Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on May 17, 1974 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1974
Page 9
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Cecilia Berger, DebraKnobbe Valedictorian, Salutatorian atKuemper Cecilia Berger. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Berger of Roselle, was named the valedictorian of the 1974 Kuemper High School graduating class during an awards day assembly at the school Friday morning. The salutatorian is Debra Knobbe. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Knobbe, Willey. The Rev. Thomas M. Donahoe, superintendent, presided at the honors assembly. Some awards were presented by representatives of the American Legion, Knights of Columbus and Kiwanis Club and Ronald Eieh of the Carroll County Bar Association. The top 10 students in each of the font- classes received certificates of merit and honor. The next top ranking students after the valedictorian and salutatorian. in order, were Michele Kerwin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Kerwin, Roxanne Green, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Green, Denise Grimsman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Grimsman, all of Carroll; Barbara Trecker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Trecker of Halbur, Joyce Mayer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mayer, Diane Frischmeyer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Frischmeyer, Mary Hausman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hausman, and Alan Roetker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clair Roetker, all of Carroll. Certificates for the top scholars in the junior class were presented to Karen Eich. Susan Greteman. Patrick Hall, Randy Kohorst. Jean Langenfeld. Lori Nieland. Patrick Reibold, Douglas Ricke, John Schreck and Carol Starman. Sophomores in the top ten were announced as Lori Beckman, David Donovan. Maria Eischeid, Joyce Harman, Lois Heinen, Sandra Naberhaus, Jane Oswald, Gail Reicks, David Stangl and Geri Tigges. Freshmen who ranked highest in their class were Laura Baumhover. Judith Feilmeier, Sharon Goecke, Ann Marie Greteman, Julie Hagemann, Sheila Heisterkamp, Peggy Irlmoier. Susan Mayer, L a r r y Rettenmaier and Karen Tigges. A total of 42 seniors maintained 90 per cent averages during their four years of high school. Students recognized for this achievement were Philip Baldus, Cecilia Berger, Kathleen Berger, Anna Brenny, Sharon Daniel, Craig Dentlinger, Dale Dentlinger, Sandra Eischeid, Christy Fleskes, Amy Friedman, Diane Frischmeyer, Steve Garbier and Roxanne Green. Norlhwfil Mlfiouri Slate University — Special Award Scholarship in recognition of outstanding achievement in scholarship, citizenship, leadership, character and activities: Denise Grimsman. College of St. Miry, Omabi — in recognition of academic achievement: Kathleen Berger. Si. Ambroie College, Davenport — for outstanding scholastic record: Cecilia Berger Nation*! Merit ScboUrthip - Letters of Commendation: Hoxanne Green, Max Heese, Michele Kerwin, Michael Klaus. Alan Roetker, Barbara Stangl. Seml-riMlliU: Cecilia Berger, Debra Knobbe. KUEMPER MERIT RATING AWARDS Cecilia Berger Debra Knobbe Others with the high averages were Denise Grimsman. Mary Hausman. Rosemary Hornick. Jeff Hunter. Janet Kelso, Michele Kerwin. Debra Knobbe, Sharon Maher. Joyce Mayer, Kristina Menke, Joni Ocken, Nora O'Leary. Geri Reinhart, Mary Reinhart, James Riesberg. Kathy Riesselman, Alan Roetker and Joni Seidl. Additional seniors with overall 90 per cent averages were Kathryn Sibbel. Thomas Sibbel, Iris Sibenaller, Laura Sibenaller. Mary Siemann, Denise M. Snyder, Barbara Stangl, Linda Staiert, Mary Tigges, Barbara Trecker and Joni Vanderheiden. SCHOLARSHIPS-RECOGNITIONS itate ol Io»» Scholarship Program — Certificates of Merit in Recognition of Outstanding Academic Achievement. The following seniors were selected on the basis of their high school grade point average, class rank, and American College Test scores in competition wilh other Stale of Iowa Scholarship applicants: Cecilia Berger. Diane Frischmeyer, Roxannc Green. Denise Grimsman. Rosemary Hornick. Michele Kerwin. Debra Knobbe. Joni Ocken, Alan Roetker. Linda Staiert. Barbara Stangl. Barbara Trecker Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa — Special Honor Certificates for superior academic achievement at the high school level: Michele Kerwin. Debra Knobbe. Barbara Stangl. The Univenlty of Iow» — Merit Scholarship — in recognition of outstanding achievement in high school: Roxanne Green, Michael Klaus. Mary Siemann, Barbara Stangl. The following have maintained a 100 per cent merit rating for four years: Rhonda Ankenbauer, Denise Bauer. Philip Baldus. Cecilia Berger, Alan Brincks, Nancy Brincks, Deannc Bromert, Sharon Daniel, Lois Dopheide, Amy Friedman, Diane Frischmeyer. Duane Gehling, Janice Ohling, Debra Goctzinger, Louise Greving. Maureen Heinrichs, Debra Knobbe. Cathy Lonemnn. Jean Naberhaus, Teresa Nelson. Mary Onken. Carol Peter, Joan Potthoff. James Riesberg. Kent Riesberg, Denise Rupiper, Denise M. Snyder. Linda Staiert. Joyce Sturm, Sheryl Venner. Renee Wiskus. Jean Wessling. CREATIVE WRITING Certificates (or Excellence for Original P<»trv — given at Buena Vista College: Ratings II — Rosanne Green, Lois Heinen. Sandy Naberhaus. Honorable Mention — Mary Jo Baumhover. James Busche. Nancy Dentlinger, Maria Eischeid, Gloria Heithoff, Ann Louis. Gail Reicks, Jenny Riesberg. Margie Schapman low* Poetry Day Association — Certificates: Maria Eischeid. 2nd place: David Loneman, 3rd place: Ann Louis, Honorable Mention. , Winners In the National Poetry Press Coated — received certificates of acceptance of their poetry for publication in Young America Sings: Kevin Fee, Chris Fleskes. Roxanne Green. Denise Grimsman, Max Heese, Gayle Juergens, Mary Jo Ludwig, Vernon Muhlbauer. Kathy Riesselman. Denise Rupiper. Nicholas Schapman. Thomas Schrad. Iris Sibenaller. Janice Wenck. Winners In the National Eisay Press Contest — received certificates of acceptance of their essays for publication in Young America Speaks: Rhonda Ankenbauer. Dale Dentlinger. Sandra Eischeid. Amy Friedman. Steve Garbier. Janeen Lally. Sharon Maher. Joni Ocken. Mary Reinhart. Diane Siemann. Ann White. Jerry Wieland. Renee Wiskus. Jeanne Wessling. Joni Seidl. John Schreck. Instrumental Awards: Letters — Geri Frank, Jim Sporrer, Patrick Reibold. Julie Jennings. Lucy Pille. Lori Knolt, Mark Pollaslrini. Certificates — David Berning, Sandra WHtry, Ramona Simons. Monica Simons. Ann Dalhoff. Joan Hoffman, Lori Nieland, Janice Willenborg. Susan Adams, JaneSchechinger. Susan Slater, Lori Staiert, Diane Dailey. Denise Snyder. Faye Stangl. Joan Schoeppner, Barbara Bard. DRAM A AND SPEECH State Speech Winners — I Ratings: Lori Beckman, Sara Flanagan, Julie Hagemann, Vickie Hammen. Joyce Harman, Cathy Ludwig. Maureen Nurse. Julie Potlhoff. Roy Reuter, Lori Riesselman. Jayne Staley. II Ratings — Donna Casey, Ann Dalhoff, Renee Eischeid, Sue Gehling, Mary Hagemann, Jenny Riesberg. Julie Riesberg. Pamela Schenkelberg, Sherri Schroedcr, Patricia Sundrup, Mike Templemeyer. Carol Walz, Ann White. Times Herald, Carroll, la. Thursday, May 17, 1974 CYO Speech Winners - I Ratings: Uri Beckman, Sara Flanagan, Cathy Ludwig. Gail Reicks. Intramural Speech Winners: Grade 12, Roxanne Green; Grade 11. Cathy Ludwig; Grade 10. Maureen Nurse. Grade 9, Jean Gronstal. SCIENCE AND MATH Blue Ribbon Winners — General Science: David Bruner, Judy Feilmeier. Gerard Gach, <wirv fioelzineer. Ann Grcleman, Mary Ann Halbur. Sheila Heisterkamp, Brad Reiman. Ray Reuter. Kathy Schumacher, Pat Staiert. Scott Stoclk. Mike Templemeyer. Julie Tiuees, Marilyn TiRges Math — Diane Casey Biology — Mike Cawley. Roxanne Green. Jim Halbur. Cathy Ludwig. Pat Slrautman. Chemistry — Michelle Gradoville, Joan Grethen. Mark Pollastrini. Douglas Ricke. Ruth Wendl, Gayle Williams. t Hawkeye Science Katr Awards — Superior — David Bruner, Diane Casey, Mike Cawley, Judy Feilmeier, Gerard Gach, Becky Goetzinger, Jim Halbur, Mary Ann Halbur, Patricia Strautman. Excellent — Karen Eich, Joan Grethen, Sheila Heisterkamp, Cathy Ludwig, Brad Reiman. Ray Router, Douglas Ricke, Patrick Staiert. Mike Templemeyer. Julia Tigges, Marilyn Tigges, Ruth Wendl, Gayle Williams. Seminar Awards — Physical Science — third place Diane Casey — $10.00; Biological Science 2nd place - Ruth Wendl $15 00; 1st place — Patricia Strautman $25.00. Additional Awards — Mary Ann Halbur — RCA Taperecorder; Judy Feilmeier — Transistor Radio; Gerard Gach — Transistor Radio: Mike Cawley — Certificate for Armv Portable TV Set; Donna Casey — $25 00 savings bond; Patricia Strautman — *.HJO scholarship, placed second in state. Rensseiaer Award — achievement in mathematics and science: John Schreck. CERTIFICATES OF APPRECIATION The following have given one year of service. ..Main Office Assistants — Rhonda Ankenbauer, Denise Bauer, Bonnie Becker, Donna Becker, Anna Brincks. Mary Jo Brincks, Sharon Daniel, Michele Danzer, I/>is Dopheide, Sandra Eischeid, Janice Gehling. Cynthia Halbur, Mary Hausman. Diane Irlmeier, Susan Kock, Nancy Loneman, Shirley Schon, Doreen Vogl. ..Bookstore Assistants — Bonnie Bruch, Sharon Daniel, Susan Diers, Joyce Drees, Kathy Lambert. . .Assistants -187 — Susan Eischeid, Mary Jo Golwitzer, Mary Irlbeck, Carol Langel, Joni Ocken, Mary Onken, Geri Reinart. Joan Schreck, Kathy Sporleder. .Liturgy Team Student Members — Rhonda Ankenbauer, James Auen. Cecilia Hcrgpr. Virginia Christianson. Judy Feilmeier. Robert Friedman, Gerard Gach. Steve Grethen. Denise Johnson, Betty Kocster. Mary Jo Lappe, Allan Mooney. Maureen Nurse. Daniel Riddle. Julie Stalzer. John Windschitl. . .Sacristan — John Wolterman ..Altar Assistants — David Donovan. Gregory Haubrich. Douglas Irlmeier. Marian Kohorst, Mark Schultes. Robert Stecnson. Kevin Tessmer. ..Overhead Transparency Preparation — Cathy Sporleder. Debra Wittrock ..Projection Managers — Craig Heithoff. Allan Mooney. . Train Servers — Philip Baldus. Nick Belter Assistant — ZM — Sue Siepker Bulletin Board Preparation — Carol Longnecker. Ushers — Robert Balk. Mike Brinker. Mike Fay, Steve Garbier, Jon Glass, Patrick Gute. Jim Halbur, Patrick Hal), Larry Mcl-ellan, Louis Prenger, Robert Nockels. Nick Schapman. Steve Schulz. Jim Strautman The Following Juniors Received Certlflcitei of Acceptance from the National High School Anthology Press: Linda Bauer. Diane Dailey. Sandy Danner, Michel Fay. Jeff Hamers, Jeanne Hoffman. Joan Hoffman. Anita Kasperbauer. Lori Knott, Barbara Lambertz. Jean Langenfeld. John Long. Carol Longnecker, Mary Maher, Debra Nagl. Joan Nees. Kathy Ratigan, Patrick Reibold. Joleen Riesenberg. Donna Schieffer. Debra Schmitz. David Schulz, Lila Seidl. Michael Sibbel. Tim Smith. Diane Twit. JoAnn Venner. Rose Weber, Ruth Wendl. Martha Whaley, Debra Wittrock. The Following Received National Essay AwBfds for their 150-word manuscripts: Debbie Auen. Vickie Blum. Mary Bluml. Karen Bueltel. Diane Casey. Michael Cawley. Carol Dalhoff. Laurie Daniel. Cathy Danzer. Maria Eischeid. Ann Fangman. Patricia Fay. Betty Grossman, Mary Hagemann. Joyce Harman. Randy Hoffman. Maria Kohorst. Ann Louis, Richard Masoning. Jane Neppl, Kevin Ricke, Dave Sanders. Gerrine Schreck. Robert Steenson. Julie Textor. Lori Thein. Cheryl Tigges. Mary Vicarius. Jim Waters. ART Christy Fleskes — first in Carrol) sidewalk Art Fair. MUSIC AWARDS-1174 Choral Awards: Letters — Marilyn Eischeid, Denise Grimsman, Denise Johnson. Linda Lyons. Sheryl Venner. Mark Montgomery, Nic Beiter. Nick Schapman. Barb Eischeid, Jeanne Hoffman, Teresa Neppel, Kayleen Snyder. Cerllflcitei — Kathy Berger. Carol Irlmeier. Deanna Staiert. Tom Schrad, LAKE CITY SCHOOL NEWS Carroll Dai I (Times Herald. May 17. 197-1 The. 1974 "Top Ten" noon dinner was held Monday at the Presbyterian education building. Carl Johnson, Kiwanis president, was master of ceremonies. Rev. Stewart Congdon gave the invocation. The students, the ten highest scholastically from each senior high class, were introduced by high school principal, Allan Lyons. Guest speaker was Paul Schaefer, director of admissions at Buena Vista College'. Lowell Bowie, chairman of the committee, preserved each student with a Kiwanis Academic Achievement certificate. The students are: Seniors, Charlotte Anderson, David Filmer, Colleen Gidel, Roxanne Hiler, Mark Johnson, Stuart McCrary, Joan Pierce, Luanne Schrad, Emily Trier, Jolene Wiederin; Juniors, Cindy Becke, Randy Bellinghausen, Debbie Carlson, Vivian Clark, Dan Conrad, Kim Firiley, Dixie Heuton, Jean Van Ahn, Randy Winter, Jay Yunek; Sophomores, Kris Ausborn, Jane Christensen, Janeen Christensen, Teri Green, Dan Hucka, Jean McCaulley, Brian McCrary, Mark Mclntire, Marty Richardson, Lori Samuelson, Susan Tipton, Charlie Wirtz; Freshmen, Bobbie Lou Comstock, Ann Engstrom, Kristy Heuton, Kevin Hoffmar Susan Her, Rick Jorgensen, Kevin Lauver, Roxann Main, Patty Mally, Peggy Mohr, Cheri Smith, Connie Wurr. The three sixth grades visited the Bowie Mfg. company in Lake City Monday May 6th and toured the plant. After that they visited the Dennis Moulds kennels. The two fifth grades also had a field trip to the Calhoun County Historical Museum in Rockwell City May 8th and 9th ... one section attending each day. According to Miss Ollivene Olsen, their social studies instructor, they identified many of the antiques viewed with much of the history they have been studying. • The 6th grade band and chorus will present their spring concert Friday May 17 at 7:30 p.m. in the high school auditorium. Soloists for the chorus include Alan Moulds, Jeff Gregg; Alan Lauver, Cecelia Cardenas, Terri Carlson, and Brian Hendricks. The public is invited. Mrs. Angove directs the chorus and Mr. Conrad, the band. T. C. Tibbitts and William Hicks, elementary principals, respectively, of Lake City and Manson, were in Carroll at the Elks Club Thursday May 9 to attend the last meeting of the Iowa Association of Elementary Principals. West Central District officers elected for 1974-75 are Theron Fitzpatrick, Odebolt-Arthur, president; Dennis Tucker, Cowrie, vice president; Richard Stock, Menlo, secretary; Terry Peters, Adair-Casey, treasurer; William Hicks, Manson, district representative; Vern Keerbs. Paton-Churdan, 3-year board member. Discussion included changes in dues structure; 1974-75 workshops, professional negotiations and collective bargaining; and suggested changes in the IAESP insurance program. Gaylord Tryon, Iowa executive director from Ames, was present, to project the 1974-75 tentative program. Because of the weather, the Booster Club cook-out for all athletes Monday night was held in the bus barn instead of on the football field. For the program they moved to the auditorium. Booster Club president, Bob McCaulley, opened the meeting and introduced Marv. Miller, who made golf letter awards to: Seniors, Jeff Harada, Mark Johnson; Junior, Jay Yunek; and Sophomores, Scott Hucka, Mark Lyons, Brad Mcllrath. He also gave football letters to: Seniors, Jon Awtry, Lynn Boyd, Gary DeLong, Rick Dirks, Rick Holm, Clark Johnson, Nick Johnson, Bob Mally, Ron McCaulley, Mike Nutter, Joe Steig, Daryl Winter; Juniors, Steve Burley, Dan Conrad, Bob Gulbranson, Randy Hight, Larry McCaulley, Dave Mclntire, Doug Meinen; Sophomores, Kris Ausborn, Mike Carisch. Jim Conrad, Greg Gass, Kerry Hucka. A trophy went to Nick Johnson as the most valuable to the team. Ross Samuelson, girls' basketball coach, presented letters to Seniors, Patti Gemberling, Joan Pierce: Juniors, Kim Finley, Cheryl Johnson, Jean Van Ahn, Rita Wiederin; Sophomores. Jean McCaulley, Lori Samuelson; Freshmen, Patty Mally. Debra Madigan — CHS Debra Lynn Auen —KHS David Rother —CHS Susan Pettitt —CHS Gerald L. Wiederien-KHS Edward P. Tomka-KHS Larry Bock-CHS Anthony W. Reinhart —KHS Patricia Marie Rohner —KHS Janice Kay Gehling —KHS Jerome Nelson—CHS Rhonda R. Ankenbauer —KHS John H. Vonnahme-KHS Karen DeMey-CHS Carol S. Diers-KHS Kathleen A. Lynch-KHS Peggy Marie Riddle-KHS Tom Berning —CHS Teresa Louise Wegman —KHS Jeff Dryden-CHS Connie Jean Sondgerofh-KHS Randall J. Schoeppner-KHS Susanne M. Adams —KHS James J. Riesberg —KHS Janice K. Willenborg-KHS Vince O'Connor —CHS Teresa Marie Nelson — KHS Timothy Fredrickson —CHS We Salute Each of You Fine Young People in the Class of 1974 from Carroll and Kuemper High Schools Jacqueline Ruchti — CHS Jane Frances Hannasch —KHS Timothy C. Schmitz-KHS Crouse Cartage Company COURTEOUS CONVENIENT CARRIERS

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