose by placing one casing in another to bring oil, gas and water from the same well if all be found. There is little doubt from indications that they will soon have a flowing oil well before they go many feet further down. At a depth of 330 feet they have j a flow of gas with a pressure of sixty j I mju mis to the square inch. Last Thursday night in the presence of a large crowd they lighted the gas which produced a flame U 0 feet high. They exj>eet to go down about H.OOj ■ feet in order to determine what is under them. There is no doubt but the sacir condi i tions exist on this side of Grand Mesa. There are continuous veins of coal on i the Mesa side from here to the head of the North Fork. Last summer an attempt was made in Delta county to J organize a company fur the purpose of j making the same experiments in the Gunnison valley, but the hard time.- , knocked out the undertaking. It would j be a good idea to 6tart the project again, before Grand Junction picks up all the j industries these developments are bound i to bring. l or Bml. Two bed rooms, neat and warm, with : use of sitting room: rent reasonable. Mrs. Aebi. ! True llannully. From time to time various banks of : the State have sent remittances to Mrs. ! Blachly. widow <f the late cashier, who died in defense of Lis trust, as an expression of sympathy and aid. Lately the Tcllurule Bank. Gunnison Bauk. and Carbonate National Hank of l**adviile. 1 have renewed the interest so generally : expressed for this bereaved family, by sanding substantial aid, in way of goner - ouscheeks. It is pleasing to know sorrow and suffering, the sympathies of some re main tender fur ihose whose troubles (to ( the public generally) are past and forgotten. The many friends of tills worthy family will greatly appreciate these kindly tokens. Advertised l^elters. Letters remaining in the post office November 13.1393. Millenger. Maud. Lindrrmau. Wilber. McElvian. Richard. (2) Oleott, Albert. Stones. Albert. If not called for in 30 days, they will j be sent to the dead letter office. W. O. Stephens. P. M. 1— —— —- Those stirring speeches by Mr. Patter- i son in Virginia produced a Democratic majority of 1)0,000. If he had made a few more there would not have been a Populist vote in the State. For Kitl«*. One acre of ground in North Delta in ! pood locality. John Powers. I There will boa meeting at the Mctko J diet church Thursday evening for the purpose of organizing a general literary and debuting society. Every one interested iu literary work are asked to Ik* present, and Join as charter members. Nprrlitl Votlff. I will do no more blacksmith work without cash when the work isdone: hut 1 will do it 10 per cent, cheaper tbuu before “hard times” struck us. Jas. Greenwood. TRIIKTEE'N NILE. IVfault tmvim: Won made in tho jiavmont of n oortaln promissory note executed l>\ Andrew .1. Harris, payable t<> the order nl Wilhaui J. Gaunt and secured l>\ a wrtaln deed of trust executed tiio Mid Andrew .1. Harris oil tho :‘:tnl .lay of iK'Cembrr. IWI. an.l rwmlol on tho juth dav of February. I« in llook Jst page >.7 ortho records of IH-lni County in tho Mate of Colorado, and tho i loirnt holder of aahl note liecauac of Mid delimit, having requested tho IrtWw to tdl tho Mid ' pro|*ertv_securing tho said unto: Now Therefore. Ihthlie notion' I- liorohv pi\. n that liocause . f Mid default, and at tho re’ nest of tho said legal holder of said nolo tho undersign od. Vhnim C. Hutlor Trustee. or in the ovout of lit* death. resignation. rvnf.\ul from tho Countv . . IH-ltu or inability or failure toaot. thon William S. Gimrdot. Shorin of I‘olta Comity. in trust, will hy virtue of tho power and anth >ritv of Mid tni't ilwl and f»r tho nur|>n*e* therein mentioned, sell at puhlio anotion at tho front door of tho tVnrt House in tho town of (Vila and County of Delta in tho State of Colorado, at the hour or ton o'eloek in tho fomiooncntheTth dav 1 of iVoomlier, IMW. tho proiwrly in said deed of tnM conveyed deser|l>edn' f.llows to-wlt Tho North east ijuurtorof tho southwest quarter tn. e. t 4 s. 'v. «, and the N rt hired quarter of tho Southeast quarter in w. 1 , >. o. » 4 . of section nineteen M'.n in t.<uiidiip ft ft v one .M i north of range ton tlt»> west of tho Now Mexico principal nioridian in tho County of Delta and State of Colorado and all and singular tho privilege* and appurtenances thereto and all right, title tn no fit and equity of redemption of the Mid Andrew J. Harris, his heirs and assigns. ABRAM tv 11l TI.KK. Trustee Wj». S. tiuuMDKT. Sheriff of Delta County ; Successor in Triut. tl tTst puh. Nov. I.v last DvcVfl, lWtl) POPULISMDEDL Tlac Election* Show bal Very Few ( onnfioN Carried in t!«e l". fi. By Followers of Mm. Lrn«e. ! The elections hast week clearly proved one fact, and that is the fact that the v isionary principles and cries of repudiation anarchy indulged in the Populists are dead. A few of the smaller counties in Colorado gave even larger Populist votes this year than last. This is particularly noticeable in the western tier of counties, but the State went overwhelmingly Republican. In Kansas but a few of the counties where the Greenbackers once had their strongholds went Populist. The state oSiccrs elected are all Republican, and almost every county went Republican. In Virginia where the Populists sent their best speakers and a large amount of money, the state went Democratic by alxmt GO.COO. In Nebraska the Populi6t6made slight gains, which was no doubt due to the fact that the Democrats had recently endorsed Cleveland, which caused the Bryan following to bolt. In Denver when it beeawe known that the county and most of the state had shown their disappro'.al of Governor Waite. **Wheels’* Holden, and their attempts to ruin the State, business at once picked up. produce of every kind ad vane ed in price, and mining stocks rose from three to five j>oints. These facts clearly prove that the majority of the people in Colorado and Kansas are not satisfied with the revolutionary actions of Governor Llewelling and Waite, and prefer the better times we enjoyed under a Republican admin istration In the elections of the East of course the Populists arc not a factor, but the results clearly show that the people do not approve of Cleveland’s policy, as everywhere that elections were held the Republicans got everything, even New Jersey which never went Republican before in the history of the State. Ohio's election clearly shows who will be the next President of the United States. We arc glad that we never voted any ticket but the Republican, and if Sena tors Teller. Wolcott. Jones. Stewart. Cameron amt other Republicans who are in the silver tight ere the best hopes for the white metal in the g. o. p., we know their constituents will sustain them in their actions. If Cripple Creek miners keep putting out gold at the rate they are now it will be as cheap as silver. All kind* or Hough I.un»t*er at A. K. A.ttMBAKY’B. We will take money wheat or oats on account or in trade for goods. Gale Bros. Tlie best and most complete cattle ranch in Colorado for sale; 100 acres nud 200 aercs of desert land, 120 acres in alfalfa, 4 acres In fruit, 125 head cattle, 14 head horses, hogs, chickens, bees, wagons, harness, buggy, full set of implements, etc., price 000.00. Call nud get particular*. Blair A Mastis. Ojce \\ow a (Vier\c\^o r c\\S GQMSC ofl PodVe.cft'Vow c,\ (i\ncvnean. "WVeree.'Vo ? Are you wi!;i:v* t.> \w rU fort’iecsuro of l':vKin \ !: j i;.for. mation in the Lands of your tanccs? If you are, you s'.'.ou’.J be identified wilh THZ AMERICAN Protective tariff league. 135 W. 233 ST., KZVJ YORK- Cut this notice out and send it tv' the Leapue, *taliup your |HX>iiion, ami j;i« a l.clpit',* har.d. NOTICE. I wish to say to my customers that my being injured by the late fire will not interfere with bargains at “The Picnic.” Mr. Caldwell will wait upon you the same as usual. B. C. BOWERS. PRICE 5 CENTS An Eilitor'n LIT An eastern editor gives the following figures from a statistic memorandum of his life in newspaper work: Been asked to drink 11,362 Drank 11^302 Requested to retract 416 Did 41G Threatened to be whipped 170 Been whipped 60 Whipped the other fellow 4 Didn't come to time 106 Interviewed prominent men 14:201 Told the truth about it 3 Tried to collect bills 63,407 Collected the bills 63,100 Bills outstanding 7 Received duns 107,490 Paid them promptly 2 Bills I owe 0 Been to 6hows on pass ... 5.600 Paid admission 1 Gave my wife $2 Paid for tobacco $786 Arrested for libel 14 Worried about it 0 Been asked for news 200,000 Didn't know 200,000 Lied about it 99,974 Been to church 2 Gave to charity $5.00 Gave for a terrier dog $25.00 Cash on hand SI.OO The country will l>e spared the arduous task of trying to celebrate Thanksgiving with congress in session.—Kansas City Journal. Mr. Cleveland named a day for thanks' giving an hour after the adjournment of congress. Great head. Grover.—St. Paul Globe. Mr. Cleveland refrained from including in his Thanksgiving proclamation any answer to the charges filed by Gov. Peanoyer in his message.—Washinton Star. “The People’s Party is right in it in Virginia."—[Ouray Plaindealer Yes, dear, right in the soup. The Washington Post comments editorially oa the situation in Colorado. It says, in part: “There is nothing but the best of feeling in the East and all over the country for the welfare and prosperity of Colorado. It is true that the opponents of free silver, by their successful effort in bringing about a suspension of the purchase of silver and indefinitely postponing further coinage, are regarded almost in the light of conspirators against one of the great industries of the Centennial state, but the question here involved was of a national rather than sectional character, and it had to be settled on na tional rather than sectional lines, and the fact remains that, while Colorado may have Suffered thnralu; it n-ne no unfriendlinef'to the people of the silver states that all all these things were done. Colorado has really fared worse at the hands of the Populists of that state than by the action of Congress. She can sur\i.o the temporary depression of her silver interests, but even the wealth of other splendid resources would avail little so long as the g wernment of the commonwealth was lodged in an administration which had neither credit at bone nor abroad, and now we all know how manfully the issues were met on Tuesday last, there is no friend of good government who will not rejoice at a result which foreshadows the release of Colorado from a yoke of misrule, and which cannot fail to unlock the hoarded capital that is now lying idle, and open wide tho doors to millions of investments from abroad." Rev. Gill of the Methodist church will introduce a cow feature in the Sunday evening services. Just preceding tho regular sermons he will give a five minutes talk on the leading topic of interest either local or national every week. The Epworth League will give a literary entertainment to morrow evening at tho Methodist church. - —— 160 acre* on Ash Mesa all uu lor fence and water. Pi ice ci 700 eiuv n-riu*. it LA IK A M ASTI a. ■ ■ —" • 80acre* mesa land with water right: 100 fruit trees. 5 head of cattle, ltf stands of bees, 25 chickens for only $3,- 700. Dbiir A Muslin.

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