Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 1, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1916
Page 6
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STERLING. . FptB«Y. OEC6MBEB 1, 1916, W. J. Sowh s D, G. Co. s^ / " ** / Ladies* and Childrens' Underwear '!<' 111 V. n .••<-|.-n-'M:M \; -- ',', i |V I il it |'J !•> S'j'..*,'». |||| i U'HT\\ (•:! !' i !*' -- >• -f ;!!:-! j i * : • • i i i f i • i • '! I."!'..:;- th,' ;>fi ;in!-' I'Mfloj) ;t,||i| 25c to 70c WHAT FAT-fOfeK-S SHOULD DO TO REDUCE WEIGHT Xeed Swamp-Root LEGAL LEGAL NOTICE. L I C. A L LOCK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE BOOK PALLS, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1916. HOLIDAY WEDDING BASKET BALL GAME Scl-cel And Anii Knackers Played Last Evening. AHa Cook, Of Shabbona., bd J. W, Steffa Of This City th"- ,Vt)!i Kn>'ck>TH 1,'iHl m Mc\« -H's hall. A i.irye Married Yesteiday. j-r-..,.i v. MMC-H. ,i she «an»o win, b wa< ] i t • r\ ex.-itinc I-IH . The Antl k"""" """ ..',., .!"'" ••"•» >'•• -' -""••* ""I" -''• !" ~t. Th, \ttti KlHukeis W.'l.S... .md I'lovd'll. J Jn> .1 Sfon- i<-r juiit 1 >>-u- <»U Wit* .an ' in't l «•-! tnt:-'"I!, u Te't- \\ :,t. F»t ii f ThiinU'!',!-. inc dny. The v. ..-.I- j ' >1i "-' l! ' t ^"'"""^ Ff7.k""f'i.»ee »•. i.itrTi no,,!! :.- •!•,. • ;,?".,.;,,„;,' 1;,',•'7»-iro'i f .' of ttW hrhb-'s I'nrt M«i, Mr MH i i ., ,, , i,| ,v!.-,.n, k ;, pho ,• ;i <*. SI. Conk hi Hha'ihoirr. j hue m. f,.| the H U'h • -. hem-Kt* included onlv twi-c.t-. -me j '""" t; V f ' ! '' 1 '"'Pi', it an , t > i' lotwitrd*: !*,•!, v Hum lUWK'dlnto relative*' i;.» l! '•'':.,|,I Sin,(I, c.iMid*, l.tovd Knlllt-ns t<!ld the !tnpri"--:vi' • > I \ i- • -i , ,.,,.,., iti - th<» * '""ti-. Ih ht;: i-'i-m. ! inbbd., i,rui,i r.-uv,. HOLIDAY GATHERINGS to the rooms and for further em- -..-.„_ _ there wen- rn.ii • -. ll-.'v ' lv * a ">' FamilrM Entertained Pleosantly mm*. M^-; i't.i.k ,ti....sej iOn Thanksgiving Day. hi-r wrddiiiK an Mtnple .-•« I-OH-j .Mi, ami Mr-. C .v. 1-Veematl enter- and wore r» ttn\ cling Milt oi hlue | ».•»).iet| .-it tiitiuer Mr, ivn.l Mrs. V. c. icloth trimmed with mob -Kin. | ).",,, m:lt , .,,„• family and llettr; (,i!t- II < 1)1,111, , ' li dinner, n yellow ,m.d (."reeii to!..,-1 Mr ,,,,.- -,],„ •..•,•„„,„, swab enter- i-il at :\ K»'io-jr dinner Mr. and Mrs. -<-•.'• :n -• : -h •-.I -. -I '-t!i- a -H/i- !>!• j- -I p. t.p!.. , x.-t liojjuh:-;.;--, i A f. XV W ft ' n--<- i.f KiTt ih !<• -1: :t!!,1 f t! h:i.-. i" ub -1 • !.'. •> .tin! ofi"'r iTi-i'.f iir s'i::-..t-is (iff- ,!tT" ''-.-• i--i--•'>'.: < 'ii ,-t" Kf'i'- in ;:; M----'sTt i" th«.- .-i k:!!t;i! ,--•.- i!,-! id *•'••• fft y.n-K.-ir h'-w ,jui«-kly ,:n,i i.' ml, - -I', it w »T !,«, -s M..IIJ«! ;iri-l SY.w A. .! H..VV.H.I -.; as the ,.( Thorni'M-n <•; Si i". .1 Mi^vif r and j '.o. ,'ir.d Mr. am/ i u?^'i;ivinu Mr and Mt<», (!.. l>r P i dr c TAMPICO NEWS J SURPrtlSEWBIRTHDAY Mrs. L. W« Oenisbn Was Honored by Her Daughter. ,!,,. M-^M-V'- i-." retm-lv ->:••' .\>-.\ ti, i.v.-t - •-••!t(!t!i.-,v. •• - ':•', f,i on-- d' f.rt!'!'- n * *|:i ft Ti v .1 ? IH- M( "I.' rf y~" Tt-r^-n nts; to test i r-<! t,-!l i i-n!" •fmroii, N. Mi i!s,! Mi-i Hub" Smifh e>i»i'-t t.'iioed Mr. :iinl Mi-- .lesy ;md ^I'MI ,-uttl '.its l-:\iirm and fhildit-n «{ Clintnti, b--,\a. Mr ;in,' Mt* I'i. d Smith 'iv t-nx i n- t> i t.-iine>l ,-it a >i% (.! !<•, k t!ii:nt-r l 1 .!;!*,-^ !:,,.! t •.'t »!•>!!,!•• of t'U' Jt-hn '. " t-io i \ a! n Sniiili. «;;*?-.-H. IHi-f-v i eit> t'tif. r lam.'d of Mr. ,«iKt .Mi..-. for .Hoektord Hhele the> Hi!lj]; al | tho wrrk «'nd with hi>* rrl.-itivev, j BJT Will make thl« city their home, j M,- ..,,„) M,S. Thonvm Tehan Monthly. Air. matiam-i- «MI i!u- (id and l« well knuwit to niany i In thlM commitiiliy. MIHM C.M;U t«» |icn[»io ln-rv (iimt •'"* j f.imily «ere cnterta'm-d at ilinni'r M( 1 k the home ,.f Mi. nnd Mrs, lid Miller m Van I'etten, uL nurneroiiH n«K'l;tl tunt'tifmM " i 'WlHch guvf .t-viilt'iicc of lu-i- j>it|-u- Mr. .ami Mis. .1. K. N'evvton entertained at tM'ttni r Mr. and Mr««. K A, . N:•-'.'. ><»ri and family. Mr; ;5tnl Mrj>. I, !v ctiit.o!! ami family, and Mr. and Mr,'. I SHirtev.-inl, THE ODD FELLOWS MEET I. d'. O. F. Held Meeting Wednesday Evening, Tin' i--iid l'.|lo\x.«, held an iui,<tt'.<>! im; m>-eliluj U e.|ll,'>d.i >' eVeilil'.y;. Tltri,- ua« ;i xe|-x i:nod ;i! teliM.t n,-e. The re«- 'il.-ir t.'iitine n! ?.-.|^ines^ xxa-s i-tni,-d ot>, Th. tint' « i" I hi H -'pe! 1 ! .-..ti-i (Six, ant! stnokini,' tlie cl^.-trs that lienmni r-ent. MOTOR TO AL.IXIS, Mr jind Mi f. •ii'i.'fKO llayileti. Mrs Iila SuaiiMon, .MiH* Mari:ar«>t Mow rtr .'ititl Hiifotil I'.irrhiKlon motored tt Ali.vbi in thv Hitvden c;ir to ^i-.-iu Thai.ikxiiiv.nt!; di> nt th- home of'Mrs III) o\«it'T fliuichter, per time '-<£fj f"f "K r-.-uno In uo- down to th'. Clyde MrK«-n,tie. i: ]:. i K, We?!. T I-:. i>.'!)K-071, t tin Hi. tid jiir;« tei'II sat The cm-.*;* worr- i-'.mm.t l-*V«r- •i;^ tr'-t* pi-.; -a-iti. :-. I'; Ki'.ro--; ,v c,, . f!;>i.-.!,. 'V., f.-r ;i Mmt ic !•"!!!<•. f\" i'.r.- ! i- MI! ,- and ltieli!i.t:i Tic OUMIME GOLD CURE-DRINK TEAI 1 (if Hi". i<! T.-.x ..r- :>s (h. (o-itiHin f-.lks i-i!S >!. ' H:unfMiii;*-r ISni-t Tii- <-," nt ,-vr:v phnttlrii'V. " Take a (a hb-?-|><>< 'tif 111 '•f the tt .-i. p'it n fup of itt.tiins; water ;ip.»n it. p«t!if thiti!!!,b a MI \.- mid f'lH n? aisv (itm It i rtif e r.towti, Kthel !>otv. Monty Ko!J, spent in viMtHitf ri!id «-n;i>>ir-,s mnsii- S>> the youiic folki until ,» !a!,« hour. TIRED OF 'BEING FLOODED. Olt-il i;ia««l»ur<i is iakinv ;nh antate of tlt<»." fine M'ilthtl' I-.1 hail, Sand :s!;.l til! Up 1 !u« . :\ <..'lp!e of (f, ; t,, .no|d. "b,t\ intr i( full of water tt.' that depth Use > around. There ?>-*-mf< to be a \eiij t>f xv.itt-r e!ovi> to thr surface there whi, Ii mahes it tli?fi' ult to have a i-eilur free from w.itcr.• GAVE PUPILS A TALK. T!,' S. Philip.-.-, of sterlinu'. \i.*itf-,l Tampieo on bu.finess Wednesday and -.hulls a t,-l th.- ni.'*t ,n.<;!Vi -sx.^ ),, i-tiaU a cfi!i) •Mul C!|r" Klip. US i! <'jn-!is the pores. r> ii<--vitii; t «.;u.-.t ?-Ui n. A!s.t |i><>^ens the tj«'\Vf: •t.x, /tkini; rt, t-old fit one*'. tvt* rttttl **lt!irt-fy vrjrr' hurmlt-sn. M. llfilii Clnra 'J. -' .' - -f .\te!.il..i;,l ,\.| •.,.:• • if. .td i. Mai j. .\.i.nn ; !' An Kil.-'fid ' A.'.:•!,-. !. '. I >• Mlii-,- . ^ tl\ •<;:•.: I !•>„• !" ;r* ,-Hid -,)' v ;•-••< ,-f 1 '. ;:,'::-: t u tft ,,f < ;, ,,; ^, :>-• 'n.ktio« ;i f;. j.-.s ;,, ,. • f !VM v l. J..ft- j- Of r-;.- PhJt<-ti--i L. J.-ff, i < !.'<!-! y I,. .I.-ff.fxi. i«l-i . ie. .\|-it>'oii H |!.,1/! W ,,,, Haldwiu, the nnk'novvn I '"t »«.-lVe j!) flit, ,-;..! » f Uip. .-I!.••T T',..m, ' 1 !••- ft-:!!,../ I -, . i ;;; t -,. s v |, ai-'l ij. f'-i,< h. i, !,,f,... Ill the .. : t |<j "" -i '-.ilnrn '.: '•'< ' i> h't .1 il! ti't tl- f-'Irt k • nf th,. ;Mi"f S'-ift- uf }Hi- :j. , : < hereby Ely,- n to th.,t the ciini|>, !u- bU! of compbiini I. Will liulf «fct|,,?i tw. :>:•,-». H.. , nt t«-*-tity. )..,r'vh vuitm- fi the K.Minh Ci'itu ii,.-'i! in Whit, l>f-r j»Iat It- . t ur1y. lllin«'i« In MI«- IJ«-,-i l--*t!et1 tint of sard CdUi t >wan;^? -.-aid »iel«-nd,-trit..! and ( acli ,,f Hi. rn jfti.iji<alib> t.n ihe rii^t ,\buttt-iy •'f tl'it- January Trim. A. I»« 1','IT, of -,li..i Cii-fiot C.iint i\n is required (jj |;,M .-ind <:iid eauist. | H W !||| j,.. n ,j". HSU ami i:n,b-t«-t milK-d I 'bar leq \\*. MeCnl). I'lt'tlj ,,f (||,, Cifi-uit Court of White. A. A \Vt.if, i «p«r«er, Sollt-itnr for.tin whilv here cavi "the -llayden's |>aronts, Mr. mid I-M ROCK FALS BRIEFS iples Getting Mr, and Mrs. K. \V. Slater ent, rtnin- _ ed at dinner Mr. and Mrs. !'. ii. Slater Very Uncommon r" f% |* ! " r M'f • --- _^____ • Mr, and Mrn. Andrew Poidesoii en- Calcium W«f«r« Have'.Done! l'-'t«hie-«l .-it dinner yesf-iday. Mr, ,-itid London for Society in Riddmg It' of Pimple» and Other Skin Eruption*. . . frito for .1 Free Trial Package- dt'u't MV anywhere ne;ir the ! Ml-- 1 Moi:eiiHeii and daughter. .Mice. ;ind Arthrir 1'oniesoti. r, and Marl M< l>-nnan inlni-d at ThitnkxgiviHir diiifier, Mr. »r of face*. (.IH>M«M| with pim-j; 41 " 1 - Mits ' i: !: - Xl " l!5 : ""' ^ Htuurl's Ciib-iiim ,, Wnf>.-:> !' r»e jso wididy. known «n,l N"« . Ili Mr, itnd .Mrs. John Thompson en~ tt rl:iineti ;tt dinner ycstenlay Mr. a^nl ,Mr, and Mi'?'..John liemblock and Mr. an.i Mrs, Sinub y <!r:il>aiu weje eit : i tt'i'lultied Ml' dinner ycKterday at the Mr. nnd Mrs. Clarence Heck- John and I'. H. Xinnneiinan i\i"ht In Shalihoua Thnr.«tl,-iy while they f»!-.-n« Hie day 'htint Itw. Willliim Smith and Jtdai C. TI;M \ w'l-nt to Auront ThimHiay nn'iininx" f.u ;i short vifui, Harold l»t-ei« «p». »t Tliank^Kiv'HK at the ht'tne ot h:,s p.'lli -»!i« in N'e\v Ketlford. .Mr, ;it,>( Mrs. I -'red Ibtwe and ( ] ;( imh- tef. Chailoltc. Npe'tit 'i'!vfJj;i\ mi; ,in Moi'llHoli \\ltll |eI.ttlvi x M. John l»iuir«y iiuTittn-tl tu M.diioii nchool u line talk on ",\Vliat a Country l?i<y fia ( iv In X« w YorK'> tefHn 1 ,: of the tn.'iny .points of interest asui i-iidit;K with fiome very Rood advkv tn the \'olims people in regard to i:ijuriou.« habiiK and u word pit tnre of tho evil.* to be found in t\ fjn-nt "< ity. TAMPICO BRIEFS, Mry. John Thomns. of Thomas', was in town Wvtlnesday afternoon tradittK SAGE TEA DARKENS HAIR TO ANY SHADE Don't Stay gray! Here's a simple recipe that anybody can - apply with a hair _^~ brush. «•' f>f S-.»KI' utiil Kul|i!uir fur r*'- f«ili-«l, cray hiilr to jt« nntitral • O.'it<-s 1» 11 k tu ui.iniliiuttlH'r'M tiinc. UM^J It u* 'k« v >'ii (MT hnlr Ix-nuiifitUy . (;)<).•<«>• and uttraftivc. When- !n-r h;«lr t<>'«k on tint. >ln)i. fsiilri' CHANCERY NOTICE. ... .. WhitesiiSi. CiH.mty. i s. in H.,,,U 4 of i'i.'tlx on j In the Cjix-tilt Court tu the January ! - w " ''• I'ef. iitl.'tfits" I Term, A. I». l!Mt. Inj:i:;ili«:.j.i lliit.U^i.jotM...:p M i^- -i—Mr^-^r*^--| htvf, .10 ih-.iri.irc 1%. Jtnmbitli i|[ hvintTt. flberl.v. of Tbom.-tn \V. •Trumbiiii i rf he b.- i!.,idi, TrmnbulM. Thon» W. Trumble (if livliiu*, U. unknown heirs :u,d ,|. - \'i I ^lM'*4 itf '{' s tt»i'ii VI' ''t* ti •* **-^ ! . »^ i'i .j s,-'.' iii!* s. \», irjitiiiii* 11 iir M*' be ,!,.;,,«,, i':ii..!;iie Tnunhb- iv of In Chiiiirtij, f)u" ftffidjuit ha vine l»«>«-n mutir- tb.-it UN- al^-ne ti:iniiMl dcfi'iidant, liiivid My- •~rn is a tiiMi-n-slttent ,,f \Vlttt(>«lilrt Cmiiit\, jitid St.Mo "f IIHnoiM. and h.'iv- ini; t.i"-u IHt'i) ill the office of the Clerk nf (he <,'in-nit i-ourt in ^nitl <*ounty arnf %vJth < rful Mr. and Mrs. II. T. Nh'oUj and daughter ,-\r\ill:i left Wed ncsday nft- t rnottii for their formt'r home iit \Vls- oiiii*>br to Client! ThauksKivirti: \vit)i fi'lat iv t-s, Mr. and Mrs,' \y. L. 15ri>\vn ute thvir while h lit Mr. an-! Ml,-. H. ! ', l»a^yeil aad family and Mr. iiiul Mr.-*. V*". _ K. I'almer tnoiotitl in tendon where tJtey MP« nt «ro rh'h lit caleium IH a wonderful blood putillor. hom inn n. : Mr. ;u>,l al Tlui I-*, Hrmis Mlns Mill Joli'it P.jle enieVtajneii dimu-r Mr.-tmd- -! <i HH;h:er, , - \\iims. Klla, and most renuu Kable action in j l -''*'. "fikln. You run almowt .MM- th, .Nir. .in<l Mix. }'.'•(•! -Shephettl. Mrs. J. JVI. .Van I't> .Mail; and Miss Mildre.l i'-Sir' iiixt'ii vveic enteriaillc'd I. J, i !re< n wi-ni to !>.r.-t ripoi t anil tie "1'h. ink; -;;a inn; uiiiiit r with rct.i- IUeS ' . . AJi^.s Kliniti" A< Ken ^pent Thanks- Kivint; v\M(i her pin-iits in ' KlKin. • ' .\!i'.t:i Cv'ieii.i St'ott, nf t 'hh v ;»«ii. spent tht» >vet k .< '.rtt I lietf y.ith her p;tn nt.s. .Mi.-s I'eiil.'ih Cole y \vt.nt to ChiiaKo WeiliifMtlay e«, e.nim; \\hefe «he «lll linnvr hi Malta with Mr. an.I Mrs*. J. M. Jacob*. Sterliiu; T.'irKe !,-< carrying: Ms hand very carefully th>* week on arconnt of blood p«>ifio;i caused from a .slight brill.",*. I'aul Wa«, riKtici ht in weuritii; >=i.>mi linniUi^eK on b(«. t'.o.'e ;*»> a n-Jxijlt.of bebiK thrown a^aiiist the top tif his iiiil.i Jiy a deep rut. Mr. and-Mi*. <>rvU!e l.ioiv, i-f MM -n-ct. Hut hrovvini: lit Itonif is ninnxy iimf <>Ut-<>f-<5;»t<>.' N'"V\iii!,'iyH. liy iif-kiiiK' lit •iny tlriiK yt<>r<' £Vr n «<» rent hntiln nf "Wyi-llt's ,Sai;j' juuj Siil)i|irn Coin- l"'Utnl." yuu wilt K»'t thitJ fnnions nM I'rvp.'AiHtinn, irniiniM'il liy thi- ;ul.Htii»i) i»f (>ih*T litKr^ilti'titH. which ran In- <>i'- •Minin <.r lUii^-i. the uiiMnnvn heir« and »bni-., ,,f Amruxtln Dmitri (if'he l,e deadl. S.ilnh I J. Wmjth I wife ,»f Aui:t.i.«((.) Smith), Au«iistiri*. Smith (if JIvitiKj, the uttkii'.wji /nits- -iiitl ,b-vlf4.-e« of Aui;i;-!«..,. Smith (If he he 'tier,,! |, is tsmtth iwtf,. ,,f Mnith). Ar.hilml.l Adam- (if JIvii.K) t!u- iinki!..M,'n hi'lr'x and (i«-vm,- ( -H Of Ar.'hii,i t j.l A.h.nis (if hi- In- t!.-»i,n f nonoi- hereliy of Adams .\vjf, |.'"trfrn-<f.rrli, krunvn hi-u* hen.-* ami devif !H-< i if he by ( Wife uf . l ho nil- I'crr.v 1, .hff..m Uf liviiiKt. the Adt-lihf J><-niiJfi). Known ii.ii> arid, devi- IK- de ; .... { Vtifi- of'Peri v 1,.- L. na 1. .bilflH (wife of'Peny \.- J, T,',', «), .,»„* the nwner.C ,,f |,, t t w ,,|y,' j, i, a ]f of th in quarter State ufoie-t. «-n t" t'lif p;-\\ .. ••oinplaiiiaMt hiretofote tiled, her i f eoMsfii.'iint on the rharirery Hid .*aH) court; tis;it a xlimmoiiH hi r-aux. th*tf«'iipi>ii ii.Mied out of Maid I'tMirt riKiUn«-t «ald di-fi-ntlant, ri-tnrn- alile (.. thf ~:iitl rourt on the t\r*l jlay ttf tht next ,1,'Uiimry t«>rtn therei.if, ttJ lie held at Hie tYmrt !Ii>UH»>'ln the «'My of WhU«>ildo t'oiinty, •in jlH> tlrst Mt.ndiiv of Jrinunry. A. I.*., ' J'!.!."_. a.?...!.!*.I.'V .],'U\_l:euuJied* wJUch caiuiw^ H -HlHI riendirtii nmi miiletermliiiiil in ' .. .HlHI «U«l fiuu-t. . rind undetermined in Charles W. MeC.a 11. , Clerk of wild Court. Van Siillt and Hubert W. Nov. L'ii, Dec, fi. 13. ^0^. GUARDIAN'S SALE, ~~ Sand, MtVh.. ' ai rived here moi ldn« to ml u«xiay \\\\\\ IllHO H'tlloVert bl.lck oily, -muddy i'omple\ioti, r*-d- kin i-anh. itch and erupt ions, *nm- pausii' It l» nutuiVn most mar- 3U8 rcnii'tly. t»(l it-lit box of SliwrtV Cal- Ht »«ny drui: titoiv and >-->lt'rday. Ml. f tiimicr .nt Ml;< -Waym- 1^ Mr. ai'd MI.K. VV, \V. l.ourie i-nter- taini'd fT"dinii(«r 5'e;i|erday M'r. nnd ,MJH. I. A. I'niand and daughter. UllOW Vhat L'J__<!u wUh !.Xef|. stock of lu.iir * Ki'ow'itiK imji- r * '•el* Mr .in I Mis lor!aiie<il at the .' h.-ine of Mi-.- ami ,Mr.s. \Villiam Me ' A *;eitli» were ««n- isu! vlrij; dinner 'at Br«Hi»e for a tire r. and Mi- Its in rt Mi=N«il sptickwee of tluw wontlcr work- j ,'., m . M , ,,. .Jhnwrr-jv.-iwdBy Mr. and Mrs. ''• K |!e;:htol o.f l»«-Ka!b. Mr. and Free Trial Coupon IT, A, Stuurt Co., 343 Stuart I lum mall, H fw trial jtuurl'B Calcium NV^fcrt Htat»« i \Mrw. I'hdhp l'ox»» and r. )*hyli«. Miiji Ha '.e| Thompson; Mikwe.s Mnry ' Ktfhlnsi n, Amelia lit Ilii-r and Hoyd I it<-ijiio| of StturUnj,', ' ________ ...... _______ : ___ ...... ..... _ I . ^—, .. . i ?.tr, and -Mr*. l''nink Tayl'ir . cator- ; ,ah» - d -at dinner 'yt-atcrday Mr. anil Mr*. '!•', -VV. Wh*H>U?r, Mr, and Mrs, A, Hf«-nd"lhe.'W, ..i Mr. ;-wtt»-« spoilt ThanliMKtvii Mary A'tey. Charle-s Spt-iUle with friend.N in ll.i Ai't'y, of Chicago, hero with Mrs Mr, .Mi>. \\ illnu ' l''rif/. upent nu day m Walnut vviih ivl- •, I'nmpbell is erectiiiK ti. now on Ki»:hih "\VIf»-irTt IS completed It Will be oil,- of the prettiest honn-H in.(his city, llar.ry I'riMtiry Went |o Aurout yes- i''«'diiy ami hpcnl the Imltday. Kied l»,if*s went to <,;,-ilesl)iiiK •Thursday tnorniiiK lor a lew d.'iyn Visit.-' Tb,' Kin^ lifi'.ild Will meet .Saiur,- j.lay ufleniooii at the homo uf, membei'H -anti (heir tru'iidw aru Invited. William Aieiawer, of Kai^an City, Alo.,- »|H'-ni. Thank>-Kivimi" lu'ti; nt tlu- ht-tiie of hi.H motlur. Mi>-. K, r. Jens- relatives, . Mrs. Ann \\"« i*t went to U'H'k • !-'alJs Tuesday, where sho, will vl.tit a few days at the b<>mt» of .her . diitiKhtt-r. Mrx. Parlene Canvlin. Mr. and Mrs. I-.'. Tt-mplo «n«I"Alr."and' T. K. Oonlson nu'torini -tw I'ruph- etHtown Snndtiy and visited aU the Jiojiu- itf K, L. Lynd.H and Frank Amier.-ion. _ : Mrs. John H.Uey was n iniysritsr-r to Clinton. Iowa, Saturday, whero »»!:«»' «pent hovornl day** visit ins hen foniK-r neighbor. Mrs" John Henley, Mr. and Mrs., John Vinnan ui»tonHl lip friini~~Ffrii»1iVt«lown" aha tiiok Viih- ner with the fui*nu r'« nieco, Mrs, llarty Sehoidler, Mrs. I'. A, McMillan and MIM. ICshd llowletl .motored tti Clinton. low, 4, Monday, wlu-ri 1 tluy tr.ui.Miu-trti" i>ss>i- IH'St!. .hifoh Cuiithn and. hit* motln-r. Mrf, t'Jt'orm 1 I'tUtit.. of SIorK Kails, fjM'iit a Hho'ft lime m Tuini-iro Tuesday aitvr- l»« nd«nt ui>''» ti» iff ton*., natural . iiiul ln.-(iitty l«i tln> hair. A w*-il-km<wn <iovvntowf\ «ayj«. it il.'trkv.HM the hiur->i) naturally uuS <»V''n'y tlmi nchutty c.Vn -4*>H it has* !»«vn aii{»h.'d. Vi>u Miniftly dninpon a il»«ii!'K<' iir soft with ft uml draw ttits tlirouu'h \iiur Iriir. tnkiistr out- stranri «t a linn 1 . I!y iimnilnij . the sray tuUr ilisn|i{>« •:»r«, ami stftor »n- >tl»«r twautifully ( Wy«'.th't< t«niu(J js a for or tw*i, it and Klnssy. siinl Sulphur Cnni- r(>tnjit»H>- i- \vtto d<'.«ir«' a tnnr«». yonthfut ;U<lM-;intiirf. It in n,Mt jr. runs ni!lit::tt!'tn nr for tin- of <Ji«- UM-tity. ii,.jti if Cl>! dv,l in iHe livo, l-i nnripal M«-riilian in U,- Illinois. « s p,- r plat township f- th \Vhite- MiihM'oumy, lllinoiM, in H»,.,k •) of \>\:\\> heen lib' the on"u>. ,if j| the Cin-uit, c..«it of y«i»l-AVhiti^b^ < 'Hinty a« by l.iw retp.iv,'d. n-. Kiven t.. y.iii tTiirt the -al.ovx nalh'ed' heretofore lib'd his e ' IH :>ou In .-.aid -'"in on (ti of vhancerv mukiiiK nil of the abtue'namctl parties defendant thereto, uid that a j- •it of Nr,:,j c.turt of th- t.ote n.uii.d (it-fendanls n-turiitilile «t in Moirt.son \ n N!S ,,| . Cotiuty ..f Whit. nit!,. ,,n l!,e day in .li reimir<»d uhich ry. A. Mi.n- by law .' IK now ' At Least, Jmt at That Time. stus. i |n» burly ci-doml mtin, was ns a vvorse for wi'ar-iimJ-\vlm» student HP tlu> dortulNtry *ifi'|i>i, ]mnset] and wljMHl th«» iH-rstilrntloii from ,|iis hnnv \ChT-n n bystander fult himself move*! in tnaki« riunin<>nt. "What* IH your offlchti cn'pnoliy, Hnstus?" "Who, nwt" \\utt tho roply. "WcU, I'll loll you right no\v, i»«ss,. mid It's thi* yci iiiK And iindt leiniiiied in Mihl e,.nrt Dated it Mori.sun, Illinois. Drvemlier I. IJUtT, H. C. Ward. J." A." \V-,id', s'.iicitor.^ for|i!;tiii'aut, FINAL SPECIAL ASSESSMENT" NOTICE. I'tlbHc notice in hereby given that tile i.twud'of l^ocal Jmprovcmt'iit.s of the City of KteiiitiK, Illinoiji. tiled H« tinal certitU'iilc of i-ompletion, ae-rept- Ktatt- of Coiiiily of Whitcside, Hv. virtue of a decretal order of tho rouiity Com t <«r xn\>\ -Couniy, entered at the AiiKiist term of Haiti Court. A. I). I'.'iti, on the application nf l-'rank W. Wheeler. (.Vuardjiiu. of I'aul \V. .\lurmy and Virsll O .\iyirray. rninorw, to sell tho following df'HcritM'd r»-al entato. i\\K to wild mhmrs,, Klttinted in tho Cmmiy-of- \Vhite-idt'. .Sttitf uf ll.'inois, An -undivided two-thlnln of I^it Flvp. in Hlooit Nino, in thi> City of Itnok l'*allM. NUiijj.j-t to the dower intertvit therein nf XcUiv K, Murruy. I xhall, on tin- Hi.xtei'iith dayXof December. A. I). 11MI5. at the hour of two • •'clock I'. M., KeliHiild iiiinot-M real '. at the w«'Mt door-of the |M^t- .* ill City of Mtvi'liiiK. in «jaid cutin- Term?* of .vale a.^ folluws; Cash" ,!uy ,>f snle. ' . 011 final •M"'" »tul I'm dc H nt ,dis y»»u liiKtitutkm oh Imniiu', yt^sah, ob dl i U , \\inu !er, Midi's . <N»ra and t»«*i|i c <t e of SiiTling. .Mrw. Kllu iJnt. and Mr niHl Mrs. K. I'. Taylor. ,Tho Ford car makes it* app««l to you in appearance a* well as 'for »erv.fc?, Larg« radiator and enclote'd ffin, strcnmline hood, crown fenders, entire black fini*h. n»ck«l trimminu*— up-to-date in nil requirement* for hand&urru) appearance—and nerving the people the world over «• a pioney-taving, time-*aV, ing, labor-&avmy utility- It is *urely yo.ur necessity, Thy Pot d car is just J* useful on the farm a» it it in the city! just a>. neevsiary to the bu*ine*» wan ««- — it iv to tba profcttstioinl man- More necessary t« every man than «v«»' befoi*«. Low purchase pnee ainl _ ' very economical to operate »nd maintain; Why not , investigate? Tcurmy Car $3ii£U—-ftlTnaTiowt $3-15. Coupelet $506. Town C*.ii $5|5T S»<i*n'"f8*5F i -tr~oT b. Oetroit-. On *al«r at - frank II -ck Palls- sen. Mr. and Mr,-*, William <!robo j«pcnt Tha'iikKKr. iin: in Xi IKOH with relative.**. Thaidt; i.;ivmg day in .Morriron with frioiids. • ' ' •> Mt'f.. Kn.'d lleinmrson wont to Mor« •vvheris Jihii Hptjnt day. Hel yle Mieka. <»f l-'.^anston. (15 here \lhtiuiiK' at the homo of her Krandpiir- i nis». Mr. and Mrs. It. JU Alklns. Ti-b WillinniH spoilt ThankKKivim; iLay Jn |jji<nii. ut Jiiu'Jiiituit «if his M»II, IC-nl Williams Mr rum M|j«. J M Coimett H turned ..Mr. ami Mrs. <».scar two fhlldrcn atM *bum and Hirdit* iUeav.tJi f Virrluowii were ciK-sts at tin- hotilv »f X. I-',. TonkUsson Sunday. Thv- K. C. |>..d^.' Cresimiiy Oo. has y, ptircha.sed u i«»a't irut-k m Eccentricity of Genius. Not a .ftnv famous men Imvo hoon n*>t**«J for thHr ffcfiitrlolty nf flrps/ 1 '). Buffon, tiu> nnturnllst, w«s pnrtlPtilnr, rilnxtst to ridb'iyovi'ijie.s's, 1n hl.s tlrt'ss. It W«,H hi« delight (o ijn-ss lii cosily tnntorinl and (o \vi-iir hu-os and from Ka*s fourth ..Sin-ot to K Avenue Frank \V. Whoelor, • Junnlian for Paul W. Murray nnd ViriUlvO. Murrny. Mimn>, v. I", :M. iJoc. I. 8. of .NKiriha W. ''IJiirrt't't, deceased. ' The niiib--1'ijityied h.'»vinu been ap. UtiHtcd executrix of Hit-(ant Will itml 'IVfitament of Martha W. Itar.rHt, latt: of the Comity of AVhitejiide and State .- f Illinoiv, tleccastHl, hereby K'V<'.S no- tico that jibe will n|>p«*nr beforo tlw County Court of Whitorddo County, nt . tho Court of City of. .Sterling . -ft. under <u»<l in )>urf.iianeo liiiprovemt-nt <HdmaiK-e No. 377. and the amount stimated by t| U v b»;>o r«iuired to meet arcrmnj,' liiten-st <m lj t > oiiried Ids hair with clul ntieiitioii mid when ut It uhvuj'!*;.fn. k wdr Clock With. Phonograph.. An Illinois ji-wi'lcr IIMK b.Ult « clock that J»l«jfi oin? or mon- si'bH'tlons on a i nttiiclmtoiit at d«'sU;niitfd o»t» Of Uu» old one which was woftr Wn>, l^rrell a.n*l Cora Undt'fhill . ami .Misses Berg*, and I 'ntlrThill of Prophet. -town motored t., Tunipii'o Tut'stduy afternoon to \ j&it friends. Mr*. Klltn JStt-wHri of (Irar.d l-Vrks, Vorth Dakota, urrneil belt- Wednesday afternoi'<n f,>r a" vis-it at th** homes. of IHT jtm-ms. Sir. an, I .\Jr.s. ji i they h<tii he.-n \IMI>II« lor a fow d.ivn, J'.Mi. and Alts, Samuel )Vu«h( and m, fMbori, hpent Tl'aukhgiving in rini'/'toJi with it' Resi uiut oih«*r rrl,»tu,«j*. Mr, and Mi« II is. CummiHus* motored, to Ibmtul «!'i«.\f Wi'dtifHti ty t.ti .« at tho borne oi Mr. at.d Mit AMI Stvuuit. , A sou was IH.I-II to Mr and Mi* 'Walter H, i"«>y November ;5 Mrs>, Itnth U.iV U, of HoopiHtb', «.«.-• la town UV«)ne*d.,y to »>pvm| «v j«S.>iit UtOt* \vilb her son. U Lev tfciv i» -iii.l f.uniiy. . ' , I thl.s r j\eck vviUi bi.'» moihtr* ill*. \V. tl d " I'.i, Thi'v *.\p«.*t« t.. tithcr r«lutH«-s in i«ait'»).urK K foil- it-tin mmt t "tne ^-^ Mi.-.. M «v Piihiui is '>cito>ir.U ;"ll M,- SAVE YOUR HAIR! 25 GENT BOTTLE STOPS DANDRUFF EVERYs BIT OF DANDRUFF .DISAPPEARS AND HAIR STOPS COMING OUT. Try this) Your hair appears glossy, abundant, waVy and* ' :: > - beautiful. ami voiu-herhi in.,siH-d to anttfipato tho • -.ollet'tion of the MKSessment for fWlitl work, in the County Court nt \Vhlto- side Comity, lllinuis, on Xuvomber 25 l!U*i, Said oerlilU-ute also whoWM that MI id work has be.,.irdom« and «xtni|dot«.>d in H.ubstantiid eonformily, bf the ro<|iiir<<- meiit.s of Mitt ordi.naiu-;>. sind ban been duly m-i-epted by waid board'. -* The mial "cost of KttUI in Morriffon, i\\ 1-Vbrimry term, on the .Monday in Kohnmry next, nt whlrh time* all per. •SOIIH havinjc claims axuiuNt tut id estalr" art- iiotilied uttil renuostcd to attend for the iHir'ioxi of hsivins the wuno ad- Justoil. All indebted to mild . and the nmoiinf' esinnaled for interest ' M«' s-hovvn in t<'aj(l lows: c aro as fn|. -Amoiiirt -due imib-r contract. .$11,SI? 8} Court i-o-ci,s and n,'<X'f..Hrt)-y ts- .irtt retjueKted to niitko iinmeditlto pay. rnetit to the undct^lKiied. Datotl this fifteenth day of November A. H, l;n«i. Martha W. Itarrett. ert'.-t uii iH»ud« ............ $ . i'7f,.oo J'Hl'lic m.tico IM further'i,-ivi»u'tlmt tlio t -ourt b;»H »vt- saul et'iUhVau- for hi.-urltiK on Ueci-mber is. A. I> I9ie at y o'clock J'.-M.. or as w.on thcivaficr aw the business of the court will ner- inil. at tho-c< nifty Vonr-r^un in th,« ity of Morn,-on.,, ut which , unii' and pUce you may be pioxvitt and he heard o» said ccrUticatu if you-do* t sTth day vf N Dated thtji 1». Jt>n; Houtl of Nov.-ltJ. :'3. DOC. i. ADMINISTRATOR'S .., K*tafe ,.f JameM II, ItoarH. 'Ihe imdethiMueil ..havifiK been „,.- pointi-d A'dmiiu'iirattir uf the cxialii of .lames ||. |j,,;|rk, late «tf th<> County of Whiteslde and .Slat.- of Illinois, dece« M Cd, lu<rnhy,S notlee tiiat be Ayill ap- pt\-*r befor,., (In County Com i ,.f Wliite.side Cotint.V'. ;tt the Coiilt J|,ni.-*«>- in MoiTi-»<,n, at. the l-'flnniary term, on i bo lirst Monday in February iie.v), ut time »l| perwoim bavim; TI Jminsr ~MiiT«I"«'MVtn«vTir6 tiVVi liled nTid rn limited to jstlend "for-'tlH<;.|uir|ruttu of the HH11H> HttjUJited. ll |u*ri|i>ii»i indelitfd to »j«hl e.Mtiitu roqu«',st,ed to niaku ImwuHllato pay- 'tit to the uiuioridRniMl. Uatt-il thii* 2dth day of NNivcmbor, A .^I'lO. Kiam-jM T. Hoark. ' ' ' , - Administrator, John A, Ward. Atlorii«>. ^, Nov. 24,J City of .Stctiuiir, 111. bcr. A Improvi-meiitH of certainly does heal f-f reports, cp^rfnjra period ii!y tLouj.sti'h v£ the Ke^ ibis time .lint J l'l>t I'jtl'lll III.IV t> h< r lu !\i -illl" 1-- f, md t > i U«>,--!«,IJ it^ t' M oftwtnty rVn u',?:l,'!,-" i'J ,, f i: ; *t "i <-| <~. i';'.. ft .1., I Ut -'. .>lF».»ju'sij- t ! . :i, . • -A...' J ,:;/ ,.-, J: .. j , < .f-> ', ,, , H tt i.,.' . 1 1 1 ,'« . ;; ' t;l» ln< « il h I-' I ii.t..^!i .iti.l MIC i Mill u ! Ii!. U \!i-- K'.im t N » ,».>!i b tt \\ . dm •'iti'. , \i ,i, ,"!' *«.-• t I I . VV : r- - \i ,l l ! ii nt'-r ,>ii !..-!.i.iij ^ i!». A!t> i J •! j, J s t, (' >-.( . s •i ti • u b..m. aj;« r i v,~ • . t4d«MU>.ss nnd fusil 1 I?, •mute' i-vith-iu'e of a noKlet'ted '« t!|>, of i|,u»4i atf that uwful scurf, Tt'.i'H- tn li(>lhniK MI de.slrueUve t<> i*"-hiit .»> d,unJrii!T It tub» tlm, Jiuir "f H« hi-ar*-, it-i stK-nKlh and its vory -if»-. «>\< niu illy piodiifiii>; u feverish- S-N. ui..I its-hiii.; if the Which if t.t\ ii-es t)u> iiatr >ttnti die -ibi-n tb, 1 A I!> Jtditi j;. Harmon. Secretary. _..__ ™'j_ilLil^ •'•'• ""*'• l - -• N °TICE Off APPLICATioN™FOR SALE OF REAL ESTATE- to; t ii l , i.-...f, ft \\hom it m.i> Concern- .\otuv t-s bueby siven, th.U the un- vntor of M.»rth.» A Hall, will JIMK,, application «> the l ,,tmty Cuuit of Whltc^itle oillltv, .-it it iftiUlat teltu Ihervuf. lu »»«• hebl i,! the Coii,M.» Coin! U,,,, m m 'EXECUTOR'S NOTICE, Instate of .Annie «'.. Ki-t'einan. deceaw- fd. Til bl»i<|| i|p- pointed K\«-utor of the la»*t Will uml iejvlament of Annie C. l-'ti'' ntun, bite of k tlie Coimt> of \Vhil«>idi> and Htalu of Illinois, ib-i'ea'it t|, hen-|,.\ Kii» M im- ti>'- thill- he \\ ( || (|pl'i'«ll befoie ihi. County Court of WhlioMde i Bounty, at till' Cdlllt HI MoHlvon, ;i( (lit. IVhruary t ( »im, (i »i Hint Momia> m the Ciu ,,f M,, the lu>t i, bf iiu- U. iiMin in Miid County, dav of J.iiiuurv, A. Ij, " - d ij thereof. f,,|. ( ,|," .- --,• ,,,.>.,,».t»| ij|| Itlfi ,tiui ih'fl,i» of .N4ihi Conn riuett- Jin; hoi follow | tCon«.ei \ator ton:,;) ? !,'!\* ,![ -..^e vt.i.i I, ar ' I* t .4 »% t', ut b'tttl tun, - Mill h,uu4> «if ,tii> »!ru« h or toilet »r ., y fa.. i t 1 c* '.'in •>, fx ! Th Young Men "Horse Sh>, ItilMihiM <i ill !!,,- {.' vj i, i, v , ., ^ Ii..;«., r>. tii.- l • 1-. , i • -.!• n . i. ih. !""•„. ^ • <-. . , j i;:; i! '"'. ii: ; : / '••*•/;, ; *?< '!, » v»>it !, , < \\ iJi .!j.i : t\ ', ( j, «; il- ,vr. s v>sr.t' - v< I) atfi i the tu>l ,ipplu-<ilu'ii .tUe on iljat life, lustre wbirh In no be.tutifal \\.i\v .mil tlutiy attd a,»)>'- u ,u »' ,if al'Utul HIM*. ,ui sv I «4 -VMn i, tit I tile t-.ilp .,, .( !•, 1 • I • 'f . 1.. .. [ • , . • 1 ii th wnid, or .,„ i,u;,-h lhtj«if'Ti .stutll MU.IH to v u,) »•,,(,,$ i,, tn,-' inn,. , ( ,,f h.iiti vv.iui -,tu,a,d iii the c«.iu,t\ of j,t IM .,iu ,(..} fit.H,. U (' uj,,i..iv i-.-uit tit* \.,It»<. t,'u,!i t. r ii nine I>."H 1', Al , th. i.e. W. ( !i.u> f.'. i feel. Kit , u lii'l' of the .SouthWej-t 1-hlp Kl«hlee|i (1),) t oln ,1 :,,|M^ South . u;|it\ mii'i , 1-Vbiunrj next. «»t which time ail i>ei - •NOUS haxniK cliiiniM aK.tlnsl {,«(,! f«tnte iir<" noimVd and rrmir'Jitcd to at I end "for O i>!irpi.i-i. t/f th ad- All p*-|j.tin= indfliied to Raid estate tit- i»-tnu'--ud to mukti iioni' tliate [nj- m> 'it to the imdoisiKiied. I'.Kt-d tins ;',!td day of Novenibor. A. I' rut; ^ \' .fniin c. 1'rceinun, -. r I '.\t-ciitor .1 o tt). c.ti'tiin Attoini > N'ov 2| |.i,>, | s I "it,it" .'5 Jam, s \ Alt ls;li t in. ,1m ,.,,.•,.' '!'''=-.. i.i'jb i-i«it, il h ivniK b. en up. tl... (..,,1 ' i»;"i it. : jt< i t",-.-: i«i t! ,. j.; ;,-t ,,,|!e hill,dud MM\ ' It':. f ' Xoith " if J ' - i.'l I...J, .-.". tv \ '• V'l ,1, i 1 l ofjl. • ,.f (I ,. <X U i., ) ,.'t .,,, i ill(> 1! -•' •:«- I.I I!., u, . •' ! > ! «" ' ,> t, | - ! • ' '• - I • • ) n )-,, . ' t- < I . - . . \,,, ,,. -s > I ' ( ,,, !( i m of .1 tines A M, l^hau Lite of Ihe CotlOl) oi- \VHitt-,;di- .nid' of Hilt,..!,, ceiscd, iutfhv, i.;ii..«> liuli, e th it he •ip)'e,n bft'i,^' flu- » t/iimv Cosut of Wbi(> -it),- C.,.|iit\ u the CoUH Ht.uhe lh>- !st -' M.-oiti', isi l'i'ht,ius i!*'\t ,t! '•v. • Ji i.t'.i i!i jut i bivti.^ t l,um> ; f i PI- ; ,..„ i , i ,,. , i, tiitt|ii«dnit.||.. !"- -••!!. Uf- n.i !• t !h, p.itp..,.. ,,f • t.v . V " . ' 'j ! I x ' . > ' -. .., r- >;!< >i t" tui t -t (!,• ' '. < 11 1 i i i i u i: 11 < . 11 11 < ['.is

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