Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 1, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1916
Page 4
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:- J* c< mlifftmit r~nr4 a tftm- « hf-n 1h<* tnifr«ii v r* fhal ft* ft ffr.rrn A nrt TKAV f'ofriM i>foart Jn Janrtnry 0t «tirt i<4 thrown, f the fife tttffk, f. fltrfi f >t . ' it -d-x-s. n< ' make rrtuclj whisf) w,iy SfMlitsK or> fh^ir ntw rwt-d uf h rr.'>rc thin i! . 'tV. OKA H DON A Bdltort and for (Vie !'-ne'th *•! t.'tmlv 1-4 inf-\("UH:i!)! ir nit hi -Uun. .UlCi" hnv<* •t Po*toff!o<». SterHnK, Illiri On?* Matter t.-i xp.tyrrs to OF SUBSCRIPTION. Out*M« of -Starling «"d Reck A«ywH«r« in th» Unittd iUtt* or Canada . la ftdfamc*.- . • • *- jfesttt* Iri advance l.?5 II tllftR *tt month!*, pt? tn<mlh .25 In tttHrng *f Reeit Fills, or . by , W» fikk r -?*» ft :**6nfl)« In advance,. lii 1.SS WMk, pfcyabl* to th|& carrier .10 WviNO TROUBLES, d«it«tt« ha* mentioned- more the fact that cities as a nile "wotiit of thft deal on t>avitiK ttlonn mor* than ott any ether iof jiubllc work. TliP Chicago twbitahCH thi* Btatpfneni of » Uiveatlrator who charftwi that of local Improvements In has permitted the- filohlni? DJOOO .from property nwni>ra th-* 1 The expert pnghipfr investigation nn»l tlu-j , Ira (>. Ilnkrr. protestor of .•nvtheerlnft at thr fnivorfllty of iarc ftomc of th<» mMliods unr-d to bp iiBfcl by which HIP ty 'owners wer*> robbwl Jn Chi- ,*cct>r<llng to Prof. Unkt-r: tnpjng on niatn-ln*, lna«lr- »nd In many CUHWI frftilty JcAtlonv. l/tTT-rlor matcrlnlN. Iriapectlon, VbMOlutf dlnrfrgwnl ruuty lent* . nnil pvon pay- tit to-City lnnp»»<Atcr* by contrac- for overtime or) holiday work. I to'w tho rul<« fn fnvmK wr»rk i by the board of\local Improve- Gazette doesn't bolide' thM-c- wn* i Itood plw uf imvliirfwiut down Char*. By that it mi-am^a l>kco that ought to atamlvif* and proportion to the i-ont. The eajiot bellpvo thisro wan ever pltV9-«t road made anywhere. i of what i* RroIriK r>T> mmtry. Thn j-.*-optr nrr wr»f5f of t-iiPir clo.iH everywhere. That clops nni.mpnn that all pnvlns or srood road jobs arc crooked, Thnt .docs ritt jncin.- that all arc .Inefflclemls. handled. But it does mean that the best tlm! can b# done the work costs 'too much ft'fld thp p**oj)le (?p^,the worst f th« drftl. Xt» i»avinR or (rood rosrt tmllt wlthftut Kraft and most efflt-lejitly handlpd WAR rvrr put down anywhere tlmt lasted na loni? an it should to the iost. WMn grnft hold of n pavMig proposition the cost Is It meana a pieri- of that I lonff aa It ahouid and mand ?||<HW-lL*'a;hould to bnlancn th« coMt. L *'""'"Ofi'In very .simple. Nobody tn'v«ntrd a plan for making CARELESSNESS OR INEFFICIENCY t'fi titinly the wrptklni? of "the city .lire nittn Wfdriesdny night was a tiftfl acrldent. />» to the responsibility thai Ix « rnatfi-r l'«r the city rounc!! to determine, If It was unavoidable It ia pyt-iiMjhle. If it was the result of rerk- lf>t,,< ,,r rarflesy* driving It Is Irrex- runable. The fire truck. la too expensive n machine to bo handled by In- experleneert or rareleaii drlv^ra. The logs of ttie property is batj enough but It i* fortunate that death or «erlou» Injury WHS not added to tho property lone. NII one denims to »eo anybody mnde the Knat, but mich accldfiitu be carefully h-iftrd and the replaced where It belongs. The unlueky driver may lw to blame. On the other hand he may have been Klvi'ti n pnttMlon of respotiMiblltty without proper experience, and the higher up who placed him In charge of a machine he was not able to handle flhould be made to Bhare the blame if Unit Is true, __________ ............ _________ At It I* only another unfortunate experience that 1in» been added to HterllnR'w burdens the paat year. Mrat •waa tho demonstrated Inefllclency of the paving, contractor!! and the >un- flecefiwrrjr* . mid Inexcusable- delays.' which are being excused by th». lo«U board of imprt>vemcnt«. Hecond wan the recoatlng the FlrBt ave- Md~pW,vtnK Btreet« that In wit- nue brlds«\. addliiff many .tonit of f PODGE BROTHERS MOTORCAR You must have notim) tliat tlio firsl thing said' about "tho car, iu ordinary conversation, is almost always- a direct rcfert'iice to its quality. Tlio average owner is not merely satisfied, but almost extravagantly enthusiastic. . The economy of the car, its quality, the remarkable things it does when t-alhid upon are comments you hear whenever the car is discussed. Concentrating on one car simplifies the problem oi! production and 'loaves the Dodge Brothers free to devote themselves to a continuous * * process^of improvement. That-is wJiy.-Podge Brothers, in theit- first year, manufactured and marketed a volume of ears which ranked them among -the first five : producers in the world. . .^ ~, ~ \ ' • ' r -'_ , It wilt pay you to vi»it u» and txamint thit 'car Tho gaioline ooniomptipa i* unutually low. ;• . Th» tJm mll«f8« i» unutually high, » • • " / ' * . Tha pric« of th» Touring,'Car or Ro«d»ter, complete, • \9 |7W (f. e. b. Detroit) i rt Tht prica *$ th¥ WinUr Touring Car op Roaditor complete • including regular mohair top i« *«M (f. o. b. Detroit) * V* nnd iri^ftifj^nry n* -t rf><»M!nr «-xpr-(;Jt<l in < i'y affairs. THE SHORTAGE or FOOD. Th^rf J* no (iiic-stlon thtf thi^ mnn- \ try In -fftcififf * »hort«p^ of ttvnA. Th6j .\'«*t stoirc'ij" »ifi{ppt'<f to ihif iillics hsiVfi no j d«-f>l<*twl IMP «tt>rk« in thlfi rounfrj- thatj 'Arnf rHa will b« living on war prl'-*>s j nnd facing tt.fumifws an)««s conditions i rrrf clwngcd. \V« r»n«ht to pinto nn [ on fowl Wiffs and nave our lf. Rut there are many con* thP wry. If thft ( ITijItPd Stale* plnrcs an «>mb»rRri nn foort, th« nllifs itiny stoj» <lf mantling our muni- lions. Such action would paralyze our Industrie**. fhe fnrmpr wnnts hiish prkt>«. He thpm. He Is atiout th« In at mnn to ffet them,,, If an embargo.I* im foml he, will try to hav0 another placed on munitions. Either action, may conpllrato. the hair trigger ten- tind the warritiR jKiwem. From every hand there Is dniiRer. And danger ex- Istli »o Ions an the w«r continues on the. high *lde. That la not all, After tho wnr will roHWhoiJiej-(Unif'Bcr.1!.. The hot blood of the old worrd 1« running rwd »ml ram- pnnt. It will take a long time to cool off. Brett,after (he war it will still !>e on fealhe'r edge ami thfre will bo so many disturbances and tmnurinal fon- dlliona to Iron out that It will. take, time, patience. «tatei«-ntft of » (irder. the wli<U«»m of .Solomon, to thin country off the rocks that loam ahead, JUDGE LANDIS KNOWS. __ Judge...I^andla hnn beeii «" long 1 lire- Hiding In the varloiin courtu of. »>»«• country that comes from. he known where At Kast 8t. stnted that virtually every case he thai brfnfO him hud been hntchwl In najoon. He nummoned the. mayor antl rhlef of polire. and anked if they did not know It wan their duty to i'lom» the 0nln»nn on Sunday. They admitted they did hut thi»y were JUKI following fu»tom in nllowhiR them lo run open. "Ointom, nothlnR." JuiiKe r^intllH nimarki'd. "The law re.julr.'s you/to «'lo«o them up ami if yon doii't rto if you vhdati' tho law yo'urnAjven." If there were more public othcMIs of the type of JudRe iJindls there would be IPHR la wleiUJK'iiH aiwl lit 1 1«« n»T«»8Hy for more than half HO many offlclaln. The Ideal Gift for Every Home . Tin- ^n-ati-st proof nf. Tyivx cflific haki'd forirl flic liirlijcr »-nir-N. ffip hot loins, tit' 1 well hnkcd ^, (he liylit l«>avfs that; from transparent «li<hc<. An«i ii?ni>iial proport ies of nc\v bring a groat*-! 1 pcrff'rt.i'on to th*' liakinir <>(' mfat, fish, vogefftMf 1 **. thnn ha- «'\'f.r boon known bfforo. Transparent Oven-Ware H«* the name on pkee The traiisimrcncy of f'yrcx moans baking in plain sight, .-eliminating dnnhj ntitl guesswork. The greater capacity for absorbing and distributing Itfat means more uniform baking, and a wiv- ing of time, fiifl anrl labor. Pyrex dishes do not break or craxe. and JUT the easiest to wa*h of all When it is time to serve, Pyrex as tnble ware lend* unfailing attraction to the table and relish to tht food. Tso Pyrox ware constantly, morninir, noon mid iiiijbt IVe Pyrex in any oven. Many shapes, and sixes from ramekins at 1,.lc to largo casseroles nt'$li. ___«_— The Wyne-Deaver Dry Goods Co. STERLING WON (Continued from Page One.) end KOt off irtde and thla le»»t«nM» Oi* Ulntanee to the goal by ftyw ynrdi and placed the ball five yard» out. Then H wan thrtt 8«oeckl»» redeemed him«elf for fumblliiK ' "a' w 'Mln»rt time previous. ita crashed Into line and nniRlit bin way over th» remaining Bve yards for the firm touchdqwn^if tho name. Duhm kicked the goal. maktiiB the acore «terlJlnK 7, Dlxon 0. Ktt-rlinK klcketf off. Two end runs were tried by Dlxon iii'd both failed. Then Ulxon opened it« aprlaJ ta«tle«. TUKht Knd Sfhrock gathered In a forward pa*» for a nt-at guln of 2fl yards, The aecond one, however, wa* incomplete and the quarter ended With the ball In Wlxon's ponseaalon on Sterling'"* 30 yards' mark. 8»cond Quarter. Dlxjrtn leioked dangerous at the be,- dinninK of* the Hocond uuartei:. Th« vlHlforn mode the required distance twice dhd Quarter Vaughn carried tlur ba)l to tho five yard line. Tho ffrttt lino buck failed to Bain' but'U»fl Half Schuler negollritud two yards. Quarter Back Vatighn was thrown for a nevcral yard IORH. With only one trial left and th« goal to gain Dlxon to try tho air route but the pans over the line WRH Incomplete. Tlio bail wan put Into play on tho 30 yard line «nrt 'Duhm Immediately , punted. Shortly afterwards Ulxon punted and lh« local players allowed' the ball to roll back of tha line and the bull WM again put into play on the 2* i yard lln«*. A- aerleniuf pluya netted first irU-dKB ntm but It was Incomplete. Qunrter Bchllltx. howe\( r. rnpped 1" yarrln on it fake forward puns. iTtllun was .then shifted from center to end and Kathcred In the first suieecnaful paiw fur a 10 yard iidvatioe. The locals kept up their air attack and finally Duhm heaved tn ('iebtmf-dt,'who eijulrrned and/twinted lila way throiiRh Ills opponnnts for li! yardn and a touclidow n. Tin- kickouf failed and the chance to Jry for. Koal was lost. KcorijfStcrllnff 13, Dfxon 0. After tho klckoff ' Dlxon- made ll« ynrdB once op twice a,nd Sterling wns penalized llvo ,yard« for off side play- iiiK. The half endj^Twlth Dlxon 'lu;l»8- ln« the ball on the 30 yaril Hiu-. Sterling Score* Again. HterlliiR kicked <;ff. Dlxon was penalized five, yards for IwlnR too anxloim «•> charitc.-VauKhn'H punt .WU.H blocked' and Mi'Cormlfku<»t «tho bull fon Hu-r- llnj? on the .15 yard, line. A* fake pas* failed tn Main. SterHiiK pjihlod and tin- Dfxon runner WIIH do\v'ne<l In iiln triu'ki*. A. fake punl iii-Uod Dlxon' flvis >nr<ln.. Wne buckx netted lirst down and a. forward paw« added 15 yardu, The iH'nlrr pa«»ed,:>tJK» ball' v over the HUiirmr'H head und.^lKlor nailcil him tor ir'IOHH. Dlllon'Hra« rlffht on the job mid recovered n , fumble, l.iiihm then Rot away for''i» pr'ett^ "(' yard sprint imd CJehnaTtlt'^kl'Jea Itr. Sfoecklw contributed 8.- Thrt4f1iext buck failed and then Oeblwrdt phJiiRed t.hrotiRh to till* one yard llue.1 Homo one not ihrotiRh and Btopped IMihm for u four yard IOHH, Diihm WM* ImmcMlintPly given another trial and thin time made , circling Jeff end-and righting Be Sure that Your Front Lace Mode! 355 IMllsf nHfMl, i< it) f c n (1 e «1 for t!n« * ii " r t full li«$im>, li a v i*n tr low* top. with n < i f o s sn ry fullness in !»11 s t . bottom of b a e k, •fully boned. 1(1'_.inch clasp.- Price $3.50 Other Models, $1.50 to $10.00 Corset Is La For these beautiful "La Camille" r«n"~et< re]>resHit most nmt<na! value. No other .nr^ft^ ai-e designed so ijirefuHy. infer|>n'i THe styles so subtly, or lend lines to the- figure. Then, too, there is no steel to jn?t to upon the spine, for La ramille has the famous patented Ventilo Back which relieves all pros- -ure. and yet provides ju-oper support — it's- n u underfill improvement DVyne-Deaver D. G. Co. !!' i most of the way for the remaining live yardH to tho goal. Dillon caught the kick out but Duhm tnU»ed atoul. Score. Sterling lit, Dixon »; • Klor the remainder of tho quarter Dlxou glioweU strong ami made oomc good gainw, tho quarter ending with tlitJ ba8" on Sterling's 20 yard line. Dlxon Finally Scores. Dlxon ucored early in the litml per Ibd.f flight '.Half nrooku started off with a 10 yard advance. With the goal to go In four downs Hterllng fought well and kept the DIJcdn ' gicihti* well Hhoi;teniHl. With only * yard to tho goat on the lnnt down, Fullback Khy- neraon finally delivered the goodn. He Cell .'Under a rmtss of tacklern. but the b»ill WHM JUKI over the goal , line, Vaughn added the extra point by kicking goal ! 8cor.e. Sterling 10,' Dbion 7. . Tho delay In starting the gamt» WHH noticeable at thl« HIURP uf the- proceed - ufe th|it tht> playera could wurcoly fol« the bull. The game could easily 'bcpn called on account of durk- tout rather than givt» Dixon any tiilllils "pevnrat' timpR, Atthe croud could not nei- what ti(j on "toward On' (•l^l^sl' of tin- K<-itj>'' nearly every oil" remained for the liliish and followed the bum! down town. Th<» receipts for tin K'*mc w«>re JSi."> which wlllvfiay off the, KeuMon'.x ln«l"l»t- eiltirfd* find- buy tlm -team Mvveatius.' There \vere l.'iH'i tickets sold at Uf» i ocrttM and i!'iii tlckelH at IS centtc. 'As j many undoubtedly ijot in during the; riinh mid many tlcki;tK wero Holil he- i fore tho frame tltv attfndnii<'<> In j?en- ••rnlly .esilmatt'd-at l,,*0a pcoptiv Scor« hy i|iinrl''rs: i •_••.:•! SfcrlliiK ....... T Dlxon « Tin- line iil>: KierlliiK—Head. I •' XiKler, 1 K'. Dillon, c; r K; 'Her. r •«; Drew. Halm, Selmltx. i| 1>; <!el»harill. I h; Sim f b; Duhm. r- Iv Dlxoti — Shrtw, 1 e; \Vhltcoi)it)i>. Wnraloy. I K.'Dlxonr ••; «'}i»rdner. I'McnunlnK. r I: Hchrock, r e; VuiiKhn, <l b; SiL'liuler. I h; lihymcrxon. f l»; HrooKs, 'i-' h. TouchdowUM: Stoockle. Uebhardt. Duhm, Hhynerson; (Joalw from touchdown; • Uiihm, Vaughn; Tlmi- of «iu»r- •te.rx, 15 and 1-; Referee: Hchmelxle, iif Kreeporl; I'mplre, Heard, of I-'iwiun.-t, Hr.'td linosnmn. WilliM Kohl, Wilkinson r <•, I, K: opportunity 10 complain, the gumo wan continued for eight minutes in the dark. Neither team-, however, micceed- ed in scoring again untl the gume end- down and <Jebhardt made 10 more, ed with tlw ball tjour midllfld after '*«. ft! ; •-• «.'* •v Twin^City Auto Co. 320 LOCUS? STBSET The $2.50 Bargain Price EXPIRES JANUARY FIRST There are subst'i'ilwrs to The (jazette who ar<? waiting for a tnit in price in HiibscHptiou rates. Don't wait, friends. There will b^ no cut. It is iuiiwssibltv $2.60 RATE 13 YH^ LOWEST RATE POS, . . THE SUBSCRIPTION *8^ GOES UP JANUARY FIE6T. • - f% ,jv/j, Much as Tlie' dastett'K'V«^M tho raise there is no way to avoid it, A dollar JEHWPQ ftubsuripiions will' • uOt wave The Gaaette from lq^. i ^ , livery home in WhiteHidn^Aity ought to im^-tlu? WliitcKidtt County' littijyr—TUiSf'wIiiig i>aily (Sazeite, no niatter what the cost. *-*"«• Nothifig one putt'httMes 5s so <»heap oojupared to the --" -- — — - --- — at* For city delivery u\ StQi'lii^a^id Koek Falln it costs .., ONK AND TWO-THmU OIN^S FER DAY. For iuail doliyory outside,of -Htorfing and liock" Falls the c(»Ht U LESS THAN ONE CENT PER4>AY. Tjbc pn^ent. price 4 of $^.&0,n year by mail outside «if Hterii«K ami Hock "Falls 4* the LOWEST BARGAIN P&IOE that can be made. \ Putting off renewal will only make The tJaxeMe. ;«-oHi more after January liret. WH-V NOT RENJBW 70-PAY AND TAKE AD- VANfAil OF TBI1150 3|J[RfAIN PRfBE? , Greeting Cards Now is the time to select your Christmas cards. Why not let us make you up your INDIVIDUAL GREETING CARDS? Some class. - See our samples, CALX'S BOOK STORE Looking for Facts? There are a lot of things you ought to know about the electrical system on, your motor car. We'll give you a booklet full of. valuable suggestions. ELECTRICAL SERVICE STATION 120 West Third Street Free inspection e/ m»ty battery at any time Where Would vouTracIc Tnule here anyway. No drug store, anywhere, win or will olter you better trading facilities than we do. None will endeavor to cater to your satisfaction to any better degree than we do. No store ran sell you better, : . •goods. Altogether, it is better to trade at your, "home"-drug store and, by concentrating your-buying, you afford us a still better chance to sell, right and serve right. It will, at least, pay you -to find out The Sterling Pharmacy Co. BICKFORDU SteriiBg, Illiaois Bell iOr.R ^ . PHONES Phone your want*— Prompt delivery service. InttrtUU 15 r I I <;-.> 5000 H . (Newcastle at Goodrich . prices) '•*! have just opened a new tire store at No, 4 W, 4th St., at CHas t Bort's garage; have j a complete line oft mil sizes. Sale begins Saturday, Dec. 2, 16. Biteest revolution in the tire world in the history of Sterling. Prices that can not ; be equaled Fa,ir treatment, low prices, and prompt service is our motto, A 1 1 adjustments made < on spot. 15 years in your city, Come '-in and meet an old Hcquaintance, .. . t ' * . . Mrs. W.T.Perkins

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