Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 1, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1916
Page 5
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jL^jjy**^,. •&•*. Thanksgiving is past ami gone, but we still must eat On this page today you will find suggestions from grocers and markets that will help solve the question of what to eat and where to get it. A careful reading of these advertisements will enable you to shop intelligently. Or der ffefftiMs list and save money fIBST! SUGAR 14 pounds for $1.00 With a $2.d6 order 3 quarts solid ripe Cranberries for ..... 25c 10 Ibs. sack fresh Yellow Coin Meal for 35c Fancy Cured Bacon, per pound 23c Yancy Cooking or Eating: Apples, per peck 35c 6 Ibs. fresh bulk Oatmeal for .... .25c Cracked Hominy 6 pounds for ..... . . . 25c Butterine 3 e 1 k e ' s Qoodluck, per ....... ____ . .28c . 3 Ibs. whole head for..25c '4 lt>s. extra quality . . . 25c ,5 Ibs; broken head for.25c Powdered Sugar .for icing cakes, etc., etc.; v2 Ibs. for ... ...... ..25c Preserves JLarge 30c jars pure Fruit .Preserves, 2 jars for v 45c ^"Canned MillT""" 6 large cans for ..... .69c Toilet Paper '*4 lOc rolls Crepe Paper •for ..'!....'.. .. ______ >25c Navy Beans 5 pounds for 67c Vegetables Head Lettuce, Leaf Let- Lettuce, Green Onions, Radishes, C e 1 e r y, Cabbage, Carrots, Parsnips, Turnips. •——GingerSnaps — Fresh from the oven, 3 pounds .for 23c Pork and Beans 2 15c cans for .25c Oranges California Navals, per dozen ..... 28c-35c Pancake-Flour 3 lOc packages for ... 25c Syrup, Large full quart bottle Maple and Cane Syrup for 23c Figs Extra fancy large clean cooking Figs, 2 Ibs.... 25c Prunes Extra fancy stock, 2 Ibs. for ........ .........25c Macaroni or Spaghetti, 3 lOc packages for ............25c Peanut Butter Large 20 oz. Jar Orange Prairie Brand, per jar.25c f SOCIAL AFFAIRS J GILLMANMACQUES Thanksgiving Day Wedding Occurred At Fourth Street Parsonage. One, of the Thank'Hgiving day event* of lute-real to many Sterling and Rock Falls friend* wan a quiet wedding which occurred at U:30 o'clock that mornfng at the home of Hi<v, and. Mm. W. L. Collln. Tho principal In thin of thiB city, and Mr. Armand Jacquo.s, of MkrwoillcH. III., and thrlr trotii was plighted before Key, Collln, pastor-of Fourth Street church. , Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kumley, friend** of .the young couple, were attendant* and both bride and bridesmaid wore tailored suitM of brown with hat and tdioex, encotitume, Following the c«mrnony a wedding l»rcakfa«t WHJI nervod to iho family and a f«w friend* at the. brldVa home, 213 West Fourth atreet and during tho day the. bride and-groom left for" Mar- xclllpji-where thoy will spend a «horj, honeymoon with rulutlvcH of the groom. On thdr return they will make their home, for tho preui'iit with the' bride's parentH. ' . , Both Mr. and. Mr«. Jacques; have, many ^ilt'iidtf I'd wlnh thcnt huppiiu'MH., The bridw in the daughter .of Mr. and Mm. W, L. Gilnxtii and IHIH made Jier home in KterJIng and Hock Fall« fur a number of years pant. • She is known In many of thn residents -of .the .'two towns who wMl Join in wishing her a long life of happliij^HM. *Ttlr, Jacques' hi)in<* ih In Marxi'illcM but In* II.UM ^pi>r)t weveral mmiUiK in tbiN city and_ is known to many local people. ' 'lul-of^fowu giK'stw hvr<*-for Ibe cere- inu|iy were the Jiridc'H father"- who are employed In Whiting, Ind. and Miss Ruth Abney, of Rockford, A QUIET WEDDING Was Celebrated At Six O'clock Last Evening At Christian Parsonage. JkHsH Klsk? Xancc of thU city nntl K<l. vVVallingford, of lOrie. were united in marriage at n quiet pamonagn wt'il- ding Thanksgiving evening at .six <>'Block, at ,the parsonage of thi- Flr«t Christian church of ihin.cUy, Rey. ./, W. Robbinti. pastor of the church reading the Service In the presence <>f Ih*- SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY Veal Stew, per lb. 12»/aC Mutton Stew, per lb. ,. 12 l / 2 c Boiling Beef, per lb .12y 2 c You will also Mini IHMT i'rfsli m» ( rtts «t' all kimls. Fresh ham rc»a*t of pork. I lomc made pork sausagf, the ihH'.-l you «'v«>r fasted.' Phelps Bros. Rear Beien & Hutten's Grocery Both Phones You are making a big mistake—If you are not using Bon Ton Bread Our wajioii got 1 * pas! your door in Hock Fully daily. We would ln> pli'Hsod to have it stop. Special orders solicited and delivered. Bon Toil Bakery 110 West 2nd St., Rock Falls. Bell Phone 342-R ffittT. tt^Mfe.^ ^^^ •w^^iWSf' Pest thei couple were th<? groom'* ttlater. Ml** Ultidytt WallingfoisJ, of Krle, and Harold Bixby, of Lyndon, and both bride und brldemnaid wort* bluenailored ami* and white bain, • . After the: ceremony tlu» wedding party returned to tho home of tho hrliU-'n parentH,. Mr. an*} Mm. Htanton Na.nco, on iiecond *aveitue,'where a -wedding"dinner wijs serycd.. Only the. immediate famiHe* wt»i$' jftiesta and a -UeHclouh dinner wan served, Mr, itmtl . Mr*. Wallingford left thin morning for Krle Where they will-^pi'iid M»veral days w"Uh relative** and on their jreturn they will 'make home for .the winter with tho bride'H parents, * f The brid» haw many frlciuli* In the two cilIPS to winh her hap|>,i!nefifl Hlu» 'been employed at tin- Arcade Laundry- for .several month*. Mr SVallingford i» the M»II of Mr, and Mr«I-). L, Wallingford, of Kne, and in a farmer by. urruimtimi .Man) friend* will extend congratulation*. PRETTY CHURCH UNION jEls|p Mercer Became Mrs. ft*«fc»M», DwBrta ffrnT-5'TJf^t "32S33? ; PW.K- Dnt»/ •<•.<• .^•9*«Mi|t.»a. •ML iit^n.*, |M«. UNDIS BROS • \ Frances Fprater On Thanksgiving Bay. Chief among Uu' 111.1115 cv.'iUt. m-- jcunitig on ThanjitHgiving day wan On- jwcddiiig of Mi«« l-;is>H' Mercer amj ;Frances Fortstcr wliii'li wan it<demnl/.<-il ;wilh luipiial liigh . maMf at i» u'cl«< 1: v«f the Kuc-lvd lU-art, Hvv. F«lli«,-i \Vu!f- ^uru^i uffit'iating. Tin- w'edding W.IM very .quiet 'owing t«» th'« recent <J.-fi(ti. of thii brlitv's lii.liiiT bin .a ihiuvh fa!! {>t~ r-flatlvos "anil f I icmlc g.«thfM(l L" ;'ps tt'.i- uniV4i'(!f tW'_> «<f tilt uitiJil • utifiit y«>uu|4 jit'i'i'lT' uf the ptri-b ] (Jt. played'the wt'ddlnn march n# the bridal party advanced and look their plar»-H while the choir of the' clmrchr waiig the r«->«p<)n««>s t<> the mnKJ*. Mi«« Theresa Forst'T and tlarl J. Fornter, sisd-i and hrothnr of th.- «r-"ini were the attend- rt«c-"Tli«"bride wore a Miilt »f bn»wn with a white :"i>!eturc hal> while lu-r brlib-Hinaii) wuf». ; -*nMtrcd In a while unit ami hat. Both wore cortuig* 1 bouquetH. Following tli«' ctTi-numy tho we<ldlng j»arty -wcjil t»"'.the."home of the brirtr'R mother. Mm.' Fred Mercer, win-re a wedding breakfast was served to the immedliue families and a few friend*, j At tho home a charming color wcheme j if pink and gold entered into the table j di-coratiiinH, ntreamem of-crepe.-papei nnd a taHteful arrangement of cut flow crn carrying out th« color idea. Three, Hill fricndH of the lirbU- had charge of the Hervlng. ih" Ml»«eH Nora Mo Corniii*. Udna ci'Kane and ICva tleb- hardt. During the day Mr. and Mm , .irpli-r left mi n Khurt honeymoon, their destination being unknown. They will at home after Dee. 15th at 410 Avc nuo B. ' ThtN pretty Thanksgiving day mat ng Aunties two young people who will •«>ci»lv'e. tlie bi-Ht i»f wlMhi-H from many 'rirtulK in the two cltlcH., The bride IK :lu* daughter of Mr«. Fred Mercer and IJBK wperu her entire life here, recelv- ng her education in the local xchoolH ^he IH unusually talented mimically ind cfimpleted her education at a Chi •ago connervatory of nuiHlc. gradual ng • from the .piano -department with lonom. She hftn been -itrganlNt «t Kac•ed Henri Church for neve.ral yearn mil an 'active worker In the church Mr. Fomter. in' the win of Mr. ami 1 Mra. J..A. Fomter und in a prominent young MiHlneM man, being .comiected with the l-'oraler Furnilure atid Undertaking Ex- tabllHiunent on WCHI Third Ntreet. Both he .and lii>* bride arc.promlnt'ijt In Ihelr church parixh and in the city and will receive the best of wishes* from a howt of twin city friends., ELKS' FORMAL PARTY The Thanksgiving Party At — Elks' Club Was ^ery ' , liant Aflfair. T?he Thaiikngiving parly given by tlu- l-"A\in' club WedjicMday «'V«MiTflg-iPaH one of the prettiest formal parties given In .Sterling t)U» f«M- - T|U! KOWH» were uuusually elaborate and tlu- ball room with lt« nia|»*e of 'dancers -presented a brilliant «pw"'ta»'le. Lodge t'oiors. purple- antj white entered ' Htn»ngly into the decorative -tclmme with, grea't shaggy white chry- HanthcinuinH tlw main flower. In the hall' room th* 1 platfi»rni was. banked with palms and fernn, H great t»at.Uet of whit« chryi»anth«»nium» occupying a prominent place. In «h« dining K«tm th<« dcforatloiiH \ytT«' more eleboratei Tables were hrraiujed tu Keat 850 SuewtK. the ••enter-piece of each table being a wicker basket overflowing with hl. Itandd of purple- and white pai>i'r<,-were tftjretchfd. from the of jlw room ti» the center and the linlitM w«-re Nhaded in the two colon*. K.vci'lliMit miiHlc wan fuuitshed b> th*' llnldrulgi- «»rchw»lra f>l Uixon. and the grand march ai 8: t 30 o'clock wa« by MIH« Iriiiira Adam« and Hcrbcri F,>H*II, ju^Uled by ^r. and Mrs*. II. (3, iiK wa* enjoyed until 11 o'clwk when ii nn»« three-course bamtuet wan herved by Hhnvurd and Mrn. (Jeorgt't ('lark und their a»M»tant»(. The' menu w«t*i as fi»lli>wj<: <*.r.ipe Fiiut with Mau-huu*. RiMixt Turkey IUH! invsafng. Mashfd I'olalo ami .l,H'U>t (JraVj. Cranl«'fr> Ji-llv. ' Hot iJnll-s UoUU-n Fiuil H}"'' ul" -r'iik'"* ,^ r<iiTi-i>, • iKilU'lnKT, W.i> IfHillllvd .ift«'l' 111" ball- <liic! .tint W4S «-'n'ji>y«-d until ist-mly 3 u'\ I'H'K Tht> ulf.ur wnt v«-i> aiuf w.«.« )i»i'iuiii;hly *nj.«%»•(! l>\ «-\cry- iiut-rpr^fri-nl Mun.t mu-!•• iXvit- pu-M-nt !r"Hi">''i' "f t"un t ' Mtu-li .'I Hi. iuiiit I.H ilif .-urti-»- «t !l i' lll'lll .- 'I'l' 'I'' 1 ' "tUtlll! i« V .11 'charge, composed of Herbert Hell, Mr [and Mrs. Arthur, Mr. and Mm N. tiaulrapp, Mr. and Mr». John I'ippcft, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jnmiwm, «' !MorrJ«on. Dr. LaUue. of'I'rophctstown •and Mr. and Mrs. Kelly, of Tumplco. STERLING CLUB PARTY '.Very Pleasant Thanksgiving 1 Dance Was Enjoyed Last Evening. The annual Thanksgiving party given for Sterling Cli(b membern and their friendH lout evening- in the club roontH was a very enjoyrtble jmrty and wan a happy beginning fur the gay winter neanon. About M\fnl$2&fg 4)e«iple enjoyed the affair and danced 'until one o'clock to delightful munlc furninhed by Cochran's orcheatra, &f&ny .beautiful gowns were notlcable and the ball room presented a charming picture. At 11 o'clock a .dainty banquet was nerved in the upper-ropiiiM., Here ; pretty pink arid white color achem* made charming table decorations, va»en of pink carnations "decorating each table. Following the banquet, dancing wan resumed and everyone present claimed the party to be most enjoyable Many out-of-town people home for; Thanksgiving festlvitea were" present MANY FAMJLY DINNERS ^^^^•L ^j^.~ ^•Mfc • ' |||g^i , — ^^1 w^fHttf^'"''" BBd vBv BHBHBB ^VHW^VBHi HMMH MMM vHRHI ^^W^^ ^^^H & S 310 FIRST,AVENUl! Sterling's Original lot-Rale Market General Offices: U. S. Yards, Chicago WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BOTH PHONES Specials For Saturday, Dec. 2nd At the Store Only Fancy Voting -Native Bod' Honst,"J A „ pound . . . . r. r;Tr~~ .-.—.-.— r—-^- •*'' Pork Steak or ('hops, 19c i, i ui 11 >"i-k Should,,'» •••• ............ rolled Hib Hoasl, pound .......... • . ......... inoHt Young Pork f.oin Roast, pound ........ .">. ..... i Piiu'st at ,d lulor JSirloin, Hound !,PR Steak, 20C l''»' (>J< 'i I>ivoi. pound . . .......... . Krosli Pork Xi-ck Kihs. pound ...... ... 6c 7c i , All our drcssfd Tlianksgiviuy: Poultry was s<ild awl nothing- carried over. Wo have in stock liv(v Turkev.s, JivL-deese, Jive Duck*, and live Chickens,, Anyone C-- * ••--..• • wanting drcnsvd Poultry 'for Sunday will' leave orders early. THE MARKET OF QUALITY, PRICE AND SERVICE ! I Thanksgiving Day Was The Oc cassion For Many Enjoy. . able Reunions. Thankhglviiig day «HH the occasion for many enjoyable family dlnner» Veiinions. the beautiful day brln many out of town visitors to the city. ',vn|iing thoHe who had gatherings yi jerday were: , ' "^" > aTitiy'^nTertaineil at their fiome, "Three Da Us," mi ihe .Mineral H|H*ingH road fU u Thanksgiving duck dinner. The tii^ ble-" waa beautifully decorated in reil niifl green. The following enjoyed tlie •itfalr: Mr' And Mm. K, K. Blllu and daughter, Lucllc, Mr, and Mr». Kelley and daughter, Doroihy, Mr. MTH, H. D, Bl-ilH and daughter. l-Yancc«, ind Mr. and Mr». I>. H. Aument. Af» ter the ((inner the afternooi? was H|H'iU Hocially. Powers qfttnUly tiel<t their annual Thanksgiving reunion at the home of Mr. ami Mrp. Ilalph Ov*rlWls«r,lo'<*$j leta whure A Uelicloun dinfior' J wi*)> on joyed. TJmae. present ware Mm, Hh-lwrtl Proctor, Mr\ antl » <'harles l-^Kwor* anfl family. Mr. t>\ra. W. V, I^w^rt/ah er» di»d family *of'thlg city. Mrs. Jennl*'<'.. Terrlun nterta-ined at a six o'clock Thanks•ii\ ing duck dinnvr at ih* brother. U A. }<r>t»ii, of Sikteenlh i nuc, The follow ing guests enjoyed t,U^ affair": "Wr,'and &lr«. Bert Moorenouifr and daughter, Nova. Mr. and Mrs, L» , Blown and family and MIHM I'-th^pJ Tavlor. After the dinner the e^enihg : Ti infonrwilly. • . and Mra. J. W. Lul taliu-d at .a ThanKs-gis ins dlntur, Mr. and Mr«. J. W. Potter, ffrw, J. A. Bwaftlivy und aims. r»rl und ulj, MlMs trertriide. i'ottciv Asa. iind'Mt* AiUm Iviit'i ' ,-ff \i Mr. and Mr«. Frank 'j'lalt and, fi»»»* 1>, Mr, aiiti 1 Mrs*. Hvnry —f^itttri-.v wfrf entertained fivtng tlinner »t ihts home Mr*. Jehu Schuttiakfr «>n Me :nu1 Mr« AntBimy H.iiM- <»! S*ixth i'inH"',- •tJt-ltuJBttnJIy *• »tvrlaiinnl~ %t TUuiiK.j-kU ii)« i.HlHU*! Mr :nul Mr*. A, H. Fritz and family. SUn* NMna and Chester HaRertnnii and Mr. and .Mrs. \ Fred BchumaUcr. . - ' Mr, and Mrs. ilcnry 4'arlm>n liad followIriK em-Kts at their homo In Oi»i»j clrox-M jnr ThankHKivlnff day. Mr. and Mr* A. W. HarniB, Hrrt>e.rt ItiirmH and • hllrir.'p, Misa Anna Cheatte. Miss Jen- i aiaHarniB., B<»y Carlson ..of I))xon. Mrw.-- Carrl« Muckrldge, Mn». Caroline Shep- 1 ard. Mm. Arthur lies* and daughter j of thbt city., ' ••' i Mr. find Mrs. W, J. Hell rtcllKht fully j entertained at Thanksgiving dinner, j Mr, and Mm. l'>ed Ut ley and family.! Mr. and Mm, John Cochr*n »nd fam-j Hy. Mr. and Mm. Prank Andrews and] family, of Cnlcaen, H. CJ. Boll, of To- j poka. Kan.. Mr. and Mr*. J. H. Bell and family and Mr. Herbert Bell. Mr. and Mr«. G. J. Blaaiwer had a ploawint family reunion at their homi on Wallace .street ThankHKivlng day Their Rtiesta were Mr, and Mrt». M. L rp |pnt * >r H11 '* daviRhter, June and Jane, bir, nnA Mrn. i- r*W ElwisHer, Mr and Mm, John Klmisxer and Mr. and M;ra. Melvin Murjihy. , W. H. Miller delightfully entertained at n ThankaKlvInu duck dinner Mr*''nnd.Mrii. C. O. Meyer and dauRh- tlr.; Vernal and Mr. and Mrs. L.fn coin Meyer and HOI>. KarJ, of Unit, and Mr, William Poole, of Harmon. After the dinner th« 'afternoon and evenlnt; informally. ' : A plea«ant family reunion was held ThankBgiving day at the. home of Mr and- Mrs, Thomaa McCormlck. The guo«Us were Mr. and Mf». William <laf fey, Mr. und Mrs. Lawrence • McKrlde and »on, Mr, and Mm, ICrnost Xbinden and «uti and "Mr. and Mrn, Lelloy Oaf- finr,*/ ' . '.. '.* . . ." ttr. and afrs. Frank Seidel, of I'ral- evIH* had a largo, company of rela tlve» at their .home for dinner yexter day; Their gueutfl were Mr. and Mrs. Joshua KeliU>l, Mr, and Mrx, John Hoy »r, Mr. and JMra. Frank Graehling and -.Mr. »n4-Mra, NcJiuut JacobH enter- at Thanksgiving dinner. Mr, and Mra. U HreitwlHcr, Mr, Milton Mart*wolf, co* OI«nclder, Kan., and.MlHs iva Itopp. JtpV. and Mrs, W, C. Sdldel had a«s Lhetr Thanksgiving day gu«at«. Judge, W«lf*mpergef J .wif» and ^auRhter, Lila, Mr. and -Mr*. HrneNt' Klostermun 4nd Mr, and Mr*. Lloyd Thummell and children. . Mr. and Mr». John Ii. Marcbuiig and tamlly, of Jordan. eiue,rt'ained the foi- fiiwlnir g'uent* at'dinner yetiterday, Miss Ada.IlansHi, Mr. and Mm. Hubert tlai»M*n. Mr, «ltd Mrt». Jetwe Bennett, ' J hnd Lwnllda*Brown and Clar- Mr, «md -Mrs. -AV. ».'H»«u«-k enter- a comimny uf relatives at tlu>ir fof Thanka«ivlng dinner. Th« 'oliowing .were |>rt>«ent: Mr.-and Mr* i^JU,,^beldun,'CJy4)!L|ib01dim «nd Mr. J«V Mr»s Ot'orge Mheldun and fa in- ly, ''Mr.' fukir'JMr* John JUayen and chil- drfn. Mr, and Mrs. WJII Sheehan and Mrs, Mikw-Hynn and children tmy |it'U»e W. H. on Mr. ami Mr*. Will Uourk and son, u, |iart|n. of Dixuu. wt»r« enu*r- ' at th« bom*- \. ^n-|uvr, or U » t'nt«rtaiu»Hl at dinner at U*e Jnymr of ,%«. Koy U on -Mr. and ained thv wt?r yf» i(me«, »f Kn Vr, Mr. and Will tntvr- vx at din- Mr.-.. « ltwi fn cr and We want you to have Good Groceries And yon will have if you buy them here FOR SATURDAY "" . ' i 4 * t*| *» Fresh Baltimore Oysters Your favorite ("h'ceso Potato 'Chips, in package New York Buckwheat Flour' Pure Maple- Syrup.--' Apples ; Fresh' Fruits and Vegetables of all kinds N. Gaulrapp, Jr. daughters. Following dinner the guenln atlended the foot ball game. Mr. and Mm. C. U. Olmtitcail 1 had ite Thanksgiving day guentH, Mr. and Mr«, F, F. O-lmwead and family, Mr. and Mm Charles Geldmacher, Mm. Bartwell anil Mra. Mary Hull, of MHIcdgevllle. Dinner guests at. the home of Mr and Mr«. F. H. Jaquet on Broadway yesterday were Rev. and Mrs. F. W. I)eutHche and tton, Mlsa Mary Hey and M v l8«.'Kettle Mowry, of Bochelle. Mr, antl Mrsj. Frank Decker, Jr.. entertained at dinner -yesterday, Mr. and rs/ Frank Decker, t»r.. of Bock Fnll« Mr. and Mr«. Henry Flock, Hr., and Mr. And Mm. Thoman of Sterling. Mr. and Mra. Preaton F. Cirandon en- rtain^d the membera of the t«rani|jMi family at 'a, turkcy7«ilnner T Ing at their home. GIVEN A SHOWER Mil. Berth. William* W«» Given 8urpri«e, . wa» given- i* [tleaaant «urpri«e Wednewday eveiiliTg i»y a compwiny of relativei* and friendF who called ai her home tc* ~Hpond tin evening. The affair wa« planned by Fern Williams and was a com- surprise to^tJin—KueiKt of honor. Many nice -gifts were presumed tbt uest of honor a'ud nice rcfrtishtiientti, were served. The HhoHcr wan glvon in honor of Mina William!*' marriage (o Ray Frank, of Mr, and Mrs. Tneodorw Frank- rf Ro^k Fa!l» which will occur In the near futu.r.4* ,Mi«« Klualiotli Kminonw. daughter w< Mr. Hnd-.Mra. L, U Knimons entertuin- nl a number of girl, friends at a U* t'ciock luncluH>n and tnatiu*^ party \cjiterday in honor uf her friend, Miss Kdjih Pi»ilvo. of Warner, HI., who i« spending .a fewda'ya willi her. 'at 408 Ka-st Third s-troct. Tly. gucstt* were MT|imint«ncfs u'f liit 1 .visiting- girl, who nu't hcf. in lu-r former yiwits hvrc, . Hor»«'« 8e»t Running Time. A a EiyflisJj horse aold%the tulle record. Oalinao. a'.four.-yearold. with 128 jK>uii<is up. «'iv Jtily 12, .1000, at the (JIugHcld course-. i-»n»«r*"l a mile in :i:; i-f,. •> .. ' -,' |A Better Selection of .Fancy Box Candy for Christmas [t:«n bo had If you purchase [youm now. VVV are receiving shipments dally, but you (will be better mi I lulled if you [pick your box out now. We will [keep It for you If you wish. ! [Special for Saturday Nemierodc i'uddlng und Cran- 'berry Hherliet^ You'll like'either , Jof Hot Drinks and Lunches When you want to get "warm* ed u|»" come In and get a hoi drink. %Ve Herv«; all kinds. AI. HO lunches. Wo are also now acrvltiR Oyster Stews . Come In and try one. After the-show- drop In at FAJRGO'S 10 WEST THIRD STREET ? 1 READ THE WANT ADS, Tor Dyspepsia If v i> o j you u I d I y 0 v e r c o. m e the ilp- f i c ieivcy of g« »- trie juice 1 ii tho tract, you w o u i " readily O|»W Of tfli* of dy«pe|Mdu.". - Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets More nearly -.uwoinpllph than anything We know, of, action of Rexall'I>y*p«p**iA T»br Jeta" ]if mild and wjll,*not linaet,- lle, «v<»ii _ the m/ittt t& TflWIpJlOh, """'Th* 5 "'Wt|OlfrjfWr|MiBl tlieaeTablets l» U\ f«llovi» the] diHiiWjiJuK condition attending dyKpopaia and Indlgyhtlou and, to utreiigtben and fortify the dt- orgatiit. , Three- 50(* $1,00 Hendrieks The

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