Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 1, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1916
Page 3
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§f£«ttffi& riimots. FRIDAY, EXACTS BUY PLEDGE Afchbishop Mundelicn Puts New Priests Under Five- Years Of Abstinence, ...--I ""I of a !! fi!iRr>ri< < "• -*»•.' ; pnl hi* ml«- in f>i!.e rtiv.! • !<•.!.ti«-i !;'• • "If the y.-sinc; pi lists ki'.'j. if,i- !.>!,(! their OI''Utt:tti"l'l." \<c S:ltd. "It .t-- *.ySV llnue the tin- t.f their . upturn !i> fill) 1 my«eif ment t.lltslde (if !h«' v I <;il> dn (lie lnn*t lives." His Attitude Toward Dry*. When .'i«<!<e-! in defln.- bl« iiltinide •loWfirdS triakiiu; Cbir.imi ilry he "It is no! With any in church, I In -lie 1 pftVrUcp work H the Dry Cbh-aij tlKHUied I will i movement. • "No OJIP will) np{ir»'<l«te the ! llritior tr;iffii W the wnv -If tin- ff,i« ni t):;hf < 'int. h. tint ttfii nmv b<- ;l t,-i itlff t licit' i ' «• r;Hl fjiflfi'i y the !,.'iv ;ti:'-.« dune l V Intii ail -^I'l'ii i-ni.imh :n ti-r .mil l!:i|i!>inc-<« to f<irn lure , u? of l!s evil. There !.« HI rinHy :i hiyne whi'-h ha* nut Htiffered from the cfTfcIf* of strotiK il rink- Aid* Temperance Came. "I w<>n?d l.<« untrn*> !•• my position nnd rriy con\ ietii'in* if I did not take n Bland In f';i\<.r of totisl ftl'sliti'Mii e. Not only In 11 attitude toward* the newly ot'dnined priest* liiii In other ways I hnye taken measures to promote tho cnnse nf tfnipernnce. "J apprei l;ite the dell, ary of denting With thow who have foirio from Ku- ropp, brhiK.iuir -\\itli them < -ustottiH ob- Berved Tor "^ener. u ion,", hut nt. the i»nme "time the ruvnite* of (he imloon rimmm Ih^Ko very forrlK-nom In often the most Apparent." Y OU ARE MOST CORDIALLY INVITED by the merchants of Sterling, to bring the children and meet MRS. SANTA GLAUS, and attend the Grand Opening of the Holiday Displays Windows will he unveiled simultaneously at 7:30 o'clock at call of the bugle. Wednesday Evening, December 6th. And at 8:30 o'clock on the same night Mrs* Santa Glaus will come down from the North Pole to get letters from boys and girls for Santa Glaus and will also bring free presents along. Bring her your letter and see What shelftas for you. W E-THE? BUSINESS MEN OF STERLING---have prepared for the greatest Christmas business in our history. Our stores are stocked with merchandise in uneqiialed variety and quality. f HUME NEWS j HUME BRIEFS. Mr, nm 1 MIH. Andrew tuten i week Tuesday from several ,,vlMt at Aurora, Mrf. Hob M'rkln sprnt Tnfvlny til the Lome ->f c. I* Miner. Mr, Jind Airs J.IIUCH Seiisenbaun'v nnd ^lr». .(. Al, H.-irret imilv al t the .John l-'Hrk homo Wednesday eve- III UK- " "Mr*. 1C. II. ll.uid ape-d several .!;»>« last wtek in Sterling vi'SHin-i; fiv.iiN. — Mn* HMII. "!,IH '•!».» Mis, -11, IU 1 Infnl I'.Uerucd H dinner paity .it the home (t '.Mr-, -'.in-, l-'i< N" In !:<>' K 1 ;M(* Tlnirwluy. The '.Soon t ><•,•(!* ("in if of DflUKhtcr« met with .Mr*. .M. J, »ia.rictt 4 In U'K-k Palls lust Weilne-duy. F|fnen ivere piv»-ent an 1 n very bii.-y wust spent liy the ItidieH jU'ert- cnt - Mrs. Marly l-'ord and Annie ItniKun spent Friday in Sterling. „./ Mrs. Kmmn Prewton. of S'irndotu. Bf»«ni the post week with her eoutdn, Mrs, II. U. Hand. . Ussel, who wniktt for Henry , \vvnt to I own !a"! w.-eU' whcic he .will work for a few we<)ks. lire (or I'.u'irldiJe-aiifl Taylor Hand die pleKluK torn norib'of .Sterling lor We Welcome You t ^-^ Come and see the Beautiful Holiday display and bring the children with their letters to give to Mrs. Santo Glaus, thai she may take them back to Mr. Santa Glaus so that he may have all the wanted gifts ready by Ghristmas time. : Do Your Xmas Buying Early Mr. j»nd .MrH. Fi MIH« Ku«sell, '.v ho . have 'been living in it •• K Falls f»r, a couple of yearf, moW.l back t i their ' farm in Hun> last wc»k. Their many theft return. - ' '. The irjid commi.-i.Hi< in fri nf Jlutns in a now culvert below the Ueot-gu Mj'fi« farm. j J, B. tHx-hutt is having a now pill in MM twrn'v. .ih-i:-he ha:l iiiK the i'-a»»i fnimi.ier. H few o.f lluii'i M Dentil I'd the Democratic rally in .limj Mon lay tUKht. Mr. rti'd M'IK. Clarence iiau)rapi> Friday In Sterling ami IU>ek Charlie Wheeb.ek and fatuity did li;« in Sterling 1 Wednesday. Monr<» and * urol Jluud spent Sun- flay at thu homo o'l' their purenlH In . Mr*. H. IS, Hand uiiiJ CMUHin. Mrs. Kirinm 1'r'*t"n, >>f M<:ndot«t. ami Mrs. T. H. AiTnVo Ejii-nt Wi«diu»«duy atlht' " HeilHeliliaUUll home in Unrit Kaiiw. • ' Jkjr. and Mr.», hob I'fkin, "of Mont'- moreiM-y, epeni Sunday nt Jak« W«l* Mm. Will JXtyl*'. of Kn>rl!w. vlsllctl T Hume fiiv'"* s «' - vi'ral K. Will (iauliai-j' IM nut K;/ weil B. Suaan Uintvvvho has hc«*n via* her d.nudUM'. Mrs,' ..Ili-u- HmH,' 'rt)H»ru*'d to lii'r U»>nu« tlitB wci*k. air, uial Mrs, John KUu-k nn>t I'iiin- lly «i<t*nt Hiyiiiuy ui't*'rnoi«n i»i Uuck i-'alls*, Mr. and Mrs. Kraal. Hiown, Air. and 'Mi (nil Mr ai!(S Mr> |>i-iii Stimliiy at north 01 H There is one sure, §a(e nay to «void a blotchy, pimply skin. A or bad complexion comes (tarn -' l f--i 1 ? a - -yg.ig — ^g.aE.!!;%r.y. J irj;,i?,^??aF — TT^BT.B.T?R. -gj-j=-ct . irI.Hn, II you want a cluafCcim|)!«xion { a clean akin --rosy checku end good health, your blood mu«t be pure and the lioisonous matter must be carried otf. Dr. Ed wards' Olive Tablets (ujiit nature to r0<nov« all poisonoui waste matter in the svstcns. .They act on the liver and bowels like cufonu t yet Jiavu no dangerous f ft«i-etfect;. ' I'taSy*: jyjfi jeliable— safe and cannot haini— gute used by women ^olks jsverywhcrc. Consiipatiun J»' nearly «hvay»_ the tiJi»ec>f ail ailiuetiuof wtuncn. 'f lie in- tentinej mint Iw made to do their woijt fti nttuie i.itta.i.'iJ 'in 3 notinul vay,_ culot ii) jaut ciieck.3. ' j'ukc one lu)j results. All MILLEDGEVILLE NEWS OBITUARY NOTICE. Miller. Hurton Frederick was burn In Wilkesbarre, Pa,, Oct. i'l. 1836. and died »r-hw home In Millcdsevlllo, 'Nov. is. 1!'i«), at tho Age «f 80 yearB und 2Ii days. Irf^thi' year 1867 Mr. Frederick was upled' In ninj^Hge nt Alisn lOlln Aloore, who precede^him in death several yearn ago. To this union were born four children. James Al., Alerrltt I)., Lev I F. mid Flora M. Wade. Funeral «ervlcps were" held at the home .Monday 'afternoon. Hev! <;. W. Welch ofrielatiiut. Pallbwirers were Messrs. CeorKe Fti-mliiKi Clias . (.Jehlmaeher. William' Bellar*. Will Milroy and Jofin Hraeken. Iturial In Bethel cemetery. COMMUNITY WELFARE CLUB. The ^Community Welfare club has been permanently orKaniged nnd a constitution was adopted. The officers elected are: President, J, jj. 8hirk; Vice-president. I. N. ISvuns; Beerelary, Alrw. Al. H. liernlier««l; 1'rwisurer, Miss lilvterle. OPERATIONS PERFORMED. l>r. Hiiyder* and Ur, t'usiek.'of Freo-. l>ort, iuisisteU by Dr. KunnolH, oiierat- «*d upon Miss Viola Milpy for append- und Alr», William Castle Wed. ne.-ulay. Itoth -operations are reported successful m this writing. MlMse.s Hidott anil Ferrltjs, of Krveport, are the In charge. , BERNJCE _ . - .jitiritlee Chapter O. K. H, entertained ftiiniah chapter from-Chadwick Friday evening. A buffet dlnni'r was nerved ut »j o'clock, uflor'which the large crowd 'was royally entertained by a musical m-OMram, The Dlehl- Menden- hill orchestra played throughout ilu evening. PHIUATKIA BAZAAR. Tin* l'liilaiiH*ii"*lft«n' hold -tlit'lr l»a- .-iiir FrUlay afternoon and cvr-ninK- A li.'KlnuliiK at 8:l& was ini«'r- all, «. • SKATING POND. Tlic lot xotilh of tlu< l''n-t>. l'i'i«K»-of- fV la licinu pi'i-piiK'd for a «kathig iiul ttiltt \vint»'r. .The KriHTui work i* Miui ruiniiU'ti'd anil ti.s .HHUII as it in fold fnoiiwh UH- vv.itt-r will, in- lurm-il on, ' POULTRY SHOW. Tin 1 poultry i«'xli'i!>it will htf tlii' lirnt i'.t-k fn Ui'i'vinlii'r. Tlic M< : U<tid ^i 1 *' 1 "- tiuv «'litl talhiiuit -tin- tiisU iiiKlit. Tlio i<jj| (In- ,->i-i'uiid night, Had ihc l;i>«t r^'f nl^lit.s urv takt'ii up liy AlnrtililUI'ti -H'k CM. • MILLEDGEVILLE BRIEFS. Mir uiul Alr«. Uolki I^WITS and'siin, t-'hoftcr, Mpciit thf wcfk vtm\ "'- Morrl- i Clmdv.'ick, spent the week end In town 1 with reintiyes, j ' Henry Heth left Tuesday for Ax.nm. i California, to spent the winter with his 'brother. W. W. Heth. I Messrs.- Uny Ulfe. John -Meets, John ? Warren and. tjie Mlnses cillne Xilllmrt. Klea Spencer and Ida l<andls were^n- tertwineil Sunday at tlie Herman Walters home. Mr. and MrS. Albert Sanford, of -polo, spent Sunday al the J. K. Miller home. W, W, Flke ajul family spent .Sunday at th«> °Si»rn Oeary hotne near j Urookville Sunday. j Mrs. .l.-icob Hart 'and daiiKhter. Airs. IKytr OoilkelhWKer left the past Week I for tin extended vl«lt in Strcator at ! the Willis Itipley home. ! Mr, und Airs. John J}<>K»it and Mr, • and Mrs, Ward <"'rom motored to Chl- jcaco Hntu.rd.ny, returning Tuesdiiy. .•Mm A. At. Flke nnd'MlMH Heswte Fikf spent .the week end at Freeport. Miss Alta Atheiton, <if Xapervllle. WHH a Kuest of Miss Until Pulerbaut;h over Sunday, Mrs. lill'/jtbeth Harrison and daughters t-xpei't to »tni>ve to Sterling the fore part of the week. ' Arthur Mender and Miss Mayme Huxton motored to Ml. Carroll Tuesday, ' . Miss I'iinny Dieterle will entertain al u 500 party Alonday-eveiiing u larjje number of friends. Frank Crubb and family, of Uene- .soe. spent Sunday al the l-'rancts Deetx hoine. AH»s Iri.s Ijivan's rvtu.rnei) from. Chi- I'aKo Wednesday, _ M r;«. M a ry He n'd rii • k« u nd j la UK h t er, M"r». ilu rA'e t J {u h n ejs a i id ¥0 i i^ (>r - rnonde, returned Bunday from Print;bar, -Iowa, where they wero 'culled by the dcuth of Air, Charles HendriekH. The Country club dance Frlduy ev- enln« at the opera house was largely son, her Al la., ihii KeJ'ey lisix been suffering with u wore thnjiti the pa«t week t . AlrM, iy lir,tbe punt week! with u cuinplica- tlon of disea.seH, . • . The Woniai^H, club nu-t \Vediu'«day tfternoon ill ili<» honfe of Mik l.i/.xU- ' H'erhiilfsei-. The proKrani wn* iiu.r-t •lil'Ttalnini.;, The club haw n lireeih- jer adjournment, « r LYNDON NEWS j HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE- Club Of Lyndon Held A V»ry Enjoyable Meeting Friday Afternoon. '!''!<' K.xndon Household Hi'tciii i> I'Pib m»*t nil l-'ijda) attetno'in al the home of Alls i! (' .\l«/ni>, XIi f S. H Alan'\ lead an f\i s-ilci ' -.ipi-i ni, IC<on<niU h talefulh H lo detail.--, \\liicti If ncfileeicd e.aisi «.IM|«' ami waul The deinon»iiat(ii» ; AI.I-H. Theora Hamilton and .Mrs. Kills jib '.''ai'ter. litol I'barKe of a grab-ban. Kaeh hud carried a p'U'knge, limltftl as- to ini.-e. which WHS placed therein. i Tlir- Krab-liiiK contained « CriclsttntiH : - |.nck:iKe for the club members, nnd it ' was broiiyht In by Santa C.lnus In full j costume. . After ail had drawn a Kli'.t j.ihe demons!ratonr 'served pop corn and homemade candy. Airs, Alorris, : the hostesK. welcomed ^he litdies roy- . ally und they all report a good time. THANKSGIVING GUESTS. Mr. ,md Mr«, \V, !•.'. MUHknw enter- talne<| the fullou Inn K»et«iN at a turkey illner at ;their home on ThtuikKglVlnR !>i«>; .MI-M, l.uey IlelniH, MrH. Martha j ijouid, Mrs. Theara Itamilton. Mr. and Mrn. A.-K. llamitton and baby, MrH.' Sainli MllliKun, Helen MilllUan. MlxH (irace llamiltt>n, Henry Hamilton, liuimld and t'ora HamiliV.nV Mr. and Alls?. Myron lUnven und iiuby- MISS HOLT ENTERTAINED. Ali«y :Kltlie R Holt enlemilned al a family .dinner al her home Tlmnkfigiv- inw day, Mr. and MrH tl. <'. Morris, Mr. and Mi-s. A. P, Holt. Will Holt.MrH. K. M; MorriH, Arthur and Clyde Holt; Avis Holt. MiHHcs Luetla and Marl" Holt, Porter Holt, .Minn Kltile. Moiria •onv 1'aiterson. lunne of her returm il to !'.'i>t autumn at (In JIIHIIO, »t Chiiiigi .home lu-re Tuesday, i.s* Ix-onoiii M<-KerK. of Mnrengo. came to spend TI.ank'HKlvlni? v.ith home pftiple. i Hujiei;vln»r H. i*. Allen,made a buHi- i!.-i»« vinit .to Chi'-jnio Monday. MeHHfi". Ira Taleoii .and Ira Wood. of Krie, wen- I>yndon viwitoi-K Tnewdity, Mr»«, At. It. Woiidward,'of I'ropbetM- :own, M-hi>^4vn« been nursltjif in lj"!i- don^-j-'vuuwk) tu her home Monday. • Veil i'nrkhnrHt. t'lyile !<<wen-nn<i Harry IllaUeslee lutve. >(one tji SterlliiK u hero theyhaVo found employment. Mr. nnd Mrs. Oellsmere H<>\ven are tli<» pnivniH of a son, born Wednesday. A, K, Hainlllon and All»m (jlraf.e Hamtllon were Alonlmni caller* Monday evenlm;, 'MrH. lUtlpb Hook .-nnd.- Airs. M.. \V. Shelliir were HhoppittK in Sterling. Tuesday.' .-i^' MrH. !•'. A. Hell rind Bonn, I«yndon*And Harry, of Atkinnnn. came to hynrton \Vednesday to Hpend Thiinksgiving 1 at the MeKeij; borne. ' . Mr»«. Harriet Mny spent ThankMuiv-1, : In Polo, mnnot rwive who has been ill. H is ;very low at her !'f,H'fd tbat ,th«.» I : H:il Whullon. who has been ill. I* faM impt'oviliK, Alt and Mr«. \\. M. Shtov went to l-'refport and cpvnt ThnnkxKlv-InK at : ;be home of tbeir .son. Dr. Hobt. Shaw. and family, Khner 'Mnthis, of Prophetstown, .nuiil', 1 a IniHinefs «.'all iir Lyndon Tues- I day. > . , Mrs*.' Harold Hilt, of ProphftMown. ! \ isitevl .Monday ;u the luune of her pur- j rnr*. Mr. and Airs, Ualph Allen. .Mrs. J^dn AUHtin, Air, Mini Air*. K, ' 11. Heist and family were dinner guestsi i ThahkNKlvInt; day at the home of Air. , ami Alrx. \\". H. Htirlbnrt at Prophets• u«wn, i II. KilKon was a bunlneHH visitor u :SteriiHK \V«'dt»esday. i Alls* Kittle Holt waa a 'Prophets jtown •trftllcF-AlfitHlwyr'-•; ---. \ Albert French, of JulesbnrK,Col., is I a uuest at the home of his parents, Mr, } und Mr«. Samuel French. ! Mls« Llllii* Ahr.ejm W.HH a ProphelH- j town caller Tuesday.' |. Several of ..l.yndon'H leadins ' Demo- uttended the ratilicalion at Ster- NO QUININE IN THIS GOLD CURE intt ut ihe home of lier daught^er, Mrs. ty ng John Olson, and family at Mendota. | |.- nu ,jc Miller, of Oale'wburs, wan n and- 1 >Mr - IIIU| - Mr »-•"• r ' Hl '" u wm ll>avt! !business visitor early Saturday rnorniiiK for St. I'lond, wln- la., .Mrs. F. Atl<in.ion, K. Al. •i\lr, and Mr,', f. II. Marcy und fwm- Hy. ilT Sfrijthii;, t'. A. McKerK; of Mor* klslveiK, i>!" Miir-' A. Hell and sontf. nf McKci-K and J. H. t'rmyell and, of Lynilon; were dinner guest* on ThunkKKiving day at "ihe irohVe of ""M'f," "n\iA Alr«. "M; A. Me SQUAW BERRIES, M». W. it. Austin bioiiKht'4'rom .York 10 her friends in l,yndoi\. a number of plantH called n<|iiavV'lierrie8 or p'iKcon bcrrie«. Tin? vines are n bright iku k urten _ w witit_ vi VW±. reil UetrJrJl. which grow all .winter. In the winter woodt< of New 'V'orl;. mate. The-plants can lie grown qiiitt' ttueeenHt'ully under Kla^«. within doorx during the winter. THANKSGIVING GUESTS. Air anil Airs. A, W. lirecnlee entertained members .of (lie: tainily eiivh.' dinner at iheir home on Thunk.sgivlng mi; di>, tlu< t;ne«is lieiiiK Air. and MIH Iv \\' i'alih.-i and l.iinilv. .Mr. and Alr» H,trnl.1 Palmer <if Steriin^;, and Air. and .Mis H<ir\ey l>,iKKett of itork Kill) LYNDON 8RIEr"S. i 'ontj actor l> H .Miller has tb«- brii'k 1 «» fK nilKlied ,tud i'X( e<-|,s u> tlnit.h II iH.ii mi the-new town halJ within early Saturday rnorniiiK for St. Florida, where they will spend the tlM'. . Mr. and Mr«. Henry I)nuek nti.l chil- In this plato Wednes- nlnesH trip dren wet*" week, end \isitom wUh rel allveu In Sterling. • j ,Mr. and Mrs. «!, l> Muxlleld »»I 1 <1[> AlrH. Anna I* . IJotiek \vere Uayenpoi t If vWtoni Suiuiay. ' !i , lar,-.C^..F_..i^V¥jJI...U!Ci-ivji>«J_u..iiU'H«ui;v\l^ TuendMy tt(nt|hK-> that liln' «i»ter was? day. . Jolui AHVens made it ilo Slerlhu: Wednesday. j Ur. mid Mr*, f. F. Powell und Minn | home of friend-* and relatives in Polo. HOPKINS NEWS GLASS OF SALTS IF JTOURtlDNEYS HUftT Eat Less Meat If You Ba'okaoby Or Have Bladder Trouble—Salts Fin.e For Kidneys, foims uiic acid whktn escHts versvi>ik« tlie kidney» In tht'ir ef- foriH to (liter It from tho uystem. lie^uLtr t'uterss of meut mu»t flusli the kid-neyfc occaslouaHy. * Vou mu«t rei lieve them liko you relievo your bowel*; removiUK ull the ucidi*. waste leU Mi.« 1 j nj|. .illd I THE 1.ARKIN',-1- CLU6, ' -nieit,iln.-d a 't'bn tune w,i»s p.i-isid tsn< •iie.binent» wctc t«er\ ed. Mayr's Wonderful Eemedy for, stomach trouble — DOSE WILL'CONVINCE ' ".Mr HallU- Neikirk eiii-I (.lined .Monday. Airs Henry Liveii«ii!id and .I'iuKhi'-r. A~IU-e.'iiml-Alrx. William Wil- .'|!rtin. ,i HUH in Mr. ;,ii|i| All 1 ,-*. Will i''a-f W< -•!; Wltlt HIM' :t!t.icl; iif K :t 11 , »'•'() Moo. -, Con. i 1 and 1'('T-i'-. of In. ,.;.,,,.:,,« " Stxlit 11 !i iiljl late 1 ! Ilu, , \utu IiilnMt i ••J'oio- ,MiUlit'V..i and f>(i,.iv :•( IH.'I; ' l '<li '\tll'tt J-i iiii.u i , \| | i u lu ,Ut an , \!,n.i«,.|i \\i-iv S'iilni.l'.'' -,i"-!.« i.i tlli l <'ln| litli ilillliell't« li'-Slll t! illl^tutU' C* i: ",I..|lli -t..|, 'b.Hlle." ' '' il 'I HH.I.I. Tie-. -.ileU .-I St' (U.i'. I. \l,., t.,!;. l;,i.'i! <;1 \\'> :.,,.•!. N \ f- ,l,.i«i nut U.i u i.,i,p'i!e )i,..,ii> v \ ;.. . • Thui - 'd is -.'.ill KM-I.'I'. ;ii thi ; *T" M , i ' - \\ • li 11 i H.'li • f \ I ..' I i i'.. ..i,.: ; u-,i..-i.|i !.,-!!!.•. - Al;-.. i;c!;>.-|l- v,.-, • . . .41*1 "i. .,%•-!..I, , i. !i .t, .1,. t.t- I ••) . i *t ;< i U ;*4 ^ tp'Oii' f 1 . t *»Mi * '.i J if "'.I hut - ,•- »t» M > ' "( f i* I 'I. 11 in i v * » .Uul .'>!• • ."? (in I''1 !-.••> .11.>l d i '.i'yijlei 1 .. ft |ii> . ' i • I; » ! . I e THE READING CIRCLE. Mi.- \\ i! Shiv\ «lll enti-rtam the !I '! Heading t'liili- at hei ho/no 1 •• ' I'MI sij t\ ( 'i cl'lll'! » . „ . * 'THANKSGIVINti VACATION, I in the Kidney region, sharp pains in the buck or ah'k hc.udache, diXKlUCNK, your stomach sourn, (OIJKUU i« coaled and when tho wt'ulher j,n bad you have iheumutic iwingeti. Thu uuno 1.1 .ib'^^juii ,t>f MfHiiiejit; Jhft cjijiim ,ally!often get iri.Uated, oblining you to set 1 up two or three,limes during the night. To neutialize thene- Iprttat'im: av*ids» and tlufch oiT tho bpdy's nruitniss wti.ste get uboiit foyr ounces of J;ul Suits- from «nv pharmacy, take a tiibri.'- fpyonful in u jtlasa of water before liii'akfvWl for U few days and >our Kid- m > ,H will thin act.Iliu' (uul bladtU r i!,-. FAREWELL PARTY. j A farewell party wan wlven Atr. and i Airs, Simon Matthews at *heir home j Monday evening by the members of .the H, (J. Thimble i-lu.iv, their hustuujds [and friend*. Nearly sixty responded' tu iUJtie hivHiiliona by...bjeitUf prime,iu. .The levelling hoiirs were ^delightfully Hpent I In playing various gampM." rmudc "ltd ! .-iiiKin*;,. At u late hour a dainty ht)i !supper which the guests had brought 'with them WHS (sv.rvfd. Mr. and Mra. •Alatthew were presented with :» wet of ,:Mi!id silver teuripoonn by those press- lent. 'A line time is reported. Mr,-and; j Mrs. Matthew* will leave for their new 'borne in Sierlino immediately after jth«u farm haJyf They will take tins 'wood wi«he.H of iheir many frieiuU in this vicinity wub them, i MIK. Willaid Hui.nphiey enterlained ttlte Heading <'jieh* at ther tu>tue ' in 'Morii.M,ri Mtdui.-i^ t'tt'iimu • The new hnu->c on ihe r A. Van |i')id>il faun IK mail} cotnph'ted and «i!l , bv n ul> tu mo\c Jnlo, 'Tape's Cold Compound" ends colds and grippe in a few hours. Take "I'apt-'w Told fonipouml" every two lioui'H until you have takeit three do««'9t, .then ull grippe misery noex and your cold Will be broken, It promptly i.pi'iiH your vlOKKed-up noNtrlln and tho air pa.sMiii{eM of the head; slops nasty illHrhui'Kc ur Hunt- nuinint;; relieves tho headache, dullnexx. feverl^lmcKii,. H.oro throat, tttieexltiK. horene«« J «nd HtlCf- ' Don't Mtay xtuffedrup! Quit and HiniftliiiK. Kase your throbblnK head — nothing else in tnw world Kivett nuch prompt relief UH "J'ape'H Cold Compound," which luiKlH only '.'5 cents, at any dru»f more." It nets without a«- NlMitiu'e, lanti'H nice, and ra.n.Hcs no in* eonvi-nienee, -Accept no mibntitule, and Mr». William iJcttmun in Qcu- e.fee townnhlp, Simon Matthew returned home Afon» lay i>v«nhiK from ii trip into Chlcu* 80. John l^indfierr IK awHistiiiK Kihvard l.iirson with bin c;urn liUMkliiK. Mr. and Alrr*. (ir.Hou liowd and won, and ihaiKhter, Knnlee. were al the homo of Air, and m ThunkHjjiving day. .Mr. and Alr«. Kd. Knelson and tha nnd Hernian DorubrowHki arft n*-ft'W dayH thla week vlHitiiiK' and Mljjht seelns In- C'liicago. Mr, .und Mr*. K. W. Miichell nml* family and Charle« Mitchell Kpeml ; and were enterlained for dIniflAr iii tli« |i()iiriw""6T""MrV''in«l C'r.N*. Uurnoit, of Hock Falls. i. Ivy Kraft and Krtrm' Saturday nltrht in HterliiiH at thy of .\fr». HungerH. NEW WARDEN APPOINTED. LuimliiK. Midi.,. I)w. 1.--The iimrd of control haw appointed Captain Brnc-e P, llisniue, formeily of tlic l'nit»- »d Statcw aimy commlhwary depaitinent n the Philippines, an wniden uf J.-ick- >iinp-«on, wh" le.iiKiicd several montha' IK" to iMIKUKe 111 pliVafe HOPKINS AI'UJ I BRIEFS. of Sleilintt, Mi, uitU Atra. aiilv- uttefnoon for a few will upend next week Host.i Tuejtrt.i.v »lns' M.iit. ' I.' W. MUclx-U Mr' and Mr* I'n d Lniulbeir upeni Sund'i> uftejiioon al f Ah ,tiul Mi« VS'. .1* III 1 ,, In -i e 1'iU nslUSl c -W Alitt'in : i i- ii-ii»d hi*. hoiiM' (.> -, K. : u.i .M". i! I i.:h Woak Lung* Chomt Troub t),,. hottn.-. SCOTJS EMULSION . i I il'MI , ^ 'tl'l'l I ..'Mil filling - "iUTi . li I" '(] 'j,i • .1. I.AIJI.-, •«iei* 1 ,.*« y f n -* i> ,i[ ,»I'.1I,*IIIL1 (.' •'.^ : M.s .tl'MIl-.''!! I t--U . >ir, i i !'u • i.i i'! Mii.iKiviH^ uiii'Ii li»m Hie .Hid of KMJH"' .iin! ->!.••! t«.ii',i :- T'.i » b <\ e t jiUiifcCd ;i i f *" j T ~ " ~" "" *T," "-«•» ••^"•^ ;*"'"*fl| . i-. M !•.i i ,|..-i..i .'i.iiti; m.,in- b pit-1, (Tum.u.ed vMih 1111114. MI.I_, ,,,-, i.. |., t j-,' i ,.<i'.<t \\iii u\'- in loo^ to stren^thei) tendqf throats r I.i i" Ml U'<<{ I'll Keneiattolih (n ' b tl. , l.,in" ..[ "•,! A " '. id '! build \ LYNDON CJRIflF^ ii 'I I I S' !'! I W I ,i i , fi,'. r . u i > J. - \' . . l.-, . I t>,\ >\ . , i V. . i i » ' . .i i i i ,1 i • .".U." I" • ' . I . i i i ,., , , •; and bronchial tubes. Jt is peculiar benefit to the respiratory :-J^ r i:;:iH»?:r± : ! : '-;v',^ • ',;.-'.:.":.• ;;, FWTi^SFSl d.n i.nui.- vnn\*-,.ni btbi.,-wavi . M, u , •>; . v .« i: , £«arauo»w camp* (or that purpo»«. diii'k wi'ifb nnHiiiif n! in'*n-iint w»>m» f . ,, \< -• lake ni'H .iliti tbi n tbil- >el I ' \'- i'ul'l uu Ki l!.< \ .t'l'l b, it.'. I'-l Ui'. *r"^ A i 4 ,t .-• ». i you get no alcohol in Scott's. . . &.titt & Bgwuc, Bluoujfictd, {•«'. J. W |fr-Jj

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