The News-Herald from Morganton, North Carolina on November 17, 1921 · Page 7
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The News-Herald from Morganton, North Carolina · Page 7

Morganton, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1921
Page 7
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THE NEWS-HERALD, MOBG ANTON, N. C, NOVEMBER 17TH, 1921.' The News-Herald. TELEPHONE NO. 26 Note: The News-Herald is sent only to subscribers who have paid in advance. At the .expiration of., the time paid for, the subscriber is noti. fied and unless promptly renewed the paper is discontinued Subscribers who do not wish to miss a single issue would do well to watch their labsl and send in their renewals just a few days before their time is out. This will be to the advantage of both subscribers and publisher. Send all remittances by Checker Money Order and address all communications to The News-Herald, Morganton, N C NEWS BREVITIES a sum- 8 8 Mr. Robert" Buchanan snent. t.hp week-end with his sister in Spartanburg. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chapman spent the week-end with Mrs. S. A. Cuth-bertson. Mr. and Mrs. L.-E. Zerden and Mr. and Mrs. Winter, of Hickory, spent Sunday with Mr. and 'Mrs. Sam Katz. Misses Mae Parks, Mary Hildebran and Margaret- Cuthbertson attended the celebration in Lenoir Friday. Mr. Walter Williams, of Winston-Salem, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and. Mrs. John Williams. Mr. H. P. Wolfe, of Bryn Mawr, Pa., is spending several weeks " in Morganton. Mr. Wolfe has mer home here. Mrs. H. L. Millner returned Tuesday afternoon from Winston-Salem where she has been pnsiting her . daughter, Miss Evelyn Millner "who is in school at Salem College. Mrs. Millner also attended the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the college which, was celebrated Sunday. Miss Mittie Parman spent Sunday at Oteen. Miss Lenora Patterson and Mr. W. R. Johnston, of Mooresville, spent Sunday with Miss Lee at the home of Miss Ophelia Carter. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Weber, of Pueblo, Colo., arrived last week on a visit to relatives and friends here. They made the trip in their car and will spend some time in North Carolina before returning to theirjwest-ern home. ' ' . Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Baker, of Catawba county, are spending theweek at the home of their son, Mr. F. A. Baker. .--si Mrs. Henry Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elliott and Miss Loise El liott, of Catawba, spent Sunday at the home of -Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Kerley. Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Simmons left Friday for Atlanta where they spent the week-end with their daughter, Miss Sue Simmons. From there they expect to go to Eagle Pass, Texas, to spend some time with their daughter, Mrs. Bonnett, and later they will visit their daughters, 'Miss Camille Sim-mbns and Mrs. G. A. White in Moor-park, Cal. ' j Mr. Jeff L. Nelson is spending a two weeks' vacation at his home here Mr. R. C. Miller spent Armistice day and the week-end in Shelby with lllO T0 .ATI 4-B V - - ilia jJaitui,o. v , f( ti Jj'-i i 'Mr. and Mrs. A15VI.' Kistler. Mr.1 Fred Kistler, Mrs Detterer and Mrs. Mary Hughson left Monday to attend the wedding of Miss Mary Wilson to MrJvCharles Kistler which took place in Greensboro last night; Mrs. E. L. Edwards and "" little daughter have returned from a vis it to relatives in Wilmington. s Mr. J. A. Dickson and Miss Mary Dickson ' spent the week-end ., in Charlotte and Davidson. wt Miss Margaret Anthony spent -the week-end at her home in ShelbVLKi - Mr. and Mrs. Homer Laughlin, of Greenville, S. C, spent the week-end with Mrs. Laughlin's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Sparks. . v Mr. J. T. Walton, of Hickory, "is spending several days in Morganton. Mrs. Joe Simpson and little daughter, Martha, of Black Mountain, spent Thursday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Ward. Mrs. John H. Wilson is visiting her daughter, Miss Mary Wilson, in Char lotte. , Mrs. S. R. Mcintosh and baby, of Lincolnton, are visiting her mother, Mrs. Brent Rhyne. - Mr. Hobert Burleson, of Linville Falls, is visiting his- brother, Mr. Commodore Burleson. Miss Margaret Newland has returned from a visit to. Mrs. Eck Ab-ernethyjn Clover, Va. ' Mrs. Fred Reeves and children, of Weaverville, spent the week'-end with Mrs. J. R. Anderson. Mrs. W. A. Leslie spent Tuesday in Salisbury and Statesville. Miss Katherine Erwin will return today from a visit to relatives at Black Mountain. Mrs. A. C. Avery, Jr.,. returned Saturday from a visit to Mrs. R. M. Uates in Asheville. Miss Marv Moses snent several days this week in Ashevillel Miss Minnie Butler and Mr. Earl Spencer spent the week-end with Mrs. W. F. Davis at Winston-Salem and attended the Carolina-Davidson foot ball game. Mrs. McNeely DuBose, of Little Switzerland, is -visiting at the home of her soninlaw, Mr. ;I. T. Avery. Mrs. Laura Gilmer is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Phipps in Greensboro. ; - Mrs. L. V. Goodman and daughters of Asheville, spent the week-end with Mrs. Goodman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Coulter at Connelly Springs. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Rudisill have as a visitrvr fnr the week Mrs. Rudi- sill's mother, Mrs. B. S. Mauney.of Linenlntnn ' ' Mrs. P. W. Patton spent the weekend in Charlotte. Mfes Clara Cash, of Stanford, Ky., will arrive tndnv to snend the winter at the home of Dr. and Mrs. (J. R. Andprsnn Mr. J. M. Meredith, of Knoxyille, Tenn., is spending the .Week in Morganton. v - -Ronald Alvin Deal, Jr.. is the nme of the little son born in Emporia, Va., on November 10th, to Mr. and-Mrs. R. A. Deal. Mr. Deal formerly lived in Morganton, being the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Deal. REGARDING BRIDGES In reply to numerous onTn'mrmin, tions. regarding Burke county bridges, I wish to state that Ler these structures was -placed in wib nanus oi a special county road board created by act ' of the 'last Jforth Carolina Legislature. The boardnow has charge of all county bridges excepting the lower bridge over the Catawba river on the Lenoir road, the maintenance of which has recently been laken over by the North Carolina State Highway Commission.- H. L. MILLNER, Chairman, . , Board of Co. Commissioners. SPFf IAI NOTirFQ FOR SALE v CHEAP Two suits oak furniture. F. R. MULL, E4. DOG LOST. White and liver colored, liver head and liver spos on side and back. ..Nine monM old. Reward if returned to F. L. GARRISON. ANYONE wishinsr NurserVX Stock call on V. P. BOST, neaf depot, Morganton, N. C. JO 0 ACRE FARM FOR SALE One mile from Glen Alpine. 30 ; cleared. 20 acres of which is torn land. ,-Good new house and outbuildings: Also another tract of 50 acres, one miles froW farm mentioned. See D. J. HILDEBRAN; WANTED To irade early new Baby Overland for luMer "delivered ' to Connelly Mings. , ; JIM GREENj Connelly Springs, N. C. SEE the New Hoosier Kttchen Cabinet, only $42.00. V HOGER-CLAY-WELL COMPANW LOWER PRICES on GrainDrills, Wagons, Buggies and allKinds of farm machinery. See As before . buying. MORGANTON HARD WARE company: SEE ME FOR BARGAINS Lightest running and most accurate gram drills, or saddle and driving horse. Best .tractor. All grtfes cedar . shingles. Desirable small farm on . highway 3 miles e&jC of Morganton, Another 61-aVre Joxro. same neigh- . borhood, bothear Drexel graded school. J. E.VCOULTER, Connelly Springs,. N. C. NOTICE TO OWNER OF.PERSON-AL PROPERTY SEIZED LOWER PRICES Wagons, Buggid farm machinery! buying. MOR( WARE COMPA1 Grx ri see us :nton FOR SALE Residence late -A.- M. Dula on Avery aveirue. Also two lots oTTPattersoA afreet. See A. C. AVERY. V LOANS NEGOTIATED PROMPTLY on improved farm lands, amounts of $3,000 and afcofe. H. J. SIN GLETON, LenohrN. C. ALEXANDER RTTPKAVTTT? AT T?i ottd nru4- A. . " r,"i;:r ac?t? buy ball bra wives who have teste if tell me of making delicious . catafs, can be bought from JNO. H. YEARSON. 24 lbs. for $1.75. 3 $5t) curuy 0. or CLIENT WANTS $3000 to T.i. i iNote wim approved se nrst mortgage on imprqva prop erty witn premium. See L. E. RU DISILL, Atty. ""V t" T ---- A ft WV uv riAJS wanted to Buy sever al tnousana ousneis. JWame your lowset price delivered youystation. FARMERS' SEED & SUPPLY CO., Lynchburg, Va. 'S, CVfenellj! UBBERS at lly Spring's FOR SALE National, Oliver and Underwood Typewriters; ' Library of Valuable Knowledge, set; People's Bible, et; Oolumbia Grafan-ola; ( GulbrasVi Jflayer-Piano; Sco-field' Bibles. Tijew. Bargains. BOX 34, Rural Hall, N. C. . " . LOWER PRICES o Grain Wagons, Buggies and all kind: farm machinery. See u: buying. MORGANTON HARD WARE COMPANY. Drill of a nnore I DO EXPERT HOUSE MOVING, raising or lowering roofs and floors, excavating, shoring walls, wrecking, handling boiloils, stacks, heavy machinery, ec. A can move your building withoNuC destroying chimneys. R. A. SELF, Gastonia, N. C. North Carolina Burke County ' To John Wilson; You are hereby notified that you are required to be and appear before the , undersigned Sheriff of Burke county, within thirty days from date, and institute the proper proceedings to secure possession of - that certay' mule "and buggy seized by P.5. Deal, an officer, and his posser and used by you in thanspoiiingyGn unlawful quantity of spirituous liquors, and unless you appear amr file such claim within the time specified above, said property will be sold at public auction, as provided by Section 3404 of the Consolidated Statutes of North Carolina. This 8th day of November, 1921. D. A. JOHNSON, Sheriff of Burke County. NORTH CAROLINA Burke Superior Court, December Term, Alice. Carswell, Plaintiff, against Raymond Carswell - SUMMONS To Raymond Carswell, Defendant: You are hereby notified that an ac tion entitled as above has been brought . in the Superior Court of Burke county, State of North Carolina, for the purpose of obtaining a divorce from bed and board with you under the marriage relations subsisting between you and the plaintiff above named, on the grounxfof abandonment and cruel trajftment; and you are hereby reireo be and appear before the juefcrof our Superior court at the court flo be held at the Court House in Morganton, county and State aforesaid, on the 5th day of December, 1921, and answer the complaint of the said plaintiff or relief will be granted as therein demanded. Thi 5th dayof November, 1921. C. G. HICKS, Clerk, Superior Court, Burke Co., N. C. on i wat PJIIIIIIIIIilllllllllllllllliiillllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllH STANDARD CASKETS, .Cof Handles ai W. ALEXJ Springs, N. fs,- Robes, Dresses, ler trimmings at D. )ER'S, Connelly Dollar IPmni Tlhie Mam-li WHO WILL GIVE YOU REAL BARGAINS v- ON NOVEMBER 22 . DOLLAR DAY Our bargains are too numerous to enumerate, therefore sve invite everybody to visit our store and look over our . REAL BARGAINS. ' We will-place on sale at COST our entire line of HAND-PAINTED NIPPON 0HINA. We will give you a BARGAIN PRICE on jmr entire stock. ' A FEW HINTS . Tanlac. . 75c. Womple's Cod Liver Extract . ". . ;75c. - Wine of Cardiu . . .. ... 75c. Richlax , ... ' 40c. ! Two 75c Champion Spark; Plug , ... . . Two 75c Plyers v Three cans of 50c. Tube Patch -'- -: "... . Two 75c Walden W reriches Y One $1.50 Running Board Mat Three 50c Head Light One Red Star Timer MOTOR Dav Sale A $1.00 $1.00 1 $1.00 $1.00 "f u i IF;. STATIONERY Lord Baltimore Pound Paper Cascade Pound Paper . . . . .50c. ... 35c. SERVICE SUPERIOR DAVIS v DRUG CO. j; iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii n o c o THE REXALL STORE llM!lllllllill!lllilllllII!llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!IIIIIIIIlllllllll t ' ; lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllilllllllllllllllHIIIIIUIIK Si cm 1 Wm WILL " I tv nn vi ll0llflllUtf8y s Count" In Our Store Dollar Day On In keepfng with the spirit of Dollar Day everything in our store will command the lowest prices. Special discounts on -all Parlor Suits, Bedroom and Diningroom Furniture. ' Low prices together with the FREE DINNER SET wili ' continue on Kitchen Gabinets through Dollar Day Columbia Grafonolas 10 per cent, off . rTwo , regu- We?do not carry many thing that could be sold for One Dollar, but lo cooperate in the Dollar Day proposition wa have decided to give our patrons iySeYff allowance of One Dollar on every $ioxmiUas in both Men's and Women's Departments. V jar 85c Records for $1.00 - ON DOLLAR DAY ONLY Prices on everything will talk for themselves, will be glad to show you through We Piece Goods 20 cent, off All Sweaters and Knit Goods 20 per cent, off 1 All Silk Goods at 20 per cent, off $6.00 Ladies' Hose . 1 4.00 Ladies' Hose jj 1.25 Ladies'. Hose 1 60c Children's Hose, 3 pairs for p We are closing out all of our stock of Carpets, Linoleums; R ; y . .. which we will sell, for Cost I MILLINERY. - ' - 10: "V MnateM - a m mm ma m m - s m m m - w k. mtm 1 " ; Xlll XTJ-XXXJ.iJ.vy. j D $4.98 3.5o ; I for $1.00 each iff Owners of Our Buildings Enables Us ta B F. DAIS lillll!lll!!!!llllllillli;!ll!l!lllllllllllll!lii:ill!llHlll!llllllllllilllHli!!!i:: ' , X : I . ; -

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