Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 7, 1968 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1968
Page 10
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Houst Action Mmltt to Possibility WASHINGTON (A*) * ffcllH- etons are doing some latent* night figuring*- much 6f H con* Corning the Republl<iWi»t)emo» cratic division of delegations in the House*on how to put a presidential election through that branch of Congress, A House election would be necessar y If no presidential ean« dldate received i majority of electoral-college votes, The extent of concern was pointed up in a littie«notieed speech by House Republican Leader Gerald R ( Ford at a re» cent party luncheon* It was a 15'tninule lecture on the task of electing a president In the face of an all-out third* party threat by former Gov. George C, Wallace of Alabama* First problem: How do you get the necessary 270 electoral votes when 35 or maybe more of the total look unavailable? Ford stayed away from nam* Ing states but other party sources listed Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina as areas where Wallace Is at least a threat. Together they have 35 votes, Besides, Wallace Is on the ballot in California and Is looking over numerous other states. Ford treated the failure of either major party to gain an electoral majority as a real possibility, The. burden of his talk was about what happens when the job of picking a president shifts to the House. A presidential vote there is by states, so that Nevada with just one congressman, carries the same weight as California or New York with their platoon- size delegations. It takes 26 states to win. As things stand. Democrats would win hands down. They control 29 delegations to 8 for the Republicans. But It's by no means that simple because congressional elections this fall could change that makeup. For example, three delegations- Illinois, Montana and Oregon— are evenly split. A one-vote shift either way would swing any one of them. The Democrats are ahead by one in Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Tennessee and hold the single Nevada seat. Again a one- vote turnover would shift control. ..,„, , m am sw EMiitj Court Botfcof Agricultural Extension Service Plan No. 607301, available at your County Extension Office. FARM COTTAGE This small, frame cottage represents a practical minimum of both space and cost. It is in- similar problems. They are ahead by one in Arizona and Indiana, and hold the single seats In Alaska, Delaware, Vermont and Wyoming. States where the Democrats have a margin of two seats are Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Vir- ginia. The Republicans are two up In Idaho, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utha. The Republicans claim they see places to win 31 seats and take control of the House, but to win the White House as well presents a different problem. For Instance, they wouldn't be far ahead for the presidency with pickups where they already lead. A net of three new seats theoretically could give the GOP Illinois, Montana and Indiana. Another four could bring In Kentucky, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. With the 18 they now hold, a two-vote pickup In one of 11 other states could give them 26 and command. But the Democrats claim to see places for overturns their own way, which would scramble ealiissttch^calcuUtionsi^^TST^ And what if the party now In the minority by two In a delegation picks up just one and sets up a new intradelegation tie? It takes a majority to vote at all in a House presidential election. Altogether it Is a situation guaranteed to make battlegrounds out of some congressional districts that might not have been so hotely contested. tended primarily tor a young farm couple. Later, when the farm business is further developed, it can be used as a tenant house. Tliis collage plan will also meet the needs of many Individuals planning to build small cottages for a second home on lake property in resort areas. The cottage is also adequate for retired couples who do not wish to maintain a large house. Special space-saving features include an undercounter water heater, a pullout bed, a wall desk, a wall-type heater with a prefabricated metal or asbestos- cement chimney and accordian- type closet doors. The large porches and generous window areas make the cottage particularly suitable for warm climates or a summer home. The living area contains 468 square feet of floor space and the porch and storage area contains 267 square feet. Complete working drawings of this Plan No. 607301 can be obtained, free of charge, by con- tactlrig the Hempstead County Agricultural Extension Office. Misunderstood Epilepsy, a disease as common as tuberculosis and diabetes, is one of the world's most misunderstood medical conditions. Studies have shown that only 16, per cent of all epileptics are mentally deficient. Two-thirds are average or above-average in intelligence. ontaomery Wt Deliver Phone 7-3361 GROCERY _ AND.-— MARKET 223 South Main St. Hope, Ark. CHUCK STEAK 59C MIXED SAUSAGE 5, 1.00 SMOKED FAT BACK 5 «. 1.00 GROUND BEEF 3 , B . 1.39 LARGE HENS^ 39$ SOLID OLEO 7, 1.00 PORK CHOPS 2 1.29 FRESH DRESSED HOLSUM Bread 4 20 OZ. 00|| LOAVES. POT LET US PROCESS YOUR MEAT 1T.MAKES A "DIFFERENCE" WHEN IT IS QUICK FROZEN MOTHER SERVKt OFFERED Iff Uf Cure and Smoke four Horns I Middlings JACKSON'S Vanilla Wafers 3?cVAL, 350 Fab GIANT 690 NORTHERN Tissue 5 ROLLS 49v Pineapple Juice 0450?.1 (in i.uu CANS Potatoes Catsup 4 200Z. •« An BOTTLES I.UU DEL MONTE Sugar Peas 4 CANS 1.00 BLUE RIBBON JOHNNY FAIR Syrup Vi L 59(1 Biscuits 12 cws Lettuce HEAD Tomatoes 2 CANS 390 yUT Green Beans 6 CANS $1.00 valu-Pac PURE VEGETAPLE 3 LB. 69C PRIJ3E OF ILLINOIS Cream Corn 4 CMS 95C Bananas IB 10(S Lee, Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $1G,50 Btfddy Bfotn, Aubrey Sffillh, Jessie Ue White, drunkenness, Forfeited $16,50 cash bond. Jeff Gfgefi, NO dfivef'sli* cense, Forfeited $11,50 cash bond, Ervtn Afee, otlls Crane, 6fl« ty Joe Davis, Arthur King, DH* ving while intoxicated, Plea gyil* ty, fined $106,50 and 1 day in jail, Van Taylor, Reckless driving Forfeited $56,50 cash bond* Eugene Scott, Hazardous dri* vlng, Plea guilty, fined $16,50 Charlie Graham, Possessing untaxed Intoxicating liquor for purpose of sale, Plea gtitlty, fined $106.50, W, M, Muldrew, Running stop sign, Forfeited $11*50 cash bond Charles Lee, Disturbing peace, Plea guilty, fined $31,50 Ira Lee Scott, Disturbing peace, Plea not guilty; tried, found guilty, fined $31,50 Joe Ford, Permitting un» licensed driver to drive vehicle, Forfeited $16,50 cash bond Charles Lee, Aggravated assault, Plea guilty, fined $56,50 Florine Terrell, Aggravated, assault, Plea guilty, fined $56.50 Larry Rothwell, Speeding, Forfeited $16,50 cash bond* ,., Robert Lee Jones, Assault with a deadly weapon, Plea guilty, fined $56.50 STATE DOCKET George E. Peters, Drunkenness Forfeited $31.15 cash bond. Jessie Williams, Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $31.15 (Fine and cost suspended) Reginald Franklin, Jr., Ray. mond Simpson, Earl Thornton, Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty; fined $136.15 and 1 day in jail. Jimmie G. McBride, Speeding; Forfeited $26.15 cash bond. Charles H. Coleman, Following too close to another vehicle. Forfeited $26.15 cash bond. severe Nelson, Elmer Gentry, Failure to yield right of way, Forfeited $26.15 cash bond. Manners G. Bankston, Improper passing, Fined $26.15 - fine and cost suspended. Benjamin Smith, Robert L. Williams, Improper passing, Forfeited $27.15 cash bond. C. D. Walker, Improper vehicle license, Forfeited $31.15 cash bond. Paul E. Burton, Murel Harper, Passing stopped school bus, Forfeited $46.15 cash bond. Gulf State, Moving a permit load after daylight, Forfeited $46.15 cash bond. Alden L. White, No oversize permit, Forfeited $46.15 cash bond. Wayne 0. Nichols, Reckless driving. Forfeited $46.15 cash bond. Thomas W. Scott, Drinking on highway. Plea not guilty; tried, found guilty, fined $46.15 George E. Peters, Carrying a concealed weapon, Forfeited $71.15. Johnnie Abney, Disturbing the peace, Plea of not guilty, tried, found guilty, fined $46.15, sentenced to 30 days in jail; jail sentence suspended on good behavior. Clyde W. Funk, No ACC Authority, Forfeited $221.15 cash bond. Harold Driver, No ACC Authority, Forfeited $195.65 cash bond. A&P, Burnnett Brokers, Hammons, Inc., Hudson Seed House, Milton Truck Line, Milton Truck Line, Adus J. Pack, Jr., Overweight, Forfeited $46.15 cash bond. CIVIL DOCKET Patrick J, Quinn dba Pat's Mobil Service vs. James Mlxon, Meyer's Bakery, Garnlshee, Ac- tlon on accountfor$113,14, Judgment as per precedent; garnishee .dismissed. Household Finance Co.. vs Bobb Nelson, Ritchie Gro , co t| Garnishee, Action on account for $107,81, Judgment as per precedent; garnishee dismissed. UCH UITV A Sweel-Sour Give &n Oriental flavor to fish, pork, duck or chicken with a sweet and sour imperial Sauce. The classic, clear looK o( the sauce comes from the corn starch use;) to thicken it. Imperial 1 tablespoon porn !/? cup water I (8%-punee) pan crushed pineapple ? tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoon wine vinegar 3 spallions, diagonally sliced I medium tomato, peeled and cut into (bin wedges piend corn starch and water in 1-qu^rt saucepan- Add pineapple, soy sauce and vinegar. Coofc over medium heat, stirring constantly^ until mixture comes to boil and boils l minute. Add scaMipns and tomato. Cook 3 to 4 mtawjtes. Serv* over fish, porfc or poultry. 3 cups. CURED HAM Shank Portion CURED HAM Butt Portion CENTER SLICED Ham LB. LB. LB. m ^i BABY BEEF 491 Short Ribs i*f*J HEAVY SMOKED 550 Jowl Meat 1A J SUMMER 790 Sausage 3 4 LBS. LBS. STICK 1.29; 1.00 1,29.? Rib StCClIc Choice Baby Beef Lbv 69 Fresh Dressed Hens 391 Lb. Good Lean Pork Chops Spring BA Baby Beef Round Bone or Rump Roast 69C Fresh Lean Ground Bee! &AINS in Vine Ripe TOMATOES Crisp Lettuce PASCAL Celery-' GOLDEN DELICIOUS Apples SUNKIST NAVEL Oranges RED Pota Shortening Crisco Large White Eggs 39C Doz. oes Fresh Shipment 5c Hershey Candy EXTRA SPECIAL Nabisco Fig Newton': King Size Washing Powder Extra Special $119 1 PARKAY MIRACLE WHIP Oleo KRAFT Bar-b-que Sauce NORTHERN BATHROOM Tissue BATH BAR Lux Soap RICE LAND Rice pare PAPER Towels & Holder 1 LB, QUARTERS 18 OZ. BOTTLE 5 2 2 FOLGERS ROLLS LARGE BARS LB, BAG ONLY 29(5 Salad Dressing _ _ I DIXIE WHITE 39(5 Flour 49(5 29(5 33(5 29(5 25 Coffee FOLGERS Inst. Coffee MEYERS Bread KRAFT Jelly 5 QT. LB. SACK LB. CAN 10 OZ, JAR LARGE LOAVES ASSORTED FLAVORS 4 18 OZ JARS 59(5 1.89 690 1.29 1.00 1.00 Del Monte Sugar Peas Hi »C Orange Or Grope Drink 3 Cans Pel Monte Yellow Cream Style Corn Kounty Kist yVhole String Bean: 4 303 Cans i Wi DELIVER PHONE 74404 11 IS, MAIN ST, HOPE, ARK,

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