The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on July 7, 1925 · Page 1
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The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1925
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The Morning Herald VOL.' 19. NO. 156. AVERAGE DAILY CIRCULATION LAST WEEK, 10,281 FOURTEEN PAGES. Weather Rain UNIO.NTOWN, FAYETTE COUNTY, PENNA, TUESDAY MORNING, JULY 7 1925. T.o Oisti SCOPES APPEAL CHILD MAY LOSE EYESIGHT AS RESULT OF FIREWORKS MISHAP Pastor Drowns in River INVESTIGATIONS BEGUN IN DANCE HALL COLLAPSE flame and eruoko from the burning powder in tho fountain. Blanche, who Is the granddaughter EsBle Hardy, eify doe catcher, nur- ORPHAN, PLUCKY BREADWINNER FOR LITTLE FAMILY OF 5, HURT Struck by Passihg Automobile and Has Leg Fractured 43 Bodies Are Recovered Special Grand Jury Summoned HEAR WITNESSES Hjr AasuclntM Prsoa 1JOSTON, July fl TltO Hliri.llR nnnntv rSvanrt li.rv SCHOOL BOARD NAMES OFFICERS Misses Fogg and Miller Are Re-elected as School Nurses Misses T.ucy Fogg and Sara. Miller ore re-elected school nurses at the 'regular meeting of tho Unlontown Board of Education held last evening lln the High School cflnf Mlss ffls Lyoo wa3Bred secretary o City1 Superintendent of Schools Dr , AJteman. cnoo.s ur. j. chased the fountain near her home Saturday evening, She returned to her home and momboTS of her family, not knowing aha had the fountain. para little attention to the jrlrl put off the fireworks, which sho had purcnaned. As Blanche lit the fountain, Bha failed to sfup back Quick enough, tha full force of the burning powder spouted Into ber face, terribly screams attracted members of the iHmuy wnq mtrriediy summoned pby slclans. HOLIDAY DEATH LIST MOUNTS Auto Accidents a n Drownings Follow Dance Hall Crash The km throughout to (he 350 : dents and the country mounted today ....... iuigiiiUDuo aces-. drownings nt tho bond ofi rL iTlhMwi0 B?Si!i CRbaral, tragedj. in which nerished, I Although tho Fnurlh uf July passed wiUi remarkably few deaths from fire-' IS DISMISSED BY FEDERAL COURT "ate," pui ttu u.L uay tun, Tenn., Friday LEGAL MANEUVERS By Aasocltted press COOLBVIL-LdV Tenn., July 3. Federal Judge John J. (lore this afternoon refused to issue an order restraining the elate of Tennessee from prosecution of John T. Scopes in mo iiuio court on a charge ot vlolat- ing tha Tennessee statute prohibiting the teachlns of theories of evolution in state schools. ' Scopes, scheduled to go ou trial in Rhea county circuit court Friday, soucm through his counsel to hao the Federal Court block tho etotel prosecution look-lng to transfer ot Ha 1 state! case to the United States com- trial would tnVn F-irf- t r v. reason why the Federal i'iar'. intti vcr.e in Ilia case. Mr Jol,n -... Scopes, gave notice that In the near future he will renew his petition for no Injunction at Chattanooga before Jude Ken Hlelis. presiding Judj-e of In the aamo or John T. Scopes and the other tn behalf ot Robert M. WIL 'Austin Pear. State Alfonrey General Frank Thompson and A. T. Stewart, ' M Steve Andrews, aged 13 years, Gallatin, was admitted to the Us. o! town nospllal yesterday afternoon sutferlne from a fracture nt the right an auromoDtlc o wnrkme u-lih i tha road gong of the Georges Con-j struction Company as water boy. Tha , accident occurred on the new i-oncretol r0ad 'cadj,c Into New Geneva. Steve ".b,'u1k a oippenui or water t was handing " . . , a,3 , a"!lp:a from I T rnn,!lE boaru of he truck he 6truck by a automobile and k"ock!ul ground. The lad was .r lej 10 the home f Dr- Brady at Gallatin and after being Riven first nblylast evening. CO,rort-1 wlth hc construction company In nn the little family nf twn boys n Parent two girls tocether. His' an older brother are de- Went Hilo evening ronton tonight In, TRAFFIC SIGNAL 1ta Investigation to determine the 1 VWrTrT WZ causa ol this collapse or the PlckwlcKI BEFORE COUNCIL Club building Inat Saturday ou a TI4IU L'VI,MIMI crowd or niore than 100 revelani. IHIB Ji V HjJNIJ(jr Word hm! ronia from tha wrecked building tliot the, last pllo of debris p,,,.,, , ,, , , had bean removed without disclosing;' , .,ur? ""'cntown's automatic rtt Zl i i ho eighteen person pUMy ani a ru!e. lu restu.d to th Trom th0 " "V W6r """" .miniH will be made, either to rcaurne 5 . 1 m0 T,h0 t'len,t1on of tl.o signal and still unidentified ore thoso of installation ot ethers or to remove ni.irf-i w. ' them entirely. Ulatrlcl Attorney Thomas O'Hrlen jHsl whal notion will bo to-ken bv IrL .r?f JJ?.L Photographer mada'u WI(8 assured that, something definite In the orcanizatlon of lho hnr,i I? was removed tn the hospital ivhero n T1T J . ? . L8 f0"1, A.;h? was reported as resting comfort-- in the ore,l,ir.n f ,h i , "a as ? J" 'he hospital where " rM""B LtvWCTett w,sa " elected treasurer"; Six Year Old Girl Suffers Face Burns; Con-ditionSerious Suffering from terrible burna sustained when a fountain spouted into hot- lacs after aim had lighted It Saturday nlglK, little Blanche liardy, bbcJ bU years, colored, was resting somewhat easier Inst evening at her noma on Stewart avenue. However, it la feared that the HU!e girl baa Inst her eyesight sad It Is nbl known as yet whether she Inhaled any o( the ftt tonight'; FACES MURDER CHARGE AS BABY DIES : TnmiPtsl Tntn rtocifli f " vi. Hoeck Infant This Afternoon WOMAN RECOVERS An inquest into tho alleged poison-lg of Sl-inomtifi-nlrt ljona Hnerk will be held to.lny by Coroner s. A. Elalij., according to nn announce meat made fast evening following the rarnial lodg-'lug yesterday ot a charge of murder of : , j , nr- Ballas was swimming some tance away frnjii the rfiJuI.iter when , . eipioslons. tho abnormnl the United States court Tor the East-j traffic in suburban areas led to an un-j ern District of Tennessee, usually long list ot dead and injured. Two petitions were nresenlea rmB " . various positions, only routine . husl- ness oecuplert the attention of lbs board during the evening. FIRE SWEEPS CITY; MANY DEAD I Rv Appelated Pr.s, i BOGOTA. Colombia, Julv 6. ' Thirty bodies are reported to' have, been found after a Bra which sidled early Saturday morning, swept 0v.-r tiio dty of -Maniiales, 110 miles northwest of hero, nnd destroyed acies of buildings In tho center of the city tlacrat on is under r,.,ir,,i i.. the total dcuUi Hat la unknown. DIXIE SPECIAL TIME OF SHflWfl Tess ot the Storm Country" is 'long ruuiuns. a i-3 hours. I ceased and the two It upon Real Attraction UNIONTOWN vs. CLAIRTON STEEL Wednesday at 5 P. M. See one of the best pltehtnr, Staffs In stml pro bill try to sub due local sluggers. at' Lightning StflkeS from attomoy eenerai for the ISth judklaiThe c , On biiU dings in Untontown. Juat- tbe matinees will start wnrnlru: for you to- sava i-cur". nf,"- urana ijiiatning BROWNSVILLE MAN DIES AS WIFEWATCHES Bathers Make Frantic Efforts to Rescue Rev. Alex Szekely WIDELY KNOWN to it j DclimJ in k,m ..,.. . ' f " ? Cl1, as 1Jen !itac,o( eramPs wh la In bathing in owBa!" 'TS" S i Rev. Alemndor Sze- """Snr lan Presbyterian J Z,' V?" cacr, could reach h In" u" v. Mr! le Jn"T to oathe to eacape tha er- Siekely, accompanied saw tin- situation and made frantic efforts to save the drowning minister. A number of young men bathing on the Brownsville side ot tho river heard tho frantic cries of Mrs. Szekelv and Jumping into an automobile.- mada a. quick trip to the opposite slda of the river where thny atdsd In the Bfforta to save the minister. However, all efforts were In vain. The body was recovered an hour, or so afterwards and removed to the Kislnger mortu- niownsviiie to De prepared for burial. -vnerai arrangements will ba a:i later. Rav. Mr. Siekely has been pastor Df the Hungarian Presbyterian congregation for tho past 10 or H yean and was widely known hi the Thvei Erownsvilles. DIXIE CORRECTION By error ihe local papers adverLii- ed bargain limtlneea at 10c. 30c and duo. rnis Ls wronir. "Dlila" I of fera Its bargain same iim, 1UC aim 3UC Civ Of Pinrtlv tha saow aa present oil at night at 2uc, 30c aud aoc. Don't miss oiu; ii. iti NOTICE My wire. Fadle Thompson, and I, Albert Thompson, are separated and any bills that she may contract, I will nnt be responsible Tor. Signed: Albert Thompson. ANNOUNCEMENT 1 wish tu announce my canididany for the oHlce ol Tax Collector o! South Ur.VoiV, Township sul-J'rct to (be derision of the llepnblican prt-niary. September 15, 1 am principal of the Browuflolil Schools, South Union township, and have held that poiitluti for tbe past three years. If I nominated and elected to :?::i offo.:e I promise yo- ar. ecin,..;nlo and faithful adinlnlstral lou. I wlU make an effort to see all the voters in tho township before Sep'embei 15. I earnestly solicit your Intl . oor.o and vote hi niv behalf. CHARLES L. HANEY. !TjL Advlg.) dancfT American, Siovlsh and I'oll.ih. at Wm--'s Hill. Wednesday. J. ly a. Hours S 1o li- Kverybody welcome. Simko's Orchcslr.i. $ 200,000.00 922,022.71 39,095.67 98,200.00 4,686,708.49 $5,946,026.87 against tvirs. Lucille Ihisant Haeck. iho child's mother. Mra. Uoeck 1b niicu'-'.rhargcd with having administered ear-3rt bollc nchl to her daughter at the lio-tho tol RItt und then to have drank the eit. i" wero lnjure.4 la aeath (St roI,ortlJl1 ,aa heaviest i Jn'nr! ."P01?'1 57 dead more ,," 10 'ojured. Other slate- tolaU ?s Tii.. ,. l .,c orl' ' m, ai VaT. L.,lis; d Island, 6; Newj rennsMnia. G; Vermont, i 2; Minnesota, S; lowa. 4; California, forth Dakota, 2. j 10; Colorado, 3; North Dakota, 3. D. OF A. aji rontestanis of Red and Blue T-.i j '""""fi ( attend mnquet (..umj, juiy ,. m Mcrrltls- ny ine miio Bide. Signed: Commftlte. MINERS, NOTICE. Good miners wanted. Machine and pick work. Steady employment, open lights, drift mine, good working conditions. Splendid boarding house for Slavish and Polish workers. Apply to Superintendent at Cheat Haven. Pa. Southern Connells-ville Coke Co. FOR RENT 5 room aparti No. 71 Fast Fay. the Jut.f later. Governor Fuller Inslructnd nay .General Jay Dunion (o b Investigation for the state a from tho attorney general's well as train t.v .k'pr!m-nl of nubile int.- ninco or jDiin II. Mahouey, butid-' lng commissioner. j ...i.i iriin me mayors offleol Hon of ISE.M0 ,ot K fSZ?Y ruins had been voted i ororo adjourning for dinner to-nigil. the Rrand Jury had heard eighteen wllnesses. nmone. thoni Tlvn nd Dan Hairy The former was prealdonl or 1he Pickwick Club. Barry declared he had -nothing to conceal- mid that ho loased only tho second nW of lbs building- fforn rj.ooroi.erg, or Wtnthrots. Three) "TESS" IS THE BEST PLAY YET PRESENTED "Toss of the storm Counlry" wIiUa rs , ' lB ",B bPSt ottnf w (i,r, Citflt'y ployerp" ninl of Ibe fr.iim t5 of the firm nn m., until the drop nrX.i , I, . Ub a Jcal ed and "mTxuu e?l,1VIC,4",' st',ff" Mrvln M1,lm' 1ai doanrvlng of greut credit and praise : tlic- little iinrniiio "T.'fb" V yn: of wo have over lienr.l :i7 In this parti, ular character. SI ably HHPivirled by Howard 1U tho .-ullro cast. It's good. BED ROOM WEEK Wl 1n 1'1 r.-.L'.jctlou lied, (J4 so LONQ FURNITURE COMPANV JACO CHERRIES V. F. W. AUXILIARY aro holding a lnwn felo on tho Mealremt lot on Noilli flnllalln nve-nun on Wednesday ami Tlvjuwday ovo nings. Public, cordially iiiviteil Music anil bit of gonrt cms DANCE LESSONS Alt tlniao- wishing private dance loaaona can got thDin diu-ltig July aa I do not give Icsaons during Augimf, For npriiilutiM.-ata call Hell . IRA C WILLIAMS I rmjuuar -Tom ; Ids the Ititerest i from the tin.! S:3j p. . curtain at , in nit or Tennessee? ri3 defendants. ircult of Tennessee,"" ri3 defandants. Scopes' petition advance:! the claim! that he was deprived under the Ten-1 neseee law of liberty and property without due process of low. Wilson's' plea contended that tho law deprived'; 4hvof tho rbthl-to. properly edneata Both contended that en - 'forcemeat of the la ilia eiercit se of the polfc power oi iub elate We are preparerl to fumiEh sand for every building- purpose. Our leputation is a tlefl-nite assurance of exceptional quality and moderate price. To uae it means "pood bye" to mortar or cement troubits. iwms-Paulsii Company mimts Suppuzs Mv- As Your Atsf&txrL j "ons. we guarantee their assurance. 1? STEWART AVE., BOTH PHONES BATHE IN PURE WATER AT BEAUTY POOL MARTHA PLACE, HOPWOOD OPEN DAY AND NIGHT ALL WHEAT BREAD Sam Fingerett. SS South Gallatin fOR JALE OR RENT 3ii32 new irame nous.-, 7S ft. lot. concrete base- inl. dance hall, restaurant, S rooms Sale price. Jfi.500. $3.01)0 down- '00 vards from Cheat Haven dam. Vlilorla Resiauraut. Cheat Haven, Pa. NCust sell quick on ui-rojiit ot Illness pSJi'lTIfl? MUiiUlj Etefsnos J. Samonas Rrotliers Hut n" tlle liberty Restaurant nnd hotel n!au Dilto pool room will open for busineas Wednesday ninriitng, tho new" " hlto Star Restaurant In Ijifayet P.;.-to : rial for good nest In ynnr homo. Everything iew fisiiures, riiilrk servl'a and reasonablo pric Por AWNINGS. TENTS and TARPAULIN'S. See O. B. 1I1UUS, Bell Ht7. 91 8. Xft. Vernon Avenue. A. W. Mltler'i Barbar Shop, 71 E South St. Hair Cut, i5c: Shove, 1Se this snarp at J:fl 1th pictures, show sharp 2; So v tures S-.ftO o'clock i bhow S:30 harp. Try to be 'lay starts. ifa a real dramatic pro vlHta Ke? 11 a"' il'S certaJlll' wotUi CARD OF THANKS v,e are very grateful In otir iitsay rood friends and neighbors for their kind expression ot Byuipathy in our late bereavement. Esneclailv rtn w wish to thank the people of Ohioi.yle S Itjorleya Lake. Unlontowu. Mason-1 tu.wi a.ra MCLierranutown for the kind! u 1 111 covering tha : body of our son and brother. J. Glenn ; hlinrpnarlc. Wo thank all those who ; o.fored and funiKhcd cars for tho ui-i ,i.l the c.hidr of the Second Pres - ' bytertan Church, and the McClelland town choir and iiuartette for tho tun I tnw selecUons rendered; the pr'. lotic ; organizations, the California 'School, n-i:ii en'.',.');.-', keystone Club. ! Knights of HjthLis jnul Pvthlan f Ui- ; er5. Christian. Ktidoavor So: iety. Sun. : day School Classes, l'denborn anil es company stores am! others for llu- beautiful fl We also thank the Junior Or.ii . l';-.-eit .-Mnerfcsn fee ban res and Hie :'or (heir kind asr.)stai;c..' to us aud expres.i our appreiijLlon of their im prt'sslvo ritual services A. L. Sbarpnack and Family. BIG SQUARE DANCE Shady Grova Tomorrow Night 'auser-MUngroro orchestra; 5 plev-es. 917,516.38 ..Suo. ' ' I i i I ! Capital Surplus Reserves Circulation Deposits remainder of. iho poison In nn effort ' enl cwn ,,te- " Sr contorted by the lorlure of ibe burns died nt 9 o'clock Mondav n, i. :no uti Ion town J.uspltnl "r B"s'r ,hl! ,uif0" 111 mi' hnl.v and because I coeld not aland his in any loilrr. ' Mr. Hncc-rf lhis (t?anllnued on f'ago Thri'e) ANNOUNCEMENT ! wish to announce my Hond Supervisor of Oc P R1 Ibe Republican H. Ki. was botu and r.ilseil em '':i IIS vl.-ior ui.rme mat time I have built inllrs of permanent In i Vi-l .V. lion of tbe township, IVuriiic nr. al-, ir.tnlati utlon 1 liavu alwaya en.l.'av- Jilmi received for every it. -tin dir. nish my hands. 111 IV ill I IN) promise to ih.. -. oter taxpayers tn tlii future as in tha I rhnll ninko a spoctiil effoit to cv. tend to every duo that aamo fair, I flsniare nnd courttous treatment that 1 have shown them In the last sl I years that I have been engage:! In work ol road building. 1 will make nn eftoi t to aeo all the voters in tho township '.-etore Sept. IS. 1 earnestly solicit your miluonca nnd voto In my hehall. 1. A. HUHN (Pol. Adr.) Iron hats, 1-3 off. The National Bank of Fayette County M. H. BOWMAN, President : CAPITAL, SURPLUS AND PROFITS MORE THAN A MILLION Statement of Condition June 30, 1925 The Annual "Bradley Specialty Shop" AFTER THE FOURTH CLEARANCE SALE, ALL THIS WEEK 150 NEW, HIGH-GRADE SILK PRINTS $12.76 SPECIAL REDUCTIONS IN ALL SUMMER DRESSES, Broadelath wuh illks, flannel and balbrlngan from B,7B to 720 RESOURCES: Loans and Investments . ?3,94G,7G7.75 United States Securities 885,871.110 Banking House and Fixtures . 195,000.0(1 Overdrafts 871.74 am mimnary oreatiy r.oueed. White kid hate $2.95. All color LIABILITIES: Stock and Undivided Profits In fUa. pattern I 1-3 off. Matr Sorfi hd nackwear reducad. it will pay you ti and tta for yoursalf. ) Worrjjntown alrast. Cash and Due from Banks 5,946,026.87 TED WEEMS VICTOR RECORD ORCHESTRA SHADY GROVE PARK Officers: M. II, BOWMAN, President .T. G. BfNNS, Vice President HOMER H. HiqSS, Cashier WM. H. BKI3SON, Asst. Cashier J. S. CONRAD, Aast. Cashier Directors: M. H. BOWMAN W. R. CARU J. G. BINNS R, M. KRY CHAS. S. BOWMAN C. P. KKFOVKR H. I.. liURCTIINAL S. W. MfiTZLKR im. V. C. ROBINSON Friday, July loth Heura :3(J to 12:30

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