Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on April 7, 1934 · 5
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 5

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1934
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11 13 241 E t t t - stTURDAY APRIL 7 1931 ClIC PLEDGE TO RE-11111PLOY 18 Is HAILED I - rr ( WI April 7—A pledge by 1!'tor s that it will re-employ nh1 charged they were drop !-t- union activities was bailed' :1:t as :mother step toward peace - e antomobile industry 1 '-oth industrial and union -- action was received with sat '-: A:tomobile Labor Board stiid -in its desire to co oi!h the board: had sent !:It it would put the men back 1-rotuptly -without the neccs - o board's inquiring into the ' or incorrectness of the tnher claims of discrimina --- !-!ez investigated by employ '‘oard F-3 id t rd-d ulawaeti to resume con- - satt:rdav in an effort to set of :Ltitsl workers of the : Corporation Because manufacturers depend - On this company impor- a-taoholl to a linick settle - rbts workers seek a wage in -7 clevelopments in the situa7 - 1)c!roit: Board of Commeree-an-- inibistrial employment i-- !Ugliest peak in four years r '31 when the index stood at : 7 Tt-- it) per cent normal is enip1o3ment figures from board reeei veil word -of - cement by NVilliam- Stun - 7 7-z of the Racine Trades - I 'onneil that per cent of Motor Company employes in - !) lite' neeept terms of :ttIenient negotiated Thurs- :1-in thousands of employes :t:11 an affiliate have been 7 7 7 --A weeks Employes of two 7-:liTTs inxohed planned to vote Saturday The other Kenosha 'Wis and Mil - Educational Society geLeral secretary Matt J sniith announced here it plants until Monday t7ernands for increalted 1orter hours The Joh - F ullieh there are 60 in De 77 -1e' tnqs- and dies and hold a in the industry "o tzvr It 111t)TS TODAT WO I DETFILAIINE ACTION 7! 7 7 xv I K Et: April 7—With 444nipany era4443-es in Ita- -L13iitigly in favor of ac- - strike settlement prt-bgram ' T the Federal Automobile - - rL werkers in the Nash - 7 Nt'Ilisha and the Seaman 4--o4rati-4-- shops of Milwaukee 4 their decision on the pro:- -4-4ret balloting Saturday -:--f44 per cent of nearly 17200 - !I-4 cast their votes in Ita- - Fray accepted the 10 per - - increase aud other conces- - - by the manufacturers Trerkers met in the labor here Friday night They 71 7172S tO accept the settle-- 1Z:7' t ant) then decided to decision because the - in taking the vote NV ti - 'i 'ind the total vote was only f!rr than half the number claimed by strike leaders 14-ft their jobs Another vote Tni-:en this afternoon RI ORDER RESTRAINED 11N FEDERAL JUDGE A!a April 7— 7 - rder raising wages and re7 41-4 coal miners was tetn restrained in the Alabama r Saturday- r J!141Zt CI B Kennamer in '“'7t granted coal operators -77—rary restraIning order It ::-- -7- 7- feiral officials from enfore- :rueudrnent to the bituminous hich raised wages in Ala-a It a y and wiped out the :-7--:7i:t! given Southern fields Tki're reduced to a week BANK ROBBERY CHARGE Is FILED $1500 FOUND April 7--Recovery of the loot taken frtom the ' z-tate Bank at Marble Falls : iy lad resulted Saturday in f burglary and theft against MeCarty of Marble t grs were filed in Burnet - ink lost $177S in tbe noon- " f- which otoeurred when the - the building to go out xor:iininz trial was to be held : - Saturday LONGVIEW MAN SHOT WITH DROPPED PISTOL : April 7 — Earn 7 - Jenks Okla was in a local 7 Satonlay suffering from 11 -- vturpl caused by a freak acci- : Sheriff Ililph Chamnes ex' - pistcbl he was showing to !' ils droppea the weapon It - sidewalk acid was dis' The bullet striking Burden a art the back uwarall i Tint 11erions NAZI PRISONERS MAKE WAY FOR ARMY MEN ' iiNNA April 7—Nazi prisoners I - -14r turned out of concentration r ' 7- Kisersteinbruch southeast V tirifl to make room for the ex- ! Lg Austrian army defense ministry explained the r is urgently needed for artillery a zt-e It formerly Wall a military 1'' Nazis are being either released 'ransftrreil to other camps for !‘fal prisoners ( elebrate Nincly-second Birtbds y DENTON April 'I—Friends tratb'! at the home of Mrs Becky Ellis tits- Lewisville community southeast If I tenton to celebrate her ninety:"t7id birthday She is one of the t'!esr residents of the county Mn before her marriage to J AV 111 watt Miss Becky Akers and T'tl to Texas with her husband in She is the mother of four '--ildreo A largo group of relatives '-'1 friends attended the celebration I CHICKIE'S DAUGHTER By ETENORE MEHERIN W II AT HAS II P PEN ED Pretty Pippin datghter of Chickle and Kathie AlcPike laughingly appeal to Eathie's foster brother Kevin Aiglone to take them to their first dance Kevin who Ls 24 and Ls regarded lie a coming young physical promises Overnight Pippin grew up Shit toe to more and more dances She craves excitement Pippin writes In her diary that she will always lova Kevin lie sails away to Europe The family moved to the Summer home in the mountains Pippin enters the awimming contest and during the race eaves Eric Black from drowning - Chick' meets Barry Dunne the man who had caused all -her sorrow and heartbreak It was more than 20 Yeent mince they had seen each other Chickle recalls the past but there is no bitternene In her heart Derry's eyes are the most tragic silt bad ever seen his mouth once so reckless and sweet Is now drawn and grim Pippin meets Barry who remarks that she looks like tier mother David comes along and Chuckle Is greatly relieved CHAPTER 14 The nieeting with - Barry Dunne brought Chiekle with a shock against an issue that had long lain -like a sleeping beast in her mind She would have to tell Pi ppin of the past - Whenever she considered this and saw the girl's eager fare blanch she sank down within herself appalled "You had a bib mother and you weren't married? Everyone found out abodt it? Oh God—they didn't say you made it die!" Chiekie was frightened when she thought of the girl's reeoil and the creeping horror in her eyes Yet she dared not risk letting her find out for herself This meeting with Barry Dunne after all these years proved the strange mystery of chance One day or another Pippin must surely learn A short time after their return from the lakes David and Chickie went to a dinner party 1'wo of the guests were absent Their daughter a lovely girl of 19 had eonie to sudden and tragic death in an obscure hospital Everyone knew how and why Male came home pale and quiet She went to Pippin's room stood at the bed gazing and gazirtg at the lovely sleeping fats- David found her there She said hurriedly: "1 came to fold back the curtains" Oh—did yon?" She went to her dressing room and took the pins from her hair It fell about her shoulders in pale shimmering gold She sat a long time shoving memories from her mind She didn't hear the door open lie came in and stood beside her With brimming eyes she said: 'Oh David—how terrible life can be!" "Parents are so helpless— so unknowing- They shouldn't be They needn't "Oh the desolation! A year ago I watched that girl at the tennis courts She darted about swift and btautiful how can they bear it How can they go on?" ''They have to" She regarded him with a dark quiet "I would not bear it I would never be able to bear it Either would you" Ile looked into her moist beautiful eyes Scarce moving his lips he answered: -Yes I would bear it I would see Let through" Chickie's heart beat wildly She saw David rushing alorg with his daughter—aeross the waste-----asJonathan had cone with her She covered her face and was keeping Ile could not bear to see her head bowed Ile went and bid her in his arms -- Ile said shaken "Helena I diet think you were beaten' by memories 1 thought all that was Wiped from your heart" - It is 1 can almost recall that time and be philosophical about it 1 grew in that sorrow and became big enough for you" Ile stooped quickly and kissed her lips She laughed softly i have not worried for 3011 David your love has been like a tide—a great lull tide You are stronger than the world and have lifted me above the fear of it can be glad knowing in my heart the past has never come betnweell remember how frantically 1 prayed to escape I would have taken any compromise however humiliating if 1 could have avoided disgettee' If those prayers were granted how terrible my life would have been!" She glanced up to his Jeer so tall and winning above her Site thought on a pang: "In a hundred years I'll not be big enough for you" THINKING WHAT 3IAYHAPPEN TO PIPPIN She said: 'I'm not: beaten except when I think of rippin andwbat life may do to her" "She has to take her chance Helena "We can't preveot a boat she rides from sinking But we can teach her to swim And that's about all we call do—equip her to meet bravely and wisely the life that comes to her That's all we have a tightto do" Chickie lay awake long afterDavid slept She stole into Pippin's room mad for a glimpse of the sweet happy face Make sure no change had come —no change should ever come She went about with an incessant gnawing: Should she tell 'her? Better not But if a stranger did? A stranger may! Onee Pippin happened to say: "Of course mother things aren't like they were when you were a girl We're frank about life you bid from it You were ashamed of emotion We're proud of it" "At your age Pippin I was blazingly aware of my emotion and I was not ashamed of it Manners change heart do not" "Oh I know you're warm and deep mother But you're the spiritual type rOIJ had emotion and loved David terribly but that's -different from— well passion — if you get what mean" said Chickie her heart bursting: "1 know unrest Pippin and I know passion I've lived more deeply than Janina whom you admit is wise I've felt more tumult than you can dream of I want to tell you- of it I've made mistakes in my life terrible and tregie 1 want to warn you" PIPPIN EMBRACES - HER MOTHER Pippin jumped from the chair and threw her arms around her mother's neck "Oh darling no wonder I long to be an actress - You do put on stieh a swell show here will you please sew on this button? 1 promised Jon to meet him at-1 o'clock That gives me esaetly 10 minutes Step on it!" Chickie sewed She felt shoved aside and superfluous There would never come St time when it would he ease to tell that thing! joy) went hack to eollece Inking a piece of her heart as be always did Then Pippin swept into blazing excitement ' 'Think of it darling going down to Stanford where dad was such a shining light! Puts a big responsibility on the angel daughter" - "It does - You must answer nobly" "Oh Helena you're so cuter Chickie thought: - "It would be too cruel to let her find Out in a brutal way - At leastl can spare her that" : She went in one evening—trembling quiet girded - ' - ' Pippin flung about cheeks red eyes burning On the bureau before her propped on a vanity sbox was Kevin's piet tire : "Ile gave it to me before be went away" She hurried furiously abashed Ilelena seen her worshiping? But Helena came quietly and took up the photograph - - -- "A fine picture You've often asked me about Jake Pippin 'Kevin has the sante royal flesh" Oh has he mother? I'm so glad Ile' s handsome isn't he? I just got a letter—it's about college and things I should do there I mean the courses I should take It's a wonderful let-et Oh mother I hope I'm going to be a beautiful person—like you are I want to he just like you No matter what other girls do no matter what I'll often want to do Fin going to keep thinking of you anti re membering how you look and how you are I'm going to be -just the sante It's the right way to be" - CIIICHIE BEGS IIER TO BE BETTER "THAN I A31" Chickie turned her head She put her hand before her face "Why Ilelena you're not crying are you?" "Perhaps I am Re better than I am Pippin" She went softly to the door "Oh Mother what is your sad mysterious charm" Pippin wrote in her diary "There is something so taunting about you You seem like a spirit You frighten me You're not going to die are you? Tonight you looked so I had that strange mad yearning sense of farewell like when Kevin left I wanted to kiss you What has given me these wild thoughts? Something tragic in you eyes as though you had come to a 'erring Geo—we could not live if Helena left us "Is it your letter Kevin that has made me so ready to weep or s!ng so like an instrument on which the winds make mush' It is a living thing —your letter Reautifol like you are tiod—I love you—I love you You have a hook in my heart and d be glad if you pulled it living from me I wish I could die for you' And this was the gay glad letter that made such anguish of joy in Pippins heart "Hello sweetheart of mine — You had a birthday didn't you? I've sent you a little needlepoint vanity so you cen keep your nose white Seventeen aren't you aml a big big girl Seventeen is a heantiful age Pippin —an awfully serious lie Are you growing up as a It old Man wants you to? Yon must sweetheart dear because old hearts tire awfully brittle avol I don't want mine broken It will be if I don't find you just the way I left you and more so When you get down to college work hard and here's a promise—when I come home we'll have a laboratory and work together Won't that be slick? "You were a darling to tell me about your nice Ensign Bill Always piek them pure like that Pippin Two kisses are enough for any of theta Its all Fve had Remember that ! "I send 'you my love Cherish it well and when the young lads throng your court keep a corner for the old buck waiting on the side lines and be awfully good won't you dear?" Pippin walked in the clouds She went down to college She was lost in the excitement of it There woe never the right time for Chickie to telt tcos-TINI7E1) :MONDAY) (Copyright 1934 by King Features Syndicate Inc) CHARGE OF FAILURE TO RENDER AID IS FILED A F Davis Arlington was charged Friday with failure to render aid in a complaint filed in Justiee of the Peace Faulkners Court Ile is alleged to have failcd to render aid to S C :McGraw and C K Robinson employes of the city water department who were struck by an automobile March 3 whileworking in the 4000 block of East Lancaster Avenue 27 ADVANCEMENTS TO BE GIVEN BOY SCOUTS Twenty-seven advancements will be made at the Boy Scout court of honor for the South Side district at 3:80 m Sunday in the Sunday school room of Central Methodist Church Eighteen Scouts will receive advatwement - - - When Ellie Andrews is hastening from 1iani Fla to New York via bus to meet her husband King West-ley from whom her irate father bad separated her immediately after the ceremony she meets Peter Warne young newspaper man out of work He notices her helplessness and takes her tinder his wing in spite of the fact that lie recognizes her and could claim the $10000 reward her father has offered for her safe return - They spend a night in a tourist camp bungalow sinee between them they have only money enough to rent one room although it has twin cots Moreover it is raining bard Peter hang's a blanket across the room—the Walls of Jerielni he calls it—and assures her she IA safe until Joshua blows it- down with his trumpet A series of exciting romantic and humorous adventures is experienced by the couple before the happy ending is attained—as the sound of tin horn trumpets are 'beard emanating front another tourist camp cabin as they start out on their honeymoon after her marriage is annulled This in brief is the story of "It Happened One Night" which opened a run Friday at the - Hollywood Theater - Cbtrk Gable Is the newspaper man and Claudette Colbert the heiress This tesm i one Of the slickest to appear on the screen -in some time They FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM-EVENING THIS CONGRESS IS GLUTTON FOR By Associated Press - WASHINGTON April 7 — This Seventy-third Congress is a glutton for work- A checkup showed Saturday that it has enacted a dozen major bills involving much more than $12- 000000000 at theT regular session - 'Another dozen big ones are on the fire Despite flaming tempers and an astonishing amount of wordage the legislators go on grinding them out - A grand total of 59 public and 37 Private bills and six resolutione has become law Half a-dozen more have !Hissed leqh Senate and House and await the Presidents signature Four others are in conference to settle differences between the two houses The more important bills which have become law include: - The independent offices supply bill carrying veterans and federal employe benefits on which Congress overrode the Presidents veto This involves an estimated $S16000000 Revaluation of the gold dollar Liquor tax act t u a ratiteeittg $2000000000 - in farm credit loan bonds - Extending the life of the'llFC and increasing borrowing power by S:50- li00000 Funds for direct relief and the C IV A $950000000 - Crop loans continuance $40000- 004) - Philippine independence Naval treaty construction act$5s0000000 ' Temporary airmail transportation bill Supply bills including navy $284- 000000 interior $321$00tal Treasury-postoffiee $S30000000 agriculture $63000000 Among the bills passed and awaiting the Presidenes signature are Making cattle a basic farm adjustment act conunodity V50000000 Johnson bill barring financial transactions with countries defaulting on debts to us Norris-Rankin resolution directing Power Commission to investigate electrical energy rates State justice eommerce and labor surrly bill SST000000 Evans-McAdoo earthquake and storm sufferers relief bill Pills passed by both branches and in eonference include: Itankhead compulsory cotton control bill War Department supply bill $342- 001)t no) Legislative supply bill $IS000000 Gaarailteeine :52000(Non000 in home loan bonds Dance Will Help Milk and Ice Fund - A benefit dance will be given Thnrsday night at the Columbian Hall 712 West Daggett Street tor The Star-Telegram Free Milk and Iee Fund The "String Beans" a six-piece orchestra directed by Hubert Bean will play Members of the orchestra will donate their services The hall also will be given free All proceeds outside of actual expenses will go to the fund Dancing will begin at S:45 p tn and will last until midnight Ladies will be admitted free A small admission will be charged for men DALLAS MAN ABSOLVED IN SHOOTING OF ANTNER Richard C Nelms Jr 28 of Dal-his Friday was absolved by the grand jury of any blame in the accidental shooting March 24 of Morris Antner on Alabama Avenue Antner is recovering in St Josph's Hospital Nelms never was charged in connection with the ease Seek Negro Vito Kept Change Police are looking for a negro who failed to make change for a $5 bill Into Friday night A II Gregg 19 Dallas made the mistake of walking east on East Lancaster street thinking it was East Lancaster Avenue lie also made the mistake of offering 5 to a negro from whom he bought a pack of cigarets The negro failed to return with Gregg's change Man Hurt In Fight Recovering Ward Kimper 1105 Houston Street who W8S injured in an altercation Friday night was recovering atCityCounty Hospital Saturday The fight took place in the 14(a) block on Houston Street A suspect is being held by police - - GABLE AND COLBERT ENTERTAIN WITH LIGHT COMEDY DIALOG I Banquet Singer Aletor Bryan Acers baritone bass who sang at the banquet which closed the first district conference of the Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers Friday night at the University Club lie was accompanied by Del Echols Drum t - YOUNG PEOPLE ADE10 170113E3 There'is no evidence that the young people of today ore more lawless than past generations Thomas 11 Taylor president of Howard Payne College of Brownwood told the twenty-third annual first district conference of the Texas Congress of Parent and Teachers Friday afternoon The conference ended with a banquet and program Friday night at the University Club Taylor critizimed the critics of the country the Nation's institutions and the children lie said that despite lawlessness the United States is growing into a more democratic family "based on fun anti fellowship rather than fear and authority" Mrs Charles A Stephens president of the Fort Worth branch of the Texas Congress was toastmaster Bev W IL White led the invocation Greetings were extended by Superintendent Green of the public schools At the afternoon session Mrs F Ross Bell district president was in charge Miss Evelyn Eastman of Dallas parent education specialist spoke WOMAN PRESIDENT OF EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION For the first time in the history of the Fort Worth Principals and Vieo Principals Association a woman was elected to the presidency at a meeting Thursday night at First Christian Church it was announced Saturday Miss Jewel Cox principal of the W J Turner School was chosen president Other new officers are: O 1) Wyatt vice president Miss Find:me Stovall secretary T G Wentworth treasurer Miss Tula Parker reporter and Itay Fincher and C A Thompson members of the executive committee Supt W M Green Business Manager Ed P Williams and J Cecil Parker gavereports on the National Education Association meeting which they attended A musical prgram was given by the Stripling High School students under the direction of Miss Annette Myers el CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL BED LINEN COMPLETED Mrs John J Wright charity chairman of Westway Club No 4 of the Woman's Benefit Association announced Saturday several pieces of bed linen have been completed for the Fort Worth Children's Hospital' 3Irs J T Dunlap is cochairman of charity work Oitar members who assisted in the project are Mmes Eu la Meroney A Westland M White A Moore and P Echols $1000000 Loaned Farmers Texas formers have received more than $1000000 in crop production loans since March 25 Charles Sherrill of Dallas regional manager of the Crop - Production Loan Office said while here Friday Ile pointed out that the deadline for making loan applications is April 30 ar IPublic Records Suite Filed In District Courts Elite Bullard vs Lucille Bullard divorce and injunction Guy Whittington and wife vs South Texas Coaches damages Eva Record Mc Cline vs Ray Mc Cline divorce West Texas Construction Company vs IL J Bradshaw debt and foreclosure Loyd Rogers vs Ruby Rogers divolice Amanda Hodge vs Charles B Hodge divorce A Howard vs C Howard divorce 10yd itogers vs Ituoy zingers all NV Or k veil togeth er and luckily the story and dialog provided theta is divAomr e sada Hodge va Charles IL H clever It is the kind of light en- A lloward vs C toward divoi tertainment that andienees always like very much Undoubtedly the 1101- -- lYw attract large crowds with Suits Filed In County Courts thisli:il will etn'irle John Dearing vs Sovereign CI Woodmen of the World suit on p Roscoe Karns appears as a travel- The 3Ig Three Weldin g and E ing salesman who tries to become tie- ment Company Inc vs Mid-Coot quainted with Ellie - He has no sue- Mud Company debt eeFs however Karns is better than - --- good in this role Count Court-at-taw No 1 110N DAVID 11UGEE JUDGE Walter Connolly is effective as the ' weltt p it taleiholineiry and S rr Supply co v ‘ father -Other members of the east eld and W A Hon have little to do—it is all Colbert and Judgment - - Gable -anyway County Court-at-Law No I The Interstate Circnit Inc ushered - ' R(N MALL JUDGE In Appreeiation-Week with a short ' The0)MP S Franklin in Blackleg S program itt ' tile Hollywood- Friday Company vs T P Morgan judg night The purpose of the week is to rendered express the eircuies appreeiation of NVeil Machinery and Supply Con' the support given it by - the public vs Paul Ryan Judgment renclere( Continental Insurance Company v since it was taken over several months R McInnis Judgment rendered ago by an organization of which Karl Iloblitzelle is the heal ' Marriage licenses- atlek IL nott manager of the Jr Mega Pallas and Mary Alma Chamber of Commerce made a talk in can Dallas which he explained the value of the David Paul Rogers 1529 Pifth nue' and Prances Louise Clark Majestic - Ilabtee Hollywood and Fifth Avenue AVortb---Interstate theaters—to this Felix Harrison 2513 Jennings city Citizens he declared probably Lydia ADale 13111 St Louis do not realize what these theaters Charles M- Cheohler 11514 mean to Fort Worth both in a finan- Twelfth and Thelma Lee Ashby cid and entertainment way Hott was $outh Adams Joe Manly 115 West Thirteenth introduced by N Edward Beek liol- Nellie Prigance 311 North Burnet lywood manager Maurice and his or- It Miller ?5 East Eleventh tied iehestra tailYeei---R It ' - ' - --eel Elkins $11 t awl Eleventh - Suite Filed In County Courts John Dearing vs Sovereign Camp Woodmen of the World suit on policY The Dig Three Welding and Equipment Company Inc Ira Mid-Continent Mud Company debt County Court-at-taw No II 110N DAVID IWGEE JUDGE Well Machinery and Supply Company vs W F liolltleld and WA Ho lifted Judgment County Court-at-Enw No HON P J SMALL JUDGE - The O M Franklin Blackleg Serum Company vat T P Morgan judgment rendered Veil Machinery' and Supply Company vs Paul Ryan judgment rendered Continental Insurance Company vit It R McInnis judgment rendered Marriage licensee-IL Magog pallas and Mary Alma Duncan Dalian David Paul Rogers 1629 Irifth Ave-Tine and Frances Louisa Clark 1629 Fifth Avenue Felix 'Harrison 1533 Jennings and Lydia ADair 1319 St Louts Charles AT Cheoh ler 31514 East Twelfth and Thelma Lee Ashby 116 South Adams Joe Manly 116 'West Thirteenth and Nellie Brigance 311 North Hornet E Miller ?5 East Eleventh and Ha S SPENDING PASSES FIVE BILLIONS - By Associated Press WASIIINGTON April 7--Federal spending in the fiscal year which ends June 30 Saturday passed $5000000- 000 ' On April 5 the latest date available the Government had spent $5005462- 333 as compared with $3833252776 last year The deficit that day stehd at $2- 655107341 compared with $2287- 94531'2 a year ago Of the $5000000000 outlay $2- 018950000 went to routine expendityres $2986512000 to emergency recovery costs- The public debt Saturday was listed by the Treasury at $26179042000 compared with $21457652000 a year ago - The $5000000000 spent in a little over nine months of the 1934 fiscal year was nearly the total of entire spending in the 1932 and 1933 fiscal years In 1932 Government outlays were $5154000000 and the next year $5143000000 Government income for the fiscal year to date was $2350354992 compared with $1545307464 last year Emergency spending showed a spurt in the early days of April In five days it came to $125546000 coin-pared with only $63826000 the first five (lays of March The largest emergency outlays in April were $45538000 for emergency relief $23933000 for civil works $23735000 for the RFC and $11- 217000 for railroad loans by the Public Works Administration While the civil works closed operations last month the clearance of checks already issued will continue for several days Beggs Appeal Is Set for April 20 The appeal of George Beggs from two orders issued in district court at Weatherford in the suit brought by the Attorney General in connection with disposition of the E D Farmer Estate has been set for submission April 20 by the Second Court of Civil Appeals here In fixing the date Friday the appellate court granted -a motion of Beggs to advance the submission date Brggs is appealing from two orders issued by Judge J E Carter at NVeatherford one restrainin r him from disposing of the estate or its profits and the order instructing him to file an accounting A bearing on the main case in which the Attorney General alleges that Beggs did not carry out the provisions of the Farmer will is set for May 3 at Weatherford The main ease seeks to place the Farmer Estate in receivership Beggs has filed a plea of privilegeasking that the suit be transferred here A notice of us pendens wah filed here Friday by Assistant Attorney General McKinsey It listed various tracts of land in the Farmer Estate as being involved in the suit and pointed out that the Attorney General is suing for "title and possession of the real estate and to establish and foreclose a lien thereon" WAR MOTHERS ADOPT - SYMPATHY RESOLUTION A resolution expressing sympathy at the recent death of Mrs Henry Hutchings wife of Adj Gen henry HutChings was adopted by the American War Mothers Friday Members of a committee writing the resolution were Mrs George Q Mc Gown Mrs O K llelfenstein and Mrs Roberta O'Reilly Honor Student at Baylor Miss Mary Sodd 2S32 North Main Street is one of time 261 honor roll students at Baylor University Waco for the last six weeks of the Spring term She is the daughter of Mrs Esau Sod(' and a member of Turner Memorial Baptist Church Miss Sodd wilt graduate in June 111V CARLOS GARCIA - Mayor of Bolivar Valle- (Copyright 1934by Associated Press) BOLIVAll VALLE -Colombia April 7--The Gaugueros Indians who found the American Mining engineer Newton C Marshall in th e jungle after his airplane crashed March 10 told me theit story today The survivor who is from 'Milwaukee had suffered the agonies of hunger and despair 15 days in the matted forests when they found him They helped bring him here Friday - Marshall also told of his fight for life atter leaving the wreck of the airliner Von Krohn despairing of tieing rescued Here is the story of Noel Jaramillo the Indian who first saw Marshall "We were fishing to find something to eat Alejandro Arango Jose Jesus Ocampo and Heine Ido Echeverri were with me At the bank of the Urbie River We noticed the white man lie was making signg to ns Frightened by Grimaces "We s-ere frightened by the signs and grimaces that he - was making Finally we gathered courage and went to him - - "He made us understand something about an airplane We asked him what be had eaten and he said only water (That was March 27 17 days after the airplane had crashed) "We led him to the river bank where we took from our provisions some panda (a course brown sugar made from cane) When we gave him panela he seemed to gain back a little strength I removed his overcoat which was very wet" Jaramillo said they had - first disz covered a piece Of a man's shirt and then a necktie Further on they found where someone bad been sleeping Then they came upon the body of a white person already in- the process of deeomposit ion In this was the plane's mechanic a German named 110116-alisliommomEakoomaialoommostv 6011 Rev 11 A Ironside of the Moody Memorial Church in Chicago who will speak at a meeting of the Community Bible Class at First Congregational Church at 'Z:30 p m Tuesday CHARGED IN FATAL BEATING By Associated Press BRADY April E—The beating to death of Bill Jobron a highway department employe in what investigators were informed was an argument over a dice game was charged against L G Deuran and C M (Whip) Jones in murder complaints on file Saturday in Conch° and McCulloch Counties The two men were held in the Runnels County jail at Ballinger along with a 10-year-old boy said to be Jones' son Officers tried to question Deuranand Jones about the slaying but could obtain no information from them Johnson was clubbed fatally with a pistol butt Friday near Melvin in Concho County and another highway department employe Reuben Corbell was badly beaten Johnson succumbed to his injuries after being brought back to McCulloch County His home was in Brady Physicians who treated Corbell in a Brady hospital said he was recovering Hubert Stephenson acting sheriff of Concho County and his brother Dr O Stephenson of Sweetwater arrested Deuran and Jones as they drove a coupe out of a side road into the Eden-San Angelo highway several hours after the slaying Two pistols and a pint of whiky were found in the car Deuran and Jones said their 'homes were in San Angelo but they had been living in Kilgore recently Den-ran was released recently from the state penitentiary on a conditional pardon granted by Governor Miriam A Ferguson Ile was -convicted at Abilene in February'1930 of murder and was given a 20-yea r sentence He was accused of the shooting of Frank Niurrel in May 1928 in Winkler County Conch° County officers filed murder charges arainst Deuran and Jones at Paint Rock while McCulloch County officers filed similar charges at Brady The 1931 cotton crop in the United States was the second largEst crop in history - INDIANS WHO FOUND SURVIVOR OF PLANE CRASH TELL STORY Hancke who departed witti the pilot Captain Geck in search of assistance) The Indian continued r Stayed 12 Days in Jungle "We went on with Mr Marshall helping him over the worst parts of the trail Alejandro went ahead to make some chocolate in our hut He came back with some of it before we reached there "This happened the afternoon of March 27 - "We' asked Mr Marshall what airplane he was talking about He replied that on March 10 be had taken passage at Andagoya en route to Bogota- "Ile said the plane was up very high and that the aviator thought he was over the Dauea Valley and began to come down "After that be remembered nothing until he recovered his senses at 1 o'clock in the afternoon Then he saw there had been a wreck" - The Indian told me that bis comrades had gone to look for the wreckage Marshall told me that he was 12 days in the jungle before he left the wrecked plane and went in search of help Three days and three nights after that he saw the Indians - Was Unable to Shout "I regained my senses two hours after the plane crashed" he told me "One of the passengers Julio Notz had his arms and legs broken - I remained with him mostly in the cabin of the plane until he died four days later "The pilot and mechanic were Injured After remaining with us two days they went into the woods in search of help" Marshall described his meeting with the Indians "I was unable to about" be said "My mouth had been hurt I‘had to make signs with my hands That probably frightened them all the more I finally made them understand that I was calling for help" —2 ' PAGE FIVE SENATE ROMS NE IN HEADACHE FOR TAXPAYER By Associated Press' WASHINGTON April 7L-The Senate brewed new headaches for the taxpayers Saturday - The tax bill which was a $258- 000000 measure as it came from the House already is up to a proposed $330000000 in the Senate with a strong likelihood it will reach $480- 000000 before it is passed An amendment by Senator Couzens Republican Michigan that would add an estimated $55000000 and one by Senator La Follette Republican Wisconsin that would be good for perhaps $95000000 more were given the approval Saturday of Senator Harrison Democrat Mississippi who is in chrase of the legislation The bill as received from the House was boosted to $330000000 in the Senate Finance Committee before reaching the Senate floor Senator Couzenst proposal is for a 110 per cent superlevy to be effective for one year (nay The 10 per cent would be figured on the tax itself a person whose tax came to $100 for - example adding 10 per cent of that and paying $110 The La Follette amendment would boost the super estate or inheritance levies beyond the finance committee rrates and cut down existing exemptions Both proposals are certain of Senate approval The present normal income provisions fix a rate of 4 per cent on the first $4000 of net income and 8 per cent on the excess The House and Senate bills strike make it a flat 4 per cent but with surtaxes on amounts above $4000 ranging up to 5a per cent By beginning the surtaxes at the lower income figure instead of at $0000 as at present and providing higher rates and lowering the exemptions for income from dividends and partially tax-exempt interest the pending bill would make up for the loss in revenue due to elimination of the 8 per cent normal rate now in effect Persons with small incomes would - benefit because the personal exemptions now allowed in payment of normal tax would be extended to the surtax schedule This is not permitted now In addition a credit of 10 per cent on all earned income up to $20000 - would be allowed under the Senate bill as against $8000 in the House nieasure - Guns Dynamite Seized by Police ST PAUL April T--Seizure of guns and dynamite by police in an abandoned cafe was announced Satur day as authorities continued their search for John Dillinger the outlaw Two shotguns a rifle and a suitcase filled with dynamite were taken by police from the Green Lantern Cafe which was closed by officers two months ago - What prompted the search and - what connection it had with the Dillinger hunt was not revealed by officials Meantime Federal Department of Justice agents many of whom have been sent here from other section followed undisclosed dews in seeking Dillinger his lieutenant John Hamilton and a woman who shot their way out of an apartment here last Saturday Members of the St Paul Apartment Owners Association Rta meeting night approved a proposed city' ordinance to require registration of all newi apartment tenants The ordinanca will be taken - tip - in the city council next week Under the proposal new tenants would have to fill out a questionaire giving information - about themselves which would be turned over to police - LAPSE OF MEMDRY- BLAMED FOR :CHARGE TIFFIN Ohio April former IIeidelberg College football player re- - turned from Abilene Texas ' to face indictments charging htm with issuing worthless checks Friday —blamed his predicament upon a lapse of memory which he said he suffered after his-neck was broken in a rollege football game in 1932 Prosecutor Paul A Flynn said The youth Valton Sharp 22 was indicted in January on charges of issuing two worthless checks of $5 and one for $750 to Tiffin —stores while he was a Heidelberg student Prosecutor Flynn who questioned Sharp after he had been returned from Abilene by Sheriff- Vern Dents said Sharp told him his memory must have bees affected by the injury for which be still is receiving treatment Sharps home is in Abilene : NEGRO YOUTH IS KILLED - TRYING TO BOARD ENGINE Lois Lewis negro IS of 151 Lucy Street was killed at 7 a m Saturday by a M-K-T tzwitch engine he was attempting to board on a trestle in the 500 block on East Rosedale Street - The negro bad a package on one hand As he tried:to swing on the engine he slipped awl felLtinder the wheels mi - HATCHET SLAYING TRIAL SET AT OKLAHOMA CITY OKLAHOMA MTApril - ert Cargo alleged hatchet slayer of A L Luke mgedBethany nurseryman will face trial hese Young Cargo- arrested in Alabama several days after the' slaying March 7 was said by 'attesting officers to have confessed lie pleaded not guilty at arraignment Friday and was held without bond VILLAGE IN POLAND IS DESTROYED BY FLAMES WARSAW April 7--A wind-driven fire destroyed the East Galician village of Deuysow with A loss of five lives It wax reported bere Saturday Many persons wereinjured Periougty and 168 farm houses were burned Damage is estimattd at approxi'mately $600000 — - 1 11 )4) !k E g h co cr - :tTITIZI)AY APRIL 7 1931 FORT NVORTII STAR-TELEGRAM-EVENING - ' PAGE FIVE - To Address Class I - - -- - '-'777'-':'-::::Aril -::!'ii!:::::iii51-i'i!!::i4?:::::!'!:::!'!:!::'7li'!iti:11 - :1:-f::::::::fi--t::!::::::1::-J:1:i:::i:::-::!:!::::771E!:iif?:ii:'::!:il!:i7 i :-'':i'::'4-:'4::'-:::1:::-::'4-:?:R:N-:-: :--'4:-:'q::--::-':'':::::i'fE::?:':!:E':i--::iii-:'": ' - 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